[Ending A War] The Plan to End a War

Stacy had barely left the Master Suite since she had been found in the cells, there was a part of her that somehow felt guilty for what had occurred and the young female twin been placed in harm’s way and subsequently kidnapped. She didn’t mind admitting she was relieved when Aerian and Virra had returned with the child.

Ascondia had also been around for the most part, as she watched Kane and Aishani now there was a knot in her stomach, a realisation deep within that Kane no longer belonged to her, and that it was time to accept that fact. There was a dawning sense that she was needing to fix things with her own daughter, a puzzle she barely even knew where to start with.

Kane, on the other hand, had one arm around Aishani as he stared at his children, proud and concerned all in the same, “They are strong, even apart, our daughter is stronger than ever, our family is stronger”

As Kane referred to Aerian as their daughter Ascondia looked at him pain in her eyes now before she excused herself, it was hard even for her to hide the tears that flooded down her face before she left.

Aishani nodded, while leaning against Kane but glanced to the leave of Ascondia, sniffing the air a slight. “Excuse me, my love. It seems that Ascondia is crying, I can smell the salt. After I return we will name the children. We cannot have her upset at this time.” Aishani departed after a brief kiss to him and their children. Following the scent of Ascondia.

Ascondia had chosen one of her more favorite places to sulk, one of the towers around halfway up had a window that looked out over the forests to the rear. She wiped her eyes angrily now as she simply stared and watched, somehow trying to process this raging whirlwind of emotions that ripped at her from within.

A handkerchief was offered to her from behind, held by the sudden hand of Aishani. “What could possible have a Queen in tears?” The silky voice of Aishani purred.

“Just watching what I thought was all I ever wanted fall apart,” Ascondia stated darkly “I never thought I’d lose Kane if I just waited eventually he’d see we were supposed to be together. But it was never going to happen and I knew that the moment I saw you all those years ago, the way he looked at you, the way he looks at you makes your heart skip a beat. I hate him for it, he made me love and I destroyed that faith in us,” Ascondia looked at Aishani with a soft smile “You have your children to look out for you needn’t worry about my meltdown, I will get a grip in time for us going to fight, I’m just feeling a lot and not so sure about how to deal with something I taught was weakness and to be suppressed, though as I said not something to concern yourself with.”

“As much as I hate to say this, you are part of this family. The reason I don’t like to say that is because it is hard to admit Kane still cares for you. There will always be a place for you in his heart, I know this. You are the mother of Aerian, his first child. I can never compete with that even if I tried, which I realize is rather fruitless. This isn’t a competition, Ascondia. I still have my insecurities. Though sometimes, you never know what you have until it’s gone. The war has everyone on edge and we are preparing for the worst. You are still a part of this family. Love for me was always a weakness too. I overcame that, men were viewed as lessers only a tool for pleasure amongst the society of Drow. It was when they turned on me, I saw the truth. Don’t let what you were taught, to overrule your heart.”

“We were born to change the worlds we were sent to, a guide by non interference. My Master said I would not only change one world but them all, then I started dreaming of the Everlands and they turned, I was barely 13 when I ran, blind luck opened the portal that brought me here and in horror, I had to watch as my nightmares came to light. It’s funny the first time I changed the fate of the Everlands and they hailed me a hero. Made me Queen, and I did, as best I could with the visions to guide me, the Everlands found peace and I found Hades, who then brought me Kane and the rest you already know. The oddest part was running and hiding to save our daughter, among humans who quite honestly scare the crap out of me. I gave birth and Aerian began to exhibit her powers so I sent her home, she never forgave me for that, not because I sent her home to Kane but because I couldn’t come with her, afraid I guess, I’ve watched her grow and yet never been a part of her life, when he said your daughter,” She stopped wondering why she had laid half her life story down to this woman she barely even knew “It hurt, worse than I ever expected it, I’m sure your not trying to replace me, but in her eyes you already have. Again though, we have a war to end because we won’t win, winning implies we lose nothing but we already have each of us has lost something to this war, a piece of ourselves, let’s hope the other side allows us to build a future for us all. Now haven’t you children to name, I promise I will be fine,”

“The day, she stops calling you, mom is the day that she has replaced you. But she still calls you that, I’d suggest that you talk to her. She does love you and knows that you do, it’s the way you show it that confuses her. I think with the share of her talent with Virra had given her some levelheadedness. The two are engaged now. I’ve seen the ring and know Kane has.” Aishani chuckled. “I can help to talk things out. I don’t mind. Just we have to keep it together for not just the family but our people. It’s a heavy weight. Yes, I think I know a name for both. Will you join me? I’d like for you to be there.”

“Who would have though you and I could be civil, even for a moment” Ascondia chuckled softly “Perhaps you are right and the end of this war will be a new start for us all” She slid from her place in the window and with Aishani made her way back to the Master Bedroom.

Kane was in conversation with Stacy as they entered “Everything OK?”

“Just moving on Kane, little more than I’m used to processing, I’m fine” Ascondia replied softly “We should get to naming these two before they begin to believe baby boy and girl are their actual names”

Kane raised a brow as he tried to figure if that was a genuine statement of concern or a dig at him in some form. He shook his head as he walked to Aishani taking her hand gently “Any ideas my love?”

Aishani smirk to Ascondia’s words. “Don’t get too comfy.” She chuckled walking with her to the master suite. Well with she accepted Kane’s hand and moved to the cribs to look over the babes. “Terra…” The girl squealed and made a gesture of clapping her hands but did so in a miss.

“I think she likes her name my love,” Kane smiled softly as he watched her, “And So welcome Terra Elcarus”

Aishani chuckled to the sight of Terra, leaning down to give her a kiss, when suddenly beside her, the boy grabbed her hair. Looking at her questioningly, but began to tug in a playful manner, she then scooped up the boy and parted his small hands from the dreads. “Hm, looks like he’s impatient.” She scolded the boy in a playful tone, but then looked to Kane. “What about Xander?”

Kane laughed as the boy grabbed at Aishanis hair “He is indeed going to be a handful, and I think Xander fits just perfectly,” Letting Xander take his finger with a soft smile “What do you think? Shall we call you Xander?”

“Terra and Xander, they hold such strength, and are beautiful just like their parents,” Stacy added still on the far side of the room “I think they will play a great part in things to come, all of your children will eventually be just as strong as you and lead just as well” She wasn’t supposed to give such clues on the future but a part of Stacy simply couldn’t keep all she knew to herself, a soft reassurance that they would, in the end, be alright.

Aishani gave Kane a sharp glance when he found amusement in Xander’s grab at her hair. “Indeed.” She handed of Xander to Kane while scooping up Terra, cradling her as the infant looked with a strong neck for her brother in which she complied and leaned against Kane. “It starts soon. This war will be finished.” Aishani subtly commented on Stacy’s words but to the children.

Kane held Xander to him as he watched Aishani take Terra, his eyes soft and determined now. “We do all this for you, we do it for the realm and for our children” he stated softly now talking to the twins.

Terra gurgled with the incoherent baby jibberish, while Xander seemed to smile and squeal in excitement. Aishani grinned revealing her sharp canines to Terra whom appeared curious and extended a hand up as though she hadn’t quite figured out that such was out of her reach. Aishani leaned her cheek against Kane’s bicep. “They are smart and already taking in everything…”

“That may not work out too well for us in the future” Kane grinned in his reply, as he watched the twins as they visually took in every detail around them. “When they go for their nap we should talk,” He looked around the room now “All of us,”

Aishani nodded now while moving to settle and open her top to reveal the breasts, swollen with milk. Though arranged one to feed Terra and then extended an arm for Xander, it would be clear now. Once the children had fed, it would make them sleepy, this giving them time to all speak. It worked like a charm, though, in the sight, it was rather erotic with a child latched to each bosom, yet perfectly natural. She rose after tucking away her bosom, placing each carefully in the crib. “Prepare the wet nurse, I don’t need them going hungry.”

Kane watched the whole scene with admiration in that moment, Kane had made his way to the door and was now in conversation with guards ensuring that this room would be well secured in their absence. The mages had now finally managed to strengthen the protection wards around the mansion ensuring that no one would get in unless they were allowed.

“The gates are to sealed shut the moment we leave, no one in or out no matter the circumstances, Dragons will also be left outside the gates, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes my Lord, of course, we will watch the babes with our lives, as always,” Kane nodded as he turned to see the children settling he pointed to the room just beyond. Hades had already made himself comfortable on the desk as they filed in.

Jade was between Hades’ legs in his comfortable sit on the desk, watching as they entered and motioned to the table. Where a small protein packed snack was prepared. “Eat up. We need the strength.”

Kane nodded, as Heart entered the room from the other door now looking a little less broken down.

“I’m not going to say we’ll be OK, or that we will all make it home because I don’t know, I do know that Stacy is staying behind, the last thing we need is another realm healer dying. As for the rest of us we can’t win if we’re not all there, The Dires and Unicorns will ensure our backs are watched, the Spiders will ensure we’re not surprised from the side along with forces from Emerald City, the dragons are going to clear our path and we along with our armies are going to breach Elvera and take the castle by force. The biggest issue will be taking down the outer walls, they were built to withstand. I should know I helped build them.”

“So how do we get through them?” Hades stated darkly already not liking the plan laid out before him.

“I want them to see us coming, so we drop the gates, enough magic and dragon fire thrown at them they will fall, the city is according to Ascondia already clear, aside from their own forces, so no need to play nice, our issue lies once we are beyond the gates we’re on our own. The magicks above Elvera are designed to repel dragons and well anything else you want to throw at the city, we don’t have the time to bring them down, we need to stop Ceremon and Z’ress and it has to be now, we are out of time.” Kane’s words were deliberate in not hiding what lay ahead of them now.

Jade placed a hand on Hade’s thigh, she was now wearing a shorter kimono with a sword attached to her hip that held a gorgeous golden sheath and two throwing stars at her waist that glistened and appeared to be liquid, yet solid, magically bound. “Yes, while, I agree that the reign of fire will not withstand the wards. The grounding forces, I believe we may have a better chance at the spiders. They can move quickly enough to get within before even we can.”

Aishani considered Jade silently. “This may be perfect, Shadow and I share a bond. I can see through her eyes, this can get us a pin point on Ceremon and Z’ress, inside the castle.”

“We will have to use our vices on the ground to break through into the fortified city.” Jade nodded a slight while inhaling deeply. “But one thing they will not count on is the Spiders to breach first.”

“That could work, I’ll see what I can build upon with Shadow. She remains close due to the kidnapping of Terra, though, will after some coaxing listen to me. Considers, Terra one of her own due to it being our child…But, I need you all to understand something. Should any harm come to Shadow, I will take the damage. She is best at scouting. That will do well for our benefit.” Aishani said, now, she was wearing her leather armor, the set that Kane first laid eyes upon her on with her hair drawn back into a dread pull. “I say we come at the front but keep our best scouts in the back to enter through. Ascondia, is there now emergency escape from the castle itself? An ambush may be best.”

“The back routes to the castle were sealed off, Zia used the only remaining one. I made a mistake as I opened the portal and the tunnel collapsed as we escaped,” Ascondia replied “One way in and that’s through the front doors after we breach the city gates” Ascondia herself was now in dark leather armour, her hair pinned back. Twin swords on her back.

“It doesn’t surprise me, the High Council were paranoid as all hell,” Kane was about to speak further when the door opened again bringing to conversation Aerian, Virra and the newcomer Domi.

“Sorry we’re late, Domi was trying to treat us to breakfast. The realm it seems had other ideas, gave me a glimpse, lots of combat, death, mayhem, fire and Elvera burning, beyond that I’m still trying to figure it out. We all survive so far as I can tell,” Aerian made her words quickly as she looked around the room at the very heart of the realm itself in her father Kane, his wife Aishani, his brother Hades, his fiancée Jade, her mother Queen Ascondia, his best friend Heart, the healer Stacy, the Dress maid turned warrior Elsa, her lover and fiancée Virra, and their latest addition Domi, it wasn’t an army but it was a force to be reckoned with.

“Keeping us guessing, you’d think they’d give us more to work with” Hades scoffed with a mock smile as he slid his hand over Jades, a reassuring gesture to his fiancée, “Still if there’s anything you missed let us know before we all trust your keen visions and wind up dead?”

“Not today Uncle Hades, we will prevail, we’re a family” Which she was fairly certain was the point of the vision a reminder that together they could indeed accomplish anything.

“So the spiders will lead the infiltration, the problem now it’s still going to take a shit load of magic to open those gates” Kane sighed softly.

Jade glanced took Hades and curled her fingers within hers, placing a squeeze of reassurance to him. Aishani inclined a brow while watching Domi for a moment then simply chuckled with a slow shake of her head returning to the conversation. “Yes, then, let’s be about this. We have a fight ahead of us.”

Kane also had his eye on Domi and to Virra before he decided he actually didn’t want to know and would, in the end, trust their judgment. It seemed they now had a plan and all they needed now was to execute things.

“We should leave at daybreak we’re still a few days out,” Hades stated firmly “Heart you will have time to get ahead of us and send in Emerald Cities reinforcements as of Aishanis orders, of course, we should have forces defend the gateway into the city as well”

Kane nodded in agreement, “Virra, Aerian, and the young man will be our support, I trust no one more to cover our backs, and ensure you’ll have cleared out the city”

Domi and Virra nodded to Kane’s words, assisting ready. Aishani spoke then, “We get a good night’s sleep and then leave. No one is any good without such, make sure your heads are on straight and we proceed to take back Elvarian lands and secure the castle. This is our home and as such we fight for it.”

“So we leave tomorrow?” Aerian looked up with a grin “Cool, well I’m gonna go get my breakfast, and relax for today, may be my last chance for a while,” She took Virras hand and smiled toDomi “Come on you, you started now you gotta finish,”

Kane watched as the trio left before looking to Aishani “Why do I get the feeling I shouldn’t ask?”

“Seems your girl …” Hades began

“I don’t want to know” Kane groaned in reply

Domi was already leaving holding the door for Virra and Aerian before the trip left the room.

Aishani tilted her head with a smirk and chuckle to Kane’s reaction. “Because she’s your little girl–women rather. It’s amusing, I agree Hades.”

“As long as she is happy, that is what counts?” Ascondia finally stated having watched the whole thing unfold before her.

“As long as she is careful,” Kane replied before turning to Aishani “We should go get some rest, all of us should. Tomorrow we begin the steps to end this”

“I will head home to Emerald City, your orders Aishani?” Heart stated softly he had taken all that was said in and understood the stakes now as he waited to once again play his part.

Aishani agreed with Ascondia, perhaps for the first time but glanced to Heart. “Be quick about it Heart. My orders are as follows, gather Emerald City army to walk against the threat of the realm. Add your own touch to get into the hearts of the people and ready them to match in Elvera. Every moment counts now.”

Heart bowed lightly and was gone just as quickly, as Ascondia as well left them, it wasn’t long before Kane and Aishani were back in their chambers beside their children.

He had already peeled out of his shirt and was now sat simply watching as the children slept, a reminder of why they were fighting. Oddly for him, he was at peace with that fact now.

Aishani climbed into the bed behind Kane, wrapping her arms around him from behind with chin perched on his shoulder. Her bare skin of her bosom crushed into his back. “I feel it too. This will end soon and we can enjoy our children.”

“The future is worth protecting, for us all, I want a safe world for us to raise our children, together,” He drew her hands around him to his lips kissing them gently “We should get some sleep,”

[Ending A War] It’s Time to End This

It had taken them 76 hours as Aerian, Virra and Domi finally made it back through the gates of the Mansion. Aerian had the young child now strapped to her front keeping her both close and warm, as they headed in Aerian asked a guard the location of her parents and was quickly directed back to the Master Bedroom.

As she knocked upon the door she stood and she waited on the reply.

There was a response to enter the room. Once the trio and the baby entered, they were met with the sight of Hades, Jade, Stacy, Ascondia gathered around a table with a map upon it, while the only two with the back to the door was Kane and Aishani. Aishani wore fitted leather with a harness over her torso, gifted blade from Kane to her hip as her other.

To the side was two cribs, one held a sleeping babe.

When Aishani turned, her eyes widened briefly at the sight and she moved quickly over to Aerian. “You were successful…Let me hold my daughter…please.” Her voice quivered, as her hands were held out to accept the child.

The baby stirred as Aerian unclasped the harness holding her, she smiled softly as she placed the baby into Aishanis hand “She’s Ok, but your sister was able to escape us, we can go back out and try to hunt her, but odds are she is back in Elvera by now, I’m sorry”

Kane had already crossed the distance between them as Aishani took the child Kane held Aerian just for a moment “Thank you,” was all he managed before turning his attention his wife and their new born.

“The important thing is, that she has been returned and safely. I’ll deal with my…bitch of a sister and family.” The infant girl looked up to Aishani, it was more then clear that she was happy, as a gurgle occurred as though attempting to talk to Aishani, extending a hand to claps around her finger and investigate with the digit brought to the small mouth. She smiled down upon the child, it could be felt, as pure love was sent from mother to daughter, Aishani looked to Aerian. “Thank you…Thank you all…” She whispered and moved away to place the child in the same crib as the other. Brother and sister reunited, gurgling and chirping happily to each other.

Jade then went to embrace Aerian and Virra, though, hesitated at the presence of Domi, glancing to Hades. “Who is he…”

“This is Domi, he helped with us returning my sister,” Aerian replied as she nodded to Domi “I said he could stay with us, at least until the war is done with, he helped us it’s the least we can do to repay that debt”

“Can you be trusted? I sense there is more to the story than my dear niece is willing to say, so Virra is he to be trusted?” Hades stated though still bent over the map his eyes glanced at Domi then to Virra, it was clear enough that Hades would take Virras word even above his nieces, not because he didn’t trust Aerian but simply because of Aerians want to protect the world, a quality she only showed in small amounts.

Virra looked from Aerian to Jades at his question, appearing torn. “I grew up with him. Aside from his perversions…yes, he is. Now that my Pops is gone there is no order, he is on our side.”

Domi remained silent looking over those in the room, then speaking. “I don’t want the realm to fall to tell crazy bitches. They will kill Ceremon when he grows weak…that is coming. I’ve heard plans on being an army from Faerûn through a portal.”

“That requires some real power, there aren’t many ways to open a portal in the Everlands,” Ascondia stated softly “It would explain what they wanted with me, the easiest ways are for me or Stacy to open those portals,”

“There are of course other ways, enough mages in the right place, and its not like Ceremon struggles to draw in people who want to cause chaos and misery” Kane added as he watched Domi for a moment “But at least we have a good idea of their next move, and unfortunately we are running out of time”

“We need to end this soon Kane, we have everything we need, we hit Elvera before they try to pull this off and maybe we can end this” Hades retorted sharply “We need to stop sitting on our hands, the children are born that’s why you were holding off, we have dragons, unicorns, dires half the realm is on our side, we outnumber their living easily, we can end this”

“One step wrong and we lose everything..” Ascondia started only to get cut off by Kane

“He’s right, we’re out of time, get some rest everyone, tomorrow we end this” He turned to face Aishani “Now our daughter is home, we really should name them?”

Jade moved close to Hades now, while placing a hand on his shoulder. “I agree, this needs to end. If not for peace of mind, for the twins. Already they have tasted what it is like during war…We are a strong family and will stop at nothing to bring this fight to an end.”

Aishani was watching the twins, gurgle and speak to each other, but, turned her gaze to the others in the room. “Yes, a good nights rest will be good for all of this. After breakfast in the morning we will come with our plan to push back the forces and finish this. It has gone on for far too long. We have the future here before us and can not make it without keeping that in mind.”

Jade nodded in agreement, gathering Hades’s hand to lead him from the room. Domi lingered for a moment, though, awkwardly stepped out into the hallway with the others.

“In all this, I haven’t thought of a name for the children…perhaps, that makes me a terrible parent…” Aishani chuckled, while the girl looked to her with a scrunch of her brow causing her nose to crinkle, as though scolding her.

“You’ve been busy, worrying, giving birth, fighting a war, don’t be so hard on yourself” Aerian smiled softly before she made her way to the door “We’ll leave you be for the night, rest well”

She ducked out of the room and standing in the hall looked from Domi to Virra “He can take a guest room, or he can come with us?” It was an opportunity for Virra to hit the brakes on what was likely about to occur, a soft smile from Aerian as she took her hand leading her back toward the entrance hall and to their cottage. Virra knew Aerian would not mind her decision nor would she force the issue, but a gentle reminder that for the moment they were stuck with him.

Domi stood a few feet away, hands linked with the strap of his weapon’s belt, appearing to be standing awkwardly a way away. Virra glanced to him then to Aerian, rolling her shoulder with a chuckle, though, curling her hand within Aerian’s. “He reminds me of a lost puppy…this is so out of his element.” Though, glanced over her shoulder with a whistle. “C’mon, boy. You can sleep in the front room in the cottage.”

He looked to them then to the closed door of the master suite, pushing from his lean against the wall. “I’m not a fucking dog.”

Virra laughed even more, turning and patting her legs as though calling the canine companion. “C’mon, boy! Whose a good boy!”

Domi appeared irritated though growled and gave chase after her.


[Ending A War] For the Realm

Stacy was half frozen and barely conscious in the cell, Ascondia had finally managed to pick the lock an was now crouched beside the young healer.

“This is almost impossible to occur on Elcarus grounds, what is Kane playing at” She muttered as she gathered the young healer from the floor to lay her on the cot and cover her “Someone will show up, until then you’re stuck with me I guess”

“This was not Kane.” A soft voice spoke from the door, turning Ascondia would see Jade supporting Aishani. The Drow looked still pale but was regaining some of her ashen hues.

“It was my Master Illusionist sister, she had locked up Stacy at some point and taken on her appearance. Kidnapping my new born daughter…” Aishani said coldly.

Ascondia looked at Aishani for a moment “If she’s anything like your mother, then I’m sorry for your loss, and no offence but you don’t look so good, you should be resting,”

Stacy stirred as she looked to Aishani “I’m sorry, she attacked from behind, before I knew what was happening I was locked up here,” her voice trembled with the emotion of each word now.

“To seal your powers, Kanes anti magic fields down here are damn effective,” Ascondia replied gently “But you need help, and I’d like my home back, I realise I’m still a threat to Aerian, but I’m no threat to you or yours and you could use the extra fighter,”

“Perhaps, though, I can not test while my daughter is in their hands. Her brother misses his sister, I have not been able to hold her.” Aishani moved now without Jade’s assistance but it was painful. She settled on the edge of the cot and looked to Stacy. “It is not your fault. None of us could have known. As to your assistance Ascondia, I will discuss it with my dear husband. Aerian no doubt will want to be involved and the two of you can’t be close to one another. Too much to chance. Stacy, how do you feel?”

“I don’t see anything in her Aishani, usually I can see the bend in their aura and with her, there isn’t any, at least not while she’s here,” Stacy spoke gently

“That’s because your powers are sealed in here, we would have to be out there for you to be sure,” Ascondia replied flatly, “But I will stay away from Aerian, I just need to help” There was an odd sincerity in Ascondias voice now.

Aishani nodded to Ascondia then to Jade. “Come then. Stacy, we will get you clothing, but for now, the blanket will have to do. We are returning to the master suite.”

Ascondia slid an arm under Aishani aiding her to her feet, “Don’t argue you can’t make it on your own, nor can Stacy, so it seems you’re stuck with me?”

Aishani inclined a brow to Ascondia. “You’d do anything to just be out of these cells, Ascondia. I don’t think you’d fair well on two and a half days straight labor of twins…”

Jade instead moved to Aishani’s side to intercept the conflict. “Lady Ascondia, you best gather Stacy. I’ll handle Lady Elcarus.”

“I gave birth to Aerian in the human realm, painful enough, no experienced healer, no magic, not quite as fun as it sounds,”Ascondia bit back though strangely for her still oddly calm, “For once I don’t intend on making things about me, yes I want out of these cells, but only so I can take back my city and my castle and then I can go home,”

Ascondia wrapped her arm under Stacy before aiding the girl to her feet, “I wasn’t too fond of the Dragon Wars, I watched the Everland’s burn an experience I am in no hurry to repeat, our best chance to take back Elvera is right here in your hands, so I ask you to help me, and offer my strength in return for that help,”

As they made their way through the mansion, the guards and staff would quickly remove themselves from Ascondias path, a soft sigh in Ascondia as she watched.

“There is too much that needs to change your highness,” Stacy stated firmly

“I know,” Was all Ascondia replied, now returning to aiding the young healer to the Master Bedroom.

Aishani remained silent as Ascondia spoke, too lost in her own thoughts but it was as they neared the master suite that she stopped. Jade looked at her with concern. “I could use some of your special tea, as can the rest of us.” She apparently gathered her strength to enter the suite without assistance. “Ascondia is on our side. We need clothing for Stacy.”

Stacy eyed Ascondia carefully, her hand still holding the blanket around her in that moment. “She is no threat to us, but something is off with her, I can correct it but I need time to recover my bearings, your sister hit me really hard”

“I’m not a threat to anyone, though admittedly, just as you do Aishani, I would like to hold my daughter, it may be the last chance I get before your mother and Ceremon get to kill us all,” Ascondia mused softly

Aishani moved to gather a pair of jeans from her wardrobe and T-shirt, a pair of panties. She handed them to Stacy for her to change. Jade already had left the room to prepare the tea, though Aishani moved over to the crib to watch her child sleep as the other remained empty. “Perhaps, though, we will wait to see after Stacy recovers and if Kane will allow it. The vision that Aerian had was not good and we don’t want to take any chances. She is not just your daughter anymore.”

“And I suppose you’re not going to share the details?” Ascondia sighed in reply as she now went to stand by the window. She was silent now simply watching the guards in the court yard below.

Stacy had dressed now as she made her way to Aishani “How are you feeling? Besides the obvious of course, I mean you not our circumstance, though I suppose they are kinda one in the same” She made her way toward Aishani before sitting beside her, “You look pale, but after two days that’s not surprising,”

“I’ll be fine after I eat and have some tea. As fine as I can be. They have my daughter. I’ll be damned if I am out of this fight.” Aishani said to Stacy, though looked to Ascondia. “The vision? They saw you kill Aerian if that is the detail you are lacking.”

“I would never harm her, which is why they chose to scramble my head, they couldn’t make want to hurt her, or Kane or even you, we have moved on but I still consider Kane family, he has been my strength for so long, and is still the only man I trust with my life,” Ascondia remained looking out of the window. “Aerian is the one good thing that came from us, and yet I cannot let myself get close because she reminds me of how I hurt Kane, my weakness for him has now put the realm in danger, so as long as you are in this fight then I will be right there with you,”

“You should stop living in the past, because it holds you back, aside from the realm you are the most powerful entity in the Everlands, that’s why they scrambled your head Ascondia, not love or defiance but another attempt to control things for their war, they eliminated you from the field. And now we get to show them the power of the realm as it unites, because 10 of use can’t win this damn war anyway,” Nelliah snapped back as she now rematerialized with them in the room “If you and Aishani can set aside your differences even for a little while and provide a united front the people down there will unite behind you, just like they did the last time our world was torn apart,”

Aishani stopped her attention to tenderly brushing the hair of her son, whom has yet to be named as of yet. Looking to the presence of Nelliah. “I’m willing to look beyond our past…differences. After all, the threat lays in the hands of those that would much rather crush it to their own means of power. Not much is power, torn and constantly attempting to gain an advantage. We have something that they do not possess in their hearts and that is the power of love and family. I may be possessive over Kane because I know the past the two of you have, yet, I have come to realize that time can change individuals. Right now, Ascondia, talk is cheap. I do not care if you are a Queen or my husband’s ex-wife, we are all fighting for the same cause. The realm as a whole.” Aishani gathered her sleeping son gently to not wake him, then moved over to Ascondia, offering the infant to be held by her. Once he was within her arms, Aishani lowered her gaze. “This is why we are fighting, Ascondia. It isn’t so much to gain powers and control, it is for the future. Such a future hangs in the balance for our children…our family.”

“Our children were always the future, and we seek to protect them from the things that haunt us,” Ascondia smiled softly taking the child “I was only a child when I came to this realm, an angle cast out of my realm for questioning the way of things, but angels are uncommon here, back then the land was ruled by terror, I was brought before the king and in him trying to execute I lashed out killing him, in fear for my own life, I have always lived in fear of my life, except when I was with Kane because I know he had my back,”

Carefully she handed the child back to Aishani “I’m selfish because I’ve had to be, and in the end it cost me everything I held dear, my husband, my daughter, my throne and now the world that accepted me for who I am, perhaps it is changed I looked ahead and looked to the people for strength,”

Aishani accepted the child while cradling the infant gently in a slow rocking motion. Her eyes lowered down to the sleeping babe, then lifted to Ascondia. “Perhaps, we don’t see eye to eye. But, one thing is for certain. I know, Kane, still cares for you. Perhaps, there is a part of him that will always love you, to be honest, it makes me see red, though, I have come to accept that. Aerian…she is still a child, you were a mother that in her eyes were never really there for her. Always for the people and the realm over her. Now, that may not be correct, yet, those are her eyes, not mine.” She moved over to set the boy down in the crib, watching him for a moment before moving over to Ascondia. “The realm still is here. Kane is still here. Aerian is still here. Your throne is still there, granted two sick minds now have it claimed. But, as you said you were taken before the King and lashed out killing him, then it was yours. Now, as a family…a big fractured family, we will take back our realm. My own realm of Faerûn never accepted me, but, I have come to realize it was those I was with in such that did not accept me. The beginnings of my life were wonderful, I was accepted and believed to be gifted by Lloth until it was revealed that it wasn’t to them. In an instant, my family turned on me and wanted nothing more then to kill me. Your family here doesn’t want that. Even took you from the clutches of my own, to help you. I may never fully tolerate you, Ascondia, but now, I am willing to suck it up and work together with you for the benefit of not just family, but your people, and mine.”

“Then it seems for the moment we are on the same page,” Ascondia replied softly “I will tell you this though, that light in Kanes eyes when he’s around you, can’t say I ever truly saw that, but then I did screw up his memories, and lied to him for it’s not hard to see why he left me. I am happy he found someone who makes him hap, he deserves that more than anyone I know,”

Aishani chuckled with a nod. “Very well then. We are in agreement. Now, where is Jade with our tea?” 

[Ending A War] Every Gift Has a Price

It always amazed Hades that despite the size of the Mansion and the solid stone walls, some sounds always carried through. The cries of children being the one currently that echoed through the halls, it also made him wonder if perhaps it was realms way of telling him.

He slipped his hands around Jade with a soft smile before drawing her close “Looks like the twins have made their arrival,”

Jade smiled to Hades that special expression that for him and him alone, caressing his face. “So it seems. Shall we see to the new family members?”

“Let them rest a little while, then we will go see what mayhem they have brought for us,” Hades replied “You and I have another task to attend first,”

Jade looked a little disappointed, though tilted her head to his statement. “We do?”

Hades nodded with a smile as he pulled some papers from his desk assembling them to reveal a map of the Everlands, and one of Dentarius as a whole “I was thinking of getting somewhere of our own, well was thinking of leaving Dentarius, but it’s a decision we should make together, either way,”

She looked down to the maps them to him. “Hades right now…isn’t the time to think about this. While I agree it will be fun.”

“That my love is where you may be wrong, now is exactly the time, we will be done with this war soon enough, especially now the little ones are here. Kane wont want this dragging out longer than it needs to and in truth, we have all but won with the Dragons on our side there is little to nothing that Ceremon can do to stop us retaking Elvera, it is a matter of time after all. So I think we should be thinking forward, to our life, our family” Hades replied

A deep blush lifted to her cheeks at his words, a beautiful colour against her skin tone. “Yes. That you are right. You did say you were going to take me away. Let’s go over the ideas that you had on the map.

“I was thinking by the ocean, there’s plenty of land out there,” Hades replied, “Sun, sea, sex, that seems like a good deal?”

“I need plenty of land, a basement, a room just for you, a room for our children, and plenty to expands as the family expands,”

“You mean to build us a home? Yes. It sounds lovely. I’ve never been to the sea before only seen pictures in books and paintings.” Jade smiled while looking down to the map.

“Ceremon built this house, then Kane rebuilt it after the Dragons Wars destroyed, Haunted built his home, and Krystal built … well something that served as a house, so it’s a tradition among us, we build our home like we do our family from the ground up” Hades replied with a soft smile “Every step of who we are will be hand built by us, together”

Jade looked to Hades now with a nod and smile. “Yes. I want a home together for us and our children when the time comes.”

“Well, then I think we should go see our new comers?” Hades said softly as he tucked away the papers “Now I know we are in agreement I know the perfect place for our home, so all is in hand,”

Jade nodded quite eagerly, the glint of excitement in her dark eyes with the prospect of seeing the new-borns. She gathered his hand to lead them to master suite. Nearly colliding with Stacy in the hallway, in her arms was a swathed bundle. “Oh! Hello. I’m just taking this wee one to clean up. Finished with the other feel free to check on the remaining one but be quiet. Kane and Aishani are sleeping. Poor things, two and a half days…it was hard on Aishani.” But Stacy bustled away quickly without waiting on a response.

Hades looked on for a moment instinct telling him to follow and yet he didn’t as he slid into he room behind Jade. With a soft smile as he looked down on Kane and Aishani, “Its going to be interesting with the new babies around, wolf vampire hybrids are almost unheard of, but the realm must have a plan for us all” He mused softly.

Jade watched as Stacy disappeared down the hall. “She’s just as excited as us.” When they entered the room, she moved almost instantly to the cribs. Finding the little boy and smiled as the child too was asleep. Placing her hands on the edge of the crib and looking in. “So sweet…” She whispers as to not wake the child.

“Hope the lil one is OK,” Hades remarked quietly “At least they look like Aishani, means they have good chance in” There was a tone of teasing in Hades voice now, as he wrapped his arms around Jades waist gently, “He is a cute one though,”

She leaned back against Hades, her arms resting over his, while fingers pranced over his hands. Jade angles her head to present her lips against his in a tender kiss. “Imagine…me pregnant…I get so excited but have to remind myself not to, just in case…” Her voice faded as Thurs little boy, gurgled happily in his sleep.

“I think you would indeed look good, I would need to tame myself as well, which is unfortunate as I’m only just starting to play rough” Hades spoke softly against her ear, “But just imagine frustration built up over those months unleashed after our child arrives within the world” there was something sinister in his words and yet gently all, in the same way, his words were against her ear and barely above a whisper the whole time.

Jade shivered in his embrace, clearly, the excitement revealed by his words. Her hand clutching to his, yet, this moment was shattered by the sudden screams of the babe in the crib. She learned forward quickly while parting from Hades, to sweep up the child. The golden eyes fixed on Jade curiously, but the screaming continued as she tried so desperately to ease the babe. Cradling and walking with the bundle, add it appeared upon weak neck the new born tried to see the empty crib of his sister.

Hades looked at the baby then to Jade “He senses his sister is missing?”

He lay a hand on the child’s arm gently for a moment “She will be back soon enough, I promise you that little one”

Jade did her best to rock the child, attempting to hush the screaming babe. The child looked at him then to Jade but writhed more and continued the sound.

It didn’t take much more as Kane rose to Jade’s side, taking the child gently as he lay him against his shoulder with soft sounds “Where’s his sister?” He asked still off slightly having only just woken.

“Stacy took her to clean her up, she should be back though quite honestly” Hades replied softly he got his sword

Aishani had stirred now, her ashen skin is offset of the dark hue while speaking calmly. “Let me see him…” She managed in a husky tone. “I want to hold our son.” Her arms were held out, while adjusted to sit up in accommodation.

Kane smiled softly before gently handing over the new-born before he turned back toward Hades.

“He’s so sweet,” The air shimmered as a tall blonde appeared, her face youthful and yet the wisdom could be seen “You did good, both of you finally a new generation of Elcarus’ is born in the Everlands, however I bear bad news, there is a problem,”

“Mom what’s going on,” Kane spun to face her now his hand instinctively laid on Aishanis shoulder.

“All isn’t as it seems, and Stacy is in trouble, locked away in the cells, the one who was here was not Stacy but Aishani’s sister,” Her words came slow and measured “A move no doubt intended to make you act in haste and make a mistake, the realm, however, has decided to act, Stacy is hurt and cannot link with us, so they sent Haunted and I to bridge the gap, right now he follows the child to keep her safe, but he cannot retrieve her,”

Aishani cradled the baby gently as she opened her shirt to remove a breast that was swollen with milk to offer the child. Once the feeding began and Kane spoke, Aishani growled softly baring her teeth. “Xulljra…” She looked down to her child, planning a finger within the small first. “It was only a matter of time.” Aishani lifted her gaze. “That at least gives me a small piece of mind to know Haunted is looking after her. I do not trust, either, Z’ress or my sister. My love…this war had been pushed too far. I have yet to lay eyes upon our daughter, she had yet to do such to me…”

“I think it may be time to stop playing around, I wanted to give you time to rest, recuperate but it seems we have a need to end this war and take the full force of Dentarius against Elvera” Kane sighed softly “We need to end this so we can breathe easy,”

“That doesn’t bring the child back Kane, that needs to be our priority here,” Hades retorted firmy

“It is but its all hand in hand, Z’ress took our daughter, it’s not an accident or random choice,” Kane replied calmly looking to Aishani “Any ideas what they want? Beyond taking our daughter to thoroughly piss us off?”

Aishani looked up from caressing the tuft of freak hair upon the feeding baby boy, a hand on the back of his neck in support. “In…Drowish society. The women are riveted for their close association to Lloth. Perhaps to steal my daughter and be taught properly…besides to piss is off and force us to move.”

“You need to be careful, to act rashly is exactly what they are hoping for Kane, I love your father but you are my children, and my grand child is at stake in all of this, Haunted can keep her running for now at least, buy you time to make your move, but Hades is correct rescuing her should be your priority, then you can end this war,” Nelliah now stated firmly “Please Aishani, see reason in not acting rashly, take back your daughter then let them end this war,”

Aishani was clearly conflicted, while the babe suckled. “Kane, we have to get our daughter back. If it means we end the war in the process so be it…but I haven’t even met her yet, I’ll be damned if anyone is going to take that from me.”

“Then we need our tracker, Hades we should send Aerian and Virra, you and I will prepare the assault on Elvera,” Kane stated firmly, the instinct now to fight back and take back what was theirs, Hades knew better than to question him.

“Aishani and Jade should talk Ascondia, see if she remembers anything else before we go in, the last thing we need are any surprises” Hades replied

Aishani nodded removing her bosom from the child tired with a full belly, placing him against her skin and kissed his head. “Don’t worry. We will get your sister back. Jade get our wet nurse, she will have to be present for feedings. For fuck sake, which cell is Stacy in? Get her care,” She tucked away her bosom and moved to the edge of the bed to rise but fell back to the bed, still weak from the labour. But she held her hand up as others were ready to come to aid, the only ones that came close was Jade to take the child and place him in the crib, then turned to help Aishani up.

[Ending A War] A New Generation Arrives

Heart and Stacy made their way to the main hall, as they came in Kane was stood by the fire his hands held to the flames. The trip had taken around 3 days and made much easier travelling through the new underground.

“Any problems?” Kane asked

“No, it’s eerily quiet down there, but far safer than the roads” Heart replied

“Very well, get yourself settled and then see what Stacy needs to prepare for the birth” Kane replied, Heart nodded gently and made his way to the guest rooms.

“Everything OK between you two? You seem a little frosty Kane” Stacy asked quickly.

“Yes, just a while since he has been in Dentarius, drags up a few less than happy memories is all, we’re fine it may just be awkward for a day or two,” Kane rolled his shoulders in reply

“I see, well I need him here Kane, he is aware of what I’ll need while we bring those two bundles of joy to our world, wasn’t like we had much else to talk about on the way here, so please try to be nice,” Stacy replied.

Just then, Aishani entered, pausing to look behind her then to Kane and Stacy, a hand on her stomach while she proceeded to near Stacy. Embracing her and then holding her shoulders gently with a smirk. “I’m so relieved you made it. Where is Heart? I thought I just saw him.”

“He has taken our things to guest quarters, seems him been in Dentarius is throwing your husband. I thought they were best friends? Yet suddenly such a gap between them,” Stacy replied a tone of failing in her words, “But I am glad to be here, my training by the realm now complete, so I am ready to help bring your children to the world, Sarantha sends her regards, before disappearing off to where ever it is the dead go when they aren’t bugging the living,”

Aishani looked from Stacy to Kane, placing a hand on his forearm. “My love for as much as I hate to say this, perhaps you should come to terms with him. He has done so much for me and you. I’m not sure what had happened in the past, perhaps to bury the hatchet.” She grunted softly. “They are hungry my love.”

“Oh I long since gave up been angry with him, just the memories still are a grievance is all,” Kane replied softly “He is as a brother to me, but somethings are harder to ignore when reminded”

There was a softness to his voice now “So Stacy, we have all we need just a matter of time before they arrive?”

Stacy nodded “Yes, which by the looks won’t be too much longer,”

Aishani looked from Stacy to Kane, while growling beneath her breath and storming from the hall and heading directly to the guest rooms to find Heart.

Heart was laid on the bed his eyes closed as he took in the sounds of the mansion beyond the heavy stone walls. Quietly happy to be home even if it was temporary, though truth be told he had long since made himself a home in Emerald City, so being here was oddly off putting to him now.

The door opened without a knock and Aishani stood in the frame, eyes a clear gold. “Explain to me what happened between you and Kane. I would prefer not to have the ice between the two of you any longer. So out with it.” Heart would catch that primal undertone to her voice.

Heart sat suddenly as he looked to her “Not really sure this should be coming from me, but the reason Kane gets kinda pissed off, and the reason I was banished from my home is because I stupidly made the mistake with sleeping with someone I knew better than to sleep with, but hey we both didn’t think we’d see the other side of the Dragon War, it seemed like a good idea right up until her father found out about it”

There was a strange tone to his words as he looked to her “Kane was OK about it for a while, then he wasn’t, I knew sleeping with Aerian would come back to haunt me, but then I am who I am”

Aishani closed the door moving into the room now too settle on the edge of the bed. Looking to him for a moment in silence, then caressed her belly. “Did you ever apologize sincerely for the situation and explain yourself? I know Virra wouldn’t be pleased, but it is in the past. Much has since happened.”

“It’s why I never returned, rather than him being reminded, it made sense, he is as close as it gets to family, and I’m the last of the Rayhearts, at least this leaves my family’s legacy in one piece and our friendship as well, that being said I miss my home,” Heart sighed softly “But I do love my work in Emerald City so, it isn’t so bad, he will be fine soon enough just memories kicking him where he least needs them to,”

Heart looked to the bump with a smile “You both have enough to worry over, without adding a minor inconvenience to the mix, I will handle Kane I promise you that, you worry about your side of things,”

“Not good enough, Heart. You ARE family. Get your ass up and face it. I want the two of you to forgive.” She stood with a faint groan, comical at best. “Wipe that smirk of your face. Come.”

Heart had more than enough sense than to argue with an Elcarus, he stood and he followed her to the main hall where Kane and Stacy were still conversing over preparations for the birth, as the entered Kane looked up, raising a brow.

“This is the part where I say I’m sorry for being such an ass, and that I forgive you?” There was amusement to his words as he looked from Heart to Aishani though the look in her eyes told him he’d better not take things so lightly.

“Apparently so,” Heart replied

“Well I do, I did a while ago actually, just it’s been a while since I honestly never even gave it thought, you coming home it’s kind of a kick in the memory centres, which it seems work better than I give them credit for” Kane replied

“So not angry with me?” Heart replied bemused now

“For sleeping with my daughter? Hell yes, you know I am one of few who actually couldn’t care less what you do, and you do it well, so there’s that my family was always off limit, however after having my ear chewed off for days by Aerian I get it, so I forgave, and you left, and I left and the realm was hurting, I forgot over it in time and I forgave, truthfully Heart you have always had my back, so it’s rather shameful I acted as I did, even back then, your as close to family as it gets without being blood, and honestly if I didn’t trust you with my life I wouldn’t trust you with my wifes or the realms Healer,”

Heart looked to Kane for a moment before looking to Aishani and the back, he drew a breath “And I never apologised, not properly,”

“Don’t” Kane replied calmly “I get it, just keep away from my daughter or I fear Virra may break your neck,”

Aishani inclined a brow to Kane at three veiled threat with a soft growl and beast of her teeth. “Let our daughter decide that, not you. He IS family as you said, don’t place any more strain them need be.”

Kane smiled softly “I have missed you old man!”

“Old, says the guy with a decade on me! The girls keep me young!” Heart chuckled in reply “But I thank Aishani because I’m fairly certain she has been inclined to knock sense through that thick skull of yours from time to time”

“Don’t push your luck, and don’t think she wouldn’t kick your ass for the same reasons!” Kane chuckled walking to the bar to pour a glad of something resembling whiskey for the two of them.

Stacy looked to Kane then Aishani “What is it with men, bonding and alcohol?!”

As she spoke Kane suddenly looked up before making his way around the back of the bar, with a thud and a noise of something being moved he emerged a thick leather bound book in hand “Almost forgot, and sure if I don’t turn this over soon Sarantha is going to be haunting me! It’s the healers Grimoire, passed through every healer since the dawn of The Everlands”

Aishani chuckled while the men spoke, both hands in her swollen belly and moved to sit with a sigh. “Boys, will be boys.” At the thump of the book all attention shifted to Kane on the counter. Aishani forgotten for the moment as she looked in the flames, beneath her upon the chair a wet spot grew, feeding the fabric. “Uh…I don’t mean to alarm anyone. But…” A sudden growl ripped from her with fangs extended.

Kane cleared the bar in one bound quickly followed by Heart and Stacy as he slid into position beside her his eyes looking to the wet “Well that’s one way to get my attention my love”

Aishani nodded her head to him, attempting to control her breathing, curling her hands at the arm of the chair with claws coming forth to latch.

“We should get her upstairs,” Stacy stated simply

Heart and Kane aided Aishani to her feet, before Kane swept her into his arms with as much care as he could muster. As he watched her there was a shine to his eyes that he was rather excited in this moment.

Aishani was shaking in Kane’s arms, he could literally feel the strength of her contractions as they moved up the stairs. Her breathing was labored in pain, while growling and latching her claws into his shoulders. She met his gaze with her clear glowing golden eyes, as the cursing then started.

Kane laid her on the bed as Stacy began placing candles down, the air quickly filled with a scent of freshness, she shooed Heart off to find fresh towels and hot water.

“Alright Aishani, I do hope you’re ready to do this,” Stacy almost sang the words

“I’m right here my love” Kane added softly

Heart quickly returned with the items required before placing them down, gently he squeezed Aishanis shoulder before moving to the side to serve as aid to Stacy.

“I don’t think I can tell them to wait!” Aishani howled, latching to Kane’s hand. “Whoa! Fuck…stay in there dammit! At least until the war is over…” She held her legs open, while panting and trying to recover her breathing. She was the wolf now, the sound and sweat was glistening on her body.

Kane stayed beside her his hand intertwined through hers as was his rightful place as father and husband, “Seems they want out my love, let’s bring them to the light it only gives us another reason to end this war quickly, together,”

Heart smiled softly watching as his best friend gave every fibre in support, something he truthfully wondered if he would ever truly experience, but on the other hand Hearts life was far simpler and that’s how he liked things.

“Just focus on the now Aishani, one step at a time,” He stated gently, though he had never been around a woman giving birth something he had always tried avoid.

“Mmm, well then, you know your body, so as you are ready, and they aren’t going to wait, we should be ready to bring them home to the realm, in your time Aishani,” Stacy made her words soft, but there was comfort in them at least she intended there to be.

Aishani howled in pain, clutching to Kane’s hand in a powerful hold, legs spread while she was panting. She felt another contraction that sent her into the mattress of the bed, as her body was ready and Aishani wasn’t nearly as ready. “They can’t come! Their room isn’t finished!” She cried out desperately, but, gritted her teeth folding herself forward a slight in a push. Falling back to the bed, the curses continued to flow from her lips, the undertone of the wolf present as her eyes were both a brilliant gold and fangs long. Her skin began to glisten with sweat as some fibres of her hair cling to her face.

Having missed the birth of Aerian, Kane felt connected to Aishani on yet another level in that moment.

He never moved from her side, soft words of encouragement were all he spoke, but a reminder that whatever needed to be done would be done, “Everything we need is close enough at hand, we can get things on track quickly enough, so let us focus on bringing our children to the world, together,”

The labor went on for hours, in all honesty it was difficult to say exactly how long, time seemed to hold no place here. But it was clear that Aishani was growing tired, her cursing had dimmed and all now was pale ashen skin and sweat that dripped around her face. She was pushing to Stacy’s urging but even this was difficult with the duration such took. Pleading to her that she couldn’t continue with tears down her cheeks. All the while still clinging to Kane’s hand. That when it was heard a squishy sound and plop, the first child was born.

Kane felt a rush of happiness as the first child made it the world, a quick slide down to cut the cord and Stacy handed off the child to Heart, already ready with a towel, as he placed the child down to check the child let a screech to announce it’s arrival. It took a moment but Heart finally stated “A healthy baby boy, congratulations,”

Kane returned his attentions to Aishani again his voice gently “Sorry my love but we’re not done yet, just one more, I’m right here”

The smile that formed on Aishani’s face was relieved and beautiful amidst the sweat and exhaustion. She laughed softly but this seemed to give her more determination to continue. She grunted and her screams were scratchy, but Aishani powered through it until the same sound announced another baby came into the world. To the excitement, after the final push her hand went limp in Kane’s hand and Aishani had passed out. Now as those crying babes echoed through the room, it had been two and a half days that Aishani fought through the labor.

Kane smiled softly kissing her head softly “Well done my love, rest I can take it from here,” Kane stood slowly feeling bones crack back into position, not once had he left her side the whole way through. As he and Heart now tended the children, Stacy was quickly weaving magicks to help Aishani heal internally, ensuring any damage would not be fatal.

“They’re gorgeous Kane, not that they weren’t going to be have you seen their mother?” Heart chuckled softly, Kane simply smiled in reply.

“Thank you, both of you” He stated softly now, the children had already settled both exhausted from the labour themselves, as Kane watched them for a moment “Can you watch them for a little while?”

“Why?” Heart asked quickly

“Need to finish the nursery, one less thing for my wife to worry over,” He replied softly

“You need rest too Kane, it doesn’t do you good to be exhausted, the nursery can wait, as long as the cribs are ready that’s all that matters.” Stacy replied gently.

The children were dark in skin but much lighter then Aishani being half-vampire half-wolf each had a thick tuft of black hair. One, the female was looking around with brilliant clear golden eyes, as the boy was sleeping.

Kane was sat beside Aishani, as he watched her sleep he finally made his way to the cribs that now held the children, a vampire, wolf hybrid was rare in the Everlands, the two sides usually choosing to stay away from each other, except those in service to Ceremon.

Kane smiled softly watching them “Don’t worry, we got this covered, we will end this war and you two will grow up to be just as blessed as I have been, and hopefully half the trouble of your big sister”

The female baby looked to him, surprising that her neck held that much strength. She curled happily and curled those tiny hands forward to him, the intelligence within those eyes was surprising for one so young. A gurgle posted the rise bud lips.

Kane let his hand slip to hers, feeling her tiny hand curl around his finger, “Why do I suspect your going to be just as much trouble?” He smiled softly

The babe gurgled in response, a seeming smile on those rise bud shaped lips. When the tiny hands clasped around his, it was far stronger then normal. The male baby opened his golden eyes and began to cry, it was a panicked sound. The girl turned her head and responded with a chortle and the wailing creased.

Kane smiled softly watching how his children interacted, it amazed him to think they were finally here or that he would have entertained the idea of more children. That alone made him smile “How did I get to be so lucky? The two of you, your mummy, your uncle and his wife to be, your sister and her other half, what did we do to deserve such fortune?”

The girl gurgled again almost add though speaking in some unknown tongue to Kane. Add the boy remained silent in his own crib, chirped in agreement. But rolled over add though to teach his sister not entirely understanding that they were in separate cribs.

Kane looked curious at the fact that evidently they seemed to want to be together, “I promise it’s temporary, just until I finish your room. This is all we had for the moment, but see this house? Daddy rebuilt it, not once but twice over the years, so a duel crib shouldn’t be too far beyond me, though lets not get you too used to getting your own way,” he chuckled softly simply watching them, amazing seeing something so young clearly being so bright.

A soft voice spoke from behind Kane with a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Rest with your wife. The both of you are exhausted. I will tend to the little bundles of joy.” Stacy was behind him with a kind smile.

“Mmm thank you Stacy, be sure to wake us soon as they will need to feed,” He murmured softly.

“Of course. Now, shoo. Get rest.” Stacy chirped with a smile gathering a chair to sit by the two children.

Kane didnt argue a second time as he crawled into bed beside Aishani, not even bothered by the remnants of their childrens birth, but happy to be beside his wife now.

[The Turning Tide] Always an Angle

There was loud crack that rattled the very foundations of the mansion, as it brought everyone running, Aerian and Virra arrived first to see the portal erupt into the air between them and the mansion, it hung in the air swirling mass of energy.

Aerian felt the power as it prickled across her flesh, she drew her bow and knocked and arrow aiming dead centre. There were enemies that came through thrown from the other side, and quickly dispatched either by them or the guards. A few moments passed and Zia tumbled through covered in blood and injured, before she was followed by Ascondia, there was something hollow in her eyes as she stalked the injured Zia.

Aerian swallowed before she let an arrow loose hitting her mother in the shoulder stumbling her back “Bring her down Virra!” Aerian called as she shot to put herself between Zia and Ascondia.

Virra didn’t need any more words, when the arrow flew through the air, her body collided with Ascondia just as the blunt end of her dagger was slammed against Ascondia’s temple to render the woman unconscious. 

After she panted and glances to Aerian. “Lock her up. Come I need help.”

Another moment after Elsa also tumbled through and the vortex collapsed in on itself with a roar. She looked flustered as she hoisted Zia to her feet and looked to Virra and Aerian.

“Well then ladies, let’s get these two locked up shall we”

Aerian looked stunned at the dress maker now decked in more roguish garbs, twin swords at her back.

“What are you doing here”

“It’s a war for the realm my dear, can’t let you and your family have all the fun now can we? A little bird told me there was a plan to extract the queen and I suspected an unexpected twist would be required,” Elsa replied with a wry smile.

They made their way to the cells, which had been cleaned since the previous occurrences, Elsa shoved Zia in and closed the door.

“You still owe me baby!” Zia called at Aerian, who merely rolled her shoulders and went to help Virra. Elsa cut her off with a hand, and made her way to Virra to aid with locking up the Queen.

Virra set Ascondia on a cot in the corner and thanked Elsa for the assistance as the cell door was slammed closed with a sigh. “Seems it is a natural reaction to knock out your bloodline.” Virra chuckled but looked to Elsa with a grin. “Nice look. Thanks for the help. Seems Zia needed it. Firefly, we need to find your Pops. He needs to know that we have a guest.”

Aerian smiled and nodded as she waited for Virra before taking her hand. They made their way to the main hall, where Kane and Aishani were now, he looked up to see Aerian and Virra followed by Elsa which caused him to raise a brow.

“Oh do come now Kane, you know I am as capable in combat as anyone else, and you needed someone you could trust to make sure Ascondia made it back alive” Elsa stated with a smile “Pleasure to see you and the lil ones Lady Aishani”

“Intrigued to know how you found out,” Kane replied with a smile

“Lady Aishani sent Shadow, Shadow informed the Unicorns and the Dires and they in turn sent for me,” She shrugged softly “It would seems they didn’t trust your thief”

Aishani simply chuckled to Elsa’s words, rising with a hand on her swollen belly and back. “Shadow knows what is at stake, I’m glad she took the initiative.” She moved over to Elsa and embraced her, as best possible with the size of her stomach, just then one of the unborn kicked, causing her to grimace. “It seems, the little ones are happy to hear you too. I should have known that you were a fighter, impressive.” Aishani winked to her. Virra stood stiffly with an arm around Aerian’s waist. “Both of which are locked in the dungeon. Though, I have a feeling that our…little thief will call for her reward.”

Aishani grinned, the newly extended canines giving her a wolfish presence. “Then we must see what it is that she requires. I am not entirely too sure of her crime to begin with. After all, she proved her worth but not always is it enough to trust one such as her.”

“She has a reputation for taking things that don’t belong to her, the last of consequence being a large shipment of mythril” Kane replied “It would fall under lesser crimes, but considering our issues with mythril before Emerald City,”

“Which is strange as your daughter has the same problem” Hades smirked now entering the room “I heard the commotion outside, I take it our guests have arrived”

“Yea but I took ancient and misplaced treasures, not things that were needed or deemed essential at any given time” Aerian tried to sound hurt by her Uncles words but she just laughed “I was well paid too, besides Zia got hurt, we should at least make sure she doesn’t end up dead”

“Did she try anything other than getting Ascondia out?” Kane looked up to Elsa.

“She has an agenda, what this is I cannot say, she got us in, as we were making our way out Ascondia caused a scene and caught the guards attention, she was caught by one of them that’s when I believe she was hurt, still she was able to ensure Ascondia opened the portal and brought us here, I covered their escape and here we are, whatever her angle I suspect it has to do with her predicament here as opposed to anything else, I may be wrong” Elsa quickly laid out the details of their escapades.

“She did as we asked, there is no reason not to honour our agreement” Aerian added

Aishani exchanged a glance with Kane briefly, then looked to Aerian. “Yes, I agree, though, it depends on what she wants. I believe freedom should be at her fingertips providing she is willing to work for it. Indeed, this did help but in it there was an ulterior motive. I will speak to her upon it with Kane present as well as her injuries. I have little…tolerance as of late with my hormones. Jade you are to create meals for Ascondia, I think it only fitting that you tend to her, begin that now.”

Jade bowed gracefully to Aishani, casting one glance to Hades before she slipped from the room to begin her instructions. Virra chuckled now. “Listen to you, Aishani. Pregnant and bossy as ever.” Aishani grinned wolfishly to Virra. “I have to embrace my place in this realm regardless of my current physical technicality.”

“Aerian you go nowhere near your mother,” Kane added firmly

“Yea I have no intent to end up dead,” Aerian replied solemnly “But Jade and Virra need to be careful around her, and Jade certainly shouldn’t go in with her alone”

“She won’t be,” Hades smiled “I’ll be with her, I trust our other Queen will be speaking with her at some point?”

“Of course. But, first, to neglect a thief is not a good thing. She needs to know that she is as important as Ascondia. That is why I chose her first, from one a thief to another…it may be best.” She moved to place a hand upon Hades’ shoulder, then glanced to Kane. “See to it that Elsa is comfortable, Hades. I’m sure she is exhausted.”

“Oh don’t trouble yourself over me dear,” Elsa smiled softly

“You heard her,” Hades smiled softly “Let’s get you to a room, relax, there’s more to be done yet,” Hades stated softly.

He led her off as Aerian watched them leave, before sliding against Virra. Kane led the group down toward the cells, they talked small talk and plans ahead, they had in truth won with the retrieval of Ascondia, and with Stacy out of reach it would at least slow Ceremon and Z’ress’ plans.

Kane unlocked the door to Zia’s cell, she had her hand pressed to her side as she was stemming the blood flow.

In part, Aishani and Kane fed, the blood really wouldn’t affect them. She gave instruction to Kane in order to gather some medical supplies, including a needle and thread, would he hesitate, Aishani would growl at him in the deep guttural sound. Once he had left to gather the requested items, Aishani turned to face Zia. “Lay down. This is going to hurt…a lot, but, you already know that.” She stated simply, moving to begin cutting Zia’s tunic in order to expose the wound, though tore a portion of her jacket to press against the wound. “I know you have an angle, any decent thief does. To save us and you the trouble, don’t talk riddles. Out with it.”

“Always, but,” She squealed as Aishani applied pressure, “Shit that hurts, my angle here has always been the same, Aerian,” She sighed softly then squirmed against the pain that ripped at her from the injuries, two very deep lacerations inflicted by blades. “She was the best of our group, smart, fierce, beautiful, but her contacts ran deeper than anyone, she could find work when things were bad, our group misses her leadership, I want her back,”

“As you can see, she has a fire that returned to her. I cannot make that decision for Aerian, though, we have bigger things to be concerned with, Zia. Virra is her strength now and the two are bound by promising words, this you will have to take up with her after things are secured in the realm. Right now it is chaos, keep that in mind.” Aishani kept the pressure on Zia, pressing a knee into the fabric and injury, holding the position until Kane arrived with the required items.

Zia cried out as she felt the knee on her wounds “What’s Virras deal anyway? She looks so stern and mean, not the kind whom I would have pictured Aery with, oh shit!! That hurts!”

“Open wounds tend to do that,” Kane stated as he made his way in placing things down on the bed beside Aishani “Do I need to keep you locked up, or is there a chance you’re going to play nice? You can handle yourself, we need that right now, but you know how I work, trust with me if very thin and it wouldn’t be the first time that’s come back to bite me with you,”

“You don’t know her. My suggestion is get to know her, before you cast that dagger in her direction. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you are jealous of Virra.” Aishani suggested, glancing back to Kane, gathering the alcohol while removing the pressure of the wound and pouring it upon Zia’s wound then offering her the bottle. “You act as though never being hurt before.” She muttered beginning to clean the wound and then sterilise the needle and thread, instructing Kane to help hold the flesh together in order for her to begin to stitch her. “Hold, fucking, still…” She hissed, beginning to stitch the flesh together, but, in the end after a few hours, it was mended together and a gauze and bandage was being wrapped tightly around her torso and side. “Now. Look me in the eyes. Can we trust you?”

Zia was not quiet as Aishani worked, her screams echoed through the jail, tears ran down her cheek. She looked at Aishani as she finished her eyes staring blank for a moment, before she looked at her wounds now stitched “It’s not like I can leave right now, and out there is getting worse, so I’ll behave myself,”

Aishani handed back the bottle of liquor, rising and patting Zia’s shoulder. “Kane, may just lock you up again for such acts. But, I will not be so kind…” She leaned down and gathered the bloodied basin water. “I’ll let Aerian know, she will ultimately decide, your fate in the end so I suggest you play nice with Virra, if your goal is to get her back on your team that is the way to do it.”

Zia inclined her head in agreement.

Kane aided in cleaning up before he eyed Zia in thought “I’ll have them escort you to one of the guest rooms, then as Aishani has said, what happens next is Aerian and Virras call,”

As they walked back to the main hall of the Mansion Kane watched Aishani “Everything alright my love?”

She held the basin of bloodied water, walking in silence then glanced to Kane with a smirk. “Zia, loves, Aerian. It is not perhaps, a pure love like Virra but such that is a need. It is strange, the girl is jealous of Virra. Imagine, two women in love with your daughter.” Aishani chuckled darkly, as they went into the kitchen to dump the water down the drain. “I do not wish to say it, needless to think on it…but, Kane, my love. Ascondia may need you to fix her mind correctly, I know that the part that was born from your love is Aerian. I am standing on the outside of such. I suggest you speak to Jade and Hades. They may need you. I need to stay clear from Ascondia. She was your wife, I fear my hormones are going out of hand at the moment.” Her hands curled on the edge of the sink, while looking down.

“Aerian has quite an effect on women it seems, still she is old enough to know what she wants, and I suspect if Zia treads to far upon the wrong nerves, we may end having to prevent Virra killing her, as for my former wife, we don’t know what Z’ress did, or if Aerian is the only target. We need to let Jade and Hades assess things, then we will take the action we need to” Kanes words were soft and yet full of the evident ‘I don’t want to talk to her until she has her head on straight’

Gently he slid his arm around her waist before guiding her back to the main room and the couch in front the fire “Let’s just take some time, it’s been a busy day, and you should rest,’

[The Turning Tide] With Dragon No Less

The cell was cramped as Aerian sat in the corner her arms wrapped around her knees, quietly she waited on word to bring down the defences of their home. Quietly she hoped there was a plan beeter than simply bringing down the defences that had kept their home safe for so long.

Aerian was not alone, Virra held her arms wrapped around her fiancée with their hands together, ring against ring. She would periodically press get lips against her neck to offer support, while it was bleak, cold and damp; though made up for such with the body heat of one another. All they could do was wait, it was agony for the two young lovers. The unknown devouring them like a ravaged beast, they did not know if Hades and Jade were safe or fighting. 

Hades watched the hall for a moment before leading Jade along it and down through the hidden passages to the cells, pressing Jade to the wall he crept along the low ledge, one short leap had him behind the guard before cutting his throat and lowering him to the ground.

Quietly he motion for Jade to unlock the jails main door before working on picking the cell door. It took time but he got it in the end the lock clicking as the cell door opened he tossed in Virras blades and Aerians bow.

“Up for a little Jailbreak ladies?” he voice low but with a smile “We have this under control, your dad is on his way and is bringing re-enforcements we just have to keep Hareavor and his goons busy until he gets here”

Jade easily kept up with Hades, while the delicate flower was just as strong as the gemstone. She gathered the keys and opened the main dungeon door showing for Hades to enter while keeping watch. 

As the cell creaked open Virra released her arms from Aerian, tense initially but once her blades were thrown in and Hades spoke, a cruel smirk appeared on her lips. “What took you so long? Reinforcements are good.” She kissed Aerian on the neck but gathered her father’s with a spin on the palms of her hands. “What reinforcements?” 

“Oh this you’re going to love” Hades chuckled with a smile, “But for the moment we should go before you’re daddy realises I’m no longer locked in the library”

Aerian grabbed her bow and pulled the quiver to her shoulder “What’s the plan, to just stay alive? That’s really dumb!

“No we fight, on the ground, keep their eyes on us” Hades smiled softly “He will be here, but right now I need you to drop the defences”

Aerian suddenly looked to the dead guard then to Hades “Wait if they’re still up, how did you …”

Hades shrugged with a soft smile “Doesn’t extend down into the cells, can’t really torture folk while they are up, we just don’t share that fact” Hades shrugged now “It makes sense and you know it”

Virra fixed her sheaths to her hips while adjusting them to fit securely. She grinned wickedly to Hades then took Aerian’s hand. “I think this is what we have been waiting for, Firefly. Drop the wards. Let’s have some fun. But you owe us an explanation, Hades.” 

Jade moved to the cell door, peering in. “We don’t have time. Come, we have to go.” 

Aerian hesitated, her eyes looked to Hades then to Virra, before she closed her eyes and a short flick her wrist “OK they are down”

The screams above told only the misery as Harevors forces poured in through the gates, Hades had already evacuated the young, the woman and the elderly into the hidden ruins beneath the mansion, the wards there would take some breaking, or finding for that matter, the staff above fought and weren’t so lucky.

“We stay close until Kane gets here,” Hades smiled softly as he led them up into the Mansion, undead and vampires alike were now attacking anyone insight, Hades caught one with a right hand before dispatching a second with his blade, a third caught him in the right arm only to have his head slammed into the pillar they were behind.

“You OK?” Aerian whispered only for Hades to wave her off with a frustrated nod wrapping the wound quickly, “Let’s go”

Virra grinned wildly, clearly she was going to enjoy this. She fought along with Hades, driving her blades to spend blood of vampires with half decapitation and making some undead immobile with daggers plunged ripping into legs. Jade too had a blade but this was unfamiliar to the lands, specially made with a gleam that appeared to be alive with a strange power that appeared not only fuelled by her but the energies of the very realm. 

As the vampire was slammed with his head against the wall, it was Jade that decapitated the creature. Her warm brown eyes glowed with a slitted almost canine ferocity, baring her teeth now displayed points to her canines. 

Hades nodded to Jade as he threw open the doors, Hades watched the chaos outside before his blade snapped to his chest to deflect Hareavors attack, “Why will you not just die?!”

“Oh where’s the fun in that!” Hades laughed coldly, before slamming his hand into Hareavors chest driving him back. Hades led their small group into the crowds of enemies, a well placed arrow took out a Vampire just about to drive his blade into Virra. Hades moved with purpose, throwing enemies with deliberate intent into the waiting blades of Virra and Jade alike, he had intent as they moved toward the gates.

It was as they reached a small alcove Hades grabbed a man kicking the back of his knee and bouncing his head off the wall rendering him unconscious “Him we need alive,” He smiled and pulled Aerian, Jade and Virra beneath the stone wall above them “Aerian mind giving us a little cover?”

“What’s going on?” Aerian whispered her foot pushing the man over to reveal him to be Virras father.

There was a roar beyond that drew their attention as dragons swept down raining fire over those within the court yard, Aerian quickly threw up the spell to keep them alive and uncooked in the alcove, the flames of dragons roar against the barrier that now held them.

Virra kept at it, fighting through the hordes of enemies. She was just as cold and vicious as Hades, it was though apparent in her actions the trust she placed in not only her fiancée but in those around her. 

Jade on the other hand was graceful and elegant in every move, add though it was a practiced dance with the sword as an extension of her body. Even her aura began to change into that of a fiery orange. 

By the time everyone was in the alcove, Virra sneered at the unconscious form of her father, though it was not long lasting after all weapons hidden and other had been removed from him that the deafening roar was heard. The spell went up just as the world erupted in flames. 

Jade, whom held her Katana blade down to the ground clutched to Hades’s arm, staring wide eyed at the sight of the dragons. Some swooped down to pick up enemies just to drop them while others were burnt to a crisp. It was difficult to tell from their angle as to whose side the large beasts were on. 

“You’ve gotta be kidding me…” Virra groaned. “Dragons? Ceremon had fucking dragons?!” 

“Oh no those are on our side” Hades laughed darkly “For now anyway”

Aerian dropped the defence spell allowing them back out into the court yard, Hades dispatched several burned Vampires with ease, his eyes searching the darkness that had now descended, ahead a wall of flames as a figure walked through.

“I told you not to burn my house down!” Kane laughed softly as he slid behind a Vampire snapping its neck with precision and ease.

“Bah you’re late as usual, and dragons no less?” Hades retorted as he held Jade to him now.

Aishani moved through the fire now while standing at Kane’s side with a smirk and a hand on the bulge of her belly. “Admit it. You had fun dispatching the enemy, quit your bitching.” She chuckled. 

While Jade was held close to Hades, subtly her hand was touching his wounded shoulder. As he felt a pinch of pain as it seemed the flesh was weaving together in a heal. “Oh my…you are showing, Lady Aishani…” If Hades didn’t know any better, being as close to Jade as he was, it almost sounded like envy. 

Virra chuckled darkly, though kept her eyes on the unconscious form of her father, while holding Aerian’s hand with their rings glinting in the firelight. 

Kane simply smiled in reply before backing toward Hades “We hold the Mansion, force them back”

“To where?” Hades snapped in reply “In case you hadn’t noticed there’s bloody dragons in the sky!!”

“To Elvera!” Kane growled in reply “They will make a stand and we will break them down”

Kane and Hades both took down a vampire who was headed their way, the flames of the dragons now directing the remaining forces away from the mansion, any attempt to go another route was met either by dragon or by fire.

Aerian was impressed at her fathers resourcefulness as she leant against Virra, her arms slid around her waist with a smile “He brought dragons to save us”

Aishani smirked to Aerian as though hearing her easily with the gift brought by the werewolf in her but also the glanced down to her hand in Virra’s that exposed their rings. Then to Jade and Hades with a tilt of her chin to Kane. “Seems everyone has been busy…” She mused. 

Virra remained with Aerian, while Jade pushed from her lean with a kiss to Hades as him and Kane took out a vampire. He felt a lingering sting, but overall maneuverability of his arm has returned thanks to Jade’s inconspicuous healing. 

Now with the backing of the dragons, there was more hope in the changing of the rides to this war.