[Finding the Future] Honeymoon Guests

It was an open meadow of sorts that backed out onto the lake, a simple log cabin stood before them as Kane led Aishani through a short area of forest, not easily found unless you happened to know its precise location, and it was isolated and peaceful as Kane looked over their honeymoon location.

Aishani drank in the isolation and beauty of this mead near to a glistening and mirror smooth lake, she stepped forward still in her wedding dress while those golden eyes looked over the surroundings. “It’s beautiful, my love…” She glanced to him over her shoulder with a beckon of him near to her by a lift of her hand. “We did it, my love. We are married. I have a surprise for you.”

He watched her for a moment having already had clothes of their delivered ahead of time, he simply watched her take in the location, “A surprise?” He replied with a smile “Bigger than Sarantha being at our wedding? And yes it’s been a bumpy road but we are here, our houses are now joined as one we did what they said we couldn’t we found love in each other”

“Yes, overcoming odds against us. But, yes, it is bigger than Sarantha arriving for our wedding.” She turned now taking his hands in hers to tug him to the log cabin, a smirk on her lips as Aishani walked backwards until they stood before the door. “I’ll tell you…ONLY if you carry me across the threshold.”

Kane looked her over for a moment before he made his way to her his hands slipping around her as he lifted her into his arms, one short well placed kick opened the door and he stepped in, the cabin was simple just a simple kitchen/front room and off to the rear was a bedroom set from the main room, the fire flickered and roared to life, the fur rug glimmered against the orange glow of the fire.

The kitchen fireplace also burned away the kitchen table full of supplies for the two of them. Kane kept hold of her for a moment as he smiled “Welcome to our home away from home, custom built to hide from the Everlands when needed” his eyes now settled on hers “So what’s my surprise? Or is this the part where I wind up dead?” it was playful in his words as he set her on the cabin floor to her feet.

She chuckled as he scooped her up, arms wrapping around his shoulders, once within and her feet lowered to the ground, Aishani looked around the small cabin but a smirk was upon her plush lips. As he spoke she moved to the table to look over the food supplies. “Do you think there is enough food here for four of us?” Aishani asked carefully, in hopes he would pick up on the hint.

Kane watched her for a moment as his eyes ran over her “We’re expecting guests?” his reply came with a smile “Or do we have time to prepare for such an arrival?”

Aishani gathered his hand and placed his palm flush against her abdomen. Those golden eyes watching him with a smirk in her plush lips. “We have nine months to prepare my love.”

Kanes eyes glimmered reflecting the smile he now had “Seems our lives are only destined to get more interesting as we grow old together” he crossed to slip his arms around her waist gently kissing the back of her neck “But I’m glad we have each other and our children will only know love”

She leaned back against him caressing his hand and forearm with a play of her nails lightly against his flesh. “Sarantha says it’s twins.  The realm has gifted us my love. It’s going to be interesting… Vampire and werewolf… Aerian will be needed much.”

“Another challenge for Aerian” He smiled softly “Perhaps it will help soften that hard core of hers, I can only hope that she has peace for here on out, we all deserve at least that” his words were soft as he spoke his hands resting against her stomach “However for the next week, we are alone, and free to do as we please”

“She’s worried about being forgotten and your focus being shifted from her.” A rolling purr escaped her lips in amusement. “Yes. To do as we like…” She turned in his embrace to curl a hand around the back of his neck to bring his lips crashing against hers.

He moaned against the kiss deep and hungry as his hands ran down her back catching her just enough to hoist her seating her on the edge of the table, his eyes met hers “I couldn’t forget that girl if I tried, I mean the amount of trouble that follows her?” His words were playful and yet carried their own meaning “And she found balance with your guidance, with both of us, I couldn’t have done that without you or Virra, you being part of this family truly is what is best for us all, our children will draw their strength from that”

Aishani’s golden eyes looked to him from the perch on the table, as her fingers kneaded into his hips to pull him closer, working the fastens of his pants loose. Working his manhood free in a few long strokes. “Are you sure that it isn’t you that trouble follows?”

“I think we both attract our fair share” Kane replied as his body tensed to her touch, his eyes now settled upon hers, his hands now slipping up along her body to knead her breasts firmly before sliding in to begin unhooking the corset and her dress

The corset made it difficult to knead her bosom but out was fairly simply for him to work the dress free. Aishani now day in the table in only a girdle that kept up her though high hosiery. A smirk on her lips with a pertness to her buds on the conflicting temperature. But her hands lifted to work off his closing and then impatience took her as her lips followed each unbutton to his flesh. Unable to help herself she grasped the already open fringes and tore open his shirt with buttons flying and her hands with nails pulling off his shirt. Her tongue whipped against his flesh with a nip every so often that displayed her increasing hunger to consummate their wedding vows.

Kane growled to her touch, his flesh rippled with goosbumps at each touch as his hands now stripped her of her under wear, stepping close pressing against her just for a moment he held there a reminder that in just a few moments their world had changed forever and for the better.

Though, her body seemed to react to his touch as this darker and more primal side appeared to be something each enjoyed together. She bucked back against him as his member was fully sheathed, her nails digging into the sheets, as her scarred back was exposed to the jiggle of her cheeks upon the ravaging.

He laid kisses all against the webbed scarring as his assault on inside was vicious and relentless, dark in nature claiming her for his own the careful control that Kane held in place in this had gone replaced with a primal need to take what wanted from her.

His pace was deep and aggressive his lips catching her flesh in repeated kisses every few would be a sharp nip against the flesh, as he felt the rise his manor changed as the demon released in force his fangs sinking into the flesh of her neck his body pinning her in place as he released himself within her and her blood into his mouth.

The thunderous clapping of their bodies was lewd but accented by the sounds that left her lips, moans and growls, though, it was the instant that he plunged his fangs into the flesh of her shoulder that he felt her body clench around him with a simultaneous release that made this moment that much more intense. Her crimson river flowed with such a succulent mouth-watering flavour that it was difficult to deny that she was for him and him alone.

As the moment passed Kane eased back sliding beside her, a soft kiss placed upon her lips as his eyes now simmered with the love of who they were together, he simply lay staring into her eyes his body coursing with the release.

Aishani rolled over to lay on her hip, facing him and caressing his neck and chest. Her body was glistening in the faint light, as sweat of their love was ever present. A smirk was upon those lips as the transformation from the crimson in her eyes faded and bled into the brilliant golden, a flash of the woman in the past and then the faint milkiness returned to the damaged hue. She leaned forward to press her lips tenderly against his.

He returned the kiss, his composure finally finding it’s way back as shifted himself to face her, his voice hushed “I think you like challenging my other side” it was playful in each word a smile following the statement.

“To me, both sides make the whole. While I admit I do enjoy seeing you let go of the control.” Aishani gathered his hand to place upon her abdomen and cuddle closer to him. “We are husband and wife…and now soon to be a father and mother. I never thought I would see either.” She began to caress up and down his arm. “Admit it, you like being able to not be worried about the control.”

“Oh I admit that fact freely, it has been longer than I care to remember the last time he was able to surface freely and take whatever he needs to keep him under control, long before perhaps even I was prisoner to Elvera” He smiled softly as his hands slid around her drew her closer “He is part of me and I release I speak of that side differently but it’s hard to accept that I have surpassed something so dangerous for so long, it’s a wonder I haven’t completely lost my mind before now, but yes I enjoy the freedom you afford me it can be rather satisfying”

His hand circled over her stomach slowly as he watched her for a moment his mind in thought “It has been too long since a child was born of the name Elcarus much less two, at least now we know why the realm chose to have you bitten, the strength of the werewolf will allow us both to survive the birth, the last multiple Elcarus birth resulted in my mother’s death and my father becoming even more homicidal than he was known for before her, that’s not to say I don’t still worry”

“I think it would be best if we take each day at a time. This IS a gift, in one way or another. But, I have learned to accept the wolf in me, perhaps, it is best that you learn the same with your inner demon…I know it is a chance but to suppress can be even worse. It is learning to live with and alongside this different part of us.” She watched as his hand caressed over her abdomen. “I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life, Kane. That is all thanks to you.”

“I am the same my love, the time I have spent with you has shown me a world I had all but forgotten, and there is still so much more” He smiled softly

Aishani leaned up to kiss Kane softly it was the exact opposite of the violent moments prior. She looked down to his hand upon her abdomen. “Nothing is ever easy and I will fight death should it come to that to remain at your side. I have a strange feeling that I’m going to have to throw being a vegetarian to the sound during my pregnancy.”

“And I had so many vegetables brought here, not a ham in sight” He laughed softly “We will do what you feel is right, and hopefully by the time these two see the light of the Everlands, Stacy will be as fine a healer as Sarantha, she has all the knowledge of the realm after all, times have changed since we were born” His words were soft and determined in their own way now.

“If we need to hunting sounds fun. But I don’t think Sarantha would miss the birth of our children. Stacy has much to lean but the realm and our family will guide her as much as possible. It seems she is already fitting in.” Aishani curled up with her back pressed against him still allowing his caressed to her bare abdomen. “My concern is the effect Ascondia will take as well as those against me of the Drow. They will have to be taught early and have guards for a time until old enough.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much over our dear Queen, she wouldn’t risk dmaging relations with Dentarius, we after all the key to the realm, pissing us on only serves to weaken her own fragile position” Kane shrugged softly “She may act the bitch and the high Queen, but she knows better, even more so now with two of us to deal with”

“I don’t doubt she is not going to do nothing. But we need to have a guardian for each child. They will be coming into a shaky world as it is right now. But I’m getting too ahead of ourselves…I just got the news.” She chuckled. “Don’t you dare tell me what I can’t do while I’m pregnant.” Aishani cautioned.

“I wouldn’t dare do such a thing” he grinned with a smile before kissing her nose, “And they will be well care for, some of our teachers are the better warriors, we just don’t remind the guards of that fact” his words were soft and caring “We have time to ensure everything is perfect for them my love, hopefully we can calm these storms long before they become a threat to our children”

“Mhm. One can only hope. I’m a little concerned though. Things have been silent with Ceremon and Z’ress this makes me uncomfortable.” Aishani caressed his forearm for a time in silence. “I still can’t believe I’m pregnant. Me. I’m going to be a mother…I hope you will still find me attractive. I mean my abdomen is going to be huge. Especially with twins.”

“Admittedly your mother and my father been so quiet is a cause for concern, we did after all take their prisoners as well as Virra, but then there is the possibility they are busy making each other miserable and affording us time”

Kane smiled as he watched her for a moment “I will always love you Aishani, even if you were the size of a house it doesn’t change what’s inside, nor the way I feel about you”

Aishani chuckled in that rolling purr. “You say that now.” She looked down now simply content bedside Kane and with unborn fetuses’ growing within her. Her hand remained on Kane’s over her abdomen. The two lovers. Husband and wife fell asleep in each others arms from exhaustion to their earlier exploits.