[Another Time] There’s Always A Problem In Dentarius

Stacy was watching as the staff milled about all busy doing one task or another, finally she looked toward Jade.

“Something seems out of place, the realm is trying to right itself, something fundamental has changed, for the better, well for some at least” Her words were hushed and etched with an odd uncertainty, her eyes closed for a moment before she composed herself.

“Is it always this chaotic here?”

Jade and Stacy were in the garden, though, she stood slowly and those warm brown almond slanted eyes followed Stacy’s gaze. “Hm. You may be right, it is only chaotic when something is happening…” She caressed a flower lovingly but felt the serenity of the moment fractured. “How do you mean something fundamental has changed? What does it feel like to you?” She took Stacy’s hand to lead her away from the movement of the staff and into the heart of the garden.

Stacy smiled as she followed her eyes remained on Jade, when they finally found solitude she breathed softly.

“Events have been altered, things that would have been are no longer, it seems Kane and Aishani’s trip through time changed things, seems they are for the better too”

There was an discomfort in her words for a moment before she looked back to Jade “I wouldn’t have been a very good wife anyway and between you and I, Aerian and Virra scare the living hell out of me. You on the other hand, you’re not like any of them”

Jade hesitated on Stacy’s words considering her in silence for the moment. But when she spoke it was soft. “Aerian and Virra suit each other. But there is no reason to fear them. Yes she is very unpredictable but do not worry. I’m sure when it comes to it those two would protect you. What do you mean… I’m not like any of them?”

“I mean they show their power but you you’re more than content to hide it” She smiled softly watching Jade “You come off as gentle and soft but you’re not, you’re not afraid like they are”

“You’re hot as hell, and you’re with Hades as his lover, from what I hear he isn’t known for been the most stable of people, infact his reputation quite frankly scares me more than any other here” Stacy shrugged awkwardly now

Jade considered Stacy for a moment in silence, then returned to attending to her caress and smelling of the flowers. “When you are the last of your kind, there is no choice to be weak. It shows folly and can ultimately end yourself. I’ve had to be strong and overcome many things in my life thus far. I am no different than Hades or the rest of the Eclarus’. We are all fighting to survive, granted only Hades knows of my true potential and has seen it. I guess, in this mess, it’s a wild card that many wouldn’t even fathom.” She sighed softly, sadly. “Hades is dangerous and unpredictable, though, he has a kind heart and is very loving to those that give him that.”

“Why do you think they do it? Why do they fight, they don’t owe anyone anything, yet when the realm is in danger they are front and centre fighting to protect, Kane made a career out of you know, long before he met Ascondia and she scrambled his head, he was good at it too” Stacy sighed softly “As for Hades it seems we have Aishani to thank for his change in heart, she is inevitably the one who set him free all those years ago”

She watched the winds rustle the leaves above them as she adjusted herself awkwardly with a shrug “Kane and I were supposed to be together, but the realm chose to change the rules so he get Aishani and I get to protect the intent of the realm in one fashion or another, us healers are destined to be alone, which honestly is fine, but again you, you’re out of place shifted almost? Dentarian for sure but different somehow?” Her words were thought made words rather than any real statement as she turned to face Jade with a grin “Supposedly I have the most power in the whole realm, able to bend the realm as I see fit, yet even the realm itself has questions about your intentions”

Jade gently caressed the budding flowers, as Stacy spoke, it was clear that the woman was listening but chose to remain silent. She turned to look at her those almond slanted brown eyes absent with only fiery orange orbs, almost like a rippling fire. “I am the last of my kind…Only Hades has seen my true form. I was raised with strict values and honor…but, Hades has opened my eyes to many things. I stand by him, as he stands by me.” She stood slowly, blinking and those soft and warm brown eyes returned. “I am the last of my Kitsune family. We are supernatural and known as tricksters, with no concept of right or wrong. But, I am different…I love, as no Kitsune has before. I was to bring my family honor, by being wed, but when the procession arrived it was nothing but a slaughter…Hareover and Virra’s father killed all of them. I managed to escape with my life, watching my home burn…” She fell, sad and silent. “You have the nerve to tell me the realm has questions? We lived in hiding and in peace…until they came. You explain to me WHY my family was taken from me and I was left to be SPARED!?” Tears fell down her cheeks, while her aura began to grow in a fiery radiance with the ears of a fox and muzzle, the eyes glowing a blazing color of flame. “I thought, I was accepted…but, the realm doesn’t even accept me…” The power that was flowing from her was incredible, like a static energy, causing the finer hairs on Stacy’s skin to rise.

The air around them crackled with a strange energy as Stacy watched Jade a flicker of nerves getting the better of her, the air spun behind her before the storm seemingly sprang from nowhere, lightening splitting the skies above them as the rain poured upon the two women.

“ENOUGH!” Barked Sarantha who had manifested somewhere in all this “Stacy it is your purpose to convey the wishes of the realm, not speculate nor question things that are, the Kitsunes fate was unwanted” She sighed as she turned to face Jade “But unfortunately a necessity to ensure you ended up here, one of few things I regret during my tenure as Healer was the fact that I was unable to prevent this, I learned of things only after they had occurred, not even Aerian was warned or informed, I can only assume it was to bring you here to Hades”

Sarantha paced between the two women for a moment the storm had now begun to disperse as she paused looking to Stacy “You must learn to control yourself, it isn’t about you, your life is for the realm now, alienating those that protect you is not a wise choice, Jade your purpose may not be clear except that you bring strength to House Elcarus, you serve Hades as his lover at his weakest time, his return from captivity should have been his end, but you saw him through it, you have served him well thus far, you and he falling in love was not predicted but the heart will want what it wants”

Stacy drew a breath as she listened just for a moment before finally she bowed her head “Forgive my milady, I was out of place in my assumptions” her words were soft as she watched Jade awkwardly “I am still finding my place here it seems”

As the lightening split the skies, the bolt seemed to gravitate towards Jade and struck her but instead of the smell of burnt flesh or hair, it was absent and appeared to be absorbed by her aura. That now flickered and faded into her being, leaving her now drenched with the pouring rain.

Jade fell to her knees now, looking down to her hands that cupped the rain water as it poured down. She listened in silence and rose slowly, to lift those warm brown eyes to Stacy and then to Sarantha. “My apologies…my temper as the fox awakens can be dangerous. I am one that not many accept much the reason as to why I served for so long. Hades is the one that broke me from that and welcomed me when I welcomed him…Forgive me, Stacy…” She tipped her head down while closing her eyes.

“The mistake was mine, I am still been adapted by the realm” Stacy looked to Jade for a moment before she looked to Sarantha “It seems the old healer has to keep reminding me of who I am to become, it just sucks it’s taking so long to get there, but I am always going to be here for you if you need anything, we’re all different in one way or another”

Jade remained silent, drenched now, as she shivered, though she nodded her head to Stacy’s words. “One can only be patient in these times. Yes, we are all different. Now, if you will excuse me…I’m soaked and prefer to not catch my death by the chill.” She offered Stacy and Sarantha a bow in her bend, but, by the way she was to leave it was a means to escape the situation and leaving the current healer and the past healer alone to converse.

Hades had finally made his way through the grounds tracking Jade by her scent in the air though for the moment remaining hidden from her, as she extracted herself from Stacy and Sarantha he continued to follow her, despite not hearing the conversation he knew she was feeling unsettled. Silently from the shadows he followed her at least until she passed through another isolated area, it was a hunters instinct as he moved swiftly and silently behind her, his hand wrapping around her mouth to prevent her screaming as in the same moment he dragged among the bushes into a small garden.

He leaned against her ear dropping his tone to the one she knew well “You look troubled my dear” his grip on her mouth slipping allowing her free from him now.

As the hand was removed, he realized that now he was wet from the soaked fabrics of her kimono. She turned to face him then, her normally warm brown eyes rippling with the fire he saw before upon the rooftop, her Kitsune. But, in a blink the inferno was gone and replaced by the exotic brown almond slanted eyes. Before he could react further, her lips crushed against his, warm and flowing with life, her hands lifted up to gently cup at the base of his neck.

He didn’t resist that warmth spreading through him instantly his hands already resting at her hips as he returned the kiss deeply, after a few moments he broke and settled back slightly his eyes meeting hers “Do I need to knock some sense into our healer? Cut her into tiny pieces and feed her to the livestock?” There was amusement to his words but something beneath reminded her he would do so if she asked.

“I heard nothing, it wasn’t my place but you aren’t usually pushed to reveal yourself in such a way I can only assume you were pushed into doing so, then the rain was from our healer trying to flex her realmly muscle?” Hades shrugged slightly “She is a little reckless for my liking, they wouldn’t have her on a leash from Sarantha if she wasn’t. Makes me wonder why the realm chose a human in the first place the last one didn’t turn out to well” he lent in to her ear kissing just below before whispering “If you believe such things about me that is”

Jade looked to him in silence, a smile forming upon her lips of the calm exterior, but, Hades knew that fox lay beneath and powerful. “No. She is learning and we all must be patient…Stacy just hit, a nerve with me. One I was not prepared for.” She looked down and departed from him, walking to a bush of flowers, though, her own presence of the cherry blossom was still stronger to his senses. “Stacy knew, I was different but the way…she worded it made me irritated and upset. She said that I am out of place, shifted almost. Dentarian but different. Spoken that the realm itself had it’s questions about my intentions. You know, that my family was murdered by Hareover and Virra’s father, but, I escaped…just the nerve of questioning me after everything I have been put through in my life…”

Hades looked to her quietly his mind settling over her words “It doesn’t matter if you’re out of place or different, it took me a long time to find my place but it’s here, as yours is by my side” Hades moved toward her his arms slipping around her waist slowly “If you ever question that, just look around, you came as slave and a maid, and now everyone here from me to those that serve all show you the same respect you showed them in their place. Kane put a ban on outright slavery in Dentarius, rare a slave trader has the balls to come through here, but Jade you have become so much more than anyone expected of you, me included”

Hades lay is head against the back of hers for a moment “I wasn’t looking for love, quite honestly I like having you answer to me, you know how damaged I was when I came home, I enjoyed the power it gave me, a sense of power after been so helpless to help myself or Aerian. But as such things are love decided it was going to kick me in the head a few times and remind me this realm has things worth fighting for, dying for if needed”

She relaxed in the wrap of his arms, placing her hands upon his to secure the hold, leaning against him. Jade chuckled with a turn in his arms to face him, lifting a hand to caress his cheek and trace a fingertip upon his upper lip. “Sarantha spoke clarity and scolded Stacy for clarifying that her purpose was to convey the wishes of the realm and to not speculate nor to question things that are. It eased my mind to know that the fate of the Kitsune was not wanted in the end. A greater evil that lead me here and to you. Sarantha showed remorse for being unable to stop the events. I bring strength to the House Elcarus, specifically you. She also said that your return from Ceremon should have been your end, but, I saw you through. The fact of us falling in love…well, that wasn’t predicted.” She sighed softly, offering him that special smile for Hades and Hades alone. “I also, believe there is some bitterness in Stacy. She mentioned that she was to be with Kane but it changed with the presence of Aishani. One I mean to keep an eye on for the future…” Jade leaned her cheek against his chest.

“Its possible, if it was the order of things Kane and Aishani been thrown through time could have altered events, even if they tried to limit their interaction” Hades mused for a moment “But then Healers hardly ever interact with another, except to pass on the line, usually a male is chosen to create a child and then the healer raises the child alone preparing her for her duty when her mother is no longer around”

He paused for a moment “If we had known, Jade I promise you Kane and I would have sent the full force of Dentarius to protect your people, if the realm chose not to impart that on us until it was too late, and honestly we believed you all dead, we cannot protect what we aren’t prepared for” He sighed gently his grip on her waist tightened slightly “I only hope with time you can forgive that failing”

She tensed at the grasp of his hands on her hips, though, lifted her hands to place upon his shoulders in a gentle pull back. “It is not, in the sense, failing…but, the fact that everyone, save you of course, seem to find me out of place and even the realm. I did not ask to be wed, nor did I ask for my family to be murdered. The fact is, no one ever asks for this. But, it happens for whatever reason, all that matters is that I am with you, Hades and your family accepts me…I am frightened would they discover my true self, to be shunned.”

“We will need to tell them, eventually” Hades spoke gently “But they wont turn you away, I won’t let them. Kane has Aishani. Aerian has Virra why should I not get my bride as well?” He remained quiet for a little while simply holding her his body pressed against hers.

She leaned back suddenly, looking upwards to him with wide almond slanted eyes. “Bride?”

“Bride” Hades replied softly “Soon, I will remove the last remnants of a life that has haunted you and make you completely mine” There was oddness to his voice, the instinct to protect her all too clear “You’d be Elcarus and then no one would dare question you again. You’d also be Lady Jade rather than the slave girl screwing Hades”

Hades had heard the whisperings and for the most part glared down anyone he caught question Jades intent, he had for the best part kept his temper in check, for her sake. But at heart it bothered him they would question either her or him in anyway, it was true his return from being captive had changed him, it had darkened him in many ways but Jade was the only light that cut through that dark, a debt he could never repay other than his unconditional love, without question Hades knew he loved her.

She sighed contently resting her cheek against his chest with those delicate fingers curling into his tunic. “Isn’t it customary to ask first? Forget what those others say. You know your heart Hades. I have heard you speak it and felt you act upon it. Why not ask? Make it official.”

Hades smiled wryly as he his hands slipped inside her Kimono “Because I have a plan for that, and right now I’m missing a few things to ask you correctly, but I promise I will ask, it will be very soon and hopefully you will say yes” his hands skimmed gently over the flesh of her hips and rested just under her breasts “Unless you’d rather I just make a mess of such a decision?”

Jade inhaled sharply as his stealthy hands pressed past the fold of her kimono to make contact with her flesh. She looked to him with those warm brown eyed incredibly exotic in the tilt. “I wouldn’t wish to ruin your plans.” Jade leaned forward to claps her lips firmly against his on a deep and passionate kiss.

“I promise when the time is right, I will make it worth the wait” Hades heard the branch crack and quickly retracted his hand with a growl, another moment and dark hair man stepped through into their hidden area.

“Vampire Hunter? A little dangerous to wander into an Elcarus when you hunt our kind” Hades bit darkly instinctively he stepped before Jade, suddenly looking much more dangerous as he straightened himself off

“Forgive the intrusion my lord, they couldn’t locate you. We have a problem” The man stammered, he tried to remain calm but there was panic in his voice

“There’s always a problem it’s Dentarius for crying out loud, I’d be more worried if there wasn’t” Hades shrugged with a wry smile, his defensive stance remained even as his voice softened a little, he was about to make another witted comment when the hunter cut him off.

“Ceremon has taken Elvera, he has full control of the High Council” The man stated bluntly, Hades felt his blood run cold at those words, he looked to the hunter then Jade and then back “We need to go my sweet”

Jade placed a hand on his forearm to the news. Each knew the answer this news carried and she nodded. “It seems things were too calm. I believe it is time we summon Lord Kane and Lady Aishani. We need the house as one.”