Hades Elcarus


Mother: Not Known
Father: Not Know
Homeland: Jersey City, New Jersey
Age: 677
Race: Demon/Vampire/Human
Occupation: Assassin
Weapon of Choice: Broad Sword
Element: Fire

Hades was born Ryan Mathew Hannon in the mortal realm however at the age of just 4 he was kidnapped by the dangerous Everlandian fugitive Ceremon Elcarus. Ceremon proceeded to fuse demonic DNA of his three sons to create another unique and yet unstable fourth child he named Hades. Hades had all the abilities of his other brothers and yet a dark thirst for power that led from his human side. This side took over and led him to rampage the labs destroying them.

Hades left Dentarius after an altercation with Krystal which in his belief led him to throw Krystal from the window killing him. Kane and Haunted confronted him and he was forced to forgo the family home. He left through the mountains and soon arrived in the land of Elvera the largest city in the Everlands. It was during this time he met and had a short romantic interlude with the Queen of the Everlands, however during a heated night of passion he told Ascondia of how he had gained the scar upon his lower back and of course revealed the existence of his three brothers. Ascondia became particularly interested in Kane.

Shortly after that night Kane arrived in Elvera, Hades was outraged and attacked Kane leaving him for dead, escaping the royal guard and prison. Hades spent the best part of six centuries trying to finish off what he had begun with Kane all his attempts were met with limited success until he was finally trapped and sealed deep in the Carvalay Mountains by Kane.

It was almost four decades before Hades was able to make an escape aided by none other than the illusive Ceremon Elcarus, Hades set out to finally finish Kane off, however during the altercation something inside Hades occurred and he changed his mind tossing his blade aside allowing his brother a free final run, Kane also backed down and the two united. Kane and Hades ran a powerful division of the Everlandian Army and kept Ceremon’s forces at bay for some time.

Hades disappeared for sometime and finally resurfaced in House of Helena shortly after Haunteds arrival it is here he finally learnt the true path he was meant to follow and with that in mind he finally fell to the legacy of the Elcarus name, he too now resides on the side of right and strives to make the Elcarus name one that will be remembered through time and without question, Hades is a man whom always takes his responsibility serious, despite during his brothers absence a brief romantic interlude with his brothers grief stricken lover Raven.

A few later Hades finally found love with Lillie Elcarus, the two lived in Dentarius happily for a long while until the Dragon Wars, it is not known what happened to Lille but Hades is sure she got out and was not killed during this period, he however returned to Elvera to try and keep the High Councils attention away from his brother as well as aiding his niece Aerian in several of her own escapades. 

Hades current whereabouts are unknown.