[To The Future] To Right A Wrong

Jade was busy in the garden, tilling the ground and planting seeds, even sprouts. She wore a kimono but was wrapped in an apron that was dirty. But her hair flowed down over her shoulders, it seemed that her skills with gardening had already bloomed tea leave plants and herbs.

Hades spun the axe before driving through a log, tossing the pieces aside, placing another log on the stump, proceeding to split it as well. He paused for a moment looking to Jade, spinning the axe before driving it into the stump with a thud, he made his way to the newly built garden occupied by his bride to be “How’s the ground?”

She glanced to Hades over her shoulder, dusting her hands off on the apron and stood. Wiping the back of her forehead with her forearm, sneaking some dirt on her forehead. “The ground is full of nutrients. I’ve planted some seeds that took well…some are already thriving.” Jade neared him and leaned over the fence to press her lips against his.

He returned the kiss with a grin “I’m glad you picked this place for our home, seems we got lucky, the ground is easy to work, which is making building the storage cellar much easier.” He kissed her again before he stepped back “Stay there anyway I got you something when I went into town yesterday”

Hades disappeared into the house, reappearing a few moments later with a large box, placing on top of the fence in front of her with a grin.

She watched him curiously as he left, then when Hades returned with the box Jade inclined a brow. “What’s this?” She inquired lifting the box to open it.

Inside lay a blade made in similar fashion of the one Kane gave to Aishani shortly before their wedding, though larger and more in line with her own weapons, beside a collar now made of a flexible metal that seemingly was more liquid than metal, implanted within were the shells they had retrieved from the beach.

“Wedding presents, from me to you, the blade should allow you to transfer your Kitsune abilities right into it, if you need to, the collar well that will just look almost as sexy as that bruise did,” Hades smiled softly

Instantly she brightened into a brilliant smile, removing the weapon and testing it. Balance. Even the way it cut through the air, nodding seeming pleased. Then caressed the collar and looked at him, extending her neck. “Do the honours, my beloved…”

He smiled softly picking up the collar, he ran it through his hand for a moment before moving to place it around her neck, the material flexed as the magicks within adjusted, before locking at a comfortable position around her neck, he ran his fingers over it gently and smiled “Perfect,”

Jade closed her eyes and then opened them, looking to Hades with a caress against his cheek and followed by the touch to the collar. Running over the shells and metal, pressing her lips against his. “I love it, my beloved. The sword and collar are beautiful.”

“I’m glad,” He smiled softly as he slowly drew her close kissing her, the sounds of foot’s steps soon causing him to sigh “Just once, I would like our moments not to get halted so abruptly,”

Aerian, Virra, Domi and Zia now made their way toward the cottage on the cliff. She saw the interaction of her Uncle and cringed “Oh bad timing,” She chuckled as she made her way toward him “I’m sorry Uncle H, I promise it’s a flying visit,” She looked at the collar and the blade and smiled a sparkle flickered through her eyes “Wedding presents Jade?”

Jade closed her eyes as their lips met, though, at his words and the broken kiss a smile formed on her lips to the sight of Aerian, Domi, and Virra. She moved to sit on the edge of the fence, watching the group curiously. “It’s your niece, Hades. Family. What can we do for you?”

“Damn this looks like you’ve been busy,” Virra commented looking around, while Domi nodded in agreement.

Aerian hugged Jade tightly for a moment before she stepped back “We have to attend to some business, so we’re going to be gone a while, Virra and I were wondering if perhaps you would have some supplies for your tea? It’s been a godsend in helping ease the queasiness, our dear man has inflicted upon us,” Aerian smirked as she looked to Domi, “I don’t want to intrude on you too long I promise,”

Hades was already eyeing up Zia curiously before it hit him he looked to Aerian “You’re going .. with them?”

“I’m going to correct a mistake Uncle H, she’s part of it,” Aerian replied with a soft smile “And no my dad doesn’t know, and no I don’t plan on telling him until it’s done,”

“You don’t give your dad enough credit, honestly you think he doesn’t know why she came back? He knew something was up, you disappearing with her will only confirm it, and you’ll be lucky he doesn’t send the entire Dentarian Army after you, so I’ll inform him you’re headed out to take care of something personal and try to stop him sending an army after your rag tag group a serial killers,” Hades chuckled softly “And yep we’ve been busy getting our house in order, then a wedding, so your asses better be back here alive and well before then,”

Jade responded to the embrace from Aerian, though when she leaned back a smile formed on her lips. “I can put some together for you. How much do you need?”

Though she fell silent as Hades spoke to Aerian looking between the two appearing confused.

“She isn’t dealing with this alone, Hades. Domi and I will be there. Plus, Zia. Yes, that’s a good idea to alert her Pops, don’t need any complications from this to arise.” Virra commented while moving to stand beside Aerian.

Domi then looked to Jade. “We need at least a month supply. I don’t intend on being gone that long, but they each are having morning sickness something horrible.”

Jade tilted her head a slight, considering him. “I see so the nausea is helped by the tea, but morning sickness is tricky. I will put together the tea and there is a root that they cream to nibble on with the sickness. Come with me. I can tell you where and what to look for.”

Domi perked and nodded. “Lead the way, anything to help my beautiful angles.” Jade nodded with a smile and beckoned him to follow her. This left Virra, Aerian, and Zia alone with Hades.

“Trust me, Hades. Your niece will be in good hands. I won’t let anything happen to her.” Virra stuff with a grab at her bottom and pull close.

Hades nodded “Oh you and Domi I trust, it’s the attempted murderess I have a problem with, she has never done anything that doesn’t serve herself and now she is leading family away to who knows where,”

Aerian looked to Hades “I have this under control, we got this please just trust us,”

“She’s Ever Present Aerian you know that right? You know what they do, they are killers Aerian, devoid of anything that makes them reasonable,” Hades snapped back darkly.

“Wasn’t always that way, not when I started it,” Aerian replied flatly.

Hades was stunned as he stared at Aerian, his eyes flashed angrily as he attempted to process things in that moment.

“We are going to right a wrong, last thing we need is to put our children at risk or ourselves later in the pregnancy.” Virra stepped forward in that moment.

Hades stared at Aerian hardly able to believe the words that had just left his nieces mouth, he watched her for a moment and then walked off waving his hand in frustration.

Aerian could feel her heart bounce from her rib cage as she began to pace in the dirt, she glared at Zia now “This is your fault, they never knew! I wanted it that way, needed to set those worlds apart, I should have known fucking better!”

See sighed and lent on the garden fence before shaking her head “The sooner this is done the quicker I can get back to some level of being a normal pregnant girl who doesn’t have to worry her family will wind up hating her for letting killers loose on the realm, I beginning to get why dad gets so irritated by my grandfather,”

“It was never your intent Aery, you have to remember that, they will get over it,” Zia stated softly.

“You don’t know my Uncle Hades,” Aerian bit back coldly.

Virra shook her head while kissing Aerian and taking off after Hades. Grasping the retreating man’s wrist. “What’s wrong with you! Listen, it might now be kosher, but she doesn’t want another killer let loose in Everlands. Lord knows we have enough to last a lifetime. It was never her intention, but you know how things go. Don’t walk away from her. She needs you more then you know. Right now Firefly is struggling. Don’t you see that? She respects and loves you.”

“Easy for you to say, it isn’t personal to you Virra,” Hades bit back angrily as he snapped his hand from her grasp “The Ever Present, always watching, and they are even now so there’s a high probability they already know you’re coming, the blonde bitch is one of them and should have lost her head,” He continued to walk toward the house knowing she would follow as they entered he closed the door rounding on Virra “But those serial murdering clowns are kids with weapons, who don’t care who they take down even a woman whose only crime was loving me, I should drop that bitch for been this close to Jade, but I haven’t because I trust you and Aerian, or until a few minutes ago I did, I hunted them for weeks but they vanished just as quickly as they arrived, and where the fuck were they? While we were the ones putting our lives on the line? They serve only themselves Virra!”

Virra’s dark eyes snapped with anger now, as her voice was cold as ice and sharp as daggers. “Isn’t personal? Isn’t personal?! The life of Firefly is personal to me. It should be too you as well. Look, whatever angst you have against the Ever Present, I don’t know. But I can hear the loss in your voice, it doesn’t take a genius. Just remember, you don’t want to lose Firefly when she is alive and carrying your family.” She stepped closer to him. “You said it yourself, they are kids with weapons. Scared kids, that’s why they didn’t join. Right now, Harley has a taste for blood that she craves it. About time that a lame horse is put out of its misery.”

Suddenly, the voice of Jade spoke and Hades felt her calming touch to him. “My beloved, what is the reason you raise your voice?” She held the love only for him in her eyes, though concern was prevalent.

Domi held a bag in his hands, looking between the two.

“The serial killing blonde out there is one of the ones responsible …” His voice trailed off “I never knew Aerian was one of them, or that she would let this happen,” He sank into a chair at the table and sighed deeply.

“I wouldn’t and you know I wouldn’t, I had left by that point and that, yea that’s another thing I have to live with, do you know how hard it’s been everyday living with that and not telling you for fear of pushing one of the only two men in my life I trust unconditionally,” Aerian had made her way into the cottage and now stood in the door as she paused looking to Domi “Three men,” she corrected before looking back to Hades “I would have given my life to stop it, but I didn’t know, I left because it became a twisted image of what it should have been, I was afraid of what I’d created,”

“You put weapons in the hands of children, trained them to kill anyone who paid enough, we don’t do that Aerian,” Hades replied his voice now calming.

“Oh please, before Uncle Haunted, Dad and Krys, the Elcarus’ were a bunch of murdering psychos, who raped killed and pretty much ran rough shot overt the fucking realm, your history isn’t much better until you ran into my Dad and because you couldn’t beat him you learnt your place,” Hades glared at her there was anger in his eyes as Aerians words bit deep, “But you know what, blame me if it makes you feel better, but the fact I have always had your back even when you were an asshole, I seem to remember a twelve year old girl standing between you and her father begging him not to kill her Uncle, crying and pleading because she believed family should come above all else, I didn’t tell you because until later I never knew who had killed Raven, but I can tell you the one who did, didn’t fall from that cliff by accident, and I would do it time and time and time again, so we have something to deal with, stay here and wallow in your own self blame me for a mistake I made after having my head messed up by a war that killed two of my Uncles, and be half burned to death by dragon fire, I screwed up but it’s not like you haven’t,”

Aerian spun on her heal shoving Zia out of her way “Come on we have work to do,”

Virra looked torn though followed after Aerian, while Domi looked to the disappearance of his lovers. He turned to Jade and offered her a smile while lifting his hands to rub at the back if his neck. “Thanks, Jade. This will help, a lot.” But he turned to rush after Virra and Aerian.

Jade remained, still her hand on Hades’ shoulder, but leaned down to press her lips just behind his ear.

“I’m sorry my love,” Hades sighed softly laying his hand over hers, “Kane almost killed her that day, he went for me and she stood clear between us, the first time we knew the extent of her abilities, threw Kane clear across the court yard with that shield of hers, and I’m too wrapped in self-pity to see she is as afraid now as she was then,”

She placed her hand over his while looking in the direction the others left. “That is why she needs you more than ever, my beloved. Turn her away and show anger, you will be met with the same. She is terrified, one can only hope that Virra and Domi can keep that down in her. Else the child is at risk.”

“She needs to do this her own way, this is one of those rare times I need to stay my blade for her sake, I will speak with her when she returns, should give me enough time to think of an apology worthy of her,” He sighed softly kissing her hand “But the fire in her, I wouldn’t want to be on the end of it, The Ever Present may have bitten off more than it can chew with those three coming for them,”

Jade smiled at him. “It pleases me to hear you speak of an apology to her. Oh, I agree. The Ever Present will have a handful with those three. At least that should put you at ease, knowing that. I’d let them get a head start before telling Kane.”

“I plan to,” Hades replied as he stood now turning to her “And in the meantime, you and I have something to finish,” He teased now walking behind her as his hand drew his blade he pressed it to her back before gently tracing it up her spine “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Jade tilted her head a slight at his words, a prickle following the race of the blade with a scented croon. “Indeed, that we do.”

Hades smiled kissing the back of her shoulder and neck before taking her hand, spinning her in place his blade hitting the ground as he in one motion sat her upon the table, kissing her deeply, his hands quickly removing her kimono revealing her to him.

Jade reached behind to release the tether of her apron, allowing him more ease to peel the kimono from her. Each inch of flesh more desirable then three next. Her lips were against his in feverish delight, insinuating the depth and passion for him, as her hands now moved to work against his belt and pants too release the proud member. As it sprung forth, Jade wasted no time to grasp and begin stroking the length.

As her hand wrapped around him he growled, there was a hunger within that now burnt, he scooped her from the table walking to their bedroom as he remained deep within the kiss, he landed them both upon the bed his hands already in her hair his lips along her neck and shoulder kissing her flesh hungrily now.

She gasped to the sudden lift but fell back into the kiss with much enthusiasm, one arm around his shoulder while her hand was at the nape of his neck. Jade grunted to the fall back to the bed, moaning to the trail of kisses against her flesh. Her hand returning down to regain the stroking against his length, she was exposed and vulnerable to his intentions.

As she stroked his length he growled before his hands slipped down over her side and flesh over her breast pinching her nipples before continuing down and over her stomach, as he slid down over her warmth his fingers curled teasing just inside, tracing against her nub for a moment before sliding back to her hip “I believe the threat was I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop?” his words were a low growl against her ear.

She yelped to the pinch upon her buds, grasping his length in her hand for a moment, before a moan slipped past her lips to the pearl that was teased. A prickle of excitement traced up and down her spine to his words that were carried on three moist breath. Her warm brown eyes were now replaced by the yellow essence of the Kitsune and her lips turned to crush against his own.

He growled against the kiss, that dangerous edge now flickered across him as he moved up over her his hands pressed against the bed over her, his lips finding hers in a deeper more aggressive manor, he moved now wrapping his hands through her hair this time kissing her harder and deeper his free hand now positioning himself at her warmth.

As his slick muscle sought to deepen the kiss, Hades felt the light scrape against her grown incisors. She tensed as his digit sunk into her tight passage, he hand stroking faster with a twist at her wrist. The fire was burning and soon enough it was going to explode. The intense sexual urges of mating increased, it was strong and passionate.

Hades didn’t need to wait any longer as he drove into her his grip on her hair tightened as he began to drive into her, a near primal need to claim his lover, each time he was within her he growled darkly.

It was a stunning visual as his hands in her hair takes back and his manhood plunged into her. Her face contorts into a beautiful visual of pleasure and the sound of her voice fed the beast in him. Her eyes were a brilliant yellow as he saw those canines exposed. Her passage was tight and molten hot, embracing him.

He plunged into her repeatedly now, his primal need exerting upon him now, each thrust was harder than the last as his hips slammed into hers with the sound echoing around them, his groans were deep and hungry his grip on her hair would tighten for a few moments before letting it slacken. His lips now capturing her nipples, biting and suckling for a few moments before switching to the other.

The harder their hips crashed against each other the louder her sounds grew, until his primal urge hit max to the tell and scream as his intention to each bud only increased her threshold of pain. His thrusting grew deeper and harder breaking cruelly past her pearly gate and into her inner sanctum and womanly cradle.

His grip on her tightened as he slammed into her with a primal grunt, his manhood swelled before flooding her deep with his seed, he collapsed upon her now his breathing deep and broken as he let free of her hair, he straightened after a moment his hands at her hips pulling her deep upon him to ensure every drop went within her.

Jade screamed out at the press of his took within her, forcing her to arch her back with the hold in her hair, securing the connection and pressing into the back of her inner sanctum. Hades felt that glorious throbbing and her own release add his seed flooded her. Plugging her enough to keep the flow contained, she turned her lips to bite and lick against his neck.

He growled to her bites as his lips sought her in a deep hungry kiss, his whole body now pressed tight to hers, his hands now roaming her thighs and sides slowly.


[To The Future] The Ever Present

Morning came with a rap loudly at their door causing Aerian to wake with a start, before groaning her body still exhausted from last night’s event. It didn’t take Aerian long to figure who was at the door as the only person to come would be Zia.

“I’m going to kill her myself,” She muttered before attempting to sit a second time, finally able to climb out of bed and pull on her pants she made for the door, pulling it open and glaring at Zia “You don’t have to knock so damn loud,”

“Sorry baby, but your sexy significant other said breakfast,” Zia replied as she looked Aerian over slowly licking her lip with a grin “Long night?”

“Shut up Zia, we’re not even awake yet, but come in and take a seat and try not to get yourself in too much trouble with my loves, else I’ll let them kill you instead of being me,” Aerian shook her head yawning and then stumbled back toward the bedroom peeking her head in “We have a guest, ten points for whoever guesses it right,”

Domi was already up, sitting on the edge of the bed and finished slipping his shoes on. His lengthy brown hair loose today as he shot Aerian a grin. “I’ll get breakfast ready. The sleeping beauty here won’t budge.” He smacked Virra’s behind as her back was to him, she grumbled and pulled the covers over her head.

He rose to near Aerian, kissing her deeply. “Morning, angel,” Domi then left the room after a loving caress of her face.

Aerian pressed into his hand with a gentle sound of content before pouncing on the bed landing on the small of Virras back, she stretched up Virras body yanking the covers down and kissing the back of Virras shoulder “Hey you, time to wake up, before I’m forced to kill our guest and leave you to clean up the mess,” she kissed the flesh of Virras shoulder again then nuzzled the back of her neck.

Virra grunted to the land of Aerian but squirmed to the kiss at the back of her shoulder. “Oh? Yeah, next time I’ll say dinner. It’s fucking early…” She rolled over and pinned Aerian, kissing her deeply but then suddenly took her lips away. Only in her top, rising from the room. It was only a manner of moments before the sound of retching could be heard echoing forth the hall.

Aerian raised a brow in thought knowing all too well before making her way to the stairs “Erm Domi, better make an extra cup of Jades tea,” She called, before thinking and looking over her shoulder “You OK Baby?”

“Yeah…I’ll be down soon…” She managed before the sound of retching returned. “I’ll meet you down there…” Again with the sound.

“What’s that?!” Shouted Domi at the bottom of the stairs.

Aerian made her down kissing his cheek “Your kids are playing havoc with us both, better make tea for us both,” She smiled and kissed his cheek again “She’ll be down in a minute, how’s breakfast coming?”

Aerian made her way to the front room as Zia was crouched in front of the fire warming her hands she looked up to Aerian “Everything OK?” Zia raised a brow with a smirk. She stood and turned now to face Aerian, her eyes taking in the form of her slowly.

“Fine, just a little morning sickness,” Aerian replied flatly, “Domi is cooking, so we’ll have breakfast and then we will talk,”

“Oh? Yes. I’ll make both my angels tea.” He turned to enter the kitchen. “Almost done, he said over his shoulder.

Zia settled back by the fire as she stared into the flames “We miss you, but our little family is all kinds of broken, you were the heart of it Aery, without you, we lost our way and Harley she is just …” Zias voice trailed off

“Nuts?” Aerian snapped back

“I think she was nuts before you left, but after yea, she really lost the plot. Too much blood on her hands, but you want to know the really funny thing?” Zias voice dropped now as she turned standing to face Aerian, instinctively Aerians hand moved to the blade at her back, “All those years, and we never knew, none of us,”

“Knew what?!” There was a rise in Aerian, feeling a prickle run over her flesh that made her nervous.

“Who you really were, all that time and none of us, knew you were Elcarus, royalty, running around with rats,” Zia smiled darkly as Aerian felt the panic subside she moved her hands back over her stomach.

“It didn’t matter then, still doesn’t, and to be honest the only family I have to worry about now is the one under this roof, there’s blood on all our hands Zia and not always for the right reasons, the difference is I made a choice to walk away to save myself, can you say the same?” Aerian replied softly.

Zia took a step toward her then stopped seeming awkward as she though for her answer “You could have saved us all, instead you ran and left us to your whack job creation, now it’s caught up and you may have your little family here but you know in time she will come looking and when she does you won’t be able to stop her,” it was a threat now as Aerian eyed Zia.

“Let the crazy bitch come,” said a calm but cold voice from behind Aerian. “Firefly is who she is. Not defined by the royal blood in her veins, not the shadow of her Pops. It’s good that you don’t care, but remember she made a choice. Just like the choice that brought you on OUR doorstep. I don’t care for your tone or you waking us up. It is what it is, but the important thing is, that the issue is dealt with.”

“So you’re going to help?” Zia asked flatly now her eyes straying to Virra, suddenly she looked from Virra to Aerian then back raising a brow “Wait, the guy that lives here, he knocked you both up?!”

Aerian rolled her eyes and slid back into Virras grasp “Yes, we’re both pregnant, both carrying Domis children, and it still doesn’t concern you, however, once we’ve eaten, we are going to prepare to deal with Harley and The Ever Present, and you’re going to help us,”

Virra chuckled, nearing Aerian to wrap her arms around her from behind and perching her chin on Aerian’s shoulder. “Catches on quick doesn’t she?” Virra stayed in her dry sarcastic way, sobering. “Anything she does, all of us do. Together.”

“I have your back, just as I always have, this is for family Aery,” Zia replied softly “I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I always was the most dangerous next to you,”

“You were also the first to admit when it came to loyalty, yours was to yourself so you can see my dilemma in all of this? But Virra is right, everything we do is done together, so let me tell you what you once told me, I have your back until it’s my front that’s at risk, at that point us surviving is what’s count and the three of us will do what it takes to survive together,”

Zia looked from Aerian to Virra then back “I guess if that’s how it has to be, then I have no choice,” She smiled softly, though the glimmer in her would suggest there were other things in her head in that moment.

“Don’t guess Zia, accept, that’s how this works,” Aerian stated, there no intent in those a reminder of the leader she once was, as Zia nodded again this time coming to understand Aerians words.

“Splendid. Seems we are all in an understanding. I wonder…Is Domi finished with breakfast yet? I’m starved.” Virra commented straightening, though glancing behind her. “I’ll see what’s taking him. Seems like the two of you have catching up to do. By the way on even ground, one fracture could crumble that bridge.” Suddenly Virra spun Aerian and claimed her lips in a deep passionate way, displaying to Zia the possession and claim. Spanking Aerian’s bottom in the passing to the dining room.

Aerian watched Zia as she watched the passionate interaction, before Aerian sank into one of the chairs, she kept her eyes on Zia.

“She likes to make her point,” Zia remarked softly.

“You’re lucky she’s not making it with her blades, its love Zia,” Aerian replied softly, as she touched her lips in thought, then looked back after Virra.

“You loved us once, we had everything, then we didn’t, she still does you know that right? Absolute and unconditionally, she was convinced you’d come home, then paranoid you’d come to kill her, then crying you’d left her, but she does love you,”

“Who are you trying to convince Zia, me or yourself? Because I’m beginning to wonder,” Aerian stated softly before finally pushing herself to her feet “Come on lets go eat, Domi is a hell of a cook,” she walked past Zia, as she did Zia grabbed her wrist, Aerian turned knocking her wrist away “Don’t!” She growled darkly.

When Aerian arrived in the dining room, she found Virra placing down a bowl of sliced fruit, those dark eyes glanced to her with a smirk. As the table was arranged with four place settings, pancakes with butter and a small glass pitcher filled with syrup. It smelled delicious, though, unlike before there was no smell of eggs or meat. Domi entered then with a tea pot and two cups, as well as some juice within glasses. “There are my beautiful angels.” Domi said with a grin and moved to pull out the chairs for not just Aerian and Virra but for Zia as well. Virra sat on one side of Aerian while Domi took the other place and began to pour the two women the special tea. “Jade told me to send message to their new home when we were in need of more tea leaves or anything else we should need.”

“I think Jade is … I dunno mad at us I guess, I think that’s why they left so suddenly,” Aerian stated softly as she watched Virra with a soft smile, thankful for the lack of anything that might induce her reaction, she pulled over the plate of pancakes placing  a couple on her plate.

Zia was stunned as Domi pulled her chair, she sat quiet as she watched the three of them she remained silent now, as Aerian took the pancakes she felt a twist within her, realising suddenly “You shouldn’t go, I can’t be the one who lives with any more regret if you end up getting yourselves killed, let it go please,”

Aerian pulled her blade and slammed it into the table in one motion before looking at Zia “You put this in motion and now Zia we will see it through, together, like every damn time before, we made a choice together and just like always we will see it through, one way or another Harley needs to be stopped, together we will do this and when it’s done The Ever Present will be stronger for it,”

Virra sipped on her tea while watching the interaction between the two, though, gathering a few flapjacks herself and then placing some on Domi’s plate. Plucking a few grapes too much on, though, she hardly reacted to the slam of Aerian’s dagger into the table, reclining back with an amused expression on her face. “Now, she wants us to back out. Hold on, Firefly, I want to hear this…Regardless, we are all going, but, I want to know. Why?” She gathered Aerian’s hand to curl around the hilt of the dagger to withdraw it.

“I can’t be the one who is responsible for getting you all killed,” She looked to Virra “You’re not the only one who loves her, she is the only one that can get near Harley, but there is a chance that Harley will simply kill Aerian the moment she lays eyes on her,” Zia eyed the dagger and Virra in thought for a moment before she looked at the remnants on her plate “Harley is the very definition of crazy, paranoid, and more than insane, but, love it has pushed Harley over the edge when Aerian left, Harley killed three of our own just for telling her,”

“When I came here, I wanted Aerian, leader of The Ever Present, but I found Aerian, lover, fiancee, friend, I don’t want to be the one who screws that up,” Zia sighed softly “Surely you can understand that,”

Virra leaned back with a pleased expression flowing across her features, folding her arms over her chest. “Will you listen to that, Firefly? She seems to think that WE cannot handle a maniac. Look, Zia, we worked together on this war and you mean to not give us the honour of backing out of our end of the bargain? It was set in stone then, it still remains as such now.” She plopped some pancakes past her lips in a chew, this plumped her cheeks with the full contents.

Domi began to laugh now, suddenly breaking his silence. When everyone turned to look at him he sobered after a short time. “For fucksake, look at us, Zia. REALLY look at us. Virra was the daughter of Bryant, standing on his only heir. I was within those ranks, though, found it best to change sides. What happened between was provided by the realm, you coming was nothing short of that either. I fight best with both my angels at my side, as they are pure demons in battle. Sexy as hell, but, that is beside the point. You really are coming to ask for our help to secure you the position at the head of the Ever Present, don’t hand me the line that isn’t the purpose in that little mind of yours. I’ve seen that look before, especially on Virra’s face. You are terrified that this…Harley will get too out of control and you want her put down like a lame horse. From what I have gathered it has been boiling beneath the surface and I for one agree, I want to secure our future and will do so, as my angles are in agreement. It is best to handle this before their pregnancy gets too far along. Now, enjoy your meal, then we will move out afterwards.” He then looked to Aerian, his tone softening, while placing a hand on her belly. “As for Jade, no. I do not think she is mad at us. Perhaps, a little jealous. I mean, after all, you all have me.” Domi grinned and puffed up his chest, while Virra poked it with her butter knife and he deflated.

“Nah, nice try. I think, it is that Hades and Jade, have a wedding to plan. Can’t see that it would be easy for a kitsune to birth outside of her kind…maybe she is fearful of such not happening and letting Hades down.” Virra shrugged but returned to her meal.

“Uncle Hades will stay by her side regardless,” She eyed Zia dangerously now “Loyalty is what drives Elcarus blood, above all and you of all people know how deep my loyalty lays, you were between my legs before I knew I could trust you Zia, so don’t try to tell me this is about love or anything short of as Domi said a power play” She pushed her plate back with a smile “So let me put it like this, I made a mistake with Harley,”

Aerian stopped as her mind spun she drew a breath before placing both hands on the table in an effort to stabilise herself “I … ” she struggled for a moment in thought before she looked to Virra then to Domi “She may be crazy, but she never wanted to die, but if I have to then WE will shut her down for good, but I’ll be damned if I leave The Ever Present in your hands, control is coming to us and you either fall in line, or you leave, same choice you’ve always had,”

Zia smiled softly “Not quite, right now its fall in line or get your throat cut,”

Virra placed a hand atop, Aerian’s as her own were flat against the table, curling her fingers to lace within hers. A small reminder that Virra felt, that which Aerian would. Though, glanced to Zia at her words. “Then the Ever Present will fall to all of us, but, right now it is an exploding time bomb. We need to deal with Harley, then sort it out afterwards, I am not willing to jump to the gun on this just yet. Everyone makes mistakes it is those that stand up and right the wrong that is important. It should be if WE have to not you alone, Aerian.” She gave her hand a squeeze.

Domi sighed leaning back with a hand on his stomach. “Food comatose. Sometimes, I surprise, myself.”

Aerian chuckled softly with a smile “One of the many reasons we love you,” She turned her hand in Virras with a smile “It’s a trip to Evershore, we should be prepared for that, it will give me time to think how we handle this, it’s not like we can walk the front door,” She smiled softly “We got this,”

Zia watched remaining silent now lost for words, even if she had the words there would nothing to say but “Thank you,”

“Wouldn’t thank us yet, you will be walking through the front door,” Aerian replied softly before finally feeling things “But right now,” Aerian pushed from her seat and raced from the room.

“What in the…” Zia exclaimed

Virra looked up in surprise to the rise from Aerian, when she made the move to give chase, Domi was already up and placed a hand on Virra’s shoulder. “I got this.” He said, then glanced to Zia and Virra. “Don’t kill her.” Domi left for the door Aerian disappeared through.

Virra looked at Zia, standing and beginning to gather the dishes. “Well don’t sit there like a wart on a witches nose, get up and help clean up.”

Aerian heard Domi coming and kicked the door closed “Trust me you don’t wanna come in here!” right before her own bout of morning sickness hit in force, she groaned awkwardly.

Zia looked after Aerian before looking back to Virra “She OK?” she asked before beginning to gather plates from the table, she remained quiet as she simply helped carry things to the kitchen sink, before coming back for more.

As they finished up Zia made her way back to the fire crouching before the low burning embers “So how was it you met Aerian, last I heard she was in Elvera, working her own contracts,” she asked trying to find some ground common between her and Virra, though Aerian was continually that only thread now.

While Aerian was distracted with her upheaval, that is when she felt her hair gathered and a hand in her back. Running up and down in caress, even gentle pats of comfort. It was Domi, he spoke nothing but let her know he was there.

Virra looked to Zia now, then the flames. “It was when I was with my Pops. He had turned sides in the last war and was working with Ceremon and that crazy bitch. In either case, Aerian was locked up in the dungeon. Hareover had his way, so did Z’ress. I would watch her from the door, she never knew. I found her strong and beautiful…That’s when I knew my Pops had overstepped his boundaries. I was always trying to prove myself as a daughter and assassin. But one day I ran into Kane and Aishani, then when we broke Hades out and then Aerian fought. She didn’t want to go, Z’ress did a number mentally on her. Suffice to say, I knocked her out to get her out. We’ve been together ever since.”

“Sounds like she was lucky, I heard tales of Z’ress, she was supposedly some real magician with the mind, Ceremon tried to bring us in on his war but we refused to involve ourselves. I’m glad you got her out, this world would be less happy without Aery in it, though I’ve never seen her look at anyone the way she looks at you, it is something to be envied, we never saw that none of us,” Zia now wrapped her arms around her knees as she rested her chin upon them remaining to stare into the flames “And you place yourself before her in front of any harm, much as we used to, at least before, now it’s enough work watching our own backs in case one of our decides you’re in their way up the ladder,”

“It’s a dog eat dog world. I know that all too well. It’s a good thing you didn’t involve yourself in the war. I didn’t have a choice. Zia, what’s your real angle on all this? I would hold no reservations to bring Aerian back to take the reins, though it would be all or none.” She turned her gaze from the flames to rest on Zia. “Look, I know you love Aerian. I love her too, she and I share a bond. A link, so to speak. What she feels, I feel. She was torn up after you left. Speak to me plainly, I’m looking out for our best interest.”

“My angle is simple Virra, my life, I’m the last of Aerians highest, which means my life is danger at all times while Harley is in control, and she has made no bones that she wants me dead, but if my life means The Ever Present returns to what it was, then it’s a sacrifice I can live with. I don’t hold malice against Harley, I’d rather this isn’t how we deal with it, but I fear she is beyond saving and I can’t get close, Aerian can, right into her arms to sink the knife into her heart and that’s what it will take to stop her,”

“And how does that make me any better?” Aerian stated now stood in the doorway resting against Domi “My father raised me to believe we all deserve a second chance, my family took in Virra and Domi both who would have killed us given the right chance, they didn’t. It may come to it, but it isn’t going to be the first thing I do, that makes me no better than Harley and I’m not sure how more blood I can spill for the sake of it,” She smiled to Virra rubbing her stomach with a grin, before returning her gaze to Zia “The Ever Present never killed unless we knew why,”

“Because she’s fucking crazy,” Zia snapped in frustration, the moment the words left her mouth Aerian crossed the room her knife now to Zias throat as she held her in place “What the!” Zia spat angrily.

“You forget who taught Harley, who taught you, you want Harley out I get that, but I don’t see you leading any better, I know you Zia never forget that, I always protected all of you, that isn’t about to change because you deem one a lost cause, because you’re the last of the original group, ever consider that’s why you’re not dead already?” She released the hold and stood walking back to Virra.

“But you left, how is that protecting us?” Zia snapped back “You left us to die with that crazy bitch in control, you get that right? While you were out playing hero, we were fighting for our lives,”

Aerian spun the blade in her palm now watching Zia before she answered “If I hadn’t have left, I would have killed Harley, the closest to me, closest to the one I loved above the rest of you, and yes the sex parties were great, the love we shared as group, but she was the top always, I left because I had to, not because I wanted to, why do you not understand that,”

“You created us, and now we are all afraid,” Zia replied flatly

Domi allowed Aerian to move from his support to Virra, leaning against the door frame. Virra glanced to Aerian with a grin as her hand caressed over her abdomen, brushing her fingers against Aerian’s own. A brow inclined from Virra to the mention of group sex, but she never commented.

“Fear is a powerful tool, but the trick is to not let it rule you. Misjudgement can rise due to that.” Domi commented idly in his lazy lean.

Virra nodded now, expression never changing when Aerian drew her blade on Zia. “So, it is time we go investigate and deal with this.”

“We should pack, as I said it’s a trek,” Aerian replied softly before nuzzling Virra gently, she looked at Domi “How much of a supply of Tea do we have, we’ll be gone for a while, Evershore is the other side of the realm, kind of on purpose I went as far from Dentarius as I could get all those years ago, hopefully we’ll get back before the winter hits,”

“The tea won’t last for that long…We should stop before heading to the destination. Unless you both think you can handle it?” Domi said lifting a hand to rub at the back of his neck.

Virra wrapped her arms around Aerian as reflex to the nuzzle, doing her lips down to kiss her fiery crown.

“We’ll have to detour and pick up some more, it’s kind of on the way” Aerian replied softly “It helps the after effects, which is nice cause the vomiting bit sucks” She smiled at Domi “It’s all your fault you know”

An hour saw them packed and ready to leave, as they filed out of the house Aerian closed and locked the door tucking the key away in her back pack. As they left Dentarius Zia was qutte, Aerian had one hand in Virras the other in Domis, the twang of jealousy pulled at Zia from the inside.

[To The Future] Finding a Future in Your Past

Kane handed Aerian the keys as they stood before the home that had once been his mothers. During that time it had been the blacksmiths at least before his father stole the heart of the Blacksmiths daughter and married her sweeping her off to the mansion. After her father died the house had remained empty save for a few would be squatters here and there which had promptly been removed by either Haunted or the Dentarian authorities.

“It will need some work,” Kane sighed softly, looking to his daughter but he knew better than to argue. Aerian, Virra and Domi had their own family to raise and away from the mansion would be the best place to find their footing.

“I know Dad, but we need the space, and it’s about time Grandma’s house was brought back to life, she would approve and you know it,” Aerian replied with her arm wrapped around the waist of Virra.

“I’m sure we’d know if she didn’t, well if you need anything you know where we are,” Kane smiled walking to hug his daughter and then Virra in turn “Take care of each other, “He whispered to them before making his way to Domi “You just make sure they are safe, if you need anything don’t hesitate,”

Virra glanced to Aerian as she began to move to the house then to Kane at his words. “I’ve always looked out for her. That hasn’t and won’t ever change.” She then joined Aerian, as Domi going back.

“Uh, Kane…? I uh…all not familiar with pregnant women, though I feel as though I have my work cut out for me. I’ll take care of them, don’t you worry. Tomorrow can you have Stacy stop by with some books so I can understand?” He lifted his hand to rub at three beach of his neck.

“Of course I will, though when it comes to pregnant women,” He chuckled softly “They are less predictable, and no book will prepare you for that, so yes you have your work cut out for you, but nothing compares to the bond you now share,”

“That’s dads way of saying you’re stuck with us,” Aerian called over her shoulder as she put the key in the front door, it resisted at first but finally clicked, as the door opened the stale air flooded out, old wood, but within was still in fair shape, as Aerian looked around she smiled wrapping her arms around herself “Wow this is gonna be so great,”

Kane watched as the girls vanished within the house before he smiled to Domi and headed off back toward the Mansion. Leaving them to work out things in their own time now, Kane wouldn’t involve himself where he wasn’t needed at least for the moment.

Virra chuckled to Aerian’s words, though patiently waited on her to open the door, coughing a slight as the stale air hit her lungs. “I was so not prepared for that…” She said while looking around.

Domi watched Kane leave, then hurried to enter behind the two. “Let’s open some windows and air this place out.” He said moving to the two from windows to let light in and a gentle breeze blew.

The furniture was covered with heavy blankets. “Well, let’s get to work on this place. Make it more homely,”

Aerian was giddy as she bounced around, the fire place had remnants of a fire as she bent down to investigate, before poking and pushing them around. As she stood she looked over a few trinkets that while covered in dust she knew belonged to her Grandmother once upon a time.

“It’s only right this is where a new generation is born, and I want it to be a home with both of you,” She stated softly now walking to around before walking to a window wiping some of the dirt to see out into the town, “I liked our cottage but there will be five of us soon enough, and we didn’t have the space, this place has six rooms, and it’s all ours now,”

As Aerian looked out, it was then that something firm tapped the top of her head, when she looked Virra placed a broom in her hand. “Mmhm. It’s cleaning time.” Virra held one too, as Domi settled to be absent for the time being but Virra explained he was going to be working on the kitchen.

Aerian looked at the broom then Virra “Makes me miss the Mansion help,” she chuckled softly before taking the broom and starting on one side began to sweep the debris that cluttered the floor, a job she had done before so this was nothing new to her. She found it oddly calming in knowing clearing the chaos would prepare their home and their future.

“At least Jades tea is helping ease the nausea, I swear that’s the worst part of all this, well at least until I get all fat and can’t walk,” Her tone was a tease as she continued to sweep and occasionally kick a piece of dirt away from her.

“Well from now on it is us, three. I won’t complain. Soon enough it will be five.” Virra chuckled it seemed that she was pulling off the covers from the furniture and testing the items to see if any work needed to be done. It took them several hours to clean up the living space of the house. Though, sure enough it was spotless, Virra checked the chimney to ensure that there was nothing blocking the air passage with the flue. But, began to make a fire, afterwards, she looked around and then brought Aerian into her arms with a deep kiss. Then looking around the room, to the trinkets. “We still need to work on the bedrooms, soon enough we should focus on the children’s room.”

The more they cleaned the more the stale scent of air and dirt began to fade, Aerian was light on her feet with the new found home making her incredibly giddy, as Virra kissed her, her arms wrapped around Virras neck creating a kiss with as much passion as she could for her lover.

“I agree, Dad has contracts with any merchants we may need to use, his gift to our children,” She smiled softly. As she was there was a knock at the door which caused Aerian to freeze and then looked confused at Virra “I didn’t think beyond Dad and AIshani and Stacy anyone knew we were here,” the knock repeated this time with more force.

Aerian shook her head and slid to her feet making for the door, as she opened the other side stood the all too familiar blonde “Hey sweet cheeks, your dad finally let my fine behind out, and you and I still have a little business to conduct,” Aerian rolled her eyes in reply.

“Oh Zia, your timing sucks you know that right?”

“Just about to get down and dirty with that fine piece you’re engaged to? Does she taste as purdy as she looks?” Zia replied with a wide smirk.

Virra glanced to the door and at the presentation of the blonde female, she sighed more in irritation, though, moved to stand at Aerian’s side with an arm curled around her waist. “Of course her timing sucks. You only say that because you want between my thighs, Zia. Keep dreaming, blondey.” She stated with a roll of her eyes.

“Hey! I heard the door, who is it?” Domi stated while entering the room, but, falling short at the sight of the female, glancing to Aerian and Virra questioningly. “I didn’t think anyone knew we were here.”

“They don’t unless they are almost good as me in their line of work,” Aerian replied to Domi, as he appeared Zia looked him over licking her lips with a grin, she looked to Virra and nodded with a smirk.

“I’d enjoy been between those legs honey pie, but you guys, look at this pretty fella, he’s sticking it to one or both of ya?”

Aerian rolled her shoulders in annoyance now looking Zia in the eye “Both, now what is it you want?”

Domi lifted his hand to rub at the back of his neck, looking between all the females and chuckled a slight. Virra simply rolled her eyes to his reaction and moved to place herself before Aerian and pressed a hand across the frame with a lean. “Get to the point, blondey. It doesn’t matter to you if he is fucking us both, together or separate. I’m sick of your games, be straight with us. We don’t have time to go back and forth, as you can see we are working on getting our home situated. Out with it, Zia. We owe you a favour, intending to pay up. So spit it out before you have your teeth to spit out with it…”

“Damn she’s spunky, bet she’s a squealer too,” Zia chuckled rocking on her heels before she shrugged “Very well, the arrangement was I got your mom out of Elvera, and you would owe me, so seeing how old fire britches here has herself full of love, and I’m getting none,” She eyed Domi again with a smirk “Our guild is looking to bring you back to the fold, we need your particular, skills, we lost a lot of work when you left and Harley is, she’s unstable and she is leading us down a bad path which is going to get us all killed, come back, help me stop her then we’re even,”

Virra lowered her arm now, glancing to Aerian, appearing to incline a brow but allowed the separation to be lowered. “Get your blonde ass inside.” She said turning now, while Domi stepped out of the way. “Understand this, all of us will be involved. But, I’d really like to understand…” Virra glanced to Aerian her words sharp, since clearly Virra was unaware of this group. “…what guild?”

As Zia stepped in she let her hand wander over Virras stomach lightly tracing her abdomen, she grinned as she passed Aerian and caught a handful of Domi between the legs before heading for the front room, Aerian merely growled in reply as she shook her head “Knock it off!”

Zia planted herself by the fireplace now turning to look at Aerian, Virra and Domi, “After the last war, not the one you guys just had but you know hell, dragon fire, lots of people dead and dying and Dentarius all but rubble,” Zia began solemnly now “Not many know but Aerie was really hurt, half dead by the time she escaped Dentarius and Harley Brankredge was the one to find her, small time crook but smart as hell, helped save Aerian kept her alive and nursed her,” Aerian shifted awkwardly as her past now began to come to light “Anyway skip the boring crap and get to the fact that Aerian was before all that a damn good thief, never missed a mark always delivered on her contracts and she taught Harley all that, together they formed an alliance that became known as The Ever Present, a band of thieves and assassins, me among them, we were good, and we lived well, until Harley went off and killed a whole family for nothing more than being between her and a contract”

Aerian sighed “The rule was simple, we don’t kill unless we’re paid to and only after we made sure they deserved to die, Harley came to like it and I couldn’t handle that so I left, I headed for Elvera and not long after that I came home, but from what I heard they became more assassins for hire under Harleys watch,”

“I headed here to take out the Captain of the Dentarian guard didn’t bloody realise the Elcarus’ were back in force, Hades threw me in the cells and you know the rest, but The Ever Present is being hunted and killed without question the only one off limits is her,” Zia nodded now to Aerian “But the rest of us, we just want to go back to what we do best, hurt no one, retrieve lost treasures, we can’t do that while Harley is in command she will kill anyone who dares challenge her authority, you were the best of us Aerian, and with the big boy there and the dark haired wonder you can take her down, kill her, arrest her I don’t care, I just want her gone so we can go back to the shadows,”

Virra caught Zia by the wrist and wrenched her arm to shove her forward, though, Domi inclined a brow while looking between Aerian and Virra. It was clear he was not pleased with Zia’s grab of his goods, though, the three followed her to the fireplace. Virra sat to pull Aerian into her lap on the couch, as Domi settled beside them. Virra looked to Aerian, it was clear by her expression that jealousy reigned and curiosity of the truth behind Harley’s relationship with her was in question.

“So she essentially broke the rules and this is where the story turns…Some, as I have seen, learn to crave that adrenaline and the lust for killing.” Virra commented.

Domi nodded. “Yes, as I have heard some say there is something powerful in killing another. Watching the life leave their eyes. I’ve never been one for that. So now, you say that Harley is out of control? It is amusing in this, that the services were not used during the war.”

“Perhaps, she was too much of a loose cannon to be reliable.” Virra snuck a hand behind Aerian’s back, out of view of Zia but Domi would notice if he looked, a finger slithered down between her plump valley to trace the hidden pucker.

Aerian squirmed against Virra now laying back into her “Harley wouldn’t risk coming to Dentarius, there is a long standing warrant for her arrest, she also made a slight miscalculation,”

“Mmm she did try to assassinate Lord Hades, knife to the gut if I remember correctly, thought he was the nut job brother? Wouldn’t have been so bad had she got the right target, she likes the thrill of killing but she doesn’t do it for free, hence the no show,” Zia replied as she eyed Aerian and Virra for a moment “She rarely leaves the lair now, paranoid as all hell,”

“And me turning up is going to help that? Zia ….” Aerian swallowed for a moment “I want to help, I’m responsible for what Harley became but, if we do this and I mean if, it’s not just my life at risk,” Her hand now ran over her stomach as she spoke “I made Harley a promise I would watch her back, even die for her if I had to, and by the laws I set down I am a target if I go in there she will try to kill me on sight, and if try to kill her what of the rest?”

“They won’t intervene, you have my word, the self-same rules you laid down state its between you and Harley, we’re honour bound to stay out of it,” Zia replied flatly “Someone has to stop her, lord knows we’ve tried but we just can’t get close to her now,”

Virra propped her chin on Aerian’s shoulder, watching Zia while the tip of her finger subtly penetrated past the starlet. Though, her breathing grew a little thicker while shaking her head. “Aerian, we are all in on this. If from what Zia is saying is true, you may need more than just yourself. Like hell if I am going to allow you to deal with this situation alone.”

Domi glanced to Aerian then to Virra with a smirk on his lips. “Count me in. I am not going to let my beautiful angels have all the fun without me.”

Aerian moaned deeply feeling the penetration as her eyes close, her hips rocked encouraging Virra. She moaned softly having forgotten about their house guest for a moment.

“I guess I should let you think about it, I can come back later,” Zia sighed softly as she watched Aerian, a smile curled her lips before she looked to Domi “Don’t you just have the luck, and they say blondes have more fun,”

Virra smirked to Aerian’s moan, while the digit wriggled within that back pipe, leaning to kiss her neck while Domi turned her cheek in his direction to press his lips against Aerian’s.

“Hm. For someone that’s all talk, gets squeamish when things are brought to the open…” Virra chuckled tracing Aerian’s ear with the tip of her tongue. “Yes, you better leave. I don’t share. We will discuss this and be here for breakfast tomorrow. By then we will have an answer.”

Zia watched the scene before her, an amusement in her eye as she did “Oh I suspect you won’t want me anywhere near that fire cracker of yours, though I am curious as to what hides beneath that icy exterior of yours,” Zia smiled darkly watching as Aerian was already lost to the invasion of her starlet and her lovers actions.

“But I do thank you for considering my request,” She reached to tie back the dark blonde hair adjusting her corselet before stepping toward the door.

Virra waited until the door closed and Zia was gone, then looked to Domi and Aerian, dipping thumb and forefinger down to pinch at her pearl before slipping her thumb within the flower to wriggle around in a determination to cause her lover to come to a swift and powerful release. Aerian had answers to give and in her current circumstances it wasn’t morally right to do such. Domi licked his lips and leaned back, watching Virra then to Aerian.

Aerian writhed against Virras hands her body already on edge from the invasion by Virra, as her thumb penetrated her hips tensed her body shuddering as she moaned out loud her whole body suddenly trembling as her release spilling down over Virras hand.

“So not fair,” She whimpered now laid back against Virra her whole body trembling against her lover.

Virra removed her hand, though not before squeezing Aerian’s bottom, while Domi snatched Virra’s hand to lick at the juices that coated the dark haired vixen’s hand and digits. “I’ll tell you what is not fair…you never told me about Harley or even that group you ran with. I think before we move forward, that Domi and I need to understand the situation better. From start to finish from your words and not that blonde.”

Aerian sighed as she sat curling into Virra “I never spoke of it because I never quite figured how to resolve it, what happened with The Ever Present and Harley is all down to me, I wanted to forget, that’s why I only turned to Zia when all our other options were gone because I knew it would lead here eventually,”

Aerians voice had dropped now, a dark edge to each word as she spoke “But you’re right I can’t lead you or Domi in blind, so if you’re willing to listen and,” She looked to Virra her eyes cut with a helplessness “I will tell you everything, about The Ever Present, about me back then, Harley, Zia every detail,”

“The resolve perhaps was never down to just you, which is why until now it has never been brought back up.” Virra placed a hand on Aerian’s thigh and adjusted her to sit across her lap, while Domi took Aerian’s in his. The support that was oozing from both was more than enough for Aerian to get the story out. “Anything that affects you will affect us, we are all in this together.”

Domi nodded while lifting a hand to caress Aerian’s cheek. “We are by far not perfect, that is why we equal each other out. But, we have to be careful on how to proceed. As Stacy has said, you have to NOT use your abilities. I’m sure it would affect our child.”

“Right, then. So, start from the beginning, Firefly.” Virra said to her those dark eyes unreadable.

She looked to Domi and shook her head softly “There’s a reason I’ve been repeatedly told not to use my angelic abilities while I’m carrying our child, each time I tap into them I rip a piece me from the realm, it’s small enough to not really harm me but eventually it will catch up, which is why I don’t unless I have no other choice, using them with child the results would …” She swallowed hard “Be unpredictable, and if the realm is telling Stacy to ensure I don’t then I’d rather not find out why”

She shifted against Domi and drew a short breath in thought “So from the beginning? Then I guess that would be the Dragon Wars, after Uncle Haunted and Krystal brought down Kyrus the Dark, Dad gave the order to evacuate, we got everyone we could out, while he opened the void to rid the Everlands of Dragons, that time at least, unfortunately for yours truly whilst making my retreat I wasn’t paying attention and missed the edge of a cliff.” She pulled her shirt to show a scar just above her hip “The one on my thigh just above the knee too, where I ended with a branch put through me, should have died, should be dead but a young girl found me, dragged me to what was left of her house after the Dragons totalled it, she kept me alive, that was Harley, I saw so much of Maya in her. Harley was naïve, she was funny, she was sweet, she was innocent to the world, the worst she saw was her family’s death by dragon and even that she managed to settle with,”

Aerian rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly as she spoke of those days now “After I recovered I should have walked away, let her grow up in her own vision of the world, but I couldn’t, something kept me with her. We finally left, travelled together I had a reputation as thief anyway, a girl has to make money and that’s how I made mine,” She sighed softly now watching Virras face, before looking to Domi.

Virra remained composed in her expression, nothing but a mask, while Domi lifted Aerian’s hand to kiss each knuckle. “You did, that which you had to do, my beautiful angel.”

Virra’s voice was sharp and cut through the moment. “That is not all, Firefly. You are skipping around. I will not pry into Maya, though, this relationship that you had with Harley…was it close?” Now, Aerian caught that flicker of possessiveness that she had seen on more than one occasion with her fiancé.

“I’m not skipping baby I promise you said everything, and I will lay it all out, you just may not want to hear it. So Harley and I travelled I picked up small contracts, things that wouldn’t take long, and I could be done within a few hours, she hated me leaving her, it was hard to handle sometimes. So eventually I did the only thing I could and I began to teach her what I knew, what I did, and she picked it up really quick she was good and having a partner meant we picked up bigger jobs which ultimately was more money and more money kept Harley happy.” She sighed softly in thought it was clear there was pain for her in these memories “She spent money like I have never seen, spoilt rich kid at times doesn’t even begin to cover it, but slowly the jobs began to be bigger and too much for two of us, one night I picked up a small contract and when I came back …. she was pinned between three guys she was trying to play tough and I tried to break it up and got my arm broken in the process, next thing in the guys are in a puddle of blood on the ground and Zia is there, Zia had been hunting us under contract she was the daughter of Riverfields Sherrif charged with bringing us in but she never did and she never left our company that’s when we started using the name The Ever Present”

She slid to her feet beginning to pace the room as the memories hit her harder than she could have expected “You asked if I had a connection to Harley like I was close to Maya, no, never had that until you Virra. I’ve never lied about that to you, omitted pieces maybe but never lied,” There was a plead in her voice as she spoke to her lover, “You have seen inside, you are connected to me, you’d know if there was ever anyone else, but Harley and I, we took comfort in each other, we took comfort in Zia, in fact I doubt any member of The Ever Present hasn’t slept with every other, we were a unit without limits it’s why we were damn good at what we did, and what we did was set right what was wrong, we were cautious with the jobs we took, only for the right reason, rich guy ripping of the poor guy, treasure from a distant city in the wrong hands, magic in the wrong hands, never did we do things for our own gain. At least outside of the money we made, and we made plenty, and Harley still spent it like an over privileged brat. Still it didn’t matter it wasn’t even about the money, it was about us and what we could do”

She stopped her pacing now staring into the fire “One night a man came to me, I was looking for our next big score, he offered me a lot of money to set right an injustice, his daughter had been murdered and her killer had walked free and clean, shouldn’t have taken it, but I did and I finished the contract, didn’t take long for more, didn’t take long before we needed more in the fold and we brought in more, at our strongest we were twenty five all of us trying to set the Everlands right, until I screwed up,” Her tone dropped now dark and cold.

Virra considered Aerian in silence, while Domi provided a squeeze to Aerian’s hand just before she stood and began to pace. Each of her lovers sat upon the couch, watching her as she moved about. As he voice dropped Aerian heard a shift and then felt the arms wrap around her with a kiss to her neck. “Listen, Firefly, we all have done things…unspeakable things, though, I will say this…The Ever Present needs to have a fit leader again. We are breaking out on our own and this is a possibility for growth, Firefly. We can secure a future not just for us but for our children. I think, we should go in there and set Harley straight. In the world that we all have lived in you keep what you kill…”

“There’s more,” Aerian sighed softly “Harley she was good at what she did, perfect in an out, or easy on the eyes, a perfect distraction, but she wanted in on the assassination contracts, again her looks made her ideal, so I trained her and she was good, really good, almost too good, but a few months in I started to realise Harley was only taking kill contracts and worse she wasn’t doing the research simply fulfilling them, she was killing because she liked it,” Aerian turned to face Virra her eyes completely unhidden the raw emotion beneath, her cheeks stained with tears now “I tried to talk to her, to get her to stop, her answer was a knife to my throat and I did as was in our own rules I beat her down, we don’t raise a blade to one of our own, differences were settled on the score card plain and simple, I beat her down that night she came to my room tried to take me out again, but as she was trying to put the blade through my heart she was repeating ‘I love Aerian, this is because I love you’, I couldn’t take the guilt nor could I bring myself to stop the monster I’d created so the moment she wasn’t paying attention I took off, I’ve never been back, Zia kept me informed for a while and Harley just got worse killing anyone who challenged her, anyone who was in her way, not because she had to but because she wanted to, she honestly gets off on killing, like wet as hell off, she is screwed up and I fear she is beyond repair,”

She sank to her knees on the floor turning back to face the fire now, I should have killed her even against the rules I knew I should have, the fact she got a second chance, she put a blade to my heart, it hurt, I cared for her maybe it was some weird version of love, but I had to leave or I’d have become her, I would her killed her and every part of who I am would have been gone, after a while Zia stopped coming, and I stopped thinking about it, the next I heard was when Zia tried to assassinate Uncle Hades, she’s been in the cells for almost two years, I don’t even know what state that will put Harley in, it was all sex, money and the thrill of knowing we were a power in our own right,” Her arms wrapped around herself now as she spoke softly “It has to be me, you know that both of you, I know you have my back, and will protect me no matter mater but Harleys life if it has to end, I want it to be by my hand let me give her the piece she so desperately seeks,” her chest heaved as her eyes remained on the fire as hard as she wanted to hiding the fact she was crying was lost in that moment.

Soon after she stopped her talking, Aerian felt strong arms scoop and lift her up, instead of returning back to the couch Aerian felt an ascension upstairs. A look up told Aerian it was Domi that was carrying her, while Virra was behind him, soon she was placed upon the bed and Domi lay at her right with Virra to her left, each of them curled close to her. Virra tipped her chin to kiss along her jawline while Domi simply dipped his hand beneath her top to caress her abdomen. Nothing was spoken though, it was a silent agreement that the two would be there to support and work through this. Virra wiped her tears and kissed her cheek. “Baby, you have us. We will have to see how things play out, I make no promises. Though, we have heard you.”

Aerian said nothing as she remained silent, the wave of emotion had over loaded her for the moment, and even Virra would be able to feel the knot of guilt that sat deep in Aerian. As Domi touched her abdomen her hand covered his above her top. Her head turned into Virra feeling the dread subside as she felt the safety of her lovers cover over her “I never wanted this, and I never wanted it to come to this, but we have to watch Zia too, her loyalty for a long time has been to herself, above all else if we get in too deep we’re on our own,”

Aerian felt the smaller hand of Virra placed atop her own over Domi’s. “Sometimes things come to a head, Firefly. The fact that we are NOT on our own in this and together is far more than being alone. I know you feel guilt, though, don’t let that rule you. Says me, a pregnant woman along with you. We need to keep our heads on straight. Now, matter what, I will love you, forever and always.”

Domi kissed Aerian’s cheek. “You know, you two are my beautiful angels. No matter how darkness comes, you are my guiding light. Don’t lose hope. I love each of you, as the sun loves the flowers.”

“The one thing I’ve come to realise, after this last fight is we can set things right so long as we are willing, Dad and Aishani gave everything to protect the realm, even my mom saw fit to fight. I can put this right, with you and Domi by my side I can fix my mistake,” Aerian replied softly “And my god he is so sweet,” she smiled leaning to kiss Domi “I really am a lucky girl, the woman I love, a man who makes me very happy and two babies on the way, all this wrapped up in our own little house, how could I want more?”

Virra smirked to Aerian’s words while Domi held a wicked grin. “Food, can make it better.” He learned over to kiss Aerian and Virra, then took across the room quickly.

“He’s going to spoil us…” Virra said with a chuckle, though adjusted to lean her cheek on Aerian’s chest, inching up her shirt too reach her abdomen.

Aerian squirmed under her touch with a soft moan, “He does like looking after us,” she grinned as she took Virras hand and placed it firmly between her legs, moaning softly, as her hips instinctively pushed against her.

Virra blinked to Aerian’s gesture with those implementing hips, though recovered with a coy smirk. Though leaned to suckle on her lobe, while her free hand worked her pants loose and that hand dipped beneath the surface to search out the sweet pearl, clicking it a few times with her digit.

Aerian whimpered as she felt the invasion, the tap upon her pearl sent shudder through her as pushed eagerly against Virras hand, there was a fire within her, a need that was pushing Aerian to want more, she turned grabbing at Virras head pulling her into a deep kiss with a passion that flooded through now.

As Virra’s lips crushed against Aerian’s a digit slipped within the silken passage without a moment of hesitation began to wiggle and thrust. A second pressure plopped into Aerian’s starlet, as the pumping never stopped or slowed.

Aerian was fully driven by Virras touch a deep squeal of pleasure as her hips ground into the invading digits, the more Virra worked her the more desperate Aerian became, and she bucked into Virras hand lost in her own need before she found a level of control long enough begin undressing Virra.

Peeling the clothing from Virra was challenging as Virra quickened the movements to fuel that fire within. Also it would mean that Virra would have to stop the focus on Aerian to remove her top. Though her bosom spilled forth while assisting with a free hand to writhe free from her leggings, soon only her top remained as her lower half was exposed. Virra began to work the shirt of Aerian up to her chin and broke the kiss to lower her lips to feast on her breast, flicking the bud with the tip of her tongue with a nibble of her teeth.

Aerian breathed deeply as her hands ran down Virras thighs, her own fingers finding their way into her, her rhythm was broken as her own body was being pushed by Virra, her mind driven into a frenzy as Virra worked her.

The molten centre of Virra was tight, silken. Though Virra moaned against Aerian’s bud, nipping the tender surface in reaction to her fiery lovers’ intent but this proved to only drive Virra faster and deeper, a thumb added to the pearl increasing the intent to push Aerian over.

Her body shuddered, the more she tried to force control the faster her body reacted, her hips clamped against Virras hand as she screamed her release hitting hard, her whole body shook from the force as she trembled left laid on the bed panting heavily.

A smirk formed on Virra’s lips to the scream that shattered the room, removing her mouth from Aerian’s bosom. Then her digits, but yanked down her pants, placing a hand on the back of each thigh and pushing her back. Without hesitation diving down to clap her lips upon Aerian’s quivering flower, to suckle and plunge her tongue in deep as possible to not let that be all.

Aerians hands clamped to the back of Virras head her hips forcing her against her lovers mouth and tongue, for few moments before she fell back into the bed her hands twisting into the sheets as she writhed feeling every touch of Virra almost multiplied throughout her body.

It didn’t take Virra long to press more upon the back of Aerian’s thighs, driving down more deeply with slick tool ravaging her passage. Though stealthily a digit slipped into her starlet followed with another. The movement and speed mixed with Virra’s determination on bringing Aerian to a second release that was even more powerful than the first was apparent.

Aerian moaned aloud as she felt the invasion of Virras fingers, her body tensed just for a moment before she wriggled against her fingers, her back arched from the bed as she moaned heavily. The more Virra worked her the higher Aerian felt her body push. Suddenly her hips snapped down into the bed as again she screamed out in pleasure, the force of her release sent a flood of wetness from her into Virras waiting mouth, her whole body shuddering violently.

Virra lapped and filled down the sweet nectar from Aerian, though she didn’t stop and only quickened her intentions. She parted from her flower now. “You are going to scream and beg for me to stop.” Now Virra returned her slick tool to plunge and withe within Aerian’s core.

Aerian couldn’t fight her body already left weakened from the last orgasm as she tried to breath and gain control, the more she tried to control the more sudden it struck, the last orgasm barely passed as she arced and grunted sent thundering into the next. Her mind was clouded only feeling the pleasure that tugged at her very being, she was mewling softly until another struck causing her body to force itself down against Virra.

Virra took every thrust and squirm, holding her down to just get that taste of her lovers’ ecstasy. Until, the moment that Virra stopped and shifted to lay on her back, panting. Hours must have gone by, since Virra fell asleep. As Aerian would adjust, she saw out of the corner of her eye a figure slumped in a chair in the hallway with dark brown hair fixed back and a tray of three plates at his feet. Domi had given them time to themselves, while falling asleep.

Aerian shifted feeling every muscle in her body resist the attempt as she groaned, the force of Virras assault upon her was still taking its toll. She sat and shook her head trying to straighten her hair to a degree, moving slowly she made her way to the hallway, shaking Domi gently “Hey you, come on to bed with us,” Aerian kept her voice soft and low, though with enough for Domi to hear, shaking him gently a second time.

Domi opened his eyes slowly, groggily, yawning. But he stood stepping over the tray and scooped Aerian up in his arms to walk with her to the bed. Seeing her down carefully not to disturb Virra, hovering over her and kissing her as he settled between them.

Aerian settled into him, but with her hand laid on Virra, as she smiled softly before just as quickly disappearing back into sleep.

[To The Future] Nightmares and Passion

Aerian stood feeling a cold prickle over every inch of her flesh. She rolled her shoulders and took a step forward, the red in her hair seemed to flicker in the red of the blood moon, as she made her way through the grounds, she walked until she felt a presence causing every part of her erupt in panic.

“You’re dead….” She murmured weakly

“Oh, but you of all people know the dead don’t stay dead my little toy” Hareavors voice sent ever part of her weak as she fell to her knees in the dirt, the crack of a storm over head, as the rain began to fall.

“You’re dead…” She repeated

“And of all the people, you think of me, I’m flattered you’re missing me aren’t you? I mean you had a boy join you, make love to you, and you’re girl because you couldn’t please her, but you always pleased me my little toy,” Hareavors voice dripped as ever with a dark intent, the self same intent as he circled her, his hands reaching out to touch her and she quickly knocked him away “Come on, you miss me, you want me,”

“No… you’re not real, you’re dead, they wouldn’t let free, they wouldn’t,” Aerian cried now, she felt the tears burning the flesh of her cheeks as they fell.

Hareavor crouched before her his hand now on her stomach, again Aerian swatted it away, this time with more force, as her eyes met his now she tried to steel herself, but the moment she saw the darkness in those hollow eyes of his she was weak all over again “Don’t touch me,” she whispered softly.

“A bun, in my toy oven, maybe you’re wondering, maybe you’re afraid it’s a piece of me in there?” Hareavor was taunting her now as she looked at him, she could feel her resolve trickle away, every last ounce of her all but gone in that moment.

“It’s Domi’s, you did too much too much damage, you tore me apart, your own flesh and blood, raped, abused, treated like a toy, what you did to me it will never heal, it took so long to stop hurting every time I moved. The realm made it’s choice for me and this is their gift,” She half chuckled before looking at him “But my baby isn’t a piece of you’re broken line, they will be Elcarus blood, the good kind, raised to fight for what’s right, raised to protect the Everlands, not treat anyone like they are less,” Each word was stronger than the last as she felt the rage and instinct to protect kick in a full rush from toes to her brain “Domi he knows how to treat a girl, Virra knows how to treat me, and I don’t even think about you anymore, we beat you and my dad sent you to hell and whatever this is for you, I hope it hurts as much as you hurt me,” she waved her hand around above her head as the rain was coming down harder, her body was cold but her blood now boiled “It’s not real, you’re dead and you can’t hurt me any more,”

Hareavor smiled darkly as her grabbed her hair, Aerian grimaced as she felt the roots break in her crown. He dragged her to her feet as he her she yelped angrily, the next slap hurt more “I thought I couldn’t hurt you anymore my little toy? But I can, deep in that dirty little head of yours, I’m always there waiting to punish you, but if you think I can’t hurt you,” he drew his blade now placing it at her stomach and Aerian froze.

She sat bolt upright “NO!!!” She screamed as she felt her whole body trembling, she was wide awake and she was home in the cottage now, she was shuddering “No, no, no … it wasn’t real,” she breathed repeating each word loudly as she glanced around she froze as it hit her that the vision was more and Virra had just seen everything.

Virra, indeed, was awake beside her and staring up at the ceiling, as though attempting to understand the vision that the two had shared. Domi was sleeping between them with an arm around each, snoring rather loudly, but then Virra turned over and her dark eyes met that of Aerian. She looked to her fiancé with a tip of her chin indicating for them to unwind from Domi. When she did so, Virra walked from the bedroom to the front room naked.

Aerian followed, her hair still plastered to her face as her arms wrapped around her stomach in a sense of protection. “I’m … It was just a nightmare, a fucking terrifying vivid nightmare,” Aerian wasn’t sure if there was truth to those words but it felt everything but a vision to her, as she looked to Virra “He’s dead, the realm wouldn’t send him back with his record grandma, Uncle Krystal, Uncle Haunted, they wouldn’t let him come back, so why am I still afraid?”

Virra was leaning against the table, listening intently to Aerian, when she was finished Virra straightened to wrap her arms securely around her. “Don’t give him that power over you. Yes, he is dead, but you said yourself…your grandma and Uncles won’t let him. Just remember, you are never alone, ever. Call to them if you need them and remember we share the same vision.” She kissed the fiery crown. “You do more then please me, Firefly. Never ever doubt that for a minute.”

“I’m afraid Virra, all this,” she gestured against her stomach gently “It’s like he knew or I know I was always afraid of him, maybe he could have, all that time after you brought me home I was scared half to death of having some part of him with me, I guess I always will, Domi is the first guy I have trusted since the first time he …” She paused looking to Virra “I know there’s no chance, I guess in my head Hareavor will always somehow represent my deepest fears, but then the Elcarus line isn’t exactly corruption free once you look past dad it’s a whole lot of what the hell, this is new to me, I never actually considered I’d ever be a mom, I mean look at my example? Aishani loves me as her own, but my mom?” Aerian sighed laying her head against Virra “I think I’m just afraid, which makes me wonder how the hell you feel considering we are both going to have a baby, my first vision with you at my side, up in the attic was us with a child, a vision of what could be,”

Virra wrapped her arms around Aerian, as the fiery head dropped on her shoulder, though, one lifted to stroke the threads of hair. “Shh. There is always a fear within us, a darker part that we are frightened of. But, all I am saying is don’t give Hareover the power. He doesn’t own you, no one does.” She fell silent for a time, then leaned back to tip up Aerian’s chin with a kiss. “I’m scared shitless…I never thought, me…of all people would be responsible for a little hellion. But, I am glad that together we can share this experience and make Domi’s life a living hell. It’s strange…even though, I don’t have the tools, it is almost like you have my child and I have yours. We got this, Firefly.”

“We have, together we can do anything baby,” Aerian replied softly “We have to do this together, you think Domi will stay all the way? Do you think this is what he wanted when he sided with us?”

“To knock us up?” She chuckled with a shake off her head. “Nah. But I’m not sure if he will stick around…only time will tell. In either case, we have each other and the family.”

“I’m not letting you and if you think being knocked up is an excuse to not marry me, you’re in for a surprise,” Aerian smiled softly as she turned her head to kiss Virra, her hand slipping against Virras body slowly. Her eyes now soft and that deep emerald green Virra would know so well.

Virra smirked and lifted a hand to snap her fingers, voice thick with sarcasm. “Oh, drat…” The free hand then returned to Aerian with a rolling caress from knuckle to finger against her hips. Leaning down to kiss her fiery lover.

A voice spoke from the bedroom door, appearing confused. “Hey, is there a party that I missed?” His dark hair ruffled as chicken feathers, his full and lean copper physic exposed, including that meat limp but well hung between his thighs.

“I think you might be just in time,” Aerian replied softly as she returned to the deep kiss of Virras, her hands already roaming over Virra slowly, deliberately now as she let the kiss move from Virras lips to her neck.

A grin appeared on Domi’s lips to Aerian’s words, walking to join the two, as his string hands caressed each woman. Virra moaned and turned her head, as her lips were caught by Domi.

It was as Domi touched Aerian that she shifted away, her body rippled with goose bumps at his touch, her mind not wanting to relinquish the dream, as she watched Virra and Domi kiss, her hands continued to roam Virra for a moment.

As Aerians mind tried to force her to run she mentally admonished herself, reminding herself that Domi had been nothing but good to her and he was the father of their children, Aerian drew a breath to steady herself then taking Domi and Virras hands leading them back to the bedroom, it was here that Aerian coaxed them to return to their kiss while she sank to her knees between them, planting kisses over Virras thighs and then Domis, one hand she let press against Virras wetness before her other slowly wrapped around Domi.

The coaxing didn’t take much, while Domi and Virra returned to the kiss with much more eagerness that was articulated by the gentle snack of their lips. Aerian felt the moisture hidden by Virra’s petals and the throbbing flesh stick of Domi. The scent of musk infiltrated her mind in the heat of this moment growing every moment. Domi shifted a hand to begin to knead against Virra’s bosom with a pluck of the buds.

Aerian watched Domi above her as she smiled softly, before working her hand along Domis shaft slowly before letting her tongue trace over the tip, slowly teasing the under side for a moment before she altered her grip, her mouth now following the motion of her hand as she allowed his tool to enter her mouth, taking him deep within her throat before easing back flicking her tongue against the tip as he slipped free.

Domi’s taste was divine, masculine and strong. His member settled to react to the heat of her mouth with a twitch. His application to Virra’s buds intensified. While a muffled groan feed into the kiss, watching as Virra suckled on his slick muscle.

Again Aerian sank down onto the thick tool before easing back, now repeating the same action quickening with each repetition until she was barely removing him from her mouth with each motion, increasing the way the pressure of her mouth as she moved back and releasing as she moved upon him. Her hand also continued to work the hard length of him.

Aerian got the response that she had been waiting for now, as the fishy fleshy tube twitched more with each application. His mouth torn from the kiss add his lips feasted upon Virra’s bosom with another muffled groan, the hand moving to knead more firmly against the opposite bosom. The sound that Virra made were unparalleled to anything, while the heat swelled from her loins.

Aerian curled her fingers against Virra now as she continued to work both her lovers, her motion within Virra was deliberate while her motion against Domi was filled with intent, she slowly eased away from Domi just for a moment as she let her tongue follow the path of her fingers within Virra her tongue tracing the tender nub for a few moments before she returned her attention to Domi taking him back within her mouth and returning the self same rhythm as her fingers pushed deeper within Virra.

Virra curled her fingers tightly within Aerian’s as the hand was as her sounds increased when more focus was set on her. Skin flush with colour as Domi moved between each bosom suckling with more intent as Aerian returned to his throbbing thick meat.

Finally it was as though he couldn’t take it and curled his hand within Aerian’s hair to force her back. As Virra was breathing hard with her juices glistening from the sweet slit. He pulled her up and squares his hips to plunge the monster deep within to keep her atop. Virra moved to position herself over his mouth, as her own lips were in Aerian’s in that instant, one hand kneading her bosom while the other was tending to her pearl to raise Aerian more into the blissful plateau.

Aerian squealed with delight as he penetrated her, already wet allowing him deep within her with relative ease, as Virra touched her pearl her body tensed with that same need her legs wrapped around Domi in a powerful vice grip as he allowed her to manipulate her body, her arms now on his shoulders.

As she rose and fell upon him her body was pushed further toward ecstasy each time feeling him fill her deep within.

Domi’s hands were on Aerian’s hips kneading and lifting her up to only slam down and meet his hips. A moan was fed into the kiss with Virra’s lips working feverishly against Aerian’s, her own hips rolling down against the greedy slurping of Domi. But never once has Virra’s finger stopped the movement upon Aerian’s sweet pearl. The moment was building even Aerian felt it in the way that Virra plucked and pinched Aerian’s bud.

Aerian was now beginning to whimper more loudly, each time Domi drove within her cries rose in their intensity, until her body tensed, her nails curled biting into the flesh of Domis shoulder as she felt her warmth flood down and over him, her whole body trembling from the combined penetration of Domi and Virras work of her pearl.

As Aerian tensed, so did Domi, his thrusting literally pistoning deep within her with Virra’s added touch. But now the kiss was broken, the combined sounds of their pleasure mixing with the maddening slurping continued. All at once, when Aerian’s nails bit into his skin as Aerian released and so did Domi, the inflation of his tool sent the burning seed flooding into her. Just as Virra howled within her own release, quivering and trembling to the scene before her.

Virra tumbled to her side, letting Domi from the suffocating flower, quivering and crooning. But it was the sight of her throbbing flower that displayed the power behind her own climax. Though, Domi glanced to her with a hand caressing her bosom, in the next instant, Aerian found herself flipped and in her knees with Domi mercilessly pounding into her again, he was like a man that has arrived from the desert parched and couldn’t get enough. His hands curled within her hair to force her back to arch more into each clap and watch Virra. Aerian’s lover was twitching but her eyes glossed over with her fingers lowered to imitate the force that Domi was taking Aerian until she screamed with pleasure as the rush of her juices formed a puddle beneath her.

As Virra came Aerian threw a glance over her shoulder now begging Domi to take her for all he could, the sting as his hips collided with hers only served to push Aerian deeper into a rapidly building second release, his hand in her hair pulling her back and her body conformed with ease, as her own hips would push back into him to meet his thrust, the more he thrust the more Aerian seemingly begged for more.

Domi was intent on playing her, at that moment he was like an animal, the way he ravaged her ground was incredible. His hand even smacked her behind, causing the cheeks to juggle, kneading the rounds together and spreading them apart. Each collision of their bodies met with a grunt by him and a groan, his hands were now at her hips bringing her back suddenly, as another grunt left his mouth seed rushed forth to fill her a second time, but he didn’t stop until Aerian had been sated.

Aerian felt the rush as he flooded within her, she stretched her hands out in front of herself before lowering her head to the bed, her cries now muffled below her as she felt that second release begin to build deep within. She slammed back and ground her hips against Domi until she tensed clamping against his invading tool, her cries lost to the sheets below as her whole body bucked and trembled against him, it was intense enough to send shudders through every part of her as her mind fell numb for a few a moments, her breathing ragged and broken from the force of her own release.

After a few moments, Domi slipped back articulated with a plop, but she was flipped over and instead of laying on the left of Domi, she was placed in the middle. Virra at her side and Domi at the other, each gently hiding her into tender and living kisses.

Aerian moaned softly to each kiss as she first gave her kisses to Virra then Domi, as she breathed softly now she felt the security of them both surround her, at least for the moment sending all previous thoughts from her head.

“He made me all messy” She murmured softly to Virra with a smile.

Virra smirked, toying with her messy hair. “Mhm. But being dirty feels so good.”

Domi chuckled. “How did I get so lucky?”

“Because you deserve to be happy too,” Aerian replied softly as she once more kissed Virra “And so does my baby, so I get to be double lucky and I’m happy with that,” her hand ran gently down Domis stomach before she smiled taking his hand and placing it on Virras stomach then Virras upon her own stomach “We’re family now, how could we ask for more?”

[To The Future] Jealousy, Babies and New Home

Aishani was holding Xander and Terra each in an arm within the master suite, nudging them while this she had found was soothing, not just from the uncomfortable ache of her bosom but to be able to nurture the children. 

Kane was sat just in front of them, his hands gently placed upon each child watching them for moment “It’s good to be home with them my love,”

She looked to Kane while nodding to him, a soft and tender smile upon her plush lips. “Indeed, it is. Strange though, everything said and done, we’ve been dealing with the rise of the war for so long…now that it’s finished and things have returned to normal…” Aishani adjusted Terra to remove her mouth from one bosom, then extended her to Kane in order for him to burp her, while she did the same to Xander. The two infants very sleepy after a full tummy, though, she cradled Xander as the babe slept.

Kane took Terra into his lap his hands placed to gently pat until the youngster released her wind with a resounding burp, “I know before there was always something to deal with and now, we only need worry about our children and each other, my head is oddly empty these days,” he chuckled softly settling Terra against him.

It was in that moment there was knock upon their room door causing Kane to look up “Its open” as the door opened Aerian, Virra and Domi stepped through.

To the knock, Aishani covered herself up and stood to move over and gently settle Xander in the crib and moved to gather Terra to do the same. She turned and moved to settle at Kane’s side, her eye fixed on Aerian for a moment, clearly suspicious. “There is the troublesome trio…”

“Hey Aishani,” Aerian smiled though clearly avoiding the issue for the moment “We have something to tell you,” instinctively her hand found Virras entwining her fingers so as to gather strength from her fiancée, “That is to say Domi sort of, no we all do, argh this is harder than I thought,”

Aishani inclined a brow, glancing to the conjoined hands of Virra and Aerian, then shifted her gaze to Domi that moved to slip a hand within Aerian’s to remind her he was there to support her as well. “We all do,” Domi said in agreement.

She placed her own hands into Kane’s, looking to them expectantly.

“Dad, Aishani I’m pregnant,” Aerian felt the words tumble from her lips as the moment seemed to hold waiting on a response, Kane simply remained quiet looking at the trio now standing before him.

Aishani lowered her brow, remaining as silent as Kane now. But since he didn’t speak, she stood and moved to stand before Aerian. Then embraced her tightly, almost too tight. “I think it is best that you talk with your father. I think he’s stunned…” She whispered to her. “Congratulations.”

Aerian returned the embrace “Thank you,” before making her way to Kane she sat down in front of him as he remained quiet for the moment “Don’t be mad, please, I’m sorry,” her voice was now broken with emotion rarely shown by Aerian as the panic had begun to rise in the pit of her stomach.

Kane remained quiet for a few moments though the tone in his daughters voice was enough to cause him to look at her “Not mad Aerian, just .. a little confused, is all,” Kanes now moved to look to Domi, his gaze was not one of anger but steady enough for Domi to know he was under close watch for the moment.

Finally his gaze moved to Virra “And how are you finding all this? As odd as me? Are you Ok with how things are in all this?” Aerian smiled as ever her father had more concern for those around him than his own feelings, instinctively she threw her arms around him in a deep hug.

Aishani stepped back to move over in order to check on the sleeping twins, though, when finished she turned her attention back to Kane and Aerian, her golden eyes fixed on the situation before her. Virra rolled a shoulder passively, though, grinned. “I’m happy, granted this came as a surprise. Aerian with child is not only going to add to our family but I’m excited. We welcomed Domi, granted we may not have considered this without proper precautions…though part of us knew the chance.”

Domi remained silent, while appearing ready to defend himself should Kane loose it.

“And you, my love?” Aishani moved to settle at Kane’s side, gathering his hand in hers. “Enough of everyone elses feelings, bring your own forth. I believe that is what they want to hear, especially, our daughter.”

“I’m proud of you all, and if this is the next step in your relationship then as ever I am behind you. I have no reason to question any of you, you laid your lives on the line for this family and now you help ensure it’s future how could a father be any prouder, yes it’s a surprise but one I am indeed happy with,” Kane stated with a smile, Aerian felt her resolve break and launched into her father, Kane wrapped his arms around her with a smile “It’s a lot to take in, but I am always proud of you Aerian, just so long as you watch over her, protect as I would, nothing more nothing less,”

Virra grinned, as Domi stepped forward now. “You have no reason to be concerned, Kane. I will look after Aerian and the unborn child, he is after all my son and part of this legacy.” Though, as he spoke those words, the grin from Virra dimmed a slight with a flicker of sadness in her gaze, she slipped out of the room when Domi moved to stand behind Aerian.

Aishani caught this movement and then moved to lightly place a hand upon Aerian’s shoulder with a squeeze and tipped her chin to the door that just barely closed behind Virra. “I think the three of you may need to talk…if not, just the two of you.”

Domi glanced behind him and made a move to follow after Virra, then hesitated at the placement of Aishani’s hand on his shoulder. “It has just been the two of them, until you arrived. Let her be for now, though, I suggest that the three of you sit and talk. No sense in dimming down this happy time.”

“You should go talk, we’ll still be here,” Kane smiled softly “Don’t lose her in all of this she needs you as much as you need her,”

“I know,” Aerian spoke barely above a whisper as she extracted herself from her fathers embrace “I’m going to go talk to her, Domi can you go see there’s anything Stacy can do to ease this damn nausea?”

“I thought she was happy.” Domi said looking back to Aerian. “Uh…yeah, sure. I’ll meet you back at the cottage.” He moved to give her a gentle kiss, then turned and left.

Aishani sat down beside Kane, curling her hand within his. “Go on. We will be here if you need us.”

Aerian drew her hands around her waist and headed off to find Virra, quickly tracing the path asking guards if they had seen before she finally was coming up behind “Baby, what … I thought, I’m sorry,” she stammered slowly

Virra was sitting on the edge of the fountain, sharpening her dagger with a whetstone, though, looked to Aerian and stopped. “You have nothing to apologize for…I just, it’s not that I am not happy, because, I am. It’s just…I’m jealous, I guess. No, not jealous envious that you are pregnant. I’ve gotten used to sharing everything with you and this…I can’t do. Domi probably didn’t realize it but…when he said that the unborn was his son…” She sighed stowing away the dagger and then whetstone, rising to face Aerian and wrap her arms around her. “Is that just the stupidest thing you have ever heard?”

“Well he is assuming it’s a boy,” Aerian smiled softly now sitting beside Virra “But even with Domi around I’m not doing this without you by my side,”

Aerian took Virras hand gently “You are joined with me so you will feel all this just as much as me, but you could, we could have two babies you know,”

Virra curled her fingers within hers and lifted the knuckles to be graced by her lips in a flitter of kisses, then stopped to look at her. “I know I will…wait, what do you mean, two babies?”

Aerian curled her fingers then walked them over Virras thigh and up along her stomach “We could if you wanted, I mean none of us has exactly been safe while Domi has had his way with us, we already have our own little family and having a child with you is more than I could ask for,”

Virra watched Aerian for a long moment in silence, catching her hand in a strong hold and then relaxed. “No, we haven’t been safe, perhaps, I wanted this to happen for us. Firefly, I’m not sure you understand. I wanted to take that journey with you…I know it is stupid, but, I wanted to be pregnant with you and not just have symptoms. Listen to me, this is your time, not mine. I’m sure my own will come.” She lifted a hand to caress her cheek with a small smirk. “You are the beacon in the night to me.”

“Maybe you already are and it just hasn’t shown yet?” Aerian replied gently with a smile leaning against her “But you really need to talk to Domi he actually looked hurt when you left us, he really does love you and from what I’ve seen he has for some time, you are my life, you are my rock and you are my anchor to the chaos that surrounds us. I can’t do this without you but I don’t want to do it without him either,”

Virra wrapped an arm around Aerian, pulling her closer against her, propping her chin on the fiery crown. “Yeah, right. I hardly think that I am pregnant. I haven’t had morning sickness, like you. The only way would be to confirm with Stacy, if I am or not. Domi? Hurt?” She inhaled deeply, caressing Aerian’s side. “Hmm, it is so different to hear you say that you want him around still, while I don’t mind in the slightest. He balances us out…I told you, Firefly, that I am here for the long run and I have no intention of going anyplace, because, my place is at your side. Do you think we should? Go see, Stacy, I mean?”

“He is a great cook, and he watches our back, I sent Domi to see if Stacy could do anything for this damn nausea, so we can go join him,” Aerian rested her head on Virras chest for a few moments “No matter what you still need to talk to him, it has to be weird for him too, though he does have two girlfriends both who have no problem pleasing him,” she chuckled softly “I love you, that hasn’t and will not change, and it’s you I’m going to marry, I was thinking the old family home of Grandma in town is still vacant, Dad owns the land so maybe he would let us have it? It’s bigger than the cottage but not as grand as the Mansion,”

Virra titled her head and looked down to Aerian, losing her fiery crown. “Yes, that would do. That way we won’t be far. But aren’t you upset that our plans for the meantime of picking up work have changed?” She stood now, then extended her hand to Aerian, walking with her back to the mansion.

“Kind of comes with territory, seems every time we plan one thing the realm kicks us onto another path, besides I can work for now,” As they walked Aerian felt content stepping closer to Virra as they made their way up to Stacys room.

They knocked and Stacy answered inviting them in, Domi was sat in the window seat as Stacy watched her a moment “Are you feeling better Aerian?”

“Queasy, but OK, did Domi ask you?” Aerian replied

“He did, I can assemble something to ease it, but beyond that you’re stuck with it for now unless Domi has something in his cooking arsenal?” Stacy replied throwing Domi a gentle glance before she looked back to Virra.

Domi at the appearance of straightened at the appearance of Aerian, perked a slight, though, reclined back at the sight of Virra and turned his gaze out the window. But, when Stacy spoke, he looked back to Aerian. “Yeah, I might be able to whip something up. But, I think Jade may be able to help with her teas as well,”

Virra looked to Stacy now, while moving to her. “I haven’t felt strange…or anything, but, uh, do you sense anything about me?”

Stacy inclined a brow as  she looked her over for a moment before looking to Domi in thought the back to Virra “I think Domi is going to be a very busy man, when did last have you’re .. or have you just out its non-appearance down to stress? Not all pregnancies follow the same path, each is unique,”

Aerian felt a glow spread through her before she watched Domi taking Virras hand and leading her to Domi, then taking Domis and placing it on Virras stomach gently “Did you hear that Domi? Your girls are both having your babies,”

“You are both indeed with child, and from the auras around a similar point, both having a single child anything beyond that is hard to tell for the moment, when the auras colour we will know what each childs sex will be, I would suggest you all go home and talk properly, I will speak with Jade on tea to help you both along, just remember Aerian cannot tap her angelic side for any reason,” There was a strength to the final words from Stacy “And of course congratulations,”

Virra stared at Stacy, then a smile grew on her lips. “Well, it’s been stressful for all of us recently.” Domi appeared to be as stunned as Virra though turned from his recline to face the interior of the room. When his hand was lifted, the palm pressed against her flat stomach, they locked their gaze for a moment together in silence. “Uh…yeah, I think we should go home.”

“Right, I trust Aerian to not use her angelic abilities but always we will ensure such.” Domi said, rising and moving to kiss Virra deeply and then to Aerian, lacing his hands into each woman’s then walking from the room with them in tow.

As they entered cottage Aerian turned on Virra kissing her with as much depth and passion as she ever had in her life “You got your wish baby, we both did,” She turned to face Domi “Two pregnant women I think your life is about to get a whole lot more interesting, I almost can’t wait!!”

Virra responded to the depth of the kiss, it was almost as though the tension melted between them that only a short time earlier had tightened around them, she squeezed her behind with a lift and then a playful smack.  Though, turned to face Domi with a smirk, yet, lowered her gaze. “Yeah, sorry about that. When Aerian was pregnant, I felt..left out and wanted to share this experience with her. But, now, we are both with kidos.”

Domi groaned. “Great two crazy pregnant women…oh, what will I do?” He moved over and swept Aerian in his arms, shoving her against the closed door to kiss her with a breath-taking emotion and pressure. Then turned to face Virra and stepped up, to her, grasping her wrist to pull her over and press his lips against hers while extending his other back to grasp Aerian’s hand to bring her forward to stand at Virra’s side. Kneeling down, then lifting up their tops to kiss each stomach with a loving caress. “I could just be the luckiest man in Everlands, my two beautiful angels are going to give birth to the perfect children.”

“It is going to be fun, we’re going to get all fat and miserable together,” Aerian giggled as she felt her body shudder to Domis’ kiss, Aerian turned as Domi broke the kiss from Virra, Aerian leant in to take his place “And you get to love our children as much as you care for us,” Aerian was careful with her words now, she knew he cared for them but love in a three way relationship was always going to be a complex thing to handle. She also never for a moment wanted to hurt Virra in any way as she thought she had earlier that day.

Domi looked from Aerian to Virra for a moment, then smirked and stood, offering a hand to Aerian in order for her to rise as well. He swept each woman in his arms, Virra leaned a cheek on his shoulder and placed a hand on his chest with a look up to him then to Aerian. “I love you both, I know I can be a pain but nothing ever changes that fact. This will only bring us closer, though, I will apologize now for my attitude later on.”

He nodded to her seeming pleased, kissing her forehead and squeezing Aerian’s behind. “It’s permanent birth control…but, I honestly have been curious what breast milk tastes like. It must be ambrosial with the two of you.”

“Oh your just going to become a bigger pervert than you already are aren’t you? But I’m willing to share, as long as you keep us both very happy, that’s the rule you keep us happy and we will satisfy anything and everything you want,” Aerians words were full of intent as she watched Virra for a moment “And you have nothing to apologise for, not now not ever, I love both of you as well and our family will only get stronger if we stick together,”

“Well, it’s not much a difference. Only I do know that pregnant women are more horny then otherwise.” Domi wriggled his brows, as Virra laughed. “Don’t you worry, my beautiful angels. You are my women and I love each of you, I will take care of you both.”

Virra winked to Aerian, then tackled her, pinning her to the door and her fingers working to find that sweet ticklish spot, urging Domi to join in the fun. Soon, it was the three of them laughing and turned into a small tickle war, which ended up with them laying on their backs out of breath on the floor.

[To The Future] Three Will Become Four

Virra and Domi exchanged glances as Aerian returned, neither having a chance to respond before she went to the bedroom. As Aerian lay down, she heard muffled voices in the other room. But shortly after the door opened and closed, then Virra entered the bedroom to crawl in the bed beside Aerian. Scooping her up to hold in her arms. “Stacy makes house calls. Domi is trying to get her.” She kissed her softly, maintaining her composure but offering support. “You aren’t going to get rid of any of us so don’t even try.”

“I’m not trying to baby, just …” Aerian held her words with a soft sight as she looked to Virra there was something in her eyes “I have a bad feeling that someone isn’t going to like the outcome,”

She inclined a brow to Aerian, caressing her cheek. “Baby…talk to me. Who are you worried about? I’ll kick their ass.”

Aerian again shifted awkwardly as she took Virras hand placing it on her stomach “You,” was all she said in reply now. Aerian remained still and silent keeping Virras hand on her stomach.

She blinked to the placement of her hand, still appearing to not understand. “Your stomach hurts. I don’t understand. Why would I be upset?”

Aerian was about to answer when Domi appeared with Stacy, who made her way to the edge of the bed. Aerian shifted to sit.

“Domi informed me you’re feeling a little sickly today?” Stacy stated before she paused as she looked through Aerian to the realm beyond she looked to Virra then Domi for a moment before back to Aerian “And with good reason it seems, and by the look in your eyes you were about to tell?”

Aerian nodded softly “I know what’s wrong, I’m pregnant,”

Virra tensed visibly at Aerian’s words, face unreadable while Domi lifted a hand to rub at the back of his neck with a rather goofy smile. “I suppose this is the part were I apologize and am told to get out.”

Though as amusing as he tried to be, Virra remained motionless, as though thinking internally at how to respond. “Are you sure? Stacy is she right?”

Aerian felt the colour drain from her face as she felt Virra tense, she silently looked at the floor as Stacy watched the scene before her now “Yes, she is correct it’s very early but there are definitely two auras where there is usually only one,”

Domi looked between Aerian and Virra, then moved to take each woman’s hand. Virra looked slowly to Aerian, then drew her close, kissing her deeply. It was partially frustrated but as her lips moved up on Aerian’s mouth, the tension released. She departed and caressed her cheek lovingly. “I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean to act like that, surprised the shit outta me. I love you and the child will know what it means to be loved.” She smiled and placed a hand on her abdomen, then gathered Domi’s to mirror the same. “I know you are scared, so am I. The three of us will make this work…but I don’t think the cottage will be big enough…”

Aerian felt the tension shift during the depth of their kiss, as she let the held breath go a tear slipping from her eye as she look to Virra “Surprised me too, I wont lie I’m terrified right now we aren’t exactly the conventional method for raising a child but I don’t care we have something that works, and our child will grow up knowing we love them as long as you’re OK with it, both of you”

“I am, Firefly. I am.” She lifted her hand and curled am arm around her waist to bring her close and to settle upon her lap.

Domi took the place and kissed Aerian gently with his warm lips, caressing her face. “I can only hope, that you have an angel as strong and beautiful as you. I’m not going to run, I’m with both of you until you decide otherwise.”

“I have no intention of letting you go anywhere Domi, even if our arrangement ever changed your place in our childs life will not,” Aerian replied settling into Virra gently her eyes closed as she listened to Virras heartbeat.

“Speaking of your angel half Aerian, you cannot tap into those powers while the little one is within, your angelic powers are drawn from the realm itself, much like your visions, you must be careful at all times,” Stacy spoke now her voice stern and yet gentle all in the same “We must watch her carefully, if I remember correctly you will be first to bear a child with angelic influence in the Everlands?”

“Yea, mom gave birth in the human realm, but I’m sure Virra and Domi will ensure I behave myself,” Aerian smiled softly not opening her eyes her focus on the steady rhythm of Virras heart “We do this together, just like anything else,”

“Well I’m sue they will, but you should speak with your father sooner rather than later, I will of course watch over you as ever and is my duty but your family should be aware all things considered non of you need any surprises right now,” Stacy replied firmly as she stood now making her way to the bedroom door “And of course my congratulations to you all,”

Domi nodded to Aerian, as Virra smirked to Stacy’s words. “Oh, don’t worry we will take good care of her.”

“Good care.” Domi ascended the words with a chuckle.

When Stacy was gone, Virra inhaled deeply. “Your Pops isn’t going to like this…but she is right we need to seek him out.”

“Agreed. The sooner the better. I’d prefer to keep my head.” Domi grinned, his hand on Aerian’s stomach.

“My Dad won’t kill you, he actually likes you. Uncle Hades on the other hand well he might try to remove your …”Aerian opened her eyes and smiled “I’m joking … but they may be a little curious as to how we are going to do this, but I meant when I said we do it together no matter what, I guess if you had plans to run Domi you’re stuck with us now,” Aerian gathered Domi and Virras hand lacing them together over her stomach.

[To The Future] A Wedding on the Beach

Hades yawned and stretched as he woke the following morning as he stretched he felt joints crack back into place, as a shudder cut through him as his body extended past being comfortable, before he rolled onto his side to look at his wife to be. The air was oddly light the tension that had hung over them for the last year now all but gone.

Hades said nothing merely lay watching Jade for that moment with a soft smile curling his lips.

Indeed, Jade was at his side, resting peacefully. That scent he had learned to love and recognize tantalizing his senses with the soft breath of cherry blossom in a spring breeze. Her expression calm with the play of the beautiful freckles that dance across her cheeks and over the bridge of her nose, the rose petal lips parted to display her even deep breathing. Yet, her hair was not bound as usual upon her head and the dark veil of her hair splayed about her upon the pillow like a halo. She appeared to be breathing more readily, nearly panting while her eyes moved beneath her lids in a dream. That bruise still whispering upon the skin of her throat, from which his darker moment took control. She was stunning even amidst this, steady and Hades’ completely, through and through.

As Hades’ eyes caught sight of the bruise his smile curled deeper, that dark side always hidden just beneath the surface always ready to take control. As he watched her sleep for a moment longer the idea formed just as wicked as ever.

He slid down under the duvet his hands easing her thighs apart as he crawled up between them before placing kisses over each thigh, each slow and deliberate before moving to press his lips against her petals, his tongue easing against her tender bud his hands now pressed against her waist to prevent her moving from him.

When he travelled beneath the duvet he discovered that she was without garments, Hades was drowned by the essence of his fiancé and her succulent scent from between those thick thighs. At first his taste buds were graced with her taste, that exotic spice sweetness of her flower, yet, the more he focused on her hidden pearl and longer, he began to hear that sound of her breathing quickening and subtle moans. That was as he heard the moans growing louder and her body awaken at the buck of her hips that began to grind down against him.

He didn’t shift his focus but kept his tongue in its assault against that tender bud, his fingers now easing into her as she woke, as she ground into him his fingers penetrated her deeper. Between the scent and her awakening Hades wanted to push her higher in each moment.

As he continued the administration, the more her hips writhed in accent to his digit that sunk deeper into her molten passage. Her sounds only increased in sheer bliss, a slender hand lowered to curl within his hair to push him more firmly against the appreciation of her pearl. That is when he felt it with his fingers, the squeeze of her silken folds and the beginning of a blooming flower, that is when the lubrication was added just before her nectar rushed forth with the ambrosial flood, crying out his name.

Hades remained in his motions until the last remnants of her release passed before he crawled out and up beside her kissing her deeply “Good morning you beautifully amazing beloved of mine”

When he resurfaced, Hades found her panting and quivering, though to his kiss her eyes opened and she rolled her head to look at him. A slender hand lifted to caress his cheek with a rest at his jawline. “Mmm, good morning it is waking like that with you, my beloved.”

“Fun isn’t it,” He grinned “Just the first step in this new life of ours, now get yourself dressed we have a long couple of days ahead getting ready to move,” his hand caressed her throat gently there was a new lease in Hades a sparkle non had seen in a very long time as the pressure of keeping everyone alive was now lifted, giving way to him focusing only upon Jade and their new life together.

“But dress slowly so I can watch,” He added before kissing her once more.

His touch upon her neck brought a soft quiver from her and ripples of gooseflesh skittered about upon her skin. But, at his words a small secretive smirk appeared upon her plush lips, though, she nodded to him, rising from the bed to expose her beautiful body to him, turning and displaying the intricate tattoo that covered the entire back of Jade. She then gathered her clothing and placed them on the edge of the bed, each layer was placed upon her with a magnetic and ritualistic demeanour, beautiful, almost as though it was a dance itself for her to dress every morning. In the end, her skin was covered and the kimono and obi was fixed upon her, then her hands began to work with her hair, in order to pile up into a bun, but this began to remove the exquisite and free length that added to her exotic attraction.

“You’re beautiful, you know that. I would note that I have always preferred your hair down, for me at least, not that anything changes no matter how you wear your hair,” Hades remarked gently watching her. He smiled as she dressed taking every detail in as she did so.

She hesitated now, at his mention of his preference of her hair, instead of finishing sweeping it up, let the stands fall down. A soft blush lifting to her cheeks with his compliment. “Then, if you prefer it as such. I will let it down…”

She smiled in that special way that Hades knew was saved especially for him. “Oh, stop. I’ll keep it down, even if you insist it’s a personal preference. Do I not need to take that into account?” Jade moved forward to extend her slender hand to him, in order to guide him to rise. Then went to gather his clothing in order to dress him much the same as she had undressed him the night before.

Hades allowed her to dress him with the same wonder he had for her in every other moment. He watched her carefully, as she finished dressing him he flexed his wrists and then drew her close to him kissing her cheek gently.

“So what do you fancy doing today, we’ll be here a day or two more then headed for our own home,” He stated softly.

She responded by resting her cheek against his chest, a hand upon his shoulder. “We should see, Elsa. She is going to be the one for our wedding clothing.”

“And I’m sure she will make me drool the moment I see you,” Hades replied with a wicked smiled taking her hand and kissing it gently “Our wedding should be on the beach, so tired of grand garden weddings, it just isn’t me,”

“The beach? You mean near our home-to-be?” Jade leaned back, while he saw that beautiful flush upon her cheeks again.

“Beech, Tiki torches, moonlight everything that makes it different but just as grand,” He smiled in reply.

She smiled to him with a nod. “I like that idea. Very much, even an evening wedding. It all sounds so magical.”

“Good, because if you haven’t learnt by now, everything I do isn’t normal, then you may get quite a shock,” Hades chuckled softly, as he slid blades to the back of his hips he took her hand and lead her out of their room and through the upper levels of the mansion.

“Oh, no, I know that, my beloved. That is why, life with you is going to be an adventure. Dark or light. Just so long as I am with you, nothing much matters.” She curled her hand within his and easily followed along with him, her bare feet lightly padding against the floor while they made their way through the mansion.

“And I’ll be sure to keep it that way,” Hades replied with a grind as they headed down the stairs and down into the main hall.

Elsa was already in the main hall happily working away on new clothes, determined to get her own life back to normal and her shop back up and running.

She moved into the main hall with Hades, though looked to him then to Elsa, clearing her throat to not startle the realms dressmaker. “Ahem….uh, Elsa?”

She smiled softly as she looked up, pale eyes sparkled with mischief beneath that blonde hair “Hello my dear, may I say you look particularly delectable today, those Elcarus boys know how to pick their women,” she never lost a stitch in her work as she spoke.

She looked up to Hades, then to Elsa, as the flush lifted to her cheeks with the light dusting of freckles. “Thank you, Elsa…I was wondering, that is, if you are not too busy. I’d like to discuss a dress…for the wedding.”

“You’re going to let her dress? I thought you’d get wed naked,” Elsa chuckled softly

“And share her with half the realm, oh not a chance,” Hades replied with a sly smile, as he slid his arms around Jade gently.

“Well then I will just have to blow them away with her dress, and make her as she rightly should be the prettiest girl in all the realm,” Elsa winked with a smile.

“She already is,” Hades stated softly “I’m going to see the weapon smith, so look after my girl,”

“Ah but of course, we’ll have fun while you go be all serious,” Elsa stated patting the seat beside her “Now then what do you have in mind?”

She looked between the two, as they spoke, though, looked down with a smile. As Hades spoke of leaving, she held his hand and reluctantly allowed for each finger to slip off in his departure, watching him until he disappeared from the hall. But, Jade returned her exotic almond slanted eyes to Elsa and moved over to take the seat next to her, lightly touching the current fabric. “I’ve been thinking about this ever since I have become engaged…I want a dress that is inspired by my culture, kimono. We are going to have it on the beach and at night…torches…all that.”

“Ah that boy did always have a flair for the different, been a long time since he’s been happy you know. Such a different man to the one spoke of in the stories and histories of this realm. Did you ever wonder if they were true or if perhaps you’d be the next one in his path of destruction? Of course I know he loves you, and would die for you before he hurt you. You bring out the best in him and it shows in everything he does now,” Elsa smiled as her words tumbled from her mouth absently in thought, she placed her current project aside and taking a pad began to draw, the magicks she weaved flowed from her onto the page beginning to draw up an idea.

“So…I’ve heard. True or not, or doesn’t matter to me. Everyone has a darkness within them. Some just refuse to accept it. Together such forms a balance, not only in the world but each other. There can not be darkness without light.” Jade started bit curiously leaned over to watch Elsa work on the price of paper. “I don’t want white.”

“Perhaps reds and blacks? The colours of fire, much like the fire that burns within you both. He was misguided, even as dark as he was he always had his moral code, he was a strange one to say the least,” Elsa replied “He has always been good to me, it is now my turn to be good to him and make his bride the most incredible vision in the Everlands on your wedding day,”

“Yes, fire…reds and blacks would be perfect.” She looked to Elsa then down to the artwork, pointing out a few things that needed to be adjusted then nodded slowly. “I bet you say that to all the brides-to-be.”

Elsa chuckled as Jade pointed the adjustments the design shifted and changed on the page before her. “Just the ones I like,” she smiled softly “But since Aishani and Kane, there have been far too few causes to celebrate in this realm, and this is just such an occasion, the whole realm will want to turn out to,”

“The…whole realm?” She seemed surprised, possibly frightened in her voice. “I have no one to walk me down the isle. I assume Kane will be busy as best groomsman…”

“The whole realm,” Elsa repeated with a smile “Elcarus weddings are rare because they are so cautious, and so careful,” Elsa handed her the drawing to check over one last time “You only need to ask and anyone in the realm will be at your side, a sister perhaps? Even perhaps Aishani or Virra or Aerian, though they seem less the dresses and pony tail kind don’t they but certainly Aishani will be happy to?”

“No, that is not what I meant…I meant to walk me down the isle. By tradition it should be my father, though, he was killed in the raid at my old home. He can not be there, so, I meant to find another to walk me down the isle. I would not dream of forcing those two to dress up. I haven’t yet, asked, Aishani. Though, I agree, she would be at my side. I wonder, what she would look like in a kimono…can you make the colours and style in a strict kimono for the bridesmaids? I think that would accent that side.” She said, appearing less and less nervous when it came to details.

“If you can dream it, I can make it that my dear is the beauty  of my job,” Elsa replied with a wicked grin that reflected the passion for her work “And all at a moderate price, unlike some of the other hacks in this realm,” there was an oddness to her words in that statement and just as quickly as it was there it was gone “Not that you need worry on price, the Elcarus family have used me for all manor of occasions we have an agreement that works and their credit is always good, perhaps the new blood who seems to have wound himself in with the girls? If they trust him perhaps this will bring him into your family a little more?”

She considered Elsa a moment in silence then spoke. “You mean, ask Domi to walk me down the isle?”

Elsa smiled “We are limited with men we can ask, but the girls seem to enjoy having him around, and he fought at their side without question.” She paused for a moment “He is quite the tasty morsel of a man, still it would not hurt to ask? Aerian and Virra along with Aishani are to be your bridesmaids?”

She thought for a moment, while slowly nodding. “Yes. If like Virra and Aerian, even if they don’t get dressed up much…Aerian did for Aishani. Well, I better get to asking those three before they leave.” Jade said rising. “But definitely count on Aishani. I want her to be my maid of honour.” She placed a hand on Elsa’s shoulder before leaving to head to the cottage of Aerian and Virra, now including Domi.

She lifted her hand to knock on the door, it took a few moments before it was answered and Jade almost lost her nerve. But Domi answered the door, his hair ruffled up and without a shirt in just his trousers. Initially he looked stunned as Jade stood alone, then glanced over his shoulder. “Angels! Jade is here. Put your pants back on!”

Virra laughed now. “We have them on, pervert. Let her in.”

Domi winked to Jade and stepped aside for her to enter. Upon waking through the door, Jade found Aerian sitting on Virra’s lap at the kitchen table. Before the fireplace was a messy blanket laid out and some pillows.

Aerian glanced up her hair was wild, or wilder than was normal for her, having slept on the floor with Virra and Domi “Hey Jade, is everything OK?” Aerian was admittedly curious as to why she was here without Hades, which raised the question of when the last time she had seen Jade without her Uncle, but she also like the confidence Jade was beginning to show, taking her place among the family.

Virra offered a wave to Jade, wrapping her arms around Aerian with a kiss to her neck. “Domi is making breakfast, you’re more then welcome to stay.”

“No, thank you.” Jade said but settled on one chair at the table. “I’ve come for two things, well to ask…Virra and Aerian, I know you don’t care to dress up…but I was wondering if you would be my bridesmaids?”

“He’s a great cook, you’re missing out,” Aerian replied before considering her answer a moment “You’re right we don’t like to dress up, but we will for family so of course we will be,” she paused before adding to her statement “Of course that means you’ll have to be a bridesmaid for our wedding?”

Virra nodded to Aerian’s words, confirming that it was in agreement, kissing her neck. “Of course we will, Jade. Wonder what Hades had up his sleeve…”

Jade beamed at Aerian and Virra’s response, though looked at Domi. “I don’t have a father, I was wondering…would you be willing to walk me down the isle?”

Domi was amidst drinking as she asked and was so surprised that he spit out the drink, this caused Virra to laugh.

Aerian couldn’t help but giggle at the surprise Domi clearly displayed to Jades words and yet she said nothing as she simply watched him, curling tighter against Virra, and her arms wrapped around her gently.

“Me? Seriously?” He lifted a hand to rub awkwardly at the back of his neck. Virra glanced to Aerian with a kiss on her neck.

“Seems your place in our family hasn’t gone unnoticed, Dad will be busy making sure Uncle Hades doesn’t run off, Aishani will be watching over Jade, we’ll be looking all pretty and cute so the honour is going to you, you’ve earned it Domi,” Aerian stated softly a purr to the kiss before she shifted awkwardly, as sudden as the feeling came it went and she returned her glance to Domi “It’ll be a grand occasion and you’ll be playing an important part, also was totally kidding about Uncle Hades he wouldn’t leave you Jade, pretty sure I’ve never seen him happier than when he is with you,” she smiled.

Domi looked to Aerian, then to Jade as a sadness crept upon her features at the mention of Hades running off. But then she chuckled, looking to Domi.

Out of the corner of her eye, Aerian caught the strange glance cast to her from Virra but it went unmentioned.

“I mean…uh…yeah, of course, Jade. I’d be honored, never done that before. I’ve had more firsts with this family. Always keeping me on my toes.” He chuckled, while Jade beamed to him and stood.

“Good that settles it. I’ll let Elsa know to begin the kimonos.” She said, moving to the door and leaving.

“What the hell is a kimono?” Virra asked with asked inclined brow.

Domi sat down now. “Damn, that is different. Why do I get the feeling that this is thing to be no normal wedding…?”

“Its an Elcarus wedding, they are always full of surprises” Aerian smiled softly in reply “Not sure I should have implied Uncle Hades would run away, I should learn to keep my mouth shut,” again she shifted awkwardly “And kimono? I’m as lost as you on that one, but I have a feeling we’ll find out soon enough, but I’m also sure you’ll look hot as hell in it,” she grinned now.

Virra pinched her bottom with a smirk, “So will you!” She then whispered in her ear. “Why do you keep shifting weird? It’s like I know something is awkward…”

Aerian leant back so her voice was low enough for Virra to hear but not at this point for Domi to hear “I feel really off, queasy almost, it’s … hard to say to the woman I love,” Aerian finished her voice held an odd slight of panic now.

Virra considered her silently, though, lifted a hand to caress her brow and felt her forehead to check for a temperature. Her words were soft, barely above a whisper. “Well, let’s get something to eat. Perhaps, you’re just hungry or hung over. But if you are still feeling like this after, we are going to see, Stacy.”

Two plates were set down before them, toast, eggs, bacon and some potato hash. “See Stacy about what?” Domi asked kissing each female before taking place across from them and begin eating. “Are my beautiful angels conspiring?”

At the smell of food Aerian felt her stomach growl as she felt the panic rise she rolled off Virras lap and bolted for the bathroom.

Ten minutes later and she returned wiping her face “I um … you guys eat then we should go see Stacy, call me cause until then I’m just gonna lay down”, she wiped her face and smiled before making her way to their bedroom crawling onto the bed now.