Writing Guidelines

Dentarius Writing Guidelines

I’m going to drop a few notes here as to what is or isn’t allowed, while the original rules are still skipping around somewhere (Bottom of the Page), they kind of no longer apply.

1) And most important is that I can deny any request, power or character design as this is my world, while I let most things fly I have built this world for 15 years and as such have set certain things to ground, this means they cannot and will not be allowed to bend.

2) Kane is the “default” leader of Dentarius, while this gives him a certain freedom to operate I will over time dilute this power down as more people join. The primary living Elcarus’ are  as of now Kane Elcarus, his twin brother Hades and his Daughter Aerian. A full character list will be provided over time.

3) All races are welcome here, you can write as any race you wish with any combination of powers you can dream up, unless those powers are deemed dangerous to the realm. It is worth noting that for both continuity and ease of work certain race rules are altered within Dentarius, these will be listed below.

Vampire: Are not considered dead, in fact they are any other human based raced complete with heart beats and the likes, Dentarian light will not harm them, as such they may do business during the day or night. Vampires do not kill by nature but feeding is considered and intimate act.

4) Posts made as written role-play are usually written by more than one typist and will be categorised as [Role-play Universe Title] and each played characters own category as well.

5) NPC’s can be created as needed those named as a personal [U]NPC can be used by their created typist only, If they are in the employ of Elcarus Mansion then they cannot be killed without permission of the realm. Killing NPC’s should be kept to a bare minimum and only if it extends the depth of the story. Realm NPC’s can be used by anyone, such as Devlin the dwarven librarian or Elsa the seamstress.

6) This is sadly a PG site which means no explicit material can be posted here, this is nothing to do with me, it is WordPresses own ToC and I will not have them breached in our name. Keep your sexual material to an absolute minimum, implication is fine graphic content is not!

7) These rules can change without warning this page should be checked just in case.


RP: The common abbreviation of Role Play.
RPG: The common abbreviation of Role Play Game.
NPC: Non Player Character, an entity that exists within the universe to aid in story telling.
[U]NPC: User Created Non Player Character, these NPC’s are specific to the typist who created them and as such cannot be use under the general NPC term.
DDF: The Dentarius Defence Force, the law enforcement agency responsible for the protection of Dentarius.
The High Council: The ruling body in the service of the Queen of the Everlands.

Last Update: 23.06.15

[Original Mandate] These Are The Rules That Attain To Elcarus Mansion/Dentarius. And Must Be Enforced At All Times, The Only Listed People Who May Overide These Rules Are Recognised Room Owners.

Golds Word Is The Law Therefore If A Gold Denies Or Grants A Request It Must Be Accepted Without Complaint Or Question.

No More Than A Maximum Of SIX Hammers At Any Given Time

The Manor Is At ALL Times A No Kill No Fight Zone This Must Be Obeyed. Unless Otherwise Deemed By A Recognised Gold (Refer To Owners List)

A Hammer Is ONLY To Be Issued If That Name Is On The Hosts List I DO NOT Care If It Is The Same Typist Or Not! (Refer To Host List)

DO NOT Ask For The Gold Code Unless You Are On The Recognised Owners List, If You Are Not And Aid With Re-Opening The Room Please Hand The Gold Code To An Owner And Brown Hammer Yourself

Respect ALL People Mansion At All Times

Do Not Kick Under Any Circumstances Unless (a) They Are A Porn Bot (b) They Have Been Repeatedly Warned About Trouble Causing or (c) They Have Failed To Comply With This Rules Suppliment

Brown Host Must Greet Visitors

Please Ask Before Whispering A Person, It Is Considered Rude And They May Not Wish To Be Whispered

No Script Is To Be Used In The Room With The Exception Of Aerian & Blaine Midnight

Any Who Break These Rules Will Be Removed From The Mansion With Due Force!

These Rules Are Subject to Change By management Without Prior Warning To Other Parties, All Will Be Informed On A Need To Know Basis