[Ending A War] Trying for the Future

Hades caught the edge of the dummy with his blade a he flash of sparks erupting on contact, he turned as he kicked out catching the dummy with a thud before landing just behind. He spun his sword in his hand a wiped the sweat from his brow.

Since leaving the meeting Hades had trained to the point of exhaustion and yet was refusing to rest for a moment, he looked over his sword, the edge still shone with a darkness, as sharp as it had ever been, Hades was going to war and had every intention of coming out the other side alive and well.

Jade silently watched Hades as she sat upon a crate, the Katana fixed to her hip and hair flowing lose around her shoulders in a dark waterfall. The bruise still around her neck, while rising now and nearing him. The scent of cherry blossom enveloping him in her presence. “You’ve had enough. While it is good to ensure that you are in excellent condition, also it falls in line to not be exhausted.”

“I know Jade, truly I do, but there is so much anger and hatred behind this blade, being that clouded will serve us less to this war” He felt her hand take his sword, just for a moment his grip help before he nodded and released it to her.

“Of course being exhausted will serve us less” He eyed the bruise on her neck, just for a moment he felt a twinge of regret curl at his gut, quickly buried beneath the memory of how responsive and wet she was during the whole thing, “I love you, Jade, you know I’m doing this for you. All of this from me is because I love you, I will lay down my life if it means this realm is safer for you,” He drew her to him with a gentle grin “Not that I have any intention of winding up dead, I refuse to give Ceremon that satisfaction, even if I know he isn’t going to end up dead either,”

She pressed herself against him now, closing her eyes. “Just don’t do anything rash and I believe we will make it out with another win for the realm.” In her lean, he saw those delicate fingers trace the bruise lovingly at her neck. “We are not only doing this for each other but for the next generation of Elcarus to this realm.”

His hand ran over her neck slowly, as his eyes settled on her cleavage. She could hear the thud of his heart as beat beneath his chest, a heart which he often denied existed until she became his. He remained silent but continued to caress the bruise a reminder of her trust in him. And his for her, he had shown the darker side of him to her, the one he protected everyone else from. It was for her and her alone.

“When this war ends you will be bringing forth the next generation, our child” His hand now slid to rest on her stomach.

Her own touch hesitated as his hand lifted to caress her bruise, raising her head to offer him more flesh to touch. But it was as his hands ended on her abdomen, that her own was placed upon his, looking down. “I just…hope it’s possible…” She whispered, reserved. It was true that only Kitsune bred with the same of their kind. Such was not known outside the world if such mysterious creatures.

“I don’t know Jade, truthfully your kind are so rare, you’re almost a legend, but we are meant for each other which means if we have faith in us, what is meant to happen, will happen” He ran his hand over her stomach softly “I was once told the less you think about it, there more likely the odds the realms will deliver, though half kitsune half demon? Could be fun,” There was a softness to his voice, a part of him wanted to assure her that children were in their future but he couldn’t make that promise and he knew it. “I can tell you this for sure though, if you can then that’s incredible and I can’t wait, if you can’t then it doesn’t matter because I still have you, which is more than I could ever want for, no matter what happens with children, I love you and that will not change”

“Oh…I don’t know about legend…” She said with a blush, that shy girl coming forth once more. But Jade listened to his words, nothing was needed in response as her lips were upon his, to act upon his words.

Hades melted into the kiss, his arms wrapping around her waist and hoisting her to his hips before roaming her back gently. Reflected in the kiss was the self same fire she drew out in him, a deep and as passionate as they ever were.

“I think its time we went to bed to finish what we started earlier,” He growled against her ear, with that he slid his arms under her backside and made his way to their room with her still locked around his waist.

To the hoist she compensated by linking her ankles behind his back and wrapping her arms around his neck for ample support, a croon parted her lips to the fierce growl that echoed in her ears. He felt her heart racing as her bountiful bosom wrapped in the fabrics of her kimono thunder against his, but, leaned her cheek against his shoulder as he walked her just this way into the estate and their room.

As he kicked their door closed behind him he made his way to the dresser sitting her upon it as he was now between her legs, his hands once more returning to roaming her back beneath her kimono, his touch light barely touching the tender flesh yet letting his fingertips glide over every inch of flesh. His lips now working down over her neck and collar bone in soft kisses.

Jade eagerly clawed at his tunic while her lips parted in a rush of pleasure while his own touch invaded the fabrics of her kimono to present the silken surface beneath his greedy touch. She tilted her head to expose more of her neck and shoulder to him, that bruise lingering in the release of his previous darkness but such a side that he shared with her.

Hades kept his touch light, as he worked down over her shoulder, slowly he kissed her shoulder slowly. His hands slid down her back around her hips and slowly up along her stomach slowly. Before sliding back free of her clothing and began working her clothes from her body.

She sat on the dresser now, cradled with the fabric of her kimono pulled around her. Each touch of his hands and lips caused a soft croon from Jade. While the exotic beauty was revealed to him in the most intimate detail. Now she leaned forward to peel his clothing from him in a ritualistic manner.

Hades allowed her to undress him, offering no resistance to her revealing him to her, his hands now working back to run over her breasts before pinching her nipples a little. Before moving in to capture her lips in a deep longing kiss, his hands now returning to roaming her flesh slow and tenderly back to taking his time.

She yelped softly to his administration to her buds, this caused the delightful buttons to peak and tense. Though she fell into the kiss with a shudder, slowly within the tangle of the slick muscle the depth intensified. Her hands lifted to tangle within his hair in order to keep him close and locked into the kiss.

His hands now slid to her hips as he stepped forward his manhood pressed against her, his hands worked her hips for a moment to position her before he repositioned himself to enter her.

As the position was prime, she lifted her legs to curl around him with heels pushing him forward. A cry of sheer joy parted her lips as his tool plunged within her molten depths, holding still, and then clamping her lips upon his and scooting to near the edge of the dresser.

His motion was slow and measured, easing back from her before slowly sliding back into her each time holding within her for a moment before sliding back, his hands running over her back slow and deliberate now there was a deep passion in the way they were entangled with each other, Hades kept his rhythm slow and tender now, the very opposite of the last encounter they had with each other.

Her sounds were incredible within this encounter, it seemed not only her mind but body reacted with the lubrication her honey provided. When he would sunk within her, those legs tightened almost as though silently pleading for him to remain only to be denied. As his fingers caressed and kneaded at her tattooed back caused a gasp to part her lips, her own hands kneading into his upper shoulders.

Hades moaned her name gently as he plunged into her, his eyes one hers intently as he now withdrew this time holding back from her, as she was about to protest he slid into her this time slow and deliberate allowing her to feel every ridge along his hard tool as it entered her until he was deep within her.

Her eyes met his causing this time to be intense and passionate, indeed her mouth posted to protest but was silenced by the plunge forming into the deliverance of her praising sounds. Jade tiles her chin back this have him a view of the bruise on her neck. Her hands had lowered to knead against his lower back pleading for him to speed his movements.

He didn’t, Hades had control and this was just another way of tormenting her, a reminder she was his world and he would show her every piece of him. As he withdrew and slid into her slow again his breathing unsteady in that moment, a control of her also meant he had to control his own wants. The heat of her as surrounded him inch by inch was still as enticing as the first time and as hot as the last, he groaned hungrily but remained slow and controlled.

Jade cried out, while his show deliberate movements proved to be pure torture for her as she begged and pleaded to be taken harder and faster. While after her lips crushed against his, his control reinstated even with her begging, lips folding against his and slick muscle tangled. Her body went rigid, that is when he first felt the throbbing and all at once a powerful rush of juices flowed, again and again, washing him with her ambrosial nectar.

He held deep within her feeling her muscles as they clamped against him, he moaned softly before he withdrew from her a soft smile, he broke the kiss for a moment “I love you,” he stated gently.

Jade was groggy still but to this new position, her eyes widened and the sound of joy parted her lips. He felt her shudder and silken fold clamp upon him. The two were parted for just a moment and combined again, it was sheer rapture. One hand was placed upon his chest, as her hips began to roll, slowly at first.

He breathed deeply, the feeling of himself so deep within her was incredible to him, as her hips began to roll, his hands reached tracing over the flesh of her stomach and breasts slowly, his touch light and tender now.

Jade tilted her head back while the soft sounds she made and the way her flesh rolled beneath his touch voices the pleasures this have her. Her hips moved causing his tool to feel every ripple within, it was magnificent as the love to his life was so vulnerable to him. Even with the bruise around her neck as the mark to the darker side that she had accepted. While to others saw her as was fragile, he knew better. She was a strong and amazing woman, not very many could see past her layers.

But her rocking grew to a higher speed and urgency, taking forward to integrate a deep passionate kiss.

Hades growled in reply now his back arching forcing himself deeper within her as he shuddered, a groan and he released himself deep within her.

It was a tender but powerful moment as her warm lips caressed his when her folds clapped down upon him and he felt the essence drip down his thighs. The two had hit their climax at the same time, Jade collapse on his chest panting as his throbbing flesh remained in her living flower surrounding him.

His arms instantly slid around her waist holding her to him, his breathing broken and ragged from the passion a moment they shared, a reminder that their world was their own, his hands ran over her back then to her ass and back to resting against her lower back.


[Ending A War] Clearing the Mind

Aerian squeezed the last drops into a small phial, as she looked to Virra to a soft shrug.

“That’s it I think, this either unscrambles moms head, or it’ll kill her, we should get it to Jade,”

Virra nodded slipping from the edge of the table after watching the fiery female focus for a good few hours now. Moving to inspect the phial. “Let’s do it then. Sooner I can eat my fill of you.” She wrapped an arm around Aerian’s waist with a playful grope and grab of her bottom.

“Everything OK? Or do I need to need to remind Uncle Hades how he should be behaving as a Lord of our family?” There was an edge to her voice that was concern for a friend and member of the family, and a reminder she knew who he was inside.

Virra blinked for a moment, rather puzzled by Aerian’s words, looking around as they had not yet left the laboratory. “Whom are you speaking on, Firefly? Is that were he is in their room?”

Aerian shook her head clearing the vision “No Jade is in the kitchen, she just …” She sighed softly kissing Virra gently “We’ve been awake far too long, and I guess I’m tired”

As they entered the kitchens Aerian made her way to Jade, it was early morning, Aerian figured Jade would be preapring her mothers morning meal by this point as she smiled softly.

“I have the potion, god I hate that word but it is what it is,” She did note the bruises but remained quiet “Just be warned it will either clear her head, or it will kill her”

Jade glanced to Aerian and Virra as they entered, nodding to the words and accepting the phial. Virra though was not so quiet about the bruising around Jade’s delicate neck and instantly titled her chin up in a vice grip. The appearance was as though a strong hand nearly strangled her. “Who the fuck would dare hurt you like this…?” Virra growled, while Jade looked to Aerian for help, since a furious Virra was seething dangerous.

“Uncle Hades” Aerian replied blankly “We’re not going to push Jade, but remember you are family and we have your back, no matter who it is”

She moved to Virra placing her hand over Virras causing her grip to break, looking gently to Virra then Jade “We care for you, remember that as well”

Jade looked down as Virra was still oozing fury, a deep blush on her porcelain cheeks that slithered up her neck. “I-I know. We both needed it…and I like it rough, like that…” She whispered. “He marked me…”

Virra clutched her jaw tightly with a twitch of a muscle, Aerian has seen that furry in her fiance’s eyes. She turned quickly to leave the kitchen, it was clear that Virra want going to let this lay.

Aerian felt the anger that burned in Virra, the link worked both ways as she placed a hand on Jades arm “Be careful with him, I love Uncle Hades, but I never forget what he is inside, but we all have our demons, and you’re alive which means he knows where the lines are,”

She smiled softly and followed Virra from the kitchen catching her in one of the hallways “Bad memories?” She said softly

Jade looked up to Aerian with a show nod but turned back to the food and drink preparations. Though once out in the hall, she stopped Virra those dark eyes were daggers. “She was beaten? How the fuck is that normal? He had to have forced it. I’m mean look at Jade, she is so meek and shy…” Virra was shaking with rage.

“She wanted it, and Hades has been off lately, way off,” Aerian sank against the wall beside her lover softly as she took her hand “There is a constant battle in his head, between him and the demon in him, and that thing is no cake walk, he almost killed dad several times, but usually he suppresses it, it makes him twitchy and prone to mistakes, but she is alive, and she seemed happy, she would have run for the hills if not, I don’t think she’s afraid of him, and because she loves him, and he loves her,” Aerian was unsure if any of this made sense or if she was indeed simply trying to justify it somehow.

“We have to trust them Virra, and if it’s anything I promise if he went to far, family or not we will put him down,”

Virra looked to Aerian for a moment the anger not completely defused, but sighed. “At least, put my mind at ease…let’s go talk to him. I won’t be able to calm myself unless I hear from Hades…”

Hades was in the yard, already surrounded by several guards as they went at it Hades was fluid and accurate every strike landed was deliberate and well placed.Even as good as the Dentarian Guards were Hades new each move ahead of time, one thrown clear across the yard into the wall beyond as he landed on his feet in a crouch.

Aerian rolled her shoulders as they made toward him before he sent a knife through the air her way, her reflexes just as quick just as sharp as she took the blade from the air, “Careful or I’m going to think you’re trying to kill me, and I’m not 13 this time,” Her words were sharp as she spoke.

Virra gathered the blade to throw down to the ground, keeping her dark eyes on Hades. “We just saw Jade. She has a bruise around her neck and said you are the cause.”

“And your pissed at me? Because you think I hurt her out of spite, anger a hatred of people?” Hades replied before turning his gaze on Aerian “Or that I may be slipping, losing control of the dark inside?”

“She told us that she enjoyed it. But I wanted to hear it from you. I’ve been beaten and raped on more than one occasion, to recognize those marks. I could assume, though I’d rather give you a chance. Would Kane or Aishani see that you will need support.” Virra said calmly but there was a low growl to her voice.

“And considering, You, my niece, my brother and his wife are all under one roof, such acts would be suicide for me, especially right now. Yes I hurt her, not because I wanted to, but because I needed to in that moment. I need to be clear going into what we are in, the fight we’re in, Jade let me be me, just long enough to get us both off, she’s beautifully strong like that, I wouldn’t hurt her because I could, it’s more likely she could do more harm to me anyway, I love her” Hades replied, there was no conflict or excuse in his words now “So you take it as you need but I wont apologise for it,”

Virra exchanged a glance with Aerian, then looked to Hades, it appeared his words defused her temper for now. But, she didn’t respond to Hades’ words, taking Aerian’s hand in her own and left the courtyard. As they walked it was clear something weighed upon her mind quite heavily. Though when it seemed that no words were to be spoke, Virra spoke. “It was consensual. You said he has a demon in him…what happened to the two of you when you were thirteen? Do you trust, Hades?”

“Yea grandad used parts of dad, Krystal and Haunted, and himself which created Uncle Hades, he seemed to have ducked the vampiric side of the family and instead got a huge dose of chaos demon instead, which left unchecked causes him to go bat shit crazy.” Aerian sighed softly bringing Virras hand to her lips.

“I was sent back to the Everlands when I was about nine, seems that human kids are nasty and they pissed me off in a bad way which resulted in me trying to electrocute several of them, mum had no choice but to send me back. When I was youner Uncle Hades wasn’t who he is now, the demon unchecked uncontrolled, his logic was he couldn’t beat dad so instead, he beat me half to death and tried to throw me into the ravine, figuring killing me would be the best way to hurt dad. He failed, Uncle Krys got to me in time, and wasn’t long after that dad locked him away.”

Aerians words were heavy with the pain she held onto in those days “But at least Uncle Hades is capable of compassion, grandad left the human range of emotions, which ultimately led to him turning on him and in time coming to us, you take that out like grandad did the second time and you get Hareavor, ice cold, no regret, no remorse and even more unstable than Uncle Hades. So at least we have that going for us, we need him focused not battling with his inner demon, and in his case quite literally, my question though is what has you so rattled? I have seen you angry but this is a whole other level”

Virra stopped to look at the cottage as it now stood before them. “When I was younger, much younger. My Pops had a right hand man that used to torture and beat women that were captured or ‘rescued’ from the slave traders to a fate much worse, I was so furious when I spoke to my Pops about it that he didn’t believe me. Turned his head the other way, I had bruises on my body, most unseen, others much like Jade’s. In the end, I killed him but made it appear another group had done so. I was free though every time I see a woman with battered marks upon her I slip into a rage, remembering it all…”

Aerian felt her blood run cold as she heard Virras words, her eyes welled just for a moment “I … he does love her,” She barely knew what to say in that moment as she slid into Virras arms “He wouldn’t hurt us now, any of us,”

Virra wrapped her arms around Aerian, cradling her head gently against her shoulder. “I hope such is as you say, Firefly. But, it brought back memories is all. Don’t feel sad, nor sympathy to me. It was part of my life and made me the woman that loves you today. I’m only stronger from it and I did not wish Jade to be found in a situation that she truly did not wish.”

Aerian nodded softly “Just thinking of anyone hurting you, it sucks, past or present. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone either, and Hareavor ensured I could never …. not with a man anyway, not sure if it sucked because of what it was or how he was, or because in some twisted way he was family, which when you look at the rest of us who’d die for each other,” She sighed softly “Come on, you made a threat to eat me, and it’s already been too damn long since we were alone, so you can make brain turn to mush so I forget everything,” It was deflection on Aerians part, but Virra would feel the knot of pain that twisted up inside of Aerian, it would be impossible for either of them to hide their emotions from the other now their bond already stronger than ever.

Virra looked to Aerian tilting her head at the sense of pain that lingered, lifting a hand to caress her cheek with a smirk, running a thumb over the plump bottom of Aerian’s lip. “I think, we both could use a distraction.” Suddenly Virra pushed Aerian back and she felt her feet lift from the ground, before Aerian knew it she was in Virra’s arms. “I think, I completely forgot that I haven’t carried my bride to be over the threshold.” She chuckled and walked to the door and through it, as her lips were on Aerian’s.

Aerian smiled before reacting to the kiss, before she broke the kiss looking to Virra for a moment “It’s about time!” She smirked as her emerald eyes reflected nothing but passion for Virra “You’re incredible you know that right, I do have a question and it’s going to sound seriously weird,”

Virra kicked the door closed behind her with a foot, while balancing with Aerian and walking with her to the bedroom. Dropping her on the bed, meticulously beginning to remover Aerian’s clothing, while Virra’s lips gave chase and offered playful nips at her lover’s ticklish spots. “Oh? Weird, hm? Well you better ask before I change my mind.”

Aerian squirmed each time Virra caught a ticklish spot, she could feel her body respond, “Considering everything we’ve been through, were you always a girl type girl or do you miss men in some way?”

She stopped her intentions on Aerian, instead standing to remove her clothing to press her naked body against Aerian’s. Fingertips caressing across her shoulders, down her collar bone from left to right. “I suppose there could have been a time I liked men, but that was stolen from me by the man that took my innocence.” She watched as her fingers graced the skin leading to Aerian’s breasts but instead pranced between the swells without touching. “Being surrounded by disgusting men, it really wasn’t a thought in my mind. How about you?”

Aerian caught Virras hand moving it to her breast slowly “I always had a thing for girls, at least as I started to develop like that, but when I got older, I mean even ignoring what Hareavor did, or others, my work occasionally had me need to do things, sleep with men for information or to piss off a wife, but sometimes it was enjoyable”

Virra nodded to her, but instead of cupping and massaging her lovers mound, she caressed the full shape with her fingers. Tracing small circles around the bud but never actually touching the surface directly. “Did you like sleeping with the men for jobs? I’ve always been curious of a threesome.”

“I liked that sometimes I needed to, to get a job done, it feels good, I have all the power in those occasions, maybe that’s why” Aerian squirmed against Virra now wrapping her legs around one of Virras and grinding her hips against her.

Virra lowered a hand to cup and smack Aerian’s behind, with a rub after. “I’ll make you forget every man you slept with.” She said with her mouth sinking to Aerian’s bud into her mouth with lustful vigor.

Aerian groaned deeply, still grinding her hip into Virras leg as she could feel the heat from Virra mouth on her nipple her whole body shuddered.

Virra guided Aerian to her back, lips still fixed to the bosom, nibbling gently with flicking the bud captured with her greedy feast. Rolling her thigh more firmly against Aerian’s sweet spot, a hand lowered to slither a finger to stimulate her pearl.

Aerian moaned, her whole body tensed against Virras touch, her whole body prickling with pleasure as Virra would find Aerian incredibly wet to her touch.

Virra grinned amidst the focus on Aerian’s succulent bosom, parting with a very gentle grab and pluck of her bud watching as the flesh juggled. With the added lubrication it was easy for her to glide and massage her pearl. Virra tilted her chin up. “Mmm, someone is excited…” She purred beside her ear.

“Admittedly I’ve been wet all day because someone has been threatening to fuck me all day” Aerian replied her words coming between gasps, as she moaned deeply, right before her whole body shuddered from the touch of her lover “And …” Aerian let the statement hold as the images in her head caused her body to grind into Virras hand hungry now for her release.

Virra positioned herself between Aerian’s legs now, her body keeping Aerian’s legs apart. Just as the fingers left her pearl to plunge three violently and drop into her silken folds to the knuckle, wriggling the digits. “And…?”

Aerian squealed in delight feeling Virra penetrate her so violently only pushed her deeper into the pleasure, as she clamped against her invading fingers she tried to clear her mind enough to answer “I … want … to …” Aerian squirmed awkwardly now “To … see …. you fucked” she breathed breathlessly now

At this point Virra began to pump her fingers like a tool with Aerian, yet she felt a little pressure at her back door as a pinky traced the sensitive entry. “You’re so dirty…” Virra whispered next to her ear but in the next instant, her lips laughed of the line with such force and stimulation it was only A cover for the plunge of her pinky into her back door.

Aerian growled as it stung just for a moment before pleasure returned just as quickly she ground down again into Virras hand, she could feel her cheeks flush in her cheeks as she whimpered “You put the idea there, nor did you say no, so …” she moaned as she felt a fresh wave of pleasure shuddered through her.

“For you, Firefly, I would do anything…” she panted beside her ear, before a free hand cupped her cheek. Taunting her with her lips but never kissing Aerian. Each attempt caused her to move her hands faster to bring her near a climax before slowing only to do such again and again. Virra was building her up to the moment of a limit drawn out release.

Aerian would feel it build only for Virra to snatch it away causing her to moan in frustration as she turned to look into Virras eyes there was a strange look of defiance combined with the desire before she managed to speak “Don’t do it because I want to, I need you to want it too, to explore every aspect of who we are in every and any way we can think of” she moaned deeply

Virra smirked to Aerian, only moving her hands faster with the wiggle of the digits to press every button Aerian had. That is when Aerian felt the subtle touch upon her pearl from Virra’s thumb. “I wouldn’t have it any other way…” She growled sensually and crushed her lips against Aerian’s, the heat alone was melting as the kiss stopped discussion and held the deep seeded passion, slick muscle urging Aerian to climax.

Aerians hands wound into the sheets as her back pushed up forcing her down into Virras hand, an attempt to hold back the wave which threatened to crash through her, as her thumb touched the tender bud her body spasmed violently, breaking the kiss to cry out in pleasure. Her whole body shuddered violently as she passed through one release right into another waiting just behind!

Virra seemed pleased by the release, a seductive expression on her face, though just before the other release rushed forth Virra’s hot mouth was suckling and lapping up the nectar. Placing intent suction upon the bud pearl, as the slick tool if her tongue violently penetrated her. Another finger joined her pinky, thrusting more quickly.

As Virra moved Aerian grabbed her hair pushing her against her face, a hunger that burned as she ground into Virra now her moans of pleasure growing with each moment. A third violent orgasm Aerian snapped back into the bed ercries now becoming screams as she twisted against Virra,the world around her dimming as she lay shuddering.

Virra wasn’t done, the fact that Aerian’s hand pushed against her head seemed to fuel her as it appeared the sheer taste of her lover want going to do there. Her tongue slithered deeper as she nibbled at the plump pearl amidst the suckling. She paused to drink her in and went again and again, pushing Aerian to a limit never brief sought with anyone. Virra wanted to please her and to the heavens. Everything seemed to blend into one motion, one act and it was hard to focus on just one. Out was clear Virra wanted her to beg to stop.

Aerian lost track somewhere between the fourth or fifth orgasm only that her body gave up to a quivering mass of flesh every touch from Virra now incredibly heightened as her body shuddered from one orgasm to the next, she wanted to pull away but hadn’t the strength to do so, her mind wanted more and more a hunger for her lover as her body again resisted “No …. more ….. please” Aerian begged softly barely above a whisper.

Virra grinned satisfied with her pleas, adjusting to lay at her side, only caressing her quivering flower with the lightest, loving touch. Though she whispered to Aerian, beside her ear. “From now on, I will only stop when your body gives and you beg for me to do so…” She kissed her neck gently.

“You’re mean” Aerian breathed softly “But I’m going to return the pleasure, after we sleep!” Aerian could feel Virra beside her a gentle comfort settling as exhaustion pushed her body further over the edge now.

[A New Path] Arak’neth

Aishani left the tent not too long after Kane since now it was now five months into her pregnancy, but on this morning she appeared to be more tired than normal. She smiled to Kane and was a few feet from him before she covered her mouth and darted away to hide behind a tent. It was clear that she was vomiting from morning sickness. He had seen her belly grow over the months, yet, she hid it very well beneath her clothing with a slightly larger bump due to carrying twins. 
After a time, she reappeared, offering Kane a small smirk and went immediately for the water to swish in her mouth to eliminate the smell on her breath. “Morning, my love.” She said softly, kissing him on the cheek and settling down with a hand on her abdomen, caressing the roundness. “They are restless this morning…” 

“Good morning my love, probably sensing what a bad idea their father is having bringing dragons into Dentarius,” He smiled softly, he filled her plate with some food and placed it in front of her, she would eat or not in her own time.

“We should hit our destination before dark, if things go right we can be home tomorrow” Kane rolled his shoulders in thought “We’ll ensure Dentarius is safe and then turn our attention to ousting our parents, I suspect Z’ress isn’t going to go quietly and if she has her hands in the head of Ascondia who knows what may be waiting for us.”

Kane watched the flames of the fire for a moment, the orange reflected in his eyes as he watched, quietly thinking things through, “While I would prefer to force the hand over by a show of strength, we will have dragons, after all, Ceremon is unlikely to simply stand down, I can’t say I relish a war that may destroy the realm, but I’ll be damned if we simply roll over and allow it happen”

Aishani chuckled, while lifting a hand to place on her stomach, then extended one to gather his and sneak beneath her shirt. Allowing for his palm to rest upon the warmth of her skin that had been stretched over her abdomen, the instant his hand was upon the surface he felt a tiny hand brush against his and then another, followed by a kick. “They are very awake this morning…” She said while watching Kane with a smirk, though, lifted her plate to eat with much gusto, since now she was eating for more than one. “One step at a time, I somehow don’t see the realm setting out to destroy itself.” 

Kane smiled as he felt the movement of their children, a warmth that only made him more determined to fight, “The realm knows no matter what it has us as its sword and shield from such an event”

“We have changed the course of history, and our family in the last year, it makes no wonder people will try to seize the moment, I just wish they hadn’t have spoilt our honeymoon” Kane grinned with a smile before he leant to place a kiss on her stomach.

Aishani watched him as he leaned forward to kiss the swell of her stomach and caressed his face gently. “Honeymoons can never last. If we go on like this we must, as well plan an anniversary. Because by the time things are settled it’ll be a year.” She chuckled taking another bite of food. “We need to eat and get moving. Our children are restless, as am I. The sooner we complete our task the sooner it will all be finished.” 

“We should indeed” Kane tucked their tent away in his backpack along with a dagger and some of the dirt they were occupying.

It wasn’t long after they were on their way, the pass wound through the mountains, and was relatively narrow, but easy enough for them to work their way through. The mountain pass was empty, even wild life was scarce here, the heart of the Everlands was oddly desolate.

As midday hit it had gotten overly warm which made the climb more difficult, Kane set them in a cave and tossed down a blanket as he looked out “We should rest a little, it’s getting crazy warm out there, let the sun start to drop and the heat with it,”

While the travel was fairly easy, it had proven a little more difficult for Aishani due to carrying around extra weight. She never complained due to knowing the fate of the realm rested on their shoulders. But the heat has her nearly pass out due to the temperature and as they settled in the cool perfection of the cave, Aishani sat down to nibble on some jerky with her eyes fixed outside the mouth to the cave. It was clear she didn’t like this exhaustion that settled in her during the pregnancy. 

“At least we won’t have to walk back down,” Kane smiled softly, an attempt to take her mind off things as they were “I know it’s a lot, with you being pregnant Aishani, a lot for the realm to ask of either of us, but with luck it will be over soon,” He took her hand gently as he sat beside her.

“Makes me wish I’d gotten water or wind elementals instead of fire and lightening, pretty sure it’s the realms idea of a joke,” He kept his voice soft “We can rest for a little while, let the worst of the heat pass,”

She slipped to settle in his lap with her hand in his over the swell of her stomach before too long the even breathing told Kane that his beloved wife had fallen asleep. 

A sound came from the entry of the cave and Shadow entered with a plop before then with a curious leg lifted to the sleeping Aishani’s belly. 

Kane nodded to Shadow before pulling his blade and whetstone, he had no need to sleep and with Shadow on guard no need to watch so he chose to prepare, his mind running through everything he would need, the prickle of the energies of the realm also keeping him very aware of what was about to transpire. Talking to a dragon was never easy and making one see sense even less likely, he sighed softly the slow draw of stone over metal. He had also pulled a couple of arrows from his pack to treat them with poison, a warning, poison was unlikely to kill but it would make a dragon incredibly uncomfortable, another path to getting what he needed.

“Whatever happens Shadow I know you will protect her, I’m grateful your here,” Kane smiled softly before continued to sharpen his blade.

Shadow seemed to respond to Kane’s words while curling his legs in and getting comfortable. After a few hours when the temperature dropped from the blazing heat of the naked mountain, Aishani stirred and opened her eyes. Kane had learned that she was famished when she woke sings this was no different when she went for the jerky and water before taking, once her stomach was full she looked to Kane and kissed him softly. It was time to continue the last leg of their journey. 

The last leg was tight and more dangerous, as the air cooled around them due to the height, Kane stopped taking a moment to look over the realm as it sprawled beneath them, his eyes just took it in quietly a reminder of what they had to protect, no matter the cost those of the realm were worth saving.

“I forget how small things are from up here” He mused quietly, adjusting his cloak before he pressed on, then mountain path suddenly dipped into the heart of the mountain, it wouldn’t be long before the pass opened, a grey swirling mass deep below them and curled on a ledge, the huge form of Arak’neth, the growls as she slept could be heard even as far as they were at this point.

“She will not be happy to see us” Kane chuckled softly

“Happy or not, we have to make this happen,” Aishani said calmly while walking alongside him, her own cloak was wrapped tightly around her while it was more the sound of the dragon that winked in the spring state that gave her chills. 

Another few minutes and the path opened out, Kane raised his hand to have Aishani remain for the moment, turning to face her he smiled softly “Let me piss her off first, I’m afraid you’ll need to be the voice of reason”

With that he stepped forward, the roar as Arak’neth stirred turning with speed that was surprising for a creature of its size, her eyes now laid firmly on Kane.

“Stay! Thine is merely mortal, none are allowed beyond those paths, remain or die at your own choice” She spoke so loudly it rumbled the mountain around them

“Yea, funny thing is I already know it, it was our arrangement after all, but as things turn out all rules are made to be broken in some fashion” Kane replied now laying his blade down “I need your help, my family needs your help”

“It is oft the way of things, but I see no value in aiding your realm” Arak’neth bit back darkly as she raised her head

“You brought me a snack? Woman and child, most generous of you” There was a rumble Kane took as a laugh before he simply stepped forward, Arak’neth struck at him her claws sending Kane across the cavern and into the wall beyond, “Do you forget your place mortal, the power of a dragon cannot be matched, and that is the reason you are here, to take my strength as your own, you swore to let me live in peace as long as I left your realm alone and I have, I have guarded the vortex for the last generations and now you seek to kill me!” Kane groaned as he watched her advance on him.

Aishani as well placed her weapons down when Kane laid his down and watched in silence as the great dragon swatted him as a giant may a fly. As the best moved to finish it, he felt the static pull off the air. In the blink of an eye, she was at his side to wrap her arms around him to shift the two from dangerous path to a safer one. It was clear that this was taxing on Aishani being pregnant. It didn’t stop her from appearing back before the dragon. 

“We have not come with any intention to harm you, noble Arak’neth.” She knelt before the dragon to show respect. “The prospect is that the place in which you rested so soundly is in danger from those that would possibly dare to exploit you. I for one and Lord Kane would not wish this. As you can tell I am not of this realm as is another that wishes this realm to be at her feet. This war has components of another world.” 

“You have an air that would imply you know what dragons are capable of, yet perhaps have never faced one yourself?” It wasn’t clear if Arak’neth was thinking out loud or asking Aishani a direct question as she turned to face her “But you know we had the intent to lay low these lands and all within, to take them for ourselves so that we may survive, your world has been particularly harsh to us, and Faerûn is no friend to dragons”

As she stood they would suddenly feel small, the towering form of a dragon the roar as she flexed her wings, before settling back “So tell me how do you plan to save this realm?”

[Circles & Lies] Deeper Lies

The Elders were as ever sat at the table at the head of the room as those in the galleries looked upon the room. Kane was sat in the same spot he occupied while on trial, flanked by Heart and Sasnistra. The Dwarven Male stood now.

“You called this meeting Lady Aishani, might we enquire as to why?” there were whispers the whipped through the galleries above

Aishani looked to the dwarven male, while then her golden hue skimmed the other Elders. “It is time that I take the reins. There has been too much shadow and too much whispers. I will not stand for it, any longer. Times are changing. Go with the flow and make these additions. Trade needs to begin being instigated between the Upper crust and below, crop we do not have below as they have above and the metals, minerals of the caverns. It will benefit the people.”

“She intends to take control?” Barked the mage in red “She has no right to such things”

The dwarven male looked to Aishani for a moment then to his Elder collegue “It is not an entirely unexpected move, and it has been foreseen, but she is correct there are too many agendas, we have been in the darkness for over two generations and admittedly the last time I saw the surface I was a child, a luxury I would enjoy once more”

The Drow female stood her eyes glaring to Aishani “Excuse my friend Hollangar he is feeble of mind, and nostalgia clouds his tiny dwarven sight at times, we have kept our people safe by keeping the outside out, some have slipped in that respect betraying our laws and have been spared out of courtesy”

Sasnistra simply shifted awkwardly as she lowered her eyes to the desk, Kane stood as he was about to step forward with an argument as he was struck in the shoulder by an arrow from the rafters, the room erupted in panic as the cries of scared villagers was quickly followed by them rushing to escape. As Kane staggered he stared to the Elders his eyes crossing each of them before he barked for them to go and get themselves to safety. Heart pulled Kane to the ground.

“You OK?” He asked quickly

Kane nodded and was already over the table to Aishanis side “We gotta go my love” he leant to her ear “We need to talk, but they need to think they won this round”

“You have not kept your people safe, you have kept them under your control in speaking lies to all of them. Filling their heads with such words when even my blood in Underdark traded with the upper world. You want to be in control. Too long have the Elders made the decisions for everyone, now it is time that there is a voice for the people” She spoke loudly in a voice full of authority.
Aishani glanced to Kane, then to the rafters, nodding briefly and then offering a tip of her chin to Heart and to Sasnistra. “Yes. We need a safe place that is unknown to them.”

They wound through passages within the city before finally entering a basement ushered in by Sasnistra. Kane slid down a wall leaving a trail of blood as he growled. Heart made his way to Kane looking to the arrow then to him “Usual deal”

Kane set himself against the wall and nodded, Heart reached in and with a wet rip pulled the arrow free causing a groan from Kane.

“Fuck I forgot how much that hurts, on the upside at least they weren’t trying to kill me, more for show, or a threat to Aishani is more likely” Kane had his hand clamped against the wound but blood still spilled through his finger, Heart looked to him for a moment “I’ll go fetch a healer, I know a couple I can trust they can at least patch you up, your vampiric half will have to the do the rest” and with that he was gone back the way they had come.

“How can you be so sure it wasn’t intended to kill you?”Sasnistra enquired now her voice fraught with the obvious panic as she looked to Aishani

Kane tossed the arrow at her feet “Because that shot was too clean, intended for the soft tissue of my shoulder, intended to take me out of the equation, I suspect another was close by waiting to attack Aishani, and I’m guessing they didn’t have all the facts and either realised Aishani wouldn’t go down as some mere woman or were spooked I didn’t immediately react by blasting the balcony into oblivion”

“Why did you not? You have that power?” Sasnistra looked to Kane, her eyes held the secrets of dawning in them as if she too was quickly realising he was no mere vampire.

“Doing so would have killed innocents, I gave my beloved my word I would not harm ANYONE while I was here, even if they harbour ill will toward me” Kane shrugged the grimaced “Forgive me love, you were a little more exposed in that moment that you should have been, but I’m thankful you chose to leave despite intentions to kill those responsible”

Aishani moved quickly with the others, while she was not speaking at that moment. But, silently watched Heart while he pulled out the arrow, squatting to remove her cloak in order to place under Kane’s hand with a press of her lips to his. Rising she looked to Sasnistra, though, leaned down to inspect the arrow in her hand that was slick with Kane’s blood. “My love, I have to face the facts that I will be exposed in the position that I mean to accept, you have to as well. I’ve lived through much, as you have. While, I may not have had vampiric blood in me…nor werewolf at that time…I survived because I was not willing to be bested. The phrase survival of the fittest isn’t a farce.” She leaned her shoulder against the wall, turning over the arrow in her hand.

“Can honestly say I didn’t see this coming, I would have expected something more direct in dealing with their issue of losing power” Kane replied softly

“Attacking Aishani directly would only serve to strengthen her position, it is likely an attack on her would have given her the necessary public sway to take the throne by force” Sasnistra offered up meekly

“If she wanted it by force we would have walked in here with most of the Everland forces, she wants to protect you, all of you, besides the days of doing things by a show of strength isn’t always the best way to peace, trust me I’d know” Kane was finding it odd to focus as the pain wrapped around his mind

Aishani glanced to Kane and Sasnistra as the two spoke, then broke the arrow in half, to throw it down on the ground. Moving to settle beside him, her scent enveloping him to offer him that strength in her presence. “He speaks the truth. My placement is not on the seat for selfish and controlling reasons. I am here for all of you, wither you desire it or not. Unfortunately there is a call for a show of strength but not in the means that such was thought. Sasnistra, you found love in Krystal…and I found love in Kane. We are different but not so much. It is time to stand up for ourselves and our beliefs. Others have had a veil drawn over their eyes, it’s time to lift it. We need to strike them, where it hurts and that is with the people.”

Kane snapped his eyes open as her scent hit him drowning out the need to pass into unconsciousness, his eyes slid back to the arrow with a cold smile. “Fortunately for you my love, you have of the best talkers I can honestly say I have ever met, Heart will be quite useful when the time is right”

“You should rest allow your body time to deal with the poison, you’re in no condition to take on the elders, Aishani and I will speak with a few people and see how the people stand” Sasnistra spoke softly

Kanes eyes slid to Aishani then Sasnistra slowly.

Aishani replaced her hand to place pressure upon his wound, looking to Sasnistra. “I am not leaving him, until Heart has returned. Kane needs to stay aware until then…I will of course reluctantly leave to tend to the people and hear them. But, not until then.”

Heart returned a few moments later as he eyed Sasnistra curiously for a moment before ushering in the young elven man, there was fear in the young mans eyes as he moved to kneel before Kane. He tended Kanes wounds and had Kanes upper shoulder bandaged quickly, Kane barely flinched as this occurred.

“I have done what I can, the bleeding is slow and so shouldn’t affect him further, the poison however is drakes blood, specific for vampire hybrids, it will take sometime to clear his system leaving him rather vulnerable” The young elf looked to the floor in an apology “I’m sorry there is little further I can do, but keep him clean and comfortable”

Aishani remained at Kane’s side while Heart returned to the young elven male tended to her lover’s wounds. A snarl ripped past her lips to the fact that nothing else could be done to ease the poison in Kane’s system, her canines extended in fangs past her lips while her milky eye flashed a brilliant gold to match the other. She closed her eyes to inhale deeply, speaking to Heart. “Get him a new shirt, no sense in keeping the poison against his skin. Ensure that you clean it regularly, the rinses should not only keep the wound clean. But, you know what to do…Thank you for coming to help, it is much appreciated. Times are just unpredictable.”

Heart nodded before taking Aishanis hand leading her away from Sasnistra, the elven healer and Kane his voice kept low “We need to be careful, it’s no accident they used drakes blood, enough to take him out of action but not enough to kill him and risk you bringing the forces of the Everlands against them, someone knows a little too much about our inner circle and it bothers me”

Aishani glanced to Heart at his words then to Kane with Sasnistra. But her own words were soft barely above a whisper to him. “In this line anything is possible Heart. I would not put it past the Council. But we have no proof. Look at the arrow it may hold a key. Fibers. Scent….Scent. That is it. I can smell the handler and even if the assassin was around another…”

Hades kept his eye on Sasnistra for a moment before looking back to Aishani “Honestly I think we are both been played, you to take power as you rightfully should and me to ensure no one is the wiser, and I’m sure I have been played since I arrived all those years ago”

“You really think…” Aishani whispered, catching the fix of his gaze upon Sasnistra. “Come to think of it…She wished me to go with her to speak to the people…to get me alone. I told her I would not leave Kane.”

“Who else would know details of how to drop a vampire without killing him? More to the point an Elcarus? Who else has pushed for your part against the Elders above all else?” Heart sighed softly “She is the reason I haven’t been thrown out or removed from Emerald City, she used her position on the Elders to keep both me and Krys here”

“Then we need to tap her in her own game. What do you suggest Heart?”

“You remind her who you are, I will get Kane moved to the Inn, there is a small contingent of the Emerald Guard who are loyal to the throne, if you allow me to assign them in your name Kane will be safe, speak with Hollangar and Reagis if you get those two you will have no trouble getting the rest of the Elders to agree to you taking the Emerald Throne. Before you do I am certain Sasnistra will make her move. In the mean time I will take her second to dinner and then to bed” Heart smiled softly “Perhaps learn more of her plan”

Aishani considered Heart’s words, glancing back to Kane and to Heart with a brief nod. “Do it, Heart. Please, do not fail me now, I trust you and you have proven yourself. I do not believe that Kane nor I will stand for any betrayal at this point. I know you told me that you would disappear to save your own neck. But, this is the first time and only time, I will tell you to stand strong. We need you more than ever, Heart.” She lifted a hand to pat at the side of his face. “Such a pretty boy. I will agree to move with Sasnistra to speak to some people, but, it will be me making the decisions. Then we just have to keep her busy.”

“I’m still alive because of him Aishani, believe me when I say I owe him this” Heart moved to Kane pulling his arm around his shoulder and with a groan aiding Kane to his feet “Come on, let’s get you somewhere more comfortable”

“And a drink” Kane muttered as he looked to Aishani before been escorted out by Heart and flanked by the elven healer.

“He’ll be fine, Heart has a high opinion of him” Sasnistra stated as she made her way to Aishani “We should go speak with Reagis, I believe he will be one we need to convince”

Aishani caught Kane’s eye as he was assisted to stand by Heart, remaining in place with her head at an acute posture which was vindictive of her determination that Kane had begun to recognize. A smirk lingered on the fringes of her lips, a special expression for her heart.
“I do not doubt that, I have seen it in his eyes.” She then glanced to Sasnistra, now, Aishani was in the den of wolves and the singular spider amidst to inject poison and it started now. “No. We will go speak to Hollanger first. Then proceed to Reagis.”

Sasnistra looked to Aishani just for a moment before she smiled “Very well, to mines first Hollanger refuses to simply be an Elder” She led Aishani from the basement and they were quickly flanked by two of her own guards, leading Aishani through the city “It is unfortunate that Lord Kane was hurt, weapons in the great hall are forbidden which means they would have had to know how to avoid our guards”

“Hm, yes, I find that very interesting. Even more so, that the poison was specifically for a vampire hybrid.” She took in her surroundings in the walk, sniffing every now and then beneath a turn of her head to attain the familiarity of Sasnistra and her guards. “Weapons in any meeting are forbidden. Regardless of rules it is common courtesy. Possibly. Very possible.”

“Poison tends to be the instrument of choice down here, materials for such are hidden in the depths of caves and craters readily accessible, but the knowledge that can only be gleaned by one who knows the target?” Her words were calm and yet pointedly leading toward Heart as they stepped down a flight of stairs they heard dwarves shouting and yelling instructions, another few steps and the land opened to mine entrance.

“Get yer bloody arses moving, we need these materials for repairs to the Emerald Castle, we don’t have time for yer belly aching!” Barked Hollingar who had ditched the Elder robes in favour of heavy leathers and a pick axe. His hair curled and grey.

Aishani cast a sideways glance to Sasnistra, though, kept her posture and walked with each steady stride beside her the heels of her knee high boots clicking upon the ground on the passage through the streets. But, it was at the mine that the sound was muffled and covered by the shouting and yelling of instructions.
A chuckle parted her lips, in that rolling purr, as she spoke in a strong and steady voice directed to Hollingar. “I see you shed the skin of an Elder, it fairs you well, Hollingar. Back to your roots.” A smirk was upon Aishani’s plush stained lips, golden hue fixed to the dwarf in his leathers.

“My family have been miners and I’ve been in the mines since I was a tot Milady, but enough of me what bring you all this way?” Hollingar eyed Sasnistra for a moment before tossing his axe to a stone table and looking toward Aishani

“Oh, please, Hollingar, I have no issues on speaking of your family and past. But, on that note, yes, I have come to see the production and enterprise of the mines. Plus get to know the overseer. Interest on expanding the trading for resources not readily available here from the surface and vice versa. The supplies from my understanding of mythril are difficult since the Dragon Wars, not impossible.” Her golden hue flicked to Sasnistra but then back to the dwarf. “I’d really be interested in hearing your opinion on things thus far. Though, first, I heard mention of the repairs of the Emerald Castle. What occurred that it is in a state of needing such?”

“Our last empress died some 9 or so years ago the Elders have ruled as she had no heir, thus the castle was abandoned and has fallen to disrepair, nothing the carpenters can’t handle” Hollingar replied with a smile “And aye mythril on the surface is getting scarce, much like iron down here, we have plenty mythril and the surface has plenty iron ore, so a trade would be appreciated” Hollingar tossed her a rock heavy and cold, the rock was composed partially of rock but lined with the blue veins of mythril so richly sought “A good smithy can make a decent weapon outta a rock that size and we got plenty of that and ten times the size as well”

Aishani captured the tossed rock easily due to her refined reflexes of the werewolf and strength, she looked down to the blue vein, a smirk on her lips. “Seems we have much business to discuss, Hollingar. Though, all awaits the seat to be awarded to me. My concern, is that the Elders as a whole, not singling some out, are holding back progression of our two worlds.” She then displayed one of the two blades that Kane had gifted to her as her engagement gift instead of a ring. “Kane had these made by a very stoutly and talented Dwarf on the surface. I actually think the two of you would hit it off very well.”

“At least some of us chose not to hide” Hollingar spat angrily “And those that want to leave simply can’t we’re seen as an issue to be dealt with, my place on the Elders affords me the luxury of not getting my head cut off as some would see fit to do so for their own end” His words were cold and bitter “But you have our support all 4 of the dwarven houses will stand with you, we are tired of politics not cut out for it you see, much prefer earth and dirt to ink and words, at least you know the rocks want to crush you”

Aishani tipped her chin a slight while absorbing his words, a hand lowered to place on the muscular shoulder and looking him directly in the eyes. “Thank you, Hollingar. While it eases my heart to hear such, I do not believe it right for you to speak for all the three remaining dwarf houses. Will you accompany me to visit each in order to affirm such is a solid ground.”

“They will be at the grand summit tonight milady, better to ask them then” Hollingar replied with a smile “Most are deep in the mountain right now, they would be rather unhappy if we call them back now”

“Very well, inform them of our discussion before the Summit tonight. Rest assured I will be present, the attack in the open before the Elders and people showed much distaste but this will not stop me from doing what is best for the people and bring them out of seclusion and open the doors.” She grinned to him while glancing to Sasnistra. “It is time we return to Kane.”

“We should speak with Reagis first milady, at least then we will have a good idea of the Elder balance, Reagis will be in the temple I expect” Sasnistra replied confidence now slipping back into her voice as she looked to Hollingar “Then we can check on Lord Kane, I expect he is just fine with Heart, unless dear heart is in undue danger then perhaps not so much” Sasnistra last words were an attempt again to push suspicion toward Heart, her own ambition to hold the cards that Aishani was dealing only clearer in those moments.

“Hm, you make a good point. The Inn is on the way to the Temple, we can make a stop. Regardless of a healer with them, I wish to check up on Kane.” She patted Hollingar, casting him a brief glance and then turning from the mine to begin their way to the Inn. “Just to make sure nothing has befallen, my beloved.”

“Very well” Sasnistra replied almost in frustration though it was held beneath her cold fascade as she smiled to Hollingar and led the way back through the city, the made the Inn in very little time, two heavily armed guards in white chainmail now held the doors for her.

As Sasnistra eyed them she looked to Aishani “Employing the Imperial Guard already? A wise move” Inside the Inn was no different the patrons drank at the foot of the steps were another two guards, Heart leapt the bar and moved to scoop Aishani from Sasnistra her attempt to follow quickly cut off by another guard as Heart led her upstairs to their room.

Kane was sat in talks with the Elven healer his eyes slipping her to her the moment he felt that scent creep in on him “Still here my love”

Aishani inwardly felt a victory at hand, Sasnistra had already implicated herself and was unaware, this pleased Aishani. But at the Inn, Aishani tipped her chin to the guards in the white chainmail passing through to be swept away by Heart in their entry. She easily kept up with the male, as they entered the room with a smirk. “I could say much the same for you, my love.” Aishani purred in amusement, walking over to settle near him on the bed. “How are you feeling?” She inquired while pressing her lips against his neck with a playful nip, her golden hues fleeting skimming over the healer to gather an expression with a hint as to his current diagnosis.

Kane smiled an attempt to play harder than he was “Shoulder is out of action for a while, but it will heal, as long as we’re not forced into combat I’ll be fine”

“The arrow did damage as it was withdrawn, and the poison is severely hindering his regenerative abilities, make no mistake milady he is hurt worse than he admits” The Elven Mage replied a tone of utter frustration in his voice “And yet he insists he will be at the Grand Summit I highly advise against this course, if they chose to attack again he will not be able to defend himself vampire or otherwise”

“I wont need to fight, you have enough firepower in the Imperial Guard to take the throne room by force, and we needn’t start a war as they answer to the Empress, you give them orders to quell the attack and they will do just that” Kane replied with a smile “Lovely way they program the imperial guard all drilled instruction and no mistakes”

“Which is not an option at this point, my love.” Aishani scolded him, though, glanced to Heart and the elven mage. “I’d like to look at the wound, if you do not mind. It is not a matter of believing you not competent but to ease my own mind on matters. Truth be told, I am compelled to make contact with it. You said that this…poison, was specifically designed for vampire hybrids, correct?” Aishani began to release the pressure of the bandage while carefully unwrapping the gauze, to set in her lap. The delicate flesh of her nostrils flared at the stench of the poison within his blood, caressing his face gently, then setting her hand upon the wound. Her eyes closed, but, there was something else different…in the next moment, her eyes opened and the golden was replaced with a very vibrant red and the fangs were revealed with the curl of her lips. Very fine veins began to protrude from the base of her jawline and traveled a slight. But, that is when Kane would feel it, a stinging burning feeling that was born from the very depths of his internal damage, as though threads of fire stitched him. The pain was slowly trickling away, almost as though swept to the contact of her hand in an absorption. The veins thickened upon her jaw and grew darker, nearly black as spider webs, a hiss parted her lips with a bare of her teeth.

After what seemed hours, though, it had only been minutes, Aishani fell to her back upon the bed panting. Kane’s injury had melted away to only a small abrasion, while the detrimental effects of the poison had all but faded and he felt incredible. She held her hands up as though to stop any from interfering, as her chest rose and fell rapidly but it was when the vivid red faded and her eyes returned to the gold and the dark spider veins had receded to only be a whisper of a memory. “Wow…” She whispered.

Kane eyed the injury flexing his wrist and arm “OK that’s new ….” He breathed softly, the Mage had now pressed himself flat to the wall and Heart merely looked on curiously. After a few moments Kane diverted his eyes Aishani “Don’t suppose you have an explanation?”

Aishani stared at her hand, flexing the fingers against her palm, then sat up with a lazy one-sided smirk. “I have…no clue. It…it was strange, I…I desired to take your pain away, my love. Then this pull, almost as though, compelled to touch your wound…I could feel it. All of the poison and the muscles shift beneath me. Did…did I heal you?” She looked to the frightened mage and then to Heart, back to Kane.

“It appears so, and I’m thankful for it, I guess this is just part of you joining our realm” Kane smiled softly as Heart handed Kane the bandage with a smile “One more surprise for our would be assassins?” Kane smiled darkly as he offered them back to Aishani “Lets not let them know what we know?”

“Only those in this room will know.” Aishani said while beginning to bandage Kane up as though nothing had occurred. Once finished she met his grim with a secretive smirk of her own. “Do you think you can play the part of poor… Poor injured you?”

Kane smiled softly “Indeed I can, I will remain here for the moment I trust your conversations with the Elders have gone well? Just watch your back Heart is right Sasnistra is playing a dangerous hand and you are the target, it troubles me I’m not at your side but I am supposed to be unconscious”

He sighed softly as he looked to Heart “We stay sharp, keep your lines of communication to us open, if anything goes down”

“You’ll know within a minute or less Kane” Heart replied with a smile “I have my hands all over this place”

“Why am I not surprised” Kane replied with a grin “Very well, my love continue with your diplomatic time line, Heart will go find what he can and I will begin working out an exit plan should we need it”

Aishani smirked while glancing to Heart and then back to Kane. “No. I know for a fact, she had something planned. She insisted on speaking to Reagis before coming here, bringing in mentioning of something to occur here and implicating Heart as the betrayer. After speaking to Holligar, she pushed for me to go to Reagis in the Temple. Almost as though, she was trying to avoid coming here…Then her surprise to the Imperial Guard’s presence. But, on the bright side, from Holligar, we have all four dwarven houses on my side. He seems to entertain the idea of trade from the mithril that is abundant here to the iron that is plentiful on the surface. The dwarves are tired of being tied up in ink and paper, then dirt and earth.”

“Be wary of Reagis Aishani his agenda is his own” Heart replied solemnly “Everything is a means to an end with him, and that end is bringing back his masters” Heart shuddered visibly at those words

“Dragon Mage?” Kane asked looking to Heart

“There are 14 here at last count, being so far away from their upper world counterparts has left them in need of a way to regain control, they sent for the glass eye from the old dwarven city but were beaten to it, though no one seems to know by whom or why.”

“I thought Ascondia had all the eyes destroyed? And more to the point who could get into that city in one piece and out without been squashed by golem?” Kane sounded almost perplexed before it dawned on him “Oh….” His voice trailed off almost as quickly as it had come

“You know who took the eye?” Hearts voice raised slightly

“I have a good idea, and I’m not about to part with that information until I confirm it Heart, right now we need to deal with this political mess, the mages didn’t get the eye which means they are no closer to bringing back the dragons now than they were a decade ago, though he is right my love his agenda will be his own even if he supports your ascent to the throne he will only do so as long as it supports his needs” Kane leant down to kiss her shoulder gently “We need to tread carefully”

Aishani was silent, simply staring at her hand that had touched Kane’s shoulder, but, by the way her posture was on the bed it was clear to those that knew her, she was listening and avidly to the conversation. At the mention of the glass eye, she lifted her gaze to Heart and then to Kane, a knowing smirk forming upon her lips. “Then for now, it is in safe hands.” Clearly, she had picked up on his suspicions. “I am aware I am walking on eggshells. Though, let us prepare. Heart, there has to be a hidden way out of the Inn that does not require entrance to the main floor. You and Kane need to move locations, do not be concerned about me finding you. I have Kane’s scent imprinted into my memory. If Sasnistra made any plans to kill Kane while he was down this would be the best place to do so and place you as blame. Not to mention, I can manage my own, there are abilities…that they are not aware I possess. I still have tricks up my sleeve. Unfortunately, Shadow I left to watch over Aerian and Virra. But, I hear the whispers of all the spiders in this subterranean city and they have agreed to serve me.” She rose but leaned to kiss Kane on the lips. “But, I agree and escape plan may be needed.”

“We could try our old trick Kane” Heart replied with a grin, Kane cocked his head at Hearts words before running a hand through his hair.

“Didn’t I almost drop us off a cliff the last time we tried that?” Kane replied with an air of playfulness

“Almost, but I know Emerald City better than most of the Everlands, you were guessing then this time you won’t be” Heart tapped his head with a smile “I know somewhere we can go, Anya keeps it well stocked just in case I ever need to avoid an unwanted husband”

Kane glanced to Aishani with a grin “I can use displacement, tap into the map in Hearts head, it isn’t conventional but it has saved us more than once, he will then return and ensure people think I’m still here” Heart nodded reassuringly “The safe house is on the outskirts so if a quick exit is needed we have a way out into the mountains, if we need it”

Aishani looked to the two old friends, a smirk whispering at the fringes of her luscious lips. “Do what you have to do. But, I want you, Kane to make a surprise appearance amidst The Summit, I do not care how. I will make the order with the Imperial Guard to protect, give the pretense I am scared but they will remain to guard here as I will take two with me.” She leaned to kiss Kane briefly, caressing his face with the trail of a nail against his jaw. “They wish to play a game with me. I was born Drow and know all the tricks.” She passed Heart, patting his cheek with a chuckle in that rolling purr. “Have fun, boys.”

When she left the room, Aishani spoke the guards outside to relay her orders and instruct them to join her on their meeting with Reagis. After descending the stairwell, she spoke in a hushed tone to the two guards that remained in order to guard the stairs and prevent any from entering due to Kane’s state of being ‘unconscious’.

Aishani then scanned the interior of the tavern to locate Sasnistra and neared her, offering a saddened expression. “It seems, my beloved is not doing well. One can only hope he recovers soon enough…But, I have business to conduct. Shall we then proceed to Reagis?”

[Circles & Lies] A New Mystery

The girl was squealing in fear as the two men advanced on her, her clothing torn indicating she had narrowly avoided their intent at least once or twice, Aerian had no hesitation as she pulled her bow around her first arrow clean exploding through the chest of one of them. The second turned looking to her before launching a knife toward her Aerian caught it in mid-flight with an arrow.

He quickly realised she wasn’t going to be as easy as the girl on the ground and with a grunt took off into the forest, she looked back to Virra “Wanna take care of him?, like you said we’ve had enough trouble tonight, and he will be back with more of them” Her voice was soft and yet still carried that tone she was paying attention to what was going on around them.

Just as Aerian turned, there was a thump of a body falling, Virra offered her lover a wink, moving over to the body of the dead man that held a knife lodged at the middle of the spinal column. She placed her boot square on the man’s back, while wrenching it free with an easy jerk. She leaned down to wipe off the blood on the man and slide the knife back within the holsters on her thigh, inspecting the corpse for money and possibly a sigil to represent the group followed, if any. Returning to Aerian’s side with a lift of her cloak to drape around the girl’s shoulders. “You are safe now.”

Aerian wiped the blood from the girls face caused by her arrow taking down the first, and on closer inspection saw the wounds “We need to move, can you walk?” She asked softly the girl merely nodded, pulling the cloak around her as she stood.

“Thank you” she managed to whimper before reverting her eyes to the ground, Aerian glanced around the meadow in thought for a moment before she shrugged the feeling off “We’ll take her Dentarius, the mages can take a look at her, there’s not much more we can do out here, mostly superficial wounds so I would say short of throwing her around they did no further damage?” It was as much a question as it was an assessment to which the girl nodded in reply, she stayed beside Aerian and Virra as they made their way through the forest now.

Virra inspected the girl briefly, tipping her chin with a turn of her head from right to left, then released the hold and nodded to Aerian. Moving to walk along side her with the girl between them. “Firefly, you aren’t talking to me. You keep looking around.”

It was then that Aerian heard the faint sound of clicking, almost as though a familiar tink of a spider. The time had been long, since Aerian had seen Shadow, the companion of Aishani. Though, the last time she knew, Aishani and her father were in Elcarus.

Aerian stopped almost dead as she heard Virras words “I’ve seen this, all of this, pieces and parts but” she shook her head as she watched Shadow a moment “My head hurts”

Virra glanced to Aerian sharply with a brief nod. “Deja vu.” She commented while offering the girl her water skin. “Drink up.”

Aerian tapped her head with a smile “Vision, I think” she replied softly before taking a swig from the skin. The young girl stared at Aerian before trying to back off “And I thought I was crazy” she muttered beneath her breath

Aerian simply shrugged “Wanna try been me” she replied coldly, before looking to Virra “Remember me muttering about a meadow? I am fairly sure I meant that one, and I’m fairly sure she is the one I saw but as to why or who she is ….. mind draws a blank”

Virra snatched the waterskin back from Aerian, then extended it to the girl between them. Her dark eyes flashed from the red-head to the girl, narrowing her view, but then nodding slowly. “Yeah, I do. What is your name, little one? You had some fight in you and I admire that. You are coming with us to Dentarius and Elcarus mansion, in that, you will be safe. I get the feeling you were meant to cross our paths, but, we mean you know harm. So don’t you worry about that.”

“What about the crazy redhead, cos she seems to know more than either of us?” The girl whimpered as she looked to Aerian who was now walking through the forest oddly at ease all of a sudden.

“I’m Stacy, and I just wanna go home” The girl finished quietly, Aerian halted as she turned to face her her eyes narrowed slightly, again she tried to think through the puzzle pieces in her mind and again drew a blank “She’s supposed to be here, we were supposed to find her, or she was meant to find us”

Stacy took the water the skin as she took a drink before looking to Virra “Is she always like this?”

“There is a reason that she is my Firefly.” Virra cast a smirk with the mischief in the depth of those black eyes but also affection. “Usually. But that’s what I love about her and more. My name is Virra anything before means nothing. Firefly… Her name is Aerian Elcarus. No one will touch you while we are around. I guarantee. Chin up. She has a special sight and out was scrambled. I assume to make that right. But everything takes time. We are taking you with is to our home.”

“I see” Stacy replied softly, there was confusion in her eyes and she was still out of place, as she looked to Aerian before back to Virra “So how do I get back to London?”

“London? I’ve never heard of that place. You are in Everlands.” Virra stood calmly while watching Stacy with dark eyes.

“I have” Aerian began before she looked to Virra “I grew up there, sort of, before my powers starting manifesting and mom had to send me back to live with my father, I was born in the human world” Aerian hadn’t done well pretending to be human, always stronger and stranger than the rest of the children her age “Which would mean you’re not supposed to be here”

“And yet here I am” Stacy muttered “I was on my way home, and then all of a sudden those two creeps are trying to …. And then you put and arrow through one and she stabs the other like its normal” Stacys voice was suddenly cut with fear as she took a step back “So just what is going on?”

“It seems you passed through a trans-dimensional rift, a barrier between realms, what you know is all but gone, you’re also the third in recent months that we know of. Sorry but you’re kinda stuck til we figure how to reverse thing” Stacy took another step back as Aerian watch her “If you’re going to run I wouldn’t those two are mild compared to other things in this forest, those things that haunt your nightmares? Where do you think they came from” Aerian smiled there was a twisted darkness in it as she smiled right before her head was torn apart and she crumbled to the ground holding her head, her screams echoed through the forest around her.

Stacy suddenly looked even more nervous as she looked to the writhing form on the ground “What’s with her….” She managed to force the words through the fear that was gripping her to the very core

Virra inclined a brow to Aerian, amusement not even a whisper upon her feature, her lips pursed a slight as though in irritation. “Survival must be different then in your world of this London. It is not an everyday thing for most, you just so happen to come at a time that things are very…tense.” She immediately was at Aerian’s side, catching her before she fell to the ground with an arm around her shoulder, caressing her back, though glanced to Stacy. “Long story short, we lost our realm healer…or more simply put, Sarantha was murdered, this is causing things to go out of whack the more and more we do not have one. Plus, Aishani, I’m sure you’ll meet her eventually, her mother is a basket case, Z’ress and royally scrambled my poor Firefly’s mind…” She attempted to lift up Aerian’s head, caressing her face. “Firefly…? Baby, I’m here.” She wrapped her arms around Aerian. “So the short of it, she is struggling more than most. She can see things, almost like the future, but since that has happened…she gets short moments of spasming pain and the likes.”

“No one can see the future” Stacy sighed in reply “This is some elaborate period acting thing right? Any second now they’re gonna jump out laughing at me freaking out” Stacy was unsure who she was trying to convince as she watched Aerian writhe and cry out in Virras arms, her face sweaty and contorted with pain, her eyes oddly empty.

“You should call an ambulance, before she really hurts herself” Stacy added

“I have no idea what an ambulance is… As I said Sarantha is dead and she is the realm healer. She would know what to do.” Virra kept an arm around Aerian while shrugging free from her leather jacket to dab at her face. “I hate being fucking helpless. Aerian…baby…Firefly… Look at me.” She captured her face firmly but gently to try to get her lover to come back to her. “Aerian don’t you dare fucking leave me. Stay right here damnit.”

Aerian tensed as a low strangled scream cut from her before she slumped against Virra, her breathing shallow and slow.

“Is she OK, like seriously she needs a hospital” Stacy sighed as she looked to Aerian for a moment, Aerian was still out her breathing shallow and her body still against Virra.

Virra kept her arms around Aerian and gently placed a kiss upon her crown. But looked to Stacy. “She’s a tough cookie. She’ll be fine….I hope.” She added in a whisper.

Aerian raised her hand gently touching Virras cheek “Not dead yet baby” she whispered hoarsely a coughing fit caused her to spit blood to the ground as she moaned “I think the twelve hate me sometimes, or the fates, or someone else” she tried to sound funny but it came off much less so than she tried for, instead settling for a smile as she looked to Virra.

“You’re damn right you aren’t…” Virra chuckled but rubbed her back as the violent cough spewed some blood. She looked at Stacy. “Now so you understand why we need to get back to our home? We will need your help as well.” She guided Aerian to stand. “Can you walk?”

Shadow appeared in the darkness put of sight from Stacy as though offering support in a ride but not wishing to startle the young girl.

Aerian smiled to Shadow as she pushed to her knees, one arm around Virra and she found her feet “I can walk, I would rather you watch over us Shadow, Virra can keep me up” Aerian looked to Stacy who had now caught sight of Shadow and was rapidly shrinking against the tree.

“He wont harm you, he is companion to my fathers fiancé, exactly why he’s all the way out here I don’t know but he is watching our back and that means we’re safe” She spoke as firmly as she could muster among the twinges and pain of the spasms and damage done during her moments.

“I need to get to word to my Dad, that last round of visions was really weird, oddly the realm suddenly seems a little more settled though, not quite sure why considering Saras death, but I’m seeing the past, a whole bunch of memories I’ve already lived through something still isn’t sitting right” She tried to make it make sense but in that moment she simply couldn’t as they wound their way through the forest toward home.

“Firefly, you are in no frame of mind to make those decisions. Besides, while I love you, you and I both know that you will only slow us down and the faster we arrive to Eclarus mansion the sooner we can speak to your Pops and we can begin to piece this puzzle together. Don’t try me, I will knock you out again.” She supported her, while waving to Shadow. “As she said, Shadow is Aishani’s friend and won’t hurt us. While she is frightening, it is a small price to pay.”

Shadow moved forward and dipped down for Aerian to climb upon the furry body, since the arachnid was the size of a pony and easily would carry Aerian’s weight. “Stay up with me, don’t look at the creature if it disturbs you that much.”

Aerian looked to Virra a moment before she pulled her bow from her shoulder handing it off to Virra “Alright, I remember the last time I tried to argue so I know that’s not an empty threat” she grinned softly before turning to Shadow she bowed gently before climbing upon him, surprised at him been soft.

Stacy looked to Shadow who was now rising to carry Aerian then to Virra “I’m in so much trouble” she murmured softly

[Circles & Lies] Who We Are

Jade rose from her seat beside Hades within his office, moving to answer the door. Once it was opened the guard stood on the opposite side, though, she inclined a brow and stepped to the side with a gesture for him to enter. Once though, Jade closed it behind him and moved to take her position behind Hades to the left, the sight of a guard caused her to place her hand calmingly upon his shoulder. Her beautiful brown eyes were fixed on Hades while waiting for the guard to speak. 

“My Lord I have been tasked with informing you you’re brother and Lady Aishani are headed for Emerald City, there is a situation they must deal with that requires their immediate attention” The guard began, the words Emerald City caused Hades to shift awkwardly “They ask you remain here to begin preparations for the coming spring, they also request you do not intervene in their affairs”

His last statement caused the guard to look to the floor, Hades simply laid his hand over Jades softly.

“They would ask I don’t save their asses, but Emerald City is Aishanis jurisdiction not ours, if they need us I’m sure we’ll find out in due course. I trust you are relaying the same message to Aerian?”

“Yes my lord” The guard replied quickly

“Wouldn’t bother she left early this morning, but I’ll see she is informed” Hades replied “Did he leave word of the wedding plans?”

“Yes my Lord, he requests Elsa is informed they had a matter to attend but will return before their wedding day” The guard replied

“Ok, well you have your duties to attend, we need to check the walls, and ensure those who took seasonal residence with us are safe to return to their homes, it’s lucky he gets to go off playing the hero while we do all the work. I will get the magick defences checked no doubt our dear family will be preparing to take another run at us, and I just love to imagine that psychotic bitch Z’ress will be making an appearance, admittedly sticking my sword up her ass has some appeal” Half of his statement was just thought out loud as smiled softly “Very well, return to your duties”

The guard bowed and exited the office closing the door “Seems we have our work cut out Jade, sometimes I wonder if Kane attracts so much trouble on purpose so I have to save his ass”

Jade turned her hand when Hades lifted his own to place upon hers, instigating a soft squeeze of support. She then looked to Hades as he spoke directly to her after the leave of the guard, Jade remained still and silent for a time then removed her hand from his own with a kiss to the top. “I’m not opposed to work, Hades. I’m more than willing to do my part with the family…I mean with the Elcarus’…I mean…” Her voice fell silent, while her eyes lowered.

“You will be expected to do so, you did lay down with the crazy one after all” Hades smiled softly, his hand curled around hers a soft tug drew her round him at the same moment he moved his chair back drawing her into his lap “We have a lot to do in preparation for the spring, and now my brother and his wife are of gallivanting it rests on you and I to ensure the needs of the realm are met”

His arms slid around her waist holding her to him “Over time they will come to love you as I do, we have both moved far from where we started”

Jade blinked and gasped in surprise as she was drawn to settle in his lap. “I do hope you are right about them liking me… I’ve never felt how I do when I’m with you. But I will do my best to help any way I can. But perhaps they aren’t gallivanting…?”

“They are off with a diplomatic disaster, not something I envy” Hades softly kissing her cheek gently “And yes, I am admittedly happiest when I’m around you Jade, you both calm and excite me all within the same moment, I’m thankful for you ever moment”

Jade offered him a small, but warm smile in response to his kiss upon her cheek, though, turned to press her lips firmly against his. As the surface massaged and caressed his own, it was increased with the warmth of her lips and the slickness of her tongue that prodded beyond to stir his own. Such was passionate, hungry and loving.

Her force caught just for a moment before he responded, his mind letting go of whatever thoughts were in his head becoming lost by her and their desire for each quickly drowned out any sense of logic in him.

Rarely, did Jade take initiative as such, though, amidst the kiss he felt her weight shift upon him with the gentle rustle of her kimono and a tug at his trousers to release his hidden treasure to begin to roll the heat of her loins against the morsel.

He growled his eyes flickered with that same desire that burned at every piece of him, his hands clamped to her hips one short motion shifted her position before driving her down onto him.

Jade parted from the conjunction of their lips to release a moan as he pushed into her, though after settling for a moment her hips began to roll in a rocking motion, the weight kept her pinned.

He pressed his lips against the flesh of her neck soft and slow along her shoulder his grip relaxed giving her more control, his body now prickled with that deep desire she drew out of him like no other, wanting her in every way in that moment.

To her position the fabrics of her kimono shifted to expose the delicate slope to her neck and shoulder, gracing the surface offered Hades her magnificent cherry blosom scent, warm and fresh as spring. Her hips rolled and rocked against him, stirring her very core with the musical sounds to articulate the intense moment between the two lovers. The sense of their bodies becoming one, that is when he saw it, at first it appeared to be a trick of the eye in the light behind her, but, there was a illumination that was tinted in a soft orange, almost as though flames but not dangerously so.

His mind traced that moment his hands gripping her hips as he lifted her free of him before plunging her back against him a motion he repeated several times his eyes remained focused on the intricate designs that adorned her flesh, his mind wondering if he was just loopy with his desire for her.

Jade tilted her head back, those sounds singing to a deeper part of him, while, her intricate tattoos rippled upon her milken flesh and the fabric fell more to reveal the contours of her upper bosom. Her body tightened in the grasp around his manhood as a warmth tickled his loins and thighs from her own juices that were flowing. The flames began to flicker around her with the portion upon the head taking in a foxlike muzzle and ears in the hue, it was when she looked to him that her eyes were black with a slit of gold. Such happened for only a moment before all the flames disappeared and her eyes returned to that beautiful brown. 

His hands clamped as his eyes darkened holding her tight and firmly in place, there was the reminder now of just who he was “Fire? Wolf?” His words came slowly unsure if he was threatening her or trying to figure the moment out, his mind fought against the need to finish their moment quickly hammering against realising there was far more to her than he could ever have thought.

Jade stared at him for a long time, remaining silent and still, her lower lip trembled as though his words came as shock and disbelief. She whimpered, attempting to crawl from his lap in a rush to escape.

“You know they will hunt you and not just because you’re different” his words were soft as he released her taking enough to magically seal the door “difficult to protect you if I don’t understand Jade” his eyes softened as did his tones now

Jade stopped at the door as it was sealed, her shoulders were quivering as her back was to him. The peer of the back piece climbing over the fallen fabric, she glanced to him over her shoulder, those warm almond slanted brown eyes swimming with the tears that glistened down her face. “I just…I just wanted to be normal…I know, they will hunt me, they have before…” She remained silent again, while her shoulders quivered and the barely audible sniffs heard in her attempt to regain the emotion. “I didn’t want you to find out like this, I would never hurt you…or anyone…I’m…I’m a Kitsune.”  

“They have before, but they won’t again not if I have a say in the matter, but hiding it was a bad idea especially here, the mansion enhances magicks” Hades sighed as he stood “You can’t leave, I need you” he halted to the side of his desk watching her “But I need the truth of how you ended up in slave caravan, please?”

Jade turned slowly to face him, almost as though his words spoke to her, it was a different sight to see her cheeks stained with the moisture of tears and fear in her warm brown eyes. “I…I am a young Kitsune. I didn’t know what I was, my family kept it from me, until the day that the men came…They tried to hide me, I didn’t understand why and I was so angry with them for hiding me in a closet. I–I didn’t know what happened, I got so mad that everything around me erupted in flames. I grew so frightened, my father remained as did my brothers to protect us as we ran…” She lifted a hand to touch at her arm and shoulder. “It was my mother and I. She taught me proper etiquette of our people, for a time, we lived as maids in a house. But, that grew short when the master made advances on my mother…another fire happened. She taught me what she could but always had a problem teaching me to control the Kitsune. It was the day that we were found by slave traders…I was only six and they–they forced me to watch. They forced me to watch as the men took carnal desire in her flesh. All I could hear was her screaming and begging to let me go.” Jade crumbled to her knees and began to sob into her hands, as the flames began to grow around her as though caressing and calming her but it was brilliant, dangerous and beautiful. “They killed her and took me in, but, the leader…decided to keep my purity. But it was recent when I was sold, we were passing through Dentarius on the way to my new Master…that landed me here. To you.” She lifted her eyes, now a blazing orange.

“You can’t go out there alone Jade, I’m a little confused and hurt you perhaps failed to trust me enough to share this, or impressed by the fact you just did, you’re rare here you know that, it would explain why they tried to cut through territory where they knew we wouldn’t allow their kind if they were caught” Hades sat back against the desk “They were caught and you ended up in the one place that is actually as safe as it gets, and not just because we’re here, it’s no secret the Mansion wasn’t built up here by accident, Ceremon chose it on purpose” he stopped his train of thought as his eyes looked to her, his hands flickered as flames curled around his hands lifting he smiled softly.

“Fire is an Elcarus element, Kane choses to use it for simple things me on the other hands, I find it comforting in a fight, I’ve been known to incinerate villages just because someone upset me, in the older days of course, I will have to inform my brother, but that won’t change anything between us unless you chose otherwise” The flames flickered and vanished as he took another step toward her “Also you can’t leave while my defence spells are up, nor do you need to worry you may incinerate the house the magicks that protect this place were strengthened after Kane rebuilt the mansion. Not sure we’d survive another dragon through the roof but everything else should be safe enough” he scratched his head thoughtfully “Unless you somehow exceed the power of 3 Elcarus’ though granted right now only one is here” there was amusement in that final statement “I love you Jade, that hasn’t changed, I can’t let you go”

To the mention of hurt, Jade lowered her gaze with a familiar shameful slump of her shoulders, the vision of the flaming fox that surrounded her dimmed and subsided until it was all gone. She slowly, almost reluctantly lifted her gaze as his hand moved and she saw the flame caress his hand. Jade’s warm brown eyes had returned as he stepped closer to her, swallowing thickly behind closed lips. “I apologize, Hades. It has been hard to not speak of it, nor is it something I am proud of. The damage I can do even by accident on not being able to control my Kitsune, can kill…” She stepped forward to curl her hands within his. “You promise? I love you, Hades but I feel so ashamed for not speaking this sooner and you had to discover it like this.”

“Don’t worry you will learn to control it, in time and with guidance” Hades replied gently his hands taking hers drawing her to him “As for killing as I said here it is all but impossible, out there I can’t say for sure” His eyes settled on hers soft and still shining with the love he had only for her “A need to protect ourselves rests within us all, I apologise for perhaps overreacting it’s not every day your lover burst into flame it was a surprise”

His lips kissed her forehead gently as his arms slid around her, it was at this point he was evidently aware he was still half naked against her.

As his arms wrapped around her, she lifted her gaze to him, a hand rising to caress his face. “At times, I think, I don’t deserve you. I still have not gotten my first tail. But, I’m sure that we can work through this, together. You just have so much on your shoulders being an Elcarus that I didn’t want to be a burden to you or your family…”

“If you were a burden you wouldn’t be here” He replied simple his hands drew her back against him his lips captured hers in a deep kiss “I was bred to be where I am, I went a little crazy, I learned the value of protecting what you love, and I learned it by losing something I loved more than myself, my former wife and child being murdered almost broke me, Kane brought me back from the edge, you Jade have moved me away from the abyss I was always teetering upon, you saved me when no other ever could” his words were so soft it was hard to believe the came from him.

“I was an accident. My father made sure to remind me when I did something wrong…You see, only a female can be a Kitsune, I got it from my mother.” She remained silent while leaning her cheek against his chest, curling her fingers at his side gently. “Perhaps, one day, I would like to hear of your former wife and child. She must have been an amazing woman to capture your heart.”

“Right place, wrong time” Hades replied gently his hands now slipping along her body in thought before moving back to unfasten her kimono, his eyes set on hers with a soft look before he caught her hoisting her to the edge of the desk

The kimono wilted from upon her after the obi was removed, crumpled in silken fabric upon the floor around her ankles. Every inch of her was exposed, from the slender stem of her neck to the delicate slope of her shoulders, one arm painted with the bold reds and blacks to her koi tattoo to the peak of the back piece at her neck. The full bosom with the perfectly pink buds centred down to her birthing hips and the dark meadow that lead to the intimate garden. Her eyes remained upon his, those exotic pair with the almond slant and warmth in her hues, a small gasp of surprise left her lips to the catch and lift to set upon the edge of his desk. The sight alone had not been witness before in the office of Hades Elcarus, amidst the papers lay an exotic creature and now was even more alluring.

“The world is a strange place, each of us unique, those of us who possess power and some who know more than we could ever hope to, that’s what makes the Everlands such a wondrous place to be” Hades spoke soft as he stepped to her his body forcing her legs apart as he stepped to her “But when you find someone who fits, someone who gives and requires nothing in return, that Jade is worth fighting for no matter the risks”

[A Cold Winter] A Jail Cell Love

Before she arrived Kane would catch the scrumptious and mouth-watering essence of his love nearing the dungeon, even hear the purring echo of her voice demanding entry to the cell. 
Aishani entered Kane’s cell, while having paused briefly to cut the sleeve of her long sleeved shirt to bind tightly around the wound and even adjusted her coat to conceal such a wound that was bleeding through the dark fabric and leaving a wet stain. 
She glanced about within for Kane, immediately moving over to him in a settle at his side. “Aerian, places the blame for all of this upon herself. It appears that Z’ress weaselled her way into your daughter’s mind. Utilizing the fact of not PHYSICALLY harming her to earn her some credit…” Her eye lowered now, as a muscle twitched in her jaw, clearly, this was something enough to infuriate her deeply. 
“Z’ress said that our love would bring us, both down. If I know Z’ress, which, I do…she has an uncanny knack for using sexual pleasure to bring many to their knees…mold them. I do not know exactly what unfolded behind that crippled castle…but, it was not to deliver Aerian back to us in the way she left last at the mansion.”

Kanes cell was larger than Aerians he was also unchained, he had no intention of fighting things as they were, he knew better than to try something in the capital where by the law of averages the citizens were outnumbered two to one by the military forces. Elvera was a stronghold for a reason. The odd part of course was not because this is where the Queen lived but as a consequence of the power struggle in the capital, the High Council believe no single person should hold unlimited power and Ascondia simply didn’t trust anyone to share her power.

Things had been different when Kane was a creation of the High Council, or so it was believed Kane had often been able to ensure Ascondias decisions were fair and for the right reasons, some had been wrong and done without his knowledge but that was the way of things then. Kanes sway on things had ended when the High Council discovered he had laid down with the Queen and in doing so Aerian was conceived.

To spare Aerians life Kane had resigned from his post as Commander of the Everlandian. It was also at this point Kane had broken the hold of the High Council and discovered the truth of where he came from. Kane had also agreed to offer his life, Ascondia forbidden this from taking place and exiled him from Elvera on the grounds he never set foot in the capital again.

The Everlands had changed greatly since those days, Kane sighed as he sunk back on the hay mattress that served as his bed, while on hand the cell was more luxurious than most he was still inevitably a prisoner. He was glad of Aishanis company in those moments as the snow had inevitable begun to fall again “Quite the mess we’ve found ourselves in, how are Aerian and Hades doing? And more importantly how are you doing, I noticed you get caught but in all the chaos forgot to ask” He smiled softly “I am grateful of the strength you give me”

Aishani settled at Kane’s side upon the bed, bringing a knee into her chest, to hide the injury. “It was bound to eventually happen. Point is, Aerian and Hades are safe, no longer in the clutches of Ceremon or Z’ress.” She fell silent for a moment, while moistening her plush lips. “I saw Hades struggling a slight, seems he was badly bruised. As far as Aerian, she appeared to be surprisingly well for the fact that Hareavor got to her. Too well. But, she sent me away and Virra was waiting to speak to her when I left to come here.” A few dreads fell into her face while concealing the concern that darkened her ashen features.

“Aerian, I have seldom seen her so full of anger and hatred, unnerving the way she took the life of man she knew well, but that’s far from the issue, what troubles you my love?” Kanes voice was soft as his fingers wound through hers taking her hand

She lifted her gaze, that lonely golden eye softly humming in the dimness to the cell, Aishani inhaled deeply while offering him a small smirk. “I am glad, that you find strength in me, my love. But, everything that has happened thus far, especially with us being in this predicament even in Elvar…Ascondia said she will do all she can to overrule the High Council on the latter being to execute you. I wish to trust her, but, there are few I can extend that to.” Aishani lowered her gaze down to their hands, placing a squeeze. “You were aware of the implications from the start and knew that this would inevitably occur. I despise seeing Aerian in such a place of hatred. When you are released, I do not believe that this is the place she needs right now…”

“I knew what I was doing the moment I asked Ascondia to open that portal, she was our quickest way out, she can rip voids between worlds and realms, oddly the only place she can open a portal to in this realm is Elvera. Still you are correct I knew the consequences.” Kane smiled softly as he drew to him “I have no desire to get myself executed, and while it may be an option inevitably Ascondia still holds ultimate rule, as much as I’d like to take confidence in that, she may try to play it to her advantage. That is what we must watch for now. I do agree Aerian should not be in a cell, but we cannot have her running around while she is such a loose cannon, there are few more deadly than Aerian, for now it’s for her own safety but she will not be left there you have my word on that”

Aishani looked to him when he drew her to him, lifting a hand to place upon the side of his cheek. “She will play such to her advantage, my love. But, all we can do is be ready for that. Indeed, I agree, Aerian is not only a threat to others, but, is vulnerable and a danger to herself.” She still was covered with blood on her face from the rescue of Aerian and Hades, the exotic viperous beauty. “We shall see, would Ascondia be loyal to her words. I haven’t really spoken to Hades nor Virra after I was with Aerian. My first inclination was to come to you, but, I thought, Aerian deserved a visit first given the circumstances. Plus, I knew you would have questions.”

“I am glad you checked, it gives me comfort, and again you prove your mother incorrect that all you do is for yourself, I have yet to see another give herself for my family as you have” Kane smiled softly “Hades will heal given enough time, the winter should afford us that, Aerian on the other hand, admittedly I am unsure how to reach her, she is a broken child and has been for some, your mother it seems may have done far more damage than Hareavor ever could, Aerian desires more than anything to be loved by another it drives her, she may act tough but we both she isn’t” Kane held Aishani close his hand laid over her gently

“Oh, but, Aerian is strong. She just needs to know, that at times, it is not frowned upon to be weak.” She adjusted to slip into Kane’s lap, leaning her cheek against his shoulder while curling her arm around his back. Her mouth-watering scent slithering into his senses, appearing far more intense than before, perhaps, it was the distance between them or the hidden injury that she made no comment nor reaction to. “Aerian will eventually be fine, Kane. Somehow, I’m not sure how, but, from what I have learned is that the Elcarus family always overcomes their challenges and odds. Z’ress, does things for herself and herself alone, always has been as such. I agree, she knows how to manipulate…What about you? Do you desire to be loved by another that it drives you?”

Kane let his hand ease along her side stopping just above her injury as his eyes followed the same line “You should get that looked at, and I have no desire for another Aishani, I am grateful each moment that you and I share something, and in time I wish that to grow and become more, unless they attempt to cut off my head” He smiled softly an attempt to ease the mood “But I can with all certainty say I am glad you are my heart Aishani, I want us to spend our lives together”

His hand slipped back along her body slowly his touch light and gentle placing a kiss against her cheek “I love Aishani, more than perhaps I ever thought I could”

She gritted her teeth when his fingers stopped just above her injury, looking to him with a small smirk. “Yes, Aerian, spoke the same thing, but, at least you would talk to me. She said she wouldn’t talk to me until it is looked at. I’ve had far worse before.” Aishani’s expression faded to his words and her golden hue stared at him unblinking, disbelief to his words. “You…you mean that? Want to spend the rest of your life with me? Together?” Her eyes closed while his touch caused her to lean against him even more, to the caress upon her back. When the kiss was presented, her lids lifted and looked to him. “Well…you did after all teach me what it means to love, unconditionally. As, I love you, Kane.”

“I meant it Aishani” Kane adjusted beneath her but not so abrupt as he altered the position they had together his eyes closed slightly as he simply lay listening to her breathe for a few moments before adjusting them again so as they were both laid, curled around her his hand wrapped over her. He drew the blanket up over them gently “We will make it out of this, one thing at a time, though admittedly I am not looking forward to this circus they will call a court”

Aishani inhaled sharply to the shift, but ran her fingers through his dark threads as he listened to her breathing. Such was slow, strong and steady, even her heart was accented in the soft thudding upon her rib cage. She looked to him, laying on her hip facing him with a slender hand, while slightly calloused rested upon the side of his cheek. Briefly, her eye flashed to acknowledge the draw of the blanket over them. “Politics, never interested me much. Especially when it is run by imbeciles. Yes, we will make it out, I do not doubt that for a single moment.”

Kane chuckled softly shaking his head lightly “And we both know my opinion on politics, I barely tolerate them in my house, still I am by definition a Lord and so I must tolerate them to a degree, my current predicament is no more than an age old grudge held by old men with a power complex” He shrugged at the words, he was also keenly aware those would make it back to the council undoubtedly as the guards listened intently beyond his cell door.

“For now we rest my love, tomorrow we deal with this farce of a trial, and then we take Hades, Virra, Kane and Aerian and we go home together” His words came with confidence “Something will work in our favour, with the Everlands there is usually something”

“Mmhm, I am well aware. If those guards are listening…maybe we should give them something worth listening to, hm?” Aishani grinned to him, while leaning up to press her lips against his with a greedy and eager sweep of her tongue that incited the depth to this passionate kiss. Her taste was divine, since it had been a time since the two had, had any time alone together, regardless of her injury, Aishani seemed in that moment to very much wish the feel of her lovers lips plush against her own.

His response was instant and intense his hands ran along her side before halting at her hips pulling her against him, his need for her boiling quickly all thought of events of the last few weeks disappearing into the fierce response of his kiss, and the exploration of her body, his hands moved over her body feeling every inch of her before working to undress her, exposing her flesh quickly followed by his own.

She melted in the fire of their passion, panting and purring into the kiss, her fingers tugging the shirt free from his pants while nails hungrily fed upon his flesh beneath. Aishani hiss into the kiss as his hands ran along her side over the ripple of fabric that bound her wound. She assisted him with her attire with a careless toss of her coat shirt and the corset with a pile of jeans, then adjusted to her knees to pull his shirt over his head, causing their lips to separate in that instance, only to clash again as though being apart for too long from the other. Her waist was bound in the fabric of her shirt sleeve, the heat was enough to make the hottest desert in compare jealous.

Their lips clapped against the other, as her own suckled upon the slick muscle spent from Kane, Aishani adjusted to straddle his lap in a sitting position, heels dug into the mattress behind him, with her arms wrapping around his shoulders.

Kane settled against her his hand slid against side, his flesh still finely coated from their passion, their heat combined to eliminate the cold of the cell. “As I wish to spend mine with you Aishani, without question for even a moment”

As his hand slid against her side, he found a wet slickness that coated his fingers, it was warmer then the sweat that glistened on their bodies, the action caused Aishani to hiss in pain. The bind had come loose to reveal a horrible wound that was claw marks on her flesh that apparently sunk deep, but, not so much to be life threatening yet, just enough to leave scars without medical attention. Her golden eyes looked to him in silence, then down in shame. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself…I’ve wanted you so bad…”

Kane sat slowly with a grin, he peeled back the cover to get a better look at the wound “I’m not going to complain at you taking advantage of a condemned man” He smiled wickedly before looking back to her injury “Damn wolves can be a real pain in the ass” He sighed softly before reaching down for his shirt, one sharp motion pulled it apart. His eyes never moved from the wound as he set up to administer some level of aid. “You should probably go see the healer, at least to get this looked at properly” with that he slid a strip under her winding back over the wound “They can at least aid with the pain, or stitch this together, if not for your own sake then for mine?” he left the question as a polite request he knew she knew her body better than him but he knew enough to know werewolf scrapes took much longer to heal than most other injuries in their realm.

As he tied the makeshift bandage off he looked to her kissing her cheek gently “You should also get some rest, you’ve been on your feet for some time now”

Aishani remained silent, but, a smirk was upon her lips to his words, while he gathered his shirt to tear. As he continued to eye the wound, he noticed one thing, a claw appeared to be lodged into the crevice of the clawed mark, meaning it was much deeper then he would have previously assumed. She complied with his lift to allow for the strip of fabric to wrap around her in the fixed tie. “Yes, you are right. I should go to a Hades, I’m sure he would take a sadistic pleasure in stitching me.” She grinned to him. “The first time, you got injured…now it is my turn. I do not trust any healer to tend to me, especially not here. I will go check on Virra and Hades, but, I will return. I will NOT let you sleep alone in a cell, it is not right, I have missed those nights sleeping in your arms. Who knows, perhaps, it will help my recovery.” She shrugged passively, though, sat up with a grit of her teeth, the cloth already revealing her injury, feeding the fabric with crimson. Slowly she dressed while ensuring the jean corset remained, the pressure would be good against the wound. After dressed, she leaned to him and kissed him with the warmth of her lips lingering upon his like a haunt, gathering her coat and the single sleeved peering. “I love you, Kane. See you soon.”

A short time later, Aishani arrived at the guest cottage, sitting down on a chair while gathering a bottle of liquor to remove the cork with her teeth and take a long swig. Virra sat up from her lounging position near the fire to look in the direction of Aishani, then exchanged a brief look to Hades.

“You look like shit.” Virra stated simply, rising from the floor to dust herself off. “I take it Kane is alone. I need to talk to him” She patted Hades on the shoulder, it was light and cautious due to his own bruising. Virra cast one last look to Aishani then left the cottage to make her way to Kane’s cell.