Elvera is the capital city of The Everlands, it is though Elvera was the first colony to exits within The Everlands and as such has buildings that stem across it’s entire developemnt. As well a myriad of catacombs that run deep benath the city.

The city itself is housed within the castle walls, the castle is home to Queen of the Everlands, though in current times a power struggle is under way as there are those who believe Ascondia is no longer fit to rule.

High_Street,_Exeter,_England,_ca._1895The inner city itself for the most part resembles a late 1890’s England as the city has begun to evolve technologically to a more self sufficient city, it has thing such as power generation, though nothing quite as simple as a power station, instead it’s supply comes from hidden magicks beneath the castle, how they work only a few will ever know.

The city is often cramped as it’s population grows, it is believed there may be plans to begin expanding beyond the castle walls in the near future. The city is protected by the Elveran Guard, and they have full authority over all matter pertaining to justice, this limits the need for trivial matters such as trials and executions. There are of course matters which will result in trial and imprisonment as the realm moves away from such barbaric practices.