Stacy Ravensfield


Mother: Human
Father: Human
Homeland: Dentarius
Age: 19 (Human Equivalent)
Race: Aasimir
Occupation: Healer
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Element: Wind

Stacy began life human, she was then brought to Dentarius by Kane Elcarus, after her sadness crossed the dimensional divide. This was following the death of the previous realm Healer Sarantha Ravensfield. While she was never born Ravensfield Stacy is a dimensional descendant of the clan and so was given the knowledge of Sarantha unpon her arrival to Dentarius.

It took around 3 months for her to fully assimilate to her new role from her human roots and as such she is first successful relocation of a human to Dentarius in over three centuries. Whilie normally human relocations require a little assistance Stacy is a rare case where the realm itself completed the transformation thus meaning any negative effects are far less minimal than those of previous attempts.

She is a naturally gifted healer and as such can use the knowledge of the Ravensfield Grimoire with a near perfect results everytime. Though she has only directly consulted the power of the Grimoire on rare occasion she is able to weild the power of the realm with a gifted ease.

She was also able to save Kanes life after an encounter with Hareavor, a genetic clone of Kane created by Ceremon after the failure of Hades. It is thought Hareavor was in the beginning more good but after betraying family exiled by Krystal Elcarus and so turned to Ceremon for a place in life, Ceremon then proceeded to twist Hareavors way of thinking and as such created an evil version, this is the one who attacked Kane and with a poisoned blade left him for dead. Stacy was able to heal the initial wounds and keep Kane alive, however it was oly after he fed upon her that the effects of the poison were neutralised.

At this time she lives in Elcarus Mansion under the direct protection of Kane himself. She has learned well in her time and is very adept with a katana, she also possesses the ability to weild the wind element as protection to great effect.