[Ending A War] Calm Before the Storm

Aerian stirred as she rolled she felt her arm drop to the bed waking her, she crawled closer to Virra kissing her shoulder gently. It was a cool morning as she looked to the window it was also still dark, long before the sun was due to rise. Aerian felt nerves creep through her as she was suddenly aware that Domi was no longer with them.

She shook Virra gently “Baby wake up, he left us,” considering what was ahead of them in only a few hours Aerian was unusually on edge in this moment.

Virra groaned initially to the stir but the instant that she said Domi was gone, her awareness was more than alert. She jumped up from the bed. “I’m going to kill him…” She growled, beginning to walk naked to the doorway since their clothing was shed in the living area. But hesitated, essentially stopping.

Aerian watched as Virra headed for the door the stopping caught her off guard as she slid to the edge of the bed “Are you OK? I mean about all this, also why would he leave, he seemed so sure earlier, well beside the fact we’re headed to war and he’s a real bad shot” She tried to add humor but it was far from humorous in that moment “I’m sorry, humor not really the time? So back to my original, question are you OK?”

Virra just remained silent little reaction to Aerian’s words, a statue starting through the doorway.

Aerian looked on before her way to Virra “What are staring …” her voice trailed off as she joined Virra in the doorway now.

Virra didn’t move, nor look at Aerian, her sights were fixed before her. Moving to her side, Aerian finally saw what had her in a state of shock. In a rack near the door were two rather plump rabbits hung up with heads dangling lifelessly with a bow and quiver resting near it making a kill. But that wasn’t what had her full attention. There was a figure in the kitchen. His back was to them busy with cleaning the catch. It was Domi. Apparently, their fears and doubt left in that moment. He was making them breakfast by the sight of the quail eggs resting in a bowl near to him.

Aerian was stunned by the sight as she looked on, if she was honest this had been the last thing she had expected. Her expectations in others outside their family were always unnaturally low, and she wouldn’t have blamed Domi if he’d chose to run. It seemed, however, he was going to stand with them as she watched him quietly, her arm slipping around Virras waist her head resting on her shoulder.
It seemed the contract from Aerian broke the shock from Virra and she, in turn, curled an arm around Aerian. Turning to place a kiss on the top of the fiery crown, content to relax.

Just then Domi turned with a pitcher and bowl of cut chunks of meat, he hesitated but moved to the blazing hearth to put water into a small cauldron as well as the meat and vegetables in A bowl along side the fire. But when he finished, Domi faces the two women with a smirk. “Can’t blame a man for wanting to take care of his angels…”

“Better than leaving them with the impression, he had his wicked way and then left them in the dead of night” Aerian teased in reply before she pushed closer to Virra, feeling her flesh against her own made Aerian smile softly “But wow, thank you, if I die today at least I will die happy and well fed,” The tease remained in Aerians voice, much as the defiance she wasn’t about to die today or anytime soon for that matter.

“Was he always this considerate? Or are we just incredibly lucky?” She asked Virra now.

He chuckled and neared them, his strong hands roaming over their sides. “Can’t have my beautiful angels fighting to save the realm on an empty stomach. Protein is a good start. Yet it was supposed to be a surprise.”

“We’re at war Domi, as a result I’m unnaturally on edge, which considering how much you worked us over last night, I should still be sleeping heavily. I’m just glad you didn’t leave, can’t protect you out there” Aerians words came as a reminder that he was a part of their lives if he chose to be, but a reminder of who she was. She couldn’t help but shudder at his touch before she turned to kiss Virra deeply.

As she went to break the kiss she groaned a wave crashing through her skull as she stumbled back into Domi “Oh crap!” She murmured as the visions hit, the war over Elvera with dragons in the skies above, Hades and Kane at the head of the charge flanked by Aishani and Jade. There were flashes of them in combat, the walls of Elvera as the city beyond burned, the visions were incredibly vivid enough to trick the mind of scent blood and ash around them. The visions passed as Aerian was on her knees “What the fuck was that all about, is the realm trying to tell us we’ll win or we won’t?”

Domi caught Aerian as she fell against him, strong arms wrapping around her, guiding her down to the floor. But when she came to Virra was leaning her back against the door holding her head. “It is of what is to come…Domi, I think we have to forgo the food at the moment. We don’t have the time. We have to go to the estate.”

Domi nodded handing Aerian over to Virra, then pulling the pot off the fire.

“Well there goes my biggest secret and not even on a second date” Aerian breathed again going for humor as she pulled herself to her feet using Virra for strength. She made her way back to the bed and pulled out clothing to dress in. It didn’t take her long to regain herself as she strapped her breasts into place, the top tighter than the last time she’d worn it.

“Really need to speak with Elsa about a new wardrobe” She groaned as she was finally dressed. She made her way to the kitchen a glass of water to clear the last of the cobwebs in her head now, “Domi, you know what I am, and you are one of very few who know. If the whole realm knew, well you know the rumors on seers and I’d rather that not be my fate”

Virra returned to the bedroom in order to dress as well, though, her clothing was gathered from the front room. She had a specific look and it was all leather, clung suggestively to her but also with exquisite taste with her black colors that always made her face seem more porcelain then it was and those lips even more ruby hued. But, when she was dressing it was clear to Aerian, the damage done to her bosom the night before, as some were the peppering of suction by Domi and a few bite marks that were held in bruising. Though, it appeared not to bother her. “Yes, Firefly. We will get us knew clothing, I have a feeling mine are going to be worse for wear.”

As they entered the main room, Virra went to sharpen her blades and knives, situating them efficiently to her person. Domi leaned against the table with a handsome smirk. “There has to be a first date first, Angel.” But, passively he rolled a shoulder. “I won’t tell if you won’t.” Though, he winked, then looked at the two women. “We ready to get the realm back or what? I think we better leave or we will miss out on all the fun…I don’t like to miss out on the fun.” Suddenly he moved with catlike reflexes, that is when Aerian would see a dagger in the table, though, he dislodged it and returned it to Virra.

“There is your fun,” Virra said swiping it from him, though situated and rose. “Let’s get going.” She moved to the door while Domi followed and the trio began their way to the estate.


All in all, it had taken a little over 2 hours to deliver their information and help make a plan for ending the war. It had been a productive morning even by Aerians standards. They made their way back across the courtyard to the cottage, as Aerian was looking around the Mansion was quieter than normal but likely because most of the soldiers were out on patrol, others were helping ensure stocks were sufficient to ensure people were fed and clothed as the war came to a close.

Tomorrow would see them go to war, as for today breakfast was next on Aerians list “Hope it didn’t get spoiled having to run out like that, I’m kinda hungry after all that exercise last night” She smiled as she pushed open the cottage door, catching Virras wrist and pulling her into a kiss.

“I took it off the fire. So out wouldn’t burn, I’ll make the eggs and toast for my beautiful angels.” Domi said in passing to Aerian.

He entered first into the cottage, moving to begin breakfast, placing the cauldron into the spit over the fire.

Virra was stunned initially to the kiss but melded into it with a smirk and lifted her up by utilizing her bottom to set her on the kitchen table.
Aerian growled playfully as Virra placed her on the table, but didn’t break from the kiss, the passion was all she felt in that moment. Her legs wrapped around Virra keeping her against her as she whimpered gently. Finally, she broke from the kiss looking to Virra then to Domi.

“You know honestly I can’t remember the last time a guy made me breakfast, and I’m fairly sure my dad doesn’t count in that statement” She watched Virra for a moment “Of course you cook, and you’re good in bed so I’m a lucky girl on all counts”

Domi glanced to Aerian, then Virra from the hearth while stirring the eggs. “Well since we skipped the first date, does breakfast make up for it?”
Virra leaned her forehead against Aerian’s shoulder shifting her gaze to Domi. “Hmm, depends on if it is good. Smells fantastic.”
“Hm. Well, I do have lunch already cooking.” He dusted off his hands and with a hot pad moved to the kitchen to pour out the contents equally in three bowls. “I hope that evens out the odds.”

“I think he really wants to stay,” Aerian smiled as she ran her hands over Virra slowly “It does smell good though, and I’m real hungry, so we’ll call it even for now,” she winked softly before digging her feet against Virras butt with a grin, “We should relax for today, make sure we are well and truly relaxed for later,”

Virra grinned to Aerian, curling her fingers into the fiery reigns and yanking back, too glide her lips and nose against her neck in a sensual manner, just as Domi gave her a forkful of eggs. “I can’t help but spoil, my beautiful angels.”

Virra turned to accept a forkful with a thoughtful chew watching him. “Anything you have in mind, Firefly?”

“Mhm,” Aerian replied as she watched Domi “We’re all stiff and sore, the damn visions play all kinds of havoc with my body, so maybe we can do something about it?” Aerian was actually unsure of what she had meant with her words only that she liked the way things had worked out, she was also incredibly curious about Domi and how he’d ended up involved with Xulljra, she was hoping in time she could find the answers, having deliberately not informed her family of that fact.

“We should just not be stressing ourselves, enough of that over the next few days, we should spend what time we have together, which I could honestly think of no better place” She had pinched a piece of the egg from Virras fork “Holy god these are good!”

Domi chuckled while watching the bowl before her full of yes golden delight. “Quail eggs are far different than those from a chicken. Much more buttery by nature.” He learned down to press his lips against hers, then tilted Virra’s chin to repeat as much with her.

Virra seemed surprised but went with it, peeling herself away from Aerian to sit and eat. “Maybe we can find a spring or something to relax in…I know I could use it. Fucking sore.” She cast a glance to Domi while he settled down in a chair.

“Hey, I didn’t hear a single complaint last night.” He said defensively, lifting his hand with a fork, while Virra flipped him off.

“We have hot springs under the mansion, we could go there?” Aerian replied as she slightly down from the table, seating herself to eat, “I can tell the guards to make sure we’re left alone”

Aerian began to eat her brain immediately drawn to the taste “Holy.. Wow” was about all she had.

Virra stirred and ate in silence, though after eating her fill went to gather three towels. “Then what are we waiting for?”

Domi gathered the bowls and then went to stir the stew and adjust it to not be as directly over the heat to avoid burning in their leave.
The trio left the cottage to head to the hot springs with Aerian in the lead.

It didn’t take long, as they crossed the courtyard for the second time today. Before turning down toward the springs. She stopped by the guard surly looking female in full chain mail and stood straight as if she always expected trouble.

“Were going to go relax, so I don’t care if it’s my dad that wants through here, we’re not to be disturbed,” Said stated firmly handing the guard a small pouch.

The guard looked from Aerian to Virra, before she eyed Domi, surveying him slowly. Finally, a wry smile crossed her lips and she nodded “As you wish Lady Elcarus” she opened the door to the hot springs chamber and proceeded to close and lock it behind them. Aerian made her way down the small staircase, the cave was always warm as the springs bubbled away before them.

Virra followed behind, while Domi was right behind Aerian and she felt his hand caress her bottom in the descent. Once before the springs, Virra grinned without hesitating began to undress as though the water was the most welcoming sight. Domi let loose a low whistle while removing his top.


Soon Virra jumped into the water, clutching her legs to her chest in a cannon ball, efficiently splashing Aerian and Domi. “She still hates me…” He muttered more to himself as he watched her head bob just above the surface. Now his sculpted body was exposed and his copper skin was very chiselled, without his leggings his member was endowed hanging limp.

Aerian watched the two as they entered the water before smiling to Domis words “If she hated you, she wouldn’t let you see her naked,” As she began to strip she took her time, once she was finally naked she slipped into the pool with them the heat of the water making her shudder a little “Been a while since I’ve been down here, usually just use the shower thing we have in the house, so this is really nice,” she mused softly.

Domi considered Aerian’s words a moment, though didn’t comment before entering the water. He released a heavy sigh to the heat, while Virra lay on her back just floating. The water revealed her bosom, hips, and knees against the glistening surface. As Aerian joined, Domi began to splash her. Soon it was a laughing match of a water war, which seemed to lighten the mood.

The laughter echoed in the cave before Aerian looked to Virra with a grin, her eyes shone with a love that ran through every part of her. As she wrung out her hair she made her way to Virra, her hands seeking her hips.

“You’ve been very quiet today baby” She kept her voice low though it wouldn’t be hard to overhear.

Virra glanced from Aerian to Domi that submerged beneath the water, then back. “It’s…hard for me to admit. I enjoyed intercourse with a man. So many years of fighting it and my past. Then to one guy that tried the hardest to get in my pants…”

“I think we both needed it in a weird way, he clearly feels for you can’t say I blame him on that. Part of me wonders what you want in all this, I got what I wanted and so did Domi” She let her hands run over Virras side slowly her eyes never moving from Virras own “So what do you want out of this strange thing we have? Or should we just go our way? I love you but you know that, and I am going to be real happy when this war is done and I can be your wife properly,”

She lifted a hand to caress Aerian’s cheek with a smirk. “Guiltily I want to keep him around…”

Aerian shuddered to her words as she smiled softly “Maybe you should tell him?” She kissed Virras shoulder gently. “He believes you still hate him if you did?”

Virra glanced to Domi as he reemerged from the water, his black hair glistening while the water rolled enticing over his muscular frame. “Domi, get your ass over here.”

He looked confused at first but swam to them, looking from Aerian to Virra expectantly.

“Stick around, Domi. I want you to.” Virra said and then linked forward to press her hands against his shoulders to dunk him. It wasn’t very difficult due to his surprise.

Though what happened next was Aerian felt stealthy hands from beneath the water penetrate her flower as Virra’s expression from her melted into the passionate fire within her eyes. As he appeared and Virra drew Aerian in for a deep intense kiss. As he appeared watching them, with a thumb added to press and massage into Aerian’s pearl. “The words I’ve been holding out for…it was worth the wait,” He said with a slight growl in his tone.

Aerian yelped in surprise as he invade her folds and shuddered as she melted into the kiss, the heat of the water, the depth of passion in the kiss and the invasion of Domis hand and pressure caused by his thumb was a little more than Aerian could handle as her body shuddered “Not fucking fair,” she mumbled as her head pressed into Virras shoulder.

Virra was breathing hard as Aerian complained, it was clear that he worked the two women like a fiddle. He added another finger to Aerian, which by Virra’s reaction when a moan occurred with her as well. He neared to press his lips against Virra, as he muffled her sounds in the kiss. By the way, she clung to Aerian it was clear he brought her to a powerful release. Then moved to lift Aerian’s chin with a replayed kiss, quickening the movements against her pearl and urgency to her passage, insistent to bring her too climax as well.

Virra was panting while caressing Aerian’s back, but after the release, Domi writhed his hands free. Lifting both his hands from the water that steamed with heat, catching their faces tenderly. “My beautiful, angels…” He whispered and kissed each briefly.

Aerian lost in the moment returned the kiss with a fiery passion that would catch Domi off guard, before dropping beneath the water, as she rose from beneath water running through the fiery red of her hair she smiled, her eyes moved from Domi to Virra “He should clean us up now!”

Virra initially looked confused to Aerian, then smirked. “Hm. Did we forget the soap?”

“I’m sure he can get creative,” She replied as she made her way back to Virra, slipping behind her to slip her arms around her waist, she watched Domi from behind Virra for a moment. “He is a smart one, so I’m sure he can come up with a way to make us as clean as the angels he claims us to be?”

A smirk formed on Domi’s lips to Aerian’s words, he moved forward to gather her hand and with Virra on the other, lead both women to the edge of the spring. Then hoisted Aerian up on the edge, while Virra watched. Next, he spread Aerian’s legs and began to lick and kiss up along the stems, getting closer and closer to the heated core. That is when Aerian felt an unfamiliar slick tool trace the outside of her petals, slipping just within to tap upon her pearl. A hand lowered to part the petals, his movements were slow and deliberate. The other reached up to gather her bosom in those strong hands, thumb, and forefinger pinching the bud. This was tender, not as rushed, almost as though he was making love to her body through his hands and tongue.

Aerian shuddered at his touch, her hands set behind her to keep her able to watch Domi, her body reacted almost the instant he touched her, as Domi worked her breasts a pearl she threw a longing glance to Virra before a soft moan escaped her lips.

Virra watched the two in silence, before hoisting herself up doing dude her to place her leg on one though to keep hers apart. Now tipping her chin to press her lips against Aerian’s in a kiss that slowly built up momentum. Domi continued his work to her passage and flower in s drop kids with slick muscle savoring and caressing her silken folds.

As the kiss deepened Aerians resistance failed her, as her eyes half closed at the pleasure that raced through her, her hips now instinctively beginning to grind into Domi, her body rippled in goosebumps as the pleasure built, she was helpless between the two now.

Virra removed her lips from Aerian’s, while the plush silken surface glided down over her skin in pauses for tender kisses or licks, but she was speaking her devotion to Aerian by praise and without words. Unlike most of their times together this was tender and not rough, affectionate. Domi deepened the kiss off her flower, one hand holding her hips as the other continued to caress from her neck down her body.

Aerian whimpered softly feeling Virra over her flesh as Domi was against her flower, the gentle was as relaxing as it was passionate, her hands slid outward as she laid back on the floor of the cave now bringing her legs up and then letting them fall open completely exposing her body to them both.

Virra followed Aerian down, hands caressing so against her body, running over her skin with a feather touch but glanced to Domi before returning her attention to Aerian. As Aerian leaned back he seemed to rise more and this forced Aerian to fold while his new angle offered him more depth but Aerian felt that rigid tool tapping at the side of her foot.

Aerian moaned louder at this deeper invasion, her foot instinctively moving to caress his tool. Her body now rapidly beginning to build toward release, her moans now beginning to become more broken inbetween deeper breaths.

The two worked Aerian like a prized goddess until she pleaded for refuge. Virra glanced to Domi now while gently lifting her from her lean back and Domi cradled her in the water by supporting her back to let her float. Virra stood at the opposite side, the two apparently planned this. “My beautiful, angels…” Domi stated softly as Virra curled her fingers within his over Aerian’s abdomen.

Aerian looked to them her body still on the edge of release, her eyes shone with the need and a desperation to let go, as she was led to floating by the two of them.

Virra leaned down to press her lips gently against Aerian’s while her other hand not supporting her floating took Domi’s to glide over her body slickened with water.

Aerian moaned deeply against the kiss, her body pushing against the dual assault of Virra and Domi, her flesh heated in the wake of their touch now. She was unused to this care and attention during their encounters, yet every part of was just as hungry for Virras touch, just as it was for Domi in that moment.

Virra moved her hand over Domi’s as though displaying to him the way to touch a woman, most of all Aerian. While they had their moments in rough passionate intimacy, this was different it was as though each of them wished to appreciate and display their appreciation to her. Aerian knew exactly how Virra liked it, though, in this moment, it was all for her. Each of them leaned down to suckle on her bosom with the slow deliberate grace of their slick muscles. As she remained suspended and floating.

Aerian was lost in their touch, lost in the moment of the one person she loved the most and the one person she trusted only a little less. Taken by the love they showed her the passion that came from all of them in that moment.

The two parted after each presented a sensual kiss to Aerian, allowing her to float. Though Domi led Virra to the edge of the pool her previously utilized for Aerian and hoisted her upon the edge. He placed a hand on her legs to part them and lowered his mouth to her petals to begin to lick slowly but then he quickened. Aerian could hear Virra’s sounds echo through the spring, while it was evident by such the pleasure she surrendered.

Aerian watched as Domi worked Virra before she crawled up out of the pool and alongside her, her hands slipping to caress her breasts, slow and dilberate as she moved to kiss Virra, lingering, slow yet still just as deep and passion filled as ever. Before letting her kisses move down over her collarbone and shoulder, and slowly down her body. Each kiss gentle and deliberate, each one just below the last, until she lay her head on Virras stomach now watching Domi once more.

Virra reacted with soft sounds to each caress and kiss from her lover, delivered on a heightened level. Now her hips were rolling into Domi’s attention, his hazel eyes focused on Aerian while she watched him.

Aerian let her hand slid down Virras hips against Domis face before returning to seek out Virras hidden pearl, adding extra stimulation against Domis own. Slowly tentative touches before again Aerian adjusted her position this time to allow her to coax Domi from his position and capture his lips slipping her own fingers into Virra.

The added attention to her stimulated pearl caused Virra to rock more against Domi, this time was more urgent. Though to Aerian’s coaxing, Domi rose and crushed his lips against Virra’s. She met the kiss with fervor, hands curling at his shoulders, at first it was caressed and then insistent kneading. Aerian felt the slickness, it was clear that by the throbbing passage she had released many times already. That’s when Virra began to tremble and rock against her lovers’ fingers, her sounds muffled by Domi’s lips as his hand roughly took and tensed to her bruised bosom. Then it happened again and again, the rush of Virra’s nectar flowed seeming endless and her body began to quiver and to revolt attempting to move away from Aerian.

Aerian withdrew her fingers slowly, lifting them to her lips with a soft smile, tasting her lover before slipping up to kiss Domi, then Virra each in turn, before she looked to Virra and back to Domi, her hand now strayed wrapping around Domis tool, a long deliberate stroke of her hand along the rigid muscle.

Virra met Aerian’s lips with much affection and eagerness while playing such to Domi, but it was the stealth at which Aerian’s hand wrapped around his throbbing shaft that she was grabbed with a groan and twitch.

His moan made her smile and deepen the kiss with Virra, her hand remained in motion slow deliberate strokes, as she reached the bottom of her stroke she would massage the rigid tool for a moment before letting her hand work back up along the shaft.

Domi’s thick shaft reacted with another twitch to Aerian’s manipulation, he groaned again though dove down to capture Virra’s bud within his mouth. Her poor bruised bosom jiggled as a moan was fed into the ravaging kiss that bound the two women.

Aerian kept her hand working Domi slow and deliberate, before she broke from the kiss her eyes staring deep into Virras before she turned to face Domi, finally she shifted her position bringing her knees under her exposing herself to Domi.

Domi was watching Aerian as he feasted on Virra’s bosom, though to the provocative position it was clear the intent in his eyes. Adjusting to position his rock hard member to Aerian’s entry and in one sudden powerful thrust, he sunk into her core with a groan. Virra still lay on her back while panting and quivering add it was clear he had driven her to a classic high she was recovering from.

Aerian yelped from the sting as he drove into her, the edge of pain quickly melting into the wave of pleasure. Her body felt filled in that moment as instinct caused her to drive back into Domi, she lowered her head into Virras shoulder, her eyes closed as she let herself feel every inch of Domi deep within her.

Domi was pumping into Aerian’s tight passage, struggling between sensual and primal need. Virra turned her head to rest her cheek against Aerian’s fiery crown. Losing a hand to curl within hers, but it was in that moment that she knew Virra was content.

Aerian felt Virras head against hers a soft purr escaping her, she was meeting every thrust of Domis as he drove into her she would buck back into him forcing him deeper within her, there was a part of her that wanted him to not holdback yet the intensity from them taking so much time had her just as heated, Aerian was fulfilled as she felt Virras head against hers a soft purr escaping her, Aerian was fulfilled both by the content of Virra as well the tender touch Domi had taken.

Domi began to pump more as he surrendered to his carnal need, the urgency at which he began to take Aerian revealed his desire for the fiery redhead. Just then that is when she felt that angry twitch against her folds. Then his strong hands at her hips pulling her against him to plunge past her pearly gate and fill her with the molten seed in a groan.

As Domi surrendered to his need Aerian felt her body drink it in, her body hungrily driven back into her meeting each thrust. As Domi twitched within her back arched pushing herself down into him, her body drinking in Domis seed deeply taking him within her.

As her body shuddered, her folds still working every last drop from him. Slowly she slid free of him and tighter against Virra, her eyes closed as she now listened to Virra and Domi as they breathed.

It was an interesting thing to listen to their breathing. Virra’s was soft and trembled, while Domi was strong and gradually slowing. He glided a hand up each leg of the two, watching the two women. “My beautiful angels…”

Aerian turned her head up to look at Virra “I wonder what he would do to us if we didn’t make him play by our rules, would he be so gentle or just leave us both in a sticky puddle unable to walk?” Her voice was soft as she allowed her thoughts out loud, Aerians inner secrets laid bare to the ones she trusted the most.

“I will admit I do like baths that end up dirtier than when I arrived” She licked Virras side with a grin “Tomorrow the world is going to change, please don’t let our world change baby”

Domi chuckled to Aerian’s words of intent, lifting a hand to small her bottom then caress the half months apologetically. “Only one way to find out.”

Virra moaned to the lick against her skin, wrapping Aerian in the protective hold. “The only change will be good.” She said softly.

Aerian nodded softly as she settled into Virra.