[Ending A War] Every Gift Has a Price

It always amazed Hades that despite the size of the Mansion and the solid stone walls, some sounds always carried through. The cries of children being the one currently that echoed through the halls, it also made him wonder if perhaps it was realms way of telling him.

He slipped his hands around Jade with a soft smile before drawing her close “Looks like the twins have made their arrival,”

Jade smiled to Hades that special expression that for him and him alone, caressing his face. “So it seems. Shall we see to the new family members?”

“Let them rest a little while, then we will go see what mayhem they have brought for us,” Hades replied “You and I have another task to attend first,”

Jade looked a little disappointed, though tilted her head to his statement. “We do?”

Hades nodded with a smile as he pulled some papers from his desk assembling them to reveal a map of the Everlands, and one of Dentarius as a whole “I was thinking of getting somewhere of our own, well was thinking of leaving Dentarius, but it’s a decision we should make together, either way,”

She looked down to the maps them to him. “Hades right now…isn’t the time to think about this. While I agree it will be fun.”

“That my love is where you may be wrong, now is exactly the time, we will be done with this war soon enough, especially now the little ones are here. Kane wont want this dragging out longer than it needs to and in truth, we have all but won with the Dragons on our side there is little to nothing that Ceremon can do to stop us retaking Elvera, it is a matter of time after all. So I think we should be thinking forward, to our life, our family” Hades replied

A deep blush lifted to her cheeks at his words, a beautiful colour against her skin tone. “Yes. That you are right. You did say you were going to take me away. Let’s go over the ideas that you had on the map.

“I was thinking by the ocean, there’s plenty of land out there,” Hades replied, “Sun, sea, sex, that seems like a good deal?”

“I need plenty of land, a basement, a room just for you, a room for our children, and plenty to expands as the family expands,”

“You mean to build us a home? Yes. It sounds lovely. I’ve never been to the sea before only seen pictures in books and paintings.” Jade smiled while looking down to the map.

“Ceremon built this house, then Kane rebuilt it after the Dragons Wars destroyed, Haunted built his home, and Krystal built … well something that served as a house, so it’s a tradition among us, we build our home like we do our family from the ground up” Hades replied with a soft smile “Every step of who we are will be hand built by us, together”

Jade looked to Hades now with a nod and smile. “Yes. I want a home together for us and our children when the time comes.”

“Well, then I think we should go see our new comers?” Hades said softly as he tucked away the papers “Now I know we are in agreement I know the perfect place for our home, so all is in hand,”

Jade nodded quite eagerly, the glint of excitement in her dark eyes with the prospect of seeing the new-borns. She gathered his hand to lead them to master suite. Nearly colliding with Stacy in the hallway, in her arms was a swathed bundle. “Oh! Hello. I’m just taking this wee one to clean up. Finished with the other feel free to check on the remaining one but be quiet. Kane and Aishani are sleeping. Poor things, two and a half days…it was hard on Aishani.” But Stacy bustled away quickly without waiting on a response.

Hades looked on for a moment instinct telling him to follow and yet he didn’t as he slid into he room behind Jade. With a soft smile as he looked down on Kane and Aishani, “Its going to be interesting with the new babies around, wolf vampire hybrids are almost unheard of, but the realm must have a plan for us all” He mused softly.

Jade watched as Stacy disappeared down the hall. “She’s just as excited as us.” When they entered the room, she moved almost instantly to the cribs. Finding the little boy and smiled as the child too was asleep. Placing her hands on the edge of the crib and looking in. “So sweet…” She whispers as to not wake the child.

“Hope the lil one is OK,” Hades remarked quietly “At least they look like Aishani, means they have good chance in” There was a tone of teasing in Hades voice now, as he wrapped his arms around Jades waist gently, “He is a cute one though,”

She leaned back against Hades, her arms resting over his, while fingers pranced over his hands. Jade angles her head to present her lips against his in a tender kiss. “Imagine…me pregnant…I get so excited but have to remind myself not to, just in case…” Her voice faded as Thurs little boy, gurgled happily in his sleep.

“I think you would indeed look good, I would need to tame myself as well, which is unfortunate as I’m only just starting to play rough” Hades spoke softly against her ear, “But just imagine frustration built up over those months unleashed after our child arrives within the world” there was something sinister in his words and yet gently all, in the same way, his words were against her ear and barely above a whisper the whole time.

Jade shivered in his embrace, clearly, the excitement revealed by his words. Her hand clutching to his, yet, this moment was shattered by the sudden screams of the babe in the crib. She learned forward quickly while parting from Hades, to sweep up the child. The golden eyes fixed on Jade curiously, but the screaming continued as she tried so desperately to ease the babe. Cradling and walking with the bundle, add it appeared upon weak neck the new born tried to see the empty crib of his sister.

Hades looked at the baby then to Jade “He senses his sister is missing?”

He lay a hand on the child’s arm gently for a moment “She will be back soon enough, I promise you that little one”

Jade did her best to rock the child, attempting to hush the screaming babe. The child looked at him then to Jade but writhed more and continued the sound.

It didn’t take much more as Kane rose to Jade’s side, taking the child gently as he lay him against his shoulder with soft sounds “Where’s his sister?” He asked still off slightly having only just woken.

“Stacy took her to clean her up, she should be back though quite honestly” Hades replied softly he got his sword

Aishani had stirred now, her ashen skin is offset of the dark hue while speaking calmly. “Let me see him…” She managed in a husky tone. “I want to hold our son.” Her arms were held out, while adjusted to sit up in accommodation.

Kane smiled softly before gently handing over the new-born before he turned back toward Hades.

“He’s so sweet,” The air shimmered as a tall blonde appeared, her face youthful and yet the wisdom could be seen “You did good, both of you finally a new generation of Elcarus’ is born in the Everlands, however I bear bad news, there is a problem,”

“Mom what’s going on,” Kane spun to face her now his hand instinctively laid on Aishanis shoulder.

“All isn’t as it seems, and Stacy is in trouble, locked away in the cells, the one who was here was not Stacy but Aishani’s sister,” Her words came slow and measured “A move no doubt intended to make you act in haste and make a mistake, the realm, however, has decided to act, Stacy is hurt and cannot link with us, so they sent Haunted and I to bridge the gap, right now he follows the child to keep her safe, but he cannot retrieve her,”

Aishani cradled the baby gently as she opened her shirt to remove a breast that was swollen with milk to offer the child. Once the feeding began and Kane spoke, Aishani growled softly baring her teeth. “Xulljra…” She looked down to her child, planning a finger within the small first. “It was only a matter of time.” Aishani lifted her gaze. “That at least gives me a small piece of mind to know Haunted is looking after her. I do not trust, either, Z’ress or my sister. My love…this war had been pushed too far. I have yet to lay eyes upon our daughter, she had yet to do such to me…”

“I think it may be time to stop playing around, I wanted to give you time to rest, recuperate but it seems we have a need to end this war and take the full force of Dentarius against Elvera” Kane sighed softly “We need to end this so we can breathe easy,”

“That doesn’t bring the child back Kane, that needs to be our priority here,” Hades retorted firmy

“It is but its all hand in hand, Z’ress took our daughter, it’s not an accident or random choice,” Kane replied calmly looking to Aishani “Any ideas what they want? Beyond taking our daughter to thoroughly piss us off?”

Aishani looked up from caressing the tuft of freak hair upon the feeding baby boy, a hand on the back of his neck in support. “In…Drowish society. The women are riveted for their close association to Lloth. Perhaps to steal my daughter and be taught properly…besides to piss is off and force us to move.”

“You need to be careful, to act rashly is exactly what they are hoping for Kane, I love your father but you are my children, and my grand child is at stake in all of this, Haunted can keep her running for now at least, buy you time to make your move, but Hades is correct rescuing her should be your priority, then you can end this war,” Nelliah now stated firmly “Please Aishani, see reason in not acting rashly, take back your daughter then let them end this war,”

Aishani was clearly conflicted, while the babe suckled. “Kane, we have to get our daughter back. If it means we end the war in the process so be it…but I haven’t even met her yet, I’ll be damned if anyone is going to take that from me.”

“Then we need our tracker, Hades we should send Aerian and Virra, you and I will prepare the assault on Elvera,” Kane stated firmly, the instinct now to fight back and take back what was theirs, Hades knew better than to question him.

“Aishani and Jade should talk Ascondia, see if she remembers anything else before we go in, the last thing we need are any surprises” Hades replied

Aishani nodded removing her bosom from the child tired with a full belly, placing him against her skin and kissed his head. “Don’t worry. We will get your sister back. Jade get our wet nurse, she will have to be present for feedings. For fuck sake, which cell is Stacy in? Get her care,” She tucked away her bosom and moved to the edge of the bed to rise but fell back to the bed, still weak from the labour. But she held her hand up as others were ready to come to aid, the only ones that came close was Jade to take the child and place him in the crib, then turned to help Aishani up.


[Ending A War] A New Generation Arrives

Heart and Stacy made their way to the main hall, as they came in Kane was stood by the fire his hands held to the flames. The trip had taken around 3 days and made much easier travelling through the new underground.

“Any problems?” Kane asked

“No, it’s eerily quiet down there, but far safer than the roads” Heart replied

“Very well, get yourself settled and then see what Stacy needs to prepare for the birth” Kane replied, Heart nodded gently and made his way to the guest rooms.

“Everything OK between you two? You seem a little frosty Kane” Stacy asked quickly.

“Yes, just a while since he has been in Dentarius, drags up a few less than happy memories is all, we’re fine it may just be awkward for a day or two,” Kane rolled his shoulders in reply

“I see, well I need him here Kane, he is aware of what I’ll need while we bring those two bundles of joy to our world, wasn’t like we had much else to talk about on the way here, so please try to be nice,” Stacy replied.

Just then, Aishani entered, pausing to look behind her then to Kane and Stacy, a hand on her stomach while she proceeded to near Stacy. Embracing her and then holding her shoulders gently with a smirk. “I’m so relieved you made it. Where is Heart? I thought I just saw him.”

“He has taken our things to guest quarters, seems him been in Dentarius is throwing your husband. I thought they were best friends? Yet suddenly such a gap between them,” Stacy replied a tone of failing in her words, “But I am glad to be here, my training by the realm now complete, so I am ready to help bring your children to the world, Sarantha sends her regards, before disappearing off to where ever it is the dead go when they aren’t bugging the living,”

Aishani looked from Stacy to Kane, placing a hand on his forearm. “My love for as much as I hate to say this, perhaps you should come to terms with him. He has done so much for me and you. I’m not sure what had happened in the past, perhaps to bury the hatchet.” She grunted softly. “They are hungry my love.”

“Oh I long since gave up been angry with him, just the memories still are a grievance is all,” Kane replied softly “He is as a brother to me, but somethings are harder to ignore when reminded”

There was a softness to his voice now “So Stacy, we have all we need just a matter of time before they arrive?”

Stacy nodded “Yes, which by the looks won’t be too much longer,”

Aishani looked from Stacy to Kane, while growling beneath her breath and storming from the hall and heading directly to the guest rooms to find Heart.

Heart was laid on the bed his eyes closed as he took in the sounds of the mansion beyond the heavy stone walls. Quietly happy to be home even if it was temporary, though truth be told he had long since made himself a home in Emerald City, so being here was oddly off putting to him now.

The door opened without a knock and Aishani stood in the frame, eyes a clear gold. “Explain to me what happened between you and Kane. I would prefer not to have the ice between the two of you any longer. So out with it.” Heart would catch that primal undertone to her voice.

Heart sat suddenly as he looked to her “Not really sure this should be coming from me, but the reason Kane gets kinda pissed off, and the reason I was banished from my home is because I stupidly made the mistake with sleeping with someone I knew better than to sleep with, but hey we both didn’t think we’d see the other side of the Dragon War, it seemed like a good idea right up until her father found out about it”

There was a strange tone to his words as he looked to her “Kane was OK about it for a while, then he wasn’t, I knew sleeping with Aerian would come back to haunt me, but then I am who I am”

Aishani closed the door moving into the room now too settle on the edge of the bed. Looking to him for a moment in silence, then caressed her belly. “Did you ever apologize sincerely for the situation and explain yourself? I know Virra wouldn’t be pleased, but it is in the past. Much has since happened.”

“It’s why I never returned, rather than him being reminded, it made sense, he is as close as it gets to family, and I’m the last of the Rayhearts, at least this leaves my family’s legacy in one piece and our friendship as well, that being said I miss my home,” Heart sighed softly “But I do love my work in Emerald City so, it isn’t so bad, he will be fine soon enough just memories kicking him where he least needs them to,”

Heart looked to the bump with a smile “You both have enough to worry over, without adding a minor inconvenience to the mix, I will handle Kane I promise you that, you worry about your side of things,”

“Not good enough, Heart. You ARE family. Get your ass up and face it. I want the two of you to forgive.” She stood with a faint groan, comical at best. “Wipe that smirk of your face. Come.”

Heart had more than enough sense than to argue with an Elcarus, he stood and he followed her to the main hall where Kane and Stacy were still conversing over preparations for the birth, as the entered Kane looked up, raising a brow.

“This is the part where I say I’m sorry for being such an ass, and that I forgive you?” There was amusement to his words as he looked from Heart to Aishani though the look in her eyes told him he’d better not take things so lightly.

“Apparently so,” Heart replied

“Well I do, I did a while ago actually, just it’s been a while since I honestly never even gave it thought, you coming home it’s kind of a kick in the memory centres, which it seems work better than I give them credit for” Kane replied

“So not angry with me?” Heart replied bemused now

“For sleeping with my daughter? Hell yes, you know I am one of few who actually couldn’t care less what you do, and you do it well, so there’s that my family was always off limit, however after having my ear chewed off for days by Aerian I get it, so I forgave, and you left, and I left and the realm was hurting, I forgot over it in time and I forgave, truthfully Heart you have always had my back, so it’s rather shameful I acted as I did, even back then, your as close to family as it gets without being blood, and honestly if I didn’t trust you with my life I wouldn’t trust you with my wifes or the realms Healer,”

Heart looked to Kane for a moment before looking to Aishani and the back, he drew a breath “And I never apologised, not properly,”

“Don’t” Kane replied calmly “I get it, just keep away from my daughter or I fear Virra may break your neck,”

Aishani inclined a brow to Kane at three veiled threat with a soft growl and beast of her teeth. “Let our daughter decide that, not you. He IS family as you said, don’t place any more strain them need be.”

Kane smiled softly “I have missed you old man!”

“Old, says the guy with a decade on me! The girls keep me young!” Heart chuckled in reply “But I thank Aishani because I’m fairly certain she has been inclined to knock sense through that thick skull of yours from time to time”

“Don’t push your luck, and don’t think she wouldn’t kick your ass for the same reasons!” Kane chuckled walking to the bar to pour a glad of something resembling whiskey for the two of them.

Stacy looked to Kane then Aishani “What is it with men, bonding and alcohol?!”

As she spoke Kane suddenly looked up before making his way around the back of the bar, with a thud and a noise of something being moved he emerged a thick leather bound book in hand “Almost forgot, and sure if I don’t turn this over soon Sarantha is going to be haunting me! It’s the healers Grimoire, passed through every healer since the dawn of The Everlands”

Aishani chuckled while the men spoke, both hands in her swollen belly and moved to sit with a sigh. “Boys, will be boys.” At the thump of the book all attention shifted to Kane on the counter. Aishani forgotten for the moment as she looked in the flames, beneath her upon the chair a wet spot grew, feeding the fabric. “Uh…I don’t mean to alarm anyone. But…” A sudden growl ripped from her with fangs extended.

Kane cleared the bar in one bound quickly followed by Heart and Stacy as he slid into position beside her his eyes looking to the wet “Well that’s one way to get my attention my love”

Aishani nodded her head to him, attempting to control her breathing, curling her hands at the arm of the chair with claws coming forth to latch.

“We should get her upstairs,” Stacy stated simply

Heart and Kane aided Aishani to her feet, before Kane swept her into his arms with as much care as he could muster. As he watched her there was a shine to his eyes that he was rather excited in this moment.

Aishani was shaking in Kane’s arms, he could literally feel the strength of her contractions as they moved up the stairs. Her breathing was labored in pain, while growling and latching her claws into his shoulders. She met his gaze with her clear glowing golden eyes, as the cursing then started.

Kane laid her on the bed as Stacy began placing candles down, the air quickly filled with a scent of freshness, she shooed Heart off to find fresh towels and hot water.

“Alright Aishani, I do hope you’re ready to do this,” Stacy almost sang the words

“I’m right here my love” Kane added softly

Heart quickly returned with the items required before placing them down, gently he squeezed Aishanis shoulder before moving to the side to serve as aid to Stacy.

“I don’t think I can tell them to wait!” Aishani howled, latching to Kane’s hand. “Whoa! Fuck…stay in there dammit! At least until the war is over…” She held her legs open, while panting and trying to recover her breathing. She was the wolf now, the sound and sweat was glistening on her body.

Kane stayed beside her his hand intertwined through hers as was his rightful place as father and husband, “Seems they want out my love, let’s bring them to the light it only gives us another reason to end this war quickly, together,”

Heart smiled softly watching as his best friend gave every fibre in support, something he truthfully wondered if he would ever truly experience, but on the other hand Hearts life was far simpler and that’s how he liked things.

“Just focus on the now Aishani, one step at a time,” He stated gently, though he had never been around a woman giving birth something he had always tried avoid.

“Mmm, well then, you know your body, so as you are ready, and they aren’t going to wait, we should be ready to bring them home to the realm, in your time Aishani,” Stacy made her words soft, but there was comfort in them at least she intended there to be.

Aishani howled in pain, clutching to Kane’s hand in a powerful hold, legs spread while she was panting. She felt another contraction that sent her into the mattress of the bed, as her body was ready and Aishani wasn’t nearly as ready. “They can’t come! Their room isn’t finished!” She cried out desperately, but, gritted her teeth folding herself forward a slight in a push. Falling back to the bed, the curses continued to flow from her lips, the undertone of the wolf present as her eyes were both a brilliant gold and fangs long. Her skin began to glisten with sweat as some fibres of her hair cling to her face.

Having missed the birth of Aerian, Kane felt connected to Aishani on yet another level in that moment.

He never moved from her side, soft words of encouragement were all he spoke, but a reminder that whatever needed to be done would be done, “Everything we need is close enough at hand, we can get things on track quickly enough, so let us focus on bringing our children to the world, together,”

The labor went on for hours, in all honesty it was difficult to say exactly how long, time seemed to hold no place here. But it was clear that Aishani was growing tired, her cursing had dimmed and all now was pale ashen skin and sweat that dripped around her face. She was pushing to Stacy’s urging but even this was difficult with the duration such took. Pleading to her that she couldn’t continue with tears down her cheeks. All the while still clinging to Kane’s hand. That when it was heard a squishy sound and plop, the first child was born.

Kane felt a rush of happiness as the first child made it the world, a quick slide down to cut the cord and Stacy handed off the child to Heart, already ready with a towel, as he placed the child down to check the child let a screech to announce it’s arrival. It took a moment but Heart finally stated “A healthy baby boy, congratulations,”

Kane returned his attentions to Aishani again his voice gently “Sorry my love but we’re not done yet, just one more, I’m right here”

The smile that formed on Aishani’s face was relieved and beautiful amidst the sweat and exhaustion. She laughed softly but this seemed to give her more determination to continue. She grunted and her screams were scratchy, but Aishani powered through it until the same sound announced another baby came into the world. To the excitement, after the final push her hand went limp in Kane’s hand and Aishani had passed out. Now as those crying babes echoed through the room, it had been two and a half days that Aishani fought through the labor.

Kane smiled softly kissing her head softly “Well done my love, rest I can take it from here,” Kane stood slowly feeling bones crack back into position, not once had he left her side the whole way through. As he and Heart now tended the children, Stacy was quickly weaving magicks to help Aishani heal internally, ensuring any damage would not be fatal.

“They’re gorgeous Kane, not that they weren’t going to be have you seen their mother?” Heart chuckled softly, Kane simply smiled in reply.

“Thank you, both of you” He stated softly now, the children had already settled both exhausted from the labour themselves, as Kane watched them for a moment “Can you watch them for a little while?”

“Why?” Heart asked quickly

“Need to finish the nursery, one less thing for my wife to worry over,” He replied softly

“You need rest too Kane, it doesn’t do you good to be exhausted, the nursery can wait, as long as the cribs are ready that’s all that matters.” Stacy replied gently.

The children were dark in skin but much lighter then Aishani being half-vampire half-wolf each had a thick tuft of black hair. One, the female was looking around with brilliant clear golden eyes, as the boy was sleeping.

Kane was sat beside Aishani, as he watched her sleep he finally made his way to the cribs that now held the children, a vampire, wolf hybrid was rare in the Everlands, the two sides usually choosing to stay away from each other, except those in service to Ceremon.

Kane smiled softly watching them “Don’t worry, we got this covered, we will end this war and you two will grow up to be just as blessed as I have been, and hopefully half the trouble of your big sister”

The female baby looked to him, surprising that her neck held that much strength. She curled happily and curled those tiny hands forward to him, the intelligence within those eyes was surprising for one so young. A gurgle posted the rise bud lips.

Kane let his hand slip to hers, feeling her tiny hand curl around his finger, “Why do I suspect your going to be just as much trouble?” He smiled softly

The babe gurgled in response, a seeming smile on those rise bud shaped lips. When the tiny hands clasped around his, it was far stronger then normal. The male baby opened his golden eyes and began to cry, it was a panicked sound. The girl turned her head and responded with a chortle and the wailing creased.

Kane smiled softly watching how his children interacted, it amazed him to think they were finally here or that he would have entertained the idea of more children. That alone made him smile “How did I get to be so lucky? The two of you, your mummy, your uncle and his wife to be, your sister and her other half, what did we do to deserve such fortune?”

The girl gurgled again almost add though speaking in some unknown tongue to Kane. Add the boy remained silent in his own crib, chirped in agreement. But rolled over add though to teach his sister not entirely understanding that they were in separate cribs.

Kane looked curious at the fact that evidently they seemed to want to be together, “I promise it’s temporary, just until I finish your room. This is all we had for the moment, but see this house? Daddy rebuilt it, not once but twice over the years, so a duel crib shouldn’t be too far beyond me, though lets not get you too used to getting your own way,” he chuckled softly simply watching them, amazing seeing something so young clearly being so bright.

A soft voice spoke from behind Kane with a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Rest with your wife. The both of you are exhausted. I will tend to the little bundles of joy.” Stacy was behind him with a kind smile.

“Mmm thank you Stacy, be sure to wake us soon as they will need to feed,” He murmured softly.

“Of course. Now, shoo. Get rest.” Stacy chirped with a smile gathering a chair to sit by the two children.

Kane didnt argue a second time as he crawled into bed beside Aishani, not even bothered by the remnants of their childrens birth, but happy to be beside his wife now.

[Ending A War] A Little Distraction Can Be Fun

As Jade made her way through the house, she would turn into one of the darker corridors, struck from the darkness and dragged into one of the empty rooms, not a word said as the figure forced her into the wall keeping her turned away from him his body pressed tight into hers now.

He groped her still not giving away his identity as he did so, his breathing heavy against her ear as he growled into her ear “I’m going to fuck you, and you’re going to enjoy it!” It was rough and dangerous in tone, as his hand slid round  to close around her mouth before he stripped her free of her clothes.

Jade, taken by complete surprise struggled against the unknown assailant, though before she could call out for help the hand kept her sounds at bay. She still struggled to keep her clothing on but inevitably the crisp air clashed with her skin and the cruel wall crushed her bosom painfully against the stone surface. The only thing she could do was attempt to bite the hand out of reflex, just enough flesh to get a good hold to surprise her attacker enough to release her.

He growled darkly as he felt the bite before releasing her, turning is back so as to hide his identity though his words would inevitably give him away “Damn it, didn’t see that one coming and so unfair I don’t heal as quickly as my brother!”

Hades turned her to face with a smirk his eyes on her “Miss me?!”

Jade blinked to the reveal of Hades, part of her knew it was him but at the time it happened so fast that it left her head spinning. From the inside of her thigh, the succulent juices from her flower trickled down from her own burning loins. Though neared him to lift her hand to gently take his, looking to him as in this dim light he saw that fiery aura begin to grow, while the fox head illuminating over her own. The bite on his hand began to burn, then sting as the flesh repaired itself only leaving the remnants of blood. Now the fox reversed into his fiancée, as her tiny pink tongue lapped the blood.

“Well aren’t you just full of surprises my feisty little fox” His words rolled off his tongue as he smiled softly “I suppose I should have warned you ahead of my plans, but you looked so lost and vulnerable I couldn’t help myself, now how about you apologise properly?” The last of words came darkly his eyes watching her as he stripped himself.

She smirked, to most it was simply a small bashful smile, though Jades knew better. “Whatever do you mean…Master?” Jade stood back purposely exposing herself to his greedy eyes. No clothing upon her save for one mark, the bruise at her neck.

Hades drank her in, his eyes held that same predatory look that had surfaced before as he watched her for a moment, before the idea hit making him smile wickedly.

“Make yourself cum, right here,” He pointed the ground in front of him “Then we will see what I do with you,”

Jade appeared surprised at his words, looking down to the floor he indicated and lowered herself down upon the cold surface. She spread her legs to openly display the forming glistening petals, though began to glide a hand down to part the veil and with a diligent finger caressed her pearl. Tilting her head back with a moan, yet returning her brown eyes to rest on him, lower lip caught between her teeth.

Hades crouched watching her intently as she did as commanded, he edged close enough for her to see the rock hard form of his erection but not close enough for her to do anything, but as he had instructed. As he watched he growled “You little tease!” His words were dangerous and dark but his eyes remained on her actions as he let his hand stroke his own erection in reply to her.

She reached down to spread her flower open to him, while the other finger massaged the plump pearl giving him the visual of her dripping gates as it pooled beneath her. But then it happened he saw her waterworks as a squirt occurred in her release, a gasp followed by a whimper.

Hades slid forward to kneel between her thighs as he grunted a spurt of his own hot liquids landing across her stomach and breasts, a second spurt just below the third landing and mixing with her own juices as he smiled wickedly “Sometimes not touching can be just as fun,”

Jade gasped as his molten seed painted her skin, glistening in the dim light. She scooped up some with a finger from her bosom to lick clean, while still her legs were spread and Hades saw the throbbing of her flower.

Hades smiled watching her flower for a moment before he stood “Get dressed, we have work to do” there was a tone in his voice that made it all too clear he was going to draw things out with her for a while now.

Jade looked to him surprised by his change of course. “But…you said…” She whimpered adjusting to settle on her ankles while looking playing at him.

Hade began to dress as he looked over his shoulder “Oh you’re going to get fucked, you’re just not going to know when”

Jade blinked at his words, though, stood on trembling legs while moving to get dressed. She moved to be at his side looking up to him. “Then it’s time to teach you Tai Chi.”

“Sounds like a very good idea,” Hades replied with a soft smile.

[Ending A War] Past Present and Future Generations

Jade had finished making the breakfast which consisted of fruits, eggs over rice, then tea. This tea was particularly strong, but she poured a small bit into an empty cup in order to easily pour such when in the dungeon, periodically her fingertips would brush the bruise upon her neck lovingly. Only moments ago, she sent word for Kane that the breakfast was prepared would he wish to join her.

Kane was already waiting as she made her way toward the dungeon, quietly he eyed the bruise, before placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Everything OK?” There was no accusation only concern, it wouldn’t be hard to Jade to figure that he wouldn’t push should she decide to support the issue nor would her judge. It was the family concern for her.

Jade looked calmly to Kane as a hand left the tray with a balance at her hip with the other, fingertips lovingly caressing the bruise. But she offered him a smile as her hand returned to the tray. “Yes. I’ve given him a release of his demon, as my kitsune. He marked me. I trust and love him, Kane.”

“Very well, you trust him and I trust you” Kane replied with a smile before opening the door to the cells “Lets go unscramble my ex wifes head shall we?”

Jade offered a small nod, while smiling to him. “I do hope this does not kill her.” She muttered as they descended into the dungeons. Jade has placed the phial into the cup, when’s entering Ascondia’s cell, she immediately set the tray down to pour the tea in a conceal of the liquid already residing. Offering the woman the cup and sitting with her ankles tucked beneath her bottom. “How have you rested, Lady?”

“Sleep is all I can do, losing you’re freedom and your husband, it’s hard to cope with” Ascondia replied, as she reached for the cup and taking a long sip “But I’m glad you returned,” as Ascondia looked up she saw the bruise a wide smile curling her lip “He must have fucked you real good, or your tight enough to drive him crazy,”

Jade remained silent while offering her a bowl of the egg atop a bed of rice to eat. “He told me that only one other had survived his demon and that was Kane…” Her tone appeared rather hurt in the softness, looking to Kane then Ascondia.

“She’s looking for a reaction, she slept with Hades but she never went against his demonic half, she was afraid to,” Kane snapped quickly.

Asondia would have answered had she not suddenly screamed and hit the floor clutching her head. The screams were blood curdling as she writhed on the floor, clearly in pain, Kane quickly pulled Jade from the room and put himself between them.

Jade looked to Kane relief upon her features for the validation, but it was taken back by surprise to Ascondia’s screams of pain. Instead of leaving, Jade stood behind Kane peering from behind him at the sight. “Is it suppose to do that?” She whispered to him beneath the screaming.

“Honestly I don’t know, I’ve never needed to use this before now” Kane replied a tone of concern in his words now. As he finished Ascondia fell silent, her chest rising and falling rapidly, as she remained deathly silent now Kane edged in.

Jade moved forward now, lifting Ascondia into her arms and brushed some hair from her face. “Empty and wipe out the cup. The tea will help with strength.”

Kane did as instructed, Ascondia finally stirring as she suddenly bolted from Jade curling up in the corner of the cell. As Kane returned he looked to Jade then to Ascondia before handing Jade the cup.

“You with us now?” He stated softly

“Kane, what’s going on, how did I get here?” Ascondia’s voice was panicked now “And why am I in a cell in your fuckin dungeon?”

“Because right now my wife is very likely to rip your throat out, especially when you show up claiming to be my wife” Kane replied flatly, as he began to explain what had occurred since Ascondia arrived.

Jade took no offense as Ascondia bolted away from her, calmly she stood with the cup and simply offered it to Ascondia. “This will help.” But remained silent otherwise watching her closely as Kane explained.

Ascondia looked to Jade taking the cup with a nod “Forgive me, I could be quite harsh in my younger years, Hades is a good man now, he and I were never .. we didn’t mix well, he scratched an itch no more no less” She sighed softly now “So I am to be regarded as a threat to our daughter? Tell me you have a plan,”

“I do, but you’re going to need to remain here for now” Kane replied firmly.

Jade offered Ascondia a small smile and nod, there was hesitance in her actions, but she suggested to accept Ascondia’s apology. “So you knew what you were saying to me?” Jade stepped back, though to Kane’s affirmation of a plan Jade looked to him surprised.

“As I said I wasn’t very nice when I was younger, but I’m aware of what said and that was unfair of me,” Ascondia replied softly “And your plan?”

“You just need to trust me Ascondia” replied Kane

“I always have” Ascodnia replied gently

Jade looked between the two now, stepping back and gathering all items except the bowl of fruit and tea pot. “I’ll keep Aishani away to give you two some time alone.” She opened the door not waiting for response to head back to the kitchen. When she proceeded to clean the dishes, before gathering a raw piece of steak and juice too take to Aishani.

When she was about to knock the door opened, now Jade was face to face with the wolf, Aishani held the fangs and golden eyes glowing. Jade lifted the tray to her, silently.

Aishani sniffed and then stepped back to allow Jade entry. “He’s talking with her, isn’t he?” Aishani said calmly though her words were swept in a growl, gathering the tray and moving to sit and begin eating.

“Yes, Lady.” Jade said softly, closing the door behind her.

“I see.” She stated after washing down some meat with juice. “She better keep her fucking hands to herself.”

Jade simply smiled. “I know it isn’t Kane that you do not trust.”

Aishani continued to eat in silence now, while Jade remained standing before the door. “They are discussing the plan.”

“I need to know how much you remember, wiping your head seems a little extreme to me, so we need to know why, and how the hell they managed to take Elvera, the most heavily guarded place in the entire Everlands,” Kane started softly as Ascondia now settled onto the bed, Kane remained by the door.

“I don’t know, they were inside the walls before we had chance to react, Kane they have thousands of undead between here and Elvera, fields of them, and inside an entire army, they slaughtered everyone, man, woman, child except a few that Z’ress wanted left alive to keep Hareavor occupied and away from me,” She breathed darkly “At least before they were sent here, Hareavor and Bryant that street thieving slaver, so be wary of them Kane”

“Both dead” Kane replied calmly now

“I see, they stormed the castle, execute the last of the High Council, I had to obey or they were going to storm Dentarius and kill you all, they locked me up, Z’ress tried to get into my head, my pants too .. in the end they just scrambled my head and all I remember is waking up here, wanting you, like every other day I guess” There was a sadness in Ascondias voice now

“Yea but times have changed Ascondia and we need to clear your head, Aerian had a vision of you killing her, which is why you’re here and we are not there, though it doesn’t negate the danger to Aerian, so for now that’s what we need to fix, then we’ll think about taking back Elvera”

Jade watched Aishani silently as she devoured the rare steak, in less then a lady like fashion. Aishani realized now that Jade was watching and licked the blood from her lips. “It seems the children are hungry…”

“Yes. It’s been more and more lately…I haven’t told Kane but I’ve nearly been eating raw food every two to three hours…I have not wanted to worry him. But this is getting harder and harder. I even hear the heart beat off others and see the throbbing vein in the neck…” Aishani learned back with a sigh. “I think it could be the vampire need from the children.” Then it was after she spoke, her eyes finally registered the bruise. “He was violent with you…”

Jade caressed the bruise with a blush, looking down. “Everyone but Kane and Aerian were upset…please do not be. I…liked it.”

Aishani watched her and the wolfish grin appeared. “I just never took you for someone that would.”

“Is Aerian OK? Z’ress seems to believe she may still have a grasp on her, took great pleasure in telling me what she did to our daughter” Ascondia wiped the tear that would have fallen “And you say I’m a threat to her? I would never harm our daughter Kane you know that”

“Not intentionally at least” Kane replied

“This isn’t going to end well is it? You’re outnumbered and their strength far exceeds yours,” Ascondia sighed darkly

“Right there, see you just give up, you think we’re beaten, but we’re not, everything they have tried we have been ahead of, and we still, just trust we know what we are doing, not the first war we’ve had to fight and probably isn’t going to be the last”

Jade’s face darkened in color, while she looked down to her hands. “Yes. Well…the kitsune in me does and so do I. I want more.”

Aishani chuckled now. “Just be safe. In my world a kitsune is a demon that possesses sun individual.”

“I suppose I never thought about that before. It has been in my family for many generations.” Jade smiled to herself. “I suppose that Hades and I are not different after all.”

“You should go to him. I will be fine, have the kitchen send up two more steaks.” Aishani said while caressing her swollen belly. “They are really hungry today.”

“Yes. I will.” Jade rise and hurried to the door, speaking like this has her loins beginning to burn.

“Just be careful Kane, this is a very different fight, Z’ress is sharp, which makes Ceremon ever more dangerous as he seeks to prove himself to herself, they each use the other to their own end” Ascondia replied slowly “Please be careful”

Kane nodded as he stepped from the cell closing and then locking the door “Just rest, if you remember anything have them send for me, I’ll speak with Aerian about her seeing you but the door remains locked”

Ascondia nodded softly as she lay upon the bed and pulled the blanket over her, Kane made his way back to the main house then upto to the bedroom.

When he was in his way up the stairs, Jade nearly collided with him, appearing flustered at the bump that silently caused her to fall back on her bottom. “I’m sorry, Lord Kane!” She nearly squealed.

Kane reached down taking her hand and helping her back to her feet “Careful now, wouldn’t want you tumbling down the stairs and having to explain to my brother why his lover has a cracked skull” his words were soft and teasing.

He placed his hand on her shoulder with a smile then continued up the stairs, before making his way to the bedroom and knocking gently.

Jade offered him a quick nod and blush before rushing down the stairs to find Hades.

When Kane knocked on the door there was a response to enter, the voice of his wife and the mother of his children rang in his ears like a welcoming chime.

Upon entering, he found Aishani looking out the window with her hands caressing her swollen belly, in a white lace night dress. This only accented her ashen skin with the faint motherly illumination. “Ascondia survived, then?” Her voice held that all too familiar undertone growl of the wolf.

He crossed to her sliding his arms around her waist kissing the back of her shoulder “She did, and it seems Ceremon and your mother have put an army of undead between us and them, which I suppose is fortunate we have a dozen dragons to answer them with, she is calmer, and more aware now”

“That is good. It doesn’t surprise me, Z’ress is building up a wall between them and her. The best move of assault would be the dragons. Not ground but air assault, the dragons have more range then arrows or magic…” Aishani said but relaxed at his kiss upon her shoulder, gathering his hands to her belly, allowing him to feel the movement within. “They are restless…I believe it is getting closer to the time they greet the world. Here I am, giving birth, my love, would remove me from the equation. This battle needs me as well as you at the helm. Perhaps it is time to either go or call to Stacy…”

“We will recall Stacy to Dentarius, while there is a wall of dragons between us and them we have all the time we need, they also no longer have access to Ascondias magic, we will bring our children to the world and then we can go end this war. The war can be ended quickly enough once our children are no longer at risk, not that I believe they are of course” Kane smiled softly, “Let us deal with ourselves first. Now we have the rest of the realm safe only Elvera remains under their control and only with their people, Ascondia stated they had killed everyone within”

“Is that wise? Perhaps that is what they are waiting on for Stacy to come out of hiding…eventually it would happen.” She turned in his arms to look up at him.

“It may be, but the fact remains every Elcarus child has been delivered by the realms healer,” Kane sighed softly “I’d prefer not to be the one that breaks that tradition, we put a dragon on every side of the Mansion, triple the guards within the walls, between us, Hades, Jade, Virra and Aerian she is as safe as she can be, bring her an escort from Emerald City so she is watched at all times?”

Kane slipped from her for a moment retrieving a map that had recently been updated a new passage that stretched from the mansion to the outskirts of Emerald City, “We now have a direct underground route between the city and the Mansion, sealed both sides by magic unless we expressly allow entry, no one knows it exists except us and the guards that built it, who also ironically are now tasked with protecting it”

Aishani looked to Kane. “Without things seeming too suspicious, perhaps, Heart?”

Kane smiled softly and nodded “I’m sure he will welcome a chance to return home, even if it can’t be permanent” as he now walked back to her his hands resting on her stomach feeling the little ones within “They are getting more restless, we need to start preparing for their arrival,”

Aishani chuckled now, as Kane placed his hands on her belly, looking down them up to him. “I’ve been saying that for sometime. Only they have been getting worse.”

“They are hungry, and I suspect it is playing havoc with your diet my love, but they will be here soon enough” Kane settled against her gently with a soft smile

“I have no diet…my love.” She sat and began to eat, it was as though she hadn’t been fed in days. Her hands held the steak while she ripped and tore it, he saw the extension of her fangs help and her eyes glow that clear gold stating the wolf is present.

“I’m sorry to have inflicted you with such, troublesome children” His voice held a tease as he smiled softly watching her eat. “But you still look as sexy as the day we met, so it’s a win, win for me”

Aishani chuckled, while looking to him. “You have to say that, because I’m your wife.” She retorted with a smirk, licking her fingers cleaned and then slurped the blood and juices from the plate. But hesitated after done with a spotless plate.

“Oh I mean every word” He tried to feign a look of hurt at her words but wound up laughing instead “Besides, being so insincere would only result in you kicking my ass, something I am no hurry to experience,”

Kane took the plate from her placing it on the bedside table before capturing her lips in a deep kiss, tasting the blood on her only served to let his mind drink her in deeper, before he eased back “Every day I only end up loving you more Aishani Elcarus”

“Mhm. You make a good point.” She chuckled with a smirk, though gasped with a hand upon her belly. “Really? These two are still hungry…”

Kane raised a brow looking to her stomach “Perhaps the meat isn’t enough? They need something less ….” Kane paused realising what he was about to suggest to his wife “diluted …”

She looked to him for a moment, then down to her swollen belly with both hands roaming over the bulge. “Kane…are…you honestly suggesting what I think you are?”

Kane nodded softly “Apparently I am”

Aishani grunted again. “Seems…they like the idea. My love, I’m concerned. We need to send message to Heart right away. I fear it won’t be too long…” she grimaced attempting to adjust a slight.

Kane nodded softly as he made his way to the dresser, retrieving a silver goblet from within and his blade, quietly he drew it against his wrist to spill the red liquid within, just enough to to the goblet before it healed over of its own accord. He watched the liquid as it swirled within the goblet as he made his way back Aishani, awkwardly he held it toward her. “I will send word, have them head here via the underground tunnels, it should take less than a day.”

He placed the goblet beside her on the bedside table before pulling his cloak from his shoulder “Once the children are here, Heart can return to Emerald City to retake up his duties there,”

Aishani watched in silence as Kane slit his wrist to provide the liquor of life, such direly needed for the children. She accepted the goblet staying down into the crimson contents. “Oh fuck…don’t make this anymore awkward, my love. We are doing this for our children.” The goblet lifted to her lips, as he heard the silence hang the gulping had followed. She learned back with a gasp. “Thank you.” Aishani whispered as a hand caressed her belly. “This is the first time they are content…Yes, the sooner the better.”

Kane placed his hand on her shoulder gently “I’d say it gets easier but, I’d be lying, and rather poorly I must admit” He drew her up to stand before kissing her gently “But if it helps, then it’s worth it? Seems they have the vampire in them, let’s hope I have enough blood to keep them happy”

She stood now at his pull, greeting his lips with her own, chuckled with a nod and grasped his hand to place upon her belly. The movement within was stilled. “They are resting. I will only when it is needed.”

[Ending A War] Clearing the Mind

Aerian squeezed the last drops into a small phial, as she looked to Virra to a soft shrug.

“That’s it I think, this either unscrambles moms head, or it’ll kill her, we should get it to Jade,”

Virra nodded slipping from the edge of the table after watching the fiery female focus for a good few hours now. Moving to inspect the phial. “Let’s do it then. Sooner I can eat my fill of you.” She wrapped an arm around Aerian’s waist with a playful grope and grab of her bottom.

“Everything OK? Or do I need to need to remind Uncle Hades how he should be behaving as a Lord of our family?” There was an edge to her voice that was concern for a friend and member of the family, and a reminder she knew who he was inside.

Virra blinked for a moment, rather puzzled by Aerian’s words, looking around as they had not yet left the laboratory. “Whom are you speaking on, Firefly? Is that were he is in their room?”

Aerian shook her head clearing the vision “No Jade is in the kitchen, she just …” She sighed softly kissing Virra gently “We’ve been awake far too long, and I guess I’m tired”

As they entered the kitchens Aerian made her way to Jade, it was early morning, Aerian figured Jade would be preapring her mothers morning meal by this point as she smiled softly.

“I have the potion, god I hate that word but it is what it is,” She did note the bruises but remained quiet “Just be warned it will either clear her head, or it will kill her”

Jade glanced to Aerian and Virra as they entered, nodding to the words and accepting the phial. Virra though was not so quiet about the bruising around Jade’s delicate neck and instantly titled her chin up in a vice grip. The appearance was as though a strong hand nearly strangled her. “Who the fuck would dare hurt you like this…?” Virra growled, while Jade looked to Aerian for help, since a furious Virra was seething dangerous.

“Uncle Hades” Aerian replied blankly “We’re not going to push Jade, but remember you are family and we have your back, no matter who it is”

She moved to Virra placing her hand over Virras causing her grip to break, looking gently to Virra then Jade “We care for you, remember that as well”

Jade looked down as Virra was still oozing fury, a deep blush on her porcelain cheeks that slithered up her neck. “I-I know. We both needed it…and I like it rough, like that…” She whispered. “He marked me…”

Virra clutched her jaw tightly with a twitch of a muscle, Aerian has seen that furry in her fiance’s eyes. She turned quickly to leave the kitchen, it was clear that Virra want going to let this lay.

Aerian felt the anger that burned in Virra, the link worked both ways as she placed a hand on Jades arm “Be careful with him, I love Uncle Hades, but I never forget what he is inside, but we all have our demons, and you’re alive which means he knows where the lines are,”

She smiled softly and followed Virra from the kitchen catching her in one of the hallways “Bad memories?” She said softly

Jade looked up to Aerian with a show nod but turned back to the food and drink preparations. Though once out in the hall, she stopped Virra those dark eyes were daggers. “She was beaten? How the fuck is that normal? He had to have forced it. I’m mean look at Jade, she is so meek and shy…” Virra was shaking with rage.

“She wanted it, and Hades has been off lately, way off,” Aerian sank against the wall beside her lover softly as she took her hand “There is a constant battle in his head, between him and the demon in him, and that thing is no cake walk, he almost killed dad several times, but usually he suppresses it, it makes him twitchy and prone to mistakes, but she is alive, and she seemed happy, she would have run for the hills if not, I don’t think she’s afraid of him, and because she loves him, and he loves her,” Aerian was unsure if any of this made sense or if she was indeed simply trying to justify it somehow.

“We have to trust them Virra, and if it’s anything I promise if he went to far, family or not we will put him down,”

Virra looked to Aerian for a moment the anger not completely defused, but sighed. “At least, put my mind at ease…let’s go talk to him. I won’t be able to calm myself unless I hear from Hades…”

Hades was in the yard, already surrounded by several guards as they went at it Hades was fluid and accurate every strike landed was deliberate and well placed.Even as good as the Dentarian Guards were Hades new each move ahead of time, one thrown clear across the yard into the wall beyond as he landed on his feet in a crouch.

Aerian rolled her shoulders as they made toward him before he sent a knife through the air her way, her reflexes just as quick just as sharp as she took the blade from the air, “Careful or I’m going to think you’re trying to kill me, and I’m not 13 this time,” Her words were sharp as she spoke.

Virra gathered the blade to throw down to the ground, keeping her dark eyes on Hades. “We just saw Jade. She has a bruise around her neck and said you are the cause.”

“And your pissed at me? Because you think I hurt her out of spite, anger a hatred of people?” Hades replied before turning his gaze on Aerian “Or that I may be slipping, losing control of the dark inside?”

“She told us that she enjoyed it. But I wanted to hear it from you. I’ve been beaten and raped on more than one occasion, to recognize those marks. I could assume, though I’d rather give you a chance. Would Kane or Aishani see that you will need support.” Virra said calmly but there was a low growl to her voice.

“And considering, You, my niece, my brother and his wife are all under one roof, such acts would be suicide for me, especially right now. Yes I hurt her, not because I wanted to, but because I needed to in that moment. I need to be clear going into what we are in, the fight we’re in, Jade let me be me, just long enough to get us both off, she’s beautifully strong like that, I wouldn’t hurt her because I could, it’s more likely she could do more harm to me anyway, I love her” Hades replied, there was no conflict or excuse in his words now “So you take it as you need but I wont apologise for it,”

Virra exchanged a glance with Aerian, then looked to Hades, it appeared his words defused her temper for now. But, she didn’t respond to Hades’ words, taking Aerian’s hand in her own and left the courtyard. As they walked it was clear something weighed upon her mind quite heavily. Though when it seemed that no words were to be spoke, Virra spoke. “It was consensual. You said he has a demon in him…what happened to the two of you when you were thirteen? Do you trust, Hades?”

“Yea grandad used parts of dad, Krystal and Haunted, and himself which created Uncle Hades, he seemed to have ducked the vampiric side of the family and instead got a huge dose of chaos demon instead, which left unchecked causes him to go bat shit crazy.” Aerian sighed softly bringing Virras hand to her lips.

“I was sent back to the Everlands when I was about nine, seems that human kids are nasty and they pissed me off in a bad way which resulted in me trying to electrocute several of them, mum had no choice but to send me back. When I was youner Uncle Hades wasn’t who he is now, the demon unchecked uncontrolled, his logic was he couldn’t beat dad so instead, he beat me half to death and tried to throw me into the ravine, figuring killing me would be the best way to hurt dad. He failed, Uncle Krys got to me in time, and wasn’t long after that dad locked him away.”

Aerians words were heavy with the pain she held onto in those days “But at least Uncle Hades is capable of compassion, grandad left the human range of emotions, which ultimately led to him turning on him and in time coming to us, you take that out like grandad did the second time and you get Hareavor, ice cold, no regret, no remorse and even more unstable than Uncle Hades. So at least we have that going for us, we need him focused not battling with his inner demon, and in his case quite literally, my question though is what has you so rattled? I have seen you angry but this is a whole other level”

Virra stopped to look at the cottage as it now stood before them. “When I was younger, much younger. My Pops had a right hand man that used to torture and beat women that were captured or ‘rescued’ from the slave traders to a fate much worse, I was so furious when I spoke to my Pops about it that he didn’t believe me. Turned his head the other way, I had bruises on my body, most unseen, others much like Jade’s. In the end, I killed him but made it appear another group had done so. I was free though every time I see a woman with battered marks upon her I slip into a rage, remembering it all…”

Aerian felt her blood run cold as she heard Virras words, her eyes welled just for a moment “I … he does love her,” She barely knew what to say in that moment as she slid into Virras arms “He wouldn’t hurt us now, any of us,”

Virra wrapped her arms around Aerian, cradling her head gently against her shoulder. “I hope such is as you say, Firefly. But, it brought back memories is all. Don’t feel sad, nor sympathy to me. It was part of my life and made me the woman that loves you today. I’m only stronger from it and I did not wish Jade to be found in a situation that she truly did not wish.”

Aerian nodded softly “Just thinking of anyone hurting you, it sucks, past or present. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone either, and Hareavor ensured I could never …. not with a man anyway, not sure if it sucked because of what it was or how he was, or because in some twisted way he was family, which when you look at the rest of us who’d die for each other,” She sighed softly “Come on, you made a threat to eat me, and it’s already been too damn long since we were alone, so you can make brain turn to mush so I forget everything,” It was deflection on Aerians part, but Virra would feel the knot of pain that twisted up inside of Aerian, it would be impossible for either of them to hide their emotions from the other now their bond already stronger than ever.

Virra looked to Aerian tilting her head at the sense of pain that lingered, lifting a hand to caress her cheek with a smirk, running a thumb over the plump bottom of Aerian’s lip. “I think, we both could use a distraction.” Suddenly Virra pushed Aerian back and she felt her feet lift from the ground, before Aerian knew it she was in Virra’s arms. “I think, I completely forgot that I haven’t carried my bride to be over the threshold.” She chuckled and walked to the door and through it, as her lips were on Aerian’s.

Aerian smiled before reacting to the kiss, before she broke the kiss looking to Virra for a moment “It’s about time!” She smirked as her emerald eyes reflected nothing but passion for Virra “You’re incredible you know that right, I do have a question and it’s going to sound seriously weird,”

Virra kicked the door closed behind her with a foot, while balancing with Aerian and walking with her to the bedroom. Dropping her on the bed, meticulously beginning to remover Aerian’s clothing, while Virra’s lips gave chase and offered playful nips at her lover’s ticklish spots. “Oh? Weird, hm? Well you better ask before I change my mind.”

Aerian squirmed each time Virra caught a ticklish spot, she could feel her body respond, “Considering everything we’ve been through, were you always a girl type girl or do you miss men in some way?”

She stopped her intentions on Aerian, instead standing to remove her clothing to press her naked body against Aerian’s. Fingertips caressing across her shoulders, down her collar bone from left to right. “I suppose there could have been a time I liked men, but that was stolen from me by the man that took my innocence.” She watched as her fingers graced the skin leading to Aerian’s breasts but instead pranced between the swells without touching. “Being surrounded by disgusting men, it really wasn’t a thought in my mind. How about you?”

Aerian caught Virras hand moving it to her breast slowly “I always had a thing for girls, at least as I started to develop like that, but when I got older, I mean even ignoring what Hareavor did, or others, my work occasionally had me need to do things, sleep with men for information or to piss off a wife, but sometimes it was enjoyable”

Virra nodded to her, but instead of cupping and massaging her lovers mound, she caressed the full shape with her fingers. Tracing small circles around the bud but never actually touching the surface directly. “Did you like sleeping with the men for jobs? I’ve always been curious of a threesome.”

“I liked that sometimes I needed to, to get a job done, it feels good, I have all the power in those occasions, maybe that’s why” Aerian squirmed against Virra now wrapping her legs around one of Virras and grinding her hips against her.

Virra lowered a hand to cup and smack Aerian’s behind, with a rub after. “I’ll make you forget every man you slept with.” She said with her mouth sinking to Aerian’s bud into her mouth with lustful vigor.

Aerian groaned deeply, still grinding her hip into Virras leg as she could feel the heat from Virra mouth on her nipple her whole body shuddered.

Virra guided Aerian to her back, lips still fixed to the bosom, nibbling gently with flicking the bud captured with her greedy feast. Rolling her thigh more firmly against Aerian’s sweet spot, a hand lowered to slither a finger to stimulate her pearl.

Aerian moaned, her whole body tensed against Virras touch, her whole body prickling with pleasure as Virra would find Aerian incredibly wet to her touch.

Virra grinned amidst the focus on Aerian’s succulent bosom, parting with a very gentle grab and pluck of her bud watching as the flesh juggled. With the added lubrication it was easy for her to glide and massage her pearl. Virra tilted her chin up. “Mmm, someone is excited…” She purred beside her ear.

“Admittedly I’ve been wet all day because someone has been threatening to fuck me all day” Aerian replied her words coming between gasps, as she moaned deeply, right before her whole body shuddered from the touch of her lover “And …” Aerian let the statement hold as the images in her head caused her body to grind into Virras hand hungry now for her release.

Virra positioned herself between Aerian’s legs now, her body keeping Aerian’s legs apart. Just as the fingers left her pearl to plunge three violently and drop into her silken folds to the knuckle, wriggling the digits. “And…?”

Aerian squealed in delight feeling Virra penetrate her so violently only pushed her deeper into the pleasure, as she clamped against her invading fingers she tried to clear her mind enough to answer “I … want … to …” Aerian squirmed awkwardly now “To … see …. you fucked” she breathed breathlessly now

At this point Virra began to pump her fingers like a tool with Aerian, yet she felt a little pressure at her back door as a pinky traced the sensitive entry. “You’re so dirty…” Virra whispered next to her ear but in the next instant, her lips laughed of the line with such force and stimulation it was only A cover for the plunge of her pinky into her back door.

Aerian growled as it stung just for a moment before pleasure returned just as quickly she ground down again into Virras hand, she could feel her cheeks flush in her cheeks as she whimpered “You put the idea there, nor did you say no, so …” she moaned as she felt a fresh wave of pleasure shuddered through her.

“For you, Firefly, I would do anything…” she panted beside her ear, before a free hand cupped her cheek. Taunting her with her lips but never kissing Aerian. Each attempt caused her to move her hands faster to bring her near a climax before slowing only to do such again and again. Virra was building her up to the moment of a limit drawn out release.

Aerian would feel it build only for Virra to snatch it away causing her to moan in frustration as she turned to look into Virras eyes there was a strange look of defiance combined with the desire before she managed to speak “Don’t do it because I want to, I need you to want it too, to explore every aspect of who we are in every and any way we can think of” she moaned deeply

Virra smirked to Aerian, only moving her hands faster with the wiggle of the digits to press every button Aerian had. That is when Aerian felt the subtle touch upon her pearl from Virra’s thumb. “I wouldn’t have it any other way…” She growled sensually and crushed her lips against Aerian’s, the heat alone was melting as the kiss stopped discussion and held the deep seeded passion, slick muscle urging Aerian to climax.

Aerians hands wound into the sheets as her back pushed up forcing her down into Virras hand, an attempt to hold back the wave which threatened to crash through her, as her thumb touched the tender bud her body spasmed violently, breaking the kiss to cry out in pleasure. Her whole body shuddered violently as she passed through one release right into another waiting just behind!

Virra seemed pleased by the release, a seductive expression on her face, though just before the other release rushed forth Virra’s hot mouth was suckling and lapping up the nectar. Placing intent suction upon the bud pearl, as the slick tool if her tongue violently penetrated her. Another finger joined her pinky, thrusting more quickly.

As Virra moved Aerian grabbed her hair pushing her against her face, a hunger that burned as she ground into Virra now her moans of pleasure growing with each moment. A third violent orgasm Aerian snapped back into the bed ercries now becoming screams as she twisted against Virra,the world around her dimming as she lay shuddering.

Virra wasn’t done, the fact that Aerian’s hand pushed against her head seemed to fuel her as it appeared the sheer taste of her lover want going to do there. Her tongue slithered deeper as she nibbled at the plump pearl amidst the suckling. She paused to drink her in and went again and again, pushing Aerian to a limit never brief sought with anyone. Virra wanted to please her and to the heavens. Everything seemed to blend into one motion, one act and it was hard to focus on just one. Out was clear Virra wanted her to beg to stop.

Aerian lost track somewhere between the fourth or fifth orgasm only that her body gave up to a quivering mass of flesh every touch from Virra now incredibly heightened as her body shuddered from one orgasm to the next, she wanted to pull away but hadn’t the strength to do so, her mind wanted more and more a hunger for her lover as her body again resisted “No …. more ….. please” Aerian begged softly barely above a whisper.

Virra grinned satisfied with her pleas, adjusting to lay at her side, only caressing her quivering flower with the lightest, loving touch. Though she whispered to Aerian, beside her ear. “From now on, I will only stop when your body gives and you beg for me to do so…” She kissed her neck gently.

“You’re mean” Aerian breathed softly “But I’m going to return the pleasure, after we sleep!” Aerian could feel Virra beside her a gentle comfort settling as exhaustion pushed her body further over the edge now.

[Ending A War] The Demon Underneath

There was something in the air that night as Hades stretched against the bed, the loud cracks as bones were pushed around internally, his skin aching in places long since closed from old wounds. He had remained quiet most of the day as the family had made preparations to repair Ascondias mind and then head to take back Elvera.

It didn’t make things easy as he continued to stretch and readjust himself, his mind was ever as sharp but the years had taken their toll, it was also new to him that in preparing for war he was no longer concerned with saving his own neck but that of his wife to be Jade. Something Hades was completely unprepared for.

The door opened and the familiar scent of cherry blossoms entered the room to announce the appearance of Jade. In her hands was a tray with a pot of tea and two cups. Turning she closed the door behind her, while nearing the bed and pausing. “You seem tense, my love. Care to share the weight upon your mind?”

“The truth?” He replied softly “I’m not used to being here, only usually have my own ass to worry about, and now even though I know you’re more than capable, I still don’t want anything to happen to you, honestly it’s taking a little getting used to,”

He sighed deeply even he knew how harsh that sounded, but he had been honest with her that wasn’t about to change, “I know we’ll get through things, but just feeling a little caught out, it’s the selfish side of me hitting panic mode,”

She turned setting the tray on the nightstand, as Jade calmly purred out tea. The exotic scent wafting to his senses and relaxing him. “As harsh as that sounds, I know you were only telling me. Stop thinking on it so much. Instead of thinking on worrying for me just focus on us doing so together.”

“I’m just getting whiny in my old age,” he smiled softly as he made his way to her to retrieve a cup from her “Honestly the sooner we can take back the realm, the sooner I can focus on more important things,” He watched her for a moment before placing a hand on her stomach “I lived through one war, never thought we’d have to do it again,”

Jade paused with the cup against her lips as his hand was set upon her stomach, then looked to him losing the tea to the tasty and took his hand in hers, away from her abdomen. “The war will be over in due time…you do wish a child? What if–I can’t?”

“Then we will have plenty of fun trying,” Hades smiled wickedly, “And I may just lock you up here in my room all the time, have my way with you relentlessly”

He kissed her forehead with a soft smile “I hope one day we can raise children together, I have never believed I cannot do something, and I don’t intend to start now, we will find a way Jade, I promise you that,”

A blush lifted to her cheeks, beautifully accenting her porcelain skin, lifting her hand to touch a dark shock of hair behind her ear. But then hid behind the cup while it was clear she was smiling by the corner of her lips. “I don’t mind the practice.”

“That’s lucky for me then,” Hades smiled softly as he took the cup from her hand placing down, now taking her hands to pull her gently to him his lips meeting hers gently, his hands gripping her hips as he pulled her tight against him with a low moan against the kiss.

Jade looked surprised by his take of the cup from her, looking down to his hands in hers them up to him. When he pulled her close, a smile was formed into the kiss that was reciprocated in kind. One hand slithered from his to curl at the hair of his neck to delve more deeply into the kiss with pushing fingertips against his skin. Her scent enveloped him with the floral of the cherry blossom that possessed his exotic love.

His hands slipped up her body to slowly undo her her kimono before pushing it to the floor. He slowly stepped back taking her hand before drawing her back to him his hands sliding back to her hips, one hand let go to unfasten his own pants easing them down before kicking them away. As the moved back he slid against her ass and with one motion lifted her to his waist sinking her down upon him.

Jade gasped to the peel of the kimono which was just a veil over her body, now standing before him, exposed were her beautiful curves upon such beautiful and smooth flesh. A small rush of breath left her lips to the pull close to him, as he worked on his pants, Jade also released him off his shirt.

The turn caught her by surprise, but in the lift and his tool sunk into her molten core, a cry of pleasure escaped her lips. Holding in that position, he felt the incredible heat and turned surround him, her body was like a drug. Addicting.

Hades held her there feeling the heat of her inner core surround him as he leant to kiss and nip at her neck for a moment before his hands helped raise her up and then let her slip back down upon him.

Jade held her hands in his shoulder to maintain the support, tilting her head back with a sung praise of his actions allowing him the oath of his lips upon her seductive skin. Her nails bit into his shoulder now, testing him. Perhaps pushing for his darkness to come forth.

Hades growled softly as he settled on the edge on the bed, now driving her down onto him before raising her hips and repeating the action, his eyes now looking into hers, a strange glimmer of something other than himself settled within

She met his gaze through half-lidded eyes weighed down with desire, Jade was in a daze and cried out as his hips clapped against her. Jade was clutching to him as her nails bit harder, while her body was throbbing against his.

It was sudden, as he shifted position dropping her to the bed before forcing her to the edge, as he lowered to his knees his mouth clamping down against her heated centre with a deep growl before hungrily licking and nipping against her swollen bud, his tongue driven up into her before returning to the assault of her bud. His hands planted firmly against her thighs keeping them spread wide apart.

Jade cried out in satisfaction while Hades turned into the hungry beast. The heat of her core was dripping with sweet nectar, such an ambrosial taste flooded his senses. His hands felt the tremble of her thighs as the kings threatened to close and her voice reached him to a depth never before. The feel of her bud was plump and thriving begged to be stimulated, as her fingers stove through his hair with that gentle scrape of her nails.

Hades continued his actions, suckling firmly against her bud, his nails curled biting into the tender flesh of her thighs as he growled hungry against her.

The more pressure he placed upon her thighs the more they quivered, though finally he had hit her sweet spot. He felt the pressure of her silken fold surround his slick tool and a scream of pleasure, as he was granted a rush of her juices. Her poor flower throbbing and brought to life with over stimulation, fighting to remain still while fingers left his hair to curl into the fabric of the bedding.


Hades drank her down hungrily, his reward from his lover. He didn’t slow his assault on her bud instead adjusting his grip on her thighs forcing her legs still further apart before letting his tongue tease down her wetness against her ass and then back to the rapid assault of her sensitive and now swollen bud.

She curled her fingers when more tightly against the sheets, the more speed he utilized he was gifted the risen sound of her voice. The grip kept the threatened closure of her legs at bay, but her felt her body tremble violently. A look up to her would reveal her porcelain cheeks kissed with the flush of passion, as her luscious lips delivered the song to his ears. As his slick tool brushed over her tender pucker a chortled gasp of surprise broke the deliverance of her moans granting him another flow of her juices, again and again.

Hades drank her down again before standing his hands now forcing her onto her front and then forcing her to raise her ass leaving her level his waist, a sharp slap against the tender flesh of her ass watching as it turned red. There was a dark edge to every action he took, each design to both punish and yet pleasure her.

“We can stop anytime you want,” He almost growled the worst as her struck her ass again, this time with much more force than before.

She flipped over onto her front causing the bed to groan at the transition, Jade looked back to him as her hips were guided to raise displaying each luscious half-moon. A gasp parted her lips to the first strike on her cheeks, causing each to jiggle from the force with the angry red mark glaring at Hades. Just as another was struck, forcing a small yelp from her lips. Yet he saw the trickle of her juices down her leg to the last violent smack, she began to writhe her hips beckoning him for more.

“No! Don’t stop…” Jade whimpered, as her plump bottom was red. “Let yourself lose. I’m yours, Master.”

Watching her juices dribble down her thigh made Hades harder still as he watched before his own mind caught up, his mind battling the need to take her and violate her anyway he saw fit, before remembering the woman he wanted to harm was the woman he wanted to spend his life with, this was why Hades had stayed away from intimacy for the most part, he wanted to break her and he knew she would let him, as he ran his hand down her spine before kissing her lower back.

Jade trembled under his gentle touch and gasped at the heart of his lips upon her skin. Testing on folded forearms and glances break to him over her shoulder, the desire in her eyes was startling. “Don’t hold back…I’m yours…” She whispered, almost as though pleading for him to release the side he was in conflict with.

“You know what happens if I do?” His voice was soft and yet dangerous in the way he made his statement “You know what happens right? You know what I need from this, what I trust only you to give me?” again he let his nails bit into the flesh this time of her ass as he cupped them tightly.

“I do.” She stated in a breathy tone, writhing her hips against his hands, the glance over her shoulder displayed the caught lower lip between her teeth.

As her words came, his conflict vanished, his eyes darkened as he watched her, there was something predatory in the way he moved as he struck her ass a third time. His fingers traced down her thighs among the juices that were now there, this time he didn’t hold back as again a hand came down striking her hard

She cried out as her body shook out of reflex to the violent strike, those delicious cheeks jiggling as a few strands of dark hair fell from the meticulous bun that had been fixed. It seemed as though her entire body jerked to the torrent that was released. But somehow Hades knew, Jade could handle it, though she appeared to be fragile it was the opposite.

Her cries was delicious to the darkness within now, as he slid his fingers into her just for a moment, slipping them deep into her before easing them back.

Slowly he raked his nails down her sides, enough force to break flesh in places as watched the blood slip down her skin, he smiled darkly. Another slap this time between her cheeks against her wetness.

Her body reacted immediately to the pleasure that derived from the plunge of his digits, her passage instantly pressed against the pressure. Effectively soaking his fingers with her juices. She trembled as the nails broke flesh, oozing with her deep red essence over the snowy flesh. He felt her body literally quiver with fear and anticipation, it was exhilarating.

His hands slapped into her hips hard, he could feel the flesh beneath burn in reply now. As he positioned himself before simply driving into her, he growled deeply as he did so, his hips slamming into hers.

She yelped to the smack of his hands at her hips, the rage of such violence seeped in heat against his palms. Though it was when he slammed into her flower, desecrating the passage without permission, Jade cried out and in reflex her body arched with more weight on her forearms. The blood from her sides began to drip to the sheets, while her hands curled tightly upon the fabric. But his invading member curved a slight as the force was not enough to breach post her pearly gates to the inner sanctum of her womb.

He growled as he eased back just a little before driving into her again, a third time as his grip on her hips drove her back against him before he released his hold now grabbing her hair and dragging her up from the bed and back to him, his free hand then reaching to knead and crush her breast, whilst holding her weight he let the hand in her hair transfer to her other breast now crushing and kneading them hard, as his hips urged her to move upon him.

The sound of their bodies was carnal and fed this deep sated beast rising in Hades. A gasp caught her as his hand reigned her in by means of her hair, pulling her up as though strings to a puppet. The swell of her bosom against his hand was intoxicating as he cruelly applied a hungry pressure with her buds scrapping his palm to state her own arousal. Compelled, her hips rolled back against him, but this wasn’t enough to breach the sanctuary. Her breathing and sounds were ragged but fuelled his further desire to control her.

As he tried to force up into her it only built his own frustration, the darkness wanting to tear her hidden gateway open as he growled now dropping her to the bed and forcing her to her back. He pushed his hand against her stomach hard before his hand moved to strike her breast.

He was thriving upon his need for this, as he struck her opposite breast, watching the red form over the delicate white flesh of her body, feeling her body react to each attack he brought against her.

The air escaped her in a rush to the abrupt turn onto her back, his member freed and raging in the magnificent pillar glistening proudly. It wasn’t long before he plunged in again. Using her body as a sheath for his manly sword, but still it wasn’t enough to breach her pearly gates. A small yelp caught when he began to abuse her bosom, the red was angry against her swollen breast before fading to be brought yet again to the red. Her body reacted by clenching tightly around the girth that stretched her flower, each time.

As he drove into her again he let his hands knead and grope her breasts for a moment before his eyes set on hers, he leant over her slowly before his hand again wound into her head bending her head back for a moment before letting go, his hand now tracing the exposed flesh of her neck.

Slowly his hand closed in on her throat s he watched her reaction as dangerous as he was intent in his acions now.

She was lost in the ecstasy. While her bosom jiggled against the force of his hips plowing into her, she met his gaze with her own. Unable to hold it for long before closing the lids it was almost as though she knew. Turning her neck to the side in an allowance of more terrain for his touch. But once his hand wrapped around her throat, Jade opened her eyes, a hand lifting to curl around his wrist but not to pull away only to dig her fingers into his flesh. Now her hips rocking and buckling against his, as though fighting the violence with violence, pleasure with pleasure. Her sounds were attacked by his hold, but the flush on her cheeks darkened and eyed began to roll into the back of her skull with a glisten of drool escaping the corner of her mouth. It was a strangely erotic and beautiful expression while he felt her body grip him with such force and a rush of her juices came, again and again.

His grip tightened as each strangled noise made a way through, deliberate with the intent to remove her air supply, at least until he felt her release hit allowing her to breath and drink in the air for a moment before snapping his grip back in place again, between his grip on her throat and his hips slamming into her there was nothing else but a vicious need that he wanted her.

The dark need translated into a twisted rage that was released each time he drove into her, his eyes drinking in every ripple over her body as each thrust would crash into her sending waves over her body, her beasts bouncing with the force until he leant to bite one hard while maintaining the air restricted grip on her throat.

She continued to knead urgently upon his wrist, even as her world grew fuzzy to the point of release in which she would gasp. Her sounds in that moment incredible until stole but his grip, he felt her skin throb beneath his hand, intoxicating and drunken. Jade was his, in every manner of the word, suddenly her eyes widened at the bite to her bosom mouth peeking to the silence of a scream. But the incredible tightness increased each time pain was administered, by bite or more pressure to her delicate neck. Again and again he felt those juices added to to violent sound. Finally she had enough and lifted her legs to press her thighs against his chest. This granted him a depth denied, without restraint his monster raided her sanctuary passed the pearl gates, abusing the very back with violent battering. Now her nails dug into his wrist with viciousness.

Now a look at her would reveal the fiery aura of the kitsune that surrounded her in the blade. It was stunning and beautiful with her brown eyes replaced with yellow and fangs appearing from the peel of her lips. Such an exotic woman, yet a very rare creature. She was his.

His grip on her throat released as he grabbed her legs, bending her as far as she would go before returning to his violent rhythm each thrust with the intent of driving as hard and deep as he could, a deep guttural growl followed each vicious thrust.

A sudden twisted growl as he forced himself hard into him, his body now feeling the depth with which he was penetrating her was given to the need to fill her, his own juices now driven deep into her waiting sanctuary, nails biting into the flesh of her thighs as he still had her bent so hard, his eyes glazed with the lust of that moment now.

Jade was incredibly flexible, possibly double jointed, as it appeared to be nearly in half while others would break. She bolted up when his grip retreated and parted her lips to sink her fangs into his shoulder, causing blood to drop some the wound that most assuredly would leave a bruise. Every time he thrust harder and deeper, the stiff battering ram stretched the far back wall as the rage of his relentless pumping. Her nails clawed at his back while tearing into his flesh, slickening the surface. She was lost and the fiery aura began to increase, Jade panted sings moaned into his captured flesh, as his seed filled her to the point of it oozing at the sides. But to the rush of her seemingly endless flow of nectar.

As the last of his seed was emptied within her, he collapsed down on top on her. His full weight pinning her beneath him as he lay silent, every part of him spent in that moment. After a few moments he slid to her side his arm pulling her into him, kissing the side of her face just for a moment.

Jade gasped as Hades full weight was upon her though she remained still. The fiery aura fading, though when he rolled over Hades was met with sheets wet with blood. But Jade was trembling softly from the powerful event that unfolded from the climax. The wound on her sides were not bleeding, closed and just the remnants on her skin. Yet upon her delicate neck was a faint bruise of his hands that remained.

As Hades own haze cleared he sat drawing her up with him, the conflict that usually resided in his eyes now all but gone as he watched her for a moment. As he surveyed the bed and the blood he couldn’t help but smile.

“That makes you one of only two people to open that side and live to tell the tale,” His words were soft “And I am the luckiest man in the realm to be with you, though I think next time I will have to take my time with you,”

She looked to him through tired eyes, though as he said the word two or caused her to look down the smile fading with a pained expression in her brown eyes. Perhaps he shouldn’t have mentioned it because Jade knew of one other.

The bed appeared as though there was a struggle with the crumpled sheets and large blood stains.

Hades placed his fingers on her chin to lift her head gently “Not who you’re thinking, the only person who’s gone head to head against me like that is my brother,” his words were soft, yet sincere.

“I don’t make a habbit of it or I tend to leave to a trail of bodies, you only need read the history books to see that, but what you just gave me Jade, I needed to unload and clear my head, I have done for a long time, no one in any realm could have given me that”

She lifted her chin by his guidance, meeting his gaze and a clarity was within those almond slanted eyes. “I’m glad that I could offer you just that much. It means much to me to hear that from you. I admit, I’m a little jealous of Ascondia. She is beautiful and a Queen, I can never match up to that. I have never loved anyone as much as I have you and I don’t want to lose that.”

“Our dear Queen dropped me the second my brother showed up, it was relationship based on convenience no more no less, just sex” He shrugged softly “I love you, yet I pray you don’t bolt for the hills the more I show of myself”

Jade looked to him with a secretive smile, as that bruise glared at him from her neck. “I haven’t yet. Though I’m thinking perhaps I need a tight necklace to conceal the bruising. Perhaps a collar?” This was to speak to the darker side. “I would like more time in a shower aspect.”

“You would look quite delicious in a collar” There was an edge to his voice that both teasing and yet dark “But then you look very sexy with those bruises, and I think when we are done with this war I’m going to take you away for a very long, and very fun time”

A blush lifted to her cheeks at his words with fingers touching the bruising, attempting to contain the smile such rose. “I wouldn’t complain. Though this war can not be finished soon enough. I want to bare your child.”

“Mmm indeed something I intend to work on, but I think if my brother or his wife saw those bruises, I may end up in a cell instead of alone in the woods with you,” He ran a hand over the bruise with a soft smile “So we should try to conceal that from them, the less questions we raise the better for our future children”

“The more we conceal the more suspicious they will be. I am proud of it, as you should be too. They put you in a cell, you won’t be alone. Each of them need to accept this part of you, I do.” She offered him a simple but her words were steady with purpose. Jade lifted a hand to caress his cheek with a subtle draw of her nails against the side if his neck.

He let his hand close in on her throat once more before kissing her “See just one more reason why I love you, ”

Her expression remained composed but he felt the flicker of the kitsune in her, almost as though it spoke to him in the grasp of her throat. The pulse not only throbbing against his palm but her lips against his. “I love you too.” These two were each a side of a coin, but accepted the duality.


[Ending A War] Grams, Eggs And Death Root

Aerian stretched as they walked through the forest, it was good to be out of the confines of the Mansion, but the air seemed far more dangerous than usual, it was a comfort to Aerian to know Shadow would remain close by as she and Virra headed toward one of Virras contacts.
“So what’s the deal with this woman? Should we be worried we’ll get turned over to Z’ress and my grandfather? Can we trust her?” There was an air of caution in her voice, it was rare Aerian ever heard Virra speak of things that were not related to the time they knew each other or things they had already discussed.
Virra chuckled as she walked steadily alongside, Aerian. Leather donned as the first day that they had met, black with deep purple in the bodice. Her hips glistened with the dangerous tap of sheathed daggers while her thick muscular thighs held wrappings of throwing knives, Virra was dressed to kill and especially with the shroud of her dark glossy hair gave the impression of a apparition amongst the forest. “Nah, she is the closest I ever had to a female in my life since the death of my Mum. She is a very wise, old. Knows the forest like the back of her hand and taught me as such. Think of her like a wise grandmother. Taught me about herbs and poisons, if ever I needed something she would help. Old Mother Greta.” Virra seemed to know exactly where they were going. “I’m sure, she will be glad to meet you.”
After a day’s walk and breeching on the second, Aerian knew they had entered the very heart of the forest. Such an area that was forbidden, for reasons that she never understood but Virra carried on as though there was nothing troubling her. That is when they arrived to a small square stone hut with a grass roof, smoke was rising from the chimney and a wooden porch surrounded the front of the small house, a fence surrounded the outside with a garden on either side, vegetables and herbs. Seated on a wooden rocking chair was a hunched over woman, appearing to be aged with a pleated face and dark eyes. Her hair must have been black at some point, though, now it was peppered with only specks of dark and wirey. That old face suddenly crinkled with a wide smile, placing a basket down and gathering a cane. “Is that you, V?” The crackle of the voice asked.
Virra moved up and rushed to embrace the older woman tightly. “Yes, it is, Gram.”
“Oh! Ho! Careful, ye break my bones!” Greta leaned back with a smile, patting Virra on the shoulders and caressed her face. “Ye, just get more and more beautiful.” Those dark eyes settled on Aerian behind. “Who is this beauty!?”
Aerian watched old woman for a few moments, then quickly tried to work out if she recognised this part of the forest, though it was a big forest. As she was addressed Aerian bowed lightly “Aerian Elcarus, milady, I’m with Virra” it sounded awkward but there it was all the same.
“Oh! Ah! An Elcarus!?” Greta laughed and tried to smooth her hair and look her best, the pleated skin smiling to her from thin lips.
Virra stepped back and offered her hand back to Aerian, inviting the red-head to join her. “Yes, Gram. Firefly, here, is my fiancée.”
Greta puffed up and then seemed so excited, moving to usher the two girls within her home. “Oh, it is celebration. Congratulations to the two of you. I knew my V was suited for not just anyone. I have stew cooking, I am sure that you are both hungry.”
Virra glanced to Aerian for a moment, giving her hand a squeeze. “We are, though, Gram, we can’t stay long.”
“Pfft. Of course you can. I haven’t seen you in years.” The old woman stopped and sat. “Oh…you are here for something specific aren’t you. V! Shame on you for only visiting when you need something. I remember a little girl that used to run away and visit me for weeks to learn.”
“We can stay for a little while,” Aerian smiled softly “While time is an issue in such things, we can slow down for a beat, honestly I could use the rest Virra,”
Aerian breathed deeply as she felt the realm around her for a moment before pushing it clear and looking back to Virra “Besides we’ve been on the road, and I could use a decent meal, and then your Grams can tell me all about you” she teased
Greta practically beamed to Aerian’s words. “She got a good head on her shoulders! Sit, sit! I’ll get the bowls. Oh yes, Virra was a spirited child.”
“Oh, Gram,” Virra rolled her eyes even though she was smirking.
The old woman went to fill bowls and say down. There was much laughter and teasing, while Aerian learned of Virra’s playful antics as a child. Though found out that she was insistent on learning herbs and from there made poisons. The air was light and cheerful. As the old woman clearly didn’t get many guests due to her chatter. It was clear to Aerian the bond between the two was unbreakable and full of possibly Thurs only love until Aerian in her life.
Aerian ate and listened and for the first time in a while forget the world around them, as the sun began to sink Aerian listened more. Until finally the sun was gone and it was dark beyond the cabin and the clearing.
“You were correct earlier when you suspected our motivations, we are looking to procure death root, I’m sure you know it isn’t easy to come by, Virra thought you may be able to help,” She tried to keep her tone apologetic but she was sincere in wanting to hear more.
“Death root? Heavens! What do you need that poisonous sap for?” Greta asked with surprise in her platter weathered face.
Virra glanced to Aerian then took her hand. “We were sent to gather it for Kane Elcarus. As you know there is a war and it is needed to recover and place an order to memories that have scrambled.”
“Mm…eggs. I have not had such in a long time. Though this is dangerous, Virra. You know something such as this I require payment. But I know you have not now. Bring me a rooster and hen when you come and visit again. You will come won’t you?”
“We will,” Aerian smiled in reply “And we will bring payment, though we can provide more than one?”
“Fresh eggs…I have not had those straight from a chicken for many years.” Greta had a dreamy look in her eyes.
“Gram! Gram!” Virra said firmly to bring the older woman back to present. “The Death Root.”
“Oh yes, yes!” Greta laughed and stood to move to a drying rack to a cupboard, opening it and lifting a small box. It appeared to be a tobacco snuff box, no larger then a few inches long and two inches wide with an inch and half thick. “Here you go. I do not need to warm you about avoiding skin contact, yes?”
“I remember, Gram.” Virra accepted the box to hand to Aerian and kissed the older woman sweetly. “Thank you. Next time you see us, I will bring chickens.”
Aerian bowed gently “Thank you, we will ensure you get those chickens I promise, and we really do appreciate your help” Aerian stepped back to stand beside Virra, “We should start getting back, else dad will send half the Dentarian Army looking for us,”
Greta pulled Aerian into a sudden hug. “Don’t be so modest girl!” But then released her while Virra simply smirked.
“See you soon, Gram,” Virra said taking Aerian’s hand to lead her from the warmth and coziness of the hut.
Shadow was seen in a flicker of eyes in a tree, but Virra chuckled. “I miss the old coot…”
“She seems nice, not what I was expecting considering you are normally so outwardly tough, not many people get to see the gooey inside of you,” Aerian teased with a dark smile, as they made their way back through the forest.
“You see that and feel much more.” Virra chuckled with an indecent gesture with her fingers. “Don’t break my cover.” She curled an arm around Aerian’s waist to pull her close in their walk.
Aerian laughed “Wouldn’t dream of it,” She smiled before pouncing on Virra sending her into the dirt and kissing her deeply “But then you see more of me than anyone so fairs fair right?”
Virra was taken off guard by the shift of balance and grunted as her back slammed into the dirt. Embracing Aerian within her arms and melting into the intensity of the kiss, but suckled on her lower lip in the part. A hand slithered fingers into the fiery threads. “What did I do to deserve you…?” Virra whispered looking into Aerian’s eyes.
Aerian stared into Virra eyes for a moment “Erm,” she smiled wickedly before leaning down against her ear, words were spoken barely above a whisper “You hit me in head, really hard, saved my life and then stole my heart,”
Virra chuckled with a smirk, looking to Aerian. “Is that what I did?” She teased coyly, taking this moment to take her legs within Aerian’s to switch positions and pin the red head beneath her. “Don’t regret it do you?”
“Not for a moment” She replied, “I’ve never felt more satisfied in my life” she let words roll off her tongue complete with double meaning now as she watched her lover above her “What about you? Ever wonder if it was a bad iudea throwing in with the enemy?”
She learned down gliding her slick muscle against Aerian’s neck, pausing to bite upon a sweet spot. “The only thing I regret is that this war is too long. You stole my heart with the never ending flame that burns in your heart.”
“I know chaos and destructions seems to follow our family, which is kinda sucky as we do everything we can to avoid it,” Aerian replied softly as she moaned to the bite “But if you hadn’t have found me, we’d be preparing to march on Elvera with you and your dad inside, I’d be walking into my death and Dad would bring Elvera to the ground with everyone inside, you and I have been able to change that outcome, together, just like we will keep doing,”
Virra nipped on Aerian’s ear, as the warm breath washed over her skin. “Indeed. Now before your Pops men find us tangled in exotic pleasure, let’s set back to give the root to him and retire to the cottage. I can barely wait for my lips to taste your sweet flesh and hear those screams of passion.”
“Mmmm you do know how to speak to my pants,” Aerian laughed as she waited for Virra to get up before rolling to her feet herself. “I haven’t asked, but how are you about things? Your dad and all that?” Aerian was careful how she phrased the question but she wanted Virra to know if she needed to talk Aerian would always be there to listen.
Virra glanced sharply to Aerian, though took her hand as they continued to walk through the forest to Dentarius. “My father…at one time was a good man. After the death of my mother, he was never the same. Never treated me like his daughter or one of the men. I was constantly attempting to prove myself and he never cared. Yes, he was my Pops once, but that man died a long time ago. Aishani…simply put him out of his misery. It was a death he deserved…”
“Yea, kinda like my Grandad, he went mad after grandma died, now we’re picking up the pieces, guess it’s something in the women leaving men in this realm,” Aerian sighed softly.
“It wasn’t that…every time that he looked at me he saw his wife.” She sighed and stopped to look at the Elcarus mansion. “I’ll miss the man he was, but the man I never knew.”
Aerian nodded softly an understanding to her words as she held her hand. They walked through the forest which was alive with sounds of animals hunting in the dark, a roar of a dragon in the distance.
“Well you have me now, and Dad, Aishani, Uncle H, and Jade, sort of stuck with a family even if you weren’t looking for one,”
Virra chuckled, as her leather clad thumb brushed upon Aerian’s hand. “Funny thing that. I had no family and now…I’m part of a family. I though wouldn’t change a thing.”
“It’s funny how fighting to protect someone you love, can change the world” Aerian replied softly
“I never thought about it before…Ceremon, Z’ress are fighting for themselves. They only love themselves, impossible to love others…”
“Dad always said that was difference, we fought for each other, to protect the realm and ourselves, in the end, that’s why we are able to affect change as we do, you’ve seen us do it, you’ve been a part of us changing the path,” Aerian replied with a smile “You were brought here for your strength and your courage, and I’m your reward,”
“No. You are wrong, I’m your reward, Firefly. I have something worth fighting for, I’ll be damned realm or not.” Virra squeezed her hand.
The road back was largely uneventful, even after they made camp for the night and broke the following morning, it was almost midday when they made it back to Dentarius. As Aerian led Virra through the mansion and down to the old labs of Ceremon, Kane had already had the ingredients delivered and equipment was now beginning to bubble and simmer.
Aerian read the parchment of ingredients and instructions before peeling off her cloak and tossing it into the corner.
“This is a long process, lots of refining and heating and reheating, and we can’t let any of it touch us,” She mused softly
Virra chuckled while they arrived in the lab, looking around at the beakers and tubes. “Sounds fun.”
Aerian grinned wide as she nodded pouring some of the bubbling liquid into another pot and throwing in a few ingredients “Oh it will if I manage not to kill us both!” a soft chuckle slid from her.
“Once the first part is done, I promise I’m all yours,”
“You’re mine regardless. I can wait.” Virra stated calmly.
“Very true”