Weird Feelings

You ever have those days which leave you wondering … Wow how did I go so wrong? I do quite regularly these days it seems, I’m back in Elvera Castle doing some odd jobs, alchemy, barrier protections that kind of thing, and I see myself wondering over the great eye. You know that thing that supposedly sees all?


For decades Ascondia barely moved from that thing and it kept our enemies largely at bay, though somehow it missed the castle been attacked by dragons shortly after they’d finished with Dentarius, so I’m told there was nothing left, the funny thing is every mage on hand was able to errect a barrier spell with enough power to literally hold the caslt e in place, for 3 days they lay seige to us, eventully as one may imagine they gave up.

They never returned so we assume for the moment either we’re too much trouble or they see no value in attacking us again. Smaller outlying villages will not be so lucky.

But anyway back to my point as I stare into this infernal sphere of … presence? Maybe I dont know I see an image, Kane somehow he survived, the Mansion is well on it’s way to being rebuilt and he hasn’t so much as bothered to let any of us know he’s still alive. It know his wife Raven still hasn’t been seen or heard from in quite some time but thats not to say she isnt still around.

Hmm still I will continue to watch see how things transpire.

Hades Elcarus


Paid In Gold

Sweet, I made it back to the palace relatively unhindered, a few shifty looking guys threatening me but it seems bare ones teeth and they go scampering back to the darkness they emerged from. My father indeed taught me well.



Really do hate the trip upto that place, all hills and the like, think I’d have invested in a horse by now eh?

Queen Azeerah seemed pleased I’d retrieved that amulet, I still sense there are things more than they are telling me, swear that thing kept talking to me as I made my way back. Still it’s not for me now, my job is done and my reward is collected. A whole 3,000 gold coins, wonder why it was such a price, not many contracts carry such a price I can tell you. But I really do prefer these kind of contracts to others I … partake in.



Still the money I have made should go quite a ways into getting that wizard to open the damn portal for me, if I had the nerve I’d do it myself but those things are so unstable I’d probably end up in Alaria or some similar hell world.

I have a small payment to collect from the Nederins and then hopefully can go see the wizard and finally go home. Been so long since I’ve been there, wonder if the mansion is even still there?

So many questions and even fewer answers, hopefully all in good time now.

Found It

OK Cool I found it, it’s kind of really shiny which is mega awesome, I just hope the risk is worth the reward or someone may loose this thing as find as they get it back. Though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something similar to this, which means I either stole it before or I have one screwed up memory.

Though it was tucked away nicely inside this little chest, only took a few seconds to breach the lock though, Uncle Heart was an awesome lockpick.
Emerald_Dragon_Golden_Amulet_1_by_Aranwen Treasure-ChestI wonder what happened to him, he kinda just disappeared after they came home the last time, Uncle Heart was always in trouble though he had such a way with the ladies, he was kinda cute. (He isn’t my real Uncle, but kinda Dads best friend and I’ve known since I was tiny, which either makes that statement wrong, or creepy) He used to anger Uncle Haunted so bad, but that was just him, you know. And besides what’s wrong with providing a little happiness?

So anyways now I gotta get out of here, which considering I killed everything alive on the way in, shouldn’t be so damned hard? I only hope the 2,000 gold price tag I put on this job is enough.

Where have I seen this damn thing before though seriously?


–Elari Palace–