[Finding the Future] A New Puzzle

They had been blind sided by more than they were aware of, their troops now holding in position as the female Commander of the Everlandian Army had Aerian in combat, matching her move for move as Aerian ducked beneath a swipe at her. She growled in frustration deflecting the next swing away from her allowing her to find her footing.

The woman had really grated on her the last few hours finally against Virra better judgement goading her into this fight, more frustrating was she was getting the better of Aerian slow but sure. Aerian planted her foot and instantly she knew as the next strike took her blade from her hand leaving her open.

“Time to die you little bitch” The commander squealed in glee

Aerian looked to the ground and waited listening to the whistle of metal through the air before the clatter of it been deflected showering her in blue sparks, Aerian scrambled back before looking to her father, his eyes cool, unnaturally calm.

“Not unless you plan to kill me too” He stated it no malice nor intent a simple fact

“Kane….” The woman stammered

“Clever girl, now back back up, unless you plan to take me on as well” Kane simple held his blade in place as he reached taking Aerians hand and helping her back to her feet “Aishani is with Virra, neither are too pleased right now

“She …. Bitch pushed me too far” Aerian snapped trying to at least sound it wasn’t all a series of bad luck.

“Because if you’d have killed her it’s an act of war, if she had killed you it’s an act of war” Kane replied again a statement of fact

“I ..have my orders” The woman tried to explain only to be cut off by Kane

“I don’t care who gave you your orders, you are going to turn around and you are going to walk away, because trust me if you don’t I will inform the Queen of the Councils attempt to directly undermine her authority, and you won’t make it a month as Commander of the Everlandian Army, quite honestly the choice is yours”

“You’re letting her go?!” Aerian scoffed in anger

“We have a wedding to plan, and they don’t want to go through those mountains because if they do they won’t make it out alive” Kane nodded in Aishanis direction “She is elder to the very people you’re about to go try to murder, as I said none too pleased”

Aishani stood rigid now, not at all pleased as her golden eye held a spark and the threat permeated the air thickly with not only the aura of authority but the means of something more primal. Her palms rested openly upon the hilt of her blades, fingernails which had grown into sharpened claws tapped upon the surface.

Virra stood to her side while expression was enigmatic but frustration darkened her already black eyes, appearing flushed to the situation of not being able to contain Aerian. But, there was a definite space to Aishani to the oozing presence from the female. After a moment, Virra moved in to near Aerian offering her a hand, though, nothing else passed her lips.

“His words are the truth. I recently undertook the title, I suggest you turn around. There has been enough conflict in these lands it is time for things to change.” Aishani spoke with such authority and truth, moving to stand beside Kane. “Turn and leave, go to the Council and inform them of the change. No one is to be a threat to those beneath the crust, unless having to deal with the Elders and the House Elcarus of Dentarius.”

The woman eyed Aishani nervously “So the rumour is true, a drow with the power of the werewolf, no wonder they sent us” There was an attempt at victory as Kane looked over his shoulder a second force now gathering behind their own “And that is the entire force of Dentarius at our back”

“Pack it up” She barked angrily turning on her heel “This isn’t over Elcarus!” She snapped “I want your daughters life”

“Yea you and everyone else” Kane retorted darkly before drawing Aishani close looking to one of his “Ensure they leave our territory, then return to Dentarius” then man nodded and bowed extracting himself from their presence

“They will return to Elvera to lick their wounds, but as she said this wont be the last we seen of them” He shook his head softly “Alright pack it let’s go home” he called to the rest

Aishani remained still, watching as the woman returned to her own group. “She is not good for Everlandian Army. A personal vendetta is no way to proceed.” She then softened her tone and dimmed the predatory ambiance, kissed his hand while beginning to move and assist the remaining Dentarius arms to pack their belongings.

Virra glanced to Aerian, while returning to their own pitched tent in order to begin closing things down. Clearly, Aerian had hurt her and only silence was her coping mechanism.

“Vendettas are never good, alas it seems to be the way of our politics, someone is always playing for someone elses agenda my love, we will fall back for now, there is a garrison of ours not too far from here, if the Emerald City needs them they will answer” He kissed her cheek now aiding in the packing of the groups.

Aerian slumped down on the log wiping the blood from her lip “Pride, Dad said it was going to get me killed, I’m an asshole and I’m sorry” she sighed softly, looking to the blood for a moment “This is why Uncle Hades didn’t want me out here, I struggle to control my ego”

Virra glanced to her from finishing off tethering up the tent and arranging their belongings. After a time, she settled beside Aerian, lifting a hand in a vice grip forcing her to look at her. “Yes, you were an asshole especially to me. It doesn’t hurt to listen to those that care for you, Aerian. We do not tell you things to be cruel. Next time, I’ll just knock you out but I didn’t think it was appropriate before the forces beneath you.” She flicked her tongue over Aerian’s bloodied lip and then crushed her lips against hers to allow for Aerian to feel the sting of not only Virra’s words but the kiss. “You just have making up to do to me. Come on, let’s get our stuff loaded to head out with the others.”

Aerian stood as they packed the air was cold and as they made their way back toward Dentarius the snow began to fall, it wasn’t long before once again the forests danced in a majestic white. Kane smiled softly.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say the realm was giving us our blessing my love” He shook his head shifting a few loose flakes of snow from his hair “Or it’s trying to kill me again?”

Aerian had kept herself quiet the whole way, her mind oddly occupied by the days events, still stinging from been handed her ass for the first time in a long time. It was one mistake and it almost cost her, if it hadn’t been for her fathers usual sense of timing she would in that moment have lost the fight and her life “What the hell did I do?” She snapped angrily into the air, one tug halted her stead and she slid from the saddle rushing into the trees, as the road faded she fell to her knees tears falling in anger, shame, frustration the violent wave of emotion was hard even for her to process.

Kane heard the commotion behind him catching a fleeting glance of Aerian disappearing into the trees his instinct to follow, he simply rounded his horse and halted the troop “She needs you more than I right now” he called to Virra “While I have no doubt Aerian was in no danger, my intervention prevented things escalating further for you both, still she isn’t used to losing, it’s a hard lesson we need to be reminded of sometimes”

As Kane looked behind to holler at Virra she was already dismounted and disappearing into the forest. She ran until heading the crying from Aerian and slowed to fall behind the red head in her knees and wrap her arms around her from behind.

There was no control, nor was their reason for her breakdown only crying until Aerian could no longer breath, in her head she could her the screams she wished so desperately to let loose but the lack of oxygen prevented her doing so, and that was her way until the edge of unconsciousness could be felt and her body revolted with control.

Her body settled the tears still fell but she felt the comfort of her beloved “I’m sorry, I … they don’t need to see this, I just needed …. I had to break sooner or later, though seems to be happening a lot lately?” She sighed softly a shudder of sobs followed her words “I do so hate to lose”

Virra remained silent to Aerian’s rambling and only toughened her embrace to wrap her in warmth and comfort. After a time she rounded to kneel before her and filled her chin up to look drop in her eyes with those black piercing hues. “Learn from it.”

“I will, I just hate the fact I need to” Aerian sighed softly as she looked back toward the road, that was when it hit mind splitting pain as she squealed her hands snapping to her head as she lent into Virra.

The images flashed fast and hard through her mind as she held onto Virra as the onslaught continued. She shuddered as they passed her eyes met Virras as she looked into her lovers eyes for a long while “Not as broken as I thought” she breathed softly “Damn that fucking hurts”

“Now that is this ego talking. Take a moment to consider how many times I’ve been beaten down. I had to prove myself with an organization that is full of hedonist pigs. Each time I had to learn and found those weaknesses in not just them but me to refine and strengthen. Out never was easy.”

Virra fell silent and offered Aerian the warmth of her arms and stroked her red threads. “What happened? Did you see something?”

“Yes, no …. It was a lot, but at the same time nothing, pieces” Aerian wiped a thin line of sweat from her brow as she watched Virra “I’m sorry for all of this mess, you just want to be happy and free and you go and fall in love with the psychic nut job who can’t even read her own vision half the time”

She shook her hair with a smile “It’s all pieces of a larger puzzle, though on the upside doesn’t seem to be showing our imminent demise for once, more something big but it felt happy, not people happy but the realm itself was happy. Wish I knew more” She pulled herself to her feet taking Virras hand gently “We should get back, I’d like to take you home”

“Happy and free? I’m not happy and free without you, Firefly. Well that is a good thing that no demise is to occur, even making the realm happy.” Virra nodded to Aerian and rose after her, walking with her and curling an arm around her waist to keep her close.


Aishani leaned forward to pat the thick neck of the steed, glancing to Kane. “Blessing or not, my love. The realm knows what you are capable of and in receiving. I feel things changing, my love but that which I do not know.” She straightened in her saddle and glanced over her shoulder as Virra and Aerian returned to their mounts. “Well, they are back. Let’s keep moving.”

Kane nodded as he watched the two return a short snap of the reigns turned his horse and the group began to move along the path.

“Things are definitely change, things will get better for us I’m sure of that” He smiled softly as they headed for home. The air had grown cold as the snow had begun to pick up pace, the forest now covered in a thin layer of white.

“At least the winter is almost over, the spring brings change for us all” #

Aishani nodded to Kane as her steed moved along his own, lifting her golden eyes skyward that caused the snow to drift gently down and lay a blanket of white upon the world around them. “You are right. Spring things will be more mobile and warm. In all honesty I cannot wait to shed all these layers.”

“You can just as easily do that in our bed” Kane replied softly there was intent in his words as the path left the dark confines of the forest, the town loomed off their direct path the road curving up and into the hills led to the mansion.

Some of the troops peeled off headed into the village the rest headed to their own houses and families left just Kane, Aerian, Aishani and Virra on their road home.

“We’re gonna go on ahead dad” Aerian smiled weakly but enough to let him know she was Ok before taking off ahead, Kane watched after her for a moment before returning his attention Aishani “We all need some time to just be happy, or at least catch our breath”

Virra snapped her reigns while following after Aerian with a wave, though, Aishani glanced to Kane as they made their own path to the mansion. “Yes. Catch our breathe, that would be nice. Plus a nice soak in the springs is long overdue.”



[Finding the Future] Aishani Will Lead

The last few days had been long and frustrating with Kane, Aishani and the Elders of the Drow and their people arguing back and forth as to the finer points of Kanes failings to protect their people, Kane had repeatedly defended both himself and his position. The fact he hadn’t killed when having good reason to do so had gained him some credit which allowed a little more freedom.

Today would be the last day of their proceedings with the Elders promising to deliver a way forward both for them and the realm, as well as their position in respect to Aishani. As ever they followed behind their appointed council which had grown in size from Heart to now include Sasnistra, she bowed courteously before seating herself.

“I ask you remain calm today Lord Elcarus, your temper is not sitting well with them, they have made their decision I ask you respect it” As she placed her hands on the table infront of her Heart looked to Kane and shrugged.

“Just play nice, they didn’t order your execution so they at least intend to let you leave alive” He added softly

Kane merely looked backed back before trying to untangle the mass of his own hair, looking somewhat unkempt of late, his hair matted and stubble now beginning to show had given him a less than stable look. He looked to Aishani his eyes soft knowing he must now trust in her to get them through the final proceedings.

Aishani remained vigilant throughout the proceedings carrying herself with poise and regality, she shown in calming Kane at various points and building on the bridge between the Elders and Kane. She was not playing one more than the other, but, always twisted things to make it seem fitting to the Elders and even Kane at times.
Now, on the last day, Heart and Sasnistra. When Kane looked to her, Aishani extended her hand to curl within Kane’s to offer him her support. She looked much the same especially, with her dreads gathered and the raven feather. “He shows passion about the past transgressions. Each side has a point of view, we now have heard each and this is about building the bridge.”

The Elders had taken their place at table at the front of the hall, as they glanced down to Aishani and Kane they turned to speak among one another before finally the Drow woman rose.

“We have spoken at length, and with a unanimous decision are dismissing our charges against you, times have moved on and holding grudges does neither side any good. We have also decided it is against our interests to align with Dentarius in any form, though we will not bring arms against you either should conflict arise” The words echoed through the room before a hushed whisper rattled through those present.

“However as is dictated by our laws should this other woman find us, we would have no choice but to offer ourselves, this presents us a problem without the protection afforded by our seclusion we are vulnerable” The words held awkward as Heart eyed the Drow for a moment “So what exactly are you asking if not for a treaty with Dentarius?” his words came slow and deliberate

“An exchange, in our original homeland House Elcarus had its place among our highest houses, at least until we were forced to flee, I offer to restore that honour in exchange for your fiancée, she remains here and serves as Elder”

Kane lent back feeling his frustration build once more “It is times like this I ask you think through your actions, I was removed from the Elders for my views and my choice in partner, who may I remind you was also Elcarus, you exiled him and I stepped down to preserve my own honour, but you cannot ask him to give up the one he loves, it is not right and you know it, you’re afraid of Z’ress and from the stories we should be, but hiding is not the answer”

Aishani listened, her expression revealed nothing of her internal thoughts, while placing a pressure against his hand in order to remind him of his temper and growing frustration. “If, I may, I am present and an speak for myself in this matter.” She stood while moving to stand behind Kane, placing a hand upon his shoulder. “I understand that Sasnistra spoke as to respecting your decision. Of which, I will. But, in the end, it is my choice to make. I have already made my choice to stand by Kane and his House. My own that I was birthed in would rather of had me killed then to look at me twice. I came here to escape, but, then things changed. The past is a horrible haunt, while I commend you for dismissing the charges against Kane, you are placing yourself at a disadvantage would Z’ress arrive with Ceremon to impend upon you. The realm has welcomed me, even before I know of Drow present. The realm has guided me to the very one that has stood at my side and he at mine. I will respectfully decline the offer to remain and join the Elders. My place is with Kane and the all of the Elcarus family to Dentarius and all of Everlands. We will aid as we see fit, but hiding is not the answer, gain the advantage before Z’ress arrives and she will kill those that hold no purpose to her. If that means, the entire seat of the Elders to gain control she will and I guarantee, she will not stop there. I will not remain because, she also wants me. I have already been here this marks you as traitors in her eyes, so I am not begging, nor pleading. But, an alliance is what is needed to keep a strength and to let her and Ceremon know, that we all are a force to reckon with. As, these are my final words. I will respect your decision, thus, respect mine.”

“It always amazes me how blind you are” Heart snapped in frustration, Kane looked to Heart who shrugged before stepping forward “You gave your own bloody solution then went and tried to make it more complex than it needs be, yes putting Aishani on the Elders Council is a good idea, but no alliance with Dentarius? No doubt you are aware of the twenty some thousand men currently holding off a battalion of Elveran forces? But trust me that will pale in comparison to what Ceremon brings to your doors, vampires, werewolves and Dragon Magi to mention a few.”

The Drow woman glared angrily at Heart “And what do you suggest? The city whore is now a diplomat?” Heart shrugged off the comment with a wicked grin “And yet I know more of what goes on than your own vanguard, information is helpful, you have the solution and can restore House Elcarus without it been a gesture of goodwill, assuming Aishani agrees to my proposal, which doesn’t involve her remaining her permanently”

Aishani looked from Heart to the Drow woman, then to Kane. “Heart makes a good point, without an alliance with Dentarius, nothing is gained for the House Elcarus. I am to join the House Elcarus by marriage. Besides, due to my race, I will stand by to not see history repeat itself. Right now, there are more important things then my placement with the Elders. We ALL have a threat and are trying to get the arrangements of protection and allies before all hell breaks loose. Lolth, the Spider-Demon Queen, is trying to get her footing within this land. That would tear asunder everything that you have put in placement here. I am trying to save your ways. By alliance, this does not mean we have to hold hands and cuddle, it simply means in times of war we know who has our back and you know who has yours unlike the last.” She remained standing behind Kane, hands still upon his shoulder. “So I propose a join to the Elders, on the terms that I am allowed to leave this city when duty calls to the Elcarus House, and in doing such a treaty is signed of your alliance with Dentarius. If such cannot be met, then I will have to decline the offer, respectfully.”

“We wouldn’t need a treaty, and you need not stay on any basis other than as you are required, you are to be wed and accepting a place on the Elders Council would mean that we are bound by law to aid each other when required” The dwarven man stated firmly “I believe the future will be more prosperous if we chose to move forward, we should be willing to accept that things have changed and be ready to move forward”

“You will be granted a home here, and if you so choose may elect someone within the city to act as your liaison here, I believe your ability to blink is not so limited as Lord Kanes and as such you can return if you are directly needed, your liaison can handle other things in between and keep you appraised of the general way of things, how do these terms appeal to you Lady Aishani?”

A smirk formed on Aishani’s lips finally breaking the composed mask. “Good. I believe those terms are commendable and I have an individual in mind to be as said liason… That is of he accepts.” Her golden eye rested on Heart. “After all he would have to remain in the city in order to be as such. What say you Heart?”

“You would put a whore in that positon” Growled the drow woman the venom in her voice dark and frustrated, she was quickly silenced by the dwarf male “It is your choice and we will honour it”

Heart rolled his shoulders looking to Aishani “If I didn’t know better I’d say you were trying to get me killed, but because it will piss her off to no end, thanks”

“He knows his information and is familiar with not only things beneath the crust and topside. A whore that is true. But he has his purpose and is family. Killed? Hardly. You are smart beneath that flashy smile. Now is your time Heart.” She then took her place beside Kane with a hand taking his own and a smirk on her plush lips.

“And what of the Elveran forces? Do aim to simply turn them upon us when you leave” The woman asked coldly

“Yea, because I would give my word to aid you in times of need then chose to ignore that fact” Kane replied “I will send word to Elvera and have the Queen turn them around, you will not be bothered by any other than us” Kane replied firmly “On my honour you have my word”

“Very well Lord Kane, you are free to leave and this concludes todays business” The dwarven male stated, shortly the Elders filed out as did the rest of the gallery leaving Sasnistra, Heart, Kane and Aishani alone.

“Take care of her milord” Sasnistra smiled softly, “You do remind me so of Krystal, though he was less ill-tempered than you”

Aishani visibly relaxed and dropped the political act while letting the tips of Kane’s fingers to her lips in a kiss. Looking him drop in the eyes then glancing to the Drow female. “We take care of each other. In turn the realm and those within it. I may not be from Everlands but it has been more of a home to me then my birth place. To me the Drow are my brethren… First cousins realms removed.”

Kane felt his postured relax the need to play politician now done with for the most part as he lent against Aishani “I do miss the fact Haunted and Krystal were the better diplomats, their temperament suited such things better, still we have something from our journey here? How many answer I’m unsure but seems you were born to lead regardless of your feelings my love”

Aishani shrugged absently with the rolling purr of her amusement dripping past her lips. “One must do what one has to. Besides you even said you don’t like it but its a responsibility. I accept it as you do when times call for it.”

He smiled softly “That my love is true” he rolled his shoulders as he nodded to Heart and Sasnistra “Now please tell me we can go home it seems we have another mess to go clean-up” he of course referred to Elveran forces that now sat on the outskirts of their land, a situation he was sure had more to it that it appeared on the surface.

Aishani followed Kane’s gaze to Sasnistra and Heart, rising slowly but remaining near to him. “Business needs to be handle, though, my love is there an induction ceremony that must take place before I am an Elder? I find it difficult that it is as simple as, you are an Elder.”

“There is, but we will require to prepare, rites to complete for your predecessor so for the moment you are free to do as you wish” Sasnistra replied softly “We will take care of things in your absence and inform you when you need complete your obligation”

Aishani considered Sasnistra briefly and nodded. “Good. As Kane spoke we have a talk to handle the Everland forces. We will be in touch once that is resolved. Kane? Lets get you cleaned up. I think they may consider you an imposter looking like that.”

Kane laughed softly “They would think that anyway considering I no longer bow to them at will” He took her hand as he led her from the Elder Hall and to their room in the Inn. Sliding in the door he closed it behind “You do know I have no idea how I’m going to turn those forces around, looks like I may have to upset the High Council yet again, unless they are here on Ascondias orders then …. Then we may have a problem”

Aishani sighed softly moving to settle on the edge of the bed, lifting her hands to rub across her face before straightening to look at Kane. “Yes. I am well aware, but, with the change of circumstance things will be easier in the benefit of the wellness and protecting the endeavours of those here. Nothing is ever easy, my love. Not now. Not since Ceremon and Z’ress have joined forces and Sarantha gone…But, it is not about remaining lingering on the negative, we have to rise above it. There is always a solution to be had.”

“Oh theirs a solution I just don’t like it much” he replied softly “Whatever happens they cannot get through, wouldn’t look too good on my reputation, it’s frail enough with them as it is” He peeled out his shirt tossing it aside as he watched her for a moment “We protect our own, no matter what”

Aishani lifted her hands to remove the tether of her raven hair, causing the dreads to fall gracefully down her shoulders. “Kane, my love, I know this. Yes, we protect our own, that now includes those beneath the crust as well. I’m done with politics for one day, let us get you shaved and cleaned up, then leave. It is best we get this nipped in the bud the sooner the better. Trust me, I’m exhausted as well.”

Kane nodded as he sat at the edge of the bed with a soft smile “We should begin speaking of wedding plans when we return home as well my love, we still have so much to do just for us, now I have never trusted another with a razor blade at close proximity” He grinned soft and playful

She smirked to Kane, nodding slowly while rising to gather a few items to prepare him for a shave. “At least, you know it will be a precise and close shave.” Aishani then settled in his lap, while arranging the bowl of cream between them and adhering a hot clothe to his skin for a short while. Then dusted the cream upon his chin and spread outwards, removing her blade to begin to expertly utilize the dagger to methodically give him a shave.

He kept his eyes on hers, soft loving and tender all in that moment the days events melting to a memory as they shared something together.

Aishani tilted his head a slight to achieve a better angle at the portion beneath his chin and neck, when finished she rose from his lap and kissed him tenderly. Turning to the small table to clean her blade from the shave cream, while drying it calmly. “You spoke about the wedding…what did you have in mind with it? I’ve never done it before.” Her words held a knot of shame while her back remained to him.

“I’m sure Elsa and Jade can help you through things, I will of course take care of the rest, all I need you to do is be there on the day” He slid to his feet crossing to stand behind her, his arms slipping around her waist. “You need only be the shining star I already know you are my love”

“Of course, I’ll be there, my love. Yes, I need to get with Elsa soon to be fitted for a dress. Jade? Do you think she would help or have knowledge? Without Sarantha whom can perform the ceremony? I just hope things stop long enough to be wed…” It was clear she was nervous about recent events interfering with their marriage.

“Things will be fine, we’ve had a lot to deal with in a short time, I will make sure our wedding is the occasion it should be. The mayor is able, Ascondia, one of the White Temple too perhaps, my brother?” He chuckled at the statement but there was truth to it “We will find someone I promise you that, and I think Jade could use the distraction, perhaps you will be help her find a little strength to deal with the world she has found herself in?”

Kane held her with a smile “We deserve this, I’ve even got a nice surprise for our honeymoon, but we have to get married first” He kissed her neck gently “Nothing will spoil our day my love, even the realm can wait for a day”

Aishani chuckled to Kane’s reassurance, running her hands upon his forearms while lifting one to press her lips gently against his knuckles. She crooned to the affection her neck drawn by Kane. “A surprise? Oh, now, you have me curious. We shall just have to see, but, I am looking forward to being an Elcarus, officially that is.”

“As do I my love” Kane replied softly drawing her against him “We should rest before heading out to resolve our other crisis on our way home”

She leaned back into his arms, while caressing her fingertips upon his forearms and patted his wrists. “Yes. Yes, that is an excellent idea, my love.”

Memories of War

Dragon Assault on the MansionIt was the darkest times in our long history, conflict had raged in the Everlands for generations but what was to come we were unprepared for. It was late Spring the Everlands was just coming out of the frozen hell of Winter, but the world was wrong, I remembered thinking it’s not right.

Aerian had warned of something but as usual both Fates and Archons refused to give us answers not that we ever expected, even Haunted failed in getting straight answers, it’s odd speaking of them, so much misery in that 2 years, we lost friends family and more all for a war of power. The Dragon Mages were always trying to build power in one form or another, always trying to find their way into the Imperial Courts or the twelve forgive with the High Council. No one should wield that kind of power and the more we pushed them back the harder they came back.

But that roar, the skies darkened and we knew, they had summoned their brethren, they are not relatedsticklepath fireshow 12 by actual blood more a dilution over the generations but that thread does allow them to summon them with enough belief, and they did, and they reigned hell down on us. The Dragons are insane to fight against, they can shred you in next to no time. We sent everything we had, the entire realm fighting together, our mages were little match to the Dragon Mages, in the presence of Dragons we were no match.

Krystal even managed to bring Ceremon and his forces to the fight, even a bad guy will fight for the good of his world, of course there was something else in it for him but what that was I don’t know, whatever deal he made died when Krystal and Haunted brought down the great Dragon, truly you cannot stop an Elcarus on Elcarus grounds, two of us and you have a huge fight on your hands, we lost Krys and Haunted and we lost the mansion too. All we could do was run, Ascondia and Heart opened portals from the village and left through them, Aerian and I were left to clear the outlying lands, we took out what we could and avoided conflict with the Dragons, had it not been for the Dires and Unicorns I don’t think we would have made it out alive.

The Unicorns were able to supplement us and at least keep us hidden from the Dragons, the Dires protected us on the ground and protected those evacuating. I wanted to stay but Aerian dragged me through the last portal somewhere along the line we were split as the final enchantments on the mansion triggered combined with the Unicorn magic it was enough to push them from our realm. We had won the war for now, but we all hurt in one way or another, it took a long time before some of us returned, I laid my brothers to rest shortly after and left again, the villagers had begun to return and rebuild but my place wasn’t with them not then.

[Finding the Future] Holding The Line

Aerian was annoyed as she sat by the fire, the flames burned casting dull light across the camp, as half the Dentarian Forces were now sat idling on instructions from her father as she turned the note over in her hands.

‘There is precedence that in my absence and my location known that you bring the full force of Dentarius to bear against our enemies, however in this instance this I ask you do not do, a delicate situation is in play and I have no desire to upset the balance right now, I wish you to halt your advance and await further instruction’

It wasn’t much but the seal was indeed her fathers and the seal itself indicated he was under no duress, the Dentarian Commanders had halted the advance right there despite Aerians plea to ignore the action, which is way she now sat isolated and glaring into the flames.

Aerian did not sit isolated for long, as the warm embrace of Virra wrapped around her from behind and dangled a flask of liquor in an offer before her. Her chin was hooked over her shoulder after a brief kiss to her neck. “Firefly, you are burning so brightly even the flames are jealous.” Virra’s free hand rubbed to cause a warming friction but also a support in the same gesture.

“I just don’t like sitting on my hands and doing nothing” She lent back against Virra her hand slipping up to cover Virras in a gentle reply “I’m not one for waiting, we have the force we should be inclined to use it, but then I see my fathers point too, another war is not what we need” She sighed softly “It bothers me more the visions have been silent, I have had nothing since were in the clock tower, like the realm is refusing to speak after Saras death” she looked around the clearing slowly forces grouped up as units remained together others simply keeping themselves occupied with regular task. “Going after dad would have been a nice diversion”

“We all don’t like sitting on our hands doing nothing, Firefly.” Virra commented softly, pressing her lips in a peppering upon Aerian’s neck, until at her lobe with a pause to suckle on the flesh. She returned her lean against Aerian’s shoulder, giving her hand a squeeze. “Your Pops is a wise man, Aerian. He will be fine and most assuredly with Aishani at his side. Perhaps, even the realm is mourning Sarantha’s death or scanning for the next realm healer to surface. One may never know.”

Aerian nodded softly “Just not used my head been so empty” she sighed gently as she felt Virra behind her “Do you think we’re doing the right thing, waiting I mean?”

Virra’s presence moved and shifted while she moved to settle before Aerian, legs open and arms bringing the red head against her bosom with a wrap of her arms to embrace her with a guide of her head on her cheek. “That is what your Pops wanted, Firefly. I cannot say if there is a right or wrong answer. But, for now it is best that we honour his request. Fuck if I know what is planned or going on, but, it seems to me there is a political venture that would be similar like walking on eggs shells. I think we should digress and move to the Dentarius borders, so we can be closer but not pose a threat to those he is referring to.”

There was a sudden rush of activity as scout returned to camp immediately falling into rushed conversation. Aerian glanced up as she held Virra close, finally one of the scouts arrived, a tall female with drawn face “We should inform you a large contingent of Elveran Forces are headed toward the mountains, they will cross Dentarian borders in a day or two”

Aerian ran a hand through her hair for a moment in thought “Seems you’re right my love, we need to hold the borders for now, Elveran Forces out in the middle of winter what the hell next” She shook her head kissing Virra, the scout diverting her attention from them quickly “What are your orders?” she scoffed quickly trying to extract herself from near the lovers.

“We moved to Valsirian, there we hold the lines and I don’t care if it’s the royal processing they are not getting past us until my father returns” Aerian snapped quickly “No one, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Miss Aerian of course” And with that the scout disappeared within moments the camp was been packed as others rode out ahead “Somehow they know why father left, and undoubtedly are going to try and finish what they started, I don’t care what happens after but until he is clear they are not getting through us” she kissed Virra deeply smiling softly “Seems we have a task after all”

Virra lifted her dark eyes to the arrival of a scout, pressing her lips against Aerian’s neck with a sweep of her tongue while listening in silence. When Aerian spoke to her, Virra hooked her chin upon her lovers shoulder. She assisted the others and Aerian in disbanding the camp and sighed softly in a puff of foggy breath afterwards. The instant Aerian kissed her deeply it was acknowledged with much desire, the bitterness of the cold was jealous. “One just has to be patient, Firefly. It does seem that someone expected Kane and Aishani to leave. We have to be prepared for anything, this could be fun.” She smirked, mounting her steed and extending a hand down for Aerian to join her.

Aerian smiled leaning into her “We can only hope on the fun”

The journey didn’t take them long a days ride in procession soon had them on the outskirts of Dentarius, the road would fork off in multiple directions from here as Aerian gave her orders to block them all. The groups quickly mounted in position the camp springing up around them. The first few through were merchants and traders who has braved the weather to make some kind of profit.

The night drew quickly and the silence was soon punctured by the sound of horse hooves and conversation of soldiers, Aerian lent back to pull her bow close with a soft smle, the banners of Elvera soon seen flying in the distance.

“Who goes there?” Barked a female voice “And why are you settled on Elveran soil?”

Aerian shook her softly as he picked up her bow and stood, two guards rose behind her and Virra as ever beside her “I’m on Dentarian soil, and you’re about to cause problems I don’t need” Her voice was oddly calm, as the one who spoken stepped into the light of the camp, pale faced and dark grey eyes of a female.

“Aerian Elcarus, seems I owes you thanks right before I arrest you for several outstanding arrest warrants, theft, murder, trespassing it’s an impressive list” The words were soft dripped in venom it caused Aerian to shift uncomfortably

“Yea you do know who my mom is right? Or my Dad, speaking of which why the hell are you trying to cross my borders?” Aerian replied her voice remained calm, she could feel the nerves prickle down her spine

“I don’t care who your parents are darling you’re a criminal, but as I said you murdering Alvin does elevate to a position where I can act on those warrants” Sharply the slice of metal signalled her drawing her weapon, which was quickly over shadowed by the sound of multiple bows been drawn. Aerian smiled darkly “You have a small task force and we have half the Dentarian forces sat here,  we are on Dentarian soil so I will happily let you try your luck right before you start a war you cannot win, my mom will be pissed but she’ll get over it and your death will be for nothing”

Virra was at Aerian’s side, her dark eyes fixed on the female that spoke, shoulders square and steady. But, Aerian felt the electricity in the air of the utmost focus, knowing that she would draw her weapons for an instant’s notice to protect and fight. She remained still and silent. Finally she spoke, as the tension of bows being drawn sounded. “Seems, she has a point, Frosty. On Dentarius soil all are offered sanctuary, including those…how did you say…criminals? We suggest that you turn around and head back from whence you came. There was time for the trial and it is long past, be on your way.”

“She has a point, I was cleared by the Queen” Aerian let the phrase roll out in a glee filled tone “Besides we both know we out number you at least fifteen to one, and we also know I have no moral cntre in killing you and claiming defence of Dentarius”

The woman shifted now in discomfort, eyeing Virra for a moment “Hmm it’s odd they deem command of Dentarian Forces to criminals, sets a standard I suspect”

Aerian laughed coldly “Wrong again Virra gets to shout orders cos she gets in my pants” there was achorus of chuckles that rumbled through their troops “But you’re here because I accidentally killed an old friend, I didn’t want to kill Alvin you fucktard but bright light after a long stay in dark cells I was kinda fuzzy, also Alvin trained me as a child, which means I know I can kick your frosty old ass all the way back to Elvera, and what would my Mom think then?”

The woman looked half horrified half shocked at Aerians brash return of words before she stepped back “We have no business with you, we are headed to the mountains, let us through and we will have no qurrel with you, deny us and I will call for reinforcements from Elvera” The woman struggled to find the strength in her voice but the upper hand was now gone.

“No you will stay there until my father returns, the Dentarian Border WILL hold until that time” Aerian snapped back

A smirk appeared on Virra’s lips to the strength that Aerian oozed, a fingertip idly tapping on the throwing knives strapped to her thighs, a subtle reminder that she was very nimble and quick to the woman. She neared Aerian slipping behind her with a wrap of her arms protectively around her lovers form, tracing her tongue up to her lobe. “I think this woman has balls. Funny, because, I see a pussy.” Virra nipped and drug her teeth against Aerian’s lobe. “Your passage leads you to Dentarius lands and as forgo on that…a statement of place and reasoning is in order. Isn’t that what the outpost checkpoints do? After all, with your threats to Aerian, that isn’t a good way to start off a conversation if you ARE just passing through.

“I have a duty, we suspect there are wanted criminals, traders and the likes hiding in the mountains, we were sent to eliminate them” The woman replied no trying to force the authority back into her voice.

Aerians hair caught the firelight the amber echoing through as if her own hair were ablaze as she eyed the woman “You are not going near that mountain pass, my father and his wife are up there and I won’t have you screw up their safety, the edge of those mountains hits the outskirts of Dentarian territory, so you can back the fuck off” As quickly as that Aerians patience dissipated as she stepped forward the woman stepped back “When he returns you can do as you damn well please, until then stay put”

“I am on orders direct from the Queen” the woman tried desperate now ion her words

“I don’t fucking care, you will not cross our borders plain and simple” Aerian could feel the fire burn in her chest patience bubbling into annoyed anger as she glared at the woman, there was an attempt at more words before the woman stormed back to her own men. Aerian released the breath she’d held as she turned to face Virra her centre quickly finding itself “It hasn’t bought us long, she will send back to Elvera for further direction” She looked to the two behind herself and Virra “Take up defensive positions, we will likely need them soon, the men nodded in reply and took off to carry those orders.

“We need scouts to follow up with watching the Elvera messengers. This to me sounds…too much of a coincidence. Plus, we need to send word to your Uncle. He needs to be prepared, Firefly.” Virra stated calmly watching as the two soldiers moved onward to carry out the orders. “They want to the mountains, then we protect those mountains, like they would be our own. Kane and Aishani are within…wait, since when is Aishani his wife?”

Aerian grinned softly “Well she’s not, yet at least but they don’t know that” as she wandered back to the fire she sat for a moment watching the flames as she watched the flames then back to Virra “We should give Uncle H the heads up, don’t need him coming out here too, his temper would only create more problems”

Virra plopped down near the fire and tugged down Aerian, entwining her legs within Aerian’s from behind with arms wrapped around her and a chin propped on her shoulder. “I already suggested that, Firefly. Yes, well, if his temper is anything like yours…the two of you could cause such trouble.” She ran her lips up and down the side of Aerian’s neck. “Uncle H, needs to remain at the estate. Hold down the fort, so to say. We don’t know how many angles are going to be come at us from, better to be safe than sorry in the long run. I have the sense there is a distraction and detourant.” Just then, Aerian would sense the stealthy presence of Virra’s fingers slipping past her waistband to her pants in search of the heart of the fiery soul. “Better do it quick, I want to taste you, Firefly.” Her voice whispered beside Aerian’s ear, thick with lust while the teeth graze her lobe.

Aerian squirmed under Virras action a low whimper escaping her as she pushed her hips into virras finger, she swallowed as she pulled a quill and parchment from her bag before scrawling the note awkwardly, her mind on her lovers action not the note she was writing as she scrawled her signature against the page the page twisted and folded before vanishing “You cheat” Aerian moaned.

Finally she blocked Virras advance looking around the camp before she pulled herself free of Virra and then practically dragged her to their tent, as they entered she turned immediately beginning to undress Virra with a deep rooted need.