How’d I End Up Here?

It’s been a while and I’ve been kind of side tracked, but had I been paying attention I’d have known where I was, the realisation set in as I hit the ground, her hand hit me so hard it took the wind out of me. Katrina Vare, crazy ass gate keeper and Captain of the Guard for Dentarius.

gothicredheadfairyWell crazy might be wrong word for her, she is smart and dangerous and it’s her job to keep the undesirables out of Dentarius, which led to my first question.

“What the hell did I do this time?” Looking up from the dirt she was a scary sight, of course I was just as deadly, on the dirt however I knew to play smart

“You are not welcome here, your sort ..” She replied the calm in her voice that’s what made her good at her job.

“What? Where? I don’t even know where I am much less why you’re here picking on me!” I squealed in reply, I had chosen the poor defenceless approach.

“You do not recognise your home Aerian? Have you been gone so long?” Again those words chilled me

“Oh …..” Was all I managed before having to scramble out of the way of her blade striking toward me “Knock it of you crazy bitch!” I did a sort of scramble and flip put me back on my feet and able to take a step out her range

“You are not welcome, turn around and walk away” She wasn’t kidding, but I was no longer in the mood to play I step back then with practised calm I unleashed a fire-bolt into the ground blinding her long enough for me to slip past and press my knife to her throat.

“Now lets try this again shall we?” I spoke softly into her ear, my lips a mere inch from her I felt her shudder, at least it felt that way “I didn’t even realise this is where I am, trust me if I had I would have turned around and gone the other way, as it happens I may as well go home now, at least to see what’s left”

“It’s there” She replied “Forgive my malice, but we must appear to be doing our jobs, and your reputation is as it is”

I pushed her away from me letting my blade nick her flesh, just enough to warn her and remind her who I actually was “Home? The Mansion”

“Rebuilt, finished about a year ago now” She replied wiping the blood from her neck with a dark smile, a smile that was almost sexual in nature, and the fact I’m thinking that probably means I need to get laid.

“Who?” I asked coldly

“Your father” She grinned a grin so cold it sent shivers through me, I didn’t bother with anything else simply turned and walked into town.