Elcarus History


For as long as any can remember The Everlands has stood in between all know planes of existence, it exists everywhere and no where. Many of the most powerful sorcerers and mages reside within these lands and the lands that surround this plane.

They exist in peace and harmony. Though it wasn’t always that way. The following scrolls contain all the details of the struggles to the Everlands.

This accounts at least the last 4000 years as documented by the Elcarus family. Written originally by Lord Dreyan Elcarus, and then continued by his sons. The original account is written from the older scrolls of Evermore, and then a more complete and filled picture written by Hades Elcarus himself.

At a date of approximately five thousand years ago a man began to build a small following, against the way in which the Everlands was governed by the High Council. The following grew stronger small skirmishes broke out in the villages. Soon the Dark Knights as they had become know led by Ceremon Elcarus had taken almost a complete control of the High Council. A wave of terror and panic tore through the Everlands like none had ever seen. The Everlandian Army had trouble keeping the fighting under control, though as many noted they were poorly trained and poorly equipped. Things came to a head with the deaths of three of the High Council. They sent word to a land many ways off asking for the help of the most powerful sorcerer ever known to have stood Ceremon’s estranged brother Lord Vyra Ekenheart. With Vyra came High Priestess Elwyn Ekenheart, and the most dangerous man one could ever wish to meet Vyra’s’ personal guard Sia Ekenheart. Sia took charge of the Everlands Army turning them into a formidable force, who usually dealt with skirmishes with swift reaction and deadly force. Ceremon was been forced back and not liking it he ordered the assassination of Lord Vyra.

The assassin was caught attempting to sneak into Elvera Castle, and a little bewitching and mind charm soon gave Sia the location of Ceremon and the remainder of his men. Sia gathered a small task force and with Vyra’s’ blessing they set out to finally crush Ceremon and the Dark Knights. Unfortunately tipped off Ceremon fled the Dark Knights hideout taking his most loyal Sirius Blane and Phoenix Neremesca with him. They fled as the Everlandian Army began their attack. Aided by many of their own men, they were able to safely flee into the forest. As they wandered deeper within the heart of the Everlandian Forest. Finally arriving at the heart of the Everlands and the deadly Everlandian mountains, which from above seemed to surround an endless pit, rumored to be the pit of despair and desperation, desperate men will do desperate things to survive.

Ceremon who was somewhat smarter than the average run of the mill sorcerer, lead them through a winding pass that led a part ways up into the mountains then deep into the heart of the mountains, he reminded them to follow with open mind, failure to believe there was something on the other side would land you in the pit. The three men set of through Sirius led knowing a wealth of magic charms and spells to aid their way. Ceremon and Phoenix’s devastating attacks allowed them to take care of the thieves and ghouls that littered the mountain pass. After six days of travelling through the pass, they arrived on the others side a land of rolling fields that dropped down into the valley. At the bottom a small village was visible.

The three descended among the village a story of been cast out by their own lands, they failed to mention they were escaped convicts from The Everlands. Ceremon lived for years protecting the village; Sirius became a teacher at the school teaching children basic magic and potion skills. Phoenix however disappeared, Ceremon suspected he was trying to build a following, perhaps resurrect the shattered remnants of the Dark Knights. Still Ceremon worked tirelessly to build friendship and trust in Dentarius, he completely changed in his demeanour no longer the power hungry tyrant he once was but a calmed and gentle man.

As Ceremon built up trust with the people of Dentarius he built a huge mansion at the top of the valley on the opposite side to the mountain pass, which gave Ceremon, clear view of those entering and leaving using the pass. The mansion was by far the biggest and most elegant structure in Dentarius. Soon the mansion was to become known as Elcarus Mansion . Ceremon traveled to the village every day for fresh supplies; within the village he built a close friendship with the Blacksmith’s daughter Nelliah Lockhart. After almost two years of secret meetings and midnight rendezvous, Ceremon pronounced his love for Nelliah.

They were married shortly afterward in the town church; Nelliah moved with Ceremon to Elcarus Mansion, they lived a happy and fruitful life, after almost a year of marriage to Ceremon Nelliah announced that she was pregnant with Ceremon’s child, this turned out not to be quite so true as she was actually laden with triplets. However Ceremon’s luck was not to hold out, as the birth of his children caused complications toward his wife whom died giving birth to them. The children were three healthy baby boys, Nelliah however was not so fortunate her life slipping from her during the birth. Ceremon racked with grief took to raising the children, he named the three children Kane, Krystal and Haunted. He spent the best part of eight years raising the children teaching them the ways of the warrior.

However Ceremon’s good will and changed ways were not to last once he learned of his children’s hidden abilities which at the age of six they began to tap into, showing the ability to cause large amounts of chaos in short periods of time. Ceremon became obsessed by this and his return to power, under the Elcarus Mansion he built a laboratory and began working upon a way to clone the children, several earlier attempts were met with limited success, then finally after many failed attempts and the clones generally dying within two to five days of been produced, Ceremon resolved to kidnapping a young child from the mortal realm, he took a small amount of DNA from each of his three children and fused this with the human child. The attempt was met with strange results producing a half human half demon, but with immense amounts of power, this attempt was known as Hades, The four children trained and worked with each learning their every technique, however the human lust for power was soon to over run Hades and he attacked Ceremon’s labs destroying what remained of the cloning technologies, he was cornered by Krystal in the attic and after a small confrontation threw Krystal from the attic window.

After this Hades was forced from the lands of Dentarius by Kane and Haunted and headed back into The Everlands, Kane and Haunted aided and nursed Krystal back to health before shortly afterward Kane, Krystal and Haunted would follow Hades, all three heading in separate directions and their separate ways. Kane headed out with his good friend Heart, whom they had met in and trained with for years in the village of Dentarius, Heart (whose real name was actually Alex Rayheart) was some what unique in every way Heart had a very natural charm about him. Though his chosen line of work was often questionable, never the less Heart and Kane traveled together.

Haunted headed away from the Everlands and set out in search of work as a lone protector, he would provide protection to those often victimised by the more power hungry. Haunted made good headway and soon established a good name for his self. It is also during this period he met and made friends with a man whose family had been assassinated, the former Minister of Weddings Zyon Evermore. Haunted kept close by Zyon to ensure that he was kept alive often dragging Zyon from town to town.

Krystal headed to the Everlands for quite some time and worked as a barman in a local house near Elvera, he made good headway as was rarely troubled though he was somewhat of a ladies man.

Ceremon left Dentarius around four years after his sons and soon after joining up with Sirius Black and Phoenix Neremesca; whom indeed had rebuilt a small following of the former Dark Knights. Ceremon used this guise to return to the Everlands and set out hunting his four sons. His plan simple and cold, he was to kill the four and instate Hareavor as the true leader of the Elcarus dynasty.

Hades made headway back to Elvera Castle, though he didn’t know this at the time, Hades arrived and met with Ascondia Exaltia the Queen of the Everlands. A small brief love affair occurred between the two, this was until she learnt of Hades brother Kane and sent four of her best guards to bring Kane to her. They under estimated Kane and soon ran into problems by attempting to kidnap him, which resulted in the deaths of three of them. Upon hearing this Ascondia instructed the fourth guard to seek Kane’s help that she was a maiden in trouble with a league whom wished to take her lands from her. Hearing this Kane consented and followed the guard back to Elvera Castle.

Ascondia was thrilled to have Kane arrive; Hades on the other hand was not so pleased. His own jealousy took over and resulted in him attacking and leaving Kane lying in a pool of blood upon the ground. It was at this time Kane’s memory was suppressed by the High Council and false memories of creation and him been raised to serve the High Council. Although deep within his heart in a strange way he always doubted this. The constant torment of his brother also added to the less than faithful illusion he’d been given.

Kane and Hades spent the best of six centuries battling and trying to one up one another, the struggle ended in one spectacular battle in the Caravaly Mountains which resulted in Kane sealing Hades deep within the mountain cavern where he remained for the best part of a further four hundred years, his escape was aided by Ceremon who hoped that Hades desire to finish off Kane would better his cause and Hades would do his dirty work, this unfortunately backfired during the final altercation between Kane and Hades something occurred within them both which resulted in them both dropping their weapons and Kane and Hades united to become a powerful new force. It seems you can never count out the force of brotherly love, or family even after a thousand years.

Ceremon after twelve years created another clone which mirrored Kane in almost every way, Hareavor Elcarus, fuelled with lies and deceit Hareavor set out in search of Kane, Haunted, Krystal and of course Hades his intention to avenge his fathers dishonor. Ceremon and Sirius put in place plans to aid the downfall of Ceremon’s’ own children. Things seemed well in Ceremon’s book, but it seemed he had not foreseen the fact that all the children now men had grown and honed their own abilities and were writing legacies that would stand against the test of time. Each would become unique in their own way, each stronger in some areas than others, but all were very skilled warriors and could hold a battle hand to hand.

With the rise of the Dark Knights panic once again tore through the Everlands many remembering the chaos and death that Ceremon had brought before, what’s more is an unease spread through the lands as the confused townsfolk tried to figure why Kane was attacking them one minute and aiding them the next, soon people began to distrust the Commander of the Everlandian Army. It was in Nevera where things became clear as the two Kane’s clashed blades, of course the truth was revealed of Ceremon’s plot to take out Kane and replace him with Hareavor. Ceremon’s plans were to hit a huge set back as the brothers united and took out over a hundred of his men by themselves unaided by their friends.

It was at this point after almost two years away in search of the one whom had ruined his reputation that Kane finally returned to Elvera however times had changed many believed Kane dead and even Ascondia had moved on, she had married a warrior by the name of Draven Do’Urden, Kane destroyed and devastated left Elvera and headed home to Dentarius where his brother Krystal and best friend Heart now resided.

During his time in return to home Kane met a woman by the name of Sara whom it seemed had been banished from the lands of her home, the two had an interlude of romance those this ended when Sara simply vanished, this left Kane devastated and deeply hurt once more.

Haunted and Hades also returned as the Elcarus’ once again put up a united front, though things in the Elcarus Mansion, were happy as Krystal met a woman whom he charmed all the way to the alter as he married Sky. The two were happy for a while, but a rift began to appear as the Elcarus brothers once again parted ways. Haunted headed out in search of a new home claiming the childhood home to have too many bad memories, he finally made his way to a long forgotten realm and began working at the local Manor, he found a place to rest House of Hel-ena, however things took a turn for the worse as the Manor was attacked and Haunted forced to react called upon the forces of the Dentarius Defence Force, perhaps the most powerful unit to have ever graced their lands, it was with swift reaction they were able to take back their home in very little time at all. Haunted and Hel-ena were we shortly after this they have been married a little over four hundred years now, perhaps one of the longest marriages known in those lands.

Kane left home with a young lady whom had come traveling through Dentarius by the name of Raven Dubrinski, she seemingly captivated a broken down warrior and set him on the road to return as they were betrothed and he left to reside within her native lands.

Krystal’s marriage to Sky was unfortunately short lived as his commitments with the Dentarius Defence Force became more and more, keeping him away from home for long periods of time, Sky finally gave up waiting on her husband and finally ended their marriage, Krystal never blamed her for those actions and he was hurt by them. It was a few months after his divorce that he met another, a woman by the name of Allysa Dubrinski, they were never more than friends for a while but it quickly became apparent that there would have been more between them. The family of Haunted, Hel-ena, Krystal, Allysa and Hades soon moved back to Dentarius and resided back within Elcarus Mansion, however events and power trips led to Allysa been banished from Dentarius even though perhaps the Elcarus brothers did not condone all of those actions. Krystal simply kept his mind on his work and buried his heart with Allysa’ banishment.

It was perhaps during this time that Kane and Ravens daughter was first born Enya Elcarus was born and Raven fell into a coma from the strains, recovering quickly Raven and Kane raised their daughter as best they could. Within a few short years a second child was conceived it is here the fairytale love ends as the family faced their biggest threat.

With information on Ceremons where about Kane was able to call the family together as the Elcarus brothers set out to finally put an end to Ceremons ways, they were led into a huge ambush in the heart of All Hallows Wood, many believed Kane, Krystal, Heart and Haunted to be dead however Hades was able to survive all be it barely, he returned to House of Darkness in a weakened state and was nursed back to health by Raven, a destroyed woman felt she had no reason to continue on, Hades was able to convince her otherwise and the two engaged in a romantic relationship, Kane’s second child was born under the guidance of Hades and named Ethan Elcarus. Raven was again to fall pregnant this time to Hades and shortly afterward Alexander was born. It seems just when Raven had her life planned in settling in marriage with Hades whilst out hunting one night she came across Veralia a small castle on the other side of Dentarius, few even tread those sacred grounds, Raven however chose to do so and in a dark shock would re united with her former lover Kane, even with his memory in pieces he was able to remember to her, she had no choice but to take him home to her home. Hades even though he was hurt was able to step back and allow Raven to be happy knowing he could never really replace his brother. He returned his attention to his adopted daughter Aleeza Skystorm, he was greatly displeased when he learnt of her marriage to an old enemy Veres Skystorm, but upon hearing his daughters please he finally gave them his blessing.

It is around this time that Haunted also resurfaced and with a vicious venom injected a new life and morality into the failing Dentarius Defence Force had begun to lack, with his return Hel-ena was overjoyed and took her time to introduce him to their children Kain and Destiny, who it seemed happened to be twins. Haunted is also the Godfather of Allysa Dubrinski, as well as several others. Haunted and Krystal strived to rebuild what the Defence Force was as well as rebuild the Elcarus Legacy. Though their efforts were rewarded with the loyalty of the townsfolk, not so many were so happy to see return.

Hades, Haunted Kane and Krystal in this time were also able to finally trap and banish Ceremon to the underworld, with him believed fallen the boys could live a life finally of peace, unbeknown to them Ceremon had managed to transfer his consciousness to Hades own mind, for the moment he remained dormant and the Elcarus’ returned to their task of rebuilding both Dentarius and the Elcarus legacy.

Nothing much over the next hundred years or so is known about what occurred within the Elcarus Family as they kept many out and let very little in, in a sense they kept the family out of the limelight for quite sometime, receding to a simple and private life, Kane and Raven raised their children as best they could, another child was born but Kane’s absence from home however Raven was attacked and raped during her pregnancy sending the child into a state of pure evil, Enya feeling she had no choice banished the child whilst her mother recovered then simply told her mother the child had died at birth. Raven still believes this true, only Hades and Enya know the truth of this encounter, however Hades and Ravens relationship had deteriorated into a twisted manner of him torturing her, a darker side to Hades had emerged without cause. Kane was finally able to drive him away and Hades returned to Elcarus Mansion, the dark side subsided for a while as he was charmed by Lillie and soon enough they were married and Hades had finally it seemed settled for love over celibacy.

Hades and Lillie remained at Elcarus Mansion along with many of the other family members, the two shared a bond that was in every respect unbroken for many moons, they had a love that was deeper and ran far more firmly than any of Hades previous lovers, but more down to the fact he refused to fall in love, Lillie was able to tame the untamable or so it is written. The two share a very unique and strong relationship that is built upon years of trust.

Another unique twist in the lives came with a messenger from Blood Rose Coven, it is here that a note was sent in request of the families help, simply stated at the bottom was the name “Friend” without real knowledge Haunted dispatched Heart to investigate the message and Heart was extremely surprised to see the writer of the note was none other than Lady Allysa Dubrinski, however things between the two went perhaps much further than they should have and Heart charmed Allysa all the way into his bed. This was perhaps the first of mistakes as shortly after Haunted Elcarus would arrive at the request of Heart, shortly to be followed by Krystal, who instead of re-uniting with his former lover was livid at her actions, however with the danger to her home negated and Hades turning up with the spirit of Ceremon within things went from bad to worse, Hades attacked and stabbed Heart leaving in a sense for dead, it was left to Hades wife Lillie to carry Hades back to Dentarius to resurrect the fallen Ceremon, upon this Ceremon immediately returned to the life of darkness he had before, even despite all that had happened he saw fit to return to Blood Rose and there he attacked Allysa, during his attack he attempted to feed upon her and the release broke the hold of the force that had Ceremon drowned in so much evil. Alescia was finally forced to abandon Ceremon.


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