Repairs Begin

So I spent the week surveying what’s last of the mansion, the good news is Haunteds protective charms held and the library held, even after the direct hits it took to the northern wall, so the Elcarus Legacy and histories are intact, that was one of our biggest concerns as a whole, hard work to loose that, could take the rest of my days tracking down copies of those books.

Old_library_1,_University_of_SalamancaI also spoke to to Master Haven this morning and he has agreed to supply me with the wood I’ll need to rebuild the frames and get the mansion more secure, once I’ve done that then it will be a trip to the stone mason to begin repairs on the brick work, it could take years to fully build the mansion back to its glory but I’m an Elcarus, this mansion has been built and rebuilt over the last eight centuries.

Our family are steadfast in our resolve, but my god this would be far easier with the others around, maybe I should try to contact them. I know Krystal returned to Brigane to his wife, at least that’s the last I heard of him, and as for Haunted I have no clue. Hades is probably still sulking in some far reach realm.

I myself rebuilt this place about 300 years ago, of course there was far less damage to it back then, deserted and weather damaged was far easier to repair than hammered half to oblivion by dragons.


Aerians Trials

Urgh …. I HATE SNOW, dammit why do I get myself into these things? I was sent to retrieve some amulet for the queen but this, I never asked for this I mean come on, this is insane!!

lotr-ice-caveI mean come on this is crazy!! Who knows what’s down here and what’s worse is I’m pretty sure my powers are on the fritz again … Dad told me this would happen, but this is just damn inconvenient  or I’m just getting too old for all this. Still I’m getting paid quite well for this so it’ll be kinda worth it, If I ever find that damn temple down here.

I suppose I should be grateful Dad choose to educate me in weapon play before he headed home, wonder if he made it? Wonder how the mansion is after the war? That dragon hit the mansion pretty hard, Uncle Krystals magic would only have held for so long but those were some damn powerful dragons, didn’t think they still existed. It was sad leaving the town burning like that ….

We had no choice though, the portal got almost everybody out of Dentarius though, so that’s good. Damn Longar hit us out of nowhere, after we signed the treaty too, sneaky bastards they were. I only hope they are burning in the depths of Uncle Hades hell dimension.

sticklepath fireshow 12Now there’s somewhere you should be afraid to go. That place is freaking creepy!! Bit like this place only, not so cold.

Still if this map is right I should be OK  but why are my abilities out? The rock formations maybe? Maybe I should have read those history books of Dads to understand. I know he said there are environments that affect how we can use them, I never saw him struggle though, he always had access to them.

I only hope my healing abilities aren’t out or I really am screwed down here, why did I have to come alone again? … Oh yea I’m an Elcarus … ya Elcarus I may be, invincible I’m not, I’m a teen girl for god sakes, well …. no but …. well … oh never mind not like anyone will EVER read this. Why am I even keeping a diary anyways?

Ah to hell with it on I go to find this damn Ice Palace, retrieve the amulet and get the hell out of here.

Nevermind … Found it!

So all I have to do now is get in, err anyone see a door? Hahaha so here we go.

ice_cave_1_by_tsonline-d5rgp4g~~Aerian Elcarus~~
~~Elari Ice Caverns~~

Home – What’s Left Of It

Arriving at what’s left of the mansion was somewhat surreal occurrence, the place was broken down and destroyed in many places, the dragon had hit the mansion full on the foundation survived, most of the mansion did not. I made my way through, the rooms looked so …. empty, hard to believe this place was once full of life.

Hard to believe this was once a family home too but that’s another life time now.


To be honest I couldn’t say which did more damage, time or the fires from the wars, but the mansion is in ruins, it will take work but it an be restored, let’s face it we did it before, it takes time, but it can be rebuilt piece by piece. As I write this I see the work setting itself out before me. As I stand n the entranceway I see what was the grand hall before me, the stairs will be the starting point, can’t do much if I can’t reach the rest of the house.

A trip to Havens Carpenters will be in order, the best woodsman in all of Dentarius. At least they were 300 years ago I expect the family tradition will continue.

I must admit I hope the others are OK, hard to know we haven’t had contact since the war. Aerian was OK  last I heart as was Heart. Maybe they’ll find their way back.

Still I have work to do.


300 Years

It’d been so long since I last came home, probably not since the years of the dragon wars, we lost so many during that conflict, we all lost friends family and most of the town as well, still I’d forgotten how beautiful it out here, the valley looks so peaceful, yet you can still the scars of the conflict that tore our home apart.


But it is strange to be home, but as I came over the hill I saw the Mansion had some how mostly survived, broken down and abandoned but it had largely survive the direct assault by the Longar Forces.

The war lasted 250 years across three realms but we finally were able to put them down, the realms have in the moment returned to peace. And after 50 years of peace keeping and treaty building it’s time for me to return home. It’s time to return Dentarius to the home it should be.



At least I have somewhere to start and once I return to the village I’m sure the families down there will help me out. Or at least  hope they will, but still it is home to me and it was our family that allowed them to survive the war, not that I expect anything of them, they have a right to drive me from their lands, I just hope they wont.

I wonder what happened to the others? Of Krystal, Haunted and Hades? I don’t even know if they survived, the last I saw of them they were engaged in battle with the Longars invasion forces, horses, cavalry, swords and magic it was something to behold from above as Aerian and I engaged the dragons above, you have no idea how hard that is.

Dragon Assault on the Mansion


This is the last thing we saw as we were forced to withdraw from Dentarius, they of course followed but we were able to in the end draw them away from the town.

I must for now assess the damage to the Mansion, I’ll be in touch.


~~ Kane Elcarus ~~