The World


The Elcarus Family are the most renowned and well known family to ever have set stone to ground in Dentarius, their legacy stands across many realms.

From Dentarius to Elvera and back, the legend of the Elcarus family is both insane and full of honour, they have helped and battled for centuries, they are friend to many to enemy to few, but they will always come home to Dentarius.

Their history and their legacy can be found among these pages.

The timelines are kinda hinky but right now they stand as below.

The Old Days [MSN Chat Period]
The Dragon Wars [Shutdown and Leaving]
A Legacy Reborn [Beginning of this site, and my return to writing inside the RP Universe]
Redrawn Boundaries [Where Most of the onsite RP Will be set]
A New World [The new story environment]

This is their story, the story of what happened after the wars, after they left, this is 300 Years later.

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