[Everything Changes] Secrets, Answers and Apologies

Hades stretched as he sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing his eyes and looking to Jade with a grin. They had spent the last days finishing the new cellar and smoke room, with the largest part of the work done, Hades planned to spend the day planning the wedding.

A rap on the door downstairs quickly diverted his attention as he shook his head and still barely dressed made his way to answer the door, looking through the window he saw the Elveran guard before making his way to open to door to Ascondia.

“You do know it’s the middle of the day?” She sighed softly though not avoiding her eyes looking him over “Get dressed we need to talk,”

Jade stirred, as Hades sat up. She was glorious in moments like this, deep in sleep. Wearing absolutely nothing except the beautiful collar around her neck. It wasn’t just the hard labour but the many nights tangled within the sheets. He had yet to utilize the playroom created in the basement. She was in her front with the entire bank piece of her tattoo revealed, the bold colours of that glorious phoenix.

When he left the sight behind him to another of Ascondia. Unknowing of the guest, she stirred and discovered Hades missing. Jade gathered the sheet to wrap around her to make her way downstairs, though at the foot of the stairs, she froze. Now seeing Ascondia, holding her hand at the gathered sheet, everything about the woman came crashing upon her. That look in her eyes upon his exposed torso caused the possessive Kitsune in her to growl.

“My beloved…?” She said, even to her the sound of her voice was foreign to her ears. The hair framed her face in a tangled mess of darkness.

Hades looked over his shoulder the sight of his wife to be mid form caused his heart to skip as he snapped his gaze to Ascondia “Stay there, I’ll be back” he closed the door and crossed the kitchen to her, his arms slipping around her waist to kiss her deeply.

“Seems we have company, though had I known it was our Queen I wouldn’t have answered the damn door,” There was an edge in his voice as he now felt the dull ache of the work they had done begin to catch on him “We should dress, I doubt this is a social call,” He kissed her once more before heading back to the bed room to dress.

She remained with her hand curled at the fabric of the sheet, eyes fixed on Ascondia but after a moment Jade followed Hades up to their room. She removed the sheet with a place in the bed, quietly dressing in a black and red kimono. Sitting in the vanity chair to brush her hair, watching Hades in the reflection of the mirror, but left her hair down. The Kitsune was growling possessively within her, as she then stood. “I’ll get the tea prepared…” Jade stated rising to escape the room before Hades could stop her, moving down the stairs to hear to the kitchen.

Hades sighed darkly as he pulled on his shirt, and then his pants, finally his boots, before a brush through his hair and then back down to the kitchen, he looked to Jade for a moment before making his way to the door, Ascondia looked irritated as she glared at him now.

“Finally, as I said we need to talk,” She stated firmly, Hades merely stepped aside and invited her.

“What’s so urgent Ascondia, and why the hell is the Queen of the Everlands on my door?” Hades sighed softly, the guards eyed him as he looked past her then simply closed the door.

“My apologies for the interruption Jade,” Ascondia stated, there was actually a tone genuine apology in her words “You and I will need to speak as well, I owe you a bigger apology in all this”

Jade glanced over her shoulder to Ascondia with a brief nod, though remaining silent while preparing the tea. She scooped the leaves within a small metal container and poured the streaming water within to slow it to seep. And then gathered some cups to place on the kitchen table before Hades and Ascondia, then the tea pot. Garnishing her own, to our out the tea to Hades and Ascondia then herself, the Kitsune in her settling on Hades lap to prove her claim upon her fiancé without words.

His arms slipped around her waist, his hand creeping between her thighs in a reminder she was all he wanted, he kissed her neck with a soft smile then to Ascondia “Start talking, why here and what is so damn urgent,”

“Kara Kilrin” Ascondia stated simply, Hades coughed before his look turned to a glare as he moved his hand back to her thighs now there was a darkness that suddenly seemed to surround him.

“You had better be screwing with me, I didn’t chase that bitch across the realm, twice for her to show up and screw up my life again, and she is dead, pretty damn hard to not notice her head getting removed from her shoulders!” There was force in his voice Jade had seldom seen now.

“Oh calm yourself,” Ascondia bit back with the tone becoming of a Queen in that moment “We did, or so we thought, though now we suspect she may have altered someone else, she is Elcarus which means she could make such a thing stick even in death, she isn’t coming after you she fled the realm, to the human one, and we three need to go and get her and bring her back before she causes us more of a headache,”

Jade seemed pleased to Hades actions between her thighs, though, sipping her tea, this quelled her Kitsune for the moment. Listening to Ascondia, but the instant Hades voice changed and the drained emerged the Kitsune came back to the surface fed by the demon in Hades. “So, Hades and Kane have a sister…all we know is she has fled. Do we know why? Or what purpose? For all we know it could be a trap. Something the Queen would not allow to go unnoticed and take action.”

“Oh she’s no sister of ours, she may have Elcarus blood, but that’s where the association ends, still Jade has a point,” Hades replied to his wife to be.

“I do not know, I do know we can’t leave her there, we have caused enough problems in the human realm as it stands and they fear us, if they are able to tap into your sisters magicks they can come here and it would be all out war between the two realms, you know we cannot allow that,” Ascondia replied “I have already been to your brother, but with the children so young, they do wish to leave them, though them staying here should allow us to maintain the balance of power, you’re half human, you can blend in, I can open the portal that takes us there and brings us back,”

She hesitated for a moment “And of course your fiancée goes where you do, and one more pair of eyes would be helpful,”

She quietly sipped her tea, watching Ascondia over the rim of her cup, selling to lean back and against Hades. “I have not been to any realm but our own. Yes, since it seems that Hades has tracked her down more than once. This Kara…I need to know if she had a scent like you or Kane, my beloved. I can still track as such. Though, one thing I demand is that someone tend to my garden whilst away. Hades can tend to my own.” She turned to ours her lips against his, openly a display with her Kitsune allowing Ascondia the showing off claim in a soft growl amidst the ours if their lips. But she leaned her forehead against his neck. “You are correct. Where he goes, I go.”

“It’s likely her scent will be close to ours,” He smirked at her comment about her own garden then shrugged innocently to Ascondia “I promise someone will watch over your garden my love,”

“We shouldn’t waste further time, she already has a head start,” Ascondia sighed darkly now as Hades quickly scribbled a note before kissing Jade deeply.

“Just need to hand this off then we can get going, realm hopping sucks, you know that right?” Hades chuckled to her, “I need to make a quick trip to the neighbours, is there chance you can avoid me having to explain why my wife killed the Queen of the Everlands in my absence?”

“I’m not here to fight Hades, this has to be done and you’re our best chance at getting it done quickly and painlessly, Kara needs to be brought back, and her damage limited it’s that simple,” Ascondia replied as she now turned her gaze to the window.

“I will be quick I promise,” Hades whispered his words against her ear letting his fingers press against her once more “At least in this, perhaps not so many other things,”

Jade stood, responding to his kiss, though settled down in Hades empty chair to sip on her tea in silence. It was clear that Jade had little to say to Ascondia from their last encounter alone. Soon enough, she stood gathering the cups and went upstairs to gather her katanas, this was an addition with Hades gift to her. Returning with the blades fixed to her hips, lounging against the kitchen counter.

“I am sorry, for how I was before, truly, Hades is the one person who deserves his share of happiness, and I have come to realise that perhaps my actions have done more harm than good, something I am trying to correct. He was my greatest ally before I knew about Kane he was the one that saw me right, the strength of my rule was built on his back,” Ascondia sighed softly “I don’t regret my time with him, nor would I want to be with him now, he is a good man and he has found the woman he truly loves in you, my actions were cold and selfish for that I can only apologise, each day if I must,”

Jade looked to her with those warm brown eyes, pushing from her lounge. “You just may have to. Because to me actions speak far stronger than words. I’m glad you see his happiness, because he makes me just as happy. It is a step in the right direction so do not think your words have fallen in deaf ears.”

“I wouldn’t blame you if they had, but I do have something you might find useful. There is a chance when we cross realms that your powers do not go with you, your strength and your brains will, but the kitsune essence will not, which means you would be as close to human in that realm as possible, Hades will also revert to his human side,” Ascondia placed a coin on the table with a smile “Forgive the language but if you can get him to fuck you while you are over there, your chances of giving him the one thing you want to give him more than anything are much higher, when we return the realm will do the rest, we will be there a while and certainly long enough to ensure the deed is done, just something to keep in mind,”

She blinked to Ascondia’s words, appearing stunned into silence, though looked to the coin. Tears lifting to moisten her eyes, then looked to Ascondia. “How…did you know…?”

“Aishani and Kane, my daughter and her lover, and you know your history it isn’t a stretch, I also remember telling you it would be foolish of me to be Queen and not be smart about knowing the people,” Asconida replied softly, there was a warmth to her voice as she spoke now, “Now tell me I am incorrect in my assumption? And tell me you haven’t be racking your brain trying to decide if there is a way for you to get pregnant to a half demon? And then tell me the one thing you desire more than being his wife, is bearing his child?”

Jade lifted her hand with deft fingers to touch the coin, remaining silent. “I do. But I don’t understand. If I become with child, will such not affect through a portal? I ask the lady of my line and I do wish a true conception. Not one conceived by not being out true selves…”

“It will be you, but without question, only how, the child will not be harmed coming back. And the realm will make its choice as to what they will be, sometimes Jade we have to circumvent the rules to get what we want, you may fall pregnant here with time, but if you do as I suggest then you will carry Hades’ child, and you will both get what you want,” Ascondia pushed the coin to her “I cannot tell you what you to do, but I can tell you paths others won’t, the choice of course will always be yours. You will still be you Jade, just as he will be him, the only difference will be your chances of having his baby are much higher,”

“The risk of cross realm travel is dangerous, going out of The Everlands is much more dangerous, hence we cannot take Aerian and Virra. But coming back I can protect you until we arrive back, after that it may get a little uncomfortable while the realm catches up to what we’ve done, but your baby will be fine and it will grow with you and then be born in our realm to parents who love that child,” She removed her finger from the coin leaving it before Jade “The coin is nothing special, only a reminder of my words,”

Jade stared down to the coin, while moistening her lips, but gathered it to set in her pocket. “We will just have to see.” She lifted a finger to remove a stay tear from her cheek. It was clear that Ascondia offered her something that she desired.

Ascondia nodded softly “As I said it’s your choice, and this isn’t some secret I’m telling you, I don’t expect you to keep it from Hades, that isn’t what this is about. You don’t trust me right now and I’m fine with that, but I do need you to trust me at some point Kara won’t come quietly. And your husband to be isn’t exactly known to play well with people he doesn’t like,” Ascondia smiled a she stood now walking back to look out of the window in thought “That means us pulling this off actually rests in your hands, because he listens to you. And I need him to not kill his sister, I will help you with this little bit of information and if you so choose Jade, you make sure I get her back alive so we can finally get to the bottom of who she is, and I can start making peace with the realm,”

“You’re wrong. It is not my choice, but ours, Hades and I. I do intend to speak upon this to him. Though, I do not pretend to understand. I do know however that this is crucial to the balance of the realm. I will do what must be done to maintain that. For the future of not only Xander and Terra but that of Aerian and Virra’s children.” She inhaled deeply now, beginning to pace. “What is taking him so long?”

“Everything will be as it is meant to be Jade,” Ascondia replied, as in that moment the door opened and Hades stepped in, unhooking his blades and placing them in a trunk, before turning to look at Jade and Ascondia.

“Everything OK?” He looked to Jade before to the trunk “We can’t go armed, it will make blending in very difficult, not a prospect I’m looking forward to but it is what it is, Ascondia you should ready yourself to open the divide, and try to land us somewhere close to where Kara is, it will make this easier,”

She looked to him, as Hades was all about business the instant he returned, then to Ascondia. “Uh…right.” Jade hesitated, then looked down at her kimono while moving over to place reach blade reluctantly within the chest. “Is my clothing okay?”

“I’m not happy about being unarmed either,” Hades smiled kissing her head gently “But you look great, the town will send someone to tend the garden, so for the moment everything is covered here,”

Ascondia dropped her blades in the trunk and Hades closed it, she nodded and made her way to the garden, as Hades drew Jade close kissing her deeply. “The next part sucks, when you get to the other side just breathe, take as much time as you need, it can feel off over there, let’s just hope it’s not the middle of winter” He smiled taking her hand then leading her to the garden. A moment later a flash left a portal hanging in the middle of their garden as Hades stared for a few moments, Ascondia nodded then vanished amid the swirling mass.

Hades led them to the edge, it was hard to ignore the energies that whipped and crackled within as he stood behind her kissing the back of her head with a smile “I’ll be right behind you”

“I just don’t want to stick out too much.” Jade said in response to the words and after the kiss, though laces her hand within his. She had never been through s portal and this made her anxious, Ascondia’s words rolling in her mind.

Now standing before the portal in the garden watching Ascondia walk through. Then to Hades words in a nod, gripping the coin tightly in her hand, she advanced and stepped into the swirling mist.


[To The Future] To Right A Wrong

Jade was busy in the garden, tilling the ground and planting seeds, even sprouts. She wore a kimono but was wrapped in an apron that was dirty. But her hair flowed down over her shoulders, it seemed that her skills with gardening had already bloomed tea leave plants and herbs.

Hades spun the axe before driving through a log, tossing the pieces aside, placing another log on the stump, proceeding to split it as well. He paused for a moment looking to Jade, spinning the axe before driving it into the stump with a thud, he made his way to the newly built garden occupied by his bride to be “How’s the ground?”

She glanced to Hades over her shoulder, dusting her hands off on the apron and stood. Wiping the back of her forehead with her forearm, sneaking some dirt on her forehead. “The ground is full of nutrients. I’ve planted some seeds that took well…some are already thriving.” Jade neared him and leaned over the fence to press her lips against his.

He returned the kiss with a grin “I’m glad you picked this place for our home, seems we got lucky, the ground is easy to work, which is making building the storage cellar much easier.” He kissed her again before he stepped back “Stay there anyway I got you something when I went into town yesterday”

Hades disappeared into the house, reappearing a few moments later with a large box, placing on top of the fence in front of her with a grin.

She watched him curiously as he left, then when Hades returned with the box Jade inclined a brow. “What’s this?” She inquired lifting the box to open it.

Inside lay a blade made in similar fashion of the one Kane gave to Aishani shortly before their wedding, though larger and more in line with her own weapons, beside a collar now made of a flexible metal that seemingly was more liquid than metal, implanted within were the shells they had retrieved from the beach.

“Wedding presents, from me to you, the blade should allow you to transfer your Kitsune abilities right into it, if you need to, the collar well that will just look almost as sexy as that bruise did,” Hades smiled softly

Instantly she brightened into a brilliant smile, removing the weapon and testing it. Balance. Even the way it cut through the air, nodding seeming pleased. Then caressed the collar and looked at him, extending her neck. “Do the honours, my beloved…”

He smiled softly picking up the collar, he ran it through his hand for a moment before moving to place it around her neck, the material flexed as the magicks within adjusted, before locking at a comfortable position around her neck, he ran his fingers over it gently and smiled “Perfect,”

Jade closed her eyes and then opened them, looking to Hades with a caress against his cheek and followed by the touch to the collar. Running over the shells and metal, pressing her lips against his. “I love it, my beloved. The sword and collar are beautiful.”

“I’m glad,” He smiled softly as he slowly drew her close kissing her, the sounds of foot’s steps soon causing him to sigh “Just once, I would like our moments not to get halted so abruptly,”

Aerian, Virra, Domi and Zia now made their way toward the cottage on the cliff. She saw the interaction of her Uncle and cringed “Oh bad timing,” She chuckled as she made her way toward him “I’m sorry Uncle H, I promise it’s a flying visit,” She looked at the collar and the blade and smiled a sparkle flickered through her eyes “Wedding presents Jade?”

Jade closed her eyes as their lips met, though, at his words and the broken kiss a smile formed on her lips to the sight of Aerian, Domi, and Virra. She moved to sit on the edge of the fence, watching the group curiously. “It’s your niece, Hades. Family. What can we do for you?”

“Damn this looks like you’ve been busy,” Virra commented looking around, while Domi nodded in agreement.

Aerian hugged Jade tightly for a moment before she stepped back “We have to attend to some business, so we’re going to be gone a while, Virra and I were wondering if perhaps you would have some supplies for your tea? It’s been a godsend in helping ease the queasiness, our dear man has inflicted upon us,” Aerian smirked as she looked to Domi, “I don’t want to intrude on you too long I promise,”

Hades was already eyeing up Zia curiously before it hit him he looked to Aerian “You’re going .. with them?”

“I’m going to correct a mistake Uncle H, she’s part of it,” Aerian replied with a soft smile “And no my dad doesn’t know, and no I don’t plan on telling him until it’s done,”

“You don’t give your dad enough credit, honestly you think he doesn’t know why she came back? He knew something was up, you disappearing with her will only confirm it, and you’ll be lucky he doesn’t send the entire Dentarian Army after you, so I’ll inform him you’re headed out to take care of something personal and try to stop him sending an army after your rag tag group a serial killers,” Hades chuckled softly “And yep we’ve been busy getting our house in order, then a wedding, so your asses better be back here alive and well before then,”

Jade responded to the embrace from Aerian, though when she leaned back a smile formed on her lips. “I can put some together for you. How much do you need?”

Though she fell silent as Hades spoke to Aerian looking between the two appearing confused.

“She isn’t dealing with this alone, Hades. Domi and I will be there. Plus, Zia. Yes, that’s a good idea to alert her Pops, don’t need any complications from this to arise.” Virra commented while moving to stand beside Aerian.

Domi then looked to Jade. “We need at least a month supply. I don’t intend on being gone that long, but they each are having morning sickness something horrible.”

Jade tilted her head a slight, considering him. “I see so the nausea is helped by the tea, but morning sickness is tricky. I will put together the tea and there is a root that they cream to nibble on with the sickness. Come with me. I can tell you where and what to look for.”

Domi perked and nodded. “Lead the way, anything to help my beautiful angles.” Jade nodded with a smile and beckoned him to follow her. This left Virra, Aerian, and Zia alone with Hades.

“Trust me, Hades. Your niece will be in good hands. I won’t let anything happen to her.” Virra stuff with a grab at her bottom and pull close.

Hades nodded “Oh you and Domi I trust, it’s the attempted murderess I have a problem with, she has never done anything that doesn’t serve herself and now she is leading family away to who knows where,”

Aerian looked to Hades “I have this under control, we got this please just trust us,”

“She’s Ever Present Aerian you know that right? You know what they do, they are killers Aerian, devoid of anything that makes them reasonable,” Hades snapped back darkly.

“Wasn’t always that way, not when I started it,” Aerian replied flatly.

Hades was stunned as he stared at Aerian, his eyes flashed angrily as he attempted to process things in that moment.

“We are going to right a wrong, last thing we need is to put our children at risk or ourselves later in the pregnancy.” Virra stepped forward in that moment.

Hades stared at Aerian hardly able to believe the words that had just left his nieces mouth, he watched her for a moment and then walked off waving his hand in frustration.

Aerian could feel her heart bounce from her rib cage as she began to pace in the dirt, she glared at Zia now “This is your fault, they never knew! I wanted it that way, needed to set those worlds apart, I should have known fucking better!”

See sighed and lent on the garden fence before shaking her head “The sooner this is done the quicker I can get back to some level of being a normal pregnant girl who doesn’t have to worry her family will wind up hating her for letting killers loose on the realm, I beginning to get why dad gets so irritated by my grandfather,”

“It was never your intent Aery, you have to remember that, they will get over it,” Zia stated softly.

“You don’t know my Uncle Hades,” Aerian bit back coldly.

Virra shook her head while kissing Aerian and taking off after Hades. Grasping the retreating man’s wrist. “What’s wrong with you! Listen, it might now be kosher, but she doesn’t want another killer let loose in Everlands. Lord knows we have enough to last a lifetime. It was never her intention, but you know how things go. Don’t walk away from her. She needs you more then you know. Right now Firefly is struggling. Don’t you see that? She respects and loves you.”

“Easy for you to say, it isn’t personal to you Virra,” Hades bit back angrily as he snapped his hand from her grasp “The Ever Present, always watching, and they are even now so there’s a high probability they already know you’re coming, the blonde bitch is one of them and should have lost her head,” He continued to walk toward the house knowing she would follow as they entered he closed the door rounding on Virra “But those serial murdering clowns are kids with weapons, who don’t care who they take down even a woman whose only crime was loving me, I should drop that bitch for been this close to Jade, but I haven’t because I trust you and Aerian, or until a few minutes ago I did, I hunted them for weeks but they vanished just as quickly as they arrived, and where the fuck were they? While we were the ones putting our lives on the line? They serve only themselves Virra!”

Virra’s dark eyes snapped with anger now, as her voice was cold as ice and sharp as daggers. “Isn’t personal? Isn’t personal?! The life of Firefly is personal to me. It should be too you as well. Look, whatever angst you have against the Ever Present, I don’t know. But I can hear the loss in your voice, it doesn’t take a genius. Just remember, you don’t want to lose Firefly when she is alive and carrying your family.” She stepped closer to him. “You said it yourself, they are kids with weapons. Scared kids, that’s why they didn’t join. Right now, Harley has a taste for blood that she craves it. About time that a lame horse is put out of its misery.”

Suddenly, the voice of Jade spoke and Hades felt her calming touch to him. “My beloved, what is the reason you raise your voice?” She held the love only for him in her eyes, though concern was prevalent.

Domi held a bag in his hands, looking between the two.

“The serial killing blonde out there is one of the ones responsible …” His voice trailed off “I never knew Aerian was one of them, or that she would let this happen,” He sank into a chair at the table and sighed deeply.

“I wouldn’t and you know I wouldn’t, I had left by that point and that, yea that’s another thing I have to live with, do you know how hard it’s been everyday living with that and not telling you for fear of pushing one of the only two men in my life I trust unconditionally,” Aerian had made her way into the cottage and now stood in the door as she paused looking to Domi “Three men,” she corrected before looking back to Hades “I would have given my life to stop it, but I didn’t know, I left because it became a twisted image of what it should have been, I was afraid of what I’d created,”

“You put weapons in the hands of children, trained them to kill anyone who paid enough, we don’t do that Aerian,” Hades replied his voice now calming.

“Oh please, before Uncle Haunted, Dad and Krys, the Elcarus’ were a bunch of murdering psychos, who raped killed and pretty much ran rough shot overt the fucking realm, your history isn’t much better until you ran into my Dad and because you couldn’t beat him you learnt your place,” Hades glared at her there was anger in his eyes as Aerians words bit deep, “But you know what, blame me if it makes you feel better, but the fact I have always had your back even when you were an asshole, I seem to remember a twelve year old girl standing between you and her father begging him not to kill her Uncle, crying and pleading because she believed family should come above all else, I didn’t tell you because until later I never knew who had killed Raven, but I can tell you the one who did, didn’t fall from that cliff by accident, and I would do it time and time and time again, so we have something to deal with, stay here and wallow in your own self blame me for a mistake I made after having my head messed up by a war that killed two of my Uncles, and be half burned to death by dragon fire, I screwed up but it’s not like you haven’t,”

Aerian spun on her heal shoving Zia out of her way “Come on we have work to do,”

Virra looked torn though followed after Aerian, while Domi looked to the disappearance of his lovers. He turned to Jade and offered her a smile while lifting his hands to rub at the back if his neck. “Thanks, Jade. This will help, a lot.” But he turned to rush after Virra and Aerian.

Jade remained, still her hand on Hades’ shoulder, but leaned down to press her lips just behind his ear.

“I’m sorry my love,” Hades sighed softly laying his hand over hers, “Kane almost killed her that day, he went for me and she stood clear between us, the first time we knew the extent of her abilities, threw Kane clear across the court yard with that shield of hers, and I’m too wrapped in self-pity to see she is as afraid now as she was then,”

She placed her hand over his while looking in the direction the others left. “That is why she needs you more than ever, my beloved. Turn her away and show anger, you will be met with the same. She is terrified, one can only hope that Virra and Domi can keep that down in her. Else the child is at risk.”

“She needs to do this her own way, this is one of those rare times I need to stay my blade for her sake, I will speak with her when she returns, should give me enough time to think of an apology worthy of her,” He sighed softly kissing her hand “But the fire in her, I wouldn’t want to be on the end of it, The Ever Present may have bitten off more than it can chew with those three coming for them,”

Jade smiled at him. “It pleases me to hear you speak of an apology to her. Oh, I agree. The Ever Present will have a handful with those three. At least that should put you at ease, knowing that. I’d let them get a head start before telling Kane.”

“I plan to,” Hades replied as he stood now turning to her “And in the meantime, you and I have something to finish,” He teased now walking behind her as his hand drew his blade he pressed it to her back before gently tracing it up her spine “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Jade tilted her head a slight at his words, a prickle following the race of the blade with a scented croon. “Indeed, that we do.”

Hades smiled kissing the back of her shoulder and neck before taking her hand, spinning her in place his blade hitting the ground as he in one motion sat her upon the table, kissing her deeply, his hands quickly removing her kimono revealing her to him.

Jade reached behind to release the tether of her apron, allowing him more ease to peel the kimono from her. Each inch of flesh more desirable then three next. Her lips were against his in feverish delight, insinuating the depth and passion for him, as her hands now moved to work against his belt and pants too release the proud member. As it sprung forth, Jade wasted no time to grasp and begin stroking the length.

As her hand wrapped around him he growled, there was a hunger within that now burnt, he scooped her from the table walking to their bedroom as he remained deep within the kiss, he landed them both upon the bed his hands already in her hair his lips along her neck and shoulder kissing her flesh hungrily now.

She gasped to the sudden lift but fell back into the kiss with much enthusiasm, one arm around his shoulder while her hand was at the nape of his neck. Jade grunted to the fall back to the bed, moaning to the trail of kisses against her flesh. Her hand returning down to regain the stroking against his length, she was exposed and vulnerable to his intentions.

As she stroked his length he growled before his hands slipped down over her side and flesh over her breast pinching her nipples before continuing down and over her stomach, as he slid down over her warmth his fingers curled teasing just inside, tracing against her nub for a moment before sliding back to her hip “I believe the threat was I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop?” his words were a low growl against her ear.

She yelped to the pinch upon her buds, grasping his length in her hand for a moment, before a moan slipped past her lips to the pearl that was teased. A prickle of excitement traced up and down her spine to his words that were carried on three moist breath. Her warm brown eyes were now replaced by the yellow essence of the Kitsune and her lips turned to crush against his own.

He growled against the kiss, that dangerous edge now flickered across him as he moved up over her his hands pressed against the bed over her, his lips finding hers in a deeper more aggressive manor, he moved now wrapping his hands through her hair this time kissing her harder and deeper his free hand now positioning himself at her warmth.

As his slick muscle sought to deepen the kiss, Hades felt the light scrape against her grown incisors. She tensed as his digit sunk into her tight passage, he hand stroking faster with a twist at her wrist. The fire was burning and soon enough it was going to explode. The intense sexual urges of mating increased, it was strong and passionate.

Hades didn’t need to wait any longer as he drove into her his grip on her hair tightened as he began to drive into her, a near primal need to claim his lover, each time he was within her he growled darkly.

It was a stunning visual as his hands in her hair takes back and his manhood plunged into her. Her face contorts into a beautiful visual of pleasure and the sound of her voice fed the beast in him. Her eyes were a brilliant yellow as he saw those canines exposed. Her passage was tight and molten hot, embracing him.

He plunged into her repeatedly now, his primal need exerting upon him now, each thrust was harder than the last as his hips slammed into hers with the sound echoing around them, his groans were deep and hungry his grip on her hair would tighten for a few moments before letting it slacken. His lips now capturing her nipples, biting and suckling for a few moments before switching to the other.

The harder their hips crashed against each other the louder her sounds grew, until his primal urge hit max to the tell and scream as his intention to each bud only increased her threshold of pain. His thrusting grew deeper and harder breaking cruelly past her pearly gate and into her inner sanctum and womanly cradle.

His grip on her tightened as he slammed into her with a primal grunt, his manhood swelled before flooding her deep with his seed, he collapsed upon her now his breathing deep and broken as he let free of her hair, he straightened after a moment his hands at her hips pulling her deep upon him to ensure every drop went within her.

Jade screamed out at the press of his took within her, forcing her to arch her back with the hold in her hair, securing the connection and pressing into the back of her inner sanctum. Hades felt that glorious throbbing and her own release add his seed flooded her. Plugging her enough to keep the flow contained, she turned her lips to bite and lick against his neck.

He growled to her bites as his lips sought her in a deep hungry kiss, his whole body now pressed tight to hers, his hands now roaming her thighs and sides slowly.

[To The Future] Wedding Plans on the Beach

Hades stirred as the sun rose, quietly he slipped from the bed and made his way to the gardens, picking a rose from the flower beds and making his way back to the house. For a moment he stared beyond to the ocean, the waves breaking upon the shore causing him to smile gently.

Finally he headed back to the house and back to the bedroom placing the rose beside Jade before making his way to the bathroom, and from there making his way into the shower.

When his shower was finished, stepping out he was met with Jade in a simple silk robe and a towel open for him, tucked behind her ear was the rose he left on her bed side. She proceeded to next methodically dry him from the top of his head to his feet, lifting his leg up to rest the foot on her though in her kneeling position. Then proceeding to the other, before rising to move behind to wrap the towel around him, he saw that the bruise had all but disappeared, only the shadow remained. Jade has her hair lose and it was thick with length down to the back of her knees, but she kissed him in the side of the neck. “Breakfast is ready, my beloved.”

“Good morning,” Hades smiled softly before returning the kiss to her neck, and then leading her to the kitchen, he pulled a chair allowing her to sit before taking the seat beside her, “I thought we could go down to the beach, enjoy it while we have the time, pick a spot for the wedding?”

She leaned forward to fill his cup of tea in that graceful manner, as on the table was some toast with cream cheese, an orange and an omelette with spinach, plus a side of some sort of soup. A quick look at the soup told him it was a broth that had vegetables from the night before. “Oh, yes. That sounds like fun, since we are close to the ocean I would like to gather some seaweed. It is good in cooking.”

“We have a path right down, we should take some lunch, spend the day down there together,” He replied as he began to eat the broth, he had conclusively decided that anything Jade cooked for him was decidedly better than food from the Mansion kitchens, which only served to make him want to eat more. He also knew that being here with his wife to be had left him with a desire only to spend time with her for the moment, their decision to move away been one of the better ones he’d made, “I’m also going to build a second cellar out the back, for cold storage of anything you wish to store from the gardens, and speak with the town butcher to have meats delivered once it’s ready,”

“I have yet, to work on the garden. I’ve been thinking of things to plant. Such as herbs for medicinal, vegetables and flowers and of course tea plants.” She smiled to him with a nod. “That is a good idea, we also need chickens that are laying eggs. After breakfast, I’ll make us lunch to bring with us to the beach.”

“I can assemble a chicken coup easily enough, and we’ve only been here a day so there is plenty of time yet,” He replied softly “It’s just nice to have you all to myself, and not have to consider anyone else,” He had almost finished the broth as he reached for some toast eating quietly for the moment “We have all the time in the world Jade,”

Jade nodded, a glint of excitement entering her brown eyes. “Yes that we do,” She ate breakfast with her poise and grace, this came naturally to her as it flowed smoothly. The rose tucked behind her ear accented a natural blush to her cheeks and darkened her lip colour enshrouded by the flowing black mane. But she stood to gather the dishes to wash, humming a song while she worked.

As she finished up washing Hades had already begun packing a picnic basket, complete with blanket, as she was washing up he moved behind her his hands slipping to her hips, a soft kiss to the back of her head “Sometimes I really do wonder how I got so lucky,” he whispered softly against her ear.

She somehow had managed to finish the dishes already and was making a bowl of fruit salad and brought small sweet biscuits with some fresh herbs, plus a jar of what appeared to be tea. Jade leaned back with a small sigh, placing a hand over his. “Well, the realm thought it time.” She turned to kiss him. “I want to find a place to fish. We can gather large sticks along the way to spread them.”

“There’s a net out by the shore,” He replied with a grin, as he closed the basket and taking it and her hand led her from the house, around to the side of the house before the cliff fell away to the beach below. A path of stairs had been carved from their home to the beach below, it wasn’t the easiest of journeys down but they made it easily enough. The sand now stretched out before them before disappearing into the ocean beyond.

She seemed completely at ease, Jade hadn’t dressed being still in her silk robe. But the steps down were easy enough, her eyes held a sense of excitement and adventure he hasn’t seen. Jade sniffed the air briefly, looking up and down the beach in her bare feet. The waves lapped at the shore in sweet whispering that stirred her hair gently. “Take your shoes off, my beloved. Feel the ground of our new home. Let’s set the net up and hopefully will catch something!”

He bent to untie the heavy boots he wore, as his bare feet settled in the sand he smiled softly “I wonder how long it’s been since I last saw the ocean, at least this close anyway,” he mused for a moment before following her toward the nets that were stretched along the shoreline “I do hope the ocean decides to be generous,”

“We will make do if she isn’t. One day she will be, my father taught me how to fish with various techniques. Can you build a lobster trap?” She asked while waiting on him to cast out the net.

“I’m quite capable with my hands you know,” He replied with a smirk, as he watched her before aiding her in casting out the net, once the net was set he settled back on the sand stretching himself out.

Jade watched the net for a moment, then looked to Hades with a smile. “On your feet! We have more to explore. We need seaweed for dinner tonight. I have something planned and I think you’ll like it. Plus, we have to find a wedding spot.”

“Hey come on an old man you know,” he smiled as he sat tossing a handful of sand her way, as he moved back to his feet he made his way to her capturing her hips and kissing her with deep passion “But then I have the most beautiful woman by my side and I cannot wait to make her my wife,”

She grinned impishly to him, living up a little sand in his direction as repost. Jade watched him as he neared her, lifting her arms to circle around the beach of his neck and responded with vigour to the kiss. “You’re not old. Though, I agree with you. I can not wait to be your wife.” She lowered her arms to curl a hand within his, passing to walk with him soon the beach and she at one point cursed the waves out then came running back to him laughing as the waves washed back up. She was full of energy and it was an innocence and liveliness about her, asking the way they found some seaweed that had risen to the show for the high tide.

There was a freedom to Hades that had long retreated beneath duty and the Elcarus family code, but in that moment she saw him in a way no one had, just Hades a man with a purpose, even if that purpose was her it was also for the first time in his life his own. As they collected the seaweed and walked a little further up then beach met a higher cliff than the one their house sat upon, it also had trees and an arced rock formation. It was here Hades stopped his eyes looking over the area as he smiled “I think here, beneath the arch of rock is where I would like to make you my wife,” The tone in his voice was different now, as if the realm itself had opened its hands to him.

Jade followed his gaze to the beautiful rock formation, imaging sharply and moving closer to investigate. Now she stood beneath the rock formation, running her fingers over the stone. But then was distracted for a moment and bent down to gather something that caught her eye. Jade scooped the items up, lost now on the beauty, but she stood still beneath the arch, a sight in her silk robe with the rose and hair stirred by the wind.

Hades made his way to her “Something interesting?” His eyes were quietly taking her in as the wind caught her hair his mind wandered, just for a moment before he returned to looking at her discovery.

She looked to him while opening her hands to display three shells. One was a stunning blue, the other a peach with brown lines and the other a curled green.

Hades looked over the shells in thought as his hand ran over her wrist “They will look good here, set in perhaps silver or mythril. A bracelet that compliments as much of your beauty as it shows my love for you?”

She looked to him with a smile, the special one that was only for him, nodding and turning her hand over to place the shells in his palm. “This alone, goes to prove this is the location for the wedding.” Jade inhaled deeply while looking at the arch, as her cheeks were darkened in a blush to his compliment.

Hades kissed her cheek gently “I’ll head into town tomorrow, I have something to pick up from the blacksmith anyway so this will be something else for him, I promise it will be beautiful,” He took her hand now kissing it gently with a smile, he led her back to where they had the nets in the water and their picnic basket, stretching the blanket out over the sand.

“I think this wedding is going to be one to remember,” He crawled onto the blanket and began placing down the foods they had packed up earlier.

She beamed to him, looking over her shoulder at the arch as they walked back down the beach to the nets and their picnic basket. Jade watched as he lay out the blanket and took seat next to him. “You are still okay with that? I mean with your last…was she a wife or just a woman to you?”

“We were to be married, but she was kidnapped by a slaver caravan then executed for trying to run, truth be told I wasn’t ready to be a husband, if I had been she may not have died. It seems our family didn’t have much luck, all of us lost something out of revenge by another,” he sighed softly “But I would turn the world over to protect you, I wont repeat mistakes of the past,” he rolled onto her side and crawled across laying his head in her lap gently “I would kill anyone who even thought to do you harm,”

She caressed his hair, gently running her nails against his scalp, leaning to gather some food to feed him. “As I would you, my beloved.”

He remained in her lap silent as he watched the waves break upon the shore, content just to be where he was in that moment, at least until he finally sat and looked to her “We should check the nets, see what we have to work with, then head home?”

He pushed himself to his feet, taking her hands and aiding her to her feet before dusting off the sand from the back of himself.

Jade gently fed him while the waves added to the ambiance, it was peaceful and calm. Her fingers caressed his face and shoulders, even running through his hair. Though, as he stood she looked up to him and accepted Hades hands to rise. At the mention of the nets, she seemed to bubble over with excitement the closer they got and began to tug him now behind her to help pull in the fishing device.

He was actually impressed the nets were more than full, which only made him wish he’d got to that cellar a little quicker, he smiled and grabbed a few placing them in a bucket, as well as a few “Well there’s more here than we can eat, or store right now,” there was a smile on his face that made him look much less imposing than was normal for him, a lighter side of Hades.

He had in a few minutes finished sorting through the nets throwing back as many as he put in their bucket, before looking to Jade “That was almost fun!”

Jade was beyond ecstatic at the amount of fish that the net had caught, but quickly assisted him on gathering the fish to place in a bucket. One jumped out and caused her to yelp, then he saw something he had never seen with her, a playful innocence. Her eyes turned a golden hue, a sign of the kitsune brought to the surface and she began to play and try to gather the fish as it wriggled on the wet sand. But, managed to wrangle it in and drop it into the bucket, looking to him those brown eyes returned. “Almost fun? It was a blast. We need to get the cellar situated…Oh! A smoke house too!”

“First things on my list I promise,” He smiled gently watching her that innocence was always what drew him to her, so innocent and yet a strength that he had very rarely seen in the Everlands. It was one of the many reasons he had fallen in love with her, he kissed the top of her head and picked up the bucket.

They made their way back up the carved steps the water would occasionally splash up over the buckets edge causing him to grumble, but as they reached top and made their way through the back yard Hades was already sizing up where to add the new additions to their home. Leading them to the house he opened the door and placed the bucket on the kitchen table.

She was light and quick on her feet, carrying the picnic basket, though, when they entered the house with the fish Jade began to set about descaling and cleaning the fish. Each move she made was with expert precision, smiling to Hades. “Shoo, I’m making a treat tonight. It is a surprise and you can not be here when I make it else it will spoil it.”

Hades chuckled as he grabbed a coat “Fine I’ll go into town, I need to go get something anyway it should have arrived from the Dentarian blacksmith by now, and see if I cant turn these shells into something worthy of my wife to be,” He leant to kiss her cheek with a soft smile “I love you,”

Jade smirked while glancing to him, fish guts and blood on her hands. “You do that. I love you too, my beloved.” Before he left, he saw her return to her work and in a pot on the stove was rice cooking.

[ To The Future] Our New Home

A knock was sounded on the master suite, which is when Aishani set down Terra to join her brother in the crib, handing her a small toy to suckle on, walking to answer it and smirked. “Hello there, Jade.” She stepped aside for Jade to enter. “Just keeping the children entertained, come in.”

Jade entered through and walked with Aishani to the crib, scooping up Terra with a perfect cradle. She looked to Jade with wide golden eyes, attempting to reach out to something, yet, Jade simply gave the child her finger while rocking her. “I wish this was a pleasantry call. I guess that all depends on your view.” She chuckled, as Aishani lifted up Xander to walk with him to the window in order for those curious eyes to look out at the sky. “I want you to be my maid of honour, please say yes.”

Aishani glanced to her with a smirk, then to Xander. “Oh for fuck sake, Jade. Of course I will say yes, we have been together through much. I would be honoured, I know Kane will be busy with Hades and the planning. For me, Kane said he would take care of everything and he had.”

Kane made his way in through the door carrying breakfast “Did I hear my name??” He grinned as he looked to the children then Aishani before back to Jade “Everything OK? What did I miss?”

He placed the two trays on the bed and made his way Aishani kissing her cheek then tickling Xanders tummy playfully, repeating the action with Terra before heading back to open his tray and his breakfast.

Jade looked to her for a moment with a small shrug, it was evident the pain on her eyes. “It doesn’t seem fair…my family was taken and a new life in their place?” She turned quickly to make her leave, while heading to her room adjust the many that she shared with Hades.

As Jade was about leave Stacy paused for a moment “Oh Jade, um I don’t know if anyone has told you, but Aerian is pregnant but is feeling a little off, queasy seems her morning sickness is making her a little miserable, Domi asked if perhaps there was something you could do for her?” Stacy looked down knowing her words would not go down too well in that moment, “As healer I can do so much but her situation is complex with her angelic half it makes my methods a little incompatible with her,”

Before Stacy finished, Jade was gone but the Kitsune in her definitely had to have heard.

Once past the door, she entered the room and closed the door quickly, this sent the parchment rustling. But it was when she turned that she snatched the brush from Hades. Guiding him to sit and nestle up behind him, instead of a brush she methodically worked her fingers through the shaft of the hair from the base up to release the knots. “You get in a fight with the wind, beloved?”

Hades caught the parchment with his hand before it blew from the bed, “No just have been neglecting it with all our hell in the last few weeks, which I should at my age know better than to do, I look like I got into a fight with half the damn forest,” He chuckled softly kneeling down before her, purposely pushing the parchment back into place beside her.

She in part massaged his scalp while working through the knots, since her hands were busy, she couldn’t exactly grasp it to look. But she leaned to gain a better look. “What is this?”

“That is a land deed, to our new home, sign sealed and waiting for us, on a cliff a direct path to the beach, magically sealed so we don’t wake up in the water one morning, we can leave when you are ready,” Hades replied gently now looking at the ground for a few minutes “Are you OK? You seem a little out of sorts”

She reached to gather the brush, surprisingly as it was guided through his hair with no catches. “I have seen your niece and Virra, they have agreed to be bridesmaids. Aishani my maid of honour…Domi will be the one to walk me down the isle.” Jade stopped brushing his hair, curling her hand so tightly around the brush. “Aerian smelled strange to me this morning, so did Virra. It was confirmed by Stacy only a short time ago, they both are pregnant…so many children…” She muttered. “Stacy also assured me that I will have a child. I have to be patient. Patient!” Just then the wood splintered in her grasp and she growled as one shared dig into her flesh, quickly lifting the bleeding flesh to her lips to nurse.

Hades glanced up to look at her his eyes soft and gentle as he watched her for a moment, before his eyes lowered watched her for a moment “I love you, and if Stacy says it will happen then I’m just going to have you fuck you every chance I get until you are swelling with my child, and when that one is born I will fuck you again and again until there is another baby, because there is nothing I want more than to see you walk down that beach on our wedding night, looking like the brightest star in the heavens before I take you home to our home, and raise our children together, we have gone from not knowing if it is possible to knowing it is going to,” His hands slid up her thighs as he smiled softly “And until then I am going to mark you, I am going to punish you and I am going to fuck for all I am worth to ensure I give you what you want the most,”

Jade stared at him, seeming all words were lost on her with those yellow hues bright and then transforming back to the warm brown. Never before had he seen this woman cry but her injured hand lowered from her mouth, those fangs still exposed in a smile. Though she leaned down to press her lips against his, hard and hungry. The roughness amidst the kiss brought forth a sweet metallic taste that fuelled the emotion in that moment and it was electric. When she parted, her hands curled upon his and her forehead leaned against his. “I’m sick of all the babies here. Let’s leave now, don’t tell anyone…and just go…”

“We can be gone in less than an hour, everything is already in place to have our things sent afterward,” Hades replied as he watched her for a moment there was knot deep within him at the woman he loved so deeply hurt, something ultimately he had a hand in, his failure would weigh on him in those moments as he shifted and stood taking her hands leading her back to her feet, he let a hand tuck stray strand of air back before simply watching her, he sighed softly as he stepped back.

“I’m sorry,” He breathed softly before turning and heading for the door “I’ll go speak with the stable hand and have a carriage ready to go, pack anything you want with you and meet me down there,”

Jade caught his hand before he left through the door, those exotic almond slanted eyes peered into his. “What are you apologizing for? You have nothing to do so for it. Regardless of the outcome, you have made me the happiest woman in Everlands. Do not put such a weight upon you, my beloved. I will gather is some clothing, I have to make a tea remedy for Aerian. Then we will travel and start our new life together. You and me. Whatever may come.”

“As always,” Hades smiled gently slipping from her grasp, it didn’t take long for him to have the carriage ready to depart, as he sat upon waiting of Jade he sighed softly, it would always be home but the time had come to leave and begin his life where only Jade mattered to him.

Jade arrived a short time later with some workers carrying two large bags, she moved to press her lips against his, then turned to look at the mansion. “I won’t lie I’ll miss it here. But home is where the heart is and that is with you. We began here and now it is time to spread our wings.”

He couldn’t help but smile at her words and nodded for her to enter the carriage, moments later and they were heading out of the Mansion gates. As they travelled Hades kept his eyes on the road ahead his mind still on their plans for marriage as well to have children. The road was surrounded by forest as they made their way through, the beauty of the Everlands had never failed to impress Hades as they travelled through it.

Jade watched with appreciative eyes the every changing landscape, every so often pointing things out to him. Either about the vegetation or wildlife they passed, her excitement on this journey kept things light. She mentioned to him that she had chosen a dress and style for the bridal party, once or twice Jade fell to sleep, resting her head on his shoulder and hand in his.

As the day began to dim the roar of the ocean cold be heard, the carriage rattle along a harder path before he finally pulled the carriage to a halt in front of a large stone cottage, it sat nestled on a cliff the beach and ocean below.

Hades smiled softly as he shook her gently “We’re here,” he said softly.

Jade was stirred by Hades, initially she was groggy but at his words, her lids lifted and she looked to the cottage. A smile on her lips, closing her eyes as though to listen to the sound of the waves, then looked to him. “It’s beautiful…” She said with a soft voice, eyes unable to remove from the rather moderately sized cottage with two stories.

“And it’s all ours,” Hades smiled softly watching her for a few moments before he urged her down from the carriage “Go take a look around,” He grinned handing her the keys, before sliding off to begin unloading the carriage, “There’s a kitchen, a living area, a utility room on the ground floor, 3 bedrooms and the bathroom on the upper. Granted it’s not the mansion but it is ours my angel all ours,”

She accepted the keys from him, then eagerly moved to the cottage to unlock the door and enter to investigate the interior, hanging three keys on a small hook near the door.

Hades followed her quietly watching her,  the happiness in her had made things all the more worthwhile, as she made her way to the bedroom the master suite was dominated by the huge carved four poster bed that was already made with dark purple sheets and duvet.

“Can we make a home here?” He asked softly though it was more a statement of they would rather than if they could.

She ran her hands over the comforter as her eyes were glistening with excitement and happiness. Jade has moved from room to room like a child excited for a holiday, then she turned to face him. “Yes. Oh, yes.” She moved to look out the window, the expanse of the beautiful blue sea and beaches lay before them with a few seagulls hiding in the breeze. “It’s so beautiful here. Peaceful.”

“We have a basement too, but that’s for a whole different kind of fun,” Hades grinned wickedly as he made his way to her, his hands slipping around her waist kissing her neck and looking out over the view with her “It will be a slower pace of life than we’re used to but it will be our life,”

She lifted her hands to place atop his, while leaning back against him, head tilted back against his chest. But when it sunk in to the gravity of his words, she turned to face him with that going back in her eyes. “Oh…show me the basement. Unless of course you want to surprise me.”

His hands slid up her body and against her throat gently then back to her hips as he kissed her gently, there was the self same gleam in his eyes she had come to know well “I don’t know I’m not sure you’re ready,” he teased softly with his words.

She closed her eyes as his hands caressed upon her figure, as the hand grasped her throat a gap parted to the firm yet gentle hold. The bruise almost completely faded save for the light yellow, but the yellow glow was beginning to surface in her eyes. “Oh?” She grinned exposing her incisors.

He was curious but there was a defiance in her he admired as he took her hand and led her back through the house, as they passed through the kitchen to another door he smiled, his hand slid over the door and it slid open, stone stairs led down into the darkness of the basement.

Quietly he slipped behind her and before she knew a blindfold was placed over her eyes, as he made his way back in front he took her hand and slowly led her down the stairs making sure to inform her each time she needed to step down. As they hit the bottom he led her through the room before finally placing her still, he moved away she could hear the rustle of things before he finally moved back she would feel the cold clasp of something at her wrist then the other before he removed the blindfold.

The room was all though dark lit by candlelight enough for her to see the chains around the wall, various other devices many things he could use in those moments where they both allowed their darkness to shine, things she could be tied to or bent over and locked to. The chains she was in would only allow a short amount of movement but he remained stood just before her.

She didn’t fight the blindfold only displaying her trust in him with each step that was guided down into the basement. Her skin pricked to the chill and moisture in the air, as he clasped the cuffs at her wrists, Jade seemed to test the durability, but with the blindfold removed, she inhaled sharply to the bunker if devices that last before her. He saw her chest rise and fall rapidly, adjusting a slight on her feet.

“So what do you think? I thought a space like this would be fun, of course if it’s not your thing all this can be returned easily enough,” Hades looked her over longingly for a moment as he watched her test the chains, his body prickled waiting on her reply, there was a held breath it seemed.

“It’s perfect…” She breathed, dragging her upper teeth against her lower lip, the yellow dominant in her eyes. It was clear that this prospect excited her, gaze swept on the various objects and devices.

“Good I wasn’t sure if this was a step too far,” Hades stepped away from her as he circled her for a moment before reaching for the chains and unlocking them “Now I promise soon enough I’m going to lock you up down here and have my way with you, any and every way I desire, but today has been a long day and I am rather hungry,”

She rubbed her hands at the lack of the cuffs, then looked to him. Jade moved to embrace him with a kiss. “I’ll make us something, my beloved. I slept while you drove, it’s your turn.”

He smiled and nodded leading her back up into the kitchen, before making his way to the door “I need to finish unloading the carriage, then I can relax and eat,” he smiled softly and disappeared through the door to continue unloading the carriage of their belongings.

She nodded to him and went about to explore the kitchen, preparing food that Hades had the chance to smell in his venture out to offload and enter.

As Hades loaded the last of their things into the utility room, he dusted off his hands and made his way to close the kitchen door finally closing the world out of their world. He headed to seat himself at the kitchen and returned to watching his fiancée as she prepared their meal.

Everything about Jade was graceful, even the way she made the food with a care. She placed a pot of tea in the table and presented to him some vegetables and a type of meat that appeared to be raw and a steaming soup between them. “You dip the meat into the soup to finish cooking it and swirl the vegetables around. Like this.” She demonstrated and lifted the fork to him to taste. Then stood to pour him the tea.

He repeated her motion and swallowed down the meat a reminder of how good a cook she was, he wondered on things for a moment before he smiled softly “I left enough room in the garden for you to plant whatever you need, cooking or medicinal, We also own a little of the land beyond the fence, so we have room to grow if we need to, and I can always buy the whole hillside later if needed,”

He continued to eat quietly as he thought things through for the moment, before taking a moment to eat quietly, watching his fiancée intently now “Now we can talk about how you are doing, and why you were so off when we left, not that I would have trouble working it out, I want it to come from you though,”

She looked to him as he spoke, while her special smile beamed, a reminder of that was for him alone. “Oh, yes. I’d love to cultivate the area for a garden, the soil as I’ve read is rich with nutrients this close to the sea.” Though now, she drank her tea, watching him over the rim before speaking. “I never meant to place pressure on you about a child. Please do not think, I wouldn’t be pleased just with you. It was all the hormones and scents that were overwhelming to me. At certain times, I can smell more clearly, usually closer to a full moon. Then to see, Aishani happy with Terra and Xander, then to Aerian and Virra being pregnant, it just…”

Hades glanced up staring straight at her before smiling softly “I do feel for the fact I haven’t been able to get you pregnant, that’s a failing on my part as a husband and as a lover, but I don’t intend to give up and I don’t have a nice shiny new playroom without the want to use it,”

As he slid up from his seat and grabbed the plates to place them in the sink, he returned to take her hand and lead her to the bedroom, thinking for a moment he placed her in he centre of the room with a smile “So it’s just?”

She reached a hand to gather the plates but sat stunned as Hades took out upon himself to trend to such. Though when he extended his hand, Jade took it and rose but looked to him confused by his words tilting her head. “Just?”

“Back in the kitchen you said it’s just, it honestly sounded like there may be more to it, more to what’s bothering you,” He moved behind her his hands slipping to her shoulders, his fingers working into the flesh and muscle of her shoulder, it was slow and gentle yet every motion had purpose to help unwind and relax her, he continued down massaging her back and spine and then down further over her thighs, working the muscle and moving down slowly as he reached her ankle he repeated the entire process back up along her body to her shoulders.

“No. Not really. It gets hard for me around the full moon and the new moon. That is when the energies are higher.” She muttered and closed her eyes, as his hands worked upon her, he found a few knots especially at her shoulders.

Hades slid his hands around her waist with a soft smile kissing the back of her neck before guiding her to the bed, stepping back and then climbing in behind her wrapping his arm around her and curling tight against her “As long as you are OK, that’s all I care about Jade, nothing else matters to me now.”

[To The Future] A Wedding on the Beach

Hades yawned and stretched as he woke the following morning as he stretched he felt joints crack back into place, as a shudder cut through him as his body extended past being comfortable, before he rolled onto his side to look at his wife to be. The air was oddly light the tension that had hung over them for the last year now all but gone.

Hades said nothing merely lay watching Jade for that moment with a soft smile curling his lips.

Indeed, Jade was at his side, resting peacefully. That scent he had learned to love and recognize tantalizing his senses with the soft breath of cherry blossom in a spring breeze. Her expression calm with the play of the beautiful freckles that dance across her cheeks and over the bridge of her nose, the rose petal lips parted to display her even deep breathing. Yet, her hair was not bound as usual upon her head and the dark veil of her hair splayed about her upon the pillow like a halo. She appeared to be breathing more readily, nearly panting while her eyes moved beneath her lids in a dream. That bruise still whispering upon the skin of her throat, from which his darker moment took control. She was stunning even amidst this, steady and Hades’ completely, through and through.

As Hades’ eyes caught sight of the bruise his smile curled deeper, that dark side always hidden just beneath the surface always ready to take control. As he watched her sleep for a moment longer the idea formed just as wicked as ever.

He slid down under the duvet his hands easing her thighs apart as he crawled up between them before placing kisses over each thigh, each slow and deliberate before moving to press his lips against her petals, his tongue easing against her tender bud his hands now pressed against her waist to prevent her moving from him.

When he travelled beneath the duvet he discovered that she was without garments, Hades was drowned by the essence of his fiancé and her succulent scent from between those thick thighs. At first his taste buds were graced with her taste, that exotic spice sweetness of her flower, yet, the more he focused on her hidden pearl and longer, he began to hear that sound of her breathing quickening and subtle moans. That was as he heard the moans growing louder and her body awaken at the buck of her hips that began to grind down against him.

He didn’t shift his focus but kept his tongue in its assault against that tender bud, his fingers now easing into her as she woke, as she ground into him his fingers penetrated her deeper. Between the scent and her awakening Hades wanted to push her higher in each moment.

As he continued the administration, the more her hips writhed in accent to his digit that sunk deeper into her molten passage. Her sounds only increased in sheer bliss, a slender hand lowered to curl within his hair to push him more firmly against the appreciation of her pearl. That is when he felt it with his fingers, the squeeze of her silken folds and the beginning of a blooming flower, that is when the lubrication was added just before her nectar rushed forth with the ambrosial flood, crying out his name.

Hades remained in his motions until the last remnants of her release passed before he crawled out and up beside her kissing her deeply “Good morning you beautifully amazing beloved of mine”

When he resurfaced, Hades found her panting and quivering, though to his kiss her eyes opened and she rolled her head to look at him. A slender hand lifted to caress his cheek with a rest at his jawline. “Mmm, good morning it is waking like that with you, my beloved.”

“Fun isn’t it,” He grinned “Just the first step in this new life of ours, now get yourself dressed we have a long couple of days ahead getting ready to move,” his hand caressed her throat gently there was a new lease in Hades a sparkle non had seen in a very long time as the pressure of keeping everyone alive was now lifted, giving way to him focusing only upon Jade and their new life together.

“But dress slowly so I can watch,” He added before kissing her once more.

His touch upon her neck brought a soft quiver from her and ripples of gooseflesh skittered about upon her skin. But, at his words a small secretive smirk appeared upon her plush lips, though, she nodded to him, rising from the bed to expose her beautiful body to him, turning and displaying the intricate tattoo that covered the entire back of Jade. She then gathered her clothing and placed them on the edge of the bed, each layer was placed upon her with a magnetic and ritualistic demeanour, beautiful, almost as though it was a dance itself for her to dress every morning. In the end, her skin was covered and the kimono and obi was fixed upon her, then her hands began to work with her hair, in order to pile up into a bun, but this began to remove the exquisite and free length that added to her exotic attraction.

“You’re beautiful, you know that. I would note that I have always preferred your hair down, for me at least, not that anything changes no matter how you wear your hair,” Hades remarked gently watching her. He smiled as she dressed taking every detail in as she did so.

She hesitated now, at his mention of his preference of her hair, instead of finishing sweeping it up, let the stands fall down. A soft blush lifting to her cheeks with his compliment. “Then, if you prefer it as such. I will let it down…”

She smiled in that special way that Hades knew was saved especially for him. “Oh, stop. I’ll keep it down, even if you insist it’s a personal preference. Do I not need to take that into account?” Jade moved forward to extend her slender hand to him, in order to guide him to rise. Then went to gather his clothing in order to dress him much the same as she had undressed him the night before.

Hades allowed her to dress him with the same wonder he had for her in every other moment. He watched her carefully, as she finished dressing him he flexed his wrists and then drew her close to him kissing her cheek gently.

“So what do you fancy doing today, we’ll be here a day or two more then headed for our own home,” He stated softly.

She responded by resting her cheek against his chest, a hand upon his shoulder. “We should see, Elsa. She is going to be the one for our wedding clothing.”

“And I’m sure she will make me drool the moment I see you,” Hades replied with a wicked smiled taking her hand and kissing it gently “Our wedding should be on the beach, so tired of grand garden weddings, it just isn’t me,”

“The beach? You mean near our home-to-be?” Jade leaned back, while he saw that beautiful flush upon her cheeks again.

“Beech, Tiki torches, moonlight everything that makes it different but just as grand,” He smiled in reply.

She smiled to him with a nod. “I like that idea. Very much, even an evening wedding. It all sounds so magical.”

“Good, because if you haven’t learnt by now, everything I do isn’t normal, then you may get quite a shock,” Hades chuckled softly, as he slid blades to the back of his hips he took her hand and lead her out of their room and through the upper levels of the mansion.

“Oh, no, I know that, my beloved. That is why, life with you is going to be an adventure. Dark or light. Just so long as I am with you, nothing much matters.” She curled her hand within his and easily followed along with him, her bare feet lightly padding against the floor while they made their way through the mansion.

“And I’ll be sure to keep it that way,” Hades replied with a grind as they headed down the stairs and down into the main hall.

Elsa was already in the main hall happily working away on new clothes, determined to get her own life back to normal and her shop back up and running.

She moved into the main hall with Hades, though looked to him then to Elsa, clearing her throat to not startle the realms dressmaker. “Ahem….uh, Elsa?”

She smiled softly as she looked up, pale eyes sparkled with mischief beneath that blonde hair “Hello my dear, may I say you look particularly delectable today, those Elcarus boys know how to pick their women,” she never lost a stitch in her work as she spoke.

She looked up to Hades, then to Elsa, as the flush lifted to her cheeks with the light dusting of freckles. “Thank you, Elsa…I was wondering, that is, if you are not too busy. I’d like to discuss a dress…for the wedding.”

“You’re going to let her dress? I thought you’d get wed naked,” Elsa chuckled softly

“And share her with half the realm, oh not a chance,” Hades replied with a sly smile, as he slid his arms around Jade gently.

“Well then I will just have to blow them away with her dress, and make her as she rightly should be the prettiest girl in all the realm,” Elsa winked with a smile.

“She already is,” Hades stated softly “I’m going to see the weapon smith, so look after my girl,”

“Ah but of course, we’ll have fun while you go be all serious,” Elsa stated patting the seat beside her “Now then what do you have in mind?”

She looked between the two, as they spoke, though, looked down with a smile. As Hades spoke of leaving, she held his hand and reluctantly allowed for each finger to slip off in his departure, watching him until he disappeared from the hall. But, Jade returned her exotic almond slanted eyes to Elsa and moved over to take the seat next to her, lightly touching the current fabric. “I’ve been thinking about this ever since I have become engaged…I want a dress that is inspired by my culture, kimono. We are going to have it on the beach and at night…torches…all that.”

“Ah that boy did always have a flair for the different, been a long time since he’s been happy you know. Such a different man to the one spoke of in the stories and histories of this realm. Did you ever wonder if they were true or if perhaps you’d be the next one in his path of destruction? Of course I know he loves you, and would die for you before he hurt you. You bring out the best in him and it shows in everything he does now,” Elsa smiled as her words tumbled from her mouth absently in thought, she placed her current project aside and taking a pad began to draw, the magicks she weaved flowed from her onto the page beginning to draw up an idea.

“So…I’ve heard. True or not, or doesn’t matter to me. Everyone has a darkness within them. Some just refuse to accept it. Together such forms a balance, not only in the world but each other. There can not be darkness without light.” Jade started bit curiously leaned over to watch Elsa work on the price of paper. “I don’t want white.”

“Perhaps reds and blacks? The colours of fire, much like the fire that burns within you both. He was misguided, even as dark as he was he always had his moral code, he was a strange one to say the least,” Elsa replied “He has always been good to me, it is now my turn to be good to him and make his bride the most incredible vision in the Everlands on your wedding day,”

“Yes, fire…reds and blacks would be perfect.” She looked to Elsa then down to the artwork, pointing out a few things that needed to be adjusted then nodded slowly. “I bet you say that to all the brides-to-be.”

Elsa chuckled as Jade pointed the adjustments the design shifted and changed on the page before her. “Just the ones I like,” she smiled softly “But since Aishani and Kane, there have been far too few causes to celebrate in this realm, and this is just such an occasion, the whole realm will want to turn out to,”

“The…whole realm?” She seemed surprised, possibly frightened in her voice. “I have no one to walk me down the isle. I assume Kane will be busy as best groomsman…”

“The whole realm,” Elsa repeated with a smile “Elcarus weddings are rare because they are so cautious, and so careful,” Elsa handed her the drawing to check over one last time “You only need to ask and anyone in the realm will be at your side, a sister perhaps? Even perhaps Aishani or Virra or Aerian, though they seem less the dresses and pony tail kind don’t they but certainly Aishani will be happy to?”

“No, that is not what I meant…I meant to walk me down the isle. By tradition it should be my father, though, he was killed in the raid at my old home. He can not be there, so, I meant to find another to walk me down the isle. I would not dream of forcing those two to dress up. I haven’t yet, asked, Aishani. Though, I agree, she would be at my side. I wonder, what she would look like in a kimono…can you make the colours and style in a strict kimono for the bridesmaids? I think that would accent that side.” She said, appearing less and less nervous when it came to details.

“If you can dream it, I can make it that my dear is the beauty  of my job,” Elsa replied with a wicked grin that reflected the passion for her work “And all at a moderate price, unlike some of the other hacks in this realm,” there was an oddness to her words in that statement and just as quickly as it was there it was gone “Not that you need worry on price, the Elcarus family have used me for all manor of occasions we have an agreement that works and their credit is always good, perhaps the new blood who seems to have wound himself in with the girls? If they trust him perhaps this will bring him into your family a little more?”

She considered Elsa a moment in silence then spoke. “You mean, ask Domi to walk me down the isle?”

Elsa smiled “We are limited with men we can ask, but the girls seem to enjoy having him around, and he fought at their side without question.” She paused for a moment “He is quite the tasty morsel of a man, still it would not hurt to ask? Aerian and Virra along with Aishani are to be your bridesmaids?”

She thought for a moment, while slowly nodding. “Yes. If like Virra and Aerian, even if they don’t get dressed up much…Aerian did for Aishani. Well, I better get to asking those three before they leave.” Jade said rising. “But definitely count on Aishani. I want her to be my maid of honour.” She placed a hand on Elsa’s shoulder before leaving to head to the cottage of Aerian and Virra, now including Domi.

She lifted her hand to knock on the door, it took a few moments before it was answered and Jade almost lost her nerve. But Domi answered the door, his hair ruffled up and without a shirt in just his trousers. Initially he looked stunned as Jade stood alone, then glanced over his shoulder. “Angels! Jade is here. Put your pants back on!”

Virra laughed now. “We have them on, pervert. Let her in.”

Domi winked to Jade and stepped aside for her to enter. Upon waking through the door, Jade found Aerian sitting on Virra’s lap at the kitchen table. Before the fireplace was a messy blanket laid out and some pillows.

Aerian glanced up her hair was wild, or wilder than was normal for her, having slept on the floor with Virra and Domi “Hey Jade, is everything OK?” Aerian was admittedly curious as to why she was here without Hades, which raised the question of when the last time she had seen Jade without her Uncle, but she also like the confidence Jade was beginning to show, taking her place among the family.

Virra offered a wave to Jade, wrapping her arms around Aerian with a kiss to her neck. “Domi is making breakfast, you’re more then welcome to stay.”

“No, thank you.” Jade said but settled on one chair at the table. “I’ve come for two things, well to ask…Virra and Aerian, I know you don’t care to dress up…but I was wondering if you would be my bridesmaids?”

“He’s a great cook, you’re missing out,” Aerian replied before considering her answer a moment “You’re right we don’t like to dress up, but we will for family so of course we will be,” she paused before adding to her statement “Of course that means you’ll have to be a bridesmaid for our wedding?”

Virra nodded to Aerian’s words, confirming that it was in agreement, kissing her neck. “Of course we will, Jade. Wonder what Hades had up his sleeve…”

Jade beamed at Aerian and Virra’s response, though looked at Domi. “I don’t have a father, I was wondering…would you be willing to walk me down the isle?”

Domi was amidst drinking as she asked and was so surprised that he spit out the drink, this caused Virra to laugh.

Aerian couldn’t help but giggle at the surprise Domi clearly displayed to Jades words and yet she said nothing as she simply watched him, curling tighter against Virra, and her arms wrapped around her gently.

“Me? Seriously?” He lifted a hand to rub awkwardly at the back of his neck. Virra glanced to Aerian with a kiss on her neck.

“Seems your place in our family hasn’t gone unnoticed, Dad will be busy making sure Uncle Hades doesn’t run off, Aishani will be watching over Jade, we’ll be looking all pretty and cute so the honour is going to you, you’ve earned it Domi,” Aerian stated softly a purr to the kiss before she shifted awkwardly, as sudden as the feeling came it went and she returned her glance to Domi “It’ll be a grand occasion and you’ll be playing an important part, also was totally kidding about Uncle Hades he wouldn’t leave you Jade, pretty sure I’ve never seen him happier than when he is with you,” she smiled.

Domi looked to Aerian, then to Jade as a sadness crept upon her features at the mention of Hades running off. But then she chuckled, looking to Domi.

Out of the corner of her eye, Aerian caught the strange glance cast to her from Virra but it went unmentioned.

“I mean…uh…yeah, of course, Jade. I’d be honored, never done that before. I’ve had more firsts with this family. Always keeping me on my toes.” He chuckled, while Jade beamed to him and stood.

“Good that settles it. I’ll let Elsa know to begin the kimonos.” She said, moving to the door and leaving.

“What the hell is a kimono?” Virra asked with asked inclined brow.

Domi sat down now. “Damn, that is different. Why do I get the feeling that this is thing to be no normal wedding…?”

“Its an Elcarus wedding, they are always full of surprises” Aerian smiled softly in reply “Not sure I should have implied Uncle Hades would run away, I should learn to keep my mouth shut,” again she shifted awkwardly “And kimono? I’m as lost as you on that one, but I have a feeling we’ll find out soon enough, but I’m also sure you’ll look hot as hell in it,” she grinned now.

Virra pinched her bottom with a smirk, “So will you!” She then whispered in her ear. “Why do you keep shifting weird? It’s like I know something is awkward…”

Aerian leant back so her voice was low enough for Virra to hear but not at this point for Domi to hear “I feel really off, queasy almost, it’s … hard to say to the woman I love,” Aerian finished her voice held an odd slight of panic now.

Virra considered her silently, though, lifted a hand to caress her brow and felt her forehead to check for a temperature. Her words were soft, barely above a whisper. “Well, let’s get something to eat. Perhaps, you’re just hungry or hung over. But if you are still feeling like this after, we are going to see, Stacy.”

Two plates were set down before them, toast, eggs, bacon and some potato hash. “See Stacy about what?” Domi asked kissing each female before taking place across from them and begin eating. “Are my beautiful angels conspiring?”

At the smell of food Aerian felt her stomach growl as she felt the panic rise she rolled off Virras lap and bolted for the bathroom.

Ten minutes later and she returned wiping her face “I um … you guys eat then we should go see Stacy, call me cause until then I’m just gonna lay down”, she wiped her face and smiled before making her way to their bedroom crawling onto the bed now.

[Ending A War] Let Them Rest

A chorus of cheers erupted as the carriage rattled its way through the gates of the Mansion, Aerian was caught completely off guard as were the horses, and she flipped from the carriage and quickly moved to calm them. Kane was followed by Hades and the group quickly surrounded by those grateful for their actions.

Kane eyed the crowd for a moment before he bowed in thanks, Hades looked to Kane and then to Aerian with a smile “They’re grateful” he murmured softly.

When the carriage stopped, Domi joined Aerian to calm the horse closest to him while Virra appeared stunned at the cheers, she looked as though she didn’t know whether to draw her daggers or smile.

It was as Aishani stepped out with Kane and Jade after Hades, that it made sense after Kane’s explain. Aishani looked exhausted but we’ll as she offered a nod to those that moved to shake hands with her, though Shadow appeared to have departed somewhere along the road to not surprise the villagers.

Jade still lent against Hades but appeared to be the shy girl, again. Even though her face was splattered with dry blood and her beautiful short kimono stained.

Aerian handed the reigns off to one of the stablehands before leading Domi and Virra toward the mansion, Hades, Jade, Kane and Aishani were with them as they made their way into the living area Stacy ran leaping upon Aishani with a deep hug. Elsa merely smiled and bowed slightly to the group.

“The realm is safe once more, no thanks to your efforts,” She stated softly while looking them over “You have all returned safe, and the realm is grateful once more,”

“And now we turn our attention to the future,” Hades stated his arm slipping around Jade drawing her to him as he kissed he top of her head “Jade and I will be leaving the mansion as our home, we have done our part in securing the realm and upholding our name, now I would like to spend time exploring ourselves, though I’m sure Jade will be around enough she does have a wedding to plan, we’re not going far just to Delian,”

“The coast? Didn’t have you as fisherman,” Kane grinned in reply

“Ah but the view from our new home is worth the inconvenience,” Hades smirked softly “At least we will be close by if we’re needed, but I think it’s time for us all to make our own paths, discover whatever is we all lost during this war,”

Aishani grunted as Stacy leapt upon her, unprepared, though gently patted the girls back with a smirk. Kane would be the only one to truly recognize that his wife was exhausted and not quite herself. But she covered it so well that Kane hardly noticed.

“Meh. Did what any sane person would do.” Virra said with a shrug, holding Domi’s hand with the other around Aerian.

Jade blushed to Hades words though nodded. “It is the plan, now with the war over we all can finally breathe and enjoy things a lot more. Oh, yes, wedding. Elsa, I know you would like to help me with a dress.”

Elsa stepped back from Aishani with a smile “Of course my dear, after all we do need our Hades to have the most elegant bride, we shall talk more though I suspect after recent events you all need a rest, the rooms are made, everything is as it was when you left just like promised,”

Kane nodded wrapping his arm around Aishani “I’m going to get my wife to bed, we will speak more tomorrow, thank you Elsa and you Stacy for holding the fort here, as ever your service to our family is above and beyond,”

“Oh don’t be silly, you put your lives on the line it is the least we could do,” Elsa shrugged in reply “Now go rest, see the little ones,”

Kane nodded with a smile and led Aishani from the room and to their chambers.

Aishani chuckled to Elsa’s words, while looking up to Kane with love and admiration in her eyes. Accepting his lead to the bed chambers, though once within moving to the cribs. To check in the children, whom were in the same crib and not separate, content and sleep. She glanced back to Kane then to the sweet innocence. “I can’t believe we created two children together…” She whispered.

“And now we can raise them together, safe from your mother and my father. Raise them to be honourable and strong just like their mother,” Kane replied with a kiss to her cheek “Together we can finally enjoy our children, who knows maybe there will be more in our future, but we do have a future now my love,”

She chuckled, leaning back against him to draw his arms around her those eyes fixed on Terra and Xander. “Yes. A future. No more running. I have my home here with my family.” After a time of watching the children sleep, the two made their way to the bed and laid down to attain their first good sleep in a long time, knowing the realm was safe.

Hades drew Jade close as he watched those that remained for a moment “We should follow suit, get some rest, we deserve it,” Hades bowed lightly before escorting her from the room and to their own room. As they entered their chambers Hades kissed her deeply before looking to her “I know a made a certain promise before our war ended, you look incredibly enchanting all covered in blood, for the moment however I need to rest, I don’t have the advantage Vampires generally have and apparently I am wiped, but that’s not to say I don’t intend to honour that promise,”

Jade responded to the kiss with as much depth and passion, though when he parted she leaned against him. “Yes, rest. I need to clean this blood from my face, then I will join you.” She kissed him again, though fixed him to stand near the edge of the bed. Beginning to remove his weapons, then each arrival of his clothing following. It was meticulous and graceful, as though a type of ritual. “In my culture, it is an honour to remove the clothing of your husband after a battle.” She said softly, while working her magic with her fingers to finish the removal. “It is an intimate act.”

Hades didn’t fight it was always amazing to him that she remained true to her values even as much as she knew he expected no such service from her. If truth was told Hades enjoyed the attention probably more than he should have “Every act with you is intimate Jade, even combat had me drowning in my need to take you. You are the ultimate addiction in every way,”

She knelt to fold and neatly arrange his belongings, while rising with perfect posture to place them on a chair and turned to face him with a wink. Then proceeded to guide him to lay down, leaning over to press her lips against his. “Get some rest, I will be with you shortly.” Jade whispered to him, lifting a hand to caress his cheek and then stand back moving to gather a basin in order to fill and leave the room.

Almost as soon as Hades felt the softness of their pillows darkness took him, moments later his breathing was deep and steady.

Aerian on the other hand was now sprawled out over one of the couches in the main hall, her eyes settled on the flames of the fire that burned as brightly as ever. Stacy had parked herself by the fire and Elsa sat at the bar drink in hand.

Domi held Aerian’s head in his lap, while his fingers wove through her fiery threads to lightly massage her scalp and neck, remaining silent and listening to the crackle from the flames on the greedy logs. Virra sat on the floor a hand curled within Aerian’s on her shoulder, though, suddenly she stood up. “Fuck this. It’s lame. Everyone is silent, no partying or fun stuff.” She grasped Aerian’s hand to yank her up and then Domi’s. “We are going home. Rest, then we go find things…fun to do.” The way her dark eyes flashed with mischief was enticing as it was amusing. “Elsa anything good behind that bar? A bottle of something to celebrate?”

Elsa chuckled and reached over for a bottle of something that resembled Whiskey “Indeed we do, I wouldn’t be too sure of the no partying there are rumblings that the folks in town have a street party planned in your honour, also a young woman told me to remind you her terms still are to met?”

Aerian rolled her eyes and kissed Virra on the cheek “I haven’t forgotten about Zia, but I will deal with her when I’m rested and relaxed,” She took Virra and Domi by the hand and they made their way home.

“We aren’t the hero and glory type. What was needed to protect the realm was done, end of story.” Domi said as Aerian lead them out of the main hall to cross the courtyard to their cottage.

Once within, Virra snatched the bottle to open with a tug of her teeth, sitting out and taking a large swig. Moving over to start the fire in the hearth. Domi wrapped his arms around Aerian from behind to kiss her neck. “I know we don’t want to stay here…I want to fight along side my angels, forever.”

“Here will always be home, but there are things we need to do, for once The Everlands needs a group of good thieves, but that’s for another day, tonight we drink,” Aerian smiled settling behind Virra to take the bottle and then kiss Virra deeply “What do you think baby?”

Domi chuckled but didn’t stop Aerian from moving to Virra, following and sitting the fire as Aerian distracted her with a kiss. She leaned back to get a good look at her. “Not sure…good thieves, sounds rather ironic.” But then tugged her down to settle in her lap as Domi settled beside Virra with an arm around her, as a hand remained within Aerian’s. “At the end of this bottle we sleep and look forward to another day. All of us. Together.”

“I like that idea,” Aerian smiled softly as she looked to Domi she leant forward to kiss him gently then settling back into Virra kissing her as well “But whatever we do, I want us to stay together, in every sense, Virra you’re my world, the one who saved me, loves me for me and Domi, you’re our balance the piece that keeps us moving in the right direction, and you make my baby happy even if she tries to deny it sometimes,”

“Hey!” Virra began but was silenced by a kiss from Domi, though, he stealthily snuck the bottle of liquor to guzzle it down. She snatched the bottle away from him to share with Aerian.

The mood was relaxed and stress free, each finding comfort and relief that they were safe and together.

“I don’t mean to be sour in all this, but…your Pops spoke of the wedding for Hades and Jade. Not that it matters but what about ours? Not that I wasn’t too wear a dress or get all dolled up. But we ARE engaged after all.” Virra popped up as the alcohol has loosened her tongue a bit, since something has been on her mind once they arrived.

“Dad hasn’t forgotten, and we can have our wedding whenever we want, which won’t be all that long now. He loves us just as much, well almost as much as I love you,” Aerian replied softly, her hand now sliding around Virras waist as she turned to nestle into her “We will get our day, though as you said we’re not exactly the wedding dress and giant cake type,”

Domi remained silent, eventually pulling each girl into his lap while Virra was on one thigh and Aerian on the other with their legs extended, his strong arms wrapped around them, his brown eyes on the fire while he urged the two women to finish the whiskey, which in turned formed into an amusing game between them with cards brought out to instigate one that included drinking. By the end of the night, each were too drunk and too tired to move, so Domi gathered the blanket from the bed and him with the two females fell to sleep each female in his arms before the fire.

[Ending A War] It’s Finally Over


They had travelled most of the day in unison and strength, a united front that reminded the realm they were going to war united. Several smaller towns had also lent forces, or people joined simply wanting to help liberate their homelands the threat that lay ahead of them.

Hades rounded his horse and motioned for them to halt, soldiers quickly moving to begin making camp. Kane slid from his horse making his way to Hades.

“We should set camp here, the Elveran borders are charmed to alert Ceremon, and those vibrations are hard to miss” He stated as he slid from his horse and then moved to aid Jade from hers.

“Alright, we’ll hold here, send Aerians group ahead to see what’s waiting for us, this is her area of expertise after all” Kane replied

“Who’d have thought you’d be advocating for your daughters skills as a thief,” Hades chuckled, Kane merely waved his hand in reply and made his way to Aishani.

“We can’t get through without letting Elvera know we’re coming, I’m going to send the girls and Domi ahead to see if they can blind them for us, or distract them long enough to get us over that line,”

Aerian had already caught upto her father and heard his plan “Those things are not easy to bypass, you go over them or you go under them”

Aishani watched as Aerian rounded up Domi and Virra, then turned to Kane and Hades. “I need a map.” She said calmly, as Jade tilted her head a slight. “I have an idea, though, I need a map of the area. Aerian said that it is difficult to diffuse. Either over or under, I need to see if there is a cavern that has a tunnel system. Otherwise, my love, we may have to seek the dragons for help.”

Virra kept up with Aerian, while Domi was not far behind. “Is that even possible? To diffuse the charm?”

“Takes a shit load of power, unless you can find its source,” She sighed softly “You can go under them in the right places, but shutting them down is the most effective method.”

It was a few moments before the guards brought a map to them, laying it out on the ground before it sprung to life and hung in the air, caverns did indeed through the area they now resided though far to unstable to take everyone through.

When they stopped Virra straightened and Domi was on Aerian’s left, they looked at what appeared to be nothing but a slight ripple. “Then how do we find the source?” Domi asked while nearing Aerian and looking to Virra whom simply shrugged.

Aerian crouched as she eyed the ripple in thought, watching it vanish into a cavern “The source will be in the centre of wherever this extends, which if I’m guessing right, it would be the castle, and even if we get in we don’t make it out alive,” She sighed softly “We need a new plan…”


Aishani inspected the map, while cursing beneath her breath, then glancing to Kane. “We can’t go around and we sure as hell can’t place the army in danger by going beneath. These caverns are too unstable, the only thing we can do is wait on Aerian and the others to figure something out. Last option is the dragons and leaving behind the horses which will sorely cut time.”

There was a ruffle of people behind them as Ascondia made her way to the command tent “There is another option, we can go right through it without tripping it,”

Kane looked up his eyes on hers for a moment before motioning for her to continue.

“I open a portal, enough to get everyone and everything through,”

“You know what that would do to you? You may be powerful Ascondia but even your power isn’t unlimited,” Kane replied flatly “You’d be putting your life at risk,”

“The risk is worth it Kane and you know it, I can get us across. It will drain me fair enough but I can still fight well enough without my powers, you made sure of that.” Her last words caused her to glance at Aishani “It’s our best option, if this extends the whole way around and it’d be really bad implementation if it doesn’t, the centre is the castle, are you willing to risk three lives when we can just risk one?”

Aishani looked to the map, motioning for a soldier to gather it up and turned to face Ascondia. “The unicorns can offer magical stability in this venture to ensure life is kept and maintained. I know the ones that resided in Faerûn could do much the same. Summon them. I want to get one thing straight, Ascondia. You are not going to be a martyr in all this. While I agree, one life is greater then three…” She gave Kane a sharp glance. “I will send Shadow to gather the others.”

“Oh I have no intention of dying,” Ascondia replied sharply “But I can get us across, and they will be unaware of it, we retain the element of surprise, even if we sent the dragons over they would see them, we jump right over the defence this way. I’m doing it to help not some eternal plan to make myself the hero, honestly I’m happy to leave that you and Kane but I’m our best bet and you know that”

“Aishani is right, with the Unicorns you can avoid draining you yourself too heavily, your portals are handy as all hell, but we need you in this war.” Kane added “I have no want to lead the Everlands, Ascondia so I’ll be damned if I let the Queen wind up dead, the realm needs you, we have your back but you need to be alive when all this is done”

Ascondia adjusted her blade on her hip with a smile “I plan to be,”

Aishani chuckled to Ascondia words, though, moved to stand beside Kane. “Good, then we know the plan. Let’s get this done once Shadow has returned with Aerian, Virra and Domi.”

It wasn’t long before Aerian returned to the group, her eyes down cast as she made her way with Virra and Domi toward Aishani and her father “We can get through, but it is a bad idea for us to bring it down, of course we will go,” She stated softly.

Kane smiled softly and threw a glance toward Ascondia “We have a back up plan,”

Ascondia flexed her hands as she made her way to toward the ripple, she eyed the land beyond for a moment before rolling her shoulders, slowly her hands moved from the ground upward, a purple line following the path, as she moved up and then across the line expanded becoming a purple swirling mass, as she reached the ground on the opposite side the purple mass flickered and flashed into a stable picture just a few feet past the ripple.

Her hair was now plastered to her face, as she looked to Aerian with a smile, then to Kane and back to Aishani, as one of the Unicorns made their way to them “We shall hold the line Lord Kane,”

Kane drew his blade and nodded as he stepped through, it always felt odd to him passing through portals, like been pulled forward and then stopping suddenly, no sooner had he set foot on the other side than chaos erupted as hordes of undead sprung from the ground, Kane glanced around and kicked the closest back “Ah to hell with it, Aerian!!”

Aerian reacted to her fathers’ words, snapping her bow into position and drawing back the string a flash of silver shot into the air erupting high above them, within moments dragons descended from the skies above, roaring and reigning fire down ahead of Kane, the undead screaming in pain as they were cooked.

Aishani was close behind Kane, after he stepped through the portal, the instant the ground shook and the undead rose into the pandemonium of rotten flesh and bones, she threw a knife in the direction of an encroaching creature upon her husband with an easy flick of the wrist. When the rain of fire from the dragons, Aishani moved next to Kane while Jade entered through the portal with Hades and Virra with Domi and Aerian. “We have to make haste! The dragons will be seen from the castle. FORCES MOVE OUT!” Aishani bellowed, as the spiders lead by Shadow trickled through, then the other creatures on their side.

Virra spun her daggers in her palms at the ready to work the magic.

Hades was as dangerous as anyone on the field in that moment his blade worked with deadly accuracy. His foot work kept him close to Jade, but his eyes were on the forces now trying to assault them, as the dragons roared overhead. An undead lunged for Jade only to be caught by the back of the head by Hades.

Kane kept the line intact ensuring they moved forward “At this point our element of surprise is gone, though I’m sure they’re scrambling to figure how we got past without them knowing. Stay tight, head for the castle,” a flash of white as arrows streamed past them eliminating several undead in their path.

“We cover them,” Aerian called to Domi “And you make sure we don’t die baby,” she smiled to Virra.

Jade held her own amidst the battle with surprising ease and grace, ducking and reposting with a slice of her katana. The weapon gleaming wickedly, while Hades recognized the fact that her incisors had sharpened and those warm brown eyes were replaced with the humming yellow of the Kitsune. She moved with such stunning beauty, dancing and predicting the movements, as he dispatched the undead behind her, a flash and soft metallic whistle was heard as a throwing star was edged into the throat of an undead. Jade winked to him, as he watched her back, Jade did the same.

Aishani assisted Kane on keeping the line in tact, though, this separated them with the soldiers. Yet, he heard the grunt from her force that met the end of many undead and felt that pull of her ability blinking behind an undead then to stand before another, it was a succession of perfect moves while she remained strong and uninjured. The brilliance of her golden eyes glowing and her fangs grown to reveal the wolf at the surface to offer the strength.

Domi was already at Aerian’s side, positioned to offer the back up needed at the range while Virra kept the undead from attacking them and disrupting their focus.

Whatever they missed was quickly picked up by the rest of their forces or obliterated by dragon and spider alike. It was a focused assault that led them to the castle walls, as Kane called instructions for the dragons not to get too close to Elvera.

“Take what we can, we need to find the necromancers,” Hades called, no sooner had he than a flurry of arrows unleashed by Domi and Aerian were sent up onto the walls, screams told them they had found targets.

Among the scores of undead the necromancers wielded their magic now. The forces spread in a line cutting their route back off as well as blocking those coming upon them. Kane eyed the wall in thought before turning to Hades.

“I so hope you have a plan for bringing that wall down,” Hades chuckled

“We’re going to walk right through it, right into the throne room,” Kane replied

“Um, it’s a seventy foot solid stone wall, and your dragons can’t fly over it,” Hades replied with a grin

Kane kicked at a stone and the wall opened up a long stone corridor stretched before them, Kane threw Hades a told you so look.

“What in the…” Hades breathed

“I wanted to make sure that we could always get Ascondia out if we ever had to, this tunnel is … hard to explain” He replied

Aishani was fighting an undead that was easily dispatched and she glanced to Kane and then Hades, while her eyes hummed softly with a wolfish smirk. Jade at her side, the two nearly looked as twins with the eyes and grins, but, the stark differences were clear. “Then what are we waiting for? It’s time to get this over with.” Aishani said while Virra and Domi with Aerian moved up to the gathering. “Where is Ascondia?” Her eyes flashed to Shadow that appeared and Aishani looked to the creature for a moment with a nod. “Shadow is going to work on the infiltration with the unicorns and dires into the gates, those spiders can climb anything.”

Kane spun his blade in his hand looking down the secret pathway with a smile “They wont see us coming until its too late, we take out the guards, you kill your sister and we force their hand,” he stated firmly.

“Ceremon isnt going to go quietly,” Hades added darkly.

“I don’t believe Ceremon is the problem in all this,” Ascondia snapped as she pulled her blade from an undeads chest kicking it back with her foot,” He seems to be willing to give Z’ress anything she wants, like a sad little puppy looks quite weak pandering to that whore,”

Aishani glanced to Ascondia with a knowing expression and nod. “No, Ceremon is a pawn to all this. It is the culture of the Drow men are the lesser. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s locked up in a cell about now. My…sister Minra is a strong necromancer, it wouldn’t surprise me if she is the cause for the undead necromancers and horde.”

“How many damn sisters do you have?” Virra blurted out.

Aishani glanced to her with a narrow of her eyes and bare of her teeth, though, turned in her heel to enter the passage first.

“What? It was a simple question.” Virra shrugged as hard looks were cast her way.

Jade glanced to Hades, those eyes glowing softly and three sense of her predator beneath the surface was arousing. He had never truly seen this side of her and with the blood on her kimono and some splattered upon her neck and cheek was enticing, the bruise remained as a mark at her neck that his claim. “Well. Let’s get this over with.”

Hades leant down to Jade, placing a kiss just below her ear before he spoke low and only for her to hear “You look so hot, I cannot wait to take you to bed and fuck you”.

He straightened and stepped beside her, as the group made their way through the tunnel into the depths of Elvera Castle. As they neared the end Kane directed Aerian, Virra and Domi off allowing them to access a higher level and provide aerial cover for them.

A few moments later Aishani, Ascondia, Kane, Hades and Jade stepped out into the throne room, guards attempted to rush them only to be cut down without an ounce of mercy. Ceremon looked up with a dark glance, somehow he looked fragile, withdrawn almost.

“I told you not to count them out,” He scoffed angrily.

“We have the grounds, we have the lands beyond, we have the people this is over,” Hades snapped “Oh and your crazy son is dead too, most of your men are either dead or roasted alive by the horde of dragons we have watching our backs, time to stand down,”

Jade appeared to purr softly to Hades as he spoke his words, though, keeping close to him and followed him with the others inside the tunnel. This was methodical, as the tension was thick in the air making their way through the passages. The instant in the throne room, it was when all hell broke loose. The clatter of the guards moving forward to defend, lives lost and blood fallen. Aishani had an aura of danger around her and it positively oozed to her surroundings. Jade was at her side standing ground and not only covering Aishani but Hades as well, it was an out right massacre.

Only a handful of guards remained in position standing just before the risen seat of the throne. Upon the seat was Z’ress, she wore a white shift that sent a stark contrast to her ashen skin and concealed little, including the protrusion of her buds that pitched a tension on the fabric. Her blood red eyes remained indifferent, as her features were calm and composed, surrounded by the shroud of white hair. At her side was a female that held vibrant crimson eyes, white hair and a figure that was equal, if not more scrumptious then Z’ress or Aishani, this must be Xulljra. A small smirk formed on her lips to the sight of the group.

“Oh, that is quaint. You actually thought, I counted them out, Ceremon? Actually…I counted you out.” Z’ress waved a hand and it appeared as though an invisible hand grasped Ceremon to throw him past the guards into Aishani. “You have suited your purpose just fine, Ceremon. Daughter…”

Aishani growled, Kane felt that static pull in the air as Ceremon’s collision was only met with the floor. “You have never claimed me as your brethren since that fateful day…Don’t pretend to play nice now. Where is Xulljra?”

That is when something changed, even the air, as Ceremon began to laugh though it was a wicked laugh and turned female as Ceremon stood and the figure beside Z’ress faded into nothingness. Just then the woman multiplied and Ceremon melted away, they were surrounded by seeming ten of the Drow female. “Hello, sister…it seems my plan was thwarted by that little red head, your daughter needs to be raised proper…hm, where is she now?” The voice seemed to echo from all the figures around them.

“Watching you very carefully,” Kane chuckled in reply, “She has a way of pissing people off, still considering you’re here and Ceremon and Z’ress are not, they have fled already?”

There was something in Hades that simply switched, all emotion simply vanished as his blade plunged into one of the females, despite her been a mere image it collapsed instantly his blade already targeting the next, “Anyone ever tell you that your sisters are real pains in the ass?”

A flurry of arrows splintered the through the air erupting into a volley that rained down over them, perfectly placed to avoid her parents and their group, but with enough precision to eliminate more cloned images”

“Or she could be just screwing up another of your plans,” Kane laughed darkly now “You seem to think at this point we care, let me clue you in, we don’t, we have one goal and I will burn this city to the ground if need be,”

It was exactly as Hades predicted the vision of Xulljra dissipated, as did the next. Yet, when the rain of arrows flew down dispatching five more visions leading to only a handful left. Z’ress hadn’t dissapeared, standing in her position behind the guards and the throne, watching with idle interest, just as a glisten of metal was seen and a throwing star lodged into the neck of one multiples of Xulljra causing her to scream in pain, only to have it gurgle and a body slumping to the floor. A pool of blood spilling about the body, as Jade moved over to dislodge the weapon, licking it briefly, then looking to Z’ress.

Aishani never moved but held her glowing golden gaze upon Z’ress with deadly purpose. “You have sufficiently killed your daughter…”

“She was too weak. Now. For you, my dear sweet heritic…” Z’ress stepped forward as the two guards looked confused and shaken, almost as though, they felt the tides turning and the traitor title to end their lives in a trial. The way she moved was oozing with sexuality and prowess, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that Aishani had taken that walk.

Aishani spun her blades in her hand now, gripping the hilts. “You are NOT my family. My family is here with me and backs me up. One more move and my daughter will strike you down with her arrows…Go on. I dare you.” She growled with a low rumble, fingers flexing on the daggers. “You have lost this war, Z’ress. No more lives will be lost under your reign.”

As if to make the point ever more clear arrows slammed into the ground at Z’ress’ feet, another whistling eerily close to her ear and into the throne behind her, the air held tense and dark in that moment. Hades stood beside Jade with a dark smile, the darker Jade became in her actions the more in love with her he found himself, something given a chance he knew was going to bring them together in a way they couldn’t have predicted.

Kane had all but removed himself from the scenario now as Aishani made her warning and Aerian made it crystal clear. Ascondia now stood blade in hand “Now get the fuck out of my home, because if they don’t end you, trust me you crazy bitch I fucking will, this is my home and I’m tired of watching them gush over each other,” she threw a look back to Aishani “No offence,” before her eyes slid back to Z’ress “Walk away or I will make sure you don’t,”

Jade licked her lips, glancing back to Hades with her upper lip curled back in a silent growl, exposing her fangs to him but then stood back watching with keen eyes.

Aishani rolled a shoulder dismissively, though, moved to stand at Ascondia’s side. Daggers at the ready, while suddenly sheathing one and lunging to catch onto Ascondia. The static pull was felt in the air as both, Aishani and Ascondia disappeared, then appeared beyond the guards and behind Z’ress. The Drow female had little time to react, as Aishani stabbed a dagger into Z’ress’s side with the blood staining her white shift. Such surprise written on her face, as Aishani nodded to Ascondia, giving her the right to end this woman and claim her throne.

Ascondia didn’t need a second offer as she grabbed the back of her head causing her to yelp in surprise, it was quick and clean but her blade was across her throat almost as quickly as they had appeared, a well placed foot to the spine sent her crashing to the floor “You were warned,” she snapped angrily, wiping the blood on her cloak before turning and seating herself on the throne.

“Anyone else care to defy the Queen of the Everlands?” She stated darkly looking to the fallen forms of Z’ress and Xulljra.

Kane bowed with a smile not in respect but more a mock defiance a reminder to Ascodnia they had her back, but weren’t hers to command at will. As guards now began filing into the throne room, it was clear the city was now theirs.

Hades sheathed his blades and grabbed at Jade kissing her deeply, a low growl from his throat as did so. Aerian, Virra and Domi also now joined them in the throne room “Is it over?” Aerian asked quietly.

“By the fact these two are out of the picture, Ceremon seems to have split so yes, it’s finally over,” Kane replied sheathing his own blade, making his way to Aishani “You alright? I get they’re not family really but still, thank you,” His words loud enough for Ascondia to hear a reminder again where things stood between Dentarius and the throne.

Aishani glanced to Ascondia as she sat on the throne, while no movement from her head but the eyes lowered to the bodies of Z’ress and Xulljra, the expression on her face unreadable for the moment, though tipped her chin down to Ascondia and walked down the steps.

Jade bit and suckled on Hades’ lip within the kiss, but, that fire was more primal then it had been before. Though, once Aerian, Domi and Virra arrived in the thrown room, Jade grinned ruefully to her. “I’m rather disappointed at the fact that it was easy…”

“Yes, a build up to a killing as easy as this, has me hesitating…” Virra commented, while wrapping an arm around Aerian, while Domi moved to near the steps of the throne and appearing to inspect for something on the ground.

“If Z’ress had Ceremon wrapped around her finger, I do not think he would flee.” Domi said, just as a guard looked to him then the others.

“He is locked in a cell, she used him up until. The enchantress had played his roll since we came to the castle.” The guard said with his head bowed down.

Aishani hit the last step while considering then, suddenly, crumbled to her knees hard. This was unexpected, as even her gaze appeared surprised but now she was having a problem breathing.

Kane was at her side within a moment his blade drawn as he leant to her “You Ok?” His eyes already searching the room for the cause, Hades too had his weapon drawn as he followed Kanes path of searching the room.

She appeared to struggle to breathe, while the colour had drained from her face, shaking her head. “Shadow…Find…” Aishani managed to gasp.

Virra looked confused to Aerian, then Domi. But it was Jade that spoke. “She…is she bound to the creature?”

Aishani couldn’t speak now, but nodded slowly.

Aerian was on her heel before Aishani squeezed the second word out, as she tore through the castle and out into the courtyard, it was an ease that she vaulted up onto the wall and took off toward Shadows last know location.

Kane remained with Aishani as he looked to Hades who nodded and leant to guards issuing orders to secure the last areas of the castle.

Aishani looked to Kane, while her golden eyes were dulling as every second passed. Mouthing the words. ‘I’m sorry’.

Aerian took off in such a rush that it left Virra and Domi behind, stunned at her speed. Though, Jade took off shortly after her, the speed was incredible and the Kitsune could easily follow the scent. But, the last known location of Shadow was to secure the entrance of the castle, that is where Aerian found the large arachnid as a female Drow stood over the creature with a dagger drawn to come down to end Shadow’s life as the arachnid lay on the ground with the legs spread out.

Aerian leapt from the wall drawing her blades in mid-flight with speed as she dropped, her blades driven into the shoulders of drow female, landing clear ontop of her there was a crack indicating broken bones. She with withdrew one blade and proceeded to drive it into her rib cage with force.

“Not going to happen bitch,” Aerian snarled darkly, she shifted turning the female over now pinning her to the ground by the throat her blade poised to end her “You don’t screw with Elcarus family or did they not teach you that bit?”

As Aerian grew closer to this Drow female, it was then realized that this was not a living being. The flesh was partially rotten from the bones and the eyes glowed an unnatural blue, but, as the weight crumbled under the creature, it was then that Aerian realized that it was controlled.

Jade appeared a few moments later, landing easily on the ground, straightening and moving to Shadow and kneeling down. That is when Aerian saw it, a strange aura growing around Jade in the form of a fox. Her hands were on Shadow now, as her eyes were closed in concentration.

Looking around Aerian only saw the wounded and dead, nothing denoting the caster to control this dead but a dagger was on the ground of a gold with the detailing of a spider at the hilt.

“Did I ever mention I fucking hate necromancers,” Aerian muttered, her blade driven into the forehead of the undead drow to ensure it stayed dead, before she stood and made her way to Jade “Can you help?” Her voice trembled as she picked up the dagger looking it over in thought “I’m guessing we’ll be ending another one of Aishanis family before today is out,” again she returned her attention to Jade now.

Jade glanced to Aerian, while inhaling deeply and rising, looking to Shadow that appeared to be alive then to Aerian. “I have healed the wounds, best I can…though, the rest has to heal on their own. It will take too much power, which I don’t have to heal the life threatening wounds. I think that Shadow will be fine.” She paused while coaxing Shadow to rise, sure enough the spider rose but it was weak. “Let’s get back to the others. I think, that this was a diversion for an escape.”

Aerian spun her blades in her hand before sheathing them and nodding, she bowed lightly to Shadow and then led Jade through the courtyards to the castle. As they moved through the main doors soldiers were pulling the dead out the castle. Staff had already began cleaning blood from the floors and walls, as they reached the throne room Ascondia was still sat on the throne.

Kane remained at Aishanis side though was grateful when Aerian returned, she crouched to them and sighed “I’m sorry, some necro was trying to take down Shadow, I got to it’s thrall, before it was fatal, Jade healed as best she could and the necro got away no doubt to become a thorn in our collective asses later,” She kissed Aishanis cheek gently before making her way back to Virra and Domi.

Dutifully, Shadow followed Jade while the arachnid had difficulty a few times and Jade stopped to help the creature with a smile. When they entered the throne room, Aishani was still laying weak with her head in his lap and hand within his. She inhaled deeply with a smile as Aerian kissed her cheek, this was the first time that Aerian had ever displayed such affection aside from an embrace.

“No, fucking doubt. But, at least the threat is over. What about Ceremon?” Virra asked, turning her gaze to Ascondia. “I suggest you reconsider the Council Members, it seems that half of them are dead and sided wrong on this war.”

Shadow moved to lay next to Aishani, as her hand was placed on the spider with her eyes closed. “Minra…She used that necromantic Drow to escape. Shadow nearly had her…No, you did not fail me, my friend…” She smiled weakly to Shadow, as the leg lifted to caress her face with the fine fibers of the tips.

Virra curled an arm within Aerian’s waist, watching Kane with Aishani, while Domi draped an arm over Aerian’s shoulders. She was surrounded by those that loved her and weren’t afraid to display this to everyone.

Jade moved to stand near Hades, though, what no one saw was that she was leaning against him the healing clearly took much from her.

Hades hand slipped around her waist ensuring she was subtly supported, so as only he knew she needed the help.

“If he’s in the cells, keep him there for now, let him think about his actions maybe this will teach him though I highly doubt it,” Hades stated firmly.

Ascondia nodded in reply before looking to Aishani and Kane “I have decided to rule, the council will be made of representatives of each city but I will be the one who makes the choices now, I’m sure if my choices are wrong you’ll make sure I know it,”

“Just be careful Ascondia,” Was all Kane said before returning his attention to his wife “We should get you both home, now this war is done we can finally breathe easy. We’ll speak with Arak’neth and ensure she keeps her kin inline,” He eyed Ascondia once more “You need to inform the people they are equal as any other here now, give them no reason to be a threat, I made a choice and they saved our asses,”

“They did and I won’t forget it,” Ascondia replied softly “I want to thank you all from me and the realm, we lost a lot of people, innocent people but we survived because of you,”

Kane waved away the thanks, before helping Aishani back to her feet holding her to him. Hades had already begun to escort Jade into the courtyards beyond to a carriage already now waiting for them.

“Keep your head mom, you can do this,” Aerian smiled softly before taking Domi and Virras hands and following Hades.

In the carriage, Aishani simply lent against Kane while it was still apparent that his wife was weak even still. Jade and Hades sat across from them, as Virra insisted on kicking off the coach man to drive her new family home. Besides the carriage wasn’t large enough for everyone. Virra showed her fist to the driver and shouted for him to get off, as the man scrambled away too shaken by the events of the day to argue. Domi helped Shadow upon the roof of the carriage, as Virra grasped Aerian’s hand to pull the fiery red head up to join her and Domi on the drivers seat. Not before too long, they were on the ride home to Dentarius.

Virra held a hand with Aerian since her other was needed to drive the reigns, while Domi held an arm securely around her. All of then watched the world move by and it was suffice to say that the bodies that lined the path was a horrific sight, even if most were that of the undead but even still there were guards and soldiers.

Soon after within the carriage, Jade fell to sleep upon Hades’ shoulder while Aishani mirrored much the same on Kane’s, each woman held the hand of their significant other. Now, since this war began time was given to Kane and Hades, a chance, to talk to each other, as the tension had melted away and relief that all this was done gave the realm a breath of fresh air.