Aishani Tort’tar

Neverwinter AishaniRace – Drow/Dark Elf
Hair – Black/Ebon
Hair Style – Long dreads, usually tied back in a high pony tail
Eye Colour – Golden/Amber (right) Milky white (left)
Height – 5’5”
Weapon/s: Daggers, throwing knives, poison darts, whip and master poisoner/creation and application
Mother: Z’ress, Matron Mother of House Tort’tar
Father: Szordin, Patron to Z’ress
1st Daughter of Z’ress: Xulljra
2nd Daughter of Z’ress: Minra
1st Son of Z’ress: Tsabrak (killed at birth)
2nd Son of Z’ress: Rizerin (killed at birth)
3rd Son of Z’ress: K’yorl (sacrificed at birth)

Identifying marks/scars

She has a scar from her left brow down across her eye, reason for the milkiness of the left eye with it crossing the bridge of her nose to her cheek. The second will be revealed through the course of the story both personal workings and on this page!
Physical Description
She is very fit, light on her feet and nimble. Perfect birthing hips with a plump bottom, hour glass figure but in the slender version of such. Aishani appears to be fragile but is quite the opposite.
Currently Under Development, will post updates as they come and I am pleased with them!