Kane Elcarus

Kanes HellMother: Nelliah Elcarus
Father: Ceremon Elcarus
Homeland: Dentarius
Age: 763
Race: Demon/Vampire
Mate: Not Known 
Occupation: Not Known
Height: 6′ 7”
Weapon of Choice: Long Bow and Katana
Hair Color: Long just above shoulder level, Dark Brown.
Element: Fire

In legends it is said every dog has their day, that those who are least known in the beginning often become the most well-known and notorious by the end. For Kane Elcarus this was perhaps true, his arrival in Elvera began the legacy of the Elcarus’ that will span the ages to come.

Every real legend is usually; built by one and held together by many, the one who can say he held biggest part in the Elcarus legend is Kane Elcarus, the fearlessness of the peacemaker of Elvera is a legend in its own right, but for Dentarius and his family Kane is the one with all the real ability, his ability to fight and protect is both unparalleled and unmatched.

The half demon half vampire son of Ceremon and Nelliah Elcarus, born in Dentarius the second of three triplet children born to Ceremon. Kane grew quickly and grew very powerful, his magical abilities exceed his fathers, his thirst for the balance of good is drawn many say from Nelliah’s love for Ceremon.

Kane is perhaps more responsible for the Elcarus family been held together and waging the reign of complete chaos that ensues the Elcarus name, backed by many including his three brothers Hades, Krystal and Haunted. Kane strives to be with those who mean the most whilst protecting those who seek his guidance, as the true leader of Dentarius, Kane is said by many to exceed that of his father Ceremon, although many would argue that Kane remains afraid of his slightly boisterous and insane father.

Kane is father to Aerian Elcarus the daughter of Queen Ascondia Exaltia, many still consider Kane’s marriage to Ascondia valid although Kane speaks less and less of the heartache that marriage caused him. His daughter was often found travelling with him, on whichever road he chose.

Shortly after his original return to Dentarius his heart was captured by Raven Dubrinski, a faithful and protected soul, Raven will always be a part of Kane and their long standing love, the reason he continues to fight in such a darkened world. 

It would be a dark circumstance that would separate Kane and Raven as a plot many believe executed by the Elveran High Council, the result was Ravens death and Kane in return murdering several of the High Council. These charges were never held as shortly after the Dragon Armies chose to wage war on the whole prompting Kane and his brothers to return to the centre of their power Elcarus Mansion. During the decade long war many were lost, when the hours were darkest the realms natural allies aligned with Elcarus blood standing together to finally drive the dragon forces out. It is believed that Dragon Lords are merely biding their time before they attempt another assault on the realm.

The war cost Kane a great deal including two of his brothers, Haunted was killed as the mansion eventually fell beneath the aerial assault of dragons, and Krystal fell defending the evacuation of the village, both brothers are buried in the cemetery of Elcarus Mansion laid to rest beside their mother.

Kane left Dentarius as the war died down, Kane made a name as he wandered and returned to aiding those in need of a hired hand. After almost 5 decades of wandering Kane finally made the choice to return to Dentarius.