Nothing Gets Past

I’d noted a newcomer, a young girl, she was kind of cute, kind of lost though the Hamiltons have her working at Blood Creek so that’s something at least she isn’t wandering this god forsaken place alone, it just isn’t the place for young women right now, she has recently been turned though and young and restless never usually result in a good outcome, I should perhaps introduce myself to her at some point.

Ok so most of the work is done now, just a few panes of glass to replace and the Mansion is back to how she should be, I lit the lantern last night for the first time in 3 centuries Elcarus have finally come home, I only hope the village isn’t going to revolt and cause problems again. I know it’s hard to survive as they have and even harder for us to come.

Lets home in time the rest of the family come home … for now it’s time to settle in and see what becomes of home.


-=Elcarus Mansion=-


Finally Finding My Way In Life??

Well. Walking through this new town. The people are…… odd…..

I keep to myself.

Being turned, I don’t even know who i can trust.

I woke up in a barn.
Feeling like i’d drunk more ale than i could handle, even tho, i had not.

My clothes were filthy, my hair a mess.
My entire body ached,  Yet, i felt a sense of……… well, EVERYTHING!!!! I could hear, see, smell things i’ve never dreamt of.

Walking from this barn, into this town, in the middle of nowhere….. i am insatiable for food, yet, when i eat, i can do nothing but vomit……

Restoring myself under a tree, in the shade for a few hours.
I stumble upon this…… bum fuck town…… Everyone here stinks, they’re all idiots….

And then i come across One guy, He has….. something!!!!

I feel the need to talk to him, so i do.

I find out, his name…. is Mr Hamilton.
Talking to him, i like him more and more

He’s just stood there, kind of shining… in the pool of shit,

His wife comes over the the market, where we’re stood chatting,
She doesn’t like me much. But that’s fine, i have the urge to crush every bone in her body.

A bit of good luck comes my way though, and he offers me a job!!!!!

My first job!!!!!

In the local tavern. blood, something or other!!!

I wish i could share this with my mum.

But, i can’t, so let’s see who i can befriend, or break in this shit hole.


Clara Fea Raven
-= Blood Creek Tavern =-

A Thief, and A Whore!

So I’m heading through the Valerian Forest, a place you don’t go unless you can take care of yourself, or at least have a weapon you’re capable of using, Uncle Heart said you only travel the forest if you’re brave or stupid and usually you have to be both to survive, that’s cool though I mean I’ve done this trip a 100 times before and always come out ok.

Today was going to be slightly different though, I got to the middle I guess and stopped as usual for a break beside the lake, this place is gorgeous, you can only imagine the light as it filters along the surface, so calm and serene, I kind of like it here because it’s so quiet.


This is pretty much when my day was wrecked I feel a blade at the back of neck.

“Don’t move” A voice, female, that’s something I think at least when I turn around I can kick her ass “Drop the weapons” that’s a bit of a problem if she knows I’m armed then, she has to know me

“Who are you?” I snarled coldly, “At least give me that much” sadly that was all I remember except the crack to the back of my head causing me to pass out.

When I woke up I was tied to a tree, I mean come on how unoriginal for god sakes, but there she was prepping up my nicely build fire, some kind of crazy assassin chick, she was smart I’ll give her that, tying me up at least for the moment prevented me kicking her teeth down her throat. And she must have known it because she stripped me of all my weapons, this girl knew me and that worried me.

“Oh the whores awake!” She sneered of course that only annoyed me more, I was going to seriously hurt this girl


“One more and I swear on my father I will tear you apart!” Confident, my father told me that no matter the situation stay confident and your opponent will never best you in any situation

“Good to see your spirit is intact whore, it’ll be good when you die” She shrugged as if she was unafraid of me, not many we’re that stupid to be unafraid of an Elcarus

“You do know ho I am right? I mean even if you did manage to kill me you would only incur the wrath of many of my family” I growled “Are you really that stupid?”

“Your family hasn’t been seen in centuries, and even if they aren’t dead as most suspect it’ll be a decade before they work out you’re dead, and longer before they find you” She seemed so confident maybe I should be worried, of course I would never show weakness I haven’t survived this long by been a coward or showing fear.

She moved in front of me her eyes dark and piercing, she watched me intently for a few a moments a look almost searching me as deep as could be, it was in a way quite erotic, a thought I quickly shoved aside as I remembered she had knocked me out and tied me up.

“Tell me was it all worth it?” She whispered leaning into me now “Was my husband worth it?”

Oh god …. what did I do to him? “If he was on my list I’m sorry but he upset the wrong people”

“Oh he isn’t dead, wouldn’t be a bad thing if he was, no-no my husband you slept with him and stole a gold and ruby wrist bracelet, worth a lot in the right hands, took me some time to track down the culprit” she watched my reaction of which there was none because I knew where this was going “The buyer, he told me a tale of a thief so silent it would be impossible to find her, but ask the right questions in the right places and even the most covered of tracks can be found”

I drew a shallow breath her been so close was not good for my senses, and she was beginning to fluster me

“The great Aerian Elcarus, master thief and here she is tied to a tree by a woman she has never met, I thought you more of a challenge than that” She sneered, that was it I thought a my wrists blade caught the rope and cut me free i snapped up my hand pinning her throat into the cold ground of course it’d be too easy as she kicked me clear I landed on me feet and we fought hand to hand, a heated aggressive battle, she was good real good, she had trained for combat against me

I only wish I had seen the knife coming, I merely felt it pierce my flesh causing me to react with a fireball sending her clear across the clearing and me on the ground gasping for breath “I’m going to have to kill you now” I snarled darkly as I pulled the knife out and made my way to her eyes wild with panic, I crumpled down straddling her waist with enough force to stop any reaction in return


“I had a job to do, I could have killed him and you and I chose not to, despite my orders to ensure I never be traced I chose to leave you both living and this, you couldn’t let it be you came after me and you forfeit your own life for that”  I raised the knife above my head intending to bring it down into her heart, as it came down it plunge deep into the ground beside her “If you follow me I promise you will die”

She motioned for me to lean-to her as I did her lips caught mine throwing me off completely the next I knew we were deep inside a passionate kiss …..