The Vampire Legends
Frequently Asked Questions


Q1) Is this the same Elcarus from MSN?.
A1) The short answer is yes, I am the creator of the entire Elcarus legacy and as such retain all the original copyrights necessary to take things to this step.

Q2) How often is the game updated?
A2) There is no short answer to this as the game is been constantly, updated, changed and altered, updates can be daily or weekly it really depends on how much I get done and what else I’m doing. It is a learning project for me first and foremost as I learn Unity, Coding and various other game design skills. I will keep the game as updated as I can and am constantly adding new bits and pieces. As a result the update check should be run everytime the game is launched.

Q3) I had an Elcarus character but they are not in this game why?
A3) Simply because I am still rebuilding the world and a lot of that includes rewriting the fundamental background of the entire Elcarus legacy.

Q4) My character is been used in your game, this is without my consent can I get it removed or access to royalty?
A4) We can discuss it and either agree to something or I will indeed remove you’re character name from the game.

Q5) What’s the catch to this been a “free” game?
A5) There is no catch, as I have stated it is a prototype of what will be a final product and as such it would not be fair to charge for an incomplete project. Whatever this project turns out to be it will come with no hidden price tags, I will always list option and payment requests fairly and openly.

Q6) I want to contribute to this project, can I?
A6) Right now, no, this is a personal project but as I get this project to a workable state I may then open it to help from a community. You can make suggestions and give ideas over on the Devils Inc Studios Forums.

Q7) Do you have Twitter?
A7) Yes follow @krystalsyn

Q8) Can you be contacted via email or other means?
A8) Pretty much twitter is the first port of call, or via @Devilsincstudio and the message will get back to me.

Q9) Do you accept any financial contributions?
A9) Yes, PayPal contributions can be made here.

Q10) What engine is being used to develop this?
A10) As of this moment Unity 5.0.2.

Q11) Did you do the artwork yourself?
A11) No, a lot of it I have collected various free sites as well as purchasing some from the Unity Store, all rights remain with the original authors as per terms of those licenses.

Q12) Unity asks for an Internet connection is this really necessary?
A12) As far as I know as long as you have the stand alone the game should run perfectly fine “as is”, However an Internet connection is required for use of the Update system.

Q13) Is this really a game?
A13) It will be, eventually, for the moment it’s more an exploration of Dentarius.

Q14) What are the minimum requirements of this game?
A14) AMD 3800+, Nvidia GeForce 8400GS, 1Gb Hard Drive Space, Direct X 10 or higher, 2Gb RAM or equivalent, Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Q15) Is there a 64 bit version of the game?
A15) The short answer is at this point no, however if you wish to specifically test the 64 bit version then I can build one quickly enough, however unless demand for it is sufficient I will only released regular updates to the 32 bit version.

Q16) Why is this under M A Games and not Devils Inc Studios?
A16) Because for the moment this is a personal project, it is allowing me to learn C# programming as well as the Unity environment overall. As such the team are busy with official projects.


Q17) Is the RP still active?
A17) Very much so, visit the Join Us page for more information.

Q18) I have a character but I want to leave, what happens now?
A18) Your character will be converted to a regular NPC character and used by other members of the community. Unless you send us a written request to have your character removed from play, this will then remove your character as an active player in the world as well as all your personal UNPCs as well.

Q19) Some of the posts look edited why is this?
A19) Due to WordPresses T&C we may from time to time edit out certain more graphic details from our writing, this is to prevent alot of hard work been removed by WordPress.

Q20) Do the unedited versions exist anywhere?
A20) As of right now only at the source with the writers involved in the pieces. We are still deciding on what we want to do with the unedited versions.

Q21) Are there any other kind of role plays you operate besides the high fantasy stuff?
A21) In the past we had Vampirica an alien ship in the hands on humans leaving earth after the beginning of World War III, we also ran a Star Trek based one for a while. These are currently under redevelopment.


©Copyright Devils Inc 1994 – 2015


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