[Finding the Future] Calm Before A Storm

Aerian blocked the strike, catching the back of the mans head and sending him over her shoulder to the floor, a growl as he hit before he promptly kicked her legs from under her, as Aerian dropped she landed with her full weight on his chest causing him to grunt.

Quickly she rolled aside and back to her feet in one motion, ribbons of sweat now down her cheek, as the man looked to her “I don’t know why I bother sparring, your father taught you well”

Aerian shrugged and straightened “It’s good to stay in shape, also I’ve been on my back for nearly a week” She made her way to Virra with a grin “Not that it’s been all bad, I just hate been side lined by such things”

The man nodded and tossed Aerian a towel “Well, these bruises will confirm you’re as good as back to your old self, I’ll be sure your Uncle knows” He bowed to them both then left the small area they had tucked away for training.

“I like how Uncle Hades, hides the fact he is making sure I’m not a risk to anyone under the guise of a sparring session, I could have done that with you, though ..” She smiled wickedly “I would have landed on your face not your rib cage” She kissed Virra with a smile “I do love you, and I’m glad you have my back”

Virra hopped down from her perch on a horse tie, a smirk on those lush lips that embraced Aerian’s lips in the kiss with arms wrapping around her in a pull hard against her. “I’ll continue to have your back. But, it seemed you had him under control. Hades is smart to test the limit within sparring. That’s right, Firefly, you better love me because I would feel like an idiot if my affection wasn’t returned.”

Aerian tipped her head in thought for a moment before she nodded “I do, even when I’m been torn apart from the inside out, you’re my constant, I think that’s why they sent you to me, someone like me generally doesn’t make it to my age, wind up going crazy so you save me each and every day” Her words were soft but cut with emotion as she spoke, slow and measured “On the upside I am feeling much better after you forcing me to bed and making me rest, so I have something for you a special surprise”

Virra lifted an eyebrow to her words. “I don’t care much for surprises but because it’s from you I’ll tolerate it.”

“Then let’s call if a gift with love” Aerian smiled softly “I promise no parties or some such, but something just for you”

“Sounds good.” She grinned to Aerian and departed from the hold to smack her bottom. “Good. No parties until we get home.”

“The only party I have planned, involves just two guests, but that’s later” She slid past Virra taking her hand and leading her through the Mansion then out into the court yard, the air was warmer and the breeze held the scent of spring causing Aerian to smile.

Aerian rocked on her heels for a moment before she turned to Virra, her eyes lit with odd mischief “This period of quiet is nice, so I figure I should get this in before it all goes to hell again, and before my head implodes with visions again, but anyway come on” her words were playful as she took off through the gardens and then over the wall into the forest beyond.

A chuckle parted Virra’s lips as she followed Aerian to the courtyard but as Aerian ran through the garden and over the wall Virra’s barely heard feet followed after. She scaled the wall like a cat and didn’t allow Aerian too far in front of her.

Aerian slid down through some underbrush a well-practiced motion as she halted to wait on Virra, the forest stretched out before them but the isolated stretch of beach opened out onto the ocean beyond “This is the only place in the Everlands that nobody goes, took me a long time to find a place where the sun and the water make real magic”

She stood next to Aerian and stared at the beach and water. Virra was speechless for a time but when she spoke out was in a whisper as though afraid speaking too loud would skater this moment. “It’s beautiful. Real magic?”

“Have you ever sat and watched the sun set against the ocean? The colours in the water, the sounds in the air, that’s magic to me, the realm using its own environment, beauty is magic, just like what we have Virra” Aerian smiled as she took Virras hand “It’s beautiful, I used to come here a lot when I was younger, the only place I could feel alone not in a bad way but just me and the realm”

Virra glanced down to Aerian’s hand as her lover took it, then up to her with a smirk and those dark eyes shifted outwards to the ocean. “Well, it may have helped if I ever had seen the ocean before. I’m glad you decided to share such a place with me that means so much to you. Now, it is just us and the realm. It’s relaxing.”

“It is” Aerian leant against Virra gently “A lot has changed so quickly, sometimes I just need to slow down”

Virra smirked softly while staying her arms around Aerian and those dark eyes fixed on the ocean and the sun meeting the horizon. It truly was a sight. In each others arms as the realm accepted the two young lovers. “Firefly…I love you…” She whispered into her hair as though this was a confession to not just her but the realm that lay at witness.

Aerian laid her head against Virra, that moment she simply absorbed the world around them, things had changed for them all, and the world of the Everlands would never be the same.

“It’s a shame this quiet wont last, your Dad is coming for you” Aerians voice was low and unsteady “The last round of visions took a while to make sense of, but they have been waiting for winter to pass, it seems your supposed to marry Hareavor or that’s his plan anyways” his name came with cold dread, one of few who truly frightened her, even harder for her to believe such darkness lay in her family but Hareavor was created from her father with everything stripped away.

Virra tightened her hold on Aerian but remained silent with her chin perched on the red heads crown. “Doesn’t surprise me. I knew there was a reason my Pops had me working close with Ceremon and Z’ress. Have you told your Uncle? Simply because your dad and Aishani are away. We may need to prepare.”

“He scares me Virra, it’s hard to believe he is remotely even a part of my dad or Uncle Hades, and now he is coming for you, he has already done so much damage to me, I can’t face him but I can’t let him take you, and Ceremon will likely be coming for Stacy, control the healer you can control the realm, we have so much to protect” Aerian sighed there was frustration sat beneath the surface that familiar crackle of energy that prickled over her skin even across Virras hand a warmth and safety would be felt.

“We should tell Uncle Hades but I don’t have enough to give them, I’m supposed to give them the whole picture but that last round was crazy, it was pieces of the past, pieces of a future that may be and then a whole set of events I can’t make sense of, kind of why I wanted to come here, at least here the world makes sense” Aerian shrugged softly “Sorry I tried to be all sex and romantic and instead I’m all flustered and miserable”

Virra remained silent for a time. Almost as though she wasn’t going to speak but then when she did it was strangely calm. “We will tell them. We have to be prepared. Stacy had to be protected. Do not allow your fears to control you. Hareover knows you are terrified of him and will use that. Rise above that for your own benefit. The only way to overcome is to face it. Trust me I know.”

“We will just not right now” Aerian smiled as she took Virras hand leading her down toward the ocean then further out along the shoreline, as they walked the forest turned to cliffs eventually a cave turned up before them “Ready to see another Everland secret?”

Virra took in her surroundings along the shoreline as it changed from forest to cliffs. Now standing before a cave entry she looked to Aerian with an inclined brow as her thumb caressed over the top of her hand. “Yeah. Ready as I’ll ever be Firefly.”

Aerian scrambled up on set of rocks then slid down beneath another, leaving them in an old mine entrance “You know the cliché of the dead don’t stay dead?” Aerians voice changed a more determined line beneath her words “This was an old mythril mine, before it ran dry a decade ago, but every blade that an Elcarus has carried has metal from this mine, because there’s something in the ground here, we all have a weapon forged from this place, Dad’s is a short dagger carried at his hip, Uncles Hades is forged into the opposite edge of his sword, pretty much why he fights the way he does, and mine” She dug through the dirt to retrieve a short silver dagger, gold and diamond hilted “Something in the metal here makes sure when they die, they never come back, last resort weapons”

Virra was easily behind her, appearing to know exactly the rocks to step on in order to not slip, while gliding down the other, looking around this entrance. “Yeah. It sucks.” She walked to the mine wall to place a hand on it, but, returned to watching Aerian while she dug at the dirt. Though, her feet crunched on the ground to settle near Aerian in a crouch watching her in the excavation of the dagger. “I see. It’s dreary here. So what is that dagger? Are weapons strewn around? Or what?”

Aerian chuckled softly shaking her head “No just this one, I haven’t carried this with me for a long time, usually my nice shiny Judgement Blade does the trick, but using those powers takes too much out of me and I dare guess Hareavor knows I can use such tricks, I intend for us to end him, only we’ll make sure he can’t come back” her words were simple and ice cold now

Virra considered Aerian, the sharpness and decisiveness choice of words. But, stood while remaining at her side with a hand on her shoulder. “Oh, he will meet his end. Especially for those things he has done to you…I will NEVER let him lay a finger on you.”

“I know” Aerian replied softly “I know you won’t, but it’s better to have a fail-safe than not”

“You got it right, Firefly. That fucker will not be coming back…that is what is deserved by him.” Her words were outright poison that spit from her lips.

Aerian slid the blade into her boot, covering the hole before walking to Virra her eyes now darker and yet just as if it were her “And you get me” she smiled before kissing Virra deeply “Always and forever”


[Finding the Future] Honeymoon Guests

It was an open meadow of sorts that backed out onto the lake, a simple log cabin stood before them as Kane led Aishani through a short area of forest, not easily found unless you happened to know its precise location, and it was isolated and peaceful as Kane looked over their honeymoon location.

Aishani drank in the isolation and beauty of this mead near to a glistening and mirror smooth lake, she stepped forward still in her wedding dress while those golden eyes looked over the surroundings. “It’s beautiful, my love…” She glanced to him over her shoulder with a beckon of him near to her by a lift of her hand. “We did it, my love. We are married. I have a surprise for you.”

He watched her for a moment having already had clothes of their delivered ahead of time, he simply watched her take in the location, “A surprise?” He replied with a smile “Bigger than Sarantha being at our wedding? And yes it’s been a bumpy road but we are here, our houses are now joined as one we did what they said we couldn’t we found love in each other”

“Yes, overcoming odds against us. But, yes, it is bigger than Sarantha arriving for our wedding.” She turned now taking his hands in hers to tug him to the log cabin, a smirk on her lips as Aishani walked backwards until they stood before the door. “I’ll tell you…ONLY if you carry me across the threshold.”

Kane looked her over for a moment before he made his way to her his hands slipping around her as he lifted her into his arms, one short well placed kick opened the door and he stepped in, the cabin was simple just a simple kitchen/front room and off to the rear was a bedroom set from the main room, the fire flickered and roared to life, the fur rug glimmered against the orange glow of the fire.

The kitchen fireplace also burned away the kitchen table full of supplies for the two of them. Kane kept hold of her for a moment as he smiled “Welcome to our home away from home, custom built to hide from the Everlands when needed” his eyes now settled on hers “So what’s my surprise? Or is this the part where I wind up dead?” it was playful in his words as he set her on the cabin floor to her feet.

She chuckled as he scooped her up, arms wrapping around his shoulders, once within and her feet lowered to the ground, Aishani looked around the small cabin but a smirk was upon her plush lips. As he spoke she moved to the table to look over the food supplies. “Do you think there is enough food here for four of us?” Aishani asked carefully, in hopes he would pick up on the hint.

Kane watched her for a moment as his eyes ran over her “We’re expecting guests?” his reply came with a smile “Or do we have time to prepare for such an arrival?”

Aishani gathered his hand and placed his palm flush against her abdomen. Those golden eyes watching him with a smirk in her plush lips. “We have nine months to prepare my love.”

Kanes eyes glimmered reflecting the smile he now had “Seems our lives are only destined to get more interesting as we grow old together” he crossed to slip his arms around her waist gently kissing the back of her neck “But I’m glad we have each other and our children will only know love”

She leaned back against him caressing his hand and forearm with a play of her nails lightly against his flesh. “Sarantha says it’s twins.  The realm has gifted us my love. It’s going to be interesting… Vampire and werewolf… Aerian will be needed much.”

“Another challenge for Aerian” He smiled softly “Perhaps it will help soften that hard core of hers, I can only hope that she has peace for here on out, we all deserve at least that” his words were soft as he spoke his hands resting against her stomach “However for the next week, we are alone, and free to do as we please”

“She’s worried about being forgotten and your focus being shifted from her.” A rolling purr escaped her lips in amusement. “Yes. To do as we like…” She turned in his embrace to curl a hand around the back of his neck to bring his lips crashing against hers.

He moaned against the kiss deep and hungry as his hands ran down her back catching her just enough to hoist her seating her on the edge of the table, his eyes met hers “I couldn’t forget that girl if I tried, I mean the amount of trouble that follows her?” His words were playful and yet carried their own meaning “And she found balance with your guidance, with both of us, I couldn’t have done that without you or Virra, you being part of this family truly is what is best for us all, our children will draw their strength from that”

Aishani’s golden eyes looked to him from the perch on the table, as her fingers kneaded into his hips to pull him closer, working the fastens of his pants loose. Working his manhood free in a few long strokes. “Are you sure that it isn’t you that trouble follows?”

“I think we both attract our fair share” Kane replied as his body tensed to her touch, his eyes now settled upon hers, his hands now slipping up along her body to knead her breasts firmly before sliding in to begin unhooking the corset and her dress

The corset made it difficult to knead her bosom but out was fairly simply for him to work the dress free. Aishani now day in the table in only a girdle that kept up her though high hosiery. A smirk on her lips with a pertness to her buds on the conflicting temperature. But her hands lifted to work off his closing and then impatience took her as her lips followed each unbutton to his flesh. Unable to help herself she grasped the already open fringes and tore open his shirt with buttons flying and her hands with nails pulling off his shirt. Her tongue whipped against his flesh with a nip every so often that displayed her increasing hunger to consummate their wedding vows.

Kane growled to her touch, his flesh rippled with goosbumps at each touch as his hands now stripped her of her under wear, stepping close pressing against her just for a moment he held there a reminder that in just a few moments their world had changed forever and for the better.

Though, her body seemed to react to his touch as this darker and more primal side appeared to be something each enjoyed together. She bucked back against him as his member was fully sheathed, her nails digging into the sheets, as her scarred back was exposed to the jiggle of her cheeks upon the ravaging.

He laid kisses all against the webbed scarring as his assault on inside was vicious and relentless, dark in nature claiming her for his own the careful control that Kane held in place in this had gone replaced with a primal need to take what wanted from her.

His pace was deep and aggressive his lips catching her flesh in repeated kisses every few would be a sharp nip against the flesh, as he felt the rise his manor changed as the demon released in force his fangs sinking into the flesh of her neck his body pinning her in place as he released himself within her and her blood into his mouth.

The thunderous clapping of their bodies was lewd but accented by the sounds that left her lips, moans and growls, though, it was the instant that he plunged his fangs into the flesh of her shoulder that he felt her body clench around him with a simultaneous release that made this moment that much more intense. Her crimson river flowed with such a succulent mouth-watering flavour that it was difficult to deny that she was for him and him alone.

As the moment passed Kane eased back sliding beside her, a soft kiss placed upon her lips as his eyes now simmered with the love of who they were together, he simply lay staring into her eyes his body coursing with the release.

Aishani rolled over to lay on her hip, facing him and caressing his neck and chest. Her body was glistening in the faint light, as sweat of their love was ever present. A smirk was upon those lips as the transformation from the crimson in her eyes faded and bled into the brilliant golden, a flash of the woman in the past and then the faint milkiness returned to the damaged hue. She leaned forward to press her lips tenderly against his.

He returned the kiss, his composure finally finding it’s way back as shifted himself to face her, his voice hushed “I think you like challenging my other side” it was playful in each word a smile following the statement.

“To me, both sides make the whole. While I admit I do enjoy seeing you let go of the control.” Aishani gathered his hand to place upon her abdomen and cuddle closer to him. “We are husband and wife…and now soon to be a father and mother. I never thought I would see either.” She began to caress up and down his arm. “Admit it, you like being able to not be worried about the control.”

“Oh I admit that fact freely, it has been longer than I care to remember the last time he was able to surface freely and take whatever he needs to keep him under control, long before perhaps even I was prisoner to Elvera” He smiled softly as his hands slid around her drew her closer “He is part of me and I release I speak of that side differently but it’s hard to accept that I have surpassed something so dangerous for so long, it’s a wonder I haven’t completely lost my mind before now, but yes I enjoy the freedom you afford me it can be rather satisfying”

His hand circled over her stomach slowly as he watched her for a moment his mind in thought “It has been too long since a child was born of the name Elcarus much less two, at least now we know why the realm chose to have you bitten, the strength of the werewolf will allow us both to survive the birth, the last multiple Elcarus birth resulted in my mother’s death and my father becoming even more homicidal than he was known for before her, that’s not to say I don’t still worry”

“I think it would be best if we take each day at a time. This IS a gift, in one way or another. But, I have learned to accept the wolf in me, perhaps, it is best that you learn the same with your inner demon…I know it is a chance but to suppress can be even worse. It is learning to live with and alongside this different part of us.” She watched as his hand caressed over her abdomen. “I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life, Kane. That is all thanks to you.”

“I am the same my love, the time I have spent with you has shown me a world I had all but forgotten, and there is still so much more” He smiled softly

Aishani leaned up to kiss Kane softly it was the exact opposite of the violent moments prior. She looked down to his hand upon her abdomen. “Nothing is ever easy and I will fight death should it come to that to remain at your side. I have a strange feeling that I’m going to have to throw being a vegetarian to the sound during my pregnancy.”

“And I had so many vegetables brought here, not a ham in sight” He laughed softly “We will do what you feel is right, and hopefully by the time these two see the light of the Everlands, Stacy will be as fine a healer as Sarantha, she has all the knowledge of the realm after all, times have changed since we were born” His words were soft and determined in their own way now.

“If we need to hunting sounds fun. But I don’t think Sarantha would miss the birth of our children. Stacy has much to lean but the realm and our family will guide her as much as possible. It seems she is already fitting in.” Aishani curled up with her back pressed against him still allowing his caressed to her bare abdomen. “My concern is the effect Ascondia will take as well as those against me of the Drow. They will have to be taught early and have guards for a time until old enough.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much over our dear Queen, she wouldn’t risk dmaging relations with Dentarius, we after all the key to the realm, pissing us on only serves to weaken her own fragile position” Kane shrugged softly “She may act the bitch and the high Queen, but she knows better, even more so now with two of us to deal with”

“I don’t doubt she is not going to do nothing. But we need to have a guardian for each child. They will be coming into a shaky world as it is right now. But I’m getting too ahead of ourselves…I just got the news.” She chuckled. “Don’t you dare tell me what I can’t do while I’m pregnant.” Aishani cautioned.

“I wouldn’t dare do such a thing” he grinned with a smile before kissing her nose, “And they will be well care for, some of our teachers are the better warriors, we just don’t remind the guards of that fact” his words were soft and caring “We have time to ensure everything is perfect for them my love, hopefully we can calm these storms long before they become a threat to our children”

“Mhm. One can only hope. I’m a little concerned though. Things have been silent with Ceremon and Z’ress this makes me uncomfortable.” Aishani caressed his forearm for a time in silence. “I still can’t believe I’m pregnant. Me. I’m going to be a mother…I hope you will still find me attractive. I mean my abdomen is going to be huge. Especially with twins.”

“Admittedly your mother and my father been so quiet is a cause for concern, we did after all take their prisoners as well as Virra, but then there is the possibility they are busy making each other miserable and affording us time”

Kane smiled as he watched her for a moment “I will always love you Aishani, even if you were the size of a house it doesn’t change what’s inside, nor the way I feel about you”

Aishani chuckled in that rolling purr. “You say that now.” She looked down now simply content bedside Kane and with unborn fetuses’ growing within her. Her hand remained on Kane’s over her abdomen. The two lovers. Husband and wife fell asleep in each others arms from exhaustion to their earlier exploits.

[Finding the Future] Dresses For Lovers

Aerian was sprawled across the rug by the fire laid flat on her back as she looked to Virra, the flames sending heat prickling over her flesh. Her eyes stared to the one person in her whole life that made things far less complicated, her mind dancing over each thought of their lives together.

Her mind yanked suddenly from those thoughts as there was loud knock upon their door, she groaned inward “Just a little piece, is it too much to ask?”

Virra was laying upon her hip, appearing content to caress Aerian’s abdomen and between her breasts while not cupping or gathering the glorious fleshy mounds. Those dark eyes reflected the prancing flames of the fireplace, but, were fixed upon Aerian with admiration and love.
A grunt parted her lips to the knock on the door, while adjusting to drape an arm over the bend of her knees.

When the door opened, Aishani was leaning on the frame with a smirk. “Depends on who you ask.”

“But I don’t wanna move” Aerian whined in a mock tone before she finally sat looking to Aishani then past to Elsa and Jade as it settled “Oh god you want to put me in a dress?!” the tone again mock horror as she found her feet crossing to wrap her arm around Virra

Virra stood still as Aerian wrapped her arms around the naked body. A smirk formed on those lush lips.

Aishani entered through the door and stopped to inspect the interior. “I would hope that my TWO bridesmaids would be more enthusiastic then that.”

Aerian giggled “Did you hear that? She said two which means you gotta dress up too” Her words were soft against Virras ears, she slipped back to lead Virra from the door allowing the others to enter “I haven’t worn a dress since I was a child”

Virra chuckled with a shake of her head. “Do we have a choice?” A smirk still on her lips. “Must be for the wedding?”

“Well I wouldn’t dress you up for nothing” Elsa grinned softly “I promise nothing too outrageous”

“Let me add in, that I wouldn’t tell you unless it was an important moment in your father’s life. So, shall we get to work?” Aishani stated, her golden eye drifting over the two lovers with a smirk. “Seems, Elsa, you don’t have to force them to strip. It’s already been done.”
Jade stepped forward with a shake of her head. “N-no. It’s not too fancy, I helped choose the style.”

Virra inclined a brow to Jade. “Mouse, speaks.”

Aerian looked to Jade for a moment before looking to Elsa “Fine, but if I wind up looking like a giant marshmallow I swear I will make you pay?!” It was half fun half serious in her statement as she stepped away from Virra lifting her arms before Elsa began her routine of sizing up Aerian.

“Marshmallow? Honestly Aerian this is the Everlands, most people won’t even know what a marshmallow is” Elsa grinned in reply “Besides, Aishani will be the star of the show, you’re just going to remind the world how pretty you can be”

“Pretty as a marshmellow!” Virra teased with a fold of her arms, while chuckling. Though, a strange possessiveness entered her dark eyes as Elsa moved her hands just beneath her lovers bosom. Yet, she said nothing further, since her gaze spoke loudly.

Aishani simply remained silent with a smirk on her lips, as Jade cradled the swabs of cloth in her arms to be utilized by Elsa when the woman deemed it appropriate.

“You OK Virra my baby?” Aerian asked a tone of curious panic as she looked to her lover, already aware of the fact Virra was possessive of her “It sort of has to go this way it’s how she works” Aerian couldn’t help the panic in her voice even caught between the two.

Elsa halted for a moment looking to Virra from behind Aerian “I do apologise for the awkwardness, I will be done as quickly as I can” She simply shifted back and returned to her work beyond that statement, before stepping back “OK Jade my dear bring that here let’s get our dear Aerian all fitted up”

Almost as being spoken too broke the spell, Virra rolled a shoulder dismissively but that smirk formed on her lips. “Yeah, seamstress has to do what she has to make my Firefly NOT look like a marshmellow.”

Aishani inclined a brow to the hint of panic in Aerian’s voice, glancing to Virra then to Aerian again. Jade though was at the ready, stepping forward to lift the fabric and allowing for it to flow unhindered.

“I’d look kinda funny all fluffy and pink ….. “ Aerians voice trailed off as the fabric begin to twist and writhe up her body, curling under and around her before finally settling into place, Aerian plucked and poked at various pieces to shift the fabric.

“I do love how easy getting dressed around you is Elsa, much quicker than the real world way at least” She shrugged awkwardly as she looked to Virra, her hands tugging her hair to a more fitting position “Well? What do you think baby?”

Virra licked her lips, there was some desire within the depths of those black eyes, a radiant heat that was meant for Aerian alone. “Mmm, I could just eat you up, Firefly.” She purred with a lustful smirk.

Aishani pushed from her lazy lean. “Save it for when you two are alone. Let’s get this finished.” Her golden eye shifted over Aerian. “You look stunning, while I realize this may be the only time I see you in a dress, it suits you well.”

Aerian felt the warmth of blush flush her cheeks as she looked to the floor until she felt it melt away “I um …. It’s for you and Dad so, as good a reason as any I can come up” Aerian tried to keep the reply dignified “It will be an honour to welcome you into our family properly, I never said it before but I am glad things turned out how they have”

As if with the flick of a switch she walked to Virra kissing her deeply “OK I’m done with the mushy stuff, let’s get you looking just as tasty and then we can kick everyone out and…” She left the statement open intentionally with a smirk.

Elsa watched the girls just for a moment before shaking her head “Young love, such a beautiful thing” She made her way to Virra a little less sure than with the others “Shall we begin?”

Virra curled her fingers within Aerian’s hair on the abrupt kiss, the pressure was nearly as possessive as was the press of her lips. A smirk was held in reply to Aerian’s open statement. But, she stepped forward with arms lifted. “Yeah. Let’s get this shit over with.”

Aishani tilted her head a slight, finding Virra’s demeanour less than adequate, but said nothing.

“Oh come on baby, it’s not a bad thing, we should enjoy the god while it lasts” Aerian smiled as she watched Virra “Maybe I’ll buy you a maids outfit afterward”

Elsa watched the exchange before slipping her hands under Virra arms shifting them to a raised position, her hands slipping down the young womans side, gently just under her breasts and back before stepping away and circling her slowly “It will be quite the event that’s for certain”

Virra cast her an amused smirk to Aerian’s playful suggestion to lighten the mood, though, something deep in those dark eyes was considering something, sizing up her lover with intention.

She remained stiff as Elsa’s hands worked over the measurements, but the muscles were coiled as though ready to spring forth. Virra wasn’t muscular in the slightest but the leanest indicated of a well-trained body.

Elsa made her way to Jade pulling out pieces of fabric from those she held “Thank you my dear, you are quite the assistant, more useful than ones I’ve had in the past at least” She smiled softly then moved back to Virra, dropping the fabric to her feet and almost instantly it sprang forth curling and twisting around Virra.

As it finished it form Aerian swallowed “Holy shit baby”

Elsa looked with a smile “Indeed just as beautiful as you other half, wouldn’t you say Aishani?”

Jade offered Elsa a smile, while a blush lifted to her cheeks.
The black fabrics clung to her suggestively, though, tastefully as to not draw too much un-needed attention from Aishani on her important day. Her shape was sublime beneath hidden often by leathers. “I guess, I can clean up pretty good.”

Aishani had been watching Aerian, though, turned her gaze to Virra. “That she does, Elsa. The realms seamstress…you have a knack for things.”

“I would argue I made the best of been lumbered with crappy magicks” Elsa grinned in reply “But it does have a way of bringing the very best in both fabric and person beneath, so I like what I do” Elsa shrugged softly as she looked to Virra

“Anything we need to adjust? Fit feels good? Just say if we do or it doesn’t” She said with a smile

Virra lifted and lowered her arms, then leaned forward and twisted her torso. “Nope, seems good to me.” Her dark eyes were fixed on Aerian the entire time while it appeared that she was going over things silently in her mind. “Now, get this shit off me. I can’t stand it.”

Aishani began to laugh while Jade simply smiled.

Elsa tapped the fabric instantly it dropped to the floor as Elsa gathered it together it spun back into shape, gathering the two dresses she now handed them to Jade “See these go to my shop along with yours and Aishanis” She smiled softly “Now if you’ll excuse me ladies I have a rather uptight vampire to go chase and fit for his outfit” She bowed gently making her way to the door.

“Have fun” She winked to them and disappeared out the door

Virra stepped to the side while curling her arm around Aerian possessively, watching Elsa take her leave with Aishani close behind and Jade following after each.
“YOU would be the one to wear a maid dress, Aerian.”

Aerian leant into Virra with a soft smile “Was trying to work out if you liked the idea or wanted to kill me for it” she smiled softly as she laid her head on Virras shoulder “But I would wear anything you asked of me, you already know though” Aerians hands drew Virra tight against her.

The fires in the cottage flared brightly as did the lanterns casting their home in a dull amber light, Aerian taking Virras hand, led her back to their position before their interruption as she dropped to her knees before Virra with a smile “I would serve you an way you desire milady” there was playful tones in Aerians voice now

The two women were without clothing, before each other, their skin caressed in the dancing firelight, each shadow adding the sensuality of the feminine essence to each. Virra considered Aerian in her position, though, lowered her hand to caress against her lovers cheek, sensually gliding her fingers through the fiery threads, then yanking her hair within the reigns to guide her to stand and crush her lips against Aerian’s.

Aerian did hesitate in her reply to the kiss, her own hands slipping up Virras back to wrap around her shoulders, a deep hungry fire in her kiss.

Virra parted abruptly from the kiss, though, held those fiery threads in her slender fingers as to not give Aerian leeway to move away. “You do realize that, you are MINE. No one else. Right?” Those black eyes were like to dark pools boring into Aerian’s.

Aerian felt the grip her eyes staring to Virra a flash of panic cut through as she felt her heart skip a beat “Have I done something?” She spoke soft yet the words came awkward “Because I AM YOURS I have been from the moment we met, Virra I love you no one in the world could ever change that”

Virra remained silent, though, the expression on her face was gentle and soft, the grip loosened from her threads. “I just wanted to hear it again. It took every ounce of my self-worth to not assault either of the women present to see you in such a state.” Her fingers pranced over the rise of her bosom, head tilted down to guide the slick tool around her areola before quickly drawing in the pert bud to suckle upon.

Aerian moaned loudly instantly feeling goose bumps ripple over her flesh, her eyes half closed as she breathed “I know baby, but Elsa is harmless it’s just how her magick works best, don’t think I wanted to rip her to pieces for touching what’s mine? As I belong to you in turn you are mine” Her hand slid down Virras spine tracing circles against her flesh “I do love you Virra, don’t ever question me on that, please”

A catch of her teeth was felt upon the bud imprisoned in Virra’s molten mouth, though, released with the sweeping apology of her slick muscle. After a moment, Virra parted with a shrewd plop, looking up to her and then pressing each side of Aerian’s bosom together and licking the close proximity of each bud and suckling both into her mouth at once, before parting and massaging the globes in her hands. “I never questioned it. I am just reminding you that you ARE mine, Firefly.”


Aerian didn’t hold back as her release hit her hips bucking against Virras invasion breaking the kiss allowing her to let the cries of pleasure tear from her, her entire body trembling with the force of that release, as her mind numbed from the pleasure she was left in a whimpering trembling heap beside her lover.

Due to the position of Virra with her legs on the outside of Aerian, the woman could not fall to the side and instead was brought into the arms of her lover. Virra held Aerian now, her digits removed from the molten core, which was dripping down, fingertips caressing up and down Aerian’s back. “I love you with all my heart, Aerian. Never doubt that, ever.” She whispered beside Aerian’s ear, pressing her lips gently to her neck. “You ARE mine, forever.”

“I am, I am yours, I am” Aerian moaned softly “Always” she finished softly feeling the violent force of her release subside “Don’t leave me, don’t let me go please”

Virra tightened her hold around Aerian. Leaning back a slight to top her lovers chin with that smirk of hers. “Oh. Your stuck with me Firefly. I’m not going anywhere without you. Don’t you worry about that.” Those fingers from her one hand caressed up and down her spine with love.

“Good” Aerian smiled softly as her hands traced soft circles against Virras chest, her body now finally finding some degree of control as she remained in Virras embrace “I can’t do this without you”

“You won’t ever have to.” She whispered and filled her chin to bring Aerian’s lips against gets in a tender kiss.



[Finding the Future] Dress Planning

Elsa swept through the hallway, a smile on her face her hands entangled in many fabrics as she arrived at Kane and Aishanis room she turned to rap the door with her heel.

Kane opened the door with a look of confusion before seeing Elsa “Ah that explains things” he smiled opening the door and stepping aside to allow Elsa, she simply eyed Kane for a moment before kicking him in the shin.

“Not helping a lady with such important jobs, dear oh dear Kane what is this place coming to?” She smiled softly then turned her attention to Aishani “Well now my dear, we have work to do so I’m going to ask your lover to leave us be, Jade will be along shortly as well to aide us”

She turned to face Kane with a smile “Lot’s to do my dear boy off you go now” Kane watched her for a moment then bowed “Alright ladies have fun” he shook his head and left the roof in search of his brother and a little sparring.

Aishani was sitting at a table when Elsa entered, sharpening her daggers, though a brow inclined to the words of the female and her whetstone was set down, rising when Kane left the room to embrace Else. “I’m glad you could make it.’ Her golden eye inspected the fabric that was wrapped in Elsa’s arms, gathering some to assist. “What is all this?”

“We need to get you looking the most stunning and amazing we ever could for your big day my dear, a fitting dress for our new heroine” Elsa dropped the fabrics on the bed and turned with a smile “Seems I have also been deemed you’re wedding planner, along with young Jade” she shook her head “Wherever is that girl indeed”

Aishani placed down the fabrics gathered from Elsa. “Heroine? Oh, please.” She chuckled though rolled a shoulder dismissively to mention of Jade. “Wedding planner? I see, so what is it you have planned.”

Just then the door was knocked upon, when Aishani answered it, Jade stood on the opposite side with her head bowed and in a beautiful kimono and bare footed. She looked up with those exotic almond slanted eyes. “I apologize for taking so long, I was rather…tied up.”

“Oh no worries dear, come on in, we have lots to do” Elsa clapped with a grin “I trust you have bridesmaids chosen? And a Guide? Who will we have walk you down the aisle?” The questions came quickly as Elsa pulled a book from beneath the pile of fabric and a quill from behind her ear “It’s your day my dear, so what would you like?”

Elsa’s eyes sparkled with delight as she eyed the two women before looking back to the pages of drawings, dresses of all kinds drawn and sketched with colour just as insane or complimented as the next.

“Oh. I…uh, I really haven’t thought about it. But, now that you mention it, I’d like for Aerian and Jade to be a bridesmaid. I’m thinking even you, Elsa.” Aishani stumbled over her words, this was something she wasn’t used to at all.

Jade’s cheeks flushed with colour at Aishani’s words. “Really? Me?”

Aishani nodded solemnly. 

Elsa bowed slightly “I would be honoured” She replied softly “It’s a lot to handle I know, which I suspect is why I’m here, I usually only see a bride for her dress, but I was asked to assist where I could, anything you require you need only ask”

Elsa scribbled her notes before flipping the book to Aishani “I trust the general big gowns wouldn’t be fitting, not exactly yours or Kanes style honestly, that man will be wearing jeans and a t-shirt if we let him” She smiled softly “So any idea?”

“Oh, yes, and possibly Virra, if she would agree to it.” Aishani settled down on the edge of the bed, while turning to Elsa as the book was flipped to her. “Well, he isn’t going to wear jeans and a t-shirt at our wedding.”

Jade moved to settle on the opposite side of Aishani, remaining silent but her eyes read clearly of the variance of dresses drawn on the pages.

Aishani looked down turning each page slowly. “Elsa, I’m not one to wear dresses…unfortunately, I know I need to do such now. What about…this one?” She turned the page to face Elsa, it was a dress that was a corset and a sloping neckline that would accent her perfectly with a beautiful length.

Elsa eyed the drawing with a smile and nodded “I think it would suit you very well” She replied softly “And yes unfortunately you are stuck with the grand affair version, being Lord and Lady of Manor as it is, and congratulations on your appointment with Drow Elders, I would dare bet you never expected to play politician when you arrived her”

Else flittered across the room to collect a pair of scissors and other instruments before returning “Well now let’s get stated, I’m afraid I need you naked for this part” Elsa looked to Aishani almost in apology before smiling “Hard to ensure things are in all the right places without it I’m afraid”

“No. I did not imagine being a politician. Now look at me… I’d never imagined getting married.” Aishani stood from the bread as Jade gathered the book to remain looking at the dresses sketched.

Aishani began to undress. Revealing inch by inch of her when skin with the inclusion of the webbed markings beneath her bosom and at her naval. The cruel red skin of the scarred around drawn by the werewolf and the webbed scarring that covered her back.

Jade looked up just then as Aishani stood naked and those warm brown eyes took in the marks upon her body. “I hope I find myself in your position one day.” She muttered.

Aishani inclined a brow with a smirk. “Hades would be a fool to not keep you.”

Elsa eyed Jade for a moment in thought watching her look to the book before her eyes slid back to Aishani “The second time you’ve stood before me naked I believe, now if I overstep my limit feel free to point it out, but my magic works best when I do, I may have the offensive magic in the realm but I can spin a dress like no other” She grinned and slid to Jade

“Hades has a spring in his step we haven’t seen before, for those of us unfortunate enough to see the old Hades, I can say you bring the very best from him” She winked and then stepped behind Aishani drawing her arms level with her shoulders her hands slipping around to rest just below her breasts.

“I think a grand occasion is exactly what our little corner of the Everlands needs, and after such a bitter winter” Else mused softly “You have had your fill of us so quickly, all of you deserve a lot of happiness”

Aishani remained still with her arms extended and Elsa’s hands at the underside of her bosom that easily flowed out in a full spill. Warm. Firm. Soft. But she nod to Elsa’s words. “That’s what I’ve heard. Odd you earned me ahead of time due to your measuring and groping. I’d day you want to see. But you’ll hear me growl if it is too personal.”

“Oh I do indeed enjoy what I see, but I am aware you have your man, so we will remain professional” Her eyes slipped to Jade with a smile as she watched the young woman “What do you think of the chosen dress, does it suit our Lady?”

Her hands slipped down over Aishanis abdomen before withdrawing as she stepped to the front to look her over “I think this will work well, tight below the bosom but not so tight as you pass out due to lack of air” Elsa grinned and made her way to the bed pulling some of the fabric from the pile and looking to the page Jade had found herself upon “I think the bridesmaid dresses should complement and yet still leave them looking just as yummy to their respective lovers, except Aerian and Virra of course, getting those girls in dresses should prove fun”

Jade looked up from the pages of the book, nodding her head slowly, tentatively. “Yes, indeed it does, Elsa.”

Aishani remained silent watching Elsa’s hands, then to her when the dress maker stood before her. Jade looked up to Elsa as she peered at the page. “Yes, I agree. I’ll keep looking for dresses and give Aishani the options.”

“Yes, that should prove amusing. Though, I get the feeling both would for me, if not that then for Kane. It’s an important day for us.” Aishani commented with a smirk.

Elsa smiled as she placed the fabric to Aishanis feet, it pooled just for a moment before snaking its way along her flesh, the second strand twisting and dancing as it began to form around her. Elsa watched before stepping to remove a few strands of fabric.

She stepped back admiring the newly formed dress with a smile “I think my dear you look truly beautiful, a shining symbol of our future” quietly she walked to Jade looking to the book for a moment before looking to Jade “You will both have your men drooling”

Aishani watched as the fabric seemed to take on a life all its own, then as it settled upon her, she moved to stand before a mirror, turning and admiring the dress. It settled on her perfectly snug at the bosom to add a delicious contour with the v-neck and the thick straps and even the back, while it exposed her scars this was easily overlooked. The cinch to her waist gave off the birth of her luscious hips beneath to the skirt.

Jade looked up to Elsa as the female neared her, a blush lofting to her cheeks. “Oh, I don’t know. Do I want Hades to drool? He might look…a little funny.”

Elsa smiled softly “He may indeed, how about just get him nice and hot so you’re night will be as much as Aishanis” She chuckled softly walking back to Aishani admiring the dress with thought.

“I do believe you bring out some of my better work” She mused softly with thought “Anything we should change? Better to do it now before the magicks seal things to place”

Aishani turned from side to side, while making a few comments on alterations having to do with the flow and fit in various locations, it was clear to anyone that she wished for this day with Kane to be perfect.

Jade smiled shyly while looking to Aishani longingly, almost as though, she desired to be in such a position. “Oh, well, I don’t need to do too much for that to happen.”

“You’re day will come, I don’t think there is any doubt of that Jade” Elsa replied with a smile as she set to work correcting the dress to Aishanis request, a tap would cause the fabric to twist and alter as she worked.

“Wouldn’t you agree?” The final alteration was made as she stepped back “It could make a woman quite envious that you both have been so fortunate, our realm is changing and at last it is for the better”

Aishani inspected the fit of the dress, the fabric fit her perfectly and accented her assets enough but to not make it scandalous. She looked absolutely stunning with her ashen flesh against the white of the dress, sending a beautiful contrast and adding an exotic allure. “This is perfect…” Aishani then looked to Jade after Elsa’s words, nodding with a smirk upon her polished lips. “Yes, your time will come. The realm needs this as do our men.”

Jade looked down to the dress that she had found to her interest. “What is it you are going to choose for the bridesmaids? It cannot distract from your own.”

Elsa smiled softly “She is indeed correct, and of course we must dear Aerians ego into the mix” her words were soft and yet a supportive way in the way she spoke.

“Once we decide I will go see the girls, they are living the caretaker cottage now?” Elsa finished as the magicks began to seal locking the dress to its form around Aishani.

“Indeed, that is the newest transition in the arrangements. Those two need time together, not only for themselves but I know the chaos within is not healthy for Aerian at the time.” Aishani spoke softly with the rolling purr.

“Perhaps, the ego should be handled sooner than later.” Jade suggested.

Elsa glanced to Jade curious to her words for a moment “Aerian has struggled with much, her gift it can only stress the mind, and her recent encounter with her grandfather and Aishanis mother cannot have helped things, still with time away from home and yet close to home, we can but hope she begins to repair, she has been much calmer around Virra though so that must count for something”

Elsa shrugged softly as she moved toward Jade “Now then let’s find us something that looks as good without taking away from our dear bride” She smiled softly

Jade nodded to Elsa, pointing to a dress on the page that was black with a lace cummerbund type with a black ribbon in the centre. “It is simple and will complement the colour of both the bride and the groom. I think this would be best. Don’t you?”

Aishani began to undress and return to her jeans and denim corset top, carefully placing the dress on the bed with a smile, caressing such luscious fabrics.

“Indeed I believe that will work quite well” Elsa smiled softly watching Aishani just for a moment before taking Jades hand “Come on then my dear off with these so we can things sorted” she indicated Jade to undress

Jade stared at Elsa then looked to Aishani. “Oh…I don’t know…that I could…”

“Don’t be so shy my dear, I can’t very well make you look stunning if I don’t know what I’m working with, it’s the way of my magick I’m afraid” Elsa kept her voice gentle and reassuring with a soft smile “It is after all just the three of us”

Jade’s milky cheeks were stained red by this point with a deep blush, her beautiful brown eyes shifting between the two women. Aishani now stood with a fold of her arms over her chest, looking to Jade expectantly.

Slowly Jade set the book to the side and stood, releasing the tie of her obi, folding the fabric neatly, then with trembling hands guided the fabric from her shoulders. Revealing that black and red arm tattoo of the koi fish, placing the kimono behind her and looking down. The beauty of her milken skin was a stark contrast to the flowing dark threads of her hair and the lush hips with the thick thighs.

“Well now I can indeed see why Hades likes you” Elsa grinned as she circled Jade her eyes drinking in the intricacy of her art “Such beauty in you both, I feel so jealous”

Elsa shook her head now sliding behind Jade to raise her arms much as she did with Aishani her hands slipping down her flesh gently then back to the front “I apologise for the discomfort dear, but I can’t work if I can’t touch I’m afraid”

As Elsa rounded to the back, she was greeted with the gorgeous back piece of the phoenix in the dutiful black and red hues. Aishani considered Jade in silence while her golden hue was fixed on the artwork upon her arm.

Jade’s face darkened in colour, unlike Aishani, as Elsa touched her incredibly soft skin, a gasp parted her lips but was quickly reined in by a catch of her lower lip between her teeth.

Elsa eased her hands up just below Jades breasts before slipping them away “This will work quite well” She moved to collect the pale fabrics ad darker ones as she made her way back to Jade to place the fabric at her feet.

“Now let’s see what we have” as before the fabrics began to snake and twist forming into garments around Jade, Elsa watched for a moment before looking to Aishani “What do you think my dear? Fit for the affair?”

Jade stood still, while Elsa worked her magicks with the fabric and soon it had wrapped around her in a subtle and perfect accent to the exotic female’s shape. Aishani looked to Elsa and moved around Jade, offering an approving nod. “This is perfect. Thank you Jade.”

“Y-your welcome..” Jade muttered while looking down to the fabric, then with the guidance of Aishani to stand before the mirror. When her chin was tipped up by Aishani, her eyes stared at the visage reflected upon the surface. “I…”

“Yes, you look beautiful, Jade. While you are still tentative, hold your chin up with dignity. You have gained the affection of a heart that I believed to be cold, it is not easy to be close to an Elcarus but it is an honour all together.”

“She is right you do look stunning” Elsa stood behind the pair with a grin “Anything you would wish to alter?”

“Uh, alter? No, it fits fine.” Jade commented glancing back to the two women then to her reflection.

“Excellent. Now, it’s time to deal with Aerian and Virra. This will be…exciting to say the least.” Aishani stated while patting Jade on the back and turning to wait for the others near the door. “Let us surprise the men with our clothing. Elsa and I will wait outside for you to change.”

“Yea let’s keep everything nice and quiet until the wedding, I will hold the dresses at the shop until then” Elsa replied with a grin then turned on her heel to follow Aishani from the room, closing the door to allow her a moment.

“Poor girl seems to feel so out of place, little stiff at her future, Hades found himself a true gem with her” Elsa mused with a soft smile “Delicate yet has far more strength than she realises”

With her history, clearly, it makes sense to her demeanour. Everyone displays things differently when it comes to our future. She is stronger than she lets on. Did you see those tattoos? I sensed something different about them, almost a purpose to them not in just meaning…” She commented idly while leaning against the wall near the door.

“Perhaps she is just looking for someone to guide her in finding that strength” Elsa smiled looking to Aishani for a moment “You both have the burden of standing beside the very men on whom this realm relies, we shouldn’t but we do, at least you both have that in common”

Elsa smiled softly her eyes soft as she watched the young woman who would indeed lead the realm to a new future.

“Oh don’t give me that look, Elsa.” Aishani rolled her eyes with a smirk. “There is no burden when it is willing for the right reasons. Yes, she needs guidance and it will come in time.”

Just then Jade opened the door, peering outside and stepping through the door.

Elsa clapped her hands with a smile “Well off to see the girls shall we?”

[Finding the Future] Our World

Aerian held her breath as she crept through the forest, keeping herself low and silent she moved quick and silent among the trees and underbrush, as she neared the lake she could see her prey just ahead that dark hair and hot ass caused Aerian to shiver before she leapt.

Her arm caught the Virras pulling her down to the ground with a giggle that echoed through the clearing as she rolled Virra her back she rolled up and over pinning Virra to the floor beneath “Hey baby, what you doing out her all alone?”

Virra hit the snowy ground with a crunch and grunt to the appearance of Aerian that swept her from her feet to stare up at her. She narrowed her dark eyes into dangerous slits, but, then visibly relaxed at the realization of Aerian sunk in. A smirk on her lips. “Just going for a walk…”

Aerian leant down to kiss her cheek her hair flick in the wind, as her eyes remained on Virras for a moment “I thought you were still mad at me, or mad at me for a whole new reason” she lay her head on Virras chest for a moment “I know it’s stupid, but you were just gone and..” Aerians voice trailed off softly

The smirk remained on her lips after the press of Aerian’s lips upon her cheek, those black eyes swallowed drowned her in the essence of her lover. “Oh stop it. I have no reason to be mad at you. Don’t implicate things in your head that aren’t true, it makes you worry needlessly and uses your energy.” Her arms wrapped around Aerian, cradling her head against her chest. “Besides, I told you before, I will knock you upside the head if you get too out of control. I just wanted to walk and explore my new home. Thinking about things. I will NEVER leave you, unless there comes a point you despise me so much and at that point I will leave if that is your wish.”

“It’s been a rough month or so, heads still kinda furballed” Aerian replied softly “I’m not used to feeling so complete, I’ve always been on my own for the most part, but since you arrived I don’t want to be alone, I need to be with you” Aerian sat back up over Virra a smile on her lips “Exactly how hard DID you hit me, sheesh you changed my whole outlook on life”

The light bounced through Aerians hair flickering and dancing through the red as Aerian simply stared to the only woman in her life she would die to protect without a care for those around her, she swallowed before smiling “So how are you finding Dentarius? I mean it’s a world away from what you’re used to right?”

“I just clocked you good, is all.” Virra lifted her freezing hand as though the fiery threads would warm her touch, running her fingers through Aerian’s hair. “I have the best part of Dentarius sitting atop me, what more could I want? I admit it is different, being waited on and tended to by staff of the mansion. A little suffocating at times, while there is room for adjustment always. I’m not struggling to prove myself and beating the shit out of men. All along, I struggled to prove to others when I simply just had to prove my worth to myself. Now, I have that sense of self-worth. It is a good thing, Firefly.”

“You have nothing to prove to anyone here” Aerian smiled softly “You proved everything you needed to getting us out alive, and you have done so repeatedly since” Her hands slid along Virras sides slowly up to her breasts her thumbs circling the fabric covering them “But I was thinking, the Mansion is so chaotic and really not good for my noodle, but there are a few houses within the grounds, if you wanted we could make it ours?”

Virra wore her usual leather corset top that offered a plumpness to her bosom in with Aerian traced with her thumbs against the fabric, her leg curled within Aerian’s while in a flex of her body Aerian was pinned beneath Virra. Her dark threads falling to create a world with only the two within it, a smirk on her lips. “A few houses on the grounds? Oh, that may be a fun idea.”

“Yea they were built years ago for caretakers and things but then Uncle Haunted built the guest wing and they wound up kind of redundant, Dad rebuilt them though so they are in good shape” Aerian grinned her eyes never moving from Virras as she hovered just above her face “Somewhere that would be just ours”

“Yes. A place that is just ours.” She lowered her lips down to crush against Aerian’s, lingering with the sweetness and hunger, though just as the slithery sweep of her slick tongue entered it departed with a nip to her lip. “Let’s go take a look then. Then inform your Pops where we are moving to and the reason why.”

Aerian returned the kiss his hands wound into Virra hair to keep the kiss locked just a moment longer before waiting to Virra to climb from her and rolled to her feet. They walked to the opposite side of the mansion where toward the gates were several houses, some smaller cottages one larger house “We can pick any we like, we’ll be private and left alone, and yet still safer than either could wish to be, I think we deserve that together”

Virra’s hands were like ice, laced within Aerian’s in their walk back to the opposite side of the mansion. She considered her options on the cottages and large house. “I don’t need much, other than you at my side. I think a cottage would be the best for us, a small and cosy space that we can call our own. Don’t you agree?”

Aerian nodded the cottage in the middle was the one she decided on, a small simple place, complete with it own small patch of garden though slightly overgrown at this point. She led Virra to the door which creaked as it opened the air slightly damp beyond and stale.

“Hasn’t been opened since it was finished but it’s ours” She smiled softly

Virra entered within after Aerian, her black eyes looking around the small front room with a smirk, though, began to walk within. “This will be perfect. We need cleaning supplies and some food, I would prefer unless you’re Pops inviting us for dinner that this is our home and to cook within.”

“We should show for dinner now and again, but this is our home now” Aerian replied softly, she watched her lover for a moment before closing the door behind them and leading Virra to the bedroom, it happened to have a view that looked over the wall and down to the valley below Dentarius sprawled out below them.

“We can do what we like, together, our world right here” Aerians hand curled around Virras waist drawing her close

Virra moved with Aerian to the bedroom, she looked with those black eyes to the incredible view over the wall and to the valley below. She leaned back into Aerian while placing a hand upon her lover’s forearm to caress and simply enjoyed the view. “Yes, our world…”

[Finding the Future] A Rooftop Affair

Hades sat on the wall atop the Mansion, a small part of the roof that provided a full view of the land below. He had already observed Aerian and Virra return, and the two headed toward them he suspected were Kane and Aishani though at this distance and the sunlight fading it was hard to know for sure.

He smiled before sliding off to finish preparing the evening meal he had prepared himself for himself and Jade, though he had instructed her not to arrive until the clock had struck the sixth hour, he laid the blanket down as well as plates and cutlery before he placed down the glasses and a bottle of wine for them.

As he laid out the breads and fish, as well some roasted vegetables and genuine potatoes he’d procured from the human realm recently. He flicked his hand over the food a charm to keep it warm for them as he made his way back to the edge to await Jades arrival.

The clock ran in the first chime for the sixth hour arriving, that is when Kane heard the footfalls of Jade rising the steps leading upward upon the wall. Soon, he saw Jade with her hair flowing over her shoulders and a beautiful black silk kimono that held a pattern of red flowers with the ubi matching the same pattern. She carried herself with poise and grace, as always was her stature, pausing to look up at the small portion of the roof that Hades was settled upon. A warm smile upon her lips to the sight as the chime rang again until it finished with the sixth and final sound, she extended a hand for his own with the flowing sleeve falling back to expose the forearm. Those beautiful almond slanted eyes took in the arrangement. “You’ve been busy.” She commented in that tone that rang like gentle bells.

“I wanted our first date to be something worthwhile” He smiled in reply “Says the guy that lures the young woman to an isolated rooftop” he turned to face her “Kind of sounds like the start of some horror novel?” There was a playful air to his words as his hand flicked candles around the entire rooftop flickered to life, there was a low whistle before sparks erupted into the air above them the words ‘I Love You’ hung just for a moment before dancing out of sight the night sky now high above them.

“Didn’t really account for the snow, but magic is holding it away from us, keeping us from freezing to death” he motioned to the make shift picnic area with “Little known secret is unlike my brother I can actually cook”

Jade laughed in that musical tone, always light. She looked around the rooftop as the candles came to life and offered soft lighting, then lifted her gaze to the whistle and clapped her hands over her mouth, almost as though to cage the smile of delight and surprise to the words written before fading. She nodded to him, then moved to settle down on the blanket with her ankles tucked neatly beneath her bottom. “This smells amazing, Hades. Thank you, but, you didn’t have to go through all this trouble for me.”

“I’m trying too hard?” He shrugged softly sitting opposite her, his hand flicking his cloak from under him as he did so.

“It’s been a long time since I have had reason to be more than an ill tempered failed experiement, I grew tired of looking back and chasing a past I cannot change” He stopped “Well I could but I have no need to, you Jade are my reason now, and so here we are with me showing you just how special to me you are”

He pointed above them “I don’t hold the weather back for just anyone you know, though if I wasn’t on the roof of the mansion I couldn’t anyway, so again showing you the weakness in my ability taken to heart and used in a way I feel is appropriate” He shook his head with a soft chuckle “I just want the next few hours to be about us, together, ALONE and free from the craziness of life” he let his voice drop as he pointed indicating the mansion below “Down there” he finished

“It’s never too much trouble to show the woman you love simply that you love them”

“No. Nonono…” She leaned forward to place a hand atop Hades’s to bring it to her lips with a clasp of each palm against his. “Oh, Hades, I didn’t mean to sound like a prude. It’s just that, I am not used to being treated with such kindness and affection without a price. I adore everything right now. Here. With you.” A soft blush of colour lifted to her cheeks, accenting the milkiness of her features. She crawled across the blanket to slip and settle in his lap, caressing his cheek. “There is no place, I would rather be.”

“Oh there’s a price” His words came soft against her ear “The price is you’re stuck with me, stuck with my attempts at romance and magic, both emotional and reality. I want to show you the world they hid from you”

His hands slid over her thighs and to her hips drawing her closer to him “They took so much from you and I intend to give you it all back piece by piece”

Jade tipped her chin to press her lips against his neck, it was fleeting and tender. “I’m not entirely sure what to say, Hades. But, I am glad that the realm dropped me here and I still remain.” She then leaned over to arrange a plate to settle in her lap, while removing the chopsticks from a fold in her kimono to begin to lift and feed Hades, as taking the moments of his chewing to eat herself.

Hades kept his arm around her waist as they ate together, the night skies were dark above them as the snow fell but it simply steered down away from them, a soft smile curled Hades lips as he continued to accept the bites from Jade.

“So curiously if you could have anything what would it be?” He asked finally as they finished eating together “And just to be with me doesn’t count, because you get that regardless of your answer”

Jade paused to consider his words, gathering a glass of wine to sip and offer to him. “I’m not sure. It is a question no one has asked me before…I don’t ask for much and never have. Let’s see…what is it you would have, if anything in the world, again, I don’t count because you have me.”

“But I asked first” Hades grinned his voice sounding almost childlike “But because you asked the answer is simple, this is what I want most, to be free of the past that held me down for so long, forget I am all but a failed experiment and have become someone to be loved. Just to be free”

She considered him for a time in silence, sipping her wine and offering him much the same. “Things are still new to me, unfortunately, Hades. I am not used to freedom, nor am I used to affection that does not hurt me physically. I know, I cannot be free from the screams of my family being burned in the house. But, I wish to love and be loved in return, that is one that has already come to pass. Though, I do not wish to be without you in my life, Hades. I will do everything in my power to remain. I want to be married and bare your children, to share a life with you.” A blush lifted to her cheeks now, darkening and adding that glorious colour.

Hades felt the twinge at the mention of parents “I don’t remember my parents, sometimes I think I do but they are flashes, ghosts almost I was barely three when I was taken, and by their time my parents will have long returned to the earth that bore them. I was human, kidnapped by Ceremon and experimented on to produce a child with the same powers as his children.” He sighed softly his fingers kneading the fabric of her kimono idly now “I don’t remember much from then either, pain, needles, blinding lights, but I remember the feelings of power as their genetics took root, as I grew up I tapped into the power the realm gave me and went slightly crazy” he smiled softly “Of course all this is known about me, often exaggerated to make me look really crazy and Kane less dark, but the truth is we both fought just as hard to eliminate the other” he stopped himself his eyes finding hers as he shifted her to sit facing him

“Sorry there I go prattling on about myself, I will give you whatever I have and probably more too, not because I feel sorry for you or obligated but because you have done for me what no one else could, you make me smile Jade, just been around you makes me feel less helpless, I may have a reputation of being fearless, or callous but deep down I don’t think the fear of been taken so young ever truly left me, that is the big secret to Hades’ power a fear filled child fighting just to survive”

She adjusted when he guided her from his lap, tucking her ankles beneath her bottom, knees tapping his legs. A hand was lifted to place a finger upon his lips to silence him, her hand then proceeding to caress his cheek. “Hades, we all have a fear in life. One which will always be with us no matter how we fight it. The trick is to accept it as a part of you, the sooner you have the easier it will be to move on from the past. I accept you, for everything you are and even the past, plus everything you will be. I know, who you are, others don’t. But, like I said. Don’t worry, I won’t tell our secret.” She teased gently with a small wink.

He watched her for a moment taking that her innocence in thought “You know there are probably going to be moments when nature overrides the control, the problem with been even a spec human is their damn thirst for destruction, I can’t always control a my need to simply be as dark and dangerous as anything in this realm” His hands slid to her lower back then up through her hair slowly exploring every inch before coming to rest on her shoulders

“The darkest side of me scares me, but it has power that I simply cannot find any other way, just know I would never intentionally do anything to harm you, but I will destroy anything that tries to harm you or our future” His hands eased her forward just a little as his eyes remained locked on hers “I love you, and I cannot wait to see what our future holds”

“We all have a darkness in us, Hades. It is to not let it take complete control that one finds the balance of Ying and Yang, harmony. I have faith in you and I will not turn my back no matter the darkness that may appear, because, I have seen the side none have.” Her eyes closed to the combing of his fingers through her incredibly silken hair, while returning to him. “Even, I have that darkness in me.”

“You may one day need to find that darkness my beloved, just because of who you are now, as I said you are a target and sooner or later they will get to you, but that is for another time” He kissed her lips gently just for a moment before he pushed to his feet his arm locked around her waist carrying her with him as he made his way to the rooftop edge, seating her upon the wall “All this below us, it’s ours to protect, along with Aerian, Virra, Aishani and Kane but it’s ours, this mansion is built on ancient veins of magic that give us advantages. But it will always be upto to us to guide and to lead but above all that we need to find a balance that ensures we always have time to be together, to be us”

Jade gasped to his lift, sweeping her feet from the ground with her arms linked around his neck in the carry to settle her upon the wall. She looked down across the snowy grounds below, which held skeletons of the trees that would be lush in the spring and summer. “I was saved here, my heart is here and I will do what must be done…though, you do not wish to see the darker side and in hopes, you never do.”

“Never be afraid to show who you are Jade, a lesson I learnt the hard way” Hades replied softly as they watched the lights of the town dance and flicker in the distance, the snow covered grounds only made it look all the more magical, the high walls of the mansion grounds and the forest beyond that.

His eyes moved back to watch her for that moment before the idea hit, as he repositioned her so she sat on the wall more firmly he fell to his knees before her his hands ran over her thighs before his lips met the tender flesh of her inner thigh before he nipped firmly and then placed another kiss just above.

Jade nuzzled into his neck and placed gentle kisses upon the surface a few times, while looking down upon the magical scene of the landscape and the town in the distance. She straightened when he moved back, Jade was breath-taking and still exotic to his eye especially in her clothing. She adjusted to his turn looking to him with confused warm brown eyes, though as he fell to his knees and pushed aside the fabric, the heat that radiated from her flower caused the spell to be jealous. Her hands immediately lowered to provide ample support on the wall with her fingers, tilting her head back with a soft pleasing sound.

He continued his path before finally finding her sweet warmth, his tongue darting against her tender pearl just for a moment before sliding into her heated core tasting her sweet nectar, his body shifted to allow him to continue against her his hands at her hips aiding her support as he dipped his tongue deeper within her for a moment before sliding back to flick against her pearl.

Her nectar sang to him like a hummingbird. Sweet and mouth-watering. Jade lowered her head back with a sound of pleasure to the stimulating dive he repeated. A hand grew bold and lowered to tangle on his threads. This was a display to his affection that was lathering on the succulent kiss to her second lips. Slowly her hips began to roll and the kneading within his hair grew more persistent. A cry posted her lips and a rush of her juices flowed into his mouth.

His response was to adjust so as her grip on his hair didn’t break the rhythm he had in place, his tongue teasing her warmth deeply before working the tender pearl, every action calculated to pleasure her and express the untamed love he held for her.

Her hand within his hair mashed his scalp as each doing that left her lips risen higher. He felt her body react to the contact with her pearl bringing it to life throbbing with the overstimulation. Again and again she released that magnificent nectar.

His mind was drown in her scent, the taste occupying every fibre of thought as he drank her down, his hands slid down her hips and under her parting her lips just a little allowing his tongue to probe ever deeper searching to push her into ecstasy and release.

Jade tilted her head back now, lifting her legs to hook over his shoulders and her hands both tangled within his hair while the sounds were incredible as her flower throbbed and fed him the nectar until she was left trembling and gasping for breath.

As she trembled against her he let his hands rest on her thighs, allowing the wave to pass before slipping back and standing once more his lips capturing hers as his tongue danced against her own allowing her the taste of her own sweet nectar.

She looked to him as he stood back in a stand, lifting her hands to his shoulders in order to attain some strength to stand. Jade’s lips worked eagerly against his and delved into the succulent taste of her juices mixed with his own saliva, moaning against him. She reluctantly parted, brushing some stray strands of hair from his face with a smile, turning him now and guiding him to settle upon the edge of the wall. Working his pants to release his proudly standing member, lowering her lips down to press against the tip with a loving kiss. 

Lifting her hands to gather his face and guide his lips down against her own. The plush cushioned surface was trembling from the power behind such a state of intercourse, after a time that seemed closer to forever she parted. “I love you, so very much, Hades. You are my heart. You are the air I breathe…”

“And I love you Jade, today, forever for always” He breathed softly in reply sliding to lay beside her the skies above them still dark as the snow continued to vanish among the magicks that kept them away and kept the magic of them both together “I hope I can give you everything you deserve, even if I’m not always so giving, remember no matter my words or actions I love you with the very fabric of who I am”

She curled against his side, while draping a hand across his chest with fingertips tracing small invisible symbols. Their clothing for what was remaining upon them was askew and exposed her hip fully with one bosom free while the other was partially hidden. “One can only give so much, Hades. I know the ‘real’ you, while others do not, I can easily look past words and actions with the primary source.”

“I know my love, just remember there will always be rumour and design to damage us, it’s wise to remember with my name it’s usually true, still I have changed unlike the rumours” He shrugged softly “I was an asshole once upon a time” his hand waved through the air above them “But this is for us, it’s our world up here just you and I”

“There will always be those rumours. There will always be those that enjoy damage. Everyone changes at one point or another, willing to accept or not.” She looked up to the gesture of his hand, then turned her lips to press against his chest. “Yes, I like this world more than anything.”

“As do I my love” Hades replied softly his arm slipping around her waist.

[Finding the Future] A New Puzzle

They had been blind sided by more than they were aware of, their troops now holding in position as the female Commander of the Everlandian Army had Aerian in combat, matching her move for move as Aerian ducked beneath a swipe at her. She growled in frustration deflecting the next swing away from her allowing her to find her footing.

The woman had really grated on her the last few hours finally against Virra better judgement goading her into this fight, more frustrating was she was getting the better of Aerian slow but sure. Aerian planted her foot and instantly she knew as the next strike took her blade from her hand leaving her open.

“Time to die you little bitch” The commander squealed in glee

Aerian looked to the ground and waited listening to the whistle of metal through the air before the clatter of it been deflected showering her in blue sparks, Aerian scrambled back before looking to her father, his eyes cool, unnaturally calm.

“Not unless you plan to kill me too” He stated it no malice nor intent a simple fact

“Kane….” The woman stammered

“Clever girl, now back back up, unless you plan to take me on as well” Kane simple held his blade in place as he reached taking Aerians hand and helping her back to her feet “Aishani is with Virra, neither are too pleased right now

“She …. Bitch pushed me too far” Aerian snapped trying to at least sound it wasn’t all a series of bad luck.

“Because if you’d have killed her it’s an act of war, if she had killed you it’s an act of war” Kane replied again a statement of fact

“I ..have my orders” The woman tried to explain only to be cut off by Kane

“I don’t care who gave you your orders, you are going to turn around and you are going to walk away, because trust me if you don’t I will inform the Queen of the Councils attempt to directly undermine her authority, and you won’t make it a month as Commander of the Everlandian Army, quite honestly the choice is yours”

“You’re letting her go?!” Aerian scoffed in anger

“We have a wedding to plan, and they don’t want to go through those mountains because if they do they won’t make it out alive” Kane nodded in Aishanis direction “She is elder to the very people you’re about to go try to murder, as I said none too pleased”

Aishani stood rigid now, not at all pleased as her golden eye held a spark and the threat permeated the air thickly with not only the aura of authority but the means of something more primal. Her palms rested openly upon the hilt of her blades, fingernails which had grown into sharpened claws tapped upon the surface.

Virra stood to her side while expression was enigmatic but frustration darkened her already black eyes, appearing flushed to the situation of not being able to contain Aerian. But, there was a definite space to Aishani to the oozing presence from the female. After a moment, Virra moved in to near Aerian offering her a hand, though, nothing else passed her lips.

“His words are the truth. I recently undertook the title, I suggest you turn around. There has been enough conflict in these lands it is time for things to change.” Aishani spoke with such authority and truth, moving to stand beside Kane. “Turn and leave, go to the Council and inform them of the change. No one is to be a threat to those beneath the crust, unless having to deal with the Elders and the House Elcarus of Dentarius.”

The woman eyed Aishani nervously “So the rumour is true, a drow with the power of the werewolf, no wonder they sent us” There was an attempt at victory as Kane looked over his shoulder a second force now gathering behind their own “And that is the entire force of Dentarius at our back”

“Pack it up” She barked angrily turning on her heel “This isn’t over Elcarus!” She snapped “I want your daughters life”

“Yea you and everyone else” Kane retorted darkly before drawing Aishani close looking to one of his “Ensure they leave our territory, then return to Dentarius” then man nodded and bowed extracting himself from their presence

“They will return to Elvera to lick their wounds, but as she said this wont be the last we seen of them” He shook his head softly “Alright pack it let’s go home” he called to the rest

Aishani remained still, watching as the woman returned to her own group. “She is not good for Everlandian Army. A personal vendetta is no way to proceed.” She then softened her tone and dimmed the predatory ambiance, kissed his hand while beginning to move and assist the remaining Dentarius arms to pack their belongings.

Virra glanced to Aerian, while returning to their own pitched tent in order to begin closing things down. Clearly, Aerian had hurt her and only silence was her coping mechanism.

“Vendettas are never good, alas it seems to be the way of our politics, someone is always playing for someone elses agenda my love, we will fall back for now, there is a garrison of ours not too far from here, if the Emerald City needs them they will answer” He kissed her cheek now aiding in the packing of the groups.

Aerian slumped down on the log wiping the blood from her lip “Pride, Dad said it was going to get me killed, I’m an asshole and I’m sorry” she sighed softly, looking to the blood for a moment “This is why Uncle Hades didn’t want me out here, I struggle to control my ego”

Virra glanced to her from finishing off tethering up the tent and arranging their belongings. After a time, she settled beside Aerian, lifting a hand in a vice grip forcing her to look at her. “Yes, you were an asshole especially to me. It doesn’t hurt to listen to those that care for you, Aerian. We do not tell you things to be cruel. Next time, I’ll just knock you out but I didn’t think it was appropriate before the forces beneath you.” She flicked her tongue over Aerian’s bloodied lip and then crushed her lips against hers to allow for Aerian to feel the sting of not only Virra’s words but the kiss. “You just have making up to do to me. Come on, let’s get our stuff loaded to head out with the others.”

Aerian stood as they packed the air was cold and as they made their way back toward Dentarius the snow began to fall, it wasn’t long before once again the forests danced in a majestic white. Kane smiled softly.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say the realm was giving us our blessing my love” He shook his head shifting a few loose flakes of snow from his hair “Or it’s trying to kill me again?”

Aerian had kept herself quiet the whole way, her mind oddly occupied by the days events, still stinging from been handed her ass for the first time in a long time. It was one mistake and it almost cost her, if it hadn’t been for her fathers usual sense of timing she would in that moment have lost the fight and her life “What the hell did I do?” She snapped angrily into the air, one tug halted her stead and she slid from the saddle rushing into the trees, as the road faded she fell to her knees tears falling in anger, shame, frustration the violent wave of emotion was hard even for her to process.

Kane heard the commotion behind him catching a fleeting glance of Aerian disappearing into the trees his instinct to follow, he simply rounded his horse and halted the troop “She needs you more than I right now” he called to Virra “While I have no doubt Aerian was in no danger, my intervention prevented things escalating further for you both, still she isn’t used to losing, it’s a hard lesson we need to be reminded of sometimes”

As Kane looked behind to holler at Virra she was already dismounted and disappearing into the forest. She ran until heading the crying from Aerian and slowed to fall behind the red head in her knees and wrap her arms around her from behind.

There was no control, nor was their reason for her breakdown only crying until Aerian could no longer breath, in her head she could her the screams she wished so desperately to let loose but the lack of oxygen prevented her doing so, and that was her way until the edge of unconsciousness could be felt and her body revolted with control.

Her body settled the tears still fell but she felt the comfort of her beloved “I’m sorry, I … they don’t need to see this, I just needed …. I had to break sooner or later, though seems to be happening a lot lately?” She sighed softly a shudder of sobs followed her words “I do so hate to lose”

Virra remained silent to Aerian’s rambling and only toughened her embrace to wrap her in warmth and comfort. After a time she rounded to kneel before her and filled her chin up to look drop in her eyes with those black piercing hues. “Learn from it.”

“I will, I just hate the fact I need to” Aerian sighed softly as she looked back toward the road, that was when it hit mind splitting pain as she squealed her hands snapping to her head as she lent into Virra.

The images flashed fast and hard through her mind as she held onto Virra as the onslaught continued. She shuddered as they passed her eyes met Virras as she looked into her lovers eyes for a long while “Not as broken as I thought” she breathed softly “Damn that fucking hurts”

“Now that is this ego talking. Take a moment to consider how many times I’ve been beaten down. I had to prove myself with an organization that is full of hedonist pigs. Each time I had to learn and found those weaknesses in not just them but me to refine and strengthen. Out never was easy.”

Virra fell silent and offered Aerian the warmth of her arms and stroked her red threads. “What happened? Did you see something?”

“Yes, no …. It was a lot, but at the same time nothing, pieces” Aerian wiped a thin line of sweat from her brow as she watched Virra “I’m sorry for all of this mess, you just want to be happy and free and you go and fall in love with the psychic nut job who can’t even read her own vision half the time”

She shook her hair with a smile “It’s all pieces of a larger puzzle, though on the upside doesn’t seem to be showing our imminent demise for once, more something big but it felt happy, not people happy but the realm itself was happy. Wish I knew more” She pulled herself to her feet taking Virras hand gently “We should get back, I’d like to take you home”

“Happy and free? I’m not happy and free without you, Firefly. Well that is a good thing that no demise is to occur, even making the realm happy.” Virra nodded to Aerian and rose after her, walking with her and curling an arm around her waist to keep her close.


Aishani leaned forward to pat the thick neck of the steed, glancing to Kane. “Blessing or not, my love. The realm knows what you are capable of and in receiving. I feel things changing, my love but that which I do not know.” She straightened in her saddle and glanced over her shoulder as Virra and Aerian returned to their mounts. “Well, they are back. Let’s keep moving.”

Kane nodded as he watched the two return a short snap of the reigns turned his horse and the group began to move along the path.

“Things are definitely change, things will get better for us I’m sure of that” He smiled softly as they headed for home. The air had grown cold as the snow had begun to pick up pace, the forest now covered in a thin layer of white.

“At least the winter is almost over, the spring brings change for us all” #

Aishani nodded to Kane as her steed moved along his own, lifting her golden eyes skyward that caused the snow to drift gently down and lay a blanket of white upon the world around them. “You are right. Spring things will be more mobile and warm. In all honesty I cannot wait to shed all these layers.”

“You can just as easily do that in our bed” Kane replied softly there was intent in his words as the path left the dark confines of the forest, the town loomed off their direct path the road curving up and into the hills led to the mansion.

Some of the troops peeled off headed into the village the rest headed to their own houses and families left just Kane, Aerian, Aishani and Virra on their road home.

“We’re gonna go on ahead dad” Aerian smiled weakly but enough to let him know she was Ok before taking off ahead, Kane watched after her for a moment before returning his attention Aishani “We all need some time to just be happy, or at least catch our breath”

Virra snapped her reigns while following after Aerian with a wave, though, Aishani glanced to Kane as they made their own path to the mansion. “Yes. Catch our breathe, that would be nice. Plus a nice soak in the springs is long overdue.”