When Things Go Bad

Wow it’s been strange trip here in Dentarius the place I never thought I’d return. Return I did but now we must leave again, Kane’s wife was killed around a week ago, truth be told it’s been hard for any of us to keep track of things, we’re either watching our own backs or those of family. Time is not a luxury for us right now.

Dragon CallWe had to get Aerian out and while our resident Sherrif is unhappy we did, I’m hopeful in time she’ll understand. Hades has proof that Aerian had no part in Ravens death and proof of those who did. While we worked through things Hades has vanished without trace, I would presume he has the trail of the actual assassin and intends to deal with them.

Kane left a day or two after Ravens funeral and hasn’t been seen in the realm since. A loss to us all but we must protect his daughter, so I broke her from jail and we leave tonight.

She is angry but as I remind her constantly pride has always been the downfall of the Elcarus’ it seems they have grown enough to know when to fight and when it is time to go. Now for Aerian it is time to run, I will take her as far as Riverfield, after that she’s a bright girl she will undoubtedly survive. Our realm is falling apart at the seems, it’s power divided. I only hope she doesn’t do something too stupid afterwards, Aerian isn’t exactly know for making balanced decisions in her life and when you have met her parents it’s easy to understand.

Still at least she will be safe.



You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Wow, you’re joking right? I write this from inside the Sherrifs Cell, like seriously they rode up and arrested me, my charge? Hmm seems they like me for Ravens murder, I get it, I mean I am probably the most likely in Dentarius, I have a reputation for it, I was an Assassin for the Elemen High Counselet a number of years ago, I have also been known to do contract killings, so I do have a reputation for it.

desha_s_domain_prison_cell_by_adb_fantasy-d6a8tobThe flaw in their deduction is this time it wasn’t me, as I stated in my last entry I liked Raven, I’m also not stupid to cross my own father in such a way, I may be his daughter but I’m fairly sure I’m not totally immune to him taking my head should I hurt him deeply enough.

I’ve had to watch him come apart, the man in the Mansion right now is a shell, empty hollow, and he hasn’t said a word to anyone in almost a fortnight, I ask if he’s OK, but he just looks at me lost, scared and I dare say feeling very alone right now, it’s the same sadness I saw after he and my mother were forced to go their separate ways, while my mother may not be dead, I would be willing to bet the pain was just as real.

The weird thing i I don’t think Katrina believes it really was me, she is just eliminating the obvious, or it’sgothicredheadfairy a real twisted way of getting into my knickers … wow I really just said that … the issue with all this is no one in Dentarius had motive to want Raven dead, she was healer, not Sarantha powerful but still a healer, a White Mage, they’re not even dangerous, unless she happens to be dating my Dad, but then we’re right back to that. The motive of this killing is clearly to get to Dad, it as I said before was because she wouldn’t bring him back into the fold with the Elveran High Council (Yes, they think they are that important now), of course they fundamentally screwed any chance now.

The only issue I have with me been in here is now I’m a sitting duck, if they want to stop me finding the truth it wouldn’t be too hard for them to get to me, I’m unarmed and behind bars, there are ways to make that work, no one in the entire Everlands is stupid enough to go hand to hand against an Elcarus, and the location of these cells just so happens to send magical abilities on the blink, why else would we have built them here? But from that side of the bars? With a fire arm or bow or other weapon I’m kinda screwed, I hope Katrina is keeping the door well guarded, in the meantime I will sit I will think and hopefully I’ll find a way out.

-=Aerian Elcarus=-