graveyard_winter_sceneI write this with a heavy heart as the day breaks of the second day after Raven was killed, the sad part in all this, she died simply because she loved my Dad, not because she was against those in power, or because she did harm to another but simply because she loved him, and she did love him, her killer eluded us which leaves me to believe he was sent by the High Council, a detail I plan on not revealing to my father, should I do so I fear he attempt to kill them all as he did half a century ago.

I love my father and I liked Raven, there was no need for this but she had power over him and that rianapower is why she was killed, not because she had but because she refused to wield it and bring him back under the High Councils command, Dentarius is a free and independent state, free of the High Councils influence and as such free of my mother, I would have believed it was her except for the fact this simply isn’t her style, if it was my mother, she would have done it herself and been sure my father saw her do it. I knowing my heart that he wouldn’t her, it would only have serve to fracture their already fractured relationship. Wow did I really just use fracture twice in one sentence? What do you know Lord Mandran I did learn something from in class after all.

I will keep searching for her killer, until I have sunk a blade through their heart, at least then my father can have some peace, he may be angry I chose to omit details from him, but he hasn’t the strength to fight me on this right now, he’s slipping and I can see it, without her there isn’t much of Kane Elcarus left, I pray he finds peace soon for the sake of us all.

-=Aerian Elcarus=-


Dragon Wars – Elcarus History

There is a truth that Dentarians are among the most resilient people in the Everlands, it’s very true they survived the worst assault by the Dragons and the Dragon Riders, took the worst from the Magi Armies that marched beneath them, every able man went to fight that day, farmer and merchant alike arm in arm as they went to war to protect their home, we went too.

We were among the first into battle, and we were among the first to suffer a real loss, they went for Haunted right out of the gate his power was unmatched and they knew it, hard as it is to think they cut him in two but not before he downed two of their dragons. He may have died but he didn’t go down lightly, the Magi took out Krystal as it was his barrier that prevent their access, I remember the blind panic seeing him fall, Hades and I had no choice but to fight for are we had, Ascondia, Aerian and even Heart all fighting for our home.

The odd thing is they left us alive and went for the mansion, the heart of our power, well not truly but it is a beacon of hope here in Dentarius, it is here that our power is really in that we are here for Dentarius always, when ever the realm struggle we will stand and we will fight. Those early days were bad but as the Mansion burned it became clear our presence was going to keep them here, so we made a choice, with Haunteds barrier spells in place over the library the history was safe, but the realm wasn’t so we left.

It is not for pity I tell you this tale but to remind us all that sometimes our best intentions cause the worst consequences, the Dragons followed us but the closer we came to the centre of the Everlands the weaker they became their power only holds as long s they are close to the nexus take that away and they are as harmless as a mortal. Our world is carefully interconnected almost everything has a purpose and if we forget that then we are doomed to fail.

I’m Aerian Elcarus

It’s been a few years since I came home, but it’s been good, the mansion as always thrives, it amazes me to see how Dad turned the deserted burnt down hulk of our home into the thriving hub of commerce it always served to be, trust me it’s testament to both the family name and my father himself. After the Dragon Wars it was hard to think we’d ever had returned to Dentarius, but I guess inevitably this place drew us home.

7d432764399c8d1359ee5326fdac1537-d39raypOur family have always served as protectors of the realm, which isn’t what it actually seems, as protectors we actually help invest in the realm, that’s how we maintain order, most major commerce is handled here at the mansion, trade comes through here where for the most part we monitor who’s who and what they are up to. I’m also fairly adept at spotting those who are hiding something, a skill I apparently inherit from my mother, I wonder if she’s OK? Wow don’t often think about her, it’s not because I don’t love her because in a way I do, but my Mom is a little unhinged, she is Queen of the Everlands but only in title the High Council have the real power and they don’t exactly like me, she is also unnaturally obsessed with my father, like to the point where she cant function if he’s around her.

So right now I’m headed into town, got to deliver some paperwork to the mayor, she’s kind of cool, smart and fair, and glad we’re back, she placed most of the law power in our hands which is rightly where it should be, she kinda likes me too, she’s cute, smart and knows this realm is better with us around.275456

So I have to deliver these from dad, it’s nothing untoward just the regular bunch of updates, our accounts, we make our money by taking a small cut of major deals made at the mansion, we act as the inbetween and anyone bad has to inevitably deal with dad or me, usually a fight they aren’t willing to pick.

So who am I? My name is Aerian Elcarus I am daughter of Kane Elcarus and Ascondia Exaltia, a love affair hidden and and forbidden resulting in little old me. And I can say for the first time in nearly a decade I’m finally home.