[New Alliances] Impressions of the Past

Aishani lowered from Kane’s arms, though, remained near to him with a hand and a smirk to the exclamation from the female, tilting her head with a chuckle. “You can say…I just fell into his arms.” She mused with a pat upon Kane’s chest and a light graze of her fingernails. While most women may shy from being presented naked before others, Aishani was the opposite, in her society it was not scorned to display ones body and as much skin as possible. She departed from Kane to provide a hand forward in offering to this woman. “I’m Aishani. You are the seamstress, I suppose? Excuse the…clothing. In that FALL…we may have gotten a little dirty.”

Elsa took Aishanis hand before drawing her to her eyes trailing the length of her body, a soft lick of her lips with an even softer smile “She is quite the picture my Lord, quite the picture indeed” She stepped back her hands traced the webbed scarring with intrigue for a moment before she stepped back and circled around her slowly.

“A pretty picture indeed, I take it there’s a reason you came to me?” She eyed Kane for a minute “He’s quite the charmer, smart, a rowdy bunch for family though, you should watch him or he may be inside you before you have a chance to argue the point” Elsa spoke soft leaning against her ear so her words flowed directly to Aishania, her hands slipped over her ass just for a moment then down the back of her thighs “Or perhaps it’s a little late for that?”

“Elsa, please” Kane shook his head softly rattling some of the rain water from the tips of his hair “She likes the look of Denim, and seeing as there is only one place in the entire realm that spin it correctly, naturally I came to see you”

Elsa almost bounced infront of Aishani “Well we can do more than that, you’re not shy of a few coppers and I have fabric to spare so we can create whatever she desires” She stopped as she cocked her head just for a moment “Drow? Wonder when the last time we had one of your kind in our realm” and with that she stepped back “I do apologise if my contact is inappropriate but sizing us women folk correctly would require direct contact, part of my gift”

Aishani inclined a brow with a placement of her hands upon the contour of her hips, her golden eye watching Elsa while the woman was not ashamed to touch her, the webbed markings were risen, as were the cruel scars webbing upon her back. Her grizzly scar adding to her exotic appeal, while that succulent aroma was spent to Kane. Upon one bosom was the darkening of a bruise and a dot of broken skin.

A smirk formed on her lips to the smack by Elsa and the latter comment. “Can’t argue if the same is a mutual desire.” Aishani chuckled to the childlike enthusiasm displayed by Elsa when Kane mentioned denim. “I’m not one for fashion, unfortunately. That would be the surrogate…I keep to the simple things.” Aishani rolled a shoulder dismissively. “No more inappropriate then appropriate. You are a woman of talents, there is a method to this…uh, madness. Wait, how did you know–Never mind, little should surprise me at this point. The only other Drow in this realm is me and my surrogate. Trust me, you don’t want to run into that cunt.”

Elsa grinned “Such an expressive woman, you have found quite the rare beauty here Kane, I do hope you treat her right, or wrong if she so desires” A wicked grin as she turned her hips swayed as she crossed the room her fingers tracing Kane for a moment before he batted them away “Always the spoil sport” She grinned softly

“So we have a second in our midst?” She asked as she rummaged among the various fabrics her face disappearing amongst wall of fabric.

“Yea, and far less pleasant than Aishani, she seems to have taken up residence with Ceremon” Kane replied as he kept his eyes trained on Aishani, not that Elsa wasn’t pleasing to the eye or the fact he was avoiding anything that may misconstrue their relationship to Aishani but for the pure fact Elsa was and remained so one of his oldest friends a relationship he had no desire to complicate.

“Ah you boys and your daddy issues” Elsa almost popped back up out of the fabric a thick roll of uncut denim which she promptly dropped at Aishanis feet and with a flick of her foot rolled out some, she slipped behind Aishani and pushed her to step upon it “Any colour preference? Other fabric desires? We can make anything you want here, and sometimes more, feel free to stretch he’s paying after all”

“Kane simply reached inside his now soggy cloak and dropped the pouch of Gold on the side beside, Elsa swept quickly across the room and playfully snatched up the purse shaking it with a satisfying rattle “He never skimps on quality”

Aishani considered Elsa in silence, absorbing the interactions between the two, as her lush lips formed into a smirk. She looked down at the roll of denim that was at her feet, when Elsa was behind her, the webbed scarring glared at her to the push on the fabric. Aishani was unprepared and stumbled with a chuckle. “Surprise me. All I have is in that messy sod of clothing over there that is drenched. I prefer corsets and fixture at my mid-section to…well, show what I was blessed with.” Aishani inclined a brow to the toss of the coin pouch, then chuckled. “Are you TRYING to spoil me, Kane?”

Elsa cupped her breasts from behind with a gentle approach lifting them slightly “Well show what you have my dear, it’s what us ladies are here for” Elsa slipped forward and added a couple of extra fabrics to the pile then stepped back.

The fabric twisted and snaked upwards slipping up along Aishani as Elsa watched quietly the fabrics twisted and wove into garments that would fit perfectly, as extra pieces slipped and fell away Aishani would be left fully clothed.

Kane looked with a soft look, his eyes tracing every curve slowly “Another perfect fit Elsa” He mused softly only for her clap her hands together with a soft chuckle “Indeed, she fits well, I do hope you treat her well, well our business here is concluded unless there is anything else I can get for you? Kane you have clothes in the back as I’m still waiting for you to collect them”

Kane disappeared returning after a few moments, jeans that held his legs a shirt that was loose fitting but allowed free movement should he need it, the colours were dark but not too dark, his cloak was dark royal blue trimmed with gold and the Elcarus Dragon upon the back.

Aishani stood still, while Elsa surprised her again but then she simply chuckled with a slow shake of her head. Her eye widened in wonder, while the fabrics wove and twisted into garments before her and wrapped her in the threads of fine clothing. “Now, that is a neat trick…” She glanced to Kane, then to the mirror, turning from side to side. The fabric of the denim clung to her suggestively, roosting at the birth of her hips and forming to her bottom perfectly, even a pair of strange boots on her feet that appeared to be a slight heavier than normal but sturdy. It was the corset that left her speechless, moving closer to the mirror on inspection, the stiff structure was made of black leather side panels with buckles near the base, the front had a design of in the background and black on the foreground with a dash of gold to bring out her eyes and clips to keep the fabric closed and ties in the back. A long sleeve red shirt that scooped so low that it was hidden beneath the corset bust line, her bosom was plump and appeared with such detail it was a witness of her mounds threatening to pop with each breath. But, by the fit and security of the clothing, it was perfect and would not give. Her thumb fit through the side of the lengthy sleeves to keep it in place.

She simply stared at her reflection, this was a narcissistic means but in disbelief. Her neck was delicate and bare while the ashen skin was beautiful, even if the webbed scarring showed on the back portion. 

Kane stepped behind her slowly, his hands slid to her hips gently “She works magic does our dear Elsa, no finer seamstress in the realm and worth every penny” His voice was soft

“Yes, yes you can stop with the flattery, well to me at least” Elsa grinned “But I must insist it’s time to move along, I must make a living here, though I’ve more than made enough to eat tonight, still my life would be boring if I just served the Elcarus’ now wouldn’t it?” She hugged Aishani with a smile “You keep him safe my dear, and I hope to see you before you tire of his miserable mug” her last words were a tease as she slipped off toward the back of the shop.

Kane simply shook his head as he took her hand gently “Anything else we can get while we are already in town? I think it’s time to show you off just a little bit”

The moment his hands made contact to her hips, the spell was broken and she placed her hands upon his while swaying her hips briefly. “I now, understand why…” She mumbled, then turned to glance to Elsa with a chuckle and departed to return the embrace, then wriggled her fingers in a farewell. “No, no better seamstress. I highly doubt, I’d tire.”

Her golden hue retuned to Kane, now, she appeared even more an exotic find, rare amongst this realm all together. She hesitated when he took her hand, lifting the rise to press against her lips, then moved to the pile of their soaked clothing to remove her weapons to fix upon her hips and then to each thigh. “Show me off? Pfft. I want a necklace…believe it or not, but, I’d like you to choose it. I feel so sexy right now…don’t take me down a dark alley, I don’t think I could stop myself from having my way with you.”

“Oh trust me when I say the temptation to lead you down a dark alley and have my way with you is quite, strong. Also for the record you look absolutely mouth-watering” Kane led her from the shop and out into the dull day, the rains had for the moment given way to a dark sky.

He led her through the huge open market, traders already resuming selling their wares, many ranged from simple trinkets for the home, to fruits and vegetables. Kane looked each stall over carefully before moving them along. The rows were neat and yet seemed so busy, as they moved along, they turned off from the market past the local tavern and down to another row of shops the first of which was the Smiths shop.

“Morning Milord, good to see you out and about for a change” The burly man chirped, he was shorter in stature, a fiery red beard and arms that looked as if they could crush a man.

“A pleasure to be out Abram, how’s trade?” Kane replied as he drew Aishani to him, Abram eyed her with a pleasant smile before waving his hammer at the rear of the shop

“Not so bad, bloody recruits are damaging more armour than I can fix, but aye it’s not too bad, starting to even out now after the wars you know”

“Mythril still an issue?” Kanes words were quick yet curious

“Aye, used most of stores in the war, mines are dry round here milord”

“I’m working on it” Kane replied softly

“Aye milord we know you are, still what I make is as good without the mythril, just aint as resilient, your girl need anything?” He stated finally smiling as he looked to her “She looks like she knows how to handle a weapon”

“Talk to her as if she’s not here and you may just find out how well” Kane quipped

“I’m not fighter milord, I can make em but I can’t use em” Abram replied with another wave of his hammer

“Relax Abram, You know if we need anything I’d only ever come to you” Kane replied as he directed Aishani back toward the row of shops the two exchanged quipped goodbyes and they were off again.

She curled her hand within his while they left the shop, the streets muddy but not so much that it caused a problem, even now considering that she had boots. In the market, she eyed a fruit that seemed to catch her attention, at breakfast, would Kane note, that she hadn’t touched anything that had meat. Casually, Aishani glanced over various other vendors while keeping in step with Kane.

Aishani glanced to Kane when they arrived at the Smiths shop, her golden eye looking to the displayed blades that were laid out, eyeing them as a female may a piece of jewellery or a new dress. She paused on her inspection to move to Kane’s side, listening to the conversation in order to be attentive to the economy of this area, turning her body to curl at Kane’s side. A smirk forming on her lips when the smithy spoke to her in a third person way, her head tilted with a wink to Abram.

She offered parting words with him, while, curling at Kane’s arm in their walk away. “Oh, you loved, every moment of that.” She muse, glancing up to him with a smirk. “So what is the problem with mythril? As I gathered due to the Dragon Wars, the stores have been depleted and the mines all but gutted. Is there no alternative?”

Her golden eye was fixed on him while her milky gave that eerie pretence of a damaged pupil by the cloudy scarring from the scar that breeched from her brow across her nose to her cheek. But, her hand snuck beneath his cloak to knead and caress her nails upon his shirt.

“We generally use it to strengthen weapons, so only small amounts are required, during the war we were creating weapons directly from Mythril, I supposed it was just quicker, still in essence the mine here is dry. I have reached out to Elvera their mines are much deeper and eventually I’m sure they will send us some” Kane kept lead through the long street and down the hill to a small shop at the end, the window was filled with various trinkets all of gold or silver.

Kane nudged open the door as he led Aishani in, the air was stale from those shops that weren’t visited too often, the door creaked as the bell chimed their arrival. It took a few moments before the gaunt woman came through the curtain.

“Welcome to The Pot of Silver…..” Her voice trailed off as her eyes made contact with Kane “Milord Kane?!” She would have bowed had her health not allowed for such an action, not that it mattered as Kane waved her off

“You would think I never visit town often” He mused idly as he led Aishani to the counter “I have come for something special, for the dearest woman in my life” Kanes eyes flicked over the counter as he eyed the various pieces.

“Something special for the special Lady?” Her voice was barely above a cracked whisper “Perhaps we could have something crafted for you?” Kane looked to her in thought as his eyes searched for whatever it was that he wanted.

Aishani nodded to him, while he explained things and then followed him through the door, while the stale aroma whispered in the shop but that lingering scent of Aishani overrode the smell.

She offered a nod to the woman as she appeared, chuckling to her reaction from Kane, but then nodded to the female with agreement to Kane’s words. Then she leaned over the counter to look at the various jewellery, but, primarily allowed Kane the space to choose for her, since this was his gift to her.

There were many that hid beneath the dusty glass of the counter, as Kanes eyes skimmed them his caught sight of a single silver dragon, wrapped around a stone that appeared to twist and shimmer as if it was made of liquid. He looked to the stone for a few moments before tapping the glass.

The woman brought it up the chain was a heavy silver, the carved dragon as well, it clattered as she placed it upon the counter before Kane. “A signet of the Elcarus line milord” She stated softly as if trying to explain away the dragon.

“You know there has never been a dragon blood in our line, oddly yet the dragon is the sigil of our house, perhaps the fact they are both graceful and destructive is the reason?” The woman looked to Kane curious to his words

“We believe you were born of dragon, is that not how you drove them away?” She replied softly

“Wasn’t technically us, the Unicorn and Dires had more to do with that” Kane shrugged softly “We helped but their intervention saved us all” Kane turned to face Aishani “So what do you think and feel free to be honest, I haven’t wished to buy a gift for a woman in few years so my taste  may be considered outdated”

Aishani watched Kane in silence while he skimmed the items beneath the dusty display case that covered the counter, leaning in to peer at the item he indicated by a tap of the glass. She moistened her lips as it was placed on the counter with a tink, then shifted her golden eye to rest upon him. A smirk slowly forming on her lips to the explanation from the woman and then Kane’s elaboration on the topic.

Aishani shook her head while lifting a finger to caress the necklace, then looked up to Kane. “No, Kane, it is perfect and beautiful. You aren’t that out of date.” She whispered softly. Turning with her back to him, sweeping her hair from her shoulders to display her naked neck for him to place the jewellery upon her, once again the webbed scarring glared at him.

Kane stepped behind her letting the chin slip through his fingers to halt as he opened the clasp, the eased it up over her head and down to her chest, the dragon would nestle just between her breasts the chain settling along in a perfect V shape.

It was heavy but uncomfortably so as he finally snapped the clasp shut. His hands rested on her shoulders for a moment before he smiled softly. “Well it’s good to see you appreciate my taste” He once more handed over a small pouch of silver as the assistant opened it.

“Milord there is far more here than the value of such a trinket” She insisted Kane simply smiled softly “I know, but for the happiness of my beloved there is no price” He stepped back with thought before settling against the counter off to the side “Thank you milord, your patronage as ever is most welcome”

Aishani lifted her hand after the necklace was placed around her neck, the tail of the dragon perfectly settled between the contours of her bosom, settled with an essence of his open claim upon her. Her fingertips caressed the jewel and then the shape of the dragon, turning to face him with a smile. “If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here.” She winked to him, though, curled at his side and laced fingers within his.
She released his hand when he made his move to stand at the counter off to the side to display his appreciation to the woman, then offered her own with a tip of her chin and a smile. “Thank you, I will hold this necklace in high regard, should anyone ask, I will send them in your direction.”

“Thank you milady” The woman nodded and then with a curt nod slipped back into the darkness that was the rear of the shop. Kane took Aishanis hips gently and led her back into the street, his hand held the door so it closed silently behind them.

“You would think me royalty in these parts, I truly wish they would accept me as nothing more than the hometown boy I am” He sighed softly “Still I am flattered they believe in me so much” The air was cool around them, moist from the rain that still threatened to fall. As they walked back up toward the market the air was warm with the scent of fresh bread, the market still buzzing with activity.

Aishani glanced to Kane at his placement of his hands on her hips, slipping her own upon his and then turning to lace the digits within his, falling in step beside his lead. She kept caressing the gift from him, like it was an incredible treasure, but also it was sensual with the touch.

“Then, maybe, you should be more presentable to the public, Kane? Join the workers and prove that you are more than willing to be in their shoes to assist. Does wonder with morale.” She gave his hand a squeeze and drug him to a flower cart. “I would like to do something for you.” Aishani then gathered four roses, paying with some money in her pocket. “I want to honour those…that you have lost.” 

Kane nodded gently his eyes suddenly carried a lost look, the pain of each loss all too clear in that moment, before just as quick it vanished replaced by the same strength that held him together for so long. The faith that world around him would always be there and above all that he would be there for them.

“It is well known I tend the fields here as much as those who them, I work with them and never ask what I would be unwilling to do myself, I take nothing from them and I never will” Kane shrugged softly “This is my home and they know my life will be spent defending each and every one of them” As he led her from the market and back to the road toward the Mansion, merchants were now headed into town having passed their testing process from the Mansion. The walked as the air cooled around them, though it had been a dismal day it had so far held off from raining on them any further.

“Our family cemetery is to the far east of the grounds, at least our departed are still close to home, the dead are prone to not staying dead in this realm, most become guides to one or another of us” Kane led her through the gates looping in the opposite direction of the house and down past the vegetable fields to the high fences and iron worked fencing that was the edge of Elcarus Cemetery.

Aishani tilted her head when she caught the lost expression and pain, lifting a hand to place upon his bicep while watching him in silence until they began to walk with the flowers in her hand. She remained silent, while her scent offered him comfort and support, when they neared the Mansion then took a path down past the fields and to the cemetery.

“It is beautiful, the way you spoke of those long past. Yes, no matter the events, they are always in our hearts.” She offered his hand a squeeze, as during their walk it had travelled down to lace fingers within his. “Shall we then?”

Kane nodded his hand ran over the steel of the bars as they slid open. He stepped in the gravel of the cemetery path crunching beneath his feet. With practiced and measured steps he led her through the cemetery to a line of 3 gravestones one weathered and beaten by years of weather and yet each word still as clear as they day it was erected. ‘In Eternal Memory of Love Nelliah Elcarus’ the other two were not so big but carried the same inscription on both ‘Beloved by Us All, You Gave Your Life So May Lead Ours’ Krystal Elcarus, Haunted Elcarus.

Kane stood before his mother’s grave his hands folded at his chest “May the Twelve Guide Us” he spoke barely above a whisper.

She kept in step alongside him, while walking upon the gravel path of the cemetery, Aishani face the three grave markers. Aishani gently gathered Kane’s hand in her own, lacing her fingers and his with the dethorned stem of the rose, moving forward to Nelliah’s headstone and slowly kneeling down. To guide their combined hands to set the flower down, unable to remove her gaze from the headstone. “She must have been an amazing woman, your mother…” Aishani whispered. “Do you think, she would have liked me?”

Kane knelt his fingers laced through hers, his eyes resting on the rose as her words settled through him “I never met her, at least alive, she died during our birth, most say that’s what inevitably sent our father off the deep end. I have met her on the astral planes, I know she is watching us, she was there to pick me up after Ascondia all but destroyed what was left of me. I think she would welcome you, ask that you stand with me no matter the risk or the cost, be my strength as I will be yours” Kane drew her hand to his heart.

“She would ask that you ensure I stay on the path that our name has built, we do right by the realm and its people, but yes she likes you, if she didn’t I would already know it”

Aishani watched Kane in silence and stood as he placed her hand upon his heart. Her golden eyes flicked to the headstone and then up to him. She lifted his hand now fingers laced with his to puts her lips against each knuckle. “She was a strong woman to bring you into this world. As I intend to remain by your side. To be your strength in weak times and to be your heart with love.”

She offered him a smile then moved to Krystal’s stone. Repeating the same. Their hands combined to place the rose upon the foot of the marker and then the same to Haunted. Offering each a time of silence to reflect and honour. “I would have liked to have met your brothers… Everyone in the realm beyond deserve to be honoured. When we done tonight let is make three place settings for them and invite them in superior and essence to dine with us.”

Kane squeezed her hand softly as the air drew close around them a mist creeping in around their feet as the world around them seemingly faded behind the grey fog.

A light seemingly shimmered before the graves pale figures could be seen, the first a look alike of Kane, except for the bright blonde hair that seemed to only brighten those emerald eyes, the second seemingly taller than the first hair so dark it was harder to ignore that same piercing look, the final was female soft gentle almost, bright silver hair, grey eyes and long almost as lost as Kanes, they stepped through their respective graves before standing before them.

“He’s right you know, the dead don’t tend to stay very dead around here” The blonde quipped

“Don’t frighten the girl” The woman snapped with a motherly admonishment “But of course she doesn’t look the type to scare easily “Allow me to do this properly, I am Lady Nelliah Elcarus, though of course the lady part is entirely unnecessary, this is my son Haunted and the loud mouth would be Krystal”

Aishani lifted her gaze upwards to Kane while he proceeded to squeeze her hand, a smirk upon the corners of her plush lips, but in the process of returning her focus to the graves that was when her eyes caught sight of the mist. Like a blanket it began to cover the ground at their feet, a brow inclining in a look back to Kane, but the instant the pale figures appeared her attention remained fixed on each male and then the woman in the middle.

The slow and thick purring chuckle fell from her lips to the interaction between the blonde and the woman, it didn’t take a genius to recognize those green eyes and the arrival from each grave marker. “It is a pleasure to meet each of you, I’m Aishani. Though, to Kane’s words of always being watched, I surmise that you already know this.”

“An introduction of yourself is both polite and very much appreciated, I would offer my hand but my current plight prevents such an act, still I welcome you to my home, I do hope my son has treated you with the respect such an honoured lady would deserve” Nelliahs voice was soft almost serene each word chosen carefully much as Kane would “But to answer your own question Aishani, I do indeed approve”

“He is been reckless in his need to satisfy an urge he brings her in without so much as check she wouldn’t kill him in his sleep, did he not learn from last time?” Haunted snapped “And yet he doing so he found an ally none of us could question, I fail to see how he does such a thing so well”

“Because unlike you, he ain’t got a stick up his ass” Krys grinned “Of course had you chosen to kill him, well” Krystal waved idly around the three of them

Nelliah raised he hand to silence the boys instantly they did so “Forgive them, it seems when they lost their physical form they also misplaced their manners, but they only seek to watch over their brother, much like yourself? So tell me what is your opinion of your current situation? Feel free to be direct it’s hard to offend the already dead, we are here to guide those of our family as we are bound to do by the twelve that brought us to be”

Aishani offered Nelliah a smile when the motherly ghost apparition spoke her approval. “Thank you, Lady Nelliah, it is much appriciated.” 

She glanced to the wicked snap of Haunted’s voice, tilting her head with a smirk forming upon her plush lips, her golden eye humming softly with a faint glow. “We all have urges, to deny them at times, could be detrimental to ones health. But, sometimes, the sudden circumstances can draw in a much needed ally from strange places…or realms in Kane’s case.” Aishani placed a small squeeze upon his hand in her own. “They are male and at times, their mind moves much faster than their words.”

Aishani fell silent when Nelliah directed her questions upon her. “My current situation, is tied to Kane. From Ceremon and my surrogate, Z’ress. I have survived thus far, but, there comes a point to stop surviving and stand tall. The reason is because, I was considered weak and a stain upon the Tor’tar House fabric. I still do not know, how I ended up in this realm, but, there are times that two fates intertwine for the betterment of each involved, plus the benefit of the realm as a whole. If I had a choice to do everything over again, knowing what I do now, I would not have changed a damn thing, because for one, I would not be standing here in this realm and to finally find a mate in my life.” She paused. “My situation is a burden on me and others around me, because, I brought Z’ress here and since she is an enemy, this ties her to Ceremon.”

“I wouldn’t consider such things your fault, there are few who Ceremon will listen to. Sadly that may be my greatest failure that I could not protect the man I loved. Still as you say it is best not to dwell upon what you cannot control” Nelliah straightened herself for a moment “Hmm seems our time here is done, at least for the moment. We will meet again I hope Aishani, Kane you know what must be done, and what is expected of you, we will speak again”

“Take care of things topside brother, we will lend what strength we can” Krystal bowed gently “Look after him” the last was directed at Aishani

“You must find strength in each other, the realm will look to you both for strength” Haunted added quietly “You must both be ready to lead”

Aishani inhaled deeply while her hand tightened upon his own, seeking for the first time strength from the words spent from Haunted. But, she nodded in silence offering a small smirk, which turned sour and cooked. “Yes, I will look after him that is a promise that I intend to keep not only for him, but to you all.”

Nelliahs head inclined in reply as they shimmered into darkness, the mist fading from around them as the dull light of what was now dusk poured in to surround them, Kane once more knelt into the dirt his hand pressed to the foot of his mothers grave just for a moment.

“It seems they do indeed like you, while such visits are rare, the fact they chose to come to us, I know now I made the right choice” He stood slowly his hands slipping to her hips as he drew her to him, his hand slipping to her back in a deep embrace “Not that I ever doubted you or my choices”

She melted into his embrace, resting her cheek on his chest while looking to the grave markers. Her arms lifted to wrap around his waist, a small smile upon her lips, then she hooked her chin on his chest. “Oh, you do? You doubted?” Aishani teased him with a poke to his ribs but chuckled. “Kane, it was nice to have met your family now. I will admit…ready to lead does frighten me. I’ve never done so before.”

“I’m not dead, that’s a testament in its own right, had you not taken out our enemies, I may not have walked out of that attack alive. Though in truth you can lead merely by showing strength, nothing more is expected of you that you are willing to give. Should the time come, I have no doubt in you doing the right thing for us all” Kane held her close kissing the top of her head gently “I’m grateful you’re here it has allowed me to find strength, something I had been lacking of late”

Aishani closed her eyes, returning the rest of her cheek against his chest, while her fingertips kneaded into his lower back, lifting the lids offered the focus of her golden hue upon the trio of headstones before her. “Kane, you give yourself little credit. You are strong, far strong then I could ever have imagined. But, I am glad that you find strength within me, while I find such within you. I will be by your side, through the thick and thin.” She paused briefly, allowing for silence to settle before speaking again after a time. “Shall we return to dine? I still would like to place three empty place settings on the table, I wish to honour your mother and two brothers, this night. As they have honoured me with their presence.”

Kane smiled his eyes on her as he nodded. He led her from the cemetery grounds and back to the mansion, as they cut back through the busy kitchens staff nodded and stated greetings as they made their way through.

As they moved out of the Kitchen and up the short stairway into the dining hall, Kane halted turning to Aishani. “I know you won’t, but should you chose to walk away now would be the time to do so, I only point this out as from here on out, you will not only be my partner but assumed to be second in command. You say I have strength I am unaware but that truth comes from my knowledge that those around me can be trusted without a second thought, they will put the realm above themselves, I will gladly lay down my life to protect you Aishani, but I suspect you already know that. From here we are equals together and in the eyes of those around us” Kane drew breath shifting awkwardly knowing the details he had just posed would indeed send someone lesser running from the halls.

Aishani walked quietly at his side, the sound of their feet crunching on the gravel and thumping gently on the ground, her hand had worked the path to curl fingers within his. She nodded and spoke greetings to those that offered her such on the way through the kitchen.
She lifted her golden eye to rest upon him, when he stopped. Her head tilted to his words, as the raven feather within the dark dreads winked to him, Aishani’s lips formed slowly into a smirk. “Your assumption is correct, Kane. Any other would flee at your words, but, as I have said, I am done running. It is time to stand up and fight, a cause far greater than survival but life. This world has shown me cruelty but also taught me a lesson in love, which I will never forget. Walking away would solve nothing, I would rather be here. With you. With your family. Yes, equals that share the same cause, even bed. As I would lay my life down for you, would it call for it, even Hades or Aerian.” She lifted a hand to caress his cheek, offering him a smile that bled through the smirk. “I love you, Kane Elcarus. Nothing and no one can change my mind. This world is something worth fighting for.”

“It is indeed worth fighting for” Kane replied softly “Even when it seems like it isn’t” As they reached the dining hall table they took their seats Kane as always at the head but holding the chair beside back allowing Aishani to take her place. Beside Kane sat the place for Nelliah, beside hers was Krystal and Haunted respectively as Hades made his way in he stood by the place setting with a gentle bow he took place besides Haunted.

Aerian glanced for a moment as she made her way then smiled softly before taking her place beside Aishani. A silent prayer was said by all before the table filled with other staff and merchants and the kitchen staff began to fill the table with food. The order had been righted and finally Dentarius had begun to heal from age old wounds.

Aishani inhaled deeply after accepting the offered seat from Kane, caressing his forearm in the passing.  But, she looked to the empty place settings for Nelliah, Krystal and Haunted, smiling to herself inwardly, but glanced to the arrival of Hades and then to Aerian when she took her seat next to herself. Extending a hand to gather Aerian’s and then Kane’s, speaking softly in the prayer, she released their hands and began to eat in silence. Her golden hue flicking to Kane every now and then, as well as Hades and Aerian. Now, she had found a place, in which she belonged and it was within Dentarius.


[New Alliances] A Few Answers To Even More Questions

Kane turned the flash of his blade as a shower of sparks erupted, Hades lunged forward to be caught in shoulder with a stiff elbow, Hades struck back just as quickly hitting Kane square in the chest with the palm of his hand sending Kane to the ground in a fit of breathless attempted coughing.

“Getting slow old man” Hades chuckled softly extending his hand, only for Kane to yank him to the ground shifting his weight to end up behind with his blade across Hades’ throat

“And you’re getting soft” Kane replied as he let the blade the drop

“Impressive, I taught you one too many tricks it seems” Hades replied now finding his feet and sheathing his weapon, mirrored by Kane.

“You taught me not to trust anyone including family, had I remained that way I’d be as whacked out as Hareavor” Kane shrugged softly before his mind reeled at her scent, it sunk into him so quickly as he turned and grinned

“You appear unharmed, that has to be a good thing” Hades remarked “Our dear Aerian is just full of surprises, I trust I can speak freely?”

Kane nodded in reply “You can, she is as much a part of this as any of us”

“Speaking of our dear cloned failure, he is out hunting, I’m fairly sure it’s on Ceremons orders and I’m fairly sure his werewolf side kick won’t be far behind him, both with intent to maim any females remotely attached to you, he also has orders to take Aerian, it’s a dangerous game but ultimately whatever happens Kane you’re the final goal” Hades voice dropped his words now cut with an air of force

“It amazes me you’re almost always aware of Ceremons orders, if he touches my daughter it will be the last think he ever gets to do, the fields around the Mansion have been strengthened there is no way in without us knowing” Kane replied calmly as Aishani reached his side his arm wrapped around her waist drawing her against him his lips find hers for a moment

“Get a room, but Kane we cannot guarantee there is no way in, Ceremon built this house never forget that” Hades replied

“Trust me, I haven’t, I also have a lead we are going to follow up on, so I would be grateful if you ensure my guards are aware of the impending attempts on our lives” Kane replied

“Yes milord” Hades mocked playfully with a curt bow he slipped away

“Ever the joker, still it’s good he’s here, one more blade in the hands of an Elcarus on our own grounds” Kane smiled softly

Aishani hesitated at the door, inclining a brow with a small smirk coiling upon her lush lips, instead of entering, she calmly folded her arms over her chest with a lean of her shoulder to the frame. Her golden eyes watching the two brothers in a sparring match of not only physical combat but tongue as well. When the two men were finished, she straightened to move into the room at Kane’s side, tilting her head when Hades spoke while Kane’s arm was wrapped around her waist. She wriggled her fingers to the disappearance of Hades.

She was silent for a long time while lingering in her thoughts, fingertips kneading into his side and chest with a rest of her cheek against him, then lifting her gaze to Kane. “Clone…brother? Werewolf?”

Kane scratched his head awkwardly as the realisation of how complex things were becoming dawned on him. Finally he kissed her forehead with a smiled and led the way through the Mansion and down into the cold of the cellar, they wound through beer caskets and empty barrels, boxes and all manner of things that were upon roof to floor shelves, finally they reached an open area that was simply dark, Kane reached over the wall before several sconces came to life cast in a dull amber light into the dreary empty space.

He walked the wall tapping several times until the sound of grating stone could be heard and the wall slid down into the ground, beyond was a burnt out lab, some of the equipment still intact though long covered in dirt and spider webs.

“This was my father’s lab, here he would find the key to creating life itself, well no he figured that out the normal way but, they made their way through standing by a table, leather straps and all manor or damaged instruments and empty glass bottle. “Here he found a way to create life from life, Hades is not brother by blood, or more accurately he wasn’t. Hades was born human, from their realm, abducted at 7 years old and then modified by our DNA, me, Haunted and Krystal. It worked too, our genetics overwrote his and Hades was essentially born, and raised with us as our brother. Unfortunately there was a darkness in him, one we attribute to human nature once they have power they will inevitably wield it, by the time Hades maturity he was essentially mad and eventually turned on us all.  He destroyed this place and we believed all of Ceremons research”

They moved through to the burn remains of books and papers and a desk as Kane ran his hand over it “Ceremon wanted to control our power, not as a father but for his own end, that’s what set Hades off the deep end, and the reason He and I were at war for so long, thankfully trapping him in a mountain cavern for a hundred years or so finally tempered into looking at the realm as it really is, something to be protected, we are the fine line for many but Elcarus is the last line of defence, if I ever had doubt about Hades before they were put to rest during the Dragon Wars, he got most of the townsfolk out, and helped bring down a Dragon, granted it was on top of my house but still he is Elcarus by blood now”

Kane sat on the edge of my desk “That’s a whole lot of history that has little to do with our current plight but, Hareavor is a second attempt at perfecting what he failed with Hades, and without us to temper the human darkness, Hare …. He is a whole different breed of darkness, for as cruel and cold as Ceremon is and can be, he does know where the line is, he brought his armies to the Dragon War for no other reason than to protect the Everlands, Hare simply sat by waiting for us to die, the only act he perpetrated during that war was the torture and rape of the Dragon Warlocks daughters, sent her home in a dozen pieces” Kane shifted awkwardly “There is not an ounce of remorse in that creature, and werewolves are as they sound half man half wolf, same thing that would have taken me had Aerian and yourself not been on the field that day. Very strong, single minded and hard to stop, thankfully none too bright except for Trila, he has grown with Hareavor and as such is fiercely loyal and almost a part of him”

His eyes now settled on Aishani “They do not care for family, nor loyalty, Hareavor only tolerates Ceremon because Ceremon is key to understanding his own power, or Ceremon is the only man Hare has loyalty to I couldn’t say for sure, but he does have a dangerous affliction for rape and torture no matter race or gender”

Aishani met his gaze with her singular golden hue after the press of his lips to her forehead, an understanding to her patience and intelligence washing over him. She remained by his side in silence, her presence always slithering into his senses and fending off the mouldy moisture from the cellar. She looked to the sconces that came to life and illuminated the area in dull eerie light.
Quietly, she stood aside, until the grating sound erupted in a shatter of the silence. Advancing in the silence that followed with the wall falling into the ground to reveal the interior of a burnt lab. She moved to various equipment, inspecting with her eyes narrowed. At the instant he spoke, she turned her attention to Kane. “You make it seem as though he had no right to turn and burn this lab, I am sure it harbours hate and anger in him.” She picked up a book when she moved to stand near to Kane, blowing on the binding with a brush of her fingertips, then set it down to walk away. “You keep speaking of darkness…like it is a plague, everyone has the darkness in them, Kane. We ALL have it. Granted. It appears differently in others.” She allowed for his words to enter more, looking to his lean. “He is waiting for the right time. Hare. If he is as cruel, heartless of a beast as you say and has his werewolf companion…he is waiting for the moment to strike Ceremon down and with my…well Z’ress in the picture, this could be…bad…”

“I’ve time to deal with Hades darkness, it was our genetics that amplified the human desire for complete power, he … well has a wicked grasp with fire, I know we all have a darkness it’s a defence system, merely meant his was out of control for a time. As for Hare, well that’s a whole different field, I wouldn’t even call it darkness with him, just pure unfiltered evil” Kane shrugged softly “He already knows his attack point we can be sure of that, we have to wait until he tries, a concept I am not so comfortable with”

He finally slid off the desk and down into the dirt shoving aside several crisp books before reaching into the floor another click and another panel exposed down into a darker much colder place “I hate this place” he murmured softly before climbing down, the air sickened with stench of death and decay, Kane flicked his wrist and a shower of flames burst forth settling alight anything it could touch, the room was round and of solid stone, the walls covered in chains and skeletal corpses. “I have been in here twice since we found out about this place, once to let anyone go who was still alive and now” His voice was edged with an uncertainty “One of these has our answers, what they are I will know when I find her”

“Of course,” Aishani nodded, though, lounged against the desk now with her fingers curled at the rim and legs extended out with a link at her ankles. She watched him again in silence, considering him while straightening and tilting her head to the presence of the now open panel. She placed a hand upon his shoulder to offer him a show of silent support and strength, while the death lingered with decay, it was her scent that masked the smell to be as though through a veil. She looked around the round room, then tested the chains briefly, while being respectful of the skeletons. “She?”

“Yes, she was Ascondias sister, and the first to be taken by Ceremon. The Exaltias are perhaps the only family we know of that predate ours. They are also the most powerful, even diluted down the ability to open transdimensional portals wouldn’t be beyond their capabilities, Ascondia can open them easy enough but I’m sure it wasn’t her based on the location alone” Kane cocked his head slightly as he circled the room “We were going to bring her up to lay her to rest but our hands were tied by my former wife and she ordered the crypt sealed and not to be disturbed, evidently I just breached that rule” Kane slowed as he knelt beside a corpse his hand ran through the dirt for a moment before his eyes closed “I had a theory that we were the last to be born of his blood, and after Arianna disappeared without traced, to be found in this hell hole afterward, I am fairly sure that he did indeed father another child and somehow that line is responsible for not one but two vortices been opened, the first bringing the dragons and the second, well that brought you”

“To open them the line has to be pure which is why with enough preparation and rest I can open them, Ceremon, Ascondia, Sarantha, Aerian are about the others capable or so we thought” Kane sighed softly he bowed slightly to the corpse before walking back to Aishani “It seems we have a piece of the puzzle, now we should let the dead rest”

Aishani remained silent at the entry of the room, simply content to watch. She silently allowed for his words to seep in, moistening her lips. She lifted a hand to lightly rub at the back of her neck, appearing to be mildly confused. “So…wait, if, I understand correctly. The ones that I know of in that list are Ceremon and Ascondia and Aerian. Who is Sarantha? Also, what piece of the puzzle are you speaking of? I appear to be even more confused than we started, Kane. Trust, me, I am struggling to understand, I am not from this realm and it is much different than my own.” She skimmed her eyes over the round room, resting on the skeletons, but then tipped her head and spoke in a soft language, it was her native tongue and dripped as luscious as silk, but it was unneeded to be spoke in common to understand that she was paying her own personal respects. Then stepped back to leave the room with Kane.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, which granted is mostly just me rambling in thought” Kane smiled softly as he ran his hand back over the panel to seal it shut. He stood now resting back on the desk “Forgive me, I didn’t mean to drop so much information on you, but it serves the greater picture if so much information isn’t in just one person’s hands. So the remains down there are mostly early experiments of Ceremons, as he tried to find a way to duplicate his children’s powers in the hands of just one vessel as he liked to call them” Kane shifted awkwardly “But one is Arianna who was taken by Ceremon and I suspected had a child, at some point I’m assuming he lost they child and they vanished into the wind, this has never been confirmed and despite my observations below is still guess work.”

Kane paused a moment to allow her to digest the information “So that been the information we haves means we can reasonably guess that, our half-sister or a descendant of that sister is responsible for opening the vortex, because we can safely eliminate everyone else we know is capable of doing it. Or at least I’m fairly sure we can”

“Sarantha is the realms only true White Mage, her family are responsible for the balance of the very realm itself, and when I say family I mean just her, the Ravensfields have watched over the health of the Everlands for some time and they are created by the realm or at least that’s how we believe it works. Hard to say their history is closely guarded” Kane shrugged softly “But it’s her duty to protect not harm, so we can take her out of the equation as well” Kane looked to her “Any of this making sense?”

“So essentially, it could be any of those that you have named that opened the vortex, or this possible half-sibling which we really have no concrete proof that exists in the first place.” She folded her arms behind her back, drinking in the interior of this burnt lab. “Though, there is a possibility that Hare and his little dog will be after us due to that and another called Alastair. We need to be on our toes, but, more than that we have to find answers.”

“Grimloshi? What does he have to do with this?” Kane looked almost perplexed “The last I heard of him he was in a dungeon beneath the castle after he attempted to rape Ascondia, though I’m perplexed as to why she didn’t cut his heart out but nevertheless, I suspect Hare wants us for your mother, or they want to pull you away from me to lower my defences” Kane shrugged softly in thought before looking to her as he slipped off the desk his eyes settled on her, her scent now once more settling him “We’re a threat together it would seem, you and I seem to be at the centre of something neither of us wanted to be”

Aishani considered him, while, lifting a shoulder in a shrug. “I’m simply ensuring that you have all agents covered, Kane. I have not heard pleasant things about Alastair, doesn’t surprise me, since Aerian is the one that brought it up to me. In fact, he was the one that put out the bounty on me.” She turned to face him with her golden eyes, a smirk forming slowly on her luscious lips. “Yes, perhaps, though, I absolutely love something in MY centre. We are a formidable force, that is for sure, so we need to stick together to strengthen that, but, with Aerian and Hades, it will be even more of a danger.”

“I am grateful for your counsel my love, it makes thinking so much easier with you here, at least puzzle thinking” He grinned softly “And as long as we are on Elcarus ground, the advantage remains ours” Kane smiled softly “Now I think it’s time we got out of this place, I never was too comfortable in areas where my fathers soul have been” He slid from the desk and made his way to the door, as they step through the wall slid back into place.

They made their way back through the cellar but through another route that brought them out behind the Mansion into the open grounds and the rain that now hammered down, Kane merely looked up and groaned “Come on” he muttered darkly “Well the weather is beyond unfortunately”

Aishani winked to Kane and then chuckled, while her succulent aroma caressed him and added a sense of clarity beyond that of the residual soul of Ceremon. She curled her fingers within his while they left behind the haunting lab and cellar, now standing behind the mansion. An impish grin formed on her face to his dismal reaction to the pounding rain, but, she gathered his hand and pulled on it, spinning in the rain as it pelted her face and soaked her tunic, leather beading with the water, but, through the transparency of her tunic the dark flesh with the dark buds was seen.

“Don’t be so smug. Enjoy it! It’s beautiful. It annoys, gives life, causes floods and even makes for slippery sex.”

“Now that we can both agree on” He smiled stepping to her his hands catching her hips firmly halting her movement, his eyes met hers as he moved to catch her lips, long deep and lingering his hands drawing her tight against him, his body crackled with a deep desire only brought out in her presence.

Aishani tilted her chin a slight to compensate for the height difference, then instead, leapt up to wrap her legs around his waist with a link of the ankles at his back. Her lips moulding against his, while the caress of the rain trickled upon their faces and hair, lifting her scent even more to his senses. The kiss moulded to each other, deepening the affection while her hand cupped at his cheeks, she parted after a drag of her teeth to his lip with an articulate plop. A smirk on her lips while the rain glistened on the surface and she brushed some hair from his features. “So, now, where to?”

“I still owe you some new clothes” He smiled softly “So a visit to our seamstress seems to be in order, she should have what we need ready by now” his hands slipped up her back as he returned to the kiss “But seeing how your already wet perhaps I should help with that?” his voice carried a tease that was as full of intent as the act of his hands running back along her spine.

“Excellent.” She said but dove deeply into the kiss again, her fingers weaving into his wet hair and becoming tangled in the passion that her lips spoke eagerly against his. Her scent was even more smouldering to his senses as her taste was just as divine in the crispness of the rain. But she unwound from him in a slide down his body, to land on her knees. “I bet this is a first…” Aishani whispered, struggling to find the way to open his pants then fingers landing on the zipper. She tugged it down and slipped her hand within, while, the rain continued to pour upon her and threaten his uncovered beast.

His body tensed as she took control of his raging erection.

A hiss slithered past her lips to the ferocious bite upon her bosom, while his whisper of release rose in the instant the explosion occurred Kane caught her own rushing forth to greet his. In the press of his mouth upon her bosom, now, he began to taste her in all the rush of her fiery blood, as a few droplets trickled upon his pallet to such a luscious crimson essence.

He lay against her for that moment before slowly easing back to his knees a wicked smile on his face as he looked to their now soaked clothes in a pile in the ground. “Well now this is going to be fun” His eyes caught hers with a sparkle “How are we to get indoors and get dressed without the entire house knowing we are currently half naked?”

Somehow during the entire intimate moment, her clothing was removed and now she lay upon the soaked ground, glistening like a goddess amongst the falling rain. She propped herself up, as the spider web markings, upon her under sternum and just above her naval, glistened in the light almost as though winking to him. A smirk forming slowly upon her lush lips. “That does pose a problem. I thought we were going to see this seamstress? Unfortunately, I have no clean clothing with me…” But, she adjusted to stand, looking around and gathering her wet clothing in her arms then lifting Kane’s cloak to drape over his shoulders. “I have an idea. Carry me. So long as I am in physical contact with you, I can force a blink to move the both of us.”

“Well wont be the first time I’ve arrived at Elsa’s naked and soaked from the rain” He looked to her “A long story I promise to share someday” With that he scooped her into his arms standing, he dragged their clothes into a pile at his feet and with a smile nodded “The shop is on the inner edge of town, south of the market, she has a block up on me dropping in so let’s hope your’s lets us through, blinking may prove most useful for us soon enough”

He held her tight to him, feeling the world around them disappear in the instant they reappeared the sweet scent of various herbs filled both their senses and the scream of a young woman.

“My dear god Lord Elcarus, what in the twelve are you doing!” The woman was all with dark blonde curls, as she now stood with her hands at her hips, the glare was all but show as she now caught sight of Aishani as she unfurled from Kanes arms “Well now has my Lord found himself a lady?”

-= Kane & Aishani =-

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[New Alliances] The Female Element

As they entered the main hall the mansion was busy with the daily goings of merchants and traders as they passed through toward town, some would nod dutiful to Kane as he passed bow, a gentle bow to Aishani. The maids quickly swept through keeping things in order.

Kane directed Aishani to the table as they sat they were soon joined by Hades and Aerian, for the moment they ate in silence, there were things to discuss of course but for the moment they could wait.

Aishani walked beside Kane while acknowledging those that provided as much to her in kind, she complimented Kane on the organization of the maids that floated around dealing with the individuals on placement.

Now settled at the dining table, she set herself near to Kane while remaining on her own side. She greeted Hades with a tip of her chin and a wink to Aerian, though, as food was provided, she methodically made a plate of various different fruits and sweet bun. But, Kane would discover that she did not touch the eggs or meat. When the silence lingered too long amidst the dine, Aishani’s golden eye fixed on Kane then swept to the plates of the others. She dabbed at her mouth with the napkin, folding it with a set to the side, indicated that she was finished and ready to begin the discussion. A hand was upon Kane’s knee beneath the table with her fingertips coyly and stealthily running against his hidden package.

Aerian threw Aishani a knowing smile before folding her hands on the table, her eyes remained on Aishani as she spoke.

“The portal was indeed opened from our side, a multiversal vortex that links anywhere it finds the fabric of reality thin enough. As far as I’ve been able to determine and this is by no means the whole truth, the Dragus are trying to find allies”

As the words came Kane visibly tensed at the group involved, his body becoming rigid.

“She’s right, as far as we can tell they are trying to find allies with magi power, enough” Hades didn’t get chance before Kane cut him off

“To bring back the Dragons, they are taking another run at the realm, do we know who is at the head?” Kane voice was cut with nerves far darker than he had been known to use before. “So Aishani and Ceremon?”

“Not part of the plan, so far as we can tell, at least we’re sure Aishani isn’t, but Ceremon and well, you can never be too sure, we’re still looking into it” Hades replied before draining his wine glass “If there’s a link we’ll find it, but I will gladly admit that I was wrong and you my dear brother were correct in your decision to protect her, she is innocent in all this chaos”

Aerian smiled as she eyed Aishani, before dismissing herself from the table “I would like a word alone Aishani, should you find the time” and with that she strode off down the hall toward her room.

Hades shrugged softly “She’s an odd one, but she did express he admiration of your combat skills, so it seems you will be stuck with us for the foreseeable future, of course I don’t doubt you’d be fine protecting yourself, I just suspect my brother wouldn’t be able to focus on protecting us, if you’re not by his side”

Aishani listened in silence, her investigative fingers to Kane’s hidden gift lifted to only rest upon his thigh. To the tension that caused his body to grow rigid, she incited a soft pressure of strength. Her golden eye flashed to Hades, then to Aerian when the female requested conference alone.
“Regardless…” Her rolling purr parted her lips, while lifting her hand from Kane’s thigh, leaving her presence in a haunt even beneath the denim. “I am not familiar with Ceremon, though, if he is cunning and strong, by a technical term. Z’ress goes after those stronger, then cuts them down at their weakest. She is after me because, I am weak in her eyes due to our society. The Drow have been pushed back as of recent due to their slave trade watchers of Faerun have been pushing back and rest assured that Z’ress is attempting new outlets for the Drow to have a place to call their own. So this is a double edged sword at play. A game of tag. But, her motivation would be myself, to any extent necessary, everything else is trivial.”

She then glanced to Kane, then to Hades. “We all have our strengths, though, I do believe, he gives himself even less credit then you do. As I have understood, the Elysium are the protectors of the realm, that being said, if I was present or not, still such remains and would occur. I am no more innocent then the next, but, in this, I am merely trying to survive. Even the strongest know when to fight solo and when to seek assistance.” Aishani rose leaning over to press her lips against Kane’s. “I had many many years of training and lessons of survival. Excuse me, then. It seems your daughter wishes a word, I will leave you two to discuss. On my account, keep it civil, hmm?”

Aishani caressed Kane’s cheek in the passing and patted Hades on the shoulder, leaving to search out Aerian in her room. Knocking on the door, waiting patiently.

Aerian slid open the door just a little before stepping back to allow Aishani in, her room was far more Spartan, only essentials and storage. The window was concealed with a thick curtains allowing only small amounts of light, the rest carried by the single lantern on a dresser by the bed.

“I was unsure you’d come, considering …. Well I have already apologised enough, please forgive the cloak and dagger act, there is nothing untoward in all this, I just wanted to have you to myself” Her words came muddled the child in her lost behind the attempt at adulthood, while she was in the realms years older in terms of development she was indeed still quite young.

“It seems while a huge part of me is truly grateful Dad has found someone so unique, who matches him so well, it seems you …. Oh god” Aerian sighed sinking onto her bed falling back to lay looking to the canopy of the dark wood bed.

Aishani entered the room, her golden eye skimming the interior briefly to drink in the furnishings and taste. But glanced to Aerian as the woman moved to settle on the bed, tilting her head a slight, causing the dreads to shift on her shoulders to drape upon her bosom and down her back. “I have no reason not to come, when you request it of me, Aerian. Everyone can be selfish at times. It is only natural.” She inclined a brow to the woman’s actions and moved to settle on the foot corner of the bed, always observant.

Since Aerian was of Kane’s blood, there was a part of her that spoke to Aerian in the faint scent of her mouth-watering aroma, while it was diluted but still present in the essence of Aishani’s being. “I’m pleased to see that you feel grateful for your father. It seems…?”

“Yes, of course, I want both of my parents happy, but my mother is a more complex issue to figure so I avoid it, but Dad has been to hell, back and beyond he deserves some happiness” Slowly she sat turning to face Aishani drawing her knees to her chest.

“The problem isn’t with him, or even you really” Aerians mind reeled faster than her mouth could process, the scent of Aishani was indeed lingering in the back of her senses, less than her father as Aerian only had a small trace of Vampire within her “It’s good seeing him happy, when he has a reason to fight he is the man I remember, the one who’s stories are sung by bards in taverns, the hero of the realm. It’s been a long while since he has been that man, I think loosing Uncle Krys and Haunted hurt him worse than he will ever let us know. We will need that strength”

She looked to the door quietly as she chewed her lip in thought, her mind still process the infinite amount of information that seemed to be laid out before her “Something big is coming, that much I’m sure of, you and Dad are seemingly the focus of it, that much we know. The problem is me” She looked for the door to Aishani then down to her knees “Not in the war but … no wonder folk say I shouldn’t talk a lot”

Aishani sat and listened to Aerian, her golden eye fixed on her while it was focused, attentive to the woman’s words. Though when she finished speaking, Aishani rose to sit closer to Aerian folded into herself on the bed and placed a hand upon her knee. “Aerian, everyone has been to hell and back, it is different for all of us. No situation is ever felt the same from one person to the next. You must face the fact, there is a chance that he may never be the man that you once knew. Challenges. Choices and life events that are beyond our control change an individual. But, you desire the best of your father and his strength. It is his strength in himself that needs to be steady, only he can do that with support of family and friends. Oh, I agree with you on speaking of something is coming, my…well Z’ress, is capable of much in her cruel and calculative mind…combined with what I witnessed here in the hall of Ceremon, the combined forces will be difficult. But, I will not let things fall to the best of my abilities.”

Aishani tilted her head then considered something. “Aerian, what is the reason you wished to speak with me? It is the two of us and I respect your own talents on the field…quite the marksmen, or women in this case.”

“You came from Elvera right? It is no accident I ended up with the contract to collect and return you, not that I had any intent of returning you to my mother. I took the contract from the original hunter, he was a jackass anyways, and has never been too good with returning female bounties in a fit state to stand trial or such” Aerian kept her eyes down as she let her words come “

“I saw you, in the tavern of Elvera, I was going to follow and see where you ended up, but you had to run before I got a chance” Aerian looked up “But you ended up in my home anyway, the problem is you found my father and now my head is all messed up and I’m trying to put it to the back of mind and help with this but it’s hard to ignore something like that right?”

She turned to face Aerian, running her pink tongue across those plush berry stained lips. “Have you told your father or Uncle about the contract by Grimloshi, especially about talking to the skeletons at the bottom of the gorge? That goes for the two of us, being caught off guard.” Aishani sat on the edge of Aerian’s bed, placing a hand on hers. “I’m not sure that I understand, but, if I am guessing, you are struggling with the fact that you are attracted to me?”

“Uncle Hades knows, Alastair picked the wrong day to think an Elcarus girl would be an easy target, I planned to simply take the contract and send him on his way. He had other ideas and Uncle H … well he isn’t known for wasting time with threats.” Aerian shrugged softly “It’s probably for the best women will be better off all around with him gone, I doubt my father would lose sleep over it either”

She looked to her hand turning it as she laced her fingers through Aishani “As for your question, then yes that would be the simple explanation”

“Alastair, appears to think with his dick then his brain and uses force to make his intention know. There are many in this world, even my own of Faerun. Your Uncle is a wise man to utilize such.” Aishani lowered her gaze to Aerian’s fingers woven together within her own, inciting a simple squeeze. “I appreciate the flatter to capture a dashing and beautiful woman’s attention. I have no means to lead you on, I know you have lost and in that lost are walking aimlessly through your life, looking to fill the void in the hole of your heart. I have seen it time and time again. But, I want you to understand, as much as I wish to remain forever, I cannot guarantee such given the situation and the dangers life given to us. I have finally understood what it means to love, thanks to your father. But, that also extends to you, Aerian. You are a part of him, as much as he is a part of you. Hades…well, I don’t know him as I do you. You are young, beautiful and incredibly strong, even resilient. As I love Kane, I love you as well.” Aishani caressed Aerian’s cheek. “I know, this may not be that which, you desire to hear. I am here for you, Aerian. I don’t pass judgment. If I am lucky, I may be around for a long time yet.”

Aerian sat silent her eyes on their entwined fingers as the words floated through her head slowly. Each one processed with interest before she finally drew a deep breath “I know, you’re with my father, and in time I can come to terms with that fact, he always did have a way of finding the really good ones. I don’t expect of you Aishani except of course you don’t hurt my father, he … I don’t think he’d survive another loss, he is the strongest person I have ever known” She chewed her lip once more before drawing Aishanis hand to her cheek just for a moment “But I thought you should know if I act awkward or weird it’s not because I’m a temperamental teenager or bitter and angry like every in Dentarius would have you believe, but because …. Well because I really like you both as my father’s partner or lover or anything that may come but as yourself too”

Aishani watched Aerian with that golden eye, tilting her head a slight to the gesture that caused her hand to be lifted in a rest against Aerian’s cheek, thumb caressing the cheekbone. She smiled to her, it was gentle and caring. “Aerian, I see much of your father in you. I will tell him, that which I will tell you. You are strong, I saw it the moment, I met you. Each has a strength in different things and ideals. Loss happens…it is a part of life, we either, rise and overcome or fall down a dark path of resentment and hatred. I saw a woman that was struggling to overcome something, accept yourself for whom you are. I will be around, if you need to talk or need me to just calm you down. I will do what it is I can. You are not alone, always remember that. Your father loves you and wishes to be there for you, but, he has a hard time finding that path to you without fighting those vines that protect. You should let him in, might be surprised.” Aishani lowered her hand still in Aerian’s and leaned forward, pressing her plush lips against her cheek, leaning back with a squeeze on her hand and rising. “I better get out there, before your Uncle does something…or even your father to irritate the other.”

“You should have been around when they were trying to kill each other, those were real fun times” Aerian quipped softly “He loves you, I can see it in everything about him, so when you guys get married I’m not calling you Mom” Aerian diverted her eyes quickly as she stretched her legs “it’d just be weird”

And with that she slid off the opposite side of the bed stretching her arms over her head slowly before turning, the confused young child now seemingly gone to be replaced with Aerian Elcarus, the one everybody believed was cold and uncaring.

Aishani chuckled to the returned antics of Aerian, but, now, she had insight to the young woman and accepted her for all that she was. She lifted her hand to open the door and to return to the dining hall, when nearing Kane would clearly catch that succulent scent that he was denied in her time away with Aerian.

-= Kane, Aerian, Hades & Aishani =-

[New Alliances] A Dirty Kind of Clean

Kane stirred to the sound of heavy rains, the winds whipping through the rafters of the mansion. He turned his eyes to the beauty of Aishani, his hand gentle easing her hair from her face as still slept against his shoulder. His hand ran idly down her side as he listened to the rain hit the roof above and the gentle sound of her breathing.

He could of course now feel the dull ache as his wounds began to knit themselves back together, the discomfort of rapid healing had always been hard to ignore, but her scent off set the majority of the pain and her laid in his arms dulled it further. He had in that moment never felt as content.

Aishani stirred a slight at the stealthy brush of hair from her face, those magnificent dreads hung in a cylindrical patter and were as silk. She pursed her lips softly in a croon to the touch of his hand upon her side, dusting the fingertips upon a bandage, finding the blood had seeped through the absorbent fabric, it was just the ooze of a healing injury.
The succulent sent spoke of her presence even more at his side, since the two had not bathed, the remnants of musk lingered in the room to the events the evening before. In that moment of the resounding contentment, Aishani nuzzled into his neck and pressed tightly against him, a hand feeling up and down his back, as though to confirm that he was present and not just a dream.

Kane sat slowly, his eyes stayed on her form as he did so. The rains upon the roof seemed somewhat louder as the rumbles of thunder tumbled through the air above. “Seems our long awaited winter is about to come full force” He mused softly “It will make normal travel between provinces a little more complex than normal, but at the same time affords us time to deal with the mysteries at hand”

“But it seems I’m rather hot and sticky and could perhaps do with a bath, all that combat is hard work” He grinned softly “On the upside we have some very good hot springs beneath the mansion”

Aishani mumbled beneath her breath when Kane sat, as a result the comforter to shifted, thus causing her to shiver a slight to the difference of temperature that was captured beneath the blanket and curled her hands around the edge to draw back upwards and to her. Her lids lifted a slight, still clung to the sleep that weighed heavily upon her, but a hand lifted from within to caress his back, offering him the beckoning acknowledgement of her being awake.

Slowly, the snow kissed lashes lifted to reveal the golden hue with the milky opposing eye. “Mmmm…Winter. You had me at hot and sticky,” Aishani mumbled, though, proceeded to sit up at his side. “A hot spring sounds really good at this time.”

He handed off a robe to her, it was pointless them dressing proper at this point, he walked quietly to a door to the side of the room a tap on the glass before the rumble of an elevator beyond. It rattle to a halt no more than a frame wire cage, yet it did the job that was needed “I never was one for walking down all those stairs”

He grabbed a couple of towels and stood awaiting her to join him.

Aishani accepted the robe with a yawn, though, slipped from beneath the covers and moved to his wait, then hesitated looking to the interior of the elevator. “I wouldn’t want you tired before we get down there.” A smirk formed on her lips, while the robe was simply draped over her arm, the stark white and slightly red bandages upon a hip with a wrap to one thigh and a bicep. But, she stepped through, turning to wait for him. Her exotic figure open and exposed for him, as she leaned back against the wall.

He stepped in pressing up against her as the elevator began to descend, through the outer core of the mansion then below just as quick. The hot springs were a huge natural cavern deep beneath the mansion and indeed the hills upon which it sat.

He stepped aside letting Aishani through, slipping his arms around her waist “It really doesn’t get much better than this”

Aishani looked up to him as he pressed her into the elevator wall, a smirk on her lips, while her hands wandered his body in the descent. Her golden eye fixed on him with the fixture of her features from the scar that marked her face and the smirk coiled upon her luscious lips.
Once the movement stopped and she stepped through the door, Aishani chuckled in the glorious rolling purr when his arms slipped around her waist, but her eyes explored this cavern. “Oh? What doesn’t get much better?”

“A nice hot bath with the hottest woman in the realm” He replied with a grin “And enough problems to keep us busy for a while” He shrugged softly as he edged into one of the heated pools, feeling the warmth spread over his body as he sank down beneath the surface, as he came back up his hair sank back against his shoulders.

“Definitely the best place to be”

Aishani tilted her head with a smirk, looking to him as he walked to the edge of one heated pool. Her golden eye hummed softly in the dim light, while the humidity lathered their bodies. She lifted her hands to release a leather strap that held her hair back, causing the dreads to fall down her shoulders and back.

She tossed her robe aside while joining him in the pool, sighing softly and tipping her head back when he resurfaced. Now, in this cave, he saw her. Truly saw her, this was a realm that she was born into and it showed by her ashen skin. “Mmm…Yes, I can see you point.”

He slid up close to her, his hands trickling water over her body slowly. His eyes as ever admired every inch of her body, his mind taking each to memory.

“There are many more mysteries this old house holds, some even I am unaware of, but there is one more I intend to share with you” His words were soft yea somehow carried a strange tone of nervousness to them “I fear if you do not understand the lengths to which my father” he halted at the words before correcting himself quickly “Ceremon will go, it may be difficult to understand why I have yet been able to do what must be done to stop his particular brand of insanity. It cost me one family, I cannot afford to lose another”

Aishani slipped her arms around his neck to offer her the stability, fingertips kneading at the nape of his neck while she fixed her own golden gaze upon him. Her lips worked upon his shoulder, dragging her teeth briefly to be swept with an apologetic kiss. As he spoke, she watched him in silence, while the water radiated with heat from the pool. “Oh, I do not doubt, the mysteries this households.” Her hand lofted to place upon his cheek, expression enigmatic. “Kane, you do not need to explain things to me if it causes discomfort. I am here to be by your side for as long as you will have me. Partners, remember? As you speak those words, I can in a portion understand, since clearly Z’ress has crossed over realms to reach me.”

“I have had chances to end all this, oddly I feel somewhat responsible for the predicament you now find yourself in, Ceremon had the rift open of that I’m sure. Him doing it himself would severely deplete his reserves, we can open them but there is almost always a price. It takes a lot out of us, but there are others that can open them some who follow him blindly. Still as I said if I could bring myself to finish the war this would never have occurred” He drew breath once more feeling her close to him as he eased back onto a raised bench like rock he eased her into his lap.

“Seems both our pasts are intent on having an impact on our future”

Aishani lowered her hand from his cheek, tightening her hold around his neck as he drifted with an ease back upon the risen rock bench, her knees bent on the outside of his thighs and she straddled his lap. While the currents of the water caressed their flesh as unseen admiration to their affection, a whispering silent witness. 
Her words rolled as a purr, though, initially, she leaned forward to nibble on his lobe, then back to look into his eyes. “Then, end it. What is stopping you? The tie between father and son, is dissolved…the meaning of family to him, is warped. Just like Z’ress. I was a beacon of power to her when I was born with my…marks.” Aishani lowered her gaze to brush a thumb upon the peering marking upon the under sternum of her bosom. “A source to bring the House Tort’tar to the top of the social totem in the city…a place of power and coveted amongst Drow. But, when…it was revealed by my inconsistency of research in one of the schools. Such gathered unwanted attention, thus Z’ress was alerted…that is where the promise changed in such a sharp angle that left me running to survive…It’s been like that ever since.”

“It isn’t so simple as putting a blade through him, as tempting as that may be, there is a thin veil here that allows us contact with those past, the request he live” He sighed softly his eyes looking to the water “My mother asked we let him live, and so we do, we halt his plots and his crusades and we let him return to the burned ruins of his own home in the hope he will find peace”  His hands slipped down her body through the water and over her thighs slowly.

“One day I pray he will find his way, he wasn’t always so dark, so lost, once he was a loving father, he just learnt that our powers had great application and it sent him a little crazy, the power of his children caused the only woman he ever loved to die” He rest his head against her shoulder a soft kiss to the flesh of her shoulder “But I fear one day it will all end for him or for me ….. again”

Aishani tilted his chin up when his gaze wandered to the water, caressing his cheek. “We all harbour regrets and improbabilities that are the fabric of our lives. Your mother, was fixed on the man he was, spirit or other, Kane. She was his wife and love…providing children. I could not be more pleased in the fact such had not taken place, selfishly, I would never have met you and possibly could have met the fate that awaits me.”

She wrapped her arms around him, cradling him against her shoulder, while the glorious scent lofted to him from the heat of the water and the mist that lifted from her flesh. “Things happen. Usually, they happen for a reason, Kane. You above all else should know this…I don’t try to find a reason. It appears that you and your mother may be so fixed on the man he once was that the corruptions of the power has taken him away. There are times that you have to accept the fact that the individual that you loved…has died and is walking in an empty shell.” She stopped, a soft choke sounding as it seemed Aishani was on the brink of emotion. “At times, any being, if you love them, you have to let them go…either for your benefit or their own…”

“You may be right my love, and I fear one day it will come to that” He smiled softly, pushing down the combination of emotion as he watched her carefully “But for now, I intend to deal with the present, which means I focus on the things that are important” A soft kiss to her lips “I will take care of the things I can control before worrying about those I cannot” he reached back for a cloth slipping it beneath the water before sliding it up along her back, soft slow motions that slipped up and back down her spine slowly.

“Focus on the present and the events to advance forward, would I always look in the past, I would not be the same woman now.” She rolled a shoulder, while her golden eye hummed softly. Aishani closed her eyes in a gentle purr, as he began to clean her back, as though his movement would wipe away the scars. “Each step at a time, Kane. Pushing can be dangerous. Unless, you like to hear me scream.” She teased him with a rolling chuckle and the smirk touching the corners of her lips.

Kane began to see a violet creep upon her cheeks, while beads of sweat glisten like diamond accents on her brow to the heat of the water.

“Well” He teased in reply “As long as it’s me making you scream” before he switched to cleaning her breasts and her stomach slowly then down over her thighs, the warmth of the water was constant and very much even, a gentle bubbling touched the surface. “I think we are fortunate to have each other, together we are far stronger than anything that may try to surprise us” He grinned shifting beneath her “Well most surprises”

After he was finished cleaning her, even as the cloth road over the slick beauteous bosoms the pertness of her dark bud tensed, Aishani took the cloth. Beginning to methodically clean him, rolling her fingers deep into the seeded tissues, as though working the pain around the mending flesh.
“Yes, that is to our advantage. It seems we are full of surprises, ourselves, Kane.” She purred beside his ear, as her slick bosom pressed against his chest. Aishani tilted to her lips to press into his neck then nipped at the surface before retreating. Her scent by this point was overwhelming from the beading of sweat upon her body, lifting the succulence to his senses. “Do not be concerned about my recovery as much as your own. After all, you are crucial to the realm. I am not of this realm, but, I am fine, healing well, as I have said I have been in worse predicaments.”

He allowed her to clean him, removing the bloody bandages that revealed the flesh had begun to at least to heal “Another few days and I’ll be fine” he mused softly. As he settled into her gently feeling her as she washed the last few days away.

“I don’t suppose you’d have a clue why your mother would chose to align with my slightly idiotic and defiantly insane father?” He asked not really expected an answer more forming thoughts out loud, but there were many questions and fewer answers than he liked.

Aishani lifted her gaze upwards to him after inspecting his wounds, a subtle smirk upon her face. Her fingertips worked to roll the knot loose from his shoulders and neck, intent to envelope him in relaxation. Though, when he spoke aloud, she hesitated in her massaging, then returned. “She is willing get to me, no matter the expense, or the individuals to use and manipulate in order to do so. I am a soil on the house.”

“I suspect my fathers end may very well be the same, to take you, torture and rape you into submission whatever plan he deems next” Kane sighed softly as leant into her massage “I return to my tie you up solution” Kanes attempt at humour was clearly to try and clear his mind of the doubt that now sat in his stomach, it would burn there providing him with the strength in whatever games were to come. Ceremon would return and next time he won’t be alone, Kane knew this.

Aishani picked up on his subtle humour, chuckling in that rolling purr, leaning forward to press her lips against his ear with her cheek flush against his. “Then you better get to it first before he does…” Such only fed the fire, but, she leaned back now, lowering her hands to submerge in the water. “Kane, what is on your mind? Do you doubt in your protection of me?”

“So many pieces, so few answers, and too many variables to allow me to take control of, that bothers me” Kane replied softly leaning back into her his hands taking hers to draw them around his waist “I fear one misstep may see you in his hands, in your mothers, it bothers me”

He smiled softly now once more pushing the doubt down “But we do have advantages here on the mansion grounds, at least they cannot sneak in without us knowing”

Aishani complied, lifting her legs to drape over his thighs, curling to rest her ankles at the back of his knees with her arms wrapped around him and a cheek on his shoulder, watching him. “Kane, you cannot always protect everyone. I understand your means to such and I know you wish to do such. I feel safe, more so then I have in my entire life. There will always be variables, there will always be unanswered questions. It is to focus on that which is our strengths. The point is to not let fear rule you, if you do such, the emotion has already won and lead you to a disadvantage. Keep a clear mind, always. Don’t let emotions rule. Your mind and heart will know the way.”

“Mmmm this is true, however that would be easier a week ago until some fine young woman decided she’d up and steal my heart” He smiled softly tracing a kiss across her shoulder slowly, each kiss soft and deliberate “I will keep my emotions, but my heart is always prone to overriding my logic, it seems I prefer to protect those most important in my life as hard as I would the rest of the realm”

He shifted beneath her with a smile before lowering her so she rested just on the edge of the pool, his head resting now against her inner thigh “But all that aside I believe it’s time for breakfast” his tongue quickly darted out to trail up her thigh slowly.

“I’ll have you know, that I had none of the seduction part planned…I just saw you and was stunned. In fact, I turned and decided I was going to leave but you caught me, called me out. So…I came back.” She ran her fingertips through his hair, leaning down to press her lips against his forehead. “Breakfast? Here?” She looked around briefly, then a smirk formed upon the polished lips in the understanding as the slick trail was created by his tongue. Aishani tilted her head back gracing the surroundings with a purr of contentment, lofting each leg to place the arch of her foot on each of his shoulders, allowing him an easier angle to go after that which he implied.

“Well how were you to know that there was hot red blooded vampire around?” He grinned softly his eyes meeting hers. “And besides I’m glad you stayed, I kind of like having you around” his words were soft and full of intent as he eased further between her thighs allowing him to kiss along her stomach slowly “My house has been empty for far too long, or is that just my bed? But truly I am thankful you came to me” his hands slipped up her body.

Her golden eye was fixed to him, when his own sought hers. A smirk on those beautifully plush and polished lips, her arms were lowered to offer support by the heels of her palms at her sides. The closer he moved to her thighs, the pink muscle flicked across her lips in a sensual motion.

Aishani’s lids closed to half mast, when his hands travelled upon her silken flesh, then a hiss parted her lips to the pluck of his fingers, adjusting the placement and gliding her hand within his dark threads. Yanking forcefully to expose his neck to her, in which her lips glided up and down his artery, the very tip of her tongue gracing the surface before her teeth sunk into the connecting muscle of his shoulder to neck. Releasing the hold, in order to whisper beside his ear. “In my language…you would be a sanguine.” The way the word rolled past her lips was even more alluring then a common language, exotic in the purr. Her presence was overwhelming, succulent in all aspects of the women that know closed lowered her legs to dip beneath his pits with the ankles locked with heels lightly pressing into his back.

“That sounds so much better, and less cold, not that we are cold of course, myth and legends twisted to make us look so much worse than we are” He spoke each word soft as he now let his hands fall back down over her flesh “We are far warmer than legend would have us believe” the last of his words rolled off with such intense desire.

He returned his lips to the flesh of her thighs, soft kisses each placed with a deliberate point, each a step closer to the sweet warmth of her heated core.

“There is always an underline fact to myths and legends…” Aishani’s body reacted to the travel of his hands, while the touch caressed upon each counter and curve. She inhaled sharply as the heat of his breath and warmth of his lips made contact to her smooth lean thighs, the closer he took the path to her flower, a purr passed her lips in pleasure.

As his body calmed he lean back wiping her hair gently from her face “Now how is it we end up dirtier than before we got in?” a soft chuckled as he kept her held upon him. His hands now resting on her thighs gently.

Aishani’s sounds were pants and growls, while her nails feasted upon his back and shoulders, the slippery surface adding to the friction. While their passion was hotter than the waters and the steam that rose to tickle their noses. But, in the end when his molten seed rushed forth, her passage tightened around him and her flower throbbed, speaking of the release.

His head against her shoulder prompted her to lean her cheek against his crown, while securing her legs to keep him buried within her passage, still her body throbbed around him. When he leaned back, she met his gaze, her cheeks a violet while beads of sweat were dripping from her brow and temple. A smirk upon her plush lips, when the dreads were pushed from her face. “Oh, well, see, that is left up to interpretation. I’d rather be dirty…”

“Mmmm I would have to agree with you there” He kissed her softly “I suspect we should consider getting ourselves dressed and joining the world upstairs, which is unfortunate considering I would genuinely rather spend the day here with you” As he shifted to lift them both out of the heated pool. “You are of course welcome to remain here?”

A growl parted her lips in defiance of his shift to rise, plopping from within her warm depths, she caught his lip quickly but then departed. “I would prefer to remain at your side, Kane.” She whispered beside his ear, nibbling on the shell of his ear and lobe, but, then departing to rise from the water with her back to him.

Those webbed scarring glaring at him in the contrasting shadows spent from the subterranean level of the springs, though just beneath was that luscious bottom and when she climbed out, he caught a sight of her petals that were oozing with his milk, which seemed to hardly phase her.

The frame of his body against the dull torchlight, could now be seen a well-built man shaped for combat and defined by that fact. He wasn’t ripped as they would say but he was well defined, his body sculpted by years of combat and farm work alike. There weren’t many scars which owed largely to his ability to heal, though there were a few that could be seen, the one at his lower back was from his brother Hades’ betrayal all those years ago.

As he dressed slipping into denim jeans and a loose shirt that left him looking more like a teenager than Lord of the manor, his cloak still trailed in his wake. “We should probably see if Aerian or Hades has anything of use for us, then I will show you a piece of my past that few get to see, perhaps together we can figure how it impacts our future”

When he turned back to her, he saw her golden eye fixed upon him when his shirt was tugged down, her upper teeth biting down on her lower lip with a sense of wanton desire still in her eyes. The succulent and mouth-watering scent still enveloped him with her presence.

She cleared her throat and turned to gather her robe, since, she hadn’t brought her clothing down from their shared room. “Yes, that is a sound plan. I have to mend a few tears in my attire, but…you dress so strangely…What is that material on your legs? It appears to be thicker, then usual leggings.”

Aishani slid the robe over her shoulders with her arms peering from within, fastening the tie. “I would like that, Kane.”

He eyed her for a moment before a grind “This, they call it denim, resilient fabric, wears well, comes in many colours too, we kind of stole the process from what we refer to as the human realm, but comfort is something I very much enjoy” He once more soaked in her scent, it allowed him to feel safe knowing she was close he had seen her in combat so he knew she would always have his back.

“Not so comfy on horseback though” He grinned playfully before leading her back to the elevator and up to his room. “If you need further attire we can arrange for something to be crafted to your specifications?”

“Denim…” She allowed for the words to roll from her lips in that fantastic purr, as though, attempting to allow for it to settle in. “Strange. Human realm? There is a realm with nothing BUT humans?” Aishani looked to Kane when they entered the elevator, then down to her form in the robe. “What? I can’t walk around in a robe until my leather is mended?” She chuckled, though, kept eying his jeans, a few times she neared it and touched the surface, and investigating. “Maybe…I’d like to try a pair.”

“I’m sure that can be arranged” His eyes sparkled “And yes there is a whole realm of humans, quite a diverse culture too, some even believe in our worlds that perhaps there is more just beyond the edge of their imagination” he slipped up behind her his arms curling around her waist “You will look quite good in a tight pair of jeans, not of course that you don’t look delicious right now” A soft growl against her ear before he moved away “The problem with the humans is the last time we tried to help them they tried to kill us, still the time may come”

A soft purr was heard parting her lips to the response of his growl, a hand curling into a knead at his chest to the close but brief proximity.” Well, suffice to say, not all tried to kill you. That is impossible, given time, I’m sure those perceptive will see through to the truth of things in the end.” 
She stepped into their room, then hesitated. “I don’t think your jeans will fit me…I’m a little smaller. So, I can wear my other clothing until a pair has been made?”

“I will send the order to Elsa once we get downstairs, I’m sure it won’t take the delightful seamstress long to whip something together for you” He ran a hand through his hair growling as his fingers caught in the knot “Hmm it’s going to be one of those days?” He shrugged the notion off and collected his short daggers and the belt they were attached to locking it around his waist and then adjusting his cloak so as they were less obvious.

“So breakfast, a chat with my daughter and brother then to the crypts, possibly the busiest day I’ve had in while, well since I got myself shot at least” His words were playful but in keeping with himself, today would be a day they began getting those answers to the puzzle that was inevitably laid before them.

Aishani chuckled still in her robe, it added a thickness to her from the fabric and the sleeves were longer as was the length. She moved to stand on the bed and beckon him close. When he stood near to her, she ran her fingers through his hair and methodically worked the knots free from the stubborn strands. “A seamstress, you said? You constantly surprise me. Oh, the day just started, Kane. Don’t be so cynical.” When he moved to adorn his daggers, she gathered her clothing while there was some slash marks in places of the injuries that she had sustained on the battlefield, it was still in rather decent shape.

She hopped off the bed, then disrobed, to dress, while there was clothing upon her, each meld of the fabric to her skin and tunic with the under-bust corset, added to the visual of the woman that entered his mansion. She then tended to fixing various buckles and tethered her weapons belts to her hips. “Mmm, you had me at crypts. I think you forget, my home was subterranean, I am used to the darker side of things, Kane. Yes, let us go eat and continue about the day. I’ll be by your side through every moment of it.”

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[New Alliances] Unwelcome Visitors & Open Wounds

Morning came creeping in slowly but the scent of dew in the air was unmistakable, the forest was closed tight around them as they travelled, the uneven road was not sitting too well with the aching wound of his shoulder, at the head of the parade was Aerian, closed in around himself and Aishani the cavalry, and toward the rear their archer group.

It was an odd formation, but Kane was sure that if the need arose they’d be able to handle any trouble that may or may not arise. “It seems no one has bothered to ask how your wounds are holding, and I’d be a terrible friend if I fell into the same trap” the word friend rolled out awkwardly, but he was far from assuming they were more, though he suspected it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch, no one person had ever hit him as hard or as fast as her. “I’d hate for you to fall, because you’ve been busy keeping me alive”

The knowledge of Shadow in the darkness of the woods not yet touched by the light of dawn was only kept in a subtle movement from the corner of Kane’s eye. She ensured that Kane was settled upon his steed, while then taking to her own, the lazy sway of her hips rolled in time with the movement of the horse. Her eyes were forward but in hindsight, her senses were spread around. Even though, she was still covered in blood from head to toe in the artistic splattering of her artistry.
Aishani turned her gaze to him briefly, a flick of her golden eye upon him, then forward again, sheathed daggers at her hips and the throwing knives glistening in the travel. “I will manage, it takes more than this to make me fall. I have been far worse in damage then this…friend.” Clearly in the final word chips of hot steel fell, as though, she despised the word with all their intimate times together since the moment of his arrows returned to him. “I do hope, that I am more than just that, but, this is not a discussion while we are to be alert and focused.”

The word ‘friend’ actually stung, as Kane focused his eyes back on the road ahead of them. The troop wound through the forest with ease, though it was a clear day the forest kept the light fairly dim, oddly the sounds of the forest were dull aside from the clanking of some 250 soldiers or more as they made their way through.

“I would agree we need to address our current situation” He looked to her with a soft look one almost as confused as it was with confidence. “But I wish us to be safe within the grounds before we complicate our need to survive”

“Unfortunate, things are complicated as it is. I know, that which you mean to me. As I have proven this already, not only with protection but with care.” She remained focused on the surroundings, her golden eye scanning slowly amongst the trunks of the tree, but, also as though Aishani heard far better than most would assume with a filter of the clanking soldiers. “Agreed, the safety is primary and foremost.” Even still the soft breeze caused by the horse, drifted that alluring and mouth-watering aroma to him, offering him a strange sense of support and strength.

Her scent did indeed settle him, he had seen her in combat and no longer doubted their safety, between Aishani and Aerian there was probably no safer place in Dentarius that right in the middle of this convoy. It allowed his mind to wander over other facts, he had already figured Ceremon was involved in this somehow but a new power with him was a danger at least at problem to be handled when the time was right.

It also seemed that Dentarius had connected to another lesser known realm, something that didn’t happen often, and was usually about to change the course of history in one way or another. It took huge amounts of magick to open the divide between realms, and that would be the best place to begin working things out.

“If I may ask, and you may decline should you chose, how were you able to cross the inter realm divide. The amount of magic required is not run of the mill, nor held by most regular mages. I’m curious to know if things were opened your side or perhaps from ours?”

Aishani’s hips rolled and swayed with the movements of the steed beneath her body, hand curled at the reigns with a light rest upon the horn of the saddle. She kept her position proper and straight, divulging the training upon such a mount. Her eyes continued to focus ahead and to the sides from time to time, as her plush ruby stained lips were a shade lighter and the mask of dried blood upon her features concealed her complexion but not that of the grizzly scar that only added in the impression of a female overcoming odds and obstacles. It was a badge of survival, as was the concealed webbed scarring on her back.
“I am unsure, as to answer your question, Kane. But, I will be as thorough as possible. The last I remember before arriving in this realm was that I was running, hiding from the assassins sent from my mother’s house. It was not just her I was fleeing from, it was my sisters as well, each wishing to earn favour of our Matron Mother and eliminate my title to rule over House Tort’tar. Regardless, I ran into a small cave to dodge them. It went back far and I considered there was an alternative escape. But, it kept going back further and further…until…I found the ceiling higher and higher, then I heard a thundering sound. Since I could stand, I followed this sound and I was hidden behind a waterfall leading to a beautiful river. I did not stick around to explore the idea of another realm. After, I began to work through the forest that lined the river, I found a village and upon watching the interactions and clothing, I realized I was no longer in Faerun…”

“Riverford, I know the city well, close to the capital of Elvera, hell of a trek to Dentarius though. Not that I’m disappointed you made the trip” He cast his eyes forward “I know the waterfall as well, it would seem it was opened from our side” His mind ticked over the information slowly “There are a handful in this realm who can open them, my father and myself included, but to tap to an unexplored realm, that takes a little more”

Quietly he processed the details as the troup emerged from the forest, the valley falling away below them, they of course turned up the path and back toward the lumbering Mansion in the hills above them, the towers beacon light blazed green as Kane brought his horse to a halt “Well that’s interesting” He slid down from his horse barking orders to the soldiers who quickly took up their advised position the huge row fanning out from them. Aerian had already drawn her bow “Green? It glows green now?”

Kane nodded “It does if we are been warned, the soldiers will hold at the gates and walls, you will head through the cave passage and up to the beacon tower, if it is a warning the notes will be there, Aishani and I, well we’re going through the gates” Aerian looked sceptically toward her father who simply waved off her concern “Trust me, your more use to me when you know what’s going on, but they are likely unware of the warning Hades has given, which means we are no immediate danger”

A smirk formed on her plush lips to his comment on not finding disappointment in her arrival to Dentarius. She gave him the silence he needed to process the information relayed, while her delicious aroma swirled around him, appearing to guide him and clear his mind. In essence, the probability of partaking in a crimson kiss and her sustenance offered brought them closer together. To the turn up the path, her golden eye fixed on the blazing green beacon.

Aishani followed down from her horse with unprecedented ease, landing soundlessly at the side of the beast, lifting her hand to scratch idly at the muzzle. She glanced to the defensiveness of Aerian with the dawning of her bow. She looked to Kane then when the reveal of the hue being a warning.  “Agreed. To face them as though, nothing is the lesser would be best for the moment. But, Aerian, use your speed as though we are in immediate danger. I have a suspicion that we are expected beyond the gates, I will have Shadow warn you would anything occur. I am with him.”

She turned to Kane, offering him a simple nod while allowing him the knowledge that she is ready.

“The raf” he didn’t finish “Along the main hallway offer free view of the grand hall, I know Dad, you’ve been drilling that into to me since a little girl” Aerian bounced on her heels with a grin “I got you covered” Kane nodded in reply, she was grown now and a skilled hunter, not to mention a highly skilled thief, she truly was best for this job “I’ve already been shot once in the last day, rather it not happen again” He grinned

“Unlike those idiots, I don’t miss” Aerian smiled tapping her bow idly “Often” she teased and with that she flicked on her heel and took off across the field disappearing among the high corns that grew. “Well it seems we have an appointment with an uninvited guest, perhaps it’s time we graced them with our presence” with another set of orders rattled off Kane took his horse in hand and they made way up the dirt road toward the mansion gates. As they arrived the beacon above dulled to the usual pale amber, Kane simply smiled and waved his hand over the gates, this action caused them to creak and twist then swing open, the path to the mansion free to them.

“See I told you we had a gate” Kane teased playfully, his intent to not alert their visitors they had already had the heads up on things ahead of them. As they made their way the staff looked unnerved Kane handed his horse off to the stable hand with his usual thanks and instructions to feed them. Quietly he slipped his long sword from his hip tossing it among the baled hay before adjusting the two short daggers at his hip, sliding a third into his boot.

With that he took her hand, placing a kiss to assure her they had this and to remind himself the reason he was still alive, before leading her to the Mansion doors as they swept inside they were met by the odd scene Hades was knelt by the far along with half a dozen other staff, the silver haired form above them, wide set shoulders and dark crimson cloak didn’t need an introduction.

“Why am I not surprised” Kane muttered coldly his eyes set as the man turned, those same piercing emerald eyes stared back

“Kane my boy” the man grinned “And you brought me a plaything how kind of you, by the way have you met my … hmm well my confidant, my aide and my lover” Ceremon crowed

“I have brought nothing, nor am I your boy, you lost that right the first time you run a weapon through me, however you are in my home and that presents us with a problem, as for your lady” Kane halted looking to Aishani “I’m guessing that’s?” he held the words there allowing her time fill the gap for him.

Aishani’s lips formed into the faint traces of a smirk to the interaction between father and daughter. “That’s very comforting.” When Aerian wasn’t looking, Aishani’s hand left her side pouch to slip a small phial into Aerian’s hand. It was milky in consistency but dually noted that it was poison due to her own profession. 
On the passage up to the closed gates, Aishani acknowledged the change of the hue to the flames from the green to the pale amber. She fell prey to the tease from Kane when the gates opened, chuckling in the rolling purr. At the stable, Aishani slipped from her own steed extending the reigns to the same stable hand in order to lead the steeds to be locked safely away in the stalls. She hesitated, awaiting Kane to shed his sword and secure his daggers; hidden or other.

When he gathered her hand and his lips graced her skin, the sweet aroma of that which flowed beneath tickled his senses, though, this was not enough for Aishani as her slender fingers curled around his throat in a draw of his lips down against hers. The crash drew the brief kiss in intensity, before the crude smack articulated the departure. Her presence remained as a ghostly haunt upon the surface of his lips, when they walked inside, Aishani paused beside Kane, her golden eye surveying the scene, especially with Hades on his knees with the other workers of the staff.
Silently she watched the interaction between Kane and his father, but her golden eye was fixed to the woman at his side. She was nearly a mirror image of the figure to Aishani, though, more slender and delicate, instead of battle hardened. Her red eyes were cradled by the whisper of white lashes and her face was framed by flowing snowy hair, speaking a stark contrast against the ashen skin tone. Her clothing was merely a fixed corset with garters latched to thigh high stockings appearing spun with webs with a cloak around her shoulders, appearing to expose more skin the necessary but it was the strength in her presence that was stunning. Her lips were full and lush, glistening as though stained with blood. Everything about this woman was exotic with a cruel malice.
A soft snarl formed on the edges of Aishani’s lips, while her hand pressed against Kane’s with such a force it was surprising that nothing was breaking. “Yes, this is…Matron Mother Z’ress of House Tort’tar. My…surrogate but surely not my true mother.”

Kane eyed the woman slowly the resemblance in her was quite a sight much like many could confuse Ceremon for himself “My father seems to have found himself another power pet, always drawn to power yet never quite able to wield it”

“Do not be so sure it is he who is controlling me child” Her words were soft almost like a song causing Kane to tense unnaturally “But don’t worry hand over my child and we will be gone”

Kane waited just a moment before answering each word cold and yet without any real malice “Whatever he has informed you about me, trust me he is far from correct, Aishani will remain with me, and you will both leave quietly and peacefully” His words carried warning as she stepped toward him the snap of an arrow into the post beside her caused her think better of it, Ceremon and Z’ress both looked up but found nothing but shadows.

“My granddaughter I presume” Ceremon cooed coldly, Kane felt a mix of panic and anger rise through him as his free hand slipped to his dagger “I wouldn’t boy, she will have your throat before the act is complete, and your little anti-aggression charms are in place which is why I’m guessing the fabled Aerian missed her shot”

“You have no rights to my daughter” Kane snapped

“No rights to my son, no rights to my boy, no rights to your daughter, just what do we have rights to here I wonder” Ceremon spit back anger now settling through his voice, another arrow snapped into the ground just behind Hades, which in the same moment had Hades on his feet weapon drawn “I guess she doesn’t miss after all” He snapped darkly

Kane and Aishani had now both drawn weapons as well as the unmistakable sound of a bow been drawn “It’s time to go”

Z’ress was still eying Kane with mild amusement “He does act like a big boy does he not, and yet my daughter is all over him, why would he chose to die to protect something so weak” Whatever she was about to say was cut short by the flicker of Kanes weapons charging with electrical energies, the blades seemingly flickered and twisted among the dark blue crackle of lightening.

“We should leave, for the moment dearest, let them have their victory, they will be ours soon enough” Ceremon knew with Kane in the Mansion it was a lost battle, no one had ever tapped into the vortex like he could and that made for a dangerous combination. “We will take her, remember that boy” and with that the two of than vanished among a twist of smoke.

While Kane eyed the woman, Z’ress, Aishani’s mother, there was notable differences. Her face was pristine and smooth, as her hair resembled the freshly fallen snow, even the coldness in her crimson eyes. Aishani tilted her head a slight, she lifted her hand to place on Kane’s bicep, at first it was a sign of annoyance but then her nails began to knead upon the surface. Aishani’s eyes remained on Z’ress, fixed on her, while Z’ress was much the same.
She straightened to the scream of the arrow that sliced the tension in the room to tremble lodged into the post behind Z’ress. “Poisoned, just for you, Z’ress.” Aishani hissed, the venom in her tone was possibly even more saturated then any of her weapons or that of Aerian’s arrows.
Aishani glanced to the motion of his hand to his dagger. “She would have to go through, we all know how well that worked the last time…mommy dearest…” She shot her gaze to Ceremon. “You can not own individuals like land. There is no rites in that. ” Aishani said, “trust is earned and not given. From what I have seen, you lost that a time ago.”
A grim chuckle passed her lips when Hades foot was struck with the arrow, weapons drawn. Aishani drew her own dagger with a spin on the palm of her hand at the instant that Z’ress called her ‘weak’. The downfall in their society of being a Drow was weakness was a cross to bare and most died from that simple word in a mark. After they disappeared into the smoke, Aishani spun her dagger again with the agile fingers, sheathing it with a click. “How many times, she has said that…Yet, I still remain free and standing from her.” Aishani spit in the direction that the two only previously stood, to imply her utmost disgust of her mother.

Kane drew her close “We are both disappointments to our parents, and yet we are here and we are strength to each other” As Hades slid his weapon away Kane nodded “Blindsided?”

“Not really, trying not to get folk killed” Hades replied quietly

“You are finally a grown man” Kane replied with a smile, Aerian was now making her way through the hallway

“Everyone OK?” She asked

“It would seem so” Hades replied “Nice shot by the way”

“Shamed I missed the she witch, was aiming for her head” Aerian shrugged softly

“That would be the anti-aggression spells, they are there for a reason” Kane replied

“They are a pain in the arse sometimes” Hades replied softly “But we should probably try and figure what they want, and you need to tend to those injuries before you end up bleeding to death again”

“I’ll be fine, I want to reach out to your network, find out who the hell opened a rift, it wasn’t me and I doubt it was Ceremon considering the effect it has on him, but someone crossed the dimensional borders and I would like to know who” Kane replied quickly “Aerian that goes for you too”

“On it” Aerian replied and spun on her heel heading back toward the main doors

“I’m going to retire to my room, tend to these wounds and indeed yours my dear” Kane looked to Aishani softly “While I don’t doubt you’ll be fine, it will make me feel much better knowing you’re cleaned and bandaged”

Aishani looked up to Kane as he drew her close, he felt the trembling within her, and it most likely was anger that shook her to the very core. She remained with her eyes fixed on the previous location that Ceremon and Z’ress stood. Words were absent her plush lips, but, slowly as though compelled, she glanced to Hades and then Aerian when she returned to the group. While their presence was short lived, ordered to do an investigation. 
She lifted her golden eye to him, the fury caused the orb to glow, though the anger dwindled a slight to his words. “Yes. You first, without you the realm would unravel due to Ceremon’s control, we wouldn’t want that. Would we?”

“It’s times like this that make me wish my brothers we’re still with us, they were much better at this” He replied softly as they made their way through the hall the staff and merchants were now slowly filing back in to begin their daily routines in the safety of the mansion and Kanes ever watchful presence.

“Still I am better prepared with you by my side, providing that’s where you want to be” The question was more a statement of his intent toward their current relationship than an actual question. The spiral staircase took a little more effort to climb than usual each step causing severe discomfort from the now winding down adrenaline levels “Things are not quite going how I would like, getting impaled on a bunch of arrows was not part of my plan, it seems my status as a hero is being severely tested”

She disengaged from him, slithering her hand within his and guiding him up the spiral stairs, support to him. Aishani hesitated while at Kane’s side, the struggle to rise the stairs withheld, even though it was a trial all her own. “I haven’t left yet, have I, Kane? I am where I want to be, that is at your side.” She managed, but as they arrived to even ground, Aishani stumbled a slight. But, she held out her hand when he would advance to aide her. “Being a hero is more than that and you have proven that. Nothing wrong with taking hits for the little people.”
Her scent was glorious now, as it was the two of them, succulent and mouth-watering by design, designated to calm and sooth his weary soul. She continued to aid him down the hallway to his room, opening the door to guide him within to the bed. After he sat, she began to methodically remove each article of clothing, like a sacred rite between the two; boots, weapons, pants and tunic. Looking up to him from her kneeling position, placing her hands on his knees to rise, turning to leave his room for a few moments. When she returned, she held a water basin and two towels over her forearm with two fresh rolls of bandages. Then she set the bowl down, beginning to clean the top of the webbing provided by Shadow, surprisingly it was similar to stitches and cleaned just as well. Aishani worked over his body, cleaning and rinsing and cleaning, finished now with a wrap of the bandages over each area to keep them clean.

She leaned her cheek against his bare thigh, the dusting of her breathing caressing the hairs while the warmth of her cheek was nearly absent due to her own injuries. Perhaps, he had noticed before but not until now, how the dark ashen tone of her skin was pale, nearing soot from the hearth, but her aroma still thrived.

Kane moved slowly easing her to her feet before standing, his hands now working her clothing to slowly undress her, his hands working with much more skill than the last time he attempted to unbuckle and undress her, until finally he had a clear view of the injuries.

“Then you will find it difficult to remain beside me if we don’t treat these wounds, or at least get you cleaned up” Slowly he eased her back to sit on the edge of his bed before kneeling in front and reaching for the water drawing it close, he drenched the cloth before coming back to slowly begin wiping down the injuries, his touch light but enough to remove the dry blood and clean the wounds.

He slowly began to dress each wound, ensuring it was both clean and bound before moving to clean down her thighs and ankles, then sliding back to her arms and shoulders, finally easing the cloth back into the water before cleaning the dry blood from her face and neck. “You should get some rest, I can at least once more guarantee you are safe here with me” He slipped up behind her placing his hands to her shoulders, his fingers digging into the flesh gently, a slow methodical kneading of the knotted muscle. “If have missed something obvious in treating those injuries, please let me know, I cannot see a future without you as a part of it”

Aishani allowed for Kane to guide her in a stand, her golden eye watched him in silence while even the milky hue was set on him. Her injuries were rather bad, a cut to her side that narrowly missed damaging organs and a few on her hip and thigh. A smirk formed on her plush lips to his words, settling on edge of the bed. Even though she was injured, her succulent aroma tickled him and with her flower left without protection that ambrosia whispered to him, apparently during battle she was aroused.
A few times when the cleaning took focus on a deeper wound, a hiss parted her lips to the momentary sting of pain. She caressed his brown hair and cheek every so often, almost as though, attempting to affirm that Kane was truly present. She met his gaze when he lifted the clothe to clean her face and neck, now, every part of her body free from remnants of blood; wound or paint.

“I cannot guarantee, that you are safe around me, Kane. You saw that bitch…” The dip in her voice was the same venom that was set on Z’ress earlier. Almost as on cue, the need for his fingers working at the knot that grew out of anger melted beneath his fingers, causing Aishani to lean back against him. Providing the view to the landscape of her body from the angle, the exquisite bosom portrayed as two full mounds with a peak of dark flesh to the centre, held in support by the start of her web marking cradling the magnificent curves and down to the naval with the twin marking just above to her luscious hips and flat abdomen. “I am not a healer, Kane. Though, trained in triage for the field, but these will more than do. Thank you.” She was silent for a time, gathering his wrists to lead his arms in a wrap around her. “Kane…what exactly are we, in the relationship side of things? I didn’t think, hearing you call me ‘friend’ would sting as much as it had.”

Kane admired the scene before him, his eyes taking in every inch of flesh slowly, a longing that built causing him to press into her spine. Her words caught him hard as his mind processed them “From the moment you entered my life, you have been different, a balance I couldn’t place” He placed kisses against her shoulders his hands running over her stomach slowly “I can openly admit that I have asked this same question and admittedly using the word friend, it hurt to sound so distant, Aishani you are a part of my life much deeper than I would have believed just a few days ago, friend is too distant while lover doesn’t quite cover it, I see you as my equal, my partner” Kane drew breath his mind reeling to find the words “You are my partner, in life, in my dreams and any other point, there is much I love about you and much I want to learn” he halted the one word he had tried to avoid spilling through, he had quite quickly and quite hard come to love everything about her.

Aishani purred softly to the press into her spine, almost as though speaking on the longing between them. She caressed up his forearms with the back of her nails then down in a feathery brush of the nails, repeating over and over, listening to him in silence. Now, as her skin was cleaned, the press of his lips tasted her for everything she was from the crimson life flowing in her veins to the succulence of her aroma.
“Partner…” She whispered in that rolling purr of her voice, as though, toiling with the word in her mind. “I like the sound of that.” Aishani adjusted to settle the plump behind on his thighs, with her ankles loosely linked behind his back, facing him. While grizzly, the scar was a signature mark of her beauty, adding to the package of her milky eye and golden hue in accent. Truly, she was an exotic creature, but, layers fell from her every day and conversation. “You words mean much to me, Kane. I…also, never understood, love before you. I was taught that such emotion was a weakness, even Z’ress, knows no love, it was the way we as Drow were brought up in society. Men, were lesser, even the highest ranked male was lower than the lowest female. Yes, we are equals and partners. The idea excites me. I would not desire to be any place than with you.”

“Societies often have their own rules, but here in my home everyone is equal unless they prove otherwise, women are to be treated with respect” He ran his hands down slowly over her thighs “Treasured and protected, concepts you would not believe my father taught me when I was a young boy” He sighed softly it was hard for him to admit who Ceremon truly was.

“Unfortunately the realm itself has its own rules, women are treated as commodities, to be traded and used as their owners see fit” He bit the last words off coldly “Which as you have seen is not a practice welcomed here, all women who come through here are free to be themselves” his kisses traced the back of her shoulder and across her shoulder blades before he continued.

“Love is a word that I use but would not wish to ask more from you than you would willingly give” His hands slid back along the webbed scars and her stomach to cup and cress her breasts slowly, his fingers slipping over her nipples and back to the supple flesh of her mounds “I have not opened myself to another in a long time, not since Ascondia”

She closed her eyes as his hands roamed over her powerful thighs, even upon the bandages that wrappings, her ankles tightening in the link behind him. “I won’t lie, it is difficult to believe he taught you that. Trust, me, I know. I have a difficult time admitting that woman is my mother…I prefer just to call her by her birthing name, because, she never was a mother to me.” Aishani lifted her hand to brush some hair from his eyes. “Every society has different values, but, it is the values of one’s self that matters. I would not be here would I followed things as deemed in my own society. I would have been dead, as well as with my three brothers.” A soft moan parted those lush lips to the peppered affection upon her shoulders. “You do not need to ask, when it is freely given, Kane.” A gentle growl surfaced as his hands made contact with the supple flesh of her bosom, the stealthy slip upon the buds caused peaks to heighten in arousal. “I have never felt like this, putting another before myself. I know it won’t be the last with you, Kane.”

“The future isn’t written Aishani, I can promise you my heart for as long as time allows us, I want no other in these moments, or those beyond” His hands slid back down her stomach this time his left hand halted just above her hip”

“Then we must make these sacred moments count.” She whispered, that rolling purr in her voice to the slightly deeper tone. His touch on her body roused the aroma to slither into his sense with a deep penetrating force. 

He leant into her touch, that moment a fitting end to the action packed morning they had already made their way through. Not even the uncomfortable ache of the arrow wounds could take away the fact in that moment Kane felt as close to her as he had every felt to anyone.

“It occurs to me that I am perhaps the luckiest man in the entire realm” He words were soft against her ear, his fingers traced idle circles over the flesh of her back, his mind drinking in the scent of her feeding the hunger that still sat beneath the surface.

Aishani tilted her head, as her golden hue remained on him, then a lay of her cheek pressed against his chest. Idly watching the trace of her fingertips to invisible symbols on his skin, drawn by fingertips and nails gently. To his gesture, the webbed scarring reminded him of her past beneath his touch. The musk of her feminine scent mingled with the succulent mouth-watering aroma, such settled like a blanket within the room.

His hands slid down her spine over the webbed scarring his fingertips barely touching the flesh but enough for her to feel his path as they slipped down to cup her buttocks kneading them firmly just for a moment before slipping back to her lower back.

His eyes darkened as they met hers feeling a hunger build within him, his hands halted as he looked to her a longing that was more primal, and a deep darkened desire to make her his in every way.

A shiver was held in response of her body to the fingertips that barely touched the flesh of her scarred back, causing a soft pleasing purr to part her plush lips. When his hands stealthily positioned with a handful of her plump half-moons in the incited squeeze a gentle growl entered that of her purr to pleasure.
When his eyes darkened, Aishani lifted her gaze with a coy smirk formed upon the corners of her lips, her willingness to be claimed by him was insurmountable.

The kiss finally broke as he slid back catching her ankle placing kisses down her ankles and shins, taking just a moment before allowing her to straighten. As he knelt between her thighs he admired the scene stretched out before him, his hands slipped to caress the scarring slowly, as if trying to work the stories behind them. Leaning down slowly to place kisses against them before easing up to kiss her shoulders, her cheek along her jaw slowly before capturing her lips once more.

An innocent croon parted her lips when his own graced her ankle and down in the lower, his lips like a leaking fire. A whimper escaped her mouth as he slid free of her. The sight he was met with between her thighs was glorious, glistening in the pollination of their own intimacy, even trickling from her starlet in a silvery trail. Each contact of his lips to her skin caused her to inhale sharply, the higher he rode upon her flesh with a kiss to the web marking at her naval and beneath her bosom, then to her cheek and jaw. She turned her head in his travel and pursed her lips once only to be captured by his warm mouth. She fell into the kiss with his own slick muscle urging hers to life after her body was exhausted, her fingertips and nails gently caressed up and down his back.

He finally slid down beside her, his hand guiding her to lay against him. “I think I may just tie you up and keep you here” Kane smiled softly his hand rested at her hip. The sun was still up casting the red and blue hues through the high stained glass windows.

As he lay beside her he could feel her heartbeat against him, his mind still heightened by her scent, every inch of him still tingling with the passion they shared.

She chuckled in the rolling purr from beside him, tangling a leg within his, while her fingertips and nails toyed with the skin on his back. Such warmth emanated from her body pressed against him, her exquisite bosom crushed into his chest. The musk of their love making laying within the room like a heavy blanket, embracing them in the scent of such luscious moments and her own scent in addition. “Don’t tease a woman…” She whispered in his ear, nibbling and suckling on the lobe before withdrawing.
The violet slowly dripped from her flesh while her body recovered, the rapid sing of her heart returning to a steady pace. She fought to linger in the moment, but, after the vivacious activity of the entire day Aishani found the weight of her lids too much and succumbed to the exhaustion.
At his side, he heard her soft breathing, appearing to be brushed in a soft purr. The snowy lashes lay upon her ashen features, regardless of the grizzly scar upon her features, she appeared innocent and beautiful. Even her lips remained in the flush of ruby colour, succulent.

-= Kane & Aishani =-

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