A Piece of the Past

I remember that morning so well, I could feel immediately as she stepped onto the hallowed ground of the Mansion, once you go through those gates if your family we know, it had been so long how do you greet the daughter who thinks you abandoned her during the worst battle in history.

And it’s true to some degree, in my need to save the town I forgot about her, not forgot as in forgot who she was but lost sight of where she was at the time, as herded everyone out of the village I lost sight of most of the family.

sticklepath fireshow 12That night would all of us for some time, it took a need to belong to bring me back but as for her, I couldn’t say, she is one of the smartest girls I have ever know a testament to all she’s survived, while I disagree with her methods of employ, I cannot help but feel proud of the woman she became in the end.

With so little guidance you’d think a child would become a monster, with so much power she had that potential and when she was young I worried, the arguments between her mother and I all of them spread dissension among us, but in the end she chose a path and she became strong willed and able to take care of herself and those around her.

She fought with the family on the front lines of the dragon war, she never once shied from the enemy nor did she give any quarter in that battle, there is a saying in Dentarius that if you put an Elcarus in a battle you had better pray you don’;t meet them on that field. It was indeed true that day, we together as a family halted the Dragon Army, unfortunately it cost us our home, and our bond, it also took the lives of two of my brothers, a heavy price on us all that day.

Aerian Elcarus the daughter of myself and Ascondia, Queen of the Everlands, conceived in secret raised in mystery, but she drew strength from that and I am never prouder than of that young woman walking toward the mansion this day.