[Finding the Future] Calm Before A Storm

Aerian blocked the strike, catching the back of the mans head and sending him over her shoulder to the floor, a growl as he hit before he promptly kicked her legs from under her, as Aerian dropped she landed with her full weight on his chest causing him to grunt.

Quickly she rolled aside and back to her feet in one motion, ribbons of sweat now down her cheek, as the man looked to her “I don’t know why I bother sparring, your father taught you well”

Aerian shrugged and straightened “It’s good to stay in shape, also I’ve been on my back for nearly a week” She made her way to Virra with a grin “Not that it’s been all bad, I just hate been side lined by such things”

The man nodded and tossed Aerian a towel “Well, these bruises will confirm you’re as good as back to your old self, I’ll be sure your Uncle knows” He bowed to them both then left the small area they had tucked away for training.

“I like how Uncle Hades, hides the fact he is making sure I’m not a risk to anyone under the guise of a sparring session, I could have done that with you, though ..” She smiled wickedly “I would have landed on your face not your rib cage” She kissed Virra with a smile “I do love you, and I’m glad you have my back”

Virra hopped down from her perch on a horse tie, a smirk on those lush lips that embraced Aerian’s lips in the kiss with arms wrapping around her in a pull hard against her. “I’ll continue to have your back. But, it seemed you had him under control. Hades is smart to test the limit within sparring. That’s right, Firefly, you better love me because I would feel like an idiot if my affection wasn’t returned.”

Aerian tipped her head in thought for a moment before she nodded “I do, even when I’m been torn apart from the inside out, you’re my constant, I think that’s why they sent you to me, someone like me generally doesn’t make it to my age, wind up going crazy so you save me each and every day” Her words were soft but cut with emotion as she spoke, slow and measured “On the upside I am feeling much better after you forcing me to bed and making me rest, so I have something for you a special surprise”

Virra lifted an eyebrow to her words. “I don’t care much for surprises but because it’s from you I’ll tolerate it.”

“Then let’s call if a gift with love” Aerian smiled softly “I promise no parties or some such, but something just for you”

“Sounds good.” She grinned to Aerian and departed from the hold to smack her bottom. “Good. No parties until we get home.”

“The only party I have planned, involves just two guests, but that’s later” She slid past Virra taking her hand and leading her through the Mansion then out into the court yard, the air was warmer and the breeze held the scent of spring causing Aerian to smile.

Aerian rocked on her heels for a moment before she turned to Virra, her eyes lit with odd mischief “This period of quiet is nice, so I figure I should get this in before it all goes to hell again, and before my head implodes with visions again, but anyway come on” her words were playful as she took off through the gardens and then over the wall into the forest beyond.

A chuckle parted Virra’s lips as she followed Aerian to the courtyard but as Aerian ran through the garden and over the wall Virra’s barely heard feet followed after. She scaled the wall like a cat and didn’t allow Aerian too far in front of her.

Aerian slid down through some underbrush a well-practiced motion as she halted to wait on Virra, the forest stretched out before them but the isolated stretch of beach opened out onto the ocean beyond “This is the only place in the Everlands that nobody goes, took me a long time to find a place where the sun and the water make real magic”

She stood next to Aerian and stared at the beach and water. Virra was speechless for a time but when she spoke out was in a whisper as though afraid speaking too loud would skater this moment. “It’s beautiful. Real magic?”

“Have you ever sat and watched the sun set against the ocean? The colours in the water, the sounds in the air, that’s magic to me, the realm using its own environment, beauty is magic, just like what we have Virra” Aerian smiled as she took Virras hand “It’s beautiful, I used to come here a lot when I was younger, the only place I could feel alone not in a bad way but just me and the realm”

Virra glanced down to Aerian’s hand as her lover took it, then up to her with a smirk and those dark eyes shifted outwards to the ocean. “Well, it may have helped if I ever had seen the ocean before. I’m glad you decided to share such a place with me that means so much to you. Now, it is just us and the realm. It’s relaxing.”

“It is” Aerian leant against Virra gently “A lot has changed so quickly, sometimes I just need to slow down”

Virra smirked softly while staying her arms around Aerian and those dark eyes fixed on the ocean and the sun meeting the horizon. It truly was a sight. In each others arms as the realm accepted the two young lovers. “Firefly…I love you…” She whispered into her hair as though this was a confession to not just her but the realm that lay at witness.

Aerian laid her head against Virra, that moment she simply absorbed the world around them, things had changed for them all, and the world of the Everlands would never be the same.

“It’s a shame this quiet wont last, your Dad is coming for you” Aerians voice was low and unsteady “The last round of visions took a while to make sense of, but they have been waiting for winter to pass, it seems your supposed to marry Hareavor or that’s his plan anyways” his name came with cold dread, one of few who truly frightened her, even harder for her to believe such darkness lay in her family but Hareavor was created from her father with everything stripped away.

Virra tightened her hold on Aerian but remained silent with her chin perched on the red heads crown. “Doesn’t surprise me. I knew there was a reason my Pops had me working close with Ceremon and Z’ress. Have you told your Uncle? Simply because your dad and Aishani are away. We may need to prepare.”

“He scares me Virra, it’s hard to believe he is remotely even a part of my dad or Uncle Hades, and now he is coming for you, he has already done so much damage to me, I can’t face him but I can’t let him take you, and Ceremon will likely be coming for Stacy, control the healer you can control the realm, we have so much to protect” Aerian sighed there was frustration sat beneath the surface that familiar crackle of energy that prickled over her skin even across Virras hand a warmth and safety would be felt.

“We should tell Uncle Hades but I don’t have enough to give them, I’m supposed to give them the whole picture but that last round was crazy, it was pieces of the past, pieces of a future that may be and then a whole set of events I can’t make sense of, kind of why I wanted to come here, at least here the world makes sense” Aerian shrugged softly “Sorry I tried to be all sex and romantic and instead I’m all flustered and miserable”

Virra remained silent for a time. Almost as though she wasn’t going to speak but then when she did it was strangely calm. “We will tell them. We have to be prepared. Stacy had to be protected. Do not allow your fears to control you. Hareover knows you are terrified of him and will use that. Rise above that for your own benefit. The only way to overcome is to face it. Trust me I know.”

“We will just not right now” Aerian smiled as she took Virras hand leading her down toward the ocean then further out along the shoreline, as they walked the forest turned to cliffs eventually a cave turned up before them “Ready to see another Everland secret?”

Virra took in her surroundings along the shoreline as it changed from forest to cliffs. Now standing before a cave entry she looked to Aerian with an inclined brow as her thumb caressed over the top of her hand. “Yeah. Ready as I’ll ever be Firefly.”

Aerian scrambled up on set of rocks then slid down beneath another, leaving them in an old mine entrance “You know the cliché of the dead don’t stay dead?” Aerians voice changed a more determined line beneath her words “This was an old mythril mine, before it ran dry a decade ago, but every blade that an Elcarus has carried has metal from this mine, because there’s something in the ground here, we all have a weapon forged from this place, Dad’s is a short dagger carried at his hip, Uncles Hades is forged into the opposite edge of his sword, pretty much why he fights the way he does, and mine” She dug through the dirt to retrieve a short silver dagger, gold and diamond hilted “Something in the metal here makes sure when they die, they never come back, last resort weapons”

Virra was easily behind her, appearing to know exactly the rocks to step on in order to not slip, while gliding down the other, looking around this entrance. “Yeah. It sucks.” She walked to the mine wall to place a hand on it, but, returned to watching Aerian while she dug at the dirt. Though, her feet crunched on the ground to settle near Aerian in a crouch watching her in the excavation of the dagger. “I see. It’s dreary here. So what is that dagger? Are weapons strewn around? Or what?”

Aerian chuckled softly shaking her head “No just this one, I haven’t carried this with me for a long time, usually my nice shiny Judgement Blade does the trick, but using those powers takes too much out of me and I dare guess Hareavor knows I can use such tricks, I intend for us to end him, only we’ll make sure he can’t come back” her words were simple and ice cold now

Virra considered Aerian, the sharpness and decisiveness choice of words. But, stood while remaining at her side with a hand on her shoulder. “Oh, he will meet his end. Especially for those things he has done to you…I will NEVER let him lay a finger on you.”

“I know” Aerian replied softly “I know you won’t, but it’s better to have a fail-safe than not”

“You got it right, Firefly. That fucker will not be coming back…that is what is deserved by him.” Her words were outright poison that spit from her lips.

Aerian slid the blade into her boot, covering the hole before walking to Virra her eyes now darker and yet just as if it were her “And you get me” she smiled before kissing Virra deeply “Always and forever”