Joining Us

Enjoy what you read? Can you roleplay and want to be part of the Elcarus Legacy? Then drop me a line here.

campfireYou’ve read the story now you can join the legacy. Further details will be updated as I get this side of things up and running the way I would like.


So in I’ve done some work and set some things up, here’s where the new world begins.

In your email you must include:

Character Name, Race, A Short Bio, Hometown/World/Realm.

The Everlands setting is somewhat unique in that by definition it exists between any and all worlds, therefore it allows us a much wider spectrum to work with. However unkillables and godlike creatures will be adjusted by the realm accordingly.

Once the numbers begin to build we will run story arcs and operate within that expanse setting out a story unique to each character, collaborations can be done in draft or via email and then posted, the ratings must be kept clean as WordPress doesn’t allow sexually graphic content to be posted which kind of sucks but rules are rules!

Our full Writing Guidelines can be now be found right here.