Dentarius is said to be the true heart of The Everlands, it is here the most notorious family reside. The city of Dentarius has grown slowly over the years and while they are still struggling from the destruction wrought during the Dragon Wars the city still stands.

lhxplphicaSet in a deep valley surrounded by mountains and forest Dentarius is well protected from all threats, the forest is home to Direwolves and as such is dangerous to travel alone, trade routes are protected by Dentarian forces but it is still a dangerous place to be except by those who know the land well.

The city is medieval in terms of how it appears, the city has few real shops and instead favours an open market for trade, other business is usually conducted within the cities tavern or Elcarus Mansion. The mayor keeps order as well as contact with other cities around the realm.

Elcarus Mansion sits on the hills above the city, though most travellers will pass by as they head into theabandoned-mansions-cambusnethan-priory3 city, it’s always worth a trip as Elcarus Mansion serves as the gateway, it is here the Elcarus Brothers Kane and Hades reside for the most part. The Mansion was built on a rather powerful vein of magick and because of this it is considered a stronghold by many, every attack thrown against the city of Dentarius has been thrown off the moment they took their attention to Elcarus Mansion.

Unfortunately the city took heavy damage during the Dragon Wars and the mansion sat abandoned for sometime.