[Ending A War] We Leave At Dawn

It was early morning as the pale pink light had begun to wake up the realm. The courtyard beyond the cottage was chaotic to say the least. Calls from soldiers and the rear of horses. The clatter of equipment being moved. Today the realm was ready for war.

Aerian felt the breathe forced from her as she pulled tight the leather of her bustier, the jacket she wore over was woven with chainmail magically enchanted by Elsa to be weightless, the jacket would flow in her motion as if made of water. It’s colour on the other hand also concealed by magic allowing her blend with environments.

She pulled on the leather pants and then her boots, before strapping her blades to her thighs, she checked the tenseness of her bow string before she stood. There was no need for her quiver of arrows, this war required something more and Aerian had a surprise in her they wouldn’t see coming, the ability to conjure arrows from the very ether of the realm. Aerian was ready in that moment.

The smell rose from the kitchen, as it was clear to Aerian that Domi was making their last solid meal before marching and the faint sound of blade against whetstone was heard grinding a weapon into sharp precision. Virra and Domi did not have as exquisite items as Aerian, though, leaving the bedroom, she would see Domi busy by the fire and Virra reclining casually working her daggers to a fine sharpness.

She looked to Aerian as her fiery haired lover entered, lowering a leg and placing down the whetstone, beckoning her over to the kitchen table and pulling her into her lap, while returning to sharpening the daggers while her lips placed subtle kisses and nips at her neck. Virra’s sturdy but flexible leather was pressed against Aerian’s back. The clothing was as the first that she had met her within.

Domi moved from the fireplace brandishing the small cauldron to set on the middle of the table to move and kiss each woman softly, he was wearing a thick overcoat with a bow and arrows in his quiver, then proceeded to dish out the stew.

Aerian leant into Virra taking the moment to feel her lover, a soft kiss to her neck “I love you, now and forever” As Domi kissed her she purred softly.
She turned to look at the bowl of stew with a smile “We all need to come back, alive,” She smiled softly watching Domi then turned back to nuzzle Virra gently.

Domi handed Aerian a bowl of stew while placing the other before Virra, settling down to chow down. As Virra lifted her hand from Aerian’s thigh, kissing her neck again and beginning to eat. After everyone held a full stomach, Domi gathered the dishes to rinse and clean off. “We all will come out alive, my angels. I will be there to cover your backs, as you will be with me. Plus the realm is on our side, remember?”

Virra smirked and chuckled giving Aerian’s bottom a small pinch to cause her to jump up and stand, sheathing her daggers and move to a traveling pack. “We look out for each other.”

“Now and forever.” Domi agreed. “Let us go meet with your father and the others.”

Aerian nodded softly watching them before they made their way out through the front door into the chaos of the courtyard beyond. Hades was barking orders among the commotion directing troops and supplies into the neater more organised lines.

Kane stood by the Mansion his eyes surveying the troops as they busied themselves making ready to take Dentarius to war. A second contingent clearly preparing to hunker down when they left. He wrapped his arm around Aishani softly “Are you ready for this my love,” he knew better than to ask, but the husband in him asked anyway.

Ascondia let loose a dagger striking the fighting dummy clean between the eyes as she walked to retrieve it her hand plucking it from the wooden dummy. She turned to look at Kane and Aishani then Hades and Jade. She smiled softly knowing the realm was in the safest of hands and that by the time this was done they would come through in one piece.

Elsa stood behind Kane and Aishani now “We will keep the fires of home burning, stay safe all of you.”

Stacy remained silent beside Elsa, the comings and goings were far beyond anything she could process, the Everlands still made her nervous even if she had been here a while now. She too as to remain within the Mansion along side Elsa.

Aishani was before Kane, dressed the same as she had the first day he met her, wrapped in leathers and the corset that did little to hide her bosom but this opted for freedom of movement. Though, her bosom was full of motherly milk and very amplified, the daggers at her hips and throwing knives strapped to her thighs gave her the dangerous appeal that drew him to her in the first place. She was ready for war, placing her hands over Kane’s as they came around her. “I’m ready to take back our home.”

Jade was silent beside Hades, dressed in a short kimono, crossed katana’s on her back and soft boots reaching her thighs, laced and secured, though, a strange throwing star upon her oni. Her hair was pulled up in a topknot, watching everything going on around her.

Everyone looked to Aerian, Jade and Domi as they arrived, Aishani nodding to Kane now and Shadow skittering to her side. “Let’s be about this. I am growing tired of this game set by Ceremon and Z’ress.”

Aerian looked to her father with a grin “The oddest part of all this is you have some how managed to hide a dozen or more dragons, good old grandad ain’t gonna know what hit him,” She turned and looked out over their troops.

Kane laid his hand on her shoulder gently “Not until it’s too late, two will remain to watch over Dentarius the rest will come when we call, and now it is indeed time for this to end,” with that they made their way to their horses, Kane held one for Aishani to mount before turning to whistle, the troops saluted then proceeded to either mount their own horse or march in formation beside carts and troop commanders, the head of the forces led by Jade and Hades, Aishani and Kane held the middle.

Aerian, Virra and Domi held their own ground among the trees and higher ground, Aerian had always been more comfortable on the ground. The procession began to move from the courtyard and out toward the forest.

Aishani kept her head high while riding on her horse, which was prepared for war with proper armour and the heavy feet of the troops behind her and before her with the thump of hooves. She glanced to Kane then forward, as Shadow and the blade spinner spiders of the realm following her.

Virra was quick on her feet as was Domi keeping up with Aerian while they kept the forests with their presence, while it appeared Domi was still hesitant on the presence of the large arachnids. But, Jade sat perfectly positioned on her horse, eyes forward and alert.

The time was now, everyone felt the adrenaline of such a battle to come in their veins, and it was electric and ready to explode at any moment. But, the strength of the army and the realm on their side, it was only a matter of time until the plan was pushed forth.


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