[A New Path] He’s Coming

Aerian stood silent and still as she looked along the arrow, the snap as the string let loose the arrow slamming into the log she was aiming at, as quick as she let fly she had another arrow knocked. She rolled her shoulders before sending another arrow aside the first.

She dropped from her perch looking to Virra “Seems I’m all good,” she laughed gently before kissing Virra. Her eyes were soft, their dark emerald reflecting nothing but her own strength and her love for Virra “You’re Dad is coming.”

Virra was calmly sharpening her daggers on a whetstone reclining against a tree trunk settled in the grass. But as Aerian kissed her Virra set her weapons and sharpening stone to the side in a pull of Aerian to her lap. But the instant her father was mentioned the grip around Aerian tightened protectively and those dark eyes flashed like a dagger in the moonlight. “When?”

Aerian leant into Virra her head resting on her shoulder “Not sure, last set of visions were screwed up, seems I get new pieces when we sleep.” Aerian smiled softly her fingers tracing over Virras shoulder “Better that then the full on head splitting versions, still trying to put the pieces together but I wanted you to know.”

Virra wrapped her arms around Aerian and roosted her chin in the fiery crown. She seemed deep in thought for a time before kissing her head. “Let’s head back to tell the others Firefly. More we have affirmation that my Pops will be coming. If he is that means more will be with that utilize the shadows.”

“They already know, I told Uncle Hades before we came out here,” Aerian settled tight to her beloved “We’re at war and these snaps of the future are our edge, grandfather knows that so they will come after me and in turn after you,” She paused for a moment “We’re headed to Emerald City, Dad said the city is to be protected.”

“I’m not going to cower on safe ground like some child from a bad nightmare. I will stand and fight. Especially against him. Round is all in one place is a bad idea if you ask me…”

“Thought you might say that, so I pointed out if we are to maintain our advantage it’s better we’re here,” Aerian ran her hand over Virras forearm with a smile “We will stand and fight together, at least until they mount an attack on Elvera.”

Virra smirked to Aerian, slithering her hands up her back and then pulling her tightly against her with a snake of her fingers within the fiery threads to present a soft but urgent kiss upon those luscious lips, suckling playfully on the lower as she departed. “Good. I should have known. Yes, we stand and fight together. You are after all my Firefly and you burn more brightly at my side.” Virra pushed her back and pinned her with a wicked grin, then dove down to suckle on her lobe with a withdrawal. “Now, let’s get back home. I’m feeling frisky.”

Aerian returned the kiss with a whimper her hands caught Virra just for a moment before she grinned, as Virra relinquished her hold so rolled to her stomach and then to her feet, the two of them making their way to their own private house.

She closed the door behind them and immediately launched at Virra her hands wrestling her frantically from her clothes, exposing the tender flesh beneath, she smiled licking her lips before she drew Virra close a kiss that set the passion between them, deep and hungry, the world around them becoming all but a distant memory as she lost herself in her lover.

Virra responded in kind, though, was not tender to the fixtures of Aerian’s clothing, ripping and clawing the fabric away from her lover’s flesh, to dive down as their lips crushed against each other. The warmth and heat of the moment caused their bodies to collide against one another. In the depth of the kiss, it was Virra that projected her hunger with the fury of her slick muscle. 

As she felt her release pass she gazed down along her body staring into the eyes of her lover, she reached drawing Virra up along her body, as her hands wound into the Virra hair she caught her lover’s lips in a tender kiss of deep desire, her breath still came in short gasps and soft moans as she stared deep into Virras eyes.

Virra moaned within the kiss, while her hands curled at the rump of Aerian, adjusting her lover to lift and wrap her legs around her, carrying her to the bed with a loving lay, as her fingertips caressed and pranced upon Aerian’s figure; hips, bosom, sides, and legs, only to repeat. This moment was tender and a breath of fresh air, Virra liked to give without taking at times, this was one of those moments. “You do know why I call you Firefly? Besides, the fact of your hair…it is your attitude and what you do to me. In the darkest times, you are the light in the night that reminds me of how much I love you.” She smiled softly, an expression that was only shared between the two lovers. “We all will fight this and defeat the opposition in the end. I believe in that, you and I together can achieve more than we ever could alone.”

Aerian smiled softly her eyes shimmered with tears “I think, that’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me,” she caught Virras hand and brought it to her lips for a moment.

Virra watched her as the tears glistened in her eyes and Aerian took her hand to kiss then curled her fingers within hers. “It’s about time someone told you what you mean to them Firefly.”

“Hope you’re not been so cute cos you think we’re about to die,” Aerian smiled softly before rolling her hips catching Virras hands and pinning then as she straddled her lover “My strength comes from you, you gave me reason when there was nothing left for me, you gave me a chance to live and to love.”

“Cute? I’m cute?” Virra smirked as Aerian pinned her but curled a leg within hers to shift the position to catch her hands above her head. But before Aerian could respond her lips and tongue assaulted the tender pink buds. Nibbling playfully but ensured during the distraction to settle on her waist to keep her down.

Aerian nodded whimpering softly “You’re beautiful Virra, and you taste absolutely amazing,” there was a wickedness to her voice now as she shifted herself to capture Virras lips a long hungry kiss

Virra’s guard was let down as Aerian’s lips crushed against her own with fervour.

“I think I’m going to spend some time eating every inch of this fine young body that keeps winding up in my bed,” Aerian smiled softly.

A soft sound if pleasure escaped the plush lips of Virra with a hand curling in the fiery threads to urge the attention Aerian applied, “That’s my job.” Virra slithered down her lovers’ body.

Aerian squirmed under Virras purpose filled movements a low moan escaping as she felt every fiber of her prickle with an overwhelming edge, her mind lost in every movement of their encounter.

Virra continued the focus until Aerian was spent and left panting. One more passionate encounter like this in a consecutive row would cause her to fall unconscious. This Virra moved yup her body was caresses and kisses in her silent praise but curled at her side bringing Aerian against her in a thought but safe embrace. Lightly she kissed her crown and allowed the redhead to rest against her. “I love you Firefly. Don’t you ever forget that.”

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