My Curse

tumblr_o2wl1eBP2d1skbqqro1_1280I was 9 years old the first time, my head felt as if it was been torn apart from the inside, worse still the fact my human “grand parents” thought I was having some kind of fit, they took me to what the humans  call a hospital and there they treated me for this and that.

Mom knew immediately and that night I disappeared from the Mortal Realm forever, it’s not really know where the ability to see what’s to come actually comes from, my mom is an angel and I mean that in a literal sense, she escaped her realm and landed here, her been an angel was seen as her been the whole package and why at just sixteen they made her Queen of the Everlands, but that’s her story not mine.

I came here with tales of a fire that would destroy Elvera, the guards thought I was crazy, the clone thought I was cute and Dad he took note, they found the guy shortly before the fire starts, I saved lives or so Dad said. From then he kept me close, all my vision went to him, it’s weird they are like flashes, pieces of a puzzle, sometimes they are easy to figure out, sometimes not so much.

The big ones though those are the ones that scare me, they are called defining events from the Seers, they take a small piece of who we are in order to deliver them, the last seer threw herself off Elvera Castle to stop the visions, in the end all we have is to go crazy our very being is ripped apart for the good of the realm, its a sick irony that while we save them we destroy ourselves.

The last big one I had was the Dragon War, I saw it coming, didn’t matter though war still ripped the realm apart, I watched friends die, I watched family die, and all we could do was fight, no time to mourn only survive, the Everlands can be cruel sometimes. I saw Maya die too but I was given nothing to help stop it, that stung and for a while I refused to help the realm, maybe that’s why in the end I couldn’t stop the war, when it comes to my own life the realm keeps me firmly in the dark.

But all this power is nothing if you can’t save the ones you love, except now I know why she had to die, I hate that she did but that and all those years of hatred brought me to Virra, the one woman in the entire Everlands that gets me, takes me for who I am and stands by my side, I could ask for more, I couldn’t see beyond the pain but she helped me past, she brought me back from the darkness, for each piece of me these visions take I swear on the Twelve that she gives it right back, there is no darkness when I’m with Virra.

Yea I know it’s soppy but it’s the truth, I was so pissed that Dad got Aishani before I could, now again I12494926_1308041715878009_2226349344356918008_n see why, see this is what I mean the realm doesn’t show me the whole picture I assumed she was for me but she was to fix Dad, and now she is headed to the Glade with dad, they got married and in that we protect Dentarius and the Drow City, what must it have been like for Dad to relive all that, they say they saw me but I was too young to remember. I do remember that Dad became Dad not long after, the spell that controlled him was damaged somehow and eventually his true memories surfaced.

So that leads back to the one person in my life, the one piece I know will be with until I throw myself off a high castle wall or until I die, Virra, she acts so tough and I know she has to be, but under that is such a gentle soul, soft, giving and tastes incredible, love is funny like that, she is everything I could ever want and more. I pray the realm has another course for me, maybe the new healer can find a way to help, Sarantha was almost there and the things she did to undo the damage done have worked, I’ve survived longer than any other with my gift, part of it simply because I’m Elcarus and too stubborn die as they remind, the rest is simply because I refuse to go, and now I refuse to leave Virra alone in this world.


[A New Path] Wedding Gifts

Kane and Aishani had spent the last week putting out diplomatic fires of one form or another as they were finally able to extract themselves from Emerald City, Aishani had placed control of the city in the hands of a Council of her own choosing who would send decisions to Heart then he onto Aishani to make the final choices.

Their return to Dentarius had been met with Kane having to sort through the mess of Ascondias imprisonment a mess he was less than thrilled with. Still all that had finally given way to something more important for them both.

The final days had clocked down quickly, but spring was in full force as the grounds of Dentarius were covered in fresh grass, the lands lush and rich as the realm welcomed a new year. But today of all days saw the mansion incredibly busy the gardens transformed into an arena of sorts.

Kane stood at the window looking out as staff milled about beyond making final preparations, gusts had already begun to arrive and occasion that had resulted in the whole realm turning out. Kane breathed collecting himself as Hades entered his room.

“You can still run you know” He grinned playfully a real turn from the man they had grown to know the last few weeks

“Pretty sure Aishani would cut me down if I so much as thought about it, no I’m ready for this Hades, I want this, we both deserve it after the events of the winters something like this is as much for the realm as it is for us” Kane replied adjusting his shirt


Stacy wrapped upon Aishanis door, finally able to handle her place in a world that had quickly drawn her in, things for her were far from simple but she had a duty she wanted to try and do as best she could.

Aishani stood looking out her window at the staff that moved about below, her hair was gathered up in a graceful play on the dark threads that exposed her delicate neck over the bountiful bosom constricted beneath the corset fit of her dress, though, she glanced over her shoulder. “Enter.” She stated loudly, as Jade was assisting Virra in talking Aerian into her dress again.

Stacy made her way in her movements less awkward and she had now adopted a more regular garb a simple dark grey robe, she smiled softly “Forgive the intrusion, but Lady Sarantha left notes on your injuries before she died, I wanted to check if there further issue…. She paused looking to Aishani for a moment” she smiled “You look incredible, Lord Kane is a lucky man”

Aerian muttered something about feeling like she was squashed into a marshmallow before finally letting Virra fasten up along the back.

Aishani turned now from the window with a smirk on those polished lips not just to Stacy’s words but to Aerian’s rambling. “Of course.”

Virra simply chuckled. “Oh stop it. This is the happiest day in your Pop’s life. So suck it up buttercup.” She stood now before Aerian with a list in her dark eyes this caused Jade to blush. “You are the most beautiful marshmallow in this world. I can’t wait to eat you.”

“You’re bad” Aerian grinned “Which is why I love you, so how you feeling Aishani, you’re about to become my step-mom, you know that right? You kinda figured that part?” Aerian smiled softly as she wrapped her arms around Virra.

Aishani chuckled to Aerian’s antics but winked to her. “I think I can handle it. Can you marshmallow?” She looked to Stacy while allowing her to examine her best possible with her dress on. “I’ve been fine Stacy. Just a little tired lately.”

Aerian simply grinned in reply and went back to fiddling with her dress, Stacy moved toward Aishani for a moment before she stopped her eyes travelling her body for a moment “You look different, from when we first met when you got back, that or you developed and extra aura or two” she scratched her head for a moment “Sarantha didn’t mention that, only the werewolf bite”

Stacy scratched her head for a moment before she flipped a few more pages of her grimoire, her eyes bouncing over the pages before she looked back to Aishani “Are you eating Ok? Exercising well? Avoiding stress?”

Aishani tilted her head at Stacy’s words. “Avoiding stress? Do you live in the same reason as ask of us?” She chuckled in that rolling purr. “Yes. I do the same except I’ve had more a taste for raw meat lately. I just thought that is normal given my circumstance. I’m a vegetarian so I resist the urge.”

“Perhaps your body has” She stopped for a moment again things seemed to shift before her as she watched Aishani, a shimmer and there stood Sarantha.

Aerian spun on her heel with a look of near shock “Wow, it’s true that you guys have more control over manifesting?”

“The dead don’t often stay dead in the Everlands Aerian you know that” Sarantha replied before looking to Stacy “Forgive me for dropping such responsibilities upon you, usually we have a much better way of passing on one to the next, unfortunately my path was halted rather abruptly, but the realm has decided I’m to sit on your shoulder for a little while and help you adjust, once I conclude a little business”

She crossed now standing before Aishani a gentle bow “You look amazing, and you must take care of them all now, I gave you advice all those years ago so you could bring balance here and now, the realm decided to give you a gift and I don’t mean me attending your wedding, you are the most determined and centred individual in the realm, and you and Kane have suffered enough in your lives, so take care of the joy we have given you”

“And the uncryptic version” Aerian stared rather frustrated

Aishani smiled to the appearance of Sarantha out was warm as though a child to a mother. But it faded to her words with a tilt of her head looking between Sarantha and Stacy but flicked her gaze to Aerian. “Yes. Please Sarantha. I’m more then pleased you are here for the wedding but… What is it you mean?”

“You remember my words in advising you and Kane, well .. “ Sarantha smiled awkwardly a slight flush before she continued “It was well timed and more than simple releasing of tension, it seems Aerian will no longer be only child to bear the name Elcarus”

Aerian looked somewhere between shock and slightly hurt as she smiled weakly then disappeared back to messing with the edges of her dress.

“You are to bear a child Aishani, conceived on that day to be born here in this time” Sarantha smiled softly

Jade stared at Sarantha while Virra held a devilish smirk as she elbowed Aerian and landed to whisper to her. “You’re going to have a sibling…”

Aishani remained silent now and still. She lowered her hand to test upon her abdomen over her dress and lowered her gaze. “I’m… Going to be…a mother…? Stacy said she saw two…?” She appeared a slight in disbelief.

“Admittedly that was unforeseen, but it has happened before and well that resulted in your husband to be, but twins yes” Sarantha smiled “Another occasion for the Everlands to rejoice”

“I will ensure all goes well” Stacy smiled softly her eyes hadn’t moved from Aerian from the moment the news had been revealed “It’s a lot to take in, but it’s good for you all?”

Aishani followed Stacy’s gaze and then moved to Aerian while caressing her cheek and speaking in a soft purr. “You are still the oldest. I’ll need your help and they will Aerian. Are you alright with this? How do you feel?”

Virra watched Aishani and Aerian in silence but wound her fingers within her lovers.

“I’m OK just been a little selfish ya know, had dad to myself all these years, seem I have less of him now” She swallowed hard and a smile “I’m OK, I will be OK, at least they wont have this curse of mine so you can rest safe in that” She drew herself up and grinned “Anyways we have a wedding to get to, let’s get you married”

“Are you OK Aerian? It’s a big thing, but you are the most resilient person I ever knew, you survived when everyone thought you wouldn’t, be proud and teach your siblings well, they will need their sister after all” Sarantha smiled softly

“I know just me and my ego ya know, teenage rebellion, fear of been forgotten that kinda stuff” Aerian shrugged softly “But then I have Virra so at least I’m never alone now”

Aishani shook her head, placing a hand on Aerian’s shoulder. “No, I am not moving from this spot until I know you are okay with this in all reality, Aerian. It is hard for you to accept. All I can say, is I want you involved in your siblings lives. You will never be alone again, wither it is with Virra or me. Your father loves you, I even got to see you as a child…a little fireball you were. I didn’t say anything or make myself known. He looked at you then as he looks at you now, Aerian. We both love you, while you may not be from my loins it doesn’t make a difference to me. You are a part of Kane and I love that with all my heart…Yeah, I’m getting sappy, but, it is the truth.” She offered a soft kiss to her lips, it was nothing as a lover but as the love of a mother. “You will never be forgotten. Not now, not ever.” Aishani chuckled in that rolling purr. “Oh, no. Perhaps not your curse but they will have vampire and werewolf in them…that is going to be a handful all on it’s own.”

Jade remained silent though, while looking between Aerian, Virra, Sarantha, Aishani and Stacy. She appeared deep in thought, while her expression was soft.

“Damn straight we will be, every step of the way. Right, Firefly?” Virra wrapped an arm around her and brought her in for a kiss, nibbling on her lower lip in the withdrawal.

Aerian gave to the kiss enough to hide the tear of thanks that slid down her cheek, before she drew back and smiled “I’m OK, really, it’s big news almost as big as anyone getting through dads self-imposed celibacy, your good for us all Aishani, and the realm chose to grant you this, though you seeing me when I was younger? So you were thrown back to when I came home or there abouts? I don’t remember I just remember how much I loved to run through the castle, and how much I thought mum and dad were in love” She stopped “I’m glad he has finally found love”

Aerian leant against Virra and poked her in the ribs playfully “You’re making me grow up! So unfair of you”

Aishani smirked to Aerian, while a chuckled parted her lips to the interaction between the red head and Virra. “Grow up? Pfft, hardly. There are times to be an adult and not. But, don’t you worry, I’ll be by your side in all things.” Virra kissed her playfully. “So, are we going to get this wedding going or what?”
Aishani nodded while Jade perked with the idea, but, those golden eyes looked to Sarantha. “Will you be visibly seen at this? I am sure that Kane would like that very much.”

Sarantha inclined her head with a smile “I’ve been granted time enough, as I said I’ve been sent to guide you Stacy while she makes her adjustments, we’ll have her in place in good time” Stacy had remained quiet and studying her grimoire during the whole thing she simply looked up and smiled softly.

“Oh!” Aerian snapped as she spun on her heel to retrieve a map of sorts laying it out on the bed “I have something for you, I suck at presents so I found this, it’s a map of all the borders, Elvera, Dentarius, Riverfield, Fire City, but I mapped in Emerald City and while they are independent and of course under your rule their borders actually run under Dentarius!” She pointed to relevant parts, pretty much means they are covered by the Treaty of Dentarius” Aerian looked awkward at her lame attempt with a wedding present.

Aishani inclined a brow to Virra at Aerian’s exclamation, the dark haired girl simply shrugged. But as Aerian returned with the map to lay out, Aishani moved over to look down at the map while then chuckling. “Will you look at that…” The smirk remained on her lips, while she rolled up the map to place aside. “I love it Aerian, I am sure I will use it quite a lot in the coming years. I should get it framed.” She glanced to the door, a shift of her body told all present that she was perhaps, nervous, an emotion that was never seen from her before. “Well…it’s time.”

The Wedding

Kane looked along the line of guards their swords out and forming an arch, the knot in his chest reminding himself that this was it. He looked to Hades who oddly looked just as well dressed as himself, finally he strode forward, faces watched as he passed by. At the front a small platform housed the Master of Ceremonies and Stacy.

It was there he waited, flanked now by both Heart and Hades as the wedding awaited the arrival of the bride.

It was first Aerian and Virra that walked down the lofted swords that formed a walkway, then Jade. But, it was when the guests gathered that gasped, that he knew his soon to be wife was walking down now. That is when he saw her, hair beautifully put up on the crown of her head, allowing for her slender neck to be revealed and the flowing fabric of her dress accented the grace in her movements, while still dangerous but in a beautiful way. The corset constricted her bosom but added a plumpness, while the scar was present it was very faint and her golden eyes looked to Kane, on her arm was Sarantha.

Kane bowed to Sarantha before sliding his fingers through Aishanis “You look incredible” he smiled softly, as they turned to face the Master of Ceremonies.

“Welcome” she began “Let the realm rejoice as we stand on this day to honour the love, Lord Kane Elcarus will eternally be linked to the heart and the legacy of Lady Aishani Tort’tar, much as she will entwined within his. With this day brings the hearts and minds of all together, and so I ask if anyone has reason this union not be allowed they should speak now”

Kane felt a prickle run over him at those words, as he waited in that moment for a response, exhaling softly when none came.

Aishani stood before Kane while holding his hands in hers, she watched him and in that moment she looked stunning and more beautiful then would could describe. At her flank stood Aerian, Virra and Jade. She fought to keep his gaze when the words were spoken on any speaking against their bond. Aishani squeezed his hand when none spoke against them.

“Then any who have reason against this union must now remain silent, and so we move to join two souls to become a single soul destined to be within each other for eternity. Lord Kane Elcarus you may now speak yours hearts words”

Kane drew breath turning to face Aishani his eyes gentle and yet the desire burned just as bright as it ever had “Aishani, many would believe that you were to be my undoing and since then we have silenced them repeatedly, you have brought me strength and you have stood by me through bad and through worse, from the moment we met I knew my life had changed, from that moment no longer forced to walk alone and deal with each threat alone, each day only seeks to strengthen the love I have for you, you are my reason for fighting, for standing against the odds, for being and with all that I take you as my wife and share my love and my lands and my name with you”

Aishani offered him a smile, it was warm loving and the corners held that smirk that Kane often had seen, she lifted his hands to press her lips against the surface. “Kane, before I knew you, I was raised in a world and society that love was not considered. It was men to be unequal and lower than the females. I was taught that love was a weakness. Now, I know that was wrong. Love is a strength I find within you and our family. You are my strength and my heart, while I stand by your side to share all of this together. Each day, this grows and blooms. I accept you as my husband and life mate, everything I am and will become will be with you. For many years to come.”

“With your vows shared, and your hearts as well, I ask Lord Hades to share his words to guide you in the next stage of your lives”

“Aishani you were hard to read, we have kept our family close and protected but it’s clear and was very quickly that you were the only the beginning of rebuilding our family, you also brought back the fire he had lost for so long, we have all benefitted from you been here, and I welcome you to our family”

“And to you Lady Virra? Words to share on this day?”

“Me? I uh…yeah, sure. I haven’t been with this family for long, but, from what I have seen with Aerian and all the others. Aishani has held strong and delivered unconditional love and strength to all those within. I was a girl that had no path but proving I was worth something, it was the day that I met her and Kane that I learned that I didn’t have anything to prove but to myself. You each have given me path and lead me to my very heart in this world that I never knew existed.” Virra offered Aerian a small smirk but then tipped her head. “I welcome you to have a very happy life together. Plus what will come and much more.”

“Then vows have been spoken as well as blessings from those close, and so all that remains is to proclaim you husband and wife and wish you well as you embark on this new path together as one, To the realm of The Everlands I give to you Lord Kane Elcarus and his wife Lady Aishani Elcarus” She smiled softly to the two “You may now kiss your bride and seal this union of two as one”

Kane nodded softly before turning his lips meeting Aishanis as a shower of petals and rice erupted above them to a chorus of cheers.

Aishani looked to Kane now, while lifting on her toes to close the distance and sealed the ceremony with a press of her lips against his, though, as the rice fell over them and petals tickled her nose. Aishani had to break the connection of the kiss to cover her nose in a sneeze. Offering Kane an apologetic expression, though, lowered her hand to his while turning to face the guests and she glanced to Sarantha and the females in her line, winking to Aerian.

There were guests far and wide before them as Kane looked out before he turned to Aishani “Now we get spend a week alone, no politics, just you and I in a very special location” He grinned at his words before he turned to Hades who simply motioned for him to head on out, just past the guards who had now raised their swords to their arch again, a horse drawn carriage now waited for them.

“It is time I returned to Emerald City, but we will hold the fort until you return” Heart smiled softly before stepping back.

“We got this” Hades added with a smiled

“Enjoy your rest my lord, a return to lead as ever” Sarantha added as Elsa ran up to hug Aishani wiping away a barrage of tears “Take care of him and you of her”

Aishani inclined a brow to his words, though slithered her hand from his to take his arm in their walk. She tipped her chin to the guards in passing, though, chuckled to Heart and Hades. “Thank yo–” A soft grunt parted her lips, as Elsa embraced her. She patted her back with a rolling purr of amusement. “I plan to, Elsa. Thank you for your help on the clothing. I may need you soon again, but, I’ll be in touch.” She then parted from Elsa while returning to Kane’s side. “Shall we, Lord Elcarus?”

“Indeed Lady Elcarus” He smiled and led her to the carriage, there were cheers as with a rattle the carriage headed out of the Mansion grounds.

She leaned against him in the carriage while Aishani was unable to keep her hands from him. Now they were husband and wife. Bound to reach other.

[A New Path] Finally Home

The moment Sasnistra struck the group with time ball the entire court erupted in chaos as the Emerald Guard drew weapons and advanced on her. Kane, Heart and Aishani were all simply gone, the Elders tried in vain to call order the guards were intent on striking her down.

“What have you done?” barked the dwarf “Now they will bring the full force of the Everlands against us, we are all going to be dead before this day is done”

“Do I need to remind you all why we are still alive? Because the Queen trusted in my judgement and you all betrayed that when she died, casting me, well now who holds power” Sasnistra dropped with anger and darkness

A second later a rush of purple light left them standing on the desk as Kane ushered Heart out of his way drawing his sword he pushed Aishani toward the front to take control as the guards froze, Sasnistra looking at them in a combination of shock and terror.

“No ones coming” He stated firmly as he dropped from the table taking his place beside Aishani “I believe this is where you remind them who we are”

Aishani took her place, that scar was present again and her dreads locked in the tubular gloss, as she advanced on Sasnistra then in a step, disappeared to only reappear before her with a hand in a vice grip around her throat. A growl dripped past her lush lips, that tossed her to the ground with a dagger removed with a point to her throat and slender fingers wound into her hair, forcing her head back with the heel of her boot against her back, effectively pinning her. “Take a look at this ALL of you! She was betrayed. You have been betrayed. Two wrongs do NOT make a right. Sasnistra, we trusted you and you betrayed us.” She forced her gaze to look to Kane and Heart. “I have come here with the forefront of honesty to regain a trust that had been broken by past transgressions but you could not rise above it. You have not thought of the benefit of everyone, instead you have only thought about what you thought was best for you…When we left Dentarius, we gave explicit instructions for the forces to remain and they have. SHE wanted to start a war by proving something so selfishly to rip time itself to send us back. Elders, what say you? I am giving you the option to make a decision for her crime.”

The court looked at the scene as seats were retaken, Heart stepped beside Aishani as Kane sheathed his weapon in a statement of his reminding them he was at peace and leaving matters to those it concerned.

“What would you have us do?” The drow Elder asked looking to Heart “There is no law against protecting herself as she has”

The Dragon Mage looked oddly discomforted by their reappearance as he looked to Kane then to Aishani before the Dwarven Elder spoke “Acts of this nature in the past have been responded to by exile, or stripping of current titles, Sasnistra since her transgressions, has no titles to be removed, but if we answer such betrayal with blood does that really set an example we should expect for future transgression? Where will the violence in such matters end?”

“You dare stand against me?” Sasnsitra growled feeling the blade against her throat “Kill me now and be done with it”

“And you Lord Kane, how would answer such a crime in your lands?” The Drow female allowed a sly smile feeling she had some hand or another

“Prison most likely, no one has been executed on Dentarian grounds in a long time, such actions only seek to remind us of the past” He paused for a moment as memores surface “Ok so not quite true, one execution carried out by my daughter in the name of her former lover, but his crimes extend beyond that of Sasnistra, she brought us here to help, to advise and you ask, your options are exile or prison, and your cells leave a lot to be desired”

“Send her to lands she’s fear, what greater punishment is there?” Asked Heart firmly, a hushed chorus of whispers before the verdict was agreed upon.

“Exile my Queen” Stated all members of the Elder in reply, all except the Dragon Mage who simply remained silent.

Aishani spun the dagger on the palm of her hand to slip back within the sheath, while pulling up Sasnistra by her hair to stand at her side and let her know whom was still in control. Her golden eye fixed on the Dragon Mage in the silence. “You have a voice as well, what say you and the cause for your astounding silence?”

“The realm is already fragile my queen, and you seem to have returned unharmed which limits the need to harm her” It was simple in the words, as he kept his eyes down his entire manor hard to read and awkward.

She considered him for a moment, though, looked to Kane and Heart, finally Sasnistra. “Then upon a royal decree, you are here by banished from the Emerald City to the surface of Everlands. Bind her from ever utilizing magic again, she shall be left with only the clothing on her back and the money in her pockets. Your family, will be well tended to here, though, should they wish to join you, their same fate will be as yours. Death is an escape, an easy way from the wrongs you have done. Let this be a lesson to you, for the next time may not be so forgiving.”

The Emerald Guards wrestled Sasnistra to her feet as she spat curses against Kane and Aishani before Kane laid his hand on her wrists his eyes met hers “I’m curious, you have no abilities where did you find a time displacement spell based on the queens magick, not easily found, even harder to procure”

Aishani moved next to Kane as his hands were placed upon Sasnistra’s wrists, a hand of her own placed on Kane’s back. She looked on as he asked his question, then looked to the drow. “Yes, inquiring minds wish to know.”

Kane looked Sasnistra firmly “If you don’t tell us, by law of the Everlands I have no choice but to turn you over to Elvera, possessing that magick is treason” his words were measured and deliberate in the way he delivered them

“You’d know all about treason my lord” Sasnistra spat back sarcastically “I will tell you nothing, so exile me and be done with it”

Kane exhaled in frustration before looking to Aishani “I have little choice, there are laws even I cannot work around, as much as you know I love pissing off the High Council or the Queen of the Everlands this one is beyond my control”

“With exile in place and our knowledge, you will be cast to the topside of Everlands and those laws are in enforcement. Tell us, otherwise, you will be arrested and turned over to Elvera that I cannot stop from happening but what you can do is to tell us how and perhaps something can be arranged. I make no promises but it is in your best interest.”

“No” Sasnistra stated simply as Kane eyed her darkly for that moment “It’s on your head, even my brother was never this stupid” he sighed in frustration before stepping away allowing Aishani to take care of her own business, his place in the matter for the moment was all but concluded.

Guards had now closed in behind them awaiting a final order to remove the teaitor from their midst, Kane couldn’t shake the cold feeling that elements of the treachery would remain within in one form or another, but Sasnistras plan had at least succeeded in ensuring Aishani ascended to the throne with less opposition Dentarius and Emerald City were now bound by blood.

She looked to the guards. “She has earned her fate. Sisnastra you are hereby exiled from Emerald City for as long as you shall live. Being as you have broken a law before even stepping foot on Everlands soil you will be brought before Elveran court for your crimes against the Elcarus blood on the usage of magic. Take her to Elvera to face her fate. I will write the reasoning by message in advance to your arrival so they are aware of your treason.”

“Yes my queen” the guards snapped in reply before hauling Sasnistra to her feet and binding her hands “This won’t be the last you hear from me” she bit angrily “Everyone has their own agenda with you milady, mark my words”

“Everyone usually does” Kane retorted with a wry smile, as Sasnistra was led from the chamber the people finally settled as the Elders looked on at events below them.

[History Repeated] A Way Home

Kane was perched on the roof, the town below still looked off to him, he had in truth forgotten how small the town was before his family lead them into a newer age, that and the mythril mines had helped before they ran dry during the Dragon Wars.

The wind was gentle the air oddly warm as the laterns cast a dull light over the flat rooftop area.

As the breeze shifted, he caught that familiar succulent and mouthwatering aroma, mixed with the preditorial essence of his lover. She was near and then he heard the faint click of her boots on the rooftop, nearing him. In a smooth graceful move, she hoisted herself up on the ledge to swing her legs over and look down upon the town. “My love, something weighs upon you?” Her hair was not in dreads, but, instead raven threads flowed down her back stirred by the wind and her ashen features free from blemish, those two golden eyes looking to him.

“Just the daunting fact that if we are off, even slightly we will be torn apart by the tides of time, both literally and figuratively, also seeing Krystal, Haunted and Sarantha …. Knowing what we know” Kane replied solemnly it’s difficult every part of me wants to save them all, the rest of me knows I shouldn’t “We have altered history already, though in no way that wouldn’t have happened in time anyway”

He took her hand drawing it to his lips kissing her hand gently.

She curled her hand around his, lifting her other to caress his cheek offering him a small smirk. “I know, my love. It is difficult to see the past and live it, just to know the path that is to be in the end. We cannot think of the path being off. We have to look forward and do this together. I have no doubt that we will arrive back in our time, my love. Together and in one piece.”

Kane said nothing as he stood, his action drew her from her perch and against him, it was in that moment his lips met hers, hungry and deep his body pressed tight into her a flood of pent frustration, worry and need delivered in that deep action.

She replied to the press of his lips with as much desire and affection in the knead of her plush mouth upon his. The fire had been stirred between the two as her hand lifted to knead into his shoulder with her kitten-like precision. The wrangle and sweep of her slick partner consoled his amidst the depth of the kiss, unable to control herself a hand worked to release his hidden member and then struggled with her pants to be pulled down. Aishani broke the kiss and turned to lean forward in a present of those lush ashen cheeks and the dripping flower just beneath from her garden, offering him another outlet with her hands on each side of her half-moons to part the valley and enlightening him of the path to take.

He gripped her buttocks hoisting her up and just as quickly sinking her down onto him a low growl tore from his throat as lust over powered logic and that deep need to take her rattled every fibre within him.

She howled in pleasure as his tool sunk deep into her right silken passage. Aishani fit him like a glove surrounding him with heat and the scent sung into something deeper then himself. Past to a primal need to mate with her. She glanced over her shoulder to him to golden eyes burning with lust. His sheet thickness stretched her folds to take him more.

His body tensed as he pushed himself as deep within her as he could, holding himself as her name slid from his lips against the kiss, his body trembled as he spilled himself deep within her, his eyes stayed upon hers that deep intense love shone love and support he had never felt with another in that moment the world was only her to Kane.

She but his lower lip suckled apologetically as Aishani rode down the wave of bliss. Her golden eyes remained in his as the two lovers recovered from the maddening passion that took them to a world in which each other only existed. Something was different about her in that moment but Kane couldn’t put a finger on it. Her fingers caressed his face and shoulders. “I love you Kane.” She whispered in a choice that was hoarse from their passion.

“And I love you Aishani, more so with each moment we are with each other” he replied gently, his hands rested against her face, his mind settled on trying to place the difference aside from the changes that her trip through time had left.

For a moment he lay still within her his body still against hers, before finally sliding to his knees, taking her with him to sit the two lovers, a moment they shared to strengthen both their bond and their resolve.

Their hearts at first beat fast but found a synchronization shortly after. Her naked body against his was like a warm living blanket. Soon they knew it was time to return to the present but past in their case to get back home.

As they returned to main area Haunted was hurriedly talking with Sarantha his brows furrowed in frustration, though it was evident that Sarantha was winning whatever argument they were having.

“A whole storm you brought through our doors” Krystal called before sliding down the banister landing on his feet before them “Haunted is pretty pissed off at you, especially after Sarantha told him you’re not really you, he was glad to have you home only for you not to be”

“I think you’ve both been holed up too long” Kane shrugged in reply

Krystal looked to Aishani and back to Kane “She does know that even with Sarantha here, the chance of you getting back is less than that of you dying?” His eyes to Aishani “You do know whatever you are trying to do will fall flat killing you all in the process more blood on Haunteds hands”

“All I need is for him to agree, that’s it, and for you not kill Hades the second I leave, we will need him in the future, he becomes the balanced one” Kane replied softly “Your my brothers, we’re family, all of us. But we’re out of time both figuratively and literally”

Aishani met Krystal’s gaze with an inclined brow. “We both understand the alternative of this not ending well. But this is not our time. It’s bad enough we got sent here. Haunted might be pissed but I can not help it’s for selfish reasons. He should be proud of the man Kane had become and will be. Getting back will place things back as they should be. My words might be harsh but it is the reality of it.”

Haunted caught her words as Sarantha smiled seeing Aishani. Her eyes swept over them before she made her way to them “He has agreed, albeit with a rather flat acceptance, still I trust you two have resolved your tensions for the moment?” There was a wry smile to her words

A smirk formed on her lips to Sarantha’s words with the rolling purr of her amusement. “Oh one could say the tension is all but released.” Aishani looked to Haunted. “Thank you Haunted. It is time I explain as to how I managed to talk Hades into this. I offered his freedom. He has a woman for him in the future let’s not mess that up.”

“As long as he behaves himself we’ll let him be, you have my word” Haunted replied

Kane straightened himself before he nodded “Alright, let’s do this” And with that Haunted opened a sealed portion to the mansion floor, stone steps that descended into a purple dark below. Kane eyed the below for a moment before catching sight of Heart joining them.

“Well let’s go get you all killed” Hades grinned darkly “Or Kane killed so I have can take what he leaves”

“Nothings changed with you has it” Heart sighed and barged his way past making his way down into the hole below them first ahead of the group.

“I think you pissed him off” Krystal chuckled before ushering the rest of them in, the floor closing above them leaving only the purple light to guide their way down.

Aishani slowly shook her head to Haunted’s words in regard to Hades, though, curled her hand within Kane’s as Heart joined the group and offering him a smirk. She eyed the steps that descended mysteriously downwards, her purr of amusement rolled past her lips but walked downwards into the purple light that guided them in the otherwise darkness. 

As they made it to the bottom of the stairs, the corridor was narrow, the torches burnt a pale blue against the odd purple that was present in the walls and floor even the rock above them. Finally it opened into a cave rough cut steps that descended to what looked to be a purple lake.

Haunted made his way down to the edge, a shimer of white as the protections were removed “So how does this work?” he turned now looking to Kane

“Simple, actually, we toss the time spell in, and then we follow suit” Kane smiled as he squeezed Aishanis hand in assurance

“Really?” Krystal sounded amused “You bust through our invisibility charms to jump into the void? You sure you’re sound of mind?”

Kane groaned in mock horror or shock before he smiled “The void, is magick in its purest form, long before the realm channels it into a child, or adult or creature, this is the only known convergence of it, which is largely why dad built the house right above it, to protect it from the wrong hands”

“Before he went nuts and tried to kill us all?” Krystal laughed darkly

“Before he tried to use it for his own ends and Haunted sealed it off for good, I need the entire Elcarus legacy here to contain it after we go through, using that much of its energies is likely going to create some odd side effects, you can deal with it here and now before it becomes a problem, and Sarantha is here to persuade the realm not to kill us as we go through, when we hit the time drop it should send us right back to our own time”

“Any idea where it will send you in your own time?” Haunted replied

“Well, that’s the whole leap of faith part” Kane replied “I have no clue, only that we will be home, then we can clean up the mess we need to”

“Then I wish you luck, and hope you find your way home” Haunted replied before tossing the orb into void, a black void split across the surface as Haunted looked back to Kane, Heart made his way to the edge followed by Kane

“If I die I’m going to kick your ass in the afterlife I swear to the twelve” Heart grinned with that he simply jumped into the void and vanished

Kane looked back to Hades then to Haunted “I need him, now and in the future more than he knows right now, you’re his conscience just like you’ve always been mine, put him on the right path” Kane drew a breath and looked back to Aishani “Time to go my love”

Aishani looked to Haunted as the protective barrier was removed then to Kane in his explanation, returning her gaze to the strange purple lake while her hand tightened upon his. “Desperate times call for desperate measures, Krystal.” When Heart moved to the edge of the lake and then entered, she stared incredulously after him then released Kane’s hand. Turning to face the past Elcarus. Her golden eyes looked to each of them and then she glanced to Kane with a nod. “Yes. I’m ready.” She took his hand in hers and the two made the walk into the lake.


[History Repeated] The Future In The Past

Kane crouched as he looked across the valley, Dentarius looked so small from here, not because they were a ways out but because in the past Dentarius had been a fairly small village, only since the Elcarus took up permanent residence had the town grown.

The hilltop was the most interesting point the Mansion simply wasn’t there. The land rolled up into the forest and mountains beyond where the mansion would normally have stood.

“I thought you said our childhood home was here” Hades snapped, Kane simply smiled and shrugged it off

“It is there, just hidden behind a very strong magical field, same one I use for …..” he stopped himself with a smile “Nevermind, it’s there we just need to bring the field down and after a century or two of been ignored it will be a whole lot easier”

Aishani glanced to Kane and then Hades, the rolling purr of her amusement dripping past her lips, while her golden eyes hummed softly in the light. A smirk subtly kissing the corners of her lips. “Exactly how do you propose we bring down the field then, my love? Usually such is put up to keep others out, and well, we are out.”

“By overloading the field, it’s designed to keep most out but was never designed to stop family” He replied simply, as they made their way to the mansions locations the air was oddly stale, it had taken sometime but eventually the path became hard to travel. Kane paused in thought, quietly he looked to Hades for a moment.

“We both hit it should come down” He stated

“So you want me to blast something that could kill me?” Hades replied flatly

Kane groaned in frustration “If I was going to kill trust me Aishani would have done it already, now we need to bring that field down, it’s Ceremons magic badly maintained, beyond that is the mansion and Krystal and Haunted, now can we get this done?”

Hades shrugged as he lit a fireball in his palm, Kane quickly followed suit before they both let lose at the field, the first hits simply caused the field to shimmer, Kane looked awkward for a moment before they hit it again, the third volley seemed to shatter the air and sure enough beyond the Mansion stood, the gates just in front of them, the cobble drive just beyond, it took a moment before gates groaned and began to swing open.

Aishani stood back to allow the brothers to break past the barrier and sure enough it happened. She looked from Kane to Hades with a smirk. “Let’s do this. I want to get home.”

“You and me both, we have a wedding to get to” Kane replied with a smile, they stepped through the gates, the mansion grounds eerily still in their absolute of absence of anyone. The windows above them dark and hindered by a generation of dirt “It’s so strange, seeing it like this again” he stopped looking to the clock tower above the window still busted as he glanced to Hades.

“Hey don’t look at me” Hades replied calmly “We were kids”

“And he hasn’t seen you since” Kane replied to the sound of swords been drawn

“Hold right there, you are trespassing on land” The voice of Haunted dark and as dangerous as anyone he had ever known “Who are you”

“Oh behave” Kane batted the heavy sword away looking to Haunted “I really don’t have time for distractions Haunted”

“Kane?” Was all he replied

Aishani moved at Kane’s side, following his gaze upwards to the busted window on the clock tower, a smirk on her lush lips to the interaction between the brother, at the sound of the sword being drawn she shifted with the static in the air on a pull as Aishani stood before Kane while her dagger lifted in a clash of metal on metal. It was not in a threatening manner but a defensive one. To Kane’s words and his push of the blade away, Aishani sheathed her own daggers at her hip. Her golden eyes glowing softly, her desire to protect Kane obvious as that predatory aura oozed from her. “Nice to see you breathing, Haunted.”

Haunteds posture was very different from Kane or Hades, everything about him dripped power and nobility, he was the upstanding one, the true Lord of the manor, he looked puzzled toward Aishanis words “You’re Elcarus, but last we heard you weren’t yourself”

“Still not” Kane smiled in rely “But a lot to do and little time to do it big brother, so I ask for your aid and” he didn’t finish as the flash on blonde sent him sprawling into the ground “KANE!!!!” Krystal yelled playfully

“KRYSTAL!” Haunted barked causing the playful air to drop and Krystal throw gaze at Haunted “Oh come off your damn high horse, our brother has finally found his damn senses, though admittedly I’m curious why he brought the failure?”

Hades merely growled in reply and Kane sat looking to the three of them “Again back to I need your help, all of you, your Kane is still at the Queens side, though all been well not for too much longer, you two” he pointed at Haunted and Krystal “While I am truly grateful I get to see you alive and well, it needs to be brief, we have done enough damage to the timelines as it is, but if we don’t finish what we have started the Everlands themselves may very well be done for, Haunted you have the power to grant me the aid I need and right now I am in need of your help maybe more than I ever have in my life”

Haunted extended his hand and with a short tug drew Kane to his feet “You’d better tell me, all of it Kane this isn’t run of the mill magic we are talking about” and with that Haunted strode off toward the mansion, Krystal clapped Kane on the shoulders “She’s real hot” he grinned and took off after Haunted

“Well I supposed one of us had to not grow up, a fine mess you got me into Kane” Hades retorted and followed the two borthers. Kane drew a breath and took Aishanis hand “That’s the easy bit done”

Aishani didn’t have much a chance to react when Kane was assaulted by a flash of blonde, folding her arms over her chest while a smirk of amusement formed on her lips to the interaction of Krystal with Kane. She watched as Haunted and Krystal walked to the mansion with Hades behind them, curling her slender fingers within Kane’s and nodding. “So the harder part begins, my love.”

“Yea, convincing Haunted is going to take some doing, he always the was the straightest out of all of us, and using magick that may or may not work” Kane sighed “Haunted only ever deals in absolutes, so I pray Sarantha has the final pieces of our little puzzle”

Aishani considered Hades for a moment, as they walked. “Nothing is impossible. I mean look at our current situation as an example. Whatever happens, I’ll be by your side, Kane. Sarantha is a wise woman and the realm speaks to her, she possibly knew before Heart even arrived that something was wrong.”

“That I don’t doubt” Kane replied with a smile as they entered the mansion, it seemed somewhat smaller than its future counterpart, the ceilings seemed lower, the space more cramped, as Kane looked around slowly taking it all in.

As they came to communal area it was again empty and almost silent their footsteps echoed as they walked through its empty halls, seated by the fire was Haunted as he motioned for them to join him “You had better start from the beginning”

Aishani looked around as they walked inside the mansion, taking in the low ceilings and the tight quarters while Kane lead them through the empty halls. She glanced to Haunted as he spoke, then to Kane. Once near to the fireplace, Aishani released her hand from Kane’s to lean with folded arm against the mantle. “I hope you have some time on your hands. Because, this is a long tale. We are awaiting Sarantha and Heart to return here.”

“She’s right, it’s quite a tale” Hades piped in a tone of amusement in his voice that dripped somewhere between sarcasm and distaste of anything

“We were attacked as my fiancée was taking her rightful place among the drow, a plan to derail their relationship with us, I’m guessing they expect our response to be with force thus proving we are the very thing they are afraid of” Kane stated “Which we won’t, we will respond with patience and kind, the issue is they sent us back here, using a spell carefully crafted, powerful and dark and derived from Ascondias magick, and we need to get back”

“Such magick doesn’t exist beyond the Queen, you know that” Haunted replied flatly

“It does, and you know it does, because it’s been done before” Kane replied as he looked to Haunted there was defiance in his look

“It killed her” Haunted replied blankly “You also know that fact”

“Because it was out of balance, drawing that much power from the realm, the realm saw it as a threat and responded, with Sarantha here, we can negate that, and it’s not like I’m risking your life or Hades or Krystal, just ours, and I have no intention of ending up dead, but I do need to stop another war that will destroy our realm Haunted, please I know it can be done but I know I can’t do it without your help”

Aishani remained silent while the two brother’s spoke, turning to place a forearm against the mantle of the fireplace, her golden eyes reflecting beautifully against the life of the flames. “Why is it so hard for you to understand the gravity of this situation? Or have I misread, perhaps, you have, Haunted. But, the fact remains, this is NOT our time. Us just being here can alter the smallest thing to the biggest thing in our time. Shit has happened, I need to get back to my people. For all we know this war has started and it is going to be a massacre. The life of not only those in that time but MY people lay at risk by the individual that cast us here. I am not going to deal with it standing down. So, please, help us, Haunted. We–Kane needs you.”

“This war you speak of Kane, why is it so monumental as you believe the realm itself would be destroyed, we have survived war before and we likely will again” Haunted replied, he inclined his head in understanding of Aishanis words

“Because Aerian has stated it will, she has foresight and it is taking pieces of her, the world we live in Haunted is at peace, because of you and Krystal, and us a carefully balanced act but this betrayal will send forces into the Drow city and that we can’t allow, you taught us that one mistake should never be the defining reason for loss, but if e don’t don’t bget back and soon one mistake will end a race” Kane replied

“You seek to use the magck veins that run beneath this house?” Kane froze at her words as his eyes met Sarantha the deep cold seated guilt twisted inside, Sarantha simply smiled “Don’t worry Kane you were correct in assuming I’d already know, I felt your arrival, Heart was a worthy travelling companion, but what you seek to do with leave the realm weakened both now and in your time, and in your own time it is already weak with …..” again she smiled “Well without me shall we say”

Aishani pushed from her lean against the mantel, turning at the sound of the voice, walking with stiff movements over to Sarantha to embrace her tightly, such was an action that Kane had not witnessed very much at all other than with himself. “It’s so good to see you, Sarantha. Thank you.” It was simple words, but, then she stepped back to return now to Kane’s side. “We don’t have a choice. This is not our place and we have done enough damage as is to get to this point.”

Sarantha looked awkward but embraced Aishani in return “You are most welcome, but you should know, both of you that it wasn’t your fault” She smiled now “You wish to draw from the realm, but we will need all of you to do what you are asking, I will need some time to prepare I trust you have the source magick?”

Kane nodded handing the swirling orb to Sarantha “Ah Lady Ascondia, I wont ask what this cost you” She smiled softly before bowing “Lord Haunted I will speak with you in private if you have a moment, this is your land and as such I require your help in bringing this to fruition, you are also the only person who has experience in what we are attempting”

Haunted nodded “I take it I have no choice in the matter” his words caused Krystal to burst out laughing “Wow you’re an idiot sometimes brother, it’s already happened for them so yea you got no choice in history!”

Aishani glanced to Krystal at the burst of laughter that spewed forth from him, a raven brow inclined with a smirk deepening upon her plush lips. “He makes a good point. Sarantha perhaps, you can cast some light for Haunted on this.”

“His attempt to manipulate time, it was met with resistance, the Everlands is not just some realm that exists it is the very fabric that holds every other reality together, and to do so requires a very fine balance in such that the Everlands itself is a living entity” Sarantha smiled softly “To take so much power you must ask first, Kane was aware of this which is why I am here, and while Haunted meant only to alter his mother’s fate in some form, the realm would not allow it and as such a life was lost, you cannot take from the realm without giving back”

Kane looked to Haunted he had never known the reason Haunted had attempted what he had, Krystal also looked rather off put. Haunted simply looked to them both “It would have prevent generations of war with Ceremon” was all he said

“And some other asshole with a power complex would have taken his place” Hades spat back coldly “Talk about all the wrong reasons” He didn’t finish as Haunted snapped a dagger at his head only for Kane to pluck it from the air.

“Enough!” Snapped Sarantha “I need all of you to do this, so please refrain from acting like children and do what is right for the realm” there was a dark sense of power in Sarantha in those words, beyond that soft exterior it was not difficult to believe beat true power.

Aishani watched the interactions between all the brothers, while sensing Sarantha’s words before they were even spoke. She nodded then placed a hand on Kane’s bicep to move then next to the woman. “Let’s do this. The more time that passes the more the realm as it is in our time is more off balanced.”

Sarantha smiled softly “I will be in touch soon, just take time to unwind, relax, and prepare to go home” Sarantha smiled with a sly grin “You both need it”

Aishani chuckled with that rolling purr at the glanced to Kane. “We both need something alright.”

[History Repeated] It’s All In The Preparation

Hades dropped to the ground just behind the stables, he had checked and double checked the defences and as far as he could tell they were in a good position. The guards nodded in reply to is acknowledgement.

“Keep our patrols, with the main force out on the border it will be harder to defend anything that comes at us” Hades stated firmly

“Of course my lord, the mages contingent have arrived, and taken their assignments” The guard replied

“Then all we can do is hope there are no surprises” Hades sighed, nodding to the guards he headed back toward the mansion.

As he was heading back to the mansion the wind blew and lifted the scent of cherry blossoms to his senses. That is when he saw Jade moving in his direction with the grace beneath the kimono that she always wore, detailing a determined walk. When he warm brown eyes rested on him, Jade made her way directly to him and took his hand in hers after kissing the top. “I have some news…But, it is best you see it first with your own eyes. Come.”

She lead him through the mansion, while nearing Aerian’s room, stepping through as the book continued to move on it’s own shuffling through pages and Stacy standing confused. “I believe the realm has chosen…” She whispered to Hades as he proceeded through the door.

Hades eyed Stacy then the grimoire “It seems things are beginning to repair themselves, and you being here is by design rather than an accident, it doesn’t help other matters but it does help the realm”

“And how am I supposed to do that?” Stacy bit back

“By listening, the realm itself is guiding you, trust me when I tell you there is no mistake, it would seem you have Ravensfield Blood in you, I also suspect you are Sarantha’s alternate which means her place in this world was always yours when she was taken from us” Hades replied “This information cannot leave this room, I would hate for another healer to wind up dead on our watch”

Virra snapped her gaze to Stacy at the shortness in her tone, narrowing her eyes dangerously upon the blonde. Though, returned her focus to Aerian, caressing her face with a brush of the fiery hair away.

Jade stood back with her hands clasped before her, while those exotic almond slanted eyes moved between all those gathered in the room. “Be strong Stacy. You will not be alone and when Kane returns, he can explain things more to you. But, for now, know you are a gift to us in these times. We will do everything we can to protect you.”

Stacy stared to Aerian for a moment before looking back to the book, absently she flipped through the pages before tracing her hand over several passages, finally she stood making her way to Aerian looking to Virra then to Hades, Hades merely looked for a moment before she shrugged and placed her hand against Aerians cheek.

“Seems she needs hydration, a little over worked, she looks different to the rest of you, you all have a single coloured aura, she doesn’t hers is weird fractured almost, like pieces are missing”

“And how would you possibly know that?” Hades retorted there was calm in his voice but the intent was to press her skill as quickly as possible, trial by fire was always the quickest path to learning in the Everlands and Stacy would in the end be no exception.

“I don’t, but I do, it’s odd, I can see something is different with her, out of place almost” Stacy sighed softly “If I am what you say I am then I’m far from any use at it”

“There are generations of history in that book, long before even we were here, some suspect as far as to the very beginning of the Everlands itself, it wont translate to you in a few hours, it will take time, but the realm will help you all you need to do is listen” Hades stated softly “The assimilation process sucks, trust me I know, but it will come in its own time”

“One could assume because the realm is in a state of disrepair and Kane not within it, which may have caused her fractures to grow.” Jade suggested with her hands clasped before her, as those warm brown eyes remained fixed on Aerian. “You have to let things be, listen to the world around you, allow it to guide you and the book. In time, you will grow accustomed to the way things are here.”

Virra leaned back a slight as Stacy neared to place a hand on Aerian’s cheek. “Since Z’ress, she has been struggling, but everything added along the way. Her visions, especially the last have been causing her physical pain and it would only make sense if it was spiritual as well. So she needs water and to rest for now, we can only hope that Kane and Aishani return soon. This realm needs them, as much as Aerian.” Virra stood to speak to the guard outside the door in a request for a glass and pitcher of water.

The guard nodded in reply and headed down the hall.

“I think you have too much faith in me” Stacy sighed softly “But I can tell you she will be Ok, you all seem to have faith in this Kane character and I do owe you for saving me, so I have no reason to not trust you”

“Trust is rare in this realm, mistrust now that we get plenty of” Hades chuckled softly “But you’re safe enough here, there are few dumb enough to cross our family, which makes me wonder Virra why would our dear Queen put herself in a situation which would result in her being arrested, I might point that she has more power than we do yet she is opting to remain in her cell by choice?”

There was a knock as the guard returned with the items requested

Virra stood to gather the items from the guard, placing the pitcher and glass near to the bed on the nightstand, though, glanced to Hades. “Some plot is going on here. I can’t be sure as to what, though, I can be sure as to whom. When she was locked up she mentioned that Aerian was dying, which as we can see is true. Also, Kane strives to be anything BUT his father, which, I can see as true as well. But, the part that caused me to pause and take suspicion. Mommy dearest, told me that without her the High Council is free to bring Elvera against the city. Apparently, she believes that Ceremon understands what is best for the realm…”

“She’s right we are committing treason by imprisoning Ascondia, but she openly declared war on the Drow and we said we would protect them, what bothers me more is why everyone wants rid of the drow, it’s not like they are a threat they have never raised a weapon against any city as far as I know, the issue I would suspect is with them harbouring the Dragon Magi. But Ascondia seems to have deliberately taken herself out of the picture. Dentarius is all but the safest place in the entire realm, or it would be if Kane were here” Hades replied softly “Seems you and I have yet another mystery to unravel, I only wish I could remember how the hell Kane intends to get back”

It was almost as if Stacy heard the thought before he had it a short sharp tap to the side of his and the memories hit back in a flood “Oh …. Right, huh so that’s how I got out, and why Aishani seemed so familiar”

“What do you mean? You’ve met Aishani before? Can’t miss her. Ashen skin. Black hair. Golden eyes with a nasty scar over one.” Stated Virra.

“I mean I know where they are, seems our healer jogged the old memory, they got thrown back through time, and we ended up having to use a whole load of power to send them back, but I won’t know if the spell worked until they show up, only that we did send them back” Hades replied

Virra inclined a brow. “No. I was talking to Stacy. Think how do you know Aishani?”

“A dream I think” Stacy replied carefully “I saw her, and lots of blood, and spiders? I don’t know, only what I’ve been told, and what this place seems to show me”

“Blood?” Jade was at Hades’s side, a hand lifted to curl at his bicep, lifting hose almond slanted eyes up to him.

Virra chuckled, while still holding Aerian’s hand. “Doesn’t surprise me. She has this…thing with spiders. As you saw with Shadow.”

“Likely pieces of Sara’s death delivered by the realm, I also suspect it wasn’t long before wound up in a portal landing you here. Aishani and the spiders though? Not sure on that, but at least we know they should be back soon, also sure Ascondia is here to ensure this is where they wind up, I think it’s time our little group pay Emerald City a visit” Hades replied “We’ll ensure when they hit back here it’s right back where they left”

Virra was the first to speak, shaking her head. “No. Hades, you each made a promise to Kane and Aishani not to meddle, to remain here. Now, you not only have that but also Stacy and Aerian needs her rest. You would breach that, besides, we don’t even know how they got jolted back. The last place they were was in the Emerald City, consider that.”

“And if they happen to appear in Emerald City, alone?!” Hades replied his eyes now settling on Virra

“And whom would keep the wards strengthened here? Look, Hades we are all spread out a little thin. Aerian is weak and Stacy even said she will die if she doesn’t rest. Do you think she would stay put with you gone? Secondly, they are NOT alone. They know Emerald City better than we do, plus Heart has the knowledge. Truth of the matter is we do not know where they will pop up.”

Stacy looked to the two for a moment before looking back to Aerian, whom had now stirred and was watching Virra and Hades “Mom will know” she croaked softly

Virra glanced to Aerian as she was awake filing a cup of water to hand to her. “Then it seems she did bring herself here for a reason. We should ask her.”

Aerian smiled and nodded gently “Jade should go, she is the least threatening to Mom, sorry but if any of us go Mom will stay on the defensive and right now we need answers, before Mom starts another war over her ego”

Aerian tried to sit but there was no strength in her, this alone frustrated her beyond belief letting loose a string of curses.

Jade stiffened to Aerian’s suggestion those exotic beautiful almond slanted eyes looking from face to face. She swallowed thickly curling her fingers within the thread of his shirt and whispered to him. “If… She learns about what I am…”

Virra smirked to Aerian at her filthy sailor tongue but crushed her lips upon her lovers. Tugging lightly on her lip. “Oh shut up Firefly.” The tone was light but also serious at the same time.

Aerian moaned half in pain half in her desire for her lover “Oh you so cheat” she smiled softly, as she looked back to Jade “Don’t worry Jade, my Mom is too busy with her own nefarious plans right now, the chances of her discovering your truth are few and far between, unless you showed her, besides I said you should talk to her, doesn’t mean you need to be alone while doing so”

“You won’t be alone” Hades smiled softly “And you need to rest so we will leave you be, I trust you don’t mind watching our guest?”

Jade looked from Hades to Aerian, eyes widening at the potential of Aerian knowing her true nature, her hands upon Hades remaining just as tight. She offered Hades a small, shy smile to his expression.

Virra simply rolled a shoulder dismissively. “We aren’t her keeper but I believe Stacy has learned with us is the safest.”

Aerian nodded as she curled back against Virra, her strength again disappearing and sending her into a sleep.

“I wont be any trouble” Stacy mused softly “I will just remain here and read”

Hades nodded and he kissed Jades cheek gently “Then we have a Queen to annoy” he grinned leading her from the room.

[History Repeated] The Realm Had Chosen

Hades plucked his dagger from the wall for, he paused trying to mentally count the number of times he had thrown that self-same dagger into the wall before shrugging and sending it across the room into the wall with a resounding thud.

A knock at the door caused his distraction as in the doorway stood the girl whom Aerian and Virra had returned with, he eyed her for a moment before waving to the chair in front settling behind the desk awkwardly unable to explain the knot in his chest that had rather abruptly roused him from sleep, Jade has had ever kept him laced with tea that for the moment was keeping the pain at bay.

Virra stood by Aerian’s side with an arm around her waist in support of her lover and offering strength. Watching in silence as Stacy sat down.

Jade moved to stand by Hades side with a hand upon his shoulder. It was almost as though she had picked up on his unease that day. Having woken with him to trend to his needs.

Aerian lent both on Virra and the wall at the rest of Hades’ office “Guess I’m not the only one feeling whatever is going on” she mused softly

“Just feeling off is all, it’ll pass been down this road before, when we lost Haunted and Krystal the balance…..” Hades’ voice trailed off he met the realisation and Aerians eyes

“Dad?!” The knot tightened as she buried the gut ripping pain down

“He’s not dead” Stacy stated “He’s not here, but he’s not dead”

Jade remained silent but curled a hand tightly at Hades’ shoulder as Stacy spoke, clearly this may trigger him to leap into the situation before knowing the details. Virra narrowed her eyes upon the female seated as she spoke, adjusting a slight to ensure Aerian was in full support of the wall. Nearing her to lean down and meet Stacy’s gaze with her own black pools. “I suggest you talk. Because, times are hard and your words just made this that much fucking harder. This is coming from a girl that didn’t know where she was and was from another realm. What do you mean, he’s not dead but he isn’t here?”

“I wish I knew, I only know that somehow I know” Stacy replied uncertain as she looked to Aerian “You know though, or” she stopped

Aerian forced herself to her feet as she looked from Stacy to her Uncle “He’s not dead, but something is wrong, the last bunch of visions were all screwed up, dad, you, mom all warped and backwards, history that was the future”

“History as the future, how does that happen?” Hades was about to further his questions her before he looked to her “Wait, wait a minute I remember or …. I knew I’d seen Aishani before she let me lose after Kane locked me up, showed up with Kane”

“What happened then?” Aerian asked softly her steps uneasy as she stumbled back against Virra “You need to remember”

Jade looked to Hades with a furrow to her otherwise smooth feature, kneading a hand against his shoulder. “You have never spoken of it before…I agree with Aerian. Try to remember, something is definitely wrong and it does no good to be violent or jump to conclusions. History is the future…perhaps, something drastic has happened to change your perception, Aerian.”

“No she’s not wrong, though I wonder how Kane ended up getting thrown through time” No sooner had he spoke than Ascondia entered the office

“Because he let his  guard down around the drow and they betrayed him, one of theirs has sent him, Aishani and Heart back, somewhere around the time Aishani gets to kill the cloned version of me and Kane in knocking himself unconsciousness screws up the mind bars that helped us control him and have him believe what he did for so long, but that matters less than the fact that right now we need to deal with the threat of the drow” Ascondia stated darkly “The Everlandian Army is right now on the border of Dentarius and I request your help in dealing with the threat, before it becomes a threat”

“NO” Aerian snapped coldly her eyes resting on her mothers “You cannot, you must not, we need to wait for them to get back, anything else will only serve to make issues worse, Uncle Hades you need to uphold my dads promise”

Virra looked from Ascondia to Aerian and back to Hades. “She means to attack the Drow, Hades. We can not let that happen, everything that Aishani has worked for would be a waste. Not to mention this…issue leaves the lands weak.” She moved to stand near Aerian checking on her then narrowing her eyes upon Ascondia. “So this is good ol’ Mommy dearest…aren’t you going to introduce us, Firefly?”

“Not before I commit high treason” Aerian groaned awkwardly before placing her hand in Virra “Arrest her”

“You’re joking right?” Ascondia looked to Aerian “Why in the hell would you do that? Have they twisted you so badly you will side with them over your own parents?” there was panic is Ascondias voice as she spoke her eyes wide with shock

“I am siding with my parents, with my father, we did the drow wrong once because we were unable to help them” Aerian groaned from the unbalance deep within her “Now hold her in the cells”

The guards closed in Ascondia as she drew her weapon in an attaempt to attack Aerian quickly shut down by Hades who cleared both his desk and the room catching the blade in mid motion “Sorry my lady but you’re daughter has a point and her father would have my head, Virra if you’d be so kind as to escort her to the cells”

Hades looked to the guards by the door “Take everything we have and block the borders, no one crosses them” The guards barked a “Yes My Lord” in reply and took off down the hallway.

Virra placed her hand within Aerian’s while remaining stead beside her in a subtle support at her elbow that was hidden from view. A brow inclined as the flash of a weapon was revealed, her arms wrapped around Aerian effectively taking her out of view but it was Hades that intercepted. To Hades’ words a smirk formed upon those lush dark lips. “With pleasure, Hades.” She offered Aerian to him, while turning on her heel to move with the guards down the hallway in the direction of the dungeon.

As the door locked behind Ascondia she looked to Virra “You know this seals Dentarius’ fate, without me the High Council are free to bring the force of Elvera against the city, they will burn it and all within to the ground, this is treason, unless you reconsider your position, my former husband has twisted my daughter, and the visions take a piece of her with each that she has, how long before they take her sanity? What would they do with you if she succumbs to them?” Ascondias voice dripped cold and dark with the twisted words “You may wish to think on things, but set me free and we can free her from those visions, together and from her father as well”

“There is a lot more going on then your selfish needs. There is a war brewing, best not to stir the hornets nest anymore then it has been. As far as Aerian is concerned, all of us for that matter, the realm is fractured since Sarantha’s death. Now, even more so with the events that have taken Kane, Aishani and Heart away. I trust in them to find a way back but it will not be without consequence. It will bide us time in the meantime to delay what is coming. As far as Aerian, she hasn’t quite been sane but take away a part of her, I’ll have to take away a part of you. I will not disobey her wishes and that means you are going to be put into a cold cell, with luck if you are a doll then maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a warm meal.”

“Perhaps I will just have you gutted infront of her, remind her she owes everything to me” Ascondia snarled angrily “You try to spare the realm a race of distrusting ignorant fools and run into the mighty high act of the Elcarus’ just because Kane wants to be anything but his father, at least Ceremon understands what is right for the sake of our realm” She sat folding her arms at her breast and simply fell silent.

“You’d have to catch me first, Queenie. She owes nothing to you but a daughters love, yet, for that to be real it needs to be shown first and I hardly get the sense that you have but only used her. She deserves better. Kane loves her, otherwise, he would have left you behind and took this on himself. He KNOWS that she needs you as much as him, why can’t you fucking take off those rosy colored glasses and just look.” She sneered, though, straightened from her lean. “Just don’t let Z’ress play with you, she’d do more damage then good in that fucked up mind of yours.”

Virra turned on her heel, instructing the guards to leave her be and no one is to near the cell without Hades’ word.

“She’s going to be real pissed off Aerian, you know that right?” Hades smiled gently “And you look like shit”

“I’ve looked worse I would think” She breathed through gritted teeth as Hades now turned his attention to Stacy “And you have plenty of explaining to do”

“She needs to rest, or she is going to end upp dead” Stacy stated firmly “You should have her taken to her room and sleep, for a long while”

“And just how do you know I’m going to die?” Aerian tried to sound forceful and angry but it came through a fit of coughing

“I just know, as if the air told me” Aerian and Hades both looked at each other staring before Hades looked to Jade “Can you take her to her room, young Stacy here will go with you I need to ensure our defences are well prepared, and if you run into Virra inform her Aerian is not to leave her room, not that Virra will need telling as much”

Jade moved with her grace to round the desk, motioning for Stacy to follow, while nearing Aerian to slip an arm around her for the red head to lean on her sturdy frame as the trio left Hade’s office.

Walking down the hall took more time than normal, as Aerian was not her usual strong self and needed assistance. Very shortly, Virra rounded a corner and looked to the sight of the three. She inclined a brow, though, moved to replace Jade’s position.

“Your mom, seems to think that Kane has brainwashed you and that Ceremon has more sense than him. I beg to fucking differ.” Virra stated with a darkness in her tone, though, glanced to Jade and Stacy. “Exactly, what is going on?”

Jade inhaled deeply and sighed. “Apparently, Stacy, believes that Aerian will die without rest.”

Virra’s hand curled more tightly, protectively at Aerian’s side. “I’m not willing to lose you, so you WILL get rest. Even if I have to knock you out again, Firefly.”

“Don’t be so dramatic, it’s been a long few days, and golems and undead mages and, agreed I need to rest, but you will not be getting rid of me so easy Virra” Aerian leant into Virra as they made their way back to her room, the last of her strength vanishing as soon as she hit their bed.

Stacy looked to the window and the book that was now flipping through it’s page by it’s own accord “Why is it doing that?”

Virra smirked to Aerian’s words, with the assistance of Jade, they managed to arrange Aerian in her bed. Virra remained near to her, holding her fingers within hers, simply watching her sleep with a caress upon her face.

Jade creased her brow, as the book was rustling through pages with an unseen hand. “I do not know. Virra? Whose book is that?”

Virra glanced to Jade when addressed, then to the book that was literally fluttering. “That is…well, was Sarantha’s…” Her dark eyes shifted to Jade, then to Stacy. “You should gather it. We have been missing our realm healer since she was murdered, causing the world to be in disrepair.”

Stacy looked to Virra then crossed the room, her hands rested beside the book and stopped, quietly her eyes looked over pages “I can feel a pull, from the book, but why would I?” her words were soft and barely above a whisper as she spoke “I feel her pain, and stranger suffering that is as if everywhere? But why would I?”

Virra watched Stacy closely, while Jade moved to be closer to her, considering things and when Stacy spoke exchanged a glance to Virra. “It seems…the realm has chosen you to replace our lost healer. Hades had said it will choose.”

“I …. I’m just a girl” She stammered softly as she looked to the pages that lay before her “I don’t even know how I ended up here, only that those two saved me from something horrible” she stopped “And that I feel oddly safe here”

“The realm must have pulled you to Everlands.” Virra said never leaving Aerian’s side. “Jade see how Hades fairs in preparing the forces. He needs to be told at once.”

Jade nodded but looked to Stacy. “You were chosen. Be strong no one is ever just a girl.” She patted her shoulder and have her a warm smile before leaving the room to locate Hades.