Aerian Elcarus

Dragon Call

Mother: Ascondia Exaltia
Father: Kane Elcarus
Homeland: Elvera
Age: 22 (Human Equivalent)
Race: Angel/Demon Hybrid
Occupation: Thief
Weapon of Choice: Bow
Element: Fire & Lightening

Aerian Elcarus was born during a love affair between her father and mother, shortly after her fathers arrival in Elvera. Though it was kept quiet in the early years it has since become widely known who Aerians parents truly are and as such she is often regarded as an outcast or spoilt brat.

She was raised originally by her father after he sent her mother into hiding in the human realm and cloned her to allow the clone to take the throne of Elvera. Aerian had been returned to the Everlands after exhibit powers of the seers. This truth hadn’t settled too well with Aerian when the truth was inadvertently revealed to her by her teacher, as a result Aerian left the castle shortly after to seek her own fortunes.

Aerian was always a bright child, and also a very mischievous one, she often spent hours roaming the castle seeking to explore its every secret. She is often considered the only person who truly knows what secrets the castle may still day hold. She learned well and she studied very hard to udnerstand the nature between each realm and what they held above the other. She understands each culture to its fundamental basics and as such has adjusted her skill set accordingly to each.

Aerian is strong willed and somewhat arrogant as she makes her way around the realm, she is smart and skilled second to no one in her occupation and as such her skills are widely sought after. Though she is often hunted as much as she is hired, her reputation for escaping the worst of situations has earned her many accolades over the years.

Aerian is also like her mother quick tempered her words often as deadly as her weapons, while she prefers to talk her way through a situation her poor defenceless girl act will only go so far before those who challenge her find out she is just as skilled and deadly as her father, she has grasp on both lightening and fire elemental and as such is can fire arrows of lightening or fire from her bow, she is smart, she is cunning and she lives up-to the name of Elcarus, considered by many an enemy but a friend to even more. Aerian will aid those in need but above all she favours profit.

This frame of thought has also led to Aerian much of her young life alone and she rarely spends time with another for periods longer than her needs require, often her relationships are nothing more than a precursor to the job she is engaged upon.

However at the age of 18 Aerian found love with the daughter of one of the employees of the Elcarus family, Maya would become everything to Aerian and for the most part allowed Aerian a normal life and happiness. This happiness was not to last and Maya was assaulted and murdered by a slave trader known as Danver. Mayas death had an impact on Aerian that sent her into a spiral of depression and as a result disconnected her from everyone and everything.

Aerian only returned to Dentarius in time to warn her family of the incoming Dragon attacks, the warning coming in a slew of visions that forced her to return, Aerian held her duty as an Elcarus and aided her family in doing what they could to protect the Everlands.

Aerian was one of the last out of Dentarius after the Dragon wars that tore through the city and indeed the Elcarus Family Mansion, forcing the Elcarus family to scatter. She travelled forst to Elvera with her mother before deciding her life was leading elsewhere.

Ultimately Aerian would return to her life as a thief and assassin and as such this is where she was ultimately the happiest. Her fortunes had changed when she found word of an execution order been issued on Aishani, whom she had come to learn had become somewhat close to her father, Aerian had taken out the dispatched assassin, in truth simply to spite her mother and had made her return to Dentarius in his place. Oddly Aerian had fallen for Aishani in a way she hadn’t foreseen and subsequently this caused issues between her and her father.

Aerians were to be changed during the following winter, while out scouting she was kidnapped by her Uncle Hareavor and taken to the confines of her grandfathers castle, here she would be tortured and abused by both Hareavor and the guards, Aerian was left damaged at these hands before her fortunes would darken further. Aishanis mother Z’ress involved her in the affairs of taking Aerian from Hareavor and twisting her mind to suit Z’ress’ purpose. Aerian would become docile around Z’ress and gave herself to the darkness that Z’ress provided.

Eventually her father, her mother and Aishani would show to mount a rescue and though not directly responsible for her freedom this honour would go to the daughter of one of Ceremons own men. Virra subsequently electing to render Aerian unconscious before freeing her from the castle, at her release a confused Aerian murdered her mothers guard and attacked her father again resting in her been rendered unconscious before they returned to Elvera. 

After a short stay in the cells of Elvera Castle, Aerian was returned to her fathers custody and they returned to Dentarius, it was here Aerians fortunes changed for the better as her saviour Virra would become intricately wound in Aerians very being. Aerian has found she can draw direct strength from Virra this as a result has enabled her to shoulder her responsibilites to the realm and to her family, the powers of the seer that should have driven her mad have found a balance that is a result of Virras presence in her life. 


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