[Ending A War] Let Them Rest

A chorus of cheers erupted as the carriage rattled its way through the gates of the Mansion, Aerian was caught completely off guard as were the horses, and she flipped from the carriage and quickly moved to calm them. Kane was followed by Hades and the group quickly surrounded by those grateful for their actions.

Kane eyed the crowd for a moment before he bowed in thanks, Hades looked to Kane and then to Aerian with a smile “They’re grateful” he murmured softly.

When the carriage stopped, Domi joined Aerian to calm the horse closest to him while Virra appeared stunned at the cheers, she looked as though she didn’t know whether to draw her daggers or smile.

It was as Aishani stepped out with Kane and Jade after Hades, that it made sense after Kane’s explain. Aishani looked exhausted but we’ll as she offered a nod to those that moved to shake hands with her, though Shadow appeared to have departed somewhere along the road to not surprise the villagers.

Jade still lent against Hades but appeared to be the shy girl, again. Even though her face was splattered with dry blood and her beautiful short kimono stained.

Aerian handed the reigns off to one of the stablehands before leading Domi and Virra toward the mansion, Hades, Jade, Kane and Aishani were with them as they made their way into the living area Stacy ran leaping upon Aishani with a deep hug. Elsa merely smiled and bowed slightly to the group.

“The realm is safe once more, no thanks to your efforts,” She stated softly while looking them over “You have all returned safe, and the realm is grateful once more,”

“And now we turn our attention to the future,” Hades stated his arm slipping around Jade drawing her to him as he kissed he top of her head “Jade and I will be leaving the mansion as our home, we have done our part in securing the realm and upholding our name, now I would like to spend time exploring ourselves, though I’m sure Jade will be around enough she does have a wedding to plan, we’re not going far just to Delian,”

“The coast? Didn’t have you as fisherman,” Kane grinned in reply

“Ah but the view from our new home is worth the inconvenience,” Hades smirked softly “At least we will be close by if we’re needed, but I think it’s time for us all to make our own paths, discover whatever is we all lost during this war,”

Aishani grunted as Stacy leapt upon her, unprepared, though gently patted the girls back with a smirk. Kane would be the only one to truly recognize that his wife was exhausted and not quite herself. But she covered it so well that Kane hardly noticed.

“Meh. Did what any sane person would do.” Virra said with a shrug, holding Domi’s hand with the other around Aerian.

Jade blushed to Hades words though nodded. “It is the plan, now with the war over we all can finally breathe and enjoy things a lot more. Oh, yes, wedding. Elsa, I know you would like to help me with a dress.”

Elsa stepped back from Aishani with a smile “Of course my dear, after all we do need our Hades to have the most elegant bride, we shall talk more though I suspect after recent events you all need a rest, the rooms are made, everything is as it was when you left just like promised,”

Kane nodded wrapping his arm around Aishani “I’m going to get my wife to bed, we will speak more tomorrow, thank you Elsa and you Stacy for holding the fort here, as ever your service to our family is above and beyond,”

“Oh don’t be silly, you put your lives on the line it is the least we could do,” Elsa shrugged in reply “Now go rest, see the little ones,”

Kane nodded with a smile and led Aishani from the room and to their chambers.

Aishani chuckled to Elsa’s words, while looking up to Kane with love and admiration in her eyes. Accepting his lead to the bed chambers, though once within moving to the cribs. To check in the children, whom were in the same crib and not separate, content and sleep. She glanced back to Kane then to the sweet innocence. “I can’t believe we created two children together…” She whispered.

“And now we can raise them together, safe from your mother and my father. Raise them to be honourable and strong just like their mother,” Kane replied with a kiss to her cheek “Together we can finally enjoy our children, who knows maybe there will be more in our future, but we do have a future now my love,”

She chuckled, leaning back against him to draw his arms around her those eyes fixed on Terra and Xander. “Yes. A future. No more running. I have my home here with my family.” After a time of watching the children sleep, the two made their way to the bed and laid down to attain their first good sleep in a long time, knowing the realm was safe.

Hades drew Jade close as he watched those that remained for a moment “We should follow suit, get some rest, we deserve it,” Hades bowed lightly before escorting her from the room and to their own room. As they entered their chambers Hades kissed her deeply before looking to her “I know a made a certain promise before our war ended, you look incredibly enchanting all covered in blood, for the moment however I need to rest, I don’t have the advantage Vampires generally have and apparently I am wiped, but that’s not to say I don’t intend to honour that promise,”

Jade responded to the kiss with as much depth and passion, though when he parted she leaned against him. “Yes, rest. I need to clean this blood from my face, then I will join you.” She kissed him again, though fixed him to stand near the edge of the bed. Beginning to remove his weapons, then each arrival of his clothing following. It was meticulous and graceful, as though a type of ritual. “In my culture, it is an honour to remove the clothing of your husband after a battle.” She said softly, while working her magic with her fingers to finish the removal. “It is an intimate act.”

Hades didn’t fight it was always amazing to him that she remained true to her values even as much as she knew he expected no such service from her. If truth was told Hades enjoyed the attention probably more than he should have “Every act with you is intimate Jade, even combat had me drowning in my need to take you. You are the ultimate addiction in every way,”

She knelt to fold and neatly arrange his belongings, while rising with perfect posture to place them on a chair and turned to face him with a wink. Then proceeded to guide him to lay down, leaning over to press her lips against his. “Get some rest, I will be with you shortly.” Jade whispered to him, lifting a hand to caress his cheek and then stand back moving to gather a basin in order to fill and leave the room.

Almost as soon as Hades felt the softness of their pillows darkness took him, moments later his breathing was deep and steady.

Aerian on the other hand was now sprawled out over one of the couches in the main hall, her eyes settled on the flames of the fire that burned as brightly as ever. Stacy had parked herself by the fire and Elsa sat at the bar drink in hand.

Domi held Aerian’s head in his lap, while his fingers wove through her fiery threads to lightly massage her scalp and neck, remaining silent and listening to the crackle from the flames on the greedy logs. Virra sat on the floor a hand curled within Aerian’s on her shoulder, though, suddenly she stood up. “Fuck this. It’s lame. Everyone is silent, no partying or fun stuff.” She grasped Aerian’s hand to yank her up and then Domi’s. “We are going home. Rest, then we go find things…fun to do.” The way her dark eyes flashed with mischief was enticing as it was amusing. “Elsa anything good behind that bar? A bottle of something to celebrate?”

Elsa chuckled and reached over for a bottle of something that resembled Whiskey “Indeed we do, I wouldn’t be too sure of the no partying there are rumblings that the folks in town have a street party planned in your honour, also a young woman told me to remind you her terms still are to met?”

Aerian rolled her eyes and kissed Virra on the cheek “I haven’t forgotten about Zia, but I will deal with her when I’m rested and relaxed,” She took Virra and Domi by the hand and they made their way home.

“We aren’t the hero and glory type. What was needed to protect the realm was done, end of story.” Domi said as Aerian lead them out of the main hall to cross the courtyard to their cottage.

Once within, Virra snatched the bottle to open with a tug of her teeth, sitting out and taking a large swig. Moving over to start the fire in the hearth. Domi wrapped his arms around Aerian from behind to kiss her neck. “I know we don’t want to stay here…I want to fight along side my angels, forever.”

“Here will always be home, but there are things we need to do, for once The Everlands needs a group of good thieves, but that’s for another day, tonight we drink,” Aerian smiled settling behind Virra to take the bottle and then kiss Virra deeply “What do you think baby?”

Domi chuckled but didn’t stop Aerian from moving to Virra, following and sitting the fire as Aerian distracted her with a kiss. She leaned back to get a good look at her. “Not sure…good thieves, sounds rather ironic.” But then tugged her down to settle in her lap as Domi settled beside Virra with an arm around her, as a hand remained within Aerian’s. “At the end of this bottle we sleep and look forward to another day. All of us. Together.”

“I like that idea,” Aerian smiled softly as she looked to Domi she leant forward to kiss him gently then settling back into Virra kissing her as well “But whatever we do, I want us to stay together, in every sense, Virra you’re my world, the one who saved me, loves me for me and Domi, you’re our balance the piece that keeps us moving in the right direction, and you make my baby happy even if she tries to deny it sometimes,”

“Hey!” Virra began but was silenced by a kiss from Domi, though, he stealthily snuck the bottle of liquor to guzzle it down. She snatched the bottle away from him to share with Aerian.

The mood was relaxed and stress free, each finding comfort and relief that they were safe and together.

“I don’t mean to be sour in all this, but…your Pops spoke of the wedding for Hades and Jade. Not that it matters but what about ours? Not that I wasn’t too wear a dress or get all dolled up. But we ARE engaged after all.” Virra popped up as the alcohol has loosened her tongue a bit, since something has been on her mind once they arrived.

“Dad hasn’t forgotten, and we can have our wedding whenever we want, which won’t be all that long now. He loves us just as much, well almost as much as I love you,” Aerian replied softly, her hand now sliding around Virras waist as she turned to nestle into her “We will get our day, though as you said we’re not exactly the wedding dress and giant cake type,”

Domi remained silent, eventually pulling each girl into his lap while Virra was on one thigh and Aerian on the other with their legs extended, his strong arms wrapped around them, his brown eyes on the fire while he urged the two women to finish the whiskey, which in turned formed into an amusing game between them with cards brought out to instigate one that included drinking. By the end of the night, each were too drunk and too tired to move, so Domi gathered the blanket from the bed and him with the two females fell to sleep each female in his arms before the fire.


[Ending A War] It’s Finally Over


They had travelled most of the day in unison and strength, a united front that reminded the realm they were going to war united. Several smaller towns had also lent forces, or people joined simply wanting to help liberate their homelands the threat that lay ahead of them.

Hades rounded his horse and motioned for them to halt, soldiers quickly moving to begin making camp. Kane slid from his horse making his way to Hades.

“We should set camp here, the Elveran borders are charmed to alert Ceremon, and those vibrations are hard to miss” He stated as he slid from his horse and then moved to aid Jade from hers.

“Alright, we’ll hold here, send Aerians group ahead to see what’s waiting for us, this is her area of expertise after all” Kane replied

“Who’d have thought you’d be advocating for your daughters skills as a thief,” Hades chuckled, Kane merely waved his hand in reply and made his way to Aishani.

“We can’t get through without letting Elvera know we’re coming, I’m going to send the girls and Domi ahead to see if they can blind them for us, or distract them long enough to get us over that line,”

Aerian had already caught upto her father and heard his plan “Those things are not easy to bypass, you go over them or you go under them”

Aishani watched as Aerian rounded up Domi and Virra, then turned to Kane and Hades. “I need a map.” She said calmly, as Jade tilted her head a slight. “I have an idea, though, I need a map of the area. Aerian said that it is difficult to diffuse. Either over or under, I need to see if there is a cavern that has a tunnel system. Otherwise, my love, we may have to seek the dragons for help.”

Virra kept up with Aerian, while Domi was not far behind. “Is that even possible? To diffuse the charm?”

“Takes a shit load of power, unless you can find its source,” She sighed softly “You can go under them in the right places, but shutting them down is the most effective method.”

It was a few moments before the guards brought a map to them, laying it out on the ground before it sprung to life and hung in the air, caverns did indeed through the area they now resided though far to unstable to take everyone through.

When they stopped Virra straightened and Domi was on Aerian’s left, they looked at what appeared to be nothing but a slight ripple. “Then how do we find the source?” Domi asked while nearing Aerian and looking to Virra whom simply shrugged.

Aerian crouched as she eyed the ripple in thought, watching it vanish into a cavern “The source will be in the centre of wherever this extends, which if I’m guessing right, it would be the castle, and even if we get in we don’t make it out alive,” She sighed softly “We need a new plan…”


Aishani inspected the map, while cursing beneath her breath, then glancing to Kane. “We can’t go around and we sure as hell can’t place the army in danger by going beneath. These caverns are too unstable, the only thing we can do is wait on Aerian and the others to figure something out. Last option is the dragons and leaving behind the horses which will sorely cut time.”

There was a ruffle of people behind them as Ascondia made her way to the command tent “There is another option, we can go right through it without tripping it,”

Kane looked up his eyes on hers for a moment before motioning for her to continue.

“I open a portal, enough to get everyone and everything through,”

“You know what that would do to you? You may be powerful Ascondia but even your power isn’t unlimited,” Kane replied flatly “You’d be putting your life at risk,”

“The risk is worth it Kane and you know it, I can get us across. It will drain me fair enough but I can still fight well enough without my powers, you made sure of that.” Her last words caused her to glance at Aishani “It’s our best option, if this extends the whole way around and it’d be really bad implementation if it doesn’t, the centre is the castle, are you willing to risk three lives when we can just risk one?”

Aishani looked to the map, motioning for a soldier to gather it up and turned to face Ascondia. “The unicorns can offer magical stability in this venture to ensure life is kept and maintained. I know the ones that resided in Faerûn could do much the same. Summon them. I want to get one thing straight, Ascondia. You are not going to be a martyr in all this. While I agree, one life is greater then three…” She gave Kane a sharp glance. “I will send Shadow to gather the others.”

“Oh I have no intention of dying,” Ascondia replied sharply “But I can get us across, and they will be unaware of it, we retain the element of surprise, even if we sent the dragons over they would see them, we jump right over the defence this way. I’m doing it to help not some eternal plan to make myself the hero, honestly I’m happy to leave that you and Kane but I’m our best bet and you know that”

“Aishani is right, with the Unicorns you can avoid draining you yourself too heavily, your portals are handy as all hell, but we need you in this war.” Kane added “I have no want to lead the Everlands, Ascondia so I’ll be damned if I let the Queen wind up dead, the realm needs you, we have your back but you need to be alive when all this is done”

Ascondia adjusted her blade on her hip with a smile “I plan to be,”

Aishani chuckled to Ascondia words, though, moved to stand beside Kane. “Good, then we know the plan. Let’s get this done once Shadow has returned with Aerian, Virra and Domi.”

It wasn’t long before Aerian returned to the group, her eyes down cast as she made her way with Virra and Domi toward Aishani and her father “We can get through, but it is a bad idea for us to bring it down, of course we will go,” She stated softly.

Kane smiled softly and threw a glance toward Ascondia “We have a back up plan,”

Ascondia flexed her hands as she made her way to toward the ripple, she eyed the land beyond for a moment before rolling her shoulders, slowly her hands moved from the ground upward, a purple line following the path, as she moved up and then across the line expanded becoming a purple swirling mass, as she reached the ground on the opposite side the purple mass flickered and flashed into a stable picture just a few feet past the ripple.

Her hair was now plastered to her face, as she looked to Aerian with a smile, then to Kane and back to Aishani, as one of the Unicorns made their way to them “We shall hold the line Lord Kane,”

Kane drew his blade and nodded as he stepped through, it always felt odd to him passing through portals, like been pulled forward and then stopping suddenly, no sooner had he set foot on the other side than chaos erupted as hordes of undead sprung from the ground, Kane glanced around and kicked the closest back “Ah to hell with it, Aerian!!”

Aerian reacted to her fathers’ words, snapping her bow into position and drawing back the string a flash of silver shot into the air erupting high above them, within moments dragons descended from the skies above, roaring and reigning fire down ahead of Kane, the undead screaming in pain as they were cooked.

Aishani was close behind Kane, after he stepped through the portal, the instant the ground shook and the undead rose into the pandemonium of rotten flesh and bones, she threw a knife in the direction of an encroaching creature upon her husband with an easy flick of the wrist. When the rain of fire from the dragons, Aishani moved next to Kane while Jade entered through the portal with Hades and Virra with Domi and Aerian. “We have to make haste! The dragons will be seen from the castle. FORCES MOVE OUT!” Aishani bellowed, as the spiders lead by Shadow trickled through, then the other creatures on their side.

Virra spun her daggers in her palms at the ready to work the magic.

Hades was as dangerous as anyone on the field in that moment his blade worked with deadly accuracy. His foot work kept him close to Jade, but his eyes were on the forces now trying to assault them, as the dragons roared overhead. An undead lunged for Jade only to be caught by the back of the head by Hades.

Kane kept the line intact ensuring they moved forward “At this point our element of surprise is gone, though I’m sure they’re scrambling to figure how we got past without them knowing. Stay tight, head for the castle,” a flash of white as arrows streamed past them eliminating several undead in their path.

“We cover them,” Aerian called to Domi “And you make sure we don’t die baby,” she smiled to Virra.

Jade held her own amidst the battle with surprising ease and grace, ducking and reposting with a slice of her katana. The weapon gleaming wickedly, while Hades recognized the fact that her incisors had sharpened and those warm brown eyes were replaced with the humming yellow of the Kitsune. She moved with such stunning beauty, dancing and predicting the movements, as he dispatched the undead behind her, a flash and soft metallic whistle was heard as a throwing star was edged into the throat of an undead. Jade winked to him, as he watched her back, Jade did the same.

Aishani assisted Kane on keeping the line in tact, though, this separated them with the soldiers. Yet, he heard the grunt from her force that met the end of many undead and felt that pull of her ability blinking behind an undead then to stand before another, it was a succession of perfect moves while she remained strong and uninjured. The brilliance of her golden eyes glowing and her fangs grown to reveal the wolf at the surface to offer the strength.

Domi was already at Aerian’s side, positioned to offer the back up needed at the range while Virra kept the undead from attacking them and disrupting their focus.

Whatever they missed was quickly picked up by the rest of their forces or obliterated by dragon and spider alike. It was a focused assault that led them to the castle walls, as Kane called instructions for the dragons not to get too close to Elvera.

“Take what we can, we need to find the necromancers,” Hades called, no sooner had he than a flurry of arrows unleashed by Domi and Aerian were sent up onto the walls, screams told them they had found targets.

Among the scores of undead the necromancers wielded their magic now. The forces spread in a line cutting their route back off as well as blocking those coming upon them. Kane eyed the wall in thought before turning to Hades.

“I so hope you have a plan for bringing that wall down,” Hades chuckled

“We’re going to walk right through it, right into the throne room,” Kane replied

“Um, it’s a seventy foot solid stone wall, and your dragons can’t fly over it,” Hades replied with a grin

Kane kicked at a stone and the wall opened up a long stone corridor stretched before them, Kane threw Hades a told you so look.

“What in the…” Hades breathed

“I wanted to make sure that we could always get Ascondia out if we ever had to, this tunnel is … hard to explain” He replied

Aishani was fighting an undead that was easily dispatched and she glanced to Kane and then Hades, while her eyes hummed softly with a wolfish smirk. Jade at her side, the two nearly looked as twins with the eyes and grins, but, the stark differences were clear. “Then what are we waiting for? It’s time to get this over with.” Aishani said while Virra and Domi with Aerian moved up to the gathering. “Where is Ascondia?” Her eyes flashed to Shadow that appeared and Aishani looked to the creature for a moment with a nod. “Shadow is going to work on the infiltration with the unicorns and dires into the gates, those spiders can climb anything.”

Kane spun his blade in his hand looking down the secret pathway with a smile “They wont see us coming until its too late, we take out the guards, you kill your sister and we force their hand,” he stated firmly.

“Ceremon isnt going to go quietly,” Hades added darkly.

“I don’t believe Ceremon is the problem in all this,” Ascondia snapped as she pulled her blade from an undeads chest kicking it back with her foot,” He seems to be willing to give Z’ress anything she wants, like a sad little puppy looks quite weak pandering to that whore,”

Aishani glanced to Ascondia with a knowing expression and nod. “No, Ceremon is a pawn to all this. It is the culture of the Drow men are the lesser. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s locked up in a cell about now. My…sister Minra is a strong necromancer, it wouldn’t surprise me if she is the cause for the undead necromancers and horde.”

“How many damn sisters do you have?” Virra blurted out.

Aishani glanced to her with a narrow of her eyes and bare of her teeth, though, turned in her heel to enter the passage first.

“What? It was a simple question.” Virra shrugged as hard looks were cast her way.

Jade glanced to Hades, those eyes glowing softly and three sense of her predator beneath the surface was arousing. He had never truly seen this side of her and with the blood on her kimono and some splattered upon her neck and cheek was enticing, the bruise remained as a mark at her neck that his claim. “Well. Let’s get this over with.”

Hades leant down to Jade, placing a kiss just below her ear before he spoke low and only for her to hear “You look so hot, I cannot wait to take you to bed and fuck you”.

He straightened and stepped beside her, as the group made their way through the tunnel into the depths of Elvera Castle. As they neared the end Kane directed Aerian, Virra and Domi off allowing them to access a higher level and provide aerial cover for them.

A few moments later Aishani, Ascondia, Kane, Hades and Jade stepped out into the throne room, guards attempted to rush them only to be cut down without an ounce of mercy. Ceremon looked up with a dark glance, somehow he looked fragile, withdrawn almost.

“I told you not to count them out,” He scoffed angrily.

“We have the grounds, we have the lands beyond, we have the people this is over,” Hades snapped “Oh and your crazy son is dead too, most of your men are either dead or roasted alive by the horde of dragons we have watching our backs, time to stand down,”

Jade appeared to purr softly to Hades as he spoke his words, though, keeping close to him and followed him with the others inside the tunnel. This was methodical, as the tension was thick in the air making their way through the passages. The instant in the throne room, it was when all hell broke loose. The clatter of the guards moving forward to defend, lives lost and blood fallen. Aishani had an aura of danger around her and it positively oozed to her surroundings. Jade was at her side standing ground and not only covering Aishani but Hades as well, it was an out right massacre.

Only a handful of guards remained in position standing just before the risen seat of the throne. Upon the seat was Z’ress, she wore a white shift that sent a stark contrast to her ashen skin and concealed little, including the protrusion of her buds that pitched a tension on the fabric. Her blood red eyes remained indifferent, as her features were calm and composed, surrounded by the shroud of white hair. At her side was a female that held vibrant crimson eyes, white hair and a figure that was equal, if not more scrumptious then Z’ress or Aishani, this must be Xulljra. A small smirk formed on her lips to the sight of the group.

“Oh, that is quaint. You actually thought, I counted them out, Ceremon? Actually…I counted you out.” Z’ress waved a hand and it appeared as though an invisible hand grasped Ceremon to throw him past the guards into Aishani. “You have suited your purpose just fine, Ceremon. Daughter…”

Aishani growled, Kane felt that static pull in the air as Ceremon’s collision was only met with the floor. “You have never claimed me as your brethren since that fateful day…Don’t pretend to play nice now. Where is Xulljra?”

That is when something changed, even the air, as Ceremon began to laugh though it was a wicked laugh and turned female as Ceremon stood and the figure beside Z’ress faded into nothingness. Just then the woman multiplied and Ceremon melted away, they were surrounded by seeming ten of the Drow female. “Hello, sister…it seems my plan was thwarted by that little red head, your daughter needs to be raised proper…hm, where is she now?” The voice seemed to echo from all the figures around them.

“Watching you very carefully,” Kane chuckled in reply, “She has a way of pissing people off, still considering you’re here and Ceremon and Z’ress are not, they have fled already?”

There was something in Hades that simply switched, all emotion simply vanished as his blade plunged into one of the females, despite her been a mere image it collapsed instantly his blade already targeting the next, “Anyone ever tell you that your sisters are real pains in the ass?”

A flurry of arrows splintered the through the air erupting into a volley that rained down over them, perfectly placed to avoid her parents and their group, but with enough precision to eliminate more cloned images”

“Or she could be just screwing up another of your plans,” Kane laughed darkly now “You seem to think at this point we care, let me clue you in, we don’t, we have one goal and I will burn this city to the ground if need be,”

It was exactly as Hades predicted the vision of Xulljra dissipated, as did the next. Yet, when the rain of arrows flew down dispatching five more visions leading to only a handful left. Z’ress hadn’t dissapeared, standing in her position behind the guards and the throne, watching with idle interest, just as a glisten of metal was seen and a throwing star lodged into the neck of one multiples of Xulljra causing her to scream in pain, only to have it gurgle and a body slumping to the floor. A pool of blood spilling about the body, as Jade moved over to dislodge the weapon, licking it briefly, then looking to Z’ress.

Aishani never moved but held her glowing golden gaze upon Z’ress with deadly purpose. “You have sufficiently killed your daughter…”

“She was too weak. Now. For you, my dear sweet heritic…” Z’ress stepped forward as the two guards looked confused and shaken, almost as though, they felt the tides turning and the traitor title to end their lives in a trial. The way she moved was oozing with sexuality and prowess, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that Aishani had taken that walk.

Aishani spun her blades in her hand now, gripping the hilts. “You are NOT my family. My family is here with me and backs me up. One more move and my daughter will strike you down with her arrows…Go on. I dare you.” She growled with a low rumble, fingers flexing on the daggers. “You have lost this war, Z’ress. No more lives will be lost under your reign.”

As if to make the point ever more clear arrows slammed into the ground at Z’ress’ feet, another whistling eerily close to her ear and into the throne behind her, the air held tense and dark in that moment. Hades stood beside Jade with a dark smile, the darker Jade became in her actions the more in love with her he found himself, something given a chance he knew was going to bring them together in a way they couldn’t have predicted.

Kane had all but removed himself from the scenario now as Aishani made her warning and Aerian made it crystal clear. Ascondia now stood blade in hand “Now get the fuck out of my home, because if they don’t end you, trust me you crazy bitch I fucking will, this is my home and I’m tired of watching them gush over each other,” she threw a look back to Aishani “No offence,” before her eyes slid back to Z’ress “Walk away or I will make sure you don’t,”

Jade licked her lips, glancing back to Hades with her upper lip curled back in a silent growl, exposing her fangs to him but then stood back watching with keen eyes.

Aishani rolled a shoulder dismissively, though, moved to stand at Ascondia’s side. Daggers at the ready, while suddenly sheathing one and lunging to catch onto Ascondia. The static pull was felt in the air as both, Aishani and Ascondia disappeared, then appeared beyond the guards and behind Z’ress. The Drow female had little time to react, as Aishani stabbed a dagger into Z’ress’s side with the blood staining her white shift. Such surprise written on her face, as Aishani nodded to Ascondia, giving her the right to end this woman and claim her throne.

Ascondia didn’t need a second offer as she grabbed the back of her head causing her to yelp in surprise, it was quick and clean but her blade was across her throat almost as quickly as they had appeared, a well placed foot to the spine sent her crashing to the floor “You were warned,” she snapped angrily, wiping the blood on her cloak before turning and seating herself on the throne.

“Anyone else care to defy the Queen of the Everlands?” She stated darkly looking to the fallen forms of Z’ress and Xulljra.

Kane bowed with a smile not in respect but more a mock defiance a reminder to Ascodnia they had her back, but weren’t hers to command at will. As guards now began filing into the throne room, it was clear the city was now theirs.

Hades sheathed his blades and grabbed at Jade kissing her deeply, a low growl from his throat as did so. Aerian, Virra and Domi also now joined them in the throne room “Is it over?” Aerian asked quietly.

“By the fact these two are out of the picture, Ceremon seems to have split so yes, it’s finally over,” Kane replied sheathing his own blade, making his way to Aishani “You alright? I get they’re not family really but still, thank you,” His words loud enough for Ascondia to hear a reminder again where things stood between Dentarius and the throne.

Aishani glanced to Ascondia as she sat on the throne, while no movement from her head but the eyes lowered to the bodies of Z’ress and Xulljra, the expression on her face unreadable for the moment, though tipped her chin down to Ascondia and walked down the steps.

Jade bit and suckled on Hades’ lip within the kiss, but, that fire was more primal then it had been before. Though, once Aerian, Domi and Virra arrived in the thrown room, Jade grinned ruefully to her. “I’m rather disappointed at the fact that it was easy…”

“Yes, a build up to a killing as easy as this, has me hesitating…” Virra commented, while wrapping an arm around Aerian, while Domi moved to near the steps of the throne and appearing to inspect for something on the ground.

“If Z’ress had Ceremon wrapped around her finger, I do not think he would flee.” Domi said, just as a guard looked to him then the others.

“He is locked in a cell, she used him up until. The enchantress had played his roll since we came to the castle.” The guard said with his head bowed down.

Aishani hit the last step while considering then, suddenly, crumbled to her knees hard. This was unexpected, as even her gaze appeared surprised but now she was having a problem breathing.

Kane was at her side within a moment his blade drawn as he leant to her “You Ok?” His eyes already searching the room for the cause, Hades too had his weapon drawn as he followed Kanes path of searching the room.

She appeared to struggle to breathe, while the colour had drained from her face, shaking her head. “Shadow…Find…” Aishani managed to gasp.

Virra looked confused to Aerian, then Domi. But it was Jade that spoke. “She…is she bound to the creature?”

Aishani couldn’t speak now, but nodded slowly.

Aerian was on her heel before Aishani squeezed the second word out, as she tore through the castle and out into the courtyard, it was an ease that she vaulted up onto the wall and took off toward Shadows last know location.

Kane remained with Aishani as he looked to Hades who nodded and leant to guards issuing orders to secure the last areas of the castle.

Aishani looked to Kane, while her golden eyes were dulling as every second passed. Mouthing the words. ‘I’m sorry’.

Aerian took off in such a rush that it left Virra and Domi behind, stunned at her speed. Though, Jade took off shortly after her, the speed was incredible and the Kitsune could easily follow the scent. But, the last known location of Shadow was to secure the entrance of the castle, that is where Aerian found the large arachnid as a female Drow stood over the creature with a dagger drawn to come down to end Shadow’s life as the arachnid lay on the ground with the legs spread out.

Aerian leapt from the wall drawing her blades in mid-flight with speed as she dropped, her blades driven into the shoulders of drow female, landing clear ontop of her there was a crack indicating broken bones. She with withdrew one blade and proceeded to drive it into her rib cage with force.

“Not going to happen bitch,” Aerian snarled darkly, she shifted turning the female over now pinning her to the ground by the throat her blade poised to end her “You don’t screw with Elcarus family or did they not teach you that bit?”

As Aerian grew closer to this Drow female, it was then realized that this was not a living being. The flesh was partially rotten from the bones and the eyes glowed an unnatural blue, but, as the weight crumbled under the creature, it was then that Aerian realized that it was controlled.

Jade appeared a few moments later, landing easily on the ground, straightening and moving to Shadow and kneeling down. That is when Aerian saw it, a strange aura growing around Jade in the form of a fox. Her hands were on Shadow now, as her eyes were closed in concentration.

Looking around Aerian only saw the wounded and dead, nothing denoting the caster to control this dead but a dagger was on the ground of a gold with the detailing of a spider at the hilt.

“Did I ever mention I fucking hate necromancers,” Aerian muttered, her blade driven into the forehead of the undead drow to ensure it stayed dead, before she stood and made her way to Jade “Can you help?” Her voice trembled as she picked up the dagger looking it over in thought “I’m guessing we’ll be ending another one of Aishanis family before today is out,” again she returned her attention to Jade now.

Jade glanced to Aerian, while inhaling deeply and rising, looking to Shadow that appeared to be alive then to Aerian. “I have healed the wounds, best I can…though, the rest has to heal on their own. It will take too much power, which I don’t have to heal the life threatening wounds. I think that Shadow will be fine.” She paused while coaxing Shadow to rise, sure enough the spider rose but it was weak. “Let’s get back to the others. I think, that this was a diversion for an escape.”

Aerian spun her blades in her hand before sheathing them and nodding, she bowed lightly to Shadow and then led Jade through the courtyards to the castle. As they moved through the main doors soldiers were pulling the dead out the castle. Staff had already began cleaning blood from the floors and walls, as they reached the throne room Ascondia was still sat on the throne.

Kane remained at Aishanis side though was grateful when Aerian returned, she crouched to them and sighed “I’m sorry, some necro was trying to take down Shadow, I got to it’s thrall, before it was fatal, Jade healed as best she could and the necro got away no doubt to become a thorn in our collective asses later,” She kissed Aishanis cheek gently before making her way back to Virra and Domi.

Dutifully, Shadow followed Jade while the arachnid had difficulty a few times and Jade stopped to help the creature with a smile. When they entered the throne room, Aishani was still laying weak with her head in his lap and hand within his. She inhaled deeply with a smile as Aerian kissed her cheek, this was the first time that Aerian had ever displayed such affection aside from an embrace.

“No, fucking doubt. But, at least the threat is over. What about Ceremon?” Virra asked, turning her gaze to Ascondia. “I suggest you reconsider the Council Members, it seems that half of them are dead and sided wrong on this war.”

Shadow moved to lay next to Aishani, as her hand was placed on the spider with her eyes closed. “Minra…She used that necromantic Drow to escape. Shadow nearly had her…No, you did not fail me, my friend…” She smiled weakly to Shadow, as the leg lifted to caress her face with the fine fibers of the tips.

Virra curled an arm within Aerian’s waist, watching Kane with Aishani, while Domi draped an arm over Aerian’s shoulders. She was surrounded by those that loved her and weren’t afraid to display this to everyone.

Jade moved to stand near Hades, though, what no one saw was that she was leaning against him the healing clearly took much from her.

Hades hand slipped around her waist ensuring she was subtly supported, so as only he knew she needed the help.

“If he’s in the cells, keep him there for now, let him think about his actions maybe this will teach him though I highly doubt it,” Hades stated firmly.

Ascondia nodded in reply before looking to Aishani and Kane “I have decided to rule, the council will be made of representatives of each city but I will be the one who makes the choices now, I’m sure if my choices are wrong you’ll make sure I know it,”

“Just be careful Ascondia,” Was all Kane said before returning his attention to his wife “We should get you both home, now this war is done we can finally breathe easy. We’ll speak with Arak’neth and ensure she keeps her kin inline,” He eyed Ascondia once more “You need to inform the people they are equal as any other here now, give them no reason to be a threat, I made a choice and they saved our asses,”

“They did and I won’t forget it,” Ascondia replied softly “I want to thank you all from me and the realm, we lost a lot of people, innocent people but we survived because of you,”

Kane waved away the thanks, before helping Aishani back to her feet holding her to him. Hades had already begun to escort Jade into the courtyards beyond to a carriage already now waiting for them.

“Keep your head mom, you can do this,” Aerian smiled softly before taking Domi and Virras hands and following Hades.

In the carriage, Aishani simply lent against Kane while it was still apparent that his wife was weak even still. Jade and Hades sat across from them, as Virra insisted on kicking off the coach man to drive her new family home. Besides the carriage wasn’t large enough for everyone. Virra showed her fist to the driver and shouted for him to get off, as the man scrambled away too shaken by the events of the day to argue. Domi helped Shadow upon the roof of the carriage, as Virra grasped Aerian’s hand to pull the fiery red head up to join her and Domi on the drivers seat. Not before too long, they were on the ride home to Dentarius.

Virra held a hand with Aerian since her other was needed to drive the reigns, while Domi held an arm securely around her. All of then watched the world move by and it was suffice to say that the bodies that lined the path was a horrific sight, even if most were that of the undead but even still there were guards and soldiers.

Soon after within the carriage, Jade fell to sleep upon Hades’ shoulder while Aishani mirrored much the same on Kane’s, each woman held the hand of their significant other. Now, since this war began time was given to Kane and Hades, a chance, to talk to each other, as the tension had melted away and relief that all this was done gave the realm a breath of fresh air.


[Ending A War] We Leave At Dawn

It was early morning as the pale pink light had begun to wake up the realm. The courtyard beyond the cottage was chaotic to say the least. Calls from soldiers and the rear of horses. The clatter of equipment being moved. Today the realm was ready for war.

Aerian felt the breathe forced from her as she pulled tight the leather of her bustier, the jacket she wore over was woven with chainmail magically enchanted by Elsa to be weightless, the jacket would flow in her motion as if made of water. It’s colour on the other hand also concealed by magic allowing her blend with environments.

She pulled on the leather pants and then her boots, before strapping her blades to her thighs, she checked the tenseness of her bow string before she stood. There was no need for her quiver of arrows, this war required something more and Aerian had a surprise in her they wouldn’t see coming, the ability to conjure arrows from the very ether of the realm. Aerian was ready in that moment.

The smell rose from the kitchen, as it was clear to Aerian that Domi was making their last solid meal before marching and the faint sound of blade against whetstone was heard grinding a weapon into sharp precision. Virra and Domi did not have as exquisite items as Aerian, though, leaving the bedroom, she would see Domi busy by the fire and Virra reclining casually working her daggers to a fine sharpness.

She looked to Aerian as her fiery haired lover entered, lowering a leg and placing down the whetstone, beckoning her over to the kitchen table and pulling her into her lap, while returning to sharpening the daggers while her lips placed subtle kisses and nips at her neck. Virra’s sturdy but flexible leather was pressed against Aerian’s back. The clothing was as the first that she had met her within.

Domi moved from the fireplace brandishing the small cauldron to set on the middle of the table to move and kiss each woman softly, he was wearing a thick overcoat with a bow and arrows in his quiver, then proceeded to dish out the stew.

Aerian leant into Virra taking the moment to feel her lover, a soft kiss to her neck “I love you, now and forever” As Domi kissed her she purred softly.
She turned to look at the bowl of stew with a smile “We all need to come back, alive,” She smiled softly watching Domi then turned back to nuzzle Virra gently.

Domi handed Aerian a bowl of stew while placing the other before Virra, settling down to chow down. As Virra lifted her hand from Aerian’s thigh, kissing her neck again and beginning to eat. After everyone held a full stomach, Domi gathered the dishes to rinse and clean off. “We all will come out alive, my angels. I will be there to cover your backs, as you will be with me. Plus the realm is on our side, remember?”

Virra smirked and chuckled giving Aerian’s bottom a small pinch to cause her to jump up and stand, sheathing her daggers and move to a traveling pack. “We look out for each other.”

“Now and forever.” Domi agreed. “Let us go meet with your father and the others.”

Aerian nodded softly watching them before they made their way out through the front door into the chaos of the courtyard beyond. Hades was barking orders among the commotion directing troops and supplies into the neater more organised lines.

Kane stood by the Mansion his eyes surveying the troops as they busied themselves making ready to take Dentarius to war. A second contingent clearly preparing to hunker down when they left. He wrapped his arm around Aishani softly “Are you ready for this my love,” he knew better than to ask, but the husband in him asked anyway.

Ascondia let loose a dagger striking the fighting dummy clean between the eyes as she walked to retrieve it her hand plucking it from the wooden dummy. She turned to look at Kane and Aishani then Hades and Jade. She smiled softly knowing the realm was in the safest of hands and that by the time this was done they would come through in one piece.

Elsa stood behind Kane and Aishani now “We will keep the fires of home burning, stay safe all of you.”

Stacy remained silent beside Elsa, the comings and goings were far beyond anything she could process, the Everlands still made her nervous even if she had been here a while now. She too as to remain within the Mansion along side Elsa.

Aishani was before Kane, dressed the same as she had the first day he met her, wrapped in leathers and the corset that did little to hide her bosom but this opted for freedom of movement. Though, her bosom was full of motherly milk and very amplified, the daggers at her hips and throwing knives strapped to her thighs gave her the dangerous appeal that drew him to her in the first place. She was ready for war, placing her hands over Kane’s as they came around her. “I’m ready to take back our home.”

Jade was silent beside Hades, dressed in a short kimono, crossed katana’s on her back and soft boots reaching her thighs, laced and secured, though, a strange throwing star upon her oni. Her hair was pulled up in a topknot, watching everything going on around her.

Everyone looked to Aerian, Jade and Domi as they arrived, Aishani nodding to Kane now and Shadow skittering to her side. “Let’s be about this. I am growing tired of this game set by Ceremon and Z’ress.”

Aerian looked to her father with a grin “The oddest part of all this is you have some how managed to hide a dozen or more dragons, good old grandad ain’t gonna know what hit him,” She turned and looked out over their troops.

Kane laid his hand on her shoulder gently “Not until it’s too late, two will remain to watch over Dentarius the rest will come when we call, and now it is indeed time for this to end,” with that they made their way to their horses, Kane held one for Aishani to mount before turning to whistle, the troops saluted then proceeded to either mount their own horse or march in formation beside carts and troop commanders, the head of the forces led by Jade and Hades, Aishani and Kane held the middle.

Aerian, Virra and Domi held their own ground among the trees and higher ground, Aerian had always been more comfortable on the ground. The procession began to move from the courtyard and out toward the forest.

Aishani kept her head high while riding on her horse, which was prepared for war with proper armour and the heavy feet of the troops behind her and before her with the thump of hooves. She glanced to Kane then forward, as Shadow and the blade spinner spiders of the realm following her.

Virra was quick on her feet as was Domi keeping up with Aerian while they kept the forests with their presence, while it appeared Domi was still hesitant on the presence of the large arachnids. But, Jade sat perfectly positioned on her horse, eyes forward and alert.

The time was now, everyone felt the adrenaline of such a battle to come in their veins, and it was electric and ready to explode at any moment. But, the strength of the army and the realm on their side, it was only a matter of time until the plan was pushed forth.

[Ending A War] Trying for the Future

Hades caught the edge of the dummy with his blade a he flash of sparks erupting on contact, he turned as he kicked out catching the dummy with a thud before landing just behind. He spun his sword in his hand a wiped the sweat from his brow.

Since leaving the meeting Hades had trained to the point of exhaustion and yet was refusing to rest for a moment, he looked over his sword, the edge still shone with a darkness, as sharp as it had ever been, Hades was going to war and had every intention of coming out the other side alive and well.

Jade silently watched Hades as she sat upon a crate, the Katana fixed to her hip and hair flowing lose around her shoulders in a dark waterfall. The bruise still around her neck, while rising now and nearing him. The scent of cherry blossom enveloping him in her presence. “You’ve had enough. While it is good to ensure that you are in excellent condition, also it falls in line to not be exhausted.”

“I know Jade, truly I do, but there is so much anger and hatred behind this blade, being that clouded will serve us less to this war” He felt her hand take his sword, just for a moment his grip help before he nodded and released it to her.

“Of course being exhausted will serve us less” He eyed the bruise on her neck, just for a moment he felt a twinge of regret curl at his gut, quickly buried beneath the memory of how responsive and wet she was during the whole thing, “I love you, Jade, you know I’m doing this for you. All of this from me is because I love you, I will lay down my life if it means this realm is safer for you,” He drew her to him with a gentle grin “Not that I have any intention of winding up dead, I refuse to give Ceremon that satisfaction, even if I know he isn’t going to end up dead either,”

She pressed herself against him now, closing her eyes. “Just don’t do anything rash and I believe we will make it out with another win for the realm.” In her lean, he saw those delicate fingers trace the bruise lovingly at her neck. “We are not only doing this for each other but for the next generation of Elcarus to this realm.”

His hand ran over her neck slowly, as his eyes settled on her cleavage. She could hear the thud of his heart as beat beneath his chest, a heart which he often denied existed until she became his. He remained silent but continued to caress the bruise a reminder of her trust in him. And his for her, he had shown the darker side of him to her, the one he protected everyone else from. It was for her and her alone.

“When this war ends you will be bringing forth the next generation, our child” His hand now slid to rest on her stomach.

Her own touch hesitated as his hand lifted to caress her bruise, raising her head to offer him more flesh to touch. But it was as his hands ended on her abdomen, that her own was placed upon his, looking down. “I just…hope it’s possible…” She whispered, reserved. It was true that only Kitsune bred with the same of their kind. Such was not known outside the world if such mysterious creatures.

“I don’t know Jade, truthfully your kind are so rare, you’re almost a legend, but we are meant for each other which means if we have faith in us, what is meant to happen, will happen” He ran his hand over her stomach softly “I was once told the less you think about it, there more likely the odds the realms will deliver, though half kitsune half demon? Could be fun,” There was a softness to his voice, a part of him wanted to assure her that children were in their future but he couldn’t make that promise and he knew it. “I can tell you this for sure though, if you can then that’s incredible and I can’t wait, if you can’t then it doesn’t matter because I still have you, which is more than I could ever want for, no matter what happens with children, I love you and that will not change”

“Oh…I don’t know about legend…” She said with a blush, that shy girl coming forth once more. But Jade listened to his words, nothing was needed in response as her lips were upon his, to act upon his words.

Hades melted into the kiss, his arms wrapping around her waist and hoisting her to his hips before roaming her back gently. Reflected in the kiss was the self same fire she drew out in him, a deep and as passionate as they ever were.

“I think its time we went to bed to finish what we started earlier,” He growled against her ear, with that he slid his arms under her backside and made his way to their room with her still locked around his waist.

To the hoist she compensated by linking her ankles behind his back and wrapping her arms around his neck for ample support, a croon parted her lips to the fierce growl that echoed in her ears. He felt her heart racing as her bountiful bosom wrapped in the fabrics of her kimono thunder against his, but, leaned her cheek against his shoulder as he walked her just this way into the estate and their room.

As he kicked their door closed behind him he made his way to the dresser sitting her upon it as he was now between her legs, his hands once more returning to roaming her back beneath her kimono, his touch light barely touching the tender flesh yet letting his fingertips glide over every inch of flesh. His lips now working down over her neck and collar bone in soft kisses.

Jade eagerly clawed at his tunic while her lips parted in a rush of pleasure while his own touch invaded the fabrics of her kimono to present the silken surface beneath his greedy touch. She tilted her head to expose more of her neck and shoulder to him, that bruise lingering in the release of his previous darkness but such a side that he shared with her.

Hades kept his touch light, as he worked down over her shoulder, slowly he kissed her shoulder slowly. His hands slid down her back around her hips and slowly up along her stomach slowly. Before sliding back free of her clothing and began working her clothes from her body.

She sat on the dresser now, cradled with the fabric of her kimono pulled around her. Each touch of his hands and lips caused a soft croon from Jade. While the exotic beauty was revealed to him in the most intimate detail. Now she leaned forward to peel his clothing from him in a ritualistic manner.

Hades allowed her to undress him, offering no resistance to her revealing him to her, his hands now working back to run over her breasts before pinching her nipples a little. Before moving in to capture her lips in a deep longing kiss, his hands now returning to roaming her flesh slow and tenderly back to taking his time.

She yelped softly to his administration to her buds, this caused the delightful buttons to peak and tense. Though she fell into the kiss with a shudder, slowly within the tangle of the slick muscle the depth intensified. Her hands lifted to tangle within his hair in order to keep him close and locked into the kiss.

His hands now slid to her hips as he stepped forward his manhood pressed against her, his hands worked her hips for a moment to position her before he repositioned himself to enter her.

As the position was prime, she lifted her legs to curl around him with heels pushing him forward. A cry of sheer joy parted her lips as his tool plunged within her molten depths, holding still, and then clamping her lips upon his and scooting to near the edge of the dresser.

His motion was slow and measured, easing back from her before slowly sliding back into her each time holding within her for a moment before sliding back, his hands running over her back slow and deliberate now there was a deep passion in the way they were entangled with each other, Hades kept his rhythm slow and tender now, the very opposite of the last encounter they had with each other.

Her sounds were incredible within this encounter, it seemed not only her mind but body reacted with the lubrication her honey provided. When he would sunk within her, those legs tightened almost as though silently pleading for him to remain only to be denied. As his fingers caressed and kneaded at her tattooed back caused a gasp to part her lips, her own hands kneading into his upper shoulders.

Hades moaned her name gently as he plunged into her, his eyes one hers intently as he now withdrew this time holding back from her, as she was about to protest he slid into her this time slow and deliberate allowing her to feel every ridge along his hard tool as it entered her until he was deep within her.

Her eyes met his causing this time to be intense and passionate, indeed her mouth posted to protest but was silenced by the plunge forming into the deliverance of her praising sounds. Jade tiles her chin back this have him a view of the bruise on her neck. Her hands had lowered to knead against his lower back pleading for him to speed his movements.

He didn’t, Hades had control and this was just another way of tormenting her, a reminder she was his world and he would show her every piece of him. As he withdrew and slid into her slow again his breathing unsteady in that moment, a control of her also meant he had to control his own wants. The heat of her as surrounded him inch by inch was still as enticing as the first time and as hot as the last, he groaned hungrily but remained slow and controlled.

Jade cried out, while his show deliberate movements proved to be pure torture for her as she begged and pleaded to be taken harder and faster. While after her lips crushed against his, his control reinstated even with her begging, lips folding against his and slick muscle tangled. Her body went rigid, that is when he first felt the throbbing and all at once a powerful rush of juices flowed, again and again, washing him with her ambrosial nectar.

He held deep within her feeling her muscles as they clamped against him, he moaned softly before he withdrew from her a soft smile, he broke the kiss for a moment “I love you,” he stated gently.

Jade was groggy still but to this new position, her eyes widened and the sound of joy parted her lips. He felt her shudder and silken fold clamp upon him. The two were parted for just a moment and combined again, it was sheer rapture. One hand was placed upon his chest, as her hips began to roll, slowly at first.

He breathed deeply, the feeling of himself so deep within her was incredible to him, as her hips began to roll, his hands reached tracing over the flesh of her stomach and breasts slowly, his touch light and tender now.

Jade tilted her head back while the soft sounds she made and the way her flesh rolled beneath his touch voices the pleasures this have her. Her hips moved causing his tool to feel every ripple within, it was magnificent as the love to his life was so vulnerable to him. Even with the bruise around her neck as the mark to the darker side that she had accepted. While to others saw her as was fragile, he knew better. She was a strong and amazing woman, not very many could see past her layers.

But her rocking grew to a higher speed and urgency, taking forward to integrate a deep passionate kiss.

Hades growled in reply now his back arching forcing himself deeper within her as he shuddered, a groan and he released himself deep within her.

It was a tender but powerful moment as her warm lips caressed his when her folds clapped down upon him and he felt the essence drip down his thighs. The two had hit their climax at the same time, Jade collapse on his chest panting as his throbbing flesh remained in her living flower surrounding him.

His arms instantly slid around her waist holding her to him, his breathing broken and ragged from the passion a moment they shared, a reminder that their world was their own, his hands ran over her back then to her ass and back to resting against her lower back.

[Ending A War] Calm Before the Storm

Aerian stirred as she rolled she felt her arm drop to the bed waking her, she crawled closer to Virra kissing her shoulder gently. It was a cool morning as she looked to the window it was also still dark, long before the sun was due to rise. Aerian felt nerves creep through her as she was suddenly aware that Domi was no longer with them.

She shook Virra gently “Baby wake up, he left us,” considering what was ahead of them in only a few hours Aerian was unusually on edge in this moment.

Virra groaned initially to the stir but the instant that she said Domi was gone, her awareness was more than alert. She jumped up from the bed. “I’m going to kill him…” She growled, beginning to walk naked to the doorway since their clothing was shed in the living area. But hesitated, essentially stopping.

Aerian watched as Virra headed for the door the stopping caught her off guard as she slid to the edge of the bed “Are you OK? I mean about all this, also why would he leave, he seemed so sure earlier, well beside the fact we’re headed to war and he’s a real bad shot” She tried to add humor but it was far from humorous in that moment “I’m sorry, humor not really the time? So back to my original, question are you OK?”

Virra just remained silent little reaction to Aerian’s words, a statue starting through the doorway.

Aerian looked on before her way to Virra “What are staring …” her voice trailed off as she joined Virra in the doorway now.

Virra didn’t move, nor look at Aerian, her sights were fixed before her. Moving to her side, Aerian finally saw what had her in a state of shock. In a rack near the door were two rather plump rabbits hung up with heads dangling lifelessly with a bow and quiver resting near it making a kill. But that wasn’t what had her full attention. There was a figure in the kitchen. His back was to them busy with cleaning the catch. It was Domi. Apparently, their fears and doubt left in that moment. He was making them breakfast by the sight of the quail eggs resting in a bowl near to him.

Aerian was stunned by the sight as she looked on, if she was honest this had been the last thing she had expected. Her expectations in others outside their family were always unnaturally low, and she wouldn’t have blamed Domi if he’d chose to run. It seemed, however, he was going to stand with them as she watched him quietly, her arm slipping around Virras waist her head resting on her shoulder.
It seemed the contract from Aerian broke the shock from Virra and she, in turn, curled an arm around Aerian. Turning to place a kiss on the top of the fiery crown, content to relax.

Just then Domi turned with a pitcher and bowl of cut chunks of meat, he hesitated but moved to the blazing hearth to put water into a small cauldron as well as the meat and vegetables in A bowl along side the fire. But when he finished, Domi faces the two women with a smirk. “Can’t blame a man for wanting to take care of his angels…”

“Better than leaving them with the impression, he had his wicked way and then left them in the dead of night” Aerian teased in reply before she pushed closer to Virra, feeling her flesh against her own made Aerian smile softly “But wow, thank you, if I die today at least I will die happy and well fed,” The tease remained in Aerians voice, much as the defiance she wasn’t about to die today or anytime soon for that matter.

“Was he always this considerate? Or are we just incredibly lucky?” She asked Virra now.

He chuckled and neared them, his strong hands roaming over their sides. “Can’t have my beautiful angels fighting to save the realm on an empty stomach. Protein is a good start. Yet it was supposed to be a surprise.”

“We’re at war Domi, as a result I’m unnaturally on edge, which considering how much you worked us over last night, I should still be sleeping heavily. I’m just glad you didn’t leave, can’t protect you out there” Aerians words came as a reminder that he was a part of their lives if he chose to be, but a reminder of who she was. She couldn’t help but shudder at his touch before she turned to kiss Virra deeply.

As she went to break the kiss she groaned a wave crashing through her skull as she stumbled back into Domi “Oh crap!” She murmured as the visions hit, the war over Elvera with dragons in the skies above, Hades and Kane at the head of the charge flanked by Aishani and Jade. There were flashes of them in combat, the walls of Elvera as the city beyond burned, the visions were incredibly vivid enough to trick the mind of scent blood and ash around them. The visions passed as Aerian was on her knees “What the fuck was that all about, is the realm trying to tell us we’ll win or we won’t?”

Domi caught Aerian as she fell against him, strong arms wrapping around her, guiding her down to the floor. But when she came to Virra was leaning her back against the door holding her head. “It is of what is to come…Domi, I think we have to forgo the food at the moment. We don’t have the time. We have to go to the estate.”

Domi nodded handing Aerian over to Virra, then pulling the pot off the fire.

“Well there goes my biggest secret and not even on a second date” Aerian breathed again going for humor as she pulled herself to her feet using Virra for strength. She made her way back to the bed and pulled out clothing to dress in. It didn’t take her long to regain herself as she strapped her breasts into place, the top tighter than the last time she’d worn it.

“Really need to speak with Elsa about a new wardrobe” She groaned as she was finally dressed. She made her way to the kitchen a glass of water to clear the last of the cobwebs in her head now, “Domi, you know what I am, and you are one of very few who know. If the whole realm knew, well you know the rumors on seers and I’d rather that not be my fate”

Virra returned to the bedroom in order to dress as well, though, her clothing was gathered from the front room. She had a specific look and it was all leather, clung suggestively to her but also with exquisite taste with her black colors that always made her face seem more porcelain then it was and those lips even more ruby hued. But, when she was dressing it was clear to Aerian, the damage done to her bosom the night before, as some were the peppering of suction by Domi and a few bite marks that were held in bruising. Though, it appeared not to bother her. “Yes, Firefly. We will get us knew clothing, I have a feeling mine are going to be worse for wear.”

As they entered the main room, Virra went to sharpen her blades and knives, situating them efficiently to her person. Domi leaned against the table with a handsome smirk. “There has to be a first date first, Angel.” But, passively he rolled a shoulder. “I won’t tell if you won’t.” Though, he winked, then looked at the two women. “We ready to get the realm back or what? I think we better leave or we will miss out on all the fun…I don’t like to miss out on the fun.” Suddenly he moved with catlike reflexes, that is when Aerian would see a dagger in the table, though, he dislodged it and returned it to Virra.

“There is your fun,” Virra said swiping it from him, though situated and rose. “Let’s get going.” She moved to the door while Domi followed and the trio began their way to the estate.


All in all, it had taken a little over 2 hours to deliver their information and help make a plan for ending the war. It had been a productive morning even by Aerians standards. They made their way back across the courtyard to the cottage, as Aerian was looking around the Mansion was quieter than normal but likely because most of the soldiers were out on patrol, others were helping ensure stocks were sufficient to ensure people were fed and clothed as the war came to a close.

Tomorrow would see them go to war, as for today breakfast was next on Aerians list “Hope it didn’t get spoiled having to run out like that, I’m kinda hungry after all that exercise last night” She smiled as she pushed open the cottage door, catching Virras wrist and pulling her into a kiss.

“I took it off the fire. So out wouldn’t burn, I’ll make the eggs and toast for my beautiful angels.” Domi said in passing to Aerian.

He entered first into the cottage, moving to begin breakfast, placing the cauldron into the spit over the fire.

Virra was stunned initially to the kiss but melded into it with a smirk and lifted her up by utilizing her bottom to set her on the kitchen table.
Aerian growled playfully as Virra placed her on the table, but didn’t break from the kiss, the passion was all she felt in that moment. Her legs wrapped around Virra keeping her against her as she whimpered gently. Finally, she broke from the kiss looking to Virra then to Domi.

“You know honestly I can’t remember the last time a guy made me breakfast, and I’m fairly sure my dad doesn’t count in that statement” She watched Virra for a moment “Of course you cook, and you’re good in bed so I’m a lucky girl on all counts”

Domi glanced to Aerian, then Virra from the hearth while stirring the eggs. “Well since we skipped the first date, does breakfast make up for it?”
Virra leaned her forehead against Aerian’s shoulder shifting her gaze to Domi. “Hmm, depends on if it is good. Smells fantastic.”
“Hm. Well, I do have lunch already cooking.” He dusted off his hands and with a hot pad moved to the kitchen to pour out the contents equally in three bowls. “I hope that evens out the odds.”

“I think he really wants to stay,” Aerian smiled as she ran her hands over Virra slowly “It does smell good though, and I’m real hungry, so we’ll call it even for now,” she winked softly before digging her feet against Virras butt with a grin, “We should relax for today, make sure we are well and truly relaxed for later,”

Virra grinned to Aerian, curling her fingers into the fiery reigns and yanking back, too glide her lips and nose against her neck in a sensual manner, just as Domi gave her a forkful of eggs. “I can’t help but spoil, my beautiful angels.”

Virra turned to accept a forkful with a thoughtful chew watching him. “Anything you have in mind, Firefly?”

“Mhm,” Aerian replied as she watched Domi “We’re all stiff and sore, the damn visions play all kinds of havoc with my body, so maybe we can do something about it?” Aerian was actually unsure of what she had meant with her words only that she liked the way things had worked out, she was also incredibly curious about Domi and how he’d ended up involved with Xulljra, she was hoping in time she could find the answers, having deliberately not informed her family of that fact.

“We should just not be stressing ourselves, enough of that over the next few days, we should spend what time we have together, which I could honestly think of no better place” She had pinched a piece of the egg from Virras fork “Holy god these are good!”

Domi chuckled while watching the bowl before her full of yes golden delight. “Quail eggs are far different than those from a chicken. Much more buttery by nature.” He learned down to press his lips against hers, then tilted Virra’s chin to repeat as much with her.

Virra seemed surprised but went with it, peeling herself away from Aerian to sit and eat. “Maybe we can find a spring or something to relax in…I know I could use it. Fucking sore.” She cast a glance to Domi while he settled down in a chair.

“Hey, I didn’t hear a single complaint last night.” He said defensively, lifting his hand with a fork, while Virra flipped him off.

“We have hot springs under the mansion, we could go there?” Aerian replied as she slightly down from the table, seating herself to eat, “I can tell the guards to make sure we’re left alone”

Aerian began to eat her brain immediately drawn to the taste “Holy.. Wow” was about all she had.

Virra stirred and ate in silence, though after eating her fill went to gather three towels. “Then what are we waiting for?”

Domi gathered the bowls and then went to stir the stew and adjust it to not be as directly over the heat to avoid burning in their leave.
The trio left the cottage to head to the hot springs with Aerian in the lead.

It didn’t take long, as they crossed the courtyard for the second time today. Before turning down toward the springs. She stopped by the guard surly looking female in full chain mail and stood straight as if she always expected trouble.

“Were going to go relax, so I don’t care if it’s my dad that wants through here, we’re not to be disturbed,” Said stated firmly handing the guard a small pouch.

The guard looked from Aerian to Virra, before she eyed Domi, surveying him slowly. Finally, a wry smile crossed her lips and she nodded “As you wish Lady Elcarus” she opened the door to the hot springs chamber and proceeded to close and lock it behind them. Aerian made her way down the small staircase, the cave was always warm as the springs bubbled away before them.

Virra followed behind, while Domi was right behind Aerian and she felt his hand caress her bottom in the descent. Once before the springs, Virra grinned without hesitating began to undress as though the water was the most welcoming sight. Domi let loose a low whistle while removing his top.


Soon Virra jumped into the water, clutching her legs to her chest in a cannon ball, efficiently splashing Aerian and Domi. “She still hates me…” He muttered more to himself as he watched her head bob just above the surface. Now his sculpted body was exposed and his copper skin was very chiselled, without his leggings his member was endowed hanging limp.

Aerian watched the two as they entered the water before smiling to Domis words “If she hated you, she wouldn’t let you see her naked,” As she began to strip she took her time, once she was finally naked she slipped into the pool with them the heat of the water making her shudder a little “Been a while since I’ve been down here, usually just use the shower thing we have in the house, so this is really nice,” she mused softly.

Domi considered Aerian’s words a moment, though didn’t comment before entering the water. He released a heavy sigh to the heat, while Virra lay on her back just floating. The water revealed her bosom, hips, and knees against the glistening surface. As Aerian joined, Domi began to splash her. Soon it was a laughing match of a water war, which seemed to lighten the mood.

The laughter echoed in the cave before Aerian looked to Virra with a grin, her eyes shone with a love that ran through every part of her. As she wrung out her hair she made her way to Virra, her hands seeking her hips.

“You’ve been very quiet today baby” She kept her voice low though it wouldn’t be hard to overhear.

Virra glanced from Aerian to Domi that submerged beneath the water, then back. “It’s…hard for me to admit. I enjoyed intercourse with a man. So many years of fighting it and my past. Then to one guy that tried the hardest to get in my pants…”

“I think we both needed it in a weird way, he clearly feels for you can’t say I blame him on that. Part of me wonders what you want in all this, I got what I wanted and so did Domi” She let her hands run over Virras side slowly her eyes never moving from Virras own “So what do you want out of this strange thing we have? Or should we just go our way? I love you but you know that, and I am going to be real happy when this war is done and I can be your wife properly,”

She lifted a hand to caress Aerian’s cheek with a smirk. “Guiltily I want to keep him around…”

Aerian shuddered to her words as she smiled softly “Maybe you should tell him?” She kissed Virras shoulder gently. “He believes you still hate him if you did?”

Virra glanced to Domi as he reemerged from the water, his black hair glistening while the water rolled enticing over his muscular frame. “Domi, get your ass over here.”

He looked confused at first but swam to them, looking from Aerian to Virra expectantly.

“Stick around, Domi. I want you to.” Virra said and then linked forward to press her hands against his shoulders to dunk him. It wasn’t very difficult due to his surprise.

Though what happened next was Aerian felt stealthy hands from beneath the water penetrate her flower as Virra’s expression from her melted into the passionate fire within her eyes. As he appeared and Virra drew Aerian in for a deep intense kiss. As he appeared watching them, with a thumb added to press and massage into Aerian’s pearl. “The words I’ve been holding out for…it was worth the wait,” He said with a slight growl in his tone.

Aerian yelped in surprise as he invade her folds and shuddered as she melted into the kiss, the heat of the water, the depth of passion in the kiss and the invasion of Domis hand and pressure caused by his thumb was a little more than Aerian could handle as her body shuddered “Not fucking fair,” she mumbled as her head pressed into Virras shoulder.

Virra was breathing hard as Aerian complained, it was clear that he worked the two women like a fiddle. He added another finger to Aerian, which by Virra’s reaction when a moan occurred with her as well. He neared to press his lips against Virra, as he muffled her sounds in the kiss. By the way, she clung to Aerian it was clear he brought her to a powerful release. Then moved to lift Aerian’s chin with a replayed kiss, quickening the movements against her pearl and urgency to her passage, insistent to bring her too climax as well.

Virra was panting while caressing Aerian’s back, but after the release, Domi writhed his hands free. Lifting both his hands from the water that steamed with heat, catching their faces tenderly. “My beautiful, angels…” He whispered and kissed each briefly.

Aerian lost in the moment returned the kiss with a fiery passion that would catch Domi off guard, before dropping beneath the water, as she rose from beneath water running through the fiery red of her hair she smiled, her eyes moved from Domi to Virra “He should clean us up now!”

Virra initially looked confused to Aerian, then smirked. “Hm. Did we forget the soap?”

“I’m sure he can get creative,” She replied as she made her way back to Virra, slipping behind her to slip her arms around her waist, she watched Domi from behind Virra for a moment. “He is a smart one, so I’m sure he can come up with a way to make us as clean as the angels he claims us to be?”

A smirk formed on Domi’s lips to Aerian’s words, he moved forward to gather her hand and with Virra on the other, lead both women to the edge of the spring. Then hoisted Aerian up on the edge, while Virra watched. Next, he spread Aerian’s legs and began to lick and kiss up along the stems, getting closer and closer to the heated core. That is when Aerian felt an unfamiliar slick tool trace the outside of her petals, slipping just within to tap upon her pearl. A hand lowered to part the petals, his movements were slow and deliberate. The other reached up to gather her bosom in those strong hands, thumb, and forefinger pinching the bud. This was tender, not as rushed, almost as though he was making love to her body through his hands and tongue.

Aerian shuddered at his touch, her hands set behind her to keep her able to watch Domi, her body reacted almost the instant he touched her, as Domi worked her breasts a pearl she threw a longing glance to Virra before a soft moan escaped her lips.

Virra watched the two in silence, before hoisting herself up doing dude her to place her leg on one though to keep hers apart. Now tipping her chin to press her lips against Aerian’s in a kiss that slowly built up momentum. Domi continued his work to her passage and flower in s drop kids with slick muscle savoring and caressing her silken folds.

As the kiss deepened Aerians resistance failed her, as her eyes half closed at the pleasure that raced through her, her hips now instinctively beginning to grind into Domi, her body rippled in goosebumps as the pleasure built, she was helpless between the two now.

Virra removed her lips from Aerian’s, while the plush silken surface glided down over her skin in pauses for tender kisses or licks, but she was speaking her devotion to Aerian by praise and without words. Unlike most of their times together this was tender and not rough, affectionate. Domi deepened the kiss off her flower, one hand holding her hips as the other continued to caress from her neck down her body.

Aerian whimpered softly feeling Virra over her flesh as Domi was against her flower, the gentle was as relaxing as it was passionate, her hands slid outward as she laid back on the floor of the cave now bringing her legs up and then letting them fall open completely exposing her body to them both.

Virra followed Aerian down, hands caressing so against her body, running over her skin with a feather touch but glanced to Domi before returning her attention to Aerian. As Aerian leaned back he seemed to rise more and this forced Aerian to fold while his new angle offered him more depth but Aerian felt that rigid tool tapping at the side of her foot.

Aerian moaned louder at this deeper invasion, her foot instinctively moving to caress his tool. Her body now rapidly beginning to build toward release, her moans now beginning to become more broken inbetween deeper breaths.

The two worked Aerian like a prized goddess until she pleaded for refuge. Virra glanced to Domi now while gently lifting her from her lean back and Domi cradled her in the water by supporting her back to let her float. Virra stood at the opposite side, the two apparently planned this. “My beautiful, angels…” Domi stated softly as Virra curled her fingers within his over Aerian’s abdomen.

Aerian looked to them her body still on the edge of release, her eyes shone with the need and a desperation to let go, as she was led to floating by the two of them.

Virra leaned down to press her lips gently against Aerian’s while her other hand not supporting her floating took Domi’s to glide over her body slickened with water.

Aerian moaned deeply against the kiss, her body pushing against the dual assault of Virra and Domi, her flesh heated in the wake of their touch now. She was unused to this care and attention during their encounters, yet every part of was just as hungry for Virras touch, just as it was for Domi in that moment.

Virra moved her hand over Domi’s as though displaying to him the way to touch a woman, most of all Aerian. While they had their moments in rough passionate intimacy, this was different it was as though each of them wished to appreciate and display their appreciation to her. Aerian knew exactly how Virra liked it, though, in this moment, it was all for her. Each of them leaned down to suckle on her bosom with the slow deliberate grace of their slick muscles. As she remained suspended and floating.

Aerian was lost in their touch, lost in the moment of the one person she loved the most and the one person she trusted only a little less. Taken by the love they showed her the passion that came from all of them in that moment.

The two parted after each presented a sensual kiss to Aerian, allowing her to float. Though Domi led Virra to the edge of the pool her previously utilized for Aerian and hoisted her upon the edge. He placed a hand on her legs to part them and lowered his mouth to her petals to begin to lick slowly but then he quickened. Aerian could hear Virra’s sounds echo through the spring, while it was evident by such the pleasure she surrendered.

Aerian watched as Domi worked Virra before she crawled up out of the pool and alongside her, her hands slipping to caress her breasts, slow and dilberate as she moved to kiss Virra, lingering, slow yet still just as deep and passion filled as ever. Before letting her kisses move down over her collarbone and shoulder, and slowly down her body. Each kiss gentle and deliberate, each one just below the last, until she lay her head on Virras stomach now watching Domi once more.

Virra reacted with soft sounds to each caress and kiss from her lover, delivered on a heightened level. Now her hips were rolling into Domi’s attention, his hazel eyes focused on Aerian while she watched him.

Aerian let her hand slid down Virras hips against Domis face before returning to seek out Virras hidden pearl, adding extra stimulation against Domis own. Slowly tentative touches before again Aerian adjusted her position this time to allow her to coax Domi from his position and capture his lips slipping her own fingers into Virra.

The added attention to her stimulated pearl caused Virra to rock more against Domi, this time was more urgent. Though to Aerian’s coaxing, Domi rose and crushed his lips against Virra’s. She met the kiss with fervor, hands curling at his shoulders, at first it was caressed and then insistent kneading. Aerian felt the slickness, it was clear that by the throbbing passage she had released many times already. That’s when Virra began to tremble and rock against her lovers’ fingers, her sounds muffled by Domi’s lips as his hand roughly took and tensed to her bruised bosom. Then it happened again and again, the rush of Virra’s nectar flowed seeming endless and her body began to quiver and to revolt attempting to move away from Aerian.

Aerian withdrew her fingers slowly, lifting them to her lips with a soft smile, tasting her lover before slipping up to kiss Domi, then Virra each in turn, before she looked to Virra and back to Domi, her hand now strayed wrapping around Domis tool, a long deliberate stroke of her hand along the rigid muscle.

Virra met Aerian’s lips with much affection and eagerness while playing such to Domi, but it was the stealth at which Aerian’s hand wrapped around his throbbing shaft that she was grabbed with a groan and twitch.

His moan made her smile and deepen the kiss with Virra, her hand remained in motion slow deliberate strokes, as she reached the bottom of her stroke she would massage the rigid tool for a moment before letting her hand work back up along the shaft.

Domi’s thick shaft reacted with another twitch to Aerian’s manipulation, he groaned again though dove down to capture Virra’s bud within his mouth. Her poor bruised bosom jiggled as a moan was fed into the ravaging kiss that bound the two women.

Aerian kept her hand working Domi slow and deliberate, before she broke from the kiss her eyes staring deep into Virras before she turned to face Domi, finally she shifted her position bringing her knees under her exposing herself to Domi.

Domi was watching Aerian as he feasted on Virra’s bosom, though to the provocative position it was clear the intent in his eyes. Adjusting to position his rock hard member to Aerian’s entry and in one sudden powerful thrust, he sunk into her core with a groan. Virra still lay on her back while panting and quivering add it was clear he had driven her to a classic high she was recovering from.

Aerian yelped from the sting as he drove into her, the edge of pain quickly melting into the wave of pleasure. Her body felt filled in that moment as instinct caused her to drive back into Domi, she lowered her head into Virras shoulder, her eyes closed as she let herself feel every inch of Domi deep within her.

Domi was pumping into Aerian’s tight passage, struggling between sensual and primal need. Virra turned her head to rest her cheek against Aerian’s fiery crown. Losing a hand to curl within hers, but it was in that moment that she knew Virra was content.

Aerian felt Virras head against hers a soft purr escaping her, she was meeting every thrust of Domis as he drove into her she would buck back into him forcing him deeper within her, there was a part of her that wanted him to not holdback yet the intensity from them taking so much time had her just as heated, Aerian was fulfilled as she felt Virras head against hers a soft purr escaping her, Aerian was fulfilled both by the content of Virra as well the tender touch Domi had taken.

Domi began to pump more as he surrendered to his carnal need, the urgency at which he began to take Aerian revealed his desire for the fiery redhead. Just then that is when she felt that angry twitch against her folds. Then his strong hands at her hips pulling her against him to plunge past her pearly gate and fill her with the molten seed in a groan.

As Domi surrendered to his need Aerian felt her body drink it in, her body hungrily driven back into her meeting each thrust. As Domi twitched within her back arched pushing herself down into him, her body drinking in Domis seed deeply taking him within her.

As her body shuddered, her folds still working every last drop from him. Slowly she slid free of him and tighter against Virra, her eyes closed as she now listened to Virra and Domi as they breathed.

It was an interesting thing to listen to their breathing. Virra’s was soft and trembled, while Domi was strong and gradually slowing. He glided a hand up each leg of the two, watching the two women. “My beautiful angels…”

Aerian turned her head up to look at Virra “I wonder what he would do to us if we didn’t make him play by our rules, would he be so gentle or just leave us both in a sticky puddle unable to walk?” Her voice was soft as she allowed her thoughts out loud, Aerians inner secrets laid bare to the ones she trusted the most.

“I will admit I do like baths that end up dirtier than when I arrived” She licked Virras side with a grin “Tomorrow the world is going to change, please don’t let our world change baby”

Domi chuckled to Aerian’s words of intent, lifting a hand to small her bottom then caress the half months apologetically. “Only one way to find out.”

Virra moaned to the lick against her skin, wrapping Aerian in the protective hold. “The only change will be good.” She said softly.

Aerian nodded softly as she settled into Virra.

[Ending A War] The Plan to End a War

Stacy had barely left the Master Suite since she had been found in the cells, there was a part of her that somehow felt guilty for what had occurred and the young female twin been placed in harm’s way and subsequently kidnapped. She didn’t mind admitting she was relieved when Aerian and Virra had returned with the child.

Ascondia had also been around for the most part, as she watched Kane and Aishani now there was a knot in her stomach, a realisation deep within that Kane no longer belonged to her, and that it was time to accept that fact. There was a dawning sense that she was needing to fix things with her own daughter, a puzzle she barely even knew where to start with.

Kane, on the other hand, had one arm around Aishani as he stared at his children, proud and concerned all in the same, “They are strong, even apart, our daughter is stronger than ever, our family is stronger”

As Kane referred to Aerian as their daughter Ascondia looked at him pain in her eyes now before she excused herself, it was hard even for her to hide the tears that flooded down her face before she left.

Aishani nodded, while leaning against Kane but glanced to the leave of Ascondia, sniffing the air a slight. “Excuse me, my love. It seems that Ascondia is crying, I can smell the salt. After I return we will name the children. We cannot have her upset at this time.” Aishani departed after a brief kiss to him and their children. Following the scent of Ascondia.

Ascondia had chosen one of her more favorite places to sulk, one of the towers around halfway up had a window that looked out over the forests to the rear. She wiped her eyes angrily now as she simply stared and watched, somehow trying to process this raging whirlwind of emotions that ripped at her from within.

A handkerchief was offered to her from behind, held by the sudden hand of Aishani. “What could possible have a Queen in tears?” The silky voice of Aishani purred.

“Just watching what I thought was all I ever wanted fall apart,” Ascondia stated darkly “I never thought I’d lose Kane if I just waited eventually he’d see we were supposed to be together. But it was never going to happen and I knew that the moment I saw you all those years ago, the way he looked at you, the way he looks at you makes your heart skip a beat. I hate him for it, he made me love and I destroyed that faith in us,” Ascondia looked at Aishani with a soft smile “You have your children to look out for you needn’t worry about my meltdown, I will get a grip in time for us going to fight, I’m just feeling a lot and not so sure about how to deal with something I taught was weakness and to be suppressed, though as I said not something to concern yourself with.”

“As much as I hate to say this, you are part of this family. The reason I don’t like to say that is because it is hard to admit Kane still cares for you. There will always be a place for you in his heart, I know this. You are the mother of Aerian, his first child. I can never compete with that even if I tried, which I realize is rather fruitless. This isn’t a competition, Ascondia. I still have my insecurities. Though sometimes, you never know what you have until it’s gone. The war has everyone on edge and we are preparing for the worst. You are still a part of this family. Love for me was always a weakness too. I overcame that, men were viewed as lessers only a tool for pleasure amongst the society of Drow. It was when they turned on me, I saw the truth. Don’t let what you were taught, to overrule your heart.”

“We were born to change the worlds we were sent to, a guide by non interference. My Master said I would not only change one world but them all, then I started dreaming of the Everlands and they turned, I was barely 13 when I ran, blind luck opened the portal that brought me here and in horror, I had to watch as my nightmares came to light. It’s funny the first time I changed the fate of the Everlands and they hailed me a hero. Made me Queen, and I did, as best I could with the visions to guide me, the Everlands found peace and I found Hades, who then brought me Kane and the rest you already know. The oddest part was running and hiding to save our daughter, among humans who quite honestly scare the crap out of me. I gave birth and Aerian began to exhibit her powers so I sent her home, she never forgave me for that, not because I sent her home to Kane but because I couldn’t come with her, afraid I guess, I’ve watched her grow and yet never been a part of her life, when he said your daughter,” She stopped wondering why she had laid half her life story down to this woman she barely even knew “It hurt, worse than I ever expected it, I’m sure your not trying to replace me, but in her eyes you already have. Again though, we have a war to end because we won’t win, winning implies we lose nothing but we already have each of us has lost something to this war, a piece of ourselves, let’s hope the other side allows us to build a future for us all. Now haven’t you children to name, I promise I will be fine,”

“The day, she stops calling you, mom is the day that she has replaced you. But she still calls you that, I’d suggest that you talk to her. She does love you and knows that you do, it’s the way you show it that confuses her. I think with the share of her talent with Virra had given her some levelheadedness. The two are engaged now. I’ve seen the ring and know Kane has.” Aishani chuckled. “I can help to talk things out. I don’t mind. Just we have to keep it together for not just the family but our people. It’s a heavy weight. Yes, I think I know a name for both. Will you join me? I’d like for you to be there.”

“Who would have though you and I could be civil, even for a moment” Ascondia chuckled softly “Perhaps you are right and the end of this war will be a new start for us all” She slid from her place in the window and with Aishani made her way back to the Master Bedroom.

Kane was in conversation with Stacy as they entered “Everything OK?”

“Just moving on Kane, little more than I’m used to processing, I’m fine” Ascondia replied softly “We should get to naming these two before they begin to believe baby boy and girl are their actual names”

Kane raised a brow as he tried to figure if that was a genuine statement of concern or a dig at him in some form. He shook his head as he walked to Aishani taking her hand gently “Any ideas my love?”

Aishani smirk to Ascondia’s words. “Don’t get too comfy.” She chuckled walking with her to the master suite. Well with she accepted Kane’s hand and moved to the cribs to look over the babes. “Terra…” The girl squealed and made a gesture of clapping her hands but did so in a miss.

“I think she likes her name my love,” Kane smiled softly as he watched her, “And So welcome Terra Elcarus”

Aishani chuckled to the sight of Terra, leaning down to give her a kiss, when suddenly beside her, the boy grabbed her hair. Looking at her questioningly, but began to tug in a playful manner, she then scooped up the boy and parted his small hands from the dreads. “Hm, looks like he’s impatient.” She scolded the boy in a playful tone, but then looked to Kane. “What about Xander?”

Kane laughed as the boy grabbed at Aishanis hair “He is indeed going to be a handful, and I think Xander fits just perfectly,” Letting Xander take his finger with a soft smile “What do you think? Shall we call you Xander?”

“Terra and Xander, they hold such strength, and are beautiful just like their parents,” Stacy added still on the far side of the room “I think they will play a great part in things to come, all of your children will eventually be just as strong as you and lead just as well” She wasn’t supposed to give such clues on the future but a part of Stacy simply couldn’t keep all she knew to herself, a soft reassurance that they would, in the end, be alright.

Aishani gave Kane a sharp glance when he found amusement in Xander’s grab at her hair. “Indeed.” She handed of Xander to Kane while scooping up Terra, cradling her as the infant looked with a strong neck for her brother in which she complied and leaned against Kane. “It starts soon. This war will be finished.” Aishani subtly commented on Stacy’s words but to the children.

Kane held Xander to him as he watched Aishani take Terra, his eyes soft and determined now. “We do all this for you, we do it for the realm and for our children” he stated softly now talking to the twins.

Terra gurgled with the incoherent baby jibberish, while Xander seemed to smile and squeal in excitement. Aishani grinned revealing her sharp canines to Terra whom appeared curious and extended a hand up as though she hadn’t quite figured out that such was out of her reach. Aishani leaned her cheek against Kane’s bicep. “They are smart and already taking in everything…”

“That may not work out too well for us in the future” Kane grinned in his reply, as he watched the twins as they visually took in every detail around them. “When they go for their nap we should talk,” He looked around the room now “All of us,”

Aishani nodded now while moving to settle and open her top to reveal the breasts, swollen with milk. Though arranged one to feed Terra and then extended an arm for Xander, it would be clear now. Once the children had fed, it would make them sleepy, this giving them time to all speak. It worked like a charm, though, in the sight, it was rather erotic with a child latched to each bosom, yet perfectly natural. She rose after tucking away her bosom, placing each carefully in the crib. “Prepare the wet nurse, I don’t need them going hungry.”

Kane watched the whole scene with admiration in that moment, Kane had made his way to the door and was now in conversation with guards ensuring that this room would be well secured in their absence. The mages had now finally managed to strengthen the protection wards around the mansion ensuring that no one would get in unless they were allowed.

“The gates are to sealed shut the moment we leave, no one in or out no matter the circumstances, Dragons will also be left outside the gates, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes my Lord, of course, we will watch the babes with our lives, as always,” Kane nodded as he turned to see the children settling he pointed to the room just beyond. Hades had already made himself comfortable on the desk as they filed in.

Jade was between Hades’ legs in his comfortable sit on the desk, watching as they entered and motioned to the table. Where a small protein packed snack was prepared. “Eat up. We need the strength.”

Kane nodded, as Heart entered the room from the other door now looking a little less broken down.

“I’m not going to say we’ll be OK, or that we will all make it home because I don’t know, I do know that Stacy is staying behind, the last thing we need is another realm healer dying. As for the rest of us we can’t win if we’re not all there, The Dires and Unicorns will ensure our backs are watched, the Spiders will ensure we’re not surprised from the side along with forces from Emerald City, the dragons are going to clear our path and we along with our armies are going to breach Elvera and take the castle by force. The biggest issue will be taking down the outer walls, they were built to withstand. I should know I helped build them.”

“So how do we get through them?” Hades stated darkly already not liking the plan laid out before him.

“I want them to see us coming, so we drop the gates, enough magic and dragon fire thrown at them they will fall, the city is according to Ascondia already clear, aside from their own forces, so no need to play nice, our issue lies once we are beyond the gates we’re on our own. The magicks above Elvera are designed to repel dragons and well anything else you want to throw at the city, we don’t have the time to bring them down, we need to stop Ceremon and Z’ress and it has to be now, we are out of time.” Kane’s words were deliberate in not hiding what lay ahead of them now.

Jade placed a hand on Hade’s thigh, she was now wearing a shorter kimono with a sword attached to her hip that held a gorgeous golden sheath and two throwing stars at her waist that glistened and appeared to be liquid, yet solid, magically bound. “Yes, while, I agree that the reign of fire will not withstand the wards. The grounding forces, I believe we may have a better chance at the spiders. They can move quickly enough to get within before even we can.”

Aishani considered Jade silently. “This may be perfect, Shadow and I share a bond. I can see through her eyes, this can get us a pin point on Ceremon and Z’ress, inside the castle.”

“We will have to use our vices on the ground to break through into the fortified city.” Jade nodded a slight while inhaling deeply. “But one thing they will not count on is the Spiders to breach first.”

“That could work, I’ll see what I can build upon with Shadow. She remains close due to the kidnapping of Terra, though, will after some coaxing listen to me. Considers, Terra one of her own due to it being our child…But, I need you all to understand something. Should any harm come to Shadow, I will take the damage. She is best at scouting. That will do well for our benefit.” Aishani said, now, she was wearing her leather armor, the set that Kane first laid eyes upon her on with her hair drawn back into a dread pull. “I say we come at the front but keep our best scouts in the back to enter through. Ascondia, is there now emergency escape from the castle itself? An ambush may be best.”

“The back routes to the castle were sealed off, Zia used the only remaining one. I made a mistake as I opened the portal and the tunnel collapsed as we escaped,” Ascondia replied “One way in and that’s through the front doors after we breach the city gates” Ascondia herself was now in dark leather armour, her hair pinned back. Twin swords on her back.

“It doesn’t surprise me, the High Council were paranoid as all hell,” Kane was about to speak further when the door opened again bringing to conversation Aerian, Virra and the newcomer Domi.

“Sorry we’re late, Domi was trying to treat us to breakfast. The realm it seems had other ideas, gave me a glimpse, lots of combat, death, mayhem, fire and Elvera burning, beyond that I’m still trying to figure it out. We all survive so far as I can tell,” Aerian made her words quickly as she looked around the room at the very heart of the realm itself in her father Kane, his wife Aishani, his brother Hades, his fiancée Jade, her mother Queen Ascondia, his best friend Heart, the healer Stacy, the Dress maid turned warrior Elsa, her lover and fiancée Virra, and their latest addition Domi, it wasn’t an army but it was a force to be reckoned with.

“Keeping us guessing, you’d think they’d give us more to work with” Hades scoffed with a mock smile as he slid his hand over Jades, a reassuring gesture to his fiancée, “Still if there’s anything you missed let us know before we all trust your keen visions and wind up dead?”

“Not today Uncle Hades, we will prevail, we’re a family” Which she was fairly certain was the point of the vision a reminder that together they could indeed accomplish anything.

“So the spiders will lead the infiltration, the problem now it’s still going to take a shit load of magic to open those gates” Kane sighed softly.

Jade glanced took Hades and curled her fingers within hers, placing a squeeze of reassurance to him. Aishani inclined a brow while watching Domi for a moment then simply chuckled with a slow shake of her head returning to the conversation. “Yes, then, let’s be about this. We have a fight ahead of us.”

Kane also had his eye on Domi and to Virra before he decided he actually didn’t want to know and would, in the end, trust their judgment. It seemed they now had a plan and all they needed now was to execute things.

“We should leave at daybreak we’re still a few days out,” Hades stated firmly “Heart you will have time to get ahead of us and send in Emerald Cities reinforcements as of Aishanis orders, of course, we should have forces defend the gateway into the city as well”

Kane nodded in agreement, “Virra, Aerian, and the young man will be our support, I trust no one more to cover our backs, and ensure you’ll have cleared out the city”

Domi and Virra nodded to Kane’s words, assisting ready. Aishani spoke then, “We get a good night’s sleep and then leave. No one is any good without such, make sure your heads are on straight and we proceed to take back Elvarian lands and secure the castle. This is our home and as such we fight for it.”

“So we leave tomorrow?” Aerian looked up with a grin “Cool, well I’m gonna go get my breakfast, and relax for today, may be my last chance for a while,” She took Virras hand and smiled toDomi “Come on you, you started now you gotta finish,”

Kane watched as the trio left before looking to Aishani “Why do I get the feeling I shouldn’t ask?”

“Seems your girl …” Hades began

“I don’t want to know” Kane groaned in reply

Domi was already leaving holding the door for Virra and Aerian before the trip left the room.

Aishani tilted her head with a smirk and chuckle to Kane’s reaction. “Because she’s your little girl–women rather. It’s amusing, I agree Hades.”

“As long as she is happy, that is what counts?” Ascondia finally stated having watched the whole thing unfold before her.

“As long as she is careful,” Kane replied before turning to Aishani “We should go get some rest, all of us should. Tomorrow we begin the steps to end this”

“I will head home to Emerald City, your orders Aishani?” Heart stated softly he had taken all that was said in and understood the stakes now as he waited to once again play his part.

Aishani agreed with Ascondia, perhaps for the first time but glanced to Heart. “Be quick about it Heart. My orders are as follows, gather Emerald City army to walk against the threat of the realm. Add your own touch to get into the hearts of the people and ready them to match in Elvera. Every moment counts now.”

Heart bowed lightly and was gone just as quickly, as Ascondia as well left them, it wasn’t long before Kane and Aishani were back in their chambers beside their children.

He had already peeled out of his shirt and was now sat simply watching as the children slept, a reminder of why they were fighting. Oddly for him, he was at peace with that fact now.

Aishani climbed into the bed behind Kane, wrapping her arms around him from behind with chin perched on his shoulder. Her bare skin of her bosom crushed into his back. “I feel it too. This will end soon and we can enjoy our children.”

“The future is worth protecting, for us all, I want a safe world for us to raise our children, together,” He drew her hands around him to his lips kissing them gently “We should get some sleep,”

[Ending A War] Don’t Think Just…

Aerian laughed loudly before taking after them both, suddenly she had a thought and took off in the opposite direction before vaulting through an window and landing squarely between them, she spun on her back foot to look at Domi then to Virra before taking off toward the cottage “Come on Domi, it’s all part of our game, your our pet and now it’s time for your reward” Aerian squealed in delight before peeling her shirt off, she looked over her shoulder and tossed it Domi then resumed her race for the cottage.

The two were stunned at the appearance of Aerian, stopping them dead in their tracks, looking puzzled. Virra snickered first at giving chase after Aerian, though Domi began to race faster while pushing at Virra in a playful manner. Yet, as Aerian tossed her shirt behind her, Domi reached for it but it was Virra that caught it. Shoving it in his face, giving her more leverage and speed. “You have to catch us first.” Virra snickered, while catching up to Aerian and gathering her hand in hers, rushing to the cottage with Domi falling behind.

Aerian caught the door as the barrelled through into the living room of their cottage, Aerian purred softly with a smile, before she circled around behind Virra her arms wrapping around her waist the flesh of her breasts pressed into the fabric of her top she waited for Domi to finally join them.

Virra struggled in Aerian’s hold, arms pinned to her side, though, panting without attaining approval Virra violently shoved her hand down Aerian’s pants and instantly slithered a digit to begin to stimulate the pearl just beneath her slit. Just then Domi burst into the cottage with the closure of the door. It was dim within the room, he didn’t know his way around but once he entered, the shirt in his hand and stopped to stare at the sight of Aerian and Virra. His hazel eyes fixed, that is when Aerian witnessed a twitch in his pants, frozen at his next action.

Aerian whimpered at Virras intrusion, as Domi closed the door and stood staring she grinned dangerously, her grip of Virra released as she removed her hand from between her legs, leading her by that hand to Domi and tracing her juices over his lips.

“Now be a good boy and sit, and do as we want and I promise we will have a whole lot of fun, follow the rules and I’ll give you something for ALL your help” Aerians words were silken and dripping with intent as she let Virras hand slip from hers now moving around the cottage to close the curtains and light the candles within, the room still dim but the mood much more sensual now, finally she made her way back to Virra and back to the same deep passion filled kiss her lover had come to know, “I say we make tonight a night to remember” her tone swapped quickly as she finished with “At least before we all get brutally murdered tomorrow, or this war ends, either way I don’t want to think I want to fuck!”

Virra growled as Aerian jostled her hand free from with her pants, though, not before a digit dipped into her drooling gate, but stumbled a slight in the lead to Domi. He licked his lips after the flavor that remained and dropped the shirt, lowering a hand to adjust his package that clearly was tensing in his trousers but fell to his knees at Aerian’s words.

Initially Virra seemed hesitant, while it was then the depth and passion of the kiss that caused her to relax, turning to face Aerian and her hands lifting to knead into the swell of her bosom, pinching and tugging on the buds.

Aerian breathed deeply feeling the sharp twinge of pain mix with the flood of pleasure, suddenly she spun into Virra now stripping her, her motions rapid and hungry as she breathed in the scent of her lover Aerian smiled before sliding to her knees, her fingers working to free Virra of her pants before she let her lips kiss the flesh of her thighs her hands now resting on her hips.

Virra gasped to the sudden stripping of her clothing, as Domi remained seated, eyes intent on the two women with his chest rising and falling rather rapidly. Now, Aerian saw it when she knelt down Domi was pitching a tent in his pants and the strong scent of her lover, it was clear that Virra was enjoying being watched like this even if it was her childhood friend. She growled softly to the peppering of Aerian’s lips against her skin.

Aerian let her tongue flick out over Virras flesh as she now glanced back Domi, ensuring he knew he wasn’t forgotten. She could already feel herself wet now as she returned her attention to working her kisses toward her lovers sweet centre, as she neared Aerian changed direction working up her body to her stomach and then back down. A show as clear as it could be for Domi, before finally she slid back letting her tongue work along her out lips slowly savoring the touch.

Virra was quivering, clearly, she enjoyed putting herself on display for Domi as much as Aerian had. Fingers running through her hair, as her breathing increased into the delightful song of approval to everything that was occurring brought on by her fiancé. She lifted a leg to perch upon Aerian’s shoulder, opening herself up to the kneading at Aerian’s neck, but also delivered the view of her glistening petals to Domi. He was panting catching each glance that the fiery and dark vixen sent in his direction, clearly his pants were straining more beneath the pressure of his own arousal.

Aerian let her hands wander her lovers thighs slowly as she slowly let her tongue slide within her folds tasting the warm nectar of the only woman she loved unconditionally, Aerian slid back just a little now looking along Virras body “Last chance to pull out, but I want you to know I love you and only you, more with each day, and I’ve wait far too long to get my hands on you like this,” her words were breathless and hungry.

Virra curled her fingers within Aerian’s fiery threads looking down to her with such lust in her eyes that it was incredible. Growling softly as a glisten of her juices flowed to her shoulder, as the shape of the body Aerian knew by heart was displayed not just for her but Domi. It was an added slice to the situation in an erotic flare. A woman so strong that no man has ever seen or witnessed such from Virra with open invitation before.

Aerian knew instantly in that moment all she needed, as she turned her head toward Domi there was a fire that burnt somewhere between desire and lust and yet all in the same an absolute reminder she was Virras “You have to play by the rules, and you get both of us, all of us,” Aerian stood now as she kissed Virra then made her way to Domi, her eyes locked on his as her hips swayed ever so slightly she drew him to his feet and then aided him to undress. As she reached his pants she smiled wickedly and then eased them down as she saw his manhood she breathed hungrily wrapping her hand around just for a moment then led Virra to the bedroom, she turned and motioned to Domi to join them.

Virra lowered her leg to Aerian’s rise, growling softly within the kiss, while smacking her on the bottom while watching her move to Domi. The bulge appeared to twitch as Aerian’s sensual movements to stand before him, he simply nodded while his hands caressed over her back and hips, though, it was appreciative. Aerian could read that he was restraining himself heavily, but, the removal of his clothing exposed a very lean and muscular frame with the copper skin. He lowered his hand to caress her cheek and offered her a smirk to match her wicked expression. The endowment that sprung to life, excited to be liberated was very robust, thick and endowed. He inhaled deeply to the wrap of her hand around his girth, tilting his head back and flicking his tongue across his lips. Those hazel eyes shifting to Virra then to Aerian as the fiery female stood to gather Virra and lead to the bedroom. The invitation was accepted as Domi stepped forward with his proud pillar at attention.

Aerian smiled now as she placed herself in front of Virra slowly backing her onto the bed, as Virra met the bed Aerian pushed her upon it, waiting until Virra made herself comfortable Aerian slid onto the bed straddling her waist her hands placed flat to the flesh of her breasts.

“You are the most incredible woman I have ever met, and I want you, in every way” She leant to kiss the flesh of her neck and shoulders, before she returned to her seated straddled position ensuring Virra watching as she reached for Domi to join them.

Virra looked up to Aerian with those dark eyes, holding a fire of passion within the depths, turning her head to the side in an exposure of her neck to her lover, soft moans leaving her lips to the pepper of her lips against her flesh. Never had Virra been dominated in such a way by Aerian, usually it was the opposite and now it was clear why, since Domi was present.

To Aerian’s gesture Domi neared the bed, looking over the two beauties slowly with a gleeful twitch from his fleshy pillar, even in the lighting cast by the candles, a drop of dew appeared gracing the slit atop the crown like a jewel. His hand curled with Aerian’s as it was accepted and he lay to settle beside them, by the pattern of his breathing and the way his eyes were devouring the two vixens it was clear he was restraining himself.

Aerian admired his restraint, but was more than happy to keep him that way for now. She took his hand and led it to Virras breast keeping hers over his as she urged him to knead the flesh of her lover, Aerian had no doubt Virra could feel the heat of her own molten core as she ground down against Virra. She wanted or rather needed to stay in control of this, to see it play out her way.

Aerian had willing given herself to Virra at all times, now she craved to control this game she had started. She drew Domis hand to her own breast for a moment before returning it to Virras, her eyes now strayed to his erection with a grin. She wondered for a moment what he would do if allowed off her leash, her body shuddered at the thought as she dove down to kiss Virra again, before she reared up now rolling her hips against her lover watching as Domi plucked and teased her breasts.

Domi looked to Aerian then followed the path that she guided his strong hand to Virra’s bosom, the beauty of her lovers breast spilling between his fingers as Aerian guided his hand until the fingers began to grip and this cause Virra to tilt her head back in a sound of pleasure. Virra was rolling up against Aerian, it was plainly clear that she enjoyed this with the sounds and feel of Aerian’s molten petals against her abdomen, Domi had his eyes focused on her until Aerian reigned his hand to her own bosom in which she felt the strength behind his hand with a pinch of a bud. A twitch happened now, though, but the focus was returned to Virra, he moved closer to them upon the bed. His application to her bud was sheer torture while he pinch, plucked and rolled the bud between fingers and kneaded with his hand, causing Virra’s magnificent bosom to jiggle from time to time. Just as her mouth opened in a delicious moan it was silenced by the kiss. Domi appeared to know exactly that which made a female squirm, Virra then lifted her hands to knead into Aerian’s bosom, a hand slithering to tangle within her hair and force her down, enough to claim a breast within her lips, the flick of tongue and brief nibble upon the bud was intoxicating now with the vibration of her sounds against the flesh and rush of breath to each pinch and tug of her bud.

Aerian moaned softly as Virra took her breast, her hand ran through her hair slowly just for a moment, before she slid away placing herself between the thighs of Virra, her hands now ran along the tender flesh of her thighs, curving her fingers to drag her nails back along the flesh.

As she leant forward she kissed along Virras thighs and over her pubic bone, repeating her patterns from earlier of getting so close to warmth of her wetness before moving away to focus kisses on her thighs, her stomach, her hands roaming the flesh of her sides and thighs slowly raking her nails along Virras ribs before finally allowing her tongue to taste Virra a soft moan escaping her.

The heat was incredible between Virra’s thighs, radiating to cover Aerian in the essence of her lover. Virra reacted now as the conflict of nails and fingers stimulated her flesh sensually, a shift was felt on the bed as it appeared that Domi had adjusted to place his lips upon Virra’s bosom suckling and feasting upon her succulent flesh with the other hand never relenting on attention to the right breast. In the dip, lower, in Aerian’s taste, never had she felt her as saturated as she was, clearly this was exciting her thoroughly. But, near to Aerian’s view was the bobbing and twitching pillar of meat, a glisten of seed seen spilling down the shaft.

Aerians eyes were now fixed on Domis erection, she could smell the scent of Domi as it had begun to mix with that of Virras intoxicating Aerian. She drew her hands to her before moved them to part the tender lips exposing the tender nub, her tongue flicked out and against before she nipped against it, Aerian whimpered softly before diverting her attention back to treatment of Virras clit, slow sensual traces of her tongue before she would drag, her tongue back and suckle firmly, before letting a moan lip free vibrating along her tongue.

The feasting that Domi held upon Virra’s bosom was growing more hungry, ravaging, this caused her porcelain flesh to grow red with the whispers of bruising while it was clear this excited her even more. The sounds from Virra were incredible and fueled Aerian on with the cries of pain and pleasure. The conflict of the tenderness from Aerian’s fix to her pearl was greeted with the throbbing of her flower, in the nip a cry parted her lover’s lips but it also pushed her honey to flood against Aerian’s pallet. That is when abruptly, Aerian felt her hand taken and guided to Domi’s pillar by Virra, twitching in the hold and throbbing beneath her hand.

She slowly wrapped her hand around, feeling the throbbing of him, she let her hand slowly work the length, just for a moment. Before she shifted her position now draped against Virra as she began to work the length of Domi, the sight of him against her lover only served to make Aerian want more.

She leant forward over Virras legs enough to place a kiss against the tip before extending her tongue against the underside. Flicking it back to collect the single drop of him, feeling the warm salty taste spread out over her tongue, a soft sound almost a purr emanating from her throat.

Virra removed her hand from atop Aerian’s, while fingertips ran through her hair and tangled to loosen and return, again and again. Eventually the focus shifted upon Domi, as the girth was more then to not touch her fingers together without squeezing. Virra’s breathing was ragged, as Aerian felt her body react to the presentation to Domi’s flesh stick. To the initial first lick against the salty sweet flesh, rippling beneath her tongue. A groan parted Domi’s lips when the tip was attended to by Aerian, twitching and throbbing more persistently to the attention, his lapping and suckling increasing causing Virra to cry out in ecstasy and pressed Aerian’s head more to his member.

Aerian reached for Domis hand now guiding it to the tender core of Virra, as she watched his hand just for a moment she watched him, another tentative lick of him before she released her grip raking her nails down the underside.

Finally taking him in her mouth, just the tip as she let her tongue circle, her hand now working down followed by her mouth, as she eased him down her throat, pausing for a moment to allow herself to adjust, and then continue before easing back all the way from him, leaving him once again her hand.

Domi’s hand was rough, weathered from a life in the line of his work, warm and strong in the guide down to Virra’s flower. He parted the petals with two fingers and then began to massage against the pearl that was glistening from the pearl essence dripping from the core of Virra’s hive. His lips left her bosom with an articulate plop, now, Aerian could see the peppering of bite marks and raging flesh, angry, red. His other continued to torture her opposite breast, as a groaning to the lick that flicked upon the spongey tip, causing the flesh stick to twitch, but a grunt slipped through as her nails tormented his tender length. He glared down on her, but it was swept away with the expertise of her apologetic movements and the salve of her hot mouth purging him, appearing to move his finger more firmly against the writhing Virra but it was then that Aerian heard the subtle sound of a fingertip entering her lover the further she traveled down. His taste was strong, masculine, though also wild. He began to buck against her hand, watching her with hungry eyes.

The sound of Virra being so wet spun Aerian. She now returned her attention to Domi and his length. Again she returned him to her throat, now as she eased back she would sink back down upon him.

As she worked Domi Aerian would lightly rake her nails against Virras flesh, she moaned now around Domi. Her mouth remained locked around him but she had now positioned them so she could watch Virras every reaction.

Domi maintained his position, the sound of his digits digging into Virra’s grounds growing more intense, this caused her to cry out and the sound was not only erotic but offered a view that he did know exactly how to please a woman without his shaft. The further Aerian attended to him, the more groans increased, until she felt a hand at the back of her head to keep her in place while thrusting his hips more forcefully.

To the new view, Aerian saw Virra was in sheer ecstasy with her body glistening in the light, cheeks flush with color and eyes glazed over. Her beautiful bosom was speckled with the intensity that Domi continued to suckle on her bosom, finally he rolled her over to her hip and began to tend viciously to neglected bosom. He was like a hungry ravaging beast, her breasts jiggled to the might of each powerful pump of his hand into her that only now Aerian could hear the squirting projected by Virra’s multiple climaxes. Portions of her dark threads clung to her neck and face, while she was loosing herself and Aerian knew it.

That was when Virra watched Aerian through hooded lids, biting her lip, while her body was trembling from the sheer exhaust of the physical pleasure, licking her lips, then it happened. Aerian felt the twitch within her mouth, the fleshy tube expanding to then rage with the release of his milk into Aerian’s mouth, gathering her hair in order to force her to remain there, it was soft but firm.

Aerian halted her motion pulling back enough to prevent her choking on the warm liquid as it flooded down her throat, she tried to swallow it down, but it was more than she could as some was able to escape her mouth flooding down her chin and onto her breasts. As the flood subsided she slipped back letting him slip free of her mouth, licking her lips watching him.

She smiled darkly then turned to slither along Virras body with the same dark grin now, as she reached her eye level she kissed Virra, her hands returning to heated still soaked core of the young woman, before bring them to her lips and licking them gently. She wanted them both to continue playing as she watched first Virra then Domi, pleased in that moment, it was clear Aerian was enjoying every moment, but she was far from done just yet.

Domi allowed Aerian to lean back, grunting as each spurt filled her mouth beyond capacity, as his eyes met hers, it was clear by the still throbbing length that he was far from finished and the stamina kept the trophy stiff and glistening from her polish. It seemed that his feasting only continued upon Virra’s bosom, the unattended one now beginning to mirror that of the previous, watching as his teeth gently gripped and tugged on Virra’s bud, such caused her to yelp out in pain, while his fingers never relented while Virra was attempting to escape by writhing her hips away.

When Aerian moved upon Virra’s body, she met the glazed eyes of her lover, riddled with such passion that it was causing a swell in her heart. As her hand lowered to the core the kiss settling Virra and giving her an outlet, it was that Domi offered Aerian a space to join his fingers knuckle deep within Virra. Amazingly she was still drenched, Domi’s free hand caressed up and down Aerian’s back brought by a sudden spank to her bottom.

Virra turned her head to watch Domi for a moment, lifting her hands to guide him in a kneeling position with his erection close to her mouth, tongue parting to lick against the length and suckle, until Virra’s hand angled a slight to give Domi more of a position to plunge within Virra’s mouth. The sight was incredible, as his girth was taken in full without issue, stretching those plush lips and plumping her cheeks, the hand on his back began to urge him to roll his hips. He graciously accepted the urge, her eyes rolled into the back of her skull then and the sounds of his flesh against her lips and pleasure were intoxicating.

Aerian then felt the hand of Virra curl within hers.

Aerian watched with intent as she watched her lover devour Domi with ease, she felt her own core heat as she shifted her leg over Virras allowing her to grind herself down into Virra, a whimper as she hit the point she had intended. Again she ground down against her eyes still locked on the scene of Domi plunging himself into her lovers mouth.

Aerian couldn’t contain herself as she pushed Domi away and the turned herself before positioning Virra over her, as she did she reached her hands to grip Virras hip now plunging her tongue into her and tasting the overflow of warm juices, hungrily drinking her down much as she had Domi moments ago. Her hand waved Domi to her as she groped at Virras buttocks, it was clear enough what Aerian had in mind next, she looked back to Domi and smiled before returning to her groping and exposing her to the waiting Domi.

She was also incredibly wet and well aware that Virra would now be able to see just how wet their current escapades were making her.

Domi stumbled a slight at the push, clearly not expecting this but stroked his own manhood, proudly standing at attention of the two female vixens. Virra cried out suddenly to the shift in positions with Aerian on the bottom and Virra upon her hands and knees, the faster that Aerian drank the more that Virra moaned, to the change. Virra began to lap at Aerian’s sudden exposure of her drenched flower, while pulling her down to plunge her tongue deep within the love passage. A finger raced to slicken then plunged into her starlet abruptly and cruelly. The invitation by Aerian to Domi was accepted as he crawled on the bed to run his hands over Virra’s thighs and then extended a hand to pat sharply upon her flower causing her to yelp amidst the feast upon Aerian. Now, was the moment that Aerian had been waiting for, the perfect view between her legs and Domi massaged her cheeks, pushing and pulling them before that rigid pillar plunged suddenly and deeply within her passage causing the juices to trickle down nearly immediately. One hand went to her hip, as the other began a succession of abuse to the half-moons, caressing then returning. Now, Aerian saw the delicate petals forced to take the length, pink against the robust copper rod. His sounds began to increase, the more violent he had went.

The sight of Domis hard pole plunging into Virra was far better than Aerian could ever have wanted, though the sight of her lover claimed by another, caused a twinge of anger just for a moment, quickly buried in the view of Virra being violated by Domi. Aerian squirmed down against Virras invading hand a soft whimper before she let her tongue stray against the length of Domi, the taste of him mixed with Virra quickly filled her senses.

As she let her tongue wander over Domi she raised a hand to cup his balls for a moment before reaching back further her hands running over the muscular thighs, she whimpered again the sight above her as well as Virras actions were now pushing her completely into desperate need.

Virra pressed her hands against Aerian’s hips while driving down to plunge her slick muscle into her heated core. The vibration of her sounds felt against the tender petals. The more the clapping of Virra and Domi’s body growing louder and louder, while more of Virra’s honey spilt and added more ear into the penetration.

A cry parted Virra’s lips, as a smack caused her body to juggle against Aerian, though abruptly she parted from the deep kiss of her flower to pull her out and flip Aerian upon her back. As Domi continued to pound into Virra but now in this position it allowed him to shift from Virra to violently into Aerian, just as Virra’s mouth clapped upon her bud.

Aerian felt herself filled deep by Domi her body tensed as her heated core accepted him with ease at this point, she squealed in hunger as he did, Virras actions only pushing her rapidly toward release.

Just as she was pushed near to her release, Domi withdrew by the bite upon her bud it was clear where he traveled to. He rotated between both women plunging his manhood deep and cruelly within each. Just as Virra cried out and crushed her lips against Aerian’s to ensure a deep passionate kiss it was then that Aerian felt that massive monster stretch her passage with an explosive heat. Then as it happened he withdrew to only by the reaction of Virra amidst the kiss knew his destination. This continued for what seemed as forever, rotating between the two and filled them endlessly with his seed. By the end he pulled the two women apart and lay between them am arm around each as Virra laced a hand with Aerian over his chest. His strong hands caressing over their arms and bodies, his eyes seemed dazed in disbelief. As Virra smirked across to Aerian while kissing his neck.

“I have the most beautiful women in Everlands on my arms….” Domi commented gently, though genuinely. “Please don’t kick me to the curb.”

Aerian actually growled as he withdrew from her that first time, before groaned as he refilled her, her body shuddered with her own release her cries lost within the kiss as she found her own release. As he lay between them she looked to Virra with her own glazed look.

“I think we should keep him,” she breathed softly as her free hand reached between her own thighs collecting some of the juice and then suckling it from her fingers, she kissed his chest softly before she let her gaze fall back on Virra, now softened and tender and yet still burning with the same desire she had always had for her “And I love you, forever”

Virra grinned, while looking up to Domi. “Maybe. Play your cards right. Understand, you are not allowed to fuck either of us separate from each other. Only when we are together.” Her words carried a slight growl, she was lightly bruised on her bosom but it seemed to not bother her. But let her gaze return to Aerian, caressing her cheek. “Now and forever…”

“I can deal with that.” Domi said calmly.

“Such a good boy, play nice and we will too,” Aerian licked his chest slowly before she looked to Virra, “Let’s hope we survive tomorrow, be a shame to spoil things so quickly”

The trio fell to sleep rather quickly, though, sometime during the late hours, Domi slipped from between each female cautious to not wake them. Hesitated near the door returning to kiss each gently on the forehead. “My sleeping angels…” He whispered in admiration, stopping to watch them for a moment before gathering his strewn clothing, stirring the fire and blowing out the candles to not start a fire. Fixing his quiver with arrows and now, he slipped unknown to the two sleeping lovers out the door.