Finally Finding My Way In Life??

Well. Walking through this new town. The people are…… odd…..

I keep to myself.

Being turned, I don’t even know who i can trust.

I woke up in a barn.
Feeling like i’d drunk more ale than i could handle, even tho, i had not.

My clothes were filthy, my hair a mess.
My entire body ached,  Yet, i felt a sense of……… well, EVERYTHING!!!! I could hear, see, smell things i’ve never dreamt of.

Walking from this barn, into this town, in the middle of nowhere….. i am insatiable for food, yet, when i eat, i can do nothing but vomit……

Restoring myself under a tree, in the shade for a few hours.
I stumble upon this…… bum fuck town…… Everyone here stinks, they’re all idiots….

And then i come across One guy, He has….. something!!!!

I feel the need to talk to him, so i do.

I find out, his name…. is Mr Hamilton.
Talking to him, i like him more and more

He’s just stood there, kind of shining… in the pool of shit,

His wife comes over the the market, where we’re stood chatting,
She doesn’t like me much. But that’s fine, i have the urge to crush every bone in her body.

A bit of good luck comes my way though, and he offers me a job!!!!!

My first job!!!!!

In the local tavern. blood, something or other!!!

I wish i could share this with my mum.

But, i can’t, so let’s see who i can befriend, or break in this shit hole.


Clara Fea Raven
-= Blood Creek Tavern =-