Krystal Elcarus

KrystalMother: Nelliah Elcarus
Father: Ceremon Elcarus
Homeland: Dentarius
Age: 642 [Deceased]
Race: Demon/Vampire
Mate: Alyssa Dubrinski 
Occupation: Healer
Height: 6′ 6”
Weapon of Choice: Long Bow and Katana
Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
Element: Ice

Krystal was born and raised in Dentarius to Lady Nelliah and Lord Ceremon Elcarus, however complications during the birth lead to the death of Lady Nelliah. He grew up under the constant guidance of Ceremon Elcarus his father and chose in his own mind to follow the path of a Healer, with this in mind he increasingly began to spend more time in the village with the Monks. During this time he learnt how to control his own abilities to heal, it was this that perhaps he chose to anger his father, the truth was never really understood. Having said that do not under estimate Krystal’s ability, just because he uses the light arts does not mean he cannot handle the dark magic’s with as deadly an effect as any of the other Elcarus. Krystal can wield a blade with deadly effect though he will often choose to use a crossbow to eliminate a threat a range.

Krystal has never really been one to leave the family home, despite the fact that at a young age an altercation between Krystal and Hades lead to Krystal been thrown from the attic window, he carries a scar upon his right shoulder in memory of just how much damage your own family can do. He never forgot that night and has never really forgiven hades for leaving him near death that night. It was a combination of faith and his two brothers that pulled him through, Krystal left for a while wandering a random path, he got into much trouble and was barely able to escape the charms of a Siren. It was after this he chose to return home to Dentarius, the first he was to meet was a young slave girl by the name of Tessa, there was perhaps a little more between than slave and master but Krystal never accepted the fact she served him. Shortly after her arrival Elcarus Mansion once again became a mill of activity. After a few months Princess Sky arrived at the Mansion and Krystal fell deeply in love with her, the two were married for a while but Krystal’s commitments elsewhere in the village meant they spent less and less time together and the marriage slipped past them both.

After that Krystal once again left heart broken and joined his brother Haunted at House of Hel-ena, he held the command of the Defense Force there a while, though he was never one for taking a spotlight he remained quiet and often stayed in the corners away from the usual mill of the house. It is during this time he first met Lady Allysa Dubrinski, the two had an affair of sorts, shortly after Allysa was forced to leave and the two went separate ways, unbeknown to them bothg at the time Allysa had fallen pregnant with Krystals’ child. Krystal also had brief romantic relations with Hel-ena’s sister Lexy Mills, but nothing ever became as Krystal disappeared along with Kane and Haunted believed to have been dead.

It was perhaps near 100 years before Krystal resurfaced once again returning home to Dentarius, it is perhaps after his supposed death that Krystal came into his own as a true legend, the lands rejoiced at his return and life soon settled for Krys. One night during a storm a traveller arrived with a request for help by an unknown from Blood Rose Coven, Krystal contacted all of the family to inform them them of the request and soon joined the party heading for Bleeding Rose, this is perhaps where the biggest of all surprises came for both Haunted and Krystal as they arrived they were greeted by Heart and Lady Allysa Dubrinski, Krystal was over joyed but the mood was broken as he learnt she had had an encounter with Heart, however despite this Krystal was able to finally accept his former lover back into his life and the two returned to Dentarius finally united and finally happy.