[Everything Changes] Leadership By Example

“Aerian!” Harley snapped as she shook Aerian, as Aerian stirred, she groaned seeing her eyes focus on the young redhead.

“What?” She murmured softly before beginning to untangle herself from Virra and Domi.

“There’s a messenger at the door, he has the new contracts, it is down to you now,” Harley replied softly. Aerian stared at Harley for a moment before her brain caught up she was still naked.

“Oh stop it!” She snapped softly climbing out of bed and retrieving her clothes as she dressed, Harleys eyes never left Aerian even from the back.

“I’ve missed you, every day since you left,” The tremor in her voice was evident as Aerian pulled on her tunic, followed by her pants and boots, strapping her boots and then straightening.

“Well I’m back now, so relax and keep your hands to yourself,” Aerian replied with a grin.

“I won’t.” Aerian felt the strong hands of Domi at her hips with a kiss to her neck and lobe. Domi chuckled for a moment but soon after released Aerian, moving to dress as well, those peppering of hickies on his giving question of his health.

“Just were the hell are you two going?” Virra’s cold voice chimed in, sitting on the edge with her bandaged thigh and that was all. “Domi help me get dressed. Whatever you all go I go.”

Domi moved to gather the skirt and top for her, while cane in hand, rising ready to join the group.Aerian slipped back to help dress Virra as well, kissing the back of her neck softly “The new contracts are here, and we need to decide who gets them, maybe this will help calm things down?”

“Keep minds occupied.” Virra nodded rising with her cane.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Domi said. “Well let’s do this.”

Aerian kissed her cheek with a smile then headed out of the door, as they walked down the hallway Harley had re-joined them with a parcel of files in hand, she handed them to Aerian and then made her way to the main room. Aerian tossed the pile on the desk and dragged a chair for Virra to sit.

Virra sat down, shifting in her chair while looking at the files. “Damn…that’s a lot.”

Aerian flicked through them quietly as she watched the rest of The Ever Present file in and wait on her, most were standard thievery contracts, she placed those aside as she glanced at another beneath a hired hit on a deceitful husband, Aerian stared before turning it to Virra and Domi “And this is where we start changing the opinion, he may be a deceitful prick but I see no reason for him to die?”

Domi glanced to the hired hit, considering it for a moment. “I see. There is usually a second story and it needs to be handled on both ends.”

Virra nodded to him. “I agree, he may be slime. But we won’t know for sure, we aren’t murderers. The change starts now. With this.” She tapped the paper. “Who we sending?”

“If this is going to be a hit then it should be us to follow up on it, leadership by example,” Aerian replied softly “If we handle it and deem it unworthy of our time, at least we know it won’t be carried out, if there’s a good enough reason I’m sure Domi can handle it at a distance?”

Virra looked to Domi then to Aerian with a nod. “Not entirely sure, I should be going on account if my leg…” There was a frustration in her voice now, which caused Domi to place a hand over hers.

“Don’t cut yourself down. You’re healing nicely, I should be able to remove those bandages tomorrow with it reapplying. The limp will need to be worked in but it won’t remain.” Domi assured her.

“We have this covered, we’re in no rush, and this may be the only one we can do on account of,” She waved a hand over her stomach with a smile “I’d just rather we know this one is handled right and sets the precedence moving forward,”

Aerian placed the rest of the contracts on a small stand before them with a smile tapping them “Lots of money to be made, plenty of small thievery jobs, grab one, do the job and report back, fifty per cent in the pot, 50 per cent to yourselves,” The group looked among each other before coming to grab the contracts, there was no rush or argument each took the one at the top and made their way off.

Harley looked at Virra then Aerian “What about me?”

Virra looked to Domi and Aerian. “We all can’t go. Someone needs to remain behind to stand charge. Who should that be?”

Domi shrugged. “You come with us, I want to see your control since you have a blood lust.”

Aerian remained quiet as she watched the group “Serah can watch over things, a sign of good faith that despite our earlier disagreements I have as much faith in her as anyone else,”

Serah looked up from her contract and nodded “Yea, sure, I guess, but someone will need to take care of this one,” she tossed the contract back on the pile “I’ll play boss and hold the fort, so long as you don’t take another decade or two for you to come back,”

“She won’t.” Virra stated casually, learning back in her seat.

Domi stood now, looking to Serah. “Trust us, give that a chance. You’ll see.” He posted her in the shoulder, then turned to assist Virra in standing.

Virra punched him hard in the shoulder. “Knock it off I’m not ivalid.” Then stood without use of the cane but faltered, holding a hand up to warn anyone from helping her. She then left the hall to return to the bedroom.

Domi sighed, as he rubbed his shoulder. “She’s still got it. I’ll gather the tools to remove the stitches. Then we will be on the way. She’s tough and doesn’t like to be put down or viewed as incapable. Thanks to her Pops.”

“And yet she wouldn’t take it from me,” Aerian muttered darkly before nodding to Serah and following after Virra, as she leant in the doorway of their bedroom she watched Virra for a few minutes before she spoke, “If I were in your place, you’d be giving me all kinds of hell about not trying to do it on my own, so the first sign I see your injury is a problem you’re getting help whether you want it or not, or I swear to the twelve I will tie your ass down until you’re fully healed,” there was a tease in her voice and yet a seriousness all in the same as she smiled softly.

Virra glanced over her shoulder sharply to Aerian, after laying out her clothing and weapons to wait for Domi. “Fuck that. You’ll have a fight in your hands, Firefly. I ask fine, yes…this limp is irritating. But I trust Domi that it will not remain forever. I’m just glad that it was me instead of you.”

“It was intended to hurt me just as much, she knew what she was doing,” Aerian replied softly, “We’re targets on behalf of each other, we know that, I’m just glad Domi reacted before I did, or worse she had chance to take a second swipe at you, but your my baby so that means I’m gonna wrap you all up and keep you safe til you’re better” Aerian smirked softly “Whether you want me to or not,”

Virra sighed, defeated to Aerian’s words, extending a hand to invite her close. Once she was, Virra popped Aerian into her lap, positioning the red head to face her. Pressing her lips firmly against her own in a deep passionate kiss.

Aerian sighed deeply into the kiss before her arms wrapped around Virra, her response just as deep and passionate, her hands massaging against the back of Virras head, before breaking for a moment long enough to whisper.

“You’re my strength, just as I’m yours, and with Domi we can do anything,” Before returning to depth of a passionate kiss.

Virra’s hands roamed up and down Aerian’s back, just as a throat was cleared in the doorway. Looking out was Domi holding a small metal plate with some medical tools. He was leaning on the frame watching them with a smirk. “I could watch this for hours.”

Aerian glanced up kissing Virra deeply once more before shifted a little “Shame we don’t have hours to show you then, she has promised to behave or I get to tie her up,” Aerian chuckled softly before she slid back from Virras lap to allow Domi in.

Domi chuckled entering the room and closing the door behind him, settling down to begin to work on the stitches. “Glad to hear it. Now hold still, my dark angel.” He worked carefully and with intent, the stitches removed.

“Ah. Feels so much better.” Virra sighed, leaning down to kiss him, then to Aerian. “Well let’s get ready to leave. Got work to do.”

Aerian made her way to the desk, pulling parchment and writing quickly, her eyes remained as she thought her words through, finally rolling it and sealing it with wax and The Ever Present seal. She smiled for a moment then made her way to the door and a guard.

“Take this to,” She pulled her contract to look at the name and show the guard “Tell her if she wants this contract to be carried out then she is to meet our groups representatives at the time and location contained within this document, it is for her eyes only, once you are done return here to aid Serah in maintaining order,”

The guard nodded and then taking the note headed out to carry his instructions, before Aerian turned to face Virra and Domi “A small tavern by the docks here, we can then discuss her reason while Harley goes and does the background check on the husband, this is our best approach right?”

Virra pulled Aerian into her lap, bubbling in her lobe. But Domi remained in contemplation for a moment, but soon his head. “I’m going to follow Harley, keep my distance. She has to know that she will be followed. This is her chance to prove that she isn’t a loose cannon. I will step in if needed. Besides, a woman and cheating husband, she would be more willing to open up to women.”

“Or kill the man simply if she suspected him,” Aerian replied leaning into Virra with a soft sigh of content, “She will be OK, I have faith in her even if others find it hard, we just have to keep her away from mindless murder,”

Domi seemed hesitant, though, nodded slowly after a moment. “We can only hope your trust is sound. Let’s begin then. Time to head to the tavern.”

Virra nudged Aerian from her lap with a brief kiss and playful pat to her bottom. Her cane was grabbed but she didn’t use it, as her limp was present but she fought against it. Perhaps with time she’s new white the impairment.


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