Elsa Neverlong

elsassMother: Daniella Neverlong
Father: Oswald Neverlong
Homeland: Dentarius
Age: Not Know
Race: Elf
Occupation: Dressmake
Weapon of Choice: Needle
Element: Water

The tale of Elsa is a strange one, often remembered for her strange presence Elsa is the only dressmaker in the entire Everlands that uses her magic to dress people.

Elsa grew up in Dentarius her father was an import merchant often seeking the richest fabrics from across the realm. Her mother was a seamstress which is where Elsa would learn the basics of her craft. Even a young age Elsa often created clothing that was set apart from the fashions of the time, this led to her work been more and more required by higher society.

She was also drafted to make dresses for the Queen and most of her staff. It is widely assumed that Elsa was the one responsible for both of Queen Ascondias wedding dresses though this fact has never been verified.

Elsa uses a combination of clairvoyance and simple magic to read the person whom she is working with, her magic is tied to the fabrics with which then the dress is created, while it rare Elsa needs to do any actual sowing her magic ensures that dresses are held with the most intricate of methods, providing a much sturdier dress than regular stitched work. This ensures her services are both expensive and well sought after.

Elsa is not generally tied to one city or province but instead tends to wander where her whims will take her, though she is often in or around Dentarius more often as this is her childhood home.