Hallowed Home

Its odd, everything I wanted to say as I walked through those doors, but the emptiness, the hollow echo of wood on stone, the loneliness that flooded from that place was hard. Elcarus Mansion had once stood as a testament to the economic bounty that flowed through Dentarius now there was just nothing.

fantasy-office-castleThe doors clattered shut behind me, the magic of the Mansion was still there but heartbeat man that was gone, as I made my way to the main hall, the stairs that led up to the upper levels as lavish as ever and the short hallway to the side had light which meant dad was in his office.

I knocked but there was no answer so instead I stepped in, and right there looking hollow himself was him, the legend that was Kane Elcarus, the man who had brought me into this world and then fought an entire legacy to keep me there, he had defied laws and rules to keep me safe, he had killed to keep my mother safe, he had been betrayed and lost so much it was hard to believe that it was indeed him.

“Hi Dad” I uttered softly

“Welcome Home” was all he said and then held me, every ounce of hate simply melted away, every stretch of anger simply vanished, I hated him for that too, but he was my father and I knew he had my back despite his dislike of my current work choices.

I pushed out his grip and steeled myself then smiled

“My room still on the third floor?” And he nodded So i hoisted up my back pack and left, I did’t want to fall into a simple path of forgiveness I needed time to process a few things, I left the office and made my way to my room.