Elcarus Mansion was one the most popular rooms on MSN Chat, preceded by both House of Helena and All Hallows Wood.

We offered sanctuary to new players and a fight free environment, we kept to our principles despite causing issues with several other groups, we were family and we operated as such. We built a legacy I was proud to be a part of. We always had fun and carved out our own little piece of the RP world. We were loyal to the principles we built and the family and extended family we had around us.

Elcarus based rooms also probably held more weddings than just about any other room, and those marriages were always the ones that lasted, most would still be in effect today had things not changed.

Due to some RL issues between various typists and MSN closing down the chat servers it was time for most of us to leave and most of us did, some of us stayed in touch for a while but inevitably drifted into different aspects of life. RP at times was a bitter emotional ride that almost destroyed several good friendships, such was the strength of the RP world back then.

This is an attempt to bring some of that back but in a more controlled way.

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