Stacy’s Diary

** These are Diary Entries from Stacys perspective and intended to act as insight to her character, the first is before the story begins then one for each chapter. Enjoy **

Entry One

UGH! Today was another one of those shitty days in my life. School is a drag- the subjects are so boring and annoying. I really don’t care about how to write math problems or a PERFECT English paper! My first semester in college and I have yet to meet anyone worth my time. It’s hard to make friends and socialize when you know you are different. I have all the signs of social anxiety and can sometimes hate people, I feel awkward in my own skin. I don’t fit in…. I feel lost at times, maybe I should leave school and go on my own adventure. Nah, that’s not like me. I’m the quiet one, the one everyone ignores. Always have been, always will be. Where the hell am I even going with my life? I only went to college to please my parents. UGH! Why do I even bother? I AM JUST SO FRUSTRATED WITH EVERYTHING! Everything makes me mad. Some days I only have enough energy to make it home, get into and cry for hours. I’m a mess. Something has to change. Something. Anything. I wonder when it will be my time to shine! Will anyone ever notice me? What do I have to do? Why do I feel so stuck and unhappy with my life? I really do feel lost.

Entry Two

I must be out of my damn mind! A new world? A random stranger? Fine! I’ll play along for now, mostly because I like how peaceful this place seems.

Entry Three

There’s not much going on at home, so I’m not overly worried about my folks. I have a new adventure to experience! This random stranger, Kane lives in a cabin in the woods. He is definitely hiding something, but I think I will trust him for now. He seems like a decent guy- A bit brooding, but at least a gentleman. I can live with that for now.

Speaking of this cabin. Ugh the bedroom is fabulous. I wish I had a bedroom like this my entire life. The bed is amazing….. I can’t wait to sleep in it.

Entry Four

Damn this guy has got some baggage! DAMN! He has been through a lot, I guess we both have. Maybe that is something we have in common. I don’t know… I feel he needs me just as much as I need him. He offered me a new start, so I am going to take it for now! Let’s start this adventure!