[Ending A War] Don’t Think Just…

Aerian laughed loudly before taking after them both, suddenly she had a thought and took off in the opposite direction before vaulting through an window and landing squarely between them, she spun on her back foot to look at Domi then to Virra before taking off toward the cottage “Come on Domi, it’s all part of our game, your our pet and now it’s time for your reward” Aerian squealed in delight before peeling her shirt off, she looked over her shoulder and tossed it Domi then resumed her race for the cottage.

The two were stunned at the appearance of Aerian, stopping them dead in their tracks, looking puzzled. Virra snickered first at giving chase after Aerian, though Domi began to race faster while pushing at Virra in a playful manner. Yet, as Aerian tossed her shirt behind her, Domi reached for it but it was Virra that caught it. Shoving it in his face, giving her more leverage and speed. “You have to catch us first.” Virra snickered, while catching up to Aerian and gathering her hand in hers, rushing to the cottage with Domi falling behind.

Aerian caught the door as the barrelled through into the living room of their cottage, Aerian purred softly with a smile, before she circled around behind Virra her arms wrapping around her waist the flesh of her breasts pressed into the fabric of her top she waited for Domi to finally join them.

Virra struggled in Aerian’s hold, arms pinned to her side, though, panting without attaining approval Virra violently shoved her hand down Aerian’s pants and instantly slithered a digit to begin to stimulate the pearl just beneath her slit. Just then Domi burst into the cottage with the closure of the door. It was dim within the room, he didn’t know his way around but once he entered, the shirt in his hand and stopped to stare at the sight of Aerian and Virra. His hazel eyes fixed, that is when Aerian witnessed a twitch in his pants, frozen at his next action.

Aerian whimpered at Virras intrusion, as Domi closed the door and stood staring she grinned dangerously, her grip of Virra released as she removed her hand from between her legs, leading her by that hand to Domi and tracing her juices over his lips.

“Now be a good boy and sit, and do as we want and I promise we will have a whole lot of fun, follow the rules and I’ll give you something for ALL your help” Aerians words were silken and dripping with intent as she let Virras hand slip from hers now moving around the cottage to close the curtains and light the candles within, the room still dim but the mood much more sensual now, finally she made her way back to Virra and back to the same deep passion filled kiss her lover had come to know, “I say we make tonight a night to remember” her tone swapped quickly as she finished with “At least before we all get brutally murdered tomorrow, or this war ends, either way I don’t want to think I want to fuck!”

Virra growled as Aerian jostled her hand free from with her pants, though, not before a digit dipped into her drooling gate, but stumbled a slight in the lead to Domi. He licked his lips after the flavor that remained and dropped the shirt, lowering a hand to adjust his package that clearly was tensing in his trousers but fell to his knees at Aerian’s words.

Initially Virra seemed hesitant, while it was then the depth and passion of the kiss that caused her to relax, turning to face Aerian and her hands lifting to knead into the swell of her bosom, pinching and tugging on the buds.

Aerian breathed deeply feeling the sharp twinge of pain mix with the flood of pleasure, suddenly she spun into Virra now stripping her, her motions rapid and hungry as she breathed in the scent of her lover Aerian smiled before sliding to her knees, her fingers working to free Virra of her pants before she let her lips kiss the flesh of her thighs her hands now resting on her hips.

Virra gasped to the sudden stripping of her clothing, as Domi remained seated, eyes intent on the two women with his chest rising and falling rather rapidly. Now, Aerian saw it when she knelt down Domi was pitching a tent in his pants and the strong scent of her lover, it was clear that Virra was enjoying being watched like this even if it was her childhood friend. She growled softly to the peppering of Aerian’s lips against her skin.

Aerian let her tongue flick out over Virras flesh as she now glanced back Domi, ensuring he knew he wasn’t forgotten. She could already feel herself wet now as she returned her attention to working her kisses toward her lovers sweet centre, as she neared Aerian changed direction working up her body to her stomach and then back down. A show as clear as it could be for Domi, before finally she slid back letting her tongue work along her out lips slowly savoring the touch.

Virra was quivering, clearly, she enjoyed putting herself on display for Domi as much as Aerian had. Fingers running through her hair, as her breathing increased into the delightful song of approval to everything that was occurring brought on by her fiancé. She lifted a leg to perch upon Aerian’s shoulder, opening herself up to the kneading at Aerian’s neck, but also delivered the view of her glistening petals to Domi. He was panting catching each glance that the fiery and dark vixen sent in his direction, clearly his pants were straining more beneath the pressure of his own arousal.

Aerian let her hands wander her lovers thighs slowly as she slowly let her tongue slide within her folds tasting the warm nectar of the only woman she loved unconditionally, Aerian slid back just a little now looking along Virras body “Last chance to pull out, but I want you to know I love you and only you, more with each day, and I’ve wait far too long to get my hands on you like this,” her words were breathless and hungry.

Virra curled her fingers within Aerian’s fiery threads looking down to her with such lust in her eyes that it was incredible. Growling softly as a glisten of her juices flowed to her shoulder, as the shape of the body Aerian knew by heart was displayed not just for her but Domi. It was an added slice to the situation in an erotic flare. A woman so strong that no man has ever seen or witnessed such from Virra with open invitation before.

Aerian knew instantly in that moment all she needed, as she turned her head toward Domi there was a fire that burnt somewhere between desire and lust and yet all in the same an absolute reminder she was Virras “You have to play by the rules, and you get both of us, all of us,” Aerian stood now as she kissed Virra then made her way to Domi, her eyes locked on his as her hips swayed ever so slightly she drew him to his feet and then aided him to undress. As she reached his pants she smiled wickedly and then eased them down as she saw his manhood she breathed hungrily wrapping her hand around just for a moment then led Virra to the bedroom, she turned and motioned to Domi to join them.

Virra lowered her leg to Aerian’s rise, growling softly within the kiss, while smacking her on the bottom while watching her move to Domi. The bulge appeared to twitch as Aerian’s sensual movements to stand before him, he simply nodded while his hands caressed over her back and hips, though, it was appreciative. Aerian could read that he was restraining himself heavily, but, the removal of his clothing exposed a very lean and muscular frame with the copper skin. He lowered his hand to caress her cheek and offered her a smirk to match her wicked expression. The endowment that sprung to life, excited to be liberated was very robust, thick and endowed. He inhaled deeply to the wrap of her hand around his girth, tilting his head back and flicking his tongue across his lips. Those hazel eyes shifting to Virra then to Aerian as the fiery female stood to gather Virra and lead to the bedroom. The invitation was accepted as Domi stepped forward with his proud pillar at attention.

Aerian smiled now as she placed herself in front of Virra slowly backing her onto the bed, as Virra met the bed Aerian pushed her upon it, waiting until Virra made herself comfortable Aerian slid onto the bed straddling her waist her hands placed flat to the flesh of her breasts.

“You are the most incredible woman I have ever met, and I want you, in every way” She leant to kiss the flesh of her neck and shoulders, before she returned to her seated straddled position ensuring Virra watching as she reached for Domi to join them.

Virra looked up to Aerian with those dark eyes, holding a fire of passion within the depths, turning her head to the side in an exposure of her neck to her lover, soft moans leaving her lips to the pepper of her lips against her flesh. Never had Virra been dominated in such a way by Aerian, usually it was the opposite and now it was clear why, since Domi was present.

To Aerian’s gesture Domi neared the bed, looking over the two beauties slowly with a gleeful twitch from his fleshy pillar, even in the lighting cast by the candles, a drop of dew appeared gracing the slit atop the crown like a jewel. His hand curled with Aerian’s as it was accepted and he lay to settle beside them, by the pattern of his breathing and the way his eyes were devouring the two vixens it was clear he was restraining himself.

Aerian admired his restraint, but was more than happy to keep him that way for now. She took his hand and led it to Virras breast keeping hers over his as she urged him to knead the flesh of her lover, Aerian had no doubt Virra could feel the heat of her own molten core as she ground down against Virra. She wanted or rather needed to stay in control of this, to see it play out her way.

Aerian had willing given herself to Virra at all times, now she craved to control this game she had started. She drew Domis hand to her own breast for a moment before returning it to Virras, her eyes now strayed to his erection with a grin. She wondered for a moment what he would do if allowed off her leash, her body shuddered at the thought as she dove down to kiss Virra again, before she reared up now rolling her hips against her lover watching as Domi plucked and teased her breasts.

Domi looked to Aerian then followed the path that she guided his strong hand to Virra’s bosom, the beauty of her lovers breast spilling between his fingers as Aerian guided his hand until the fingers began to grip and this cause Virra to tilt her head back in a sound of pleasure. Virra was rolling up against Aerian, it was plainly clear that she enjoyed this with the sounds and feel of Aerian’s molten petals against her abdomen, Domi had his eyes focused on her until Aerian reigned his hand to her own bosom in which she felt the strength behind his hand with a pinch of a bud. A twitch happened now, though, but the focus was returned to Virra, he moved closer to them upon the bed. His application to her bud was sheer torture while he pinch, plucked and rolled the bud between fingers and kneaded with his hand, causing Virra’s magnificent bosom to jiggle from time to time. Just as her mouth opened in a delicious moan it was silenced by the kiss. Domi appeared to know exactly that which made a female squirm, Virra then lifted her hands to knead into Aerian’s bosom, a hand slithering to tangle within her hair and force her down, enough to claim a breast within her lips, the flick of tongue and brief nibble upon the bud was intoxicating now with the vibration of her sounds against the flesh and rush of breath to each pinch and tug of her bud.

Aerian moaned softly as Virra took her breast, her hand ran through her hair slowly just for a moment, before she slid away placing herself between the thighs of Virra, her hands now ran along the tender flesh of her thighs, curving her fingers to drag her nails back along the flesh.

As she leant forward she kissed along Virras thighs and over her pubic bone, repeating her patterns from earlier of getting so close to warmth of her wetness before moving away to focus kisses on her thighs, her stomach, her hands roaming the flesh of her sides and thighs slowly raking her nails along Virras ribs before finally allowing her tongue to taste Virra a soft moan escaping her.

The heat was incredible between Virra’s thighs, radiating to cover Aerian in the essence of her lover. Virra reacted now as the conflict of nails and fingers stimulated her flesh sensually, a shift was felt on the bed as it appeared that Domi had adjusted to place his lips upon Virra’s bosom suckling and feasting upon her succulent flesh with the other hand never relenting on attention to the right breast. In the dip, lower, in Aerian’s taste, never had she felt her as saturated as she was, clearly this was exciting her thoroughly. But, near to Aerian’s view was the bobbing and twitching pillar of meat, a glisten of seed seen spilling down the shaft.

Aerians eyes were now fixed on Domis erection, she could smell the scent of Domi as it had begun to mix with that of Virras intoxicating Aerian. She drew her hands to her before moved them to part the tender lips exposing the tender nub, her tongue flicked out and against before she nipped against it, Aerian whimpered softly before diverting her attention back to treatment of Virras clit, slow sensual traces of her tongue before she would drag, her tongue back and suckle firmly, before letting a moan lip free vibrating along her tongue.

The feasting that Domi held upon Virra’s bosom was growing more hungry, ravaging, this caused her porcelain flesh to grow red with the whispers of bruising while it was clear this excited her even more. The sounds from Virra were incredible and fueled Aerian on with the cries of pain and pleasure. The conflict of the tenderness from Aerian’s fix to her pearl was greeted with the throbbing of her flower, in the nip a cry parted her lover’s lips but it also pushed her honey to flood against Aerian’s pallet. That is when abruptly, Aerian felt her hand taken and guided to Domi’s pillar by Virra, twitching in the hold and throbbing beneath her hand.

She slowly wrapped her hand around, feeling the throbbing of him, she let her hand slowly work the length, just for a moment. Before she shifted her position now draped against Virra as she began to work the length of Domi, the sight of him against her lover only served to make Aerian want more.

She leant forward over Virras legs enough to place a kiss against the tip before extending her tongue against the underside. Flicking it back to collect the single drop of him, feeling the warm salty taste spread out over her tongue, a soft sound almost a purr emanating from her throat.

Virra removed her hand from atop Aerian’s, while fingertips ran through her hair and tangled to loosen and return, again and again. Eventually the focus shifted upon Domi, as the girth was more then to not touch her fingers together without squeezing. Virra’s breathing was ragged, as Aerian felt her body react to the presentation to Domi’s flesh stick. To the initial first lick against the salty sweet flesh, rippling beneath her tongue. A groan parted Domi’s lips when the tip was attended to by Aerian, twitching and throbbing more persistently to the attention, his lapping and suckling increasing causing Virra to cry out in ecstasy and pressed Aerian’s head more to his member.

Aerian reached for Domis hand now guiding it to the tender core of Virra, as she watched his hand just for a moment she watched him, another tentative lick of him before she released her grip raking her nails down the underside.

Finally taking him in her mouth, just the tip as she let her tongue circle, her hand now working down followed by her mouth, as she eased him down her throat, pausing for a moment to allow herself to adjust, and then continue before easing back all the way from him, leaving him once again her hand.

Domi’s hand was rough, weathered from a life in the line of his work, warm and strong in the guide down to Virra’s flower. He parted the petals with two fingers and then began to massage against the pearl that was glistening from the pearl essence dripping from the core of Virra’s hive. His lips left her bosom with an articulate plop, now, Aerian could see the peppering of bite marks and raging flesh, angry, red. His other continued to torture her opposite breast, as a groaning to the lick that flicked upon the spongey tip, causing the flesh stick to twitch, but a grunt slipped through as her nails tormented his tender length. He glared down on her, but it was swept away with the expertise of her apologetic movements and the salve of her hot mouth purging him, appearing to move his finger more firmly against the writhing Virra but it was then that Aerian heard the subtle sound of a fingertip entering her lover the further she traveled down. His taste was strong, masculine, though also wild. He began to buck against her hand, watching her with hungry eyes.

The sound of Virra being so wet spun Aerian. She now returned her attention to Domi and his length. Again she returned him to her throat, now as she eased back she would sink back down upon him.

As she worked Domi Aerian would lightly rake her nails against Virras flesh, she moaned now around Domi. Her mouth remained locked around him but she had now positioned them so she could watch Virras every reaction.

Domi maintained his position, the sound of his digits digging into Virra’s grounds growing more intense, this caused her to cry out and the sound was not only erotic but offered a view that he did know exactly how to please a woman without his shaft. The further Aerian attended to him, the more groans increased, until she felt a hand at the back of her head to keep her in place while thrusting his hips more forcefully.

To the new view, Aerian saw Virra was in sheer ecstasy with her body glistening in the light, cheeks flush with color and eyes glazed over. Her beautiful bosom was speckled with the intensity that Domi continued to suckle on her bosom, finally he rolled her over to her hip and began to tend viciously to neglected bosom. He was like a hungry ravaging beast, her breasts jiggled to the might of each powerful pump of his hand into her that only now Aerian could hear the squirting projected by Virra’s multiple climaxes. Portions of her dark threads clung to her neck and face, while she was loosing herself and Aerian knew it.

That was when Virra watched Aerian through hooded lids, biting her lip, while her body was trembling from the sheer exhaust of the physical pleasure, licking her lips, then it happened. Aerian felt the twitch within her mouth, the fleshy tube expanding to then rage with the release of his milk into Aerian’s mouth, gathering her hair in order to force her to remain there, it was soft but firm.

Aerian halted her motion pulling back enough to prevent her choking on the warm liquid as it flooded down her throat, she tried to swallow it down, but it was more than she could as some was able to escape her mouth flooding down her chin and onto her breasts. As the flood subsided she slipped back letting him slip free of her mouth, licking her lips watching him.

She smiled darkly then turned to slither along Virras body with the same dark grin now, as she reached her eye level she kissed Virra, her hands returning to heated still soaked core of the young woman, before bring them to her lips and licking them gently. She wanted them both to continue playing as she watched first Virra then Domi, pleased in that moment, it was clear Aerian was enjoying every moment, but she was far from done just yet.

Domi allowed Aerian to lean back, grunting as each spurt filled her mouth beyond capacity, as his eyes met hers, it was clear by the still throbbing length that he was far from finished and the stamina kept the trophy stiff and glistening from her polish. It seemed that his feasting only continued upon Virra’s bosom, the unattended one now beginning to mirror that of the previous, watching as his teeth gently gripped and tugged on Virra’s bud, such caused her to yelp out in pain, while his fingers never relented while Virra was attempting to escape by writhing her hips away.

When Aerian moved upon Virra’s body, she met the glazed eyes of her lover, riddled with such passion that it was causing a swell in her heart. As her hand lowered to the core the kiss settling Virra and giving her an outlet, it was that Domi offered Aerian a space to join his fingers knuckle deep within Virra. Amazingly she was still drenched, Domi’s free hand caressed up and down Aerian’s back brought by a sudden spank to her bottom.

Virra turned her head to watch Domi for a moment, lifting her hands to guide him in a kneeling position with his erection close to her mouth, tongue parting to lick against the length and suckle, until Virra’s hand angled a slight to give Domi more of a position to plunge within Virra’s mouth. The sight was incredible, as his girth was taken in full without issue, stretching those plush lips and plumping her cheeks, the hand on his back began to urge him to roll his hips. He graciously accepted the urge, her eyes rolled into the back of her skull then and the sounds of his flesh against her lips and pleasure were intoxicating.

Aerian then felt the hand of Virra curl within hers.

Aerian watched with intent as she watched her lover devour Domi with ease, she felt her own core heat as she shifted her leg over Virras allowing her to grind herself down into Virra, a whimper as she hit the point she had intended. Again she ground down against her eyes still locked on the scene of Domi plunging himself into her lovers mouth.

Aerian couldn’t contain herself as she pushed Domi away and the turned herself before positioning Virra over her, as she did she reached her hands to grip Virras hip now plunging her tongue into her and tasting the overflow of warm juices, hungrily drinking her down much as she had Domi moments ago. Her hand waved Domi to her as she groped at Virras buttocks, it was clear enough what Aerian had in mind next, she looked back to Domi and smiled before returning to her groping and exposing her to the waiting Domi.

She was also incredibly wet and well aware that Virra would now be able to see just how wet their current escapades were making her.

Domi stumbled a slight at the push, clearly not expecting this but stroked his own manhood, proudly standing at attention of the two female vixens. Virra cried out suddenly to the shift in positions with Aerian on the bottom and Virra upon her hands and knees, the faster that Aerian drank the more that Virra moaned, to the change. Virra began to lap at Aerian’s sudden exposure of her drenched flower, while pulling her down to plunge her tongue deep within the love passage. A finger raced to slicken then plunged into her starlet abruptly and cruelly. The invitation by Aerian to Domi was accepted as he crawled on the bed to run his hands over Virra’s thighs and then extended a hand to pat sharply upon her flower causing her to yelp amidst the feast upon Aerian. Now, was the moment that Aerian had been waiting for, the perfect view between her legs and Domi massaged her cheeks, pushing and pulling them before that rigid pillar plunged suddenly and deeply within her passage causing the juices to trickle down nearly immediately. One hand went to her hip, as the other began a succession of abuse to the half-moons, caressing then returning. Now, Aerian saw the delicate petals forced to take the length, pink against the robust copper rod. His sounds began to increase, the more violent he had went.

The sight of Domis hard pole plunging into Virra was far better than Aerian could ever have wanted, though the sight of her lover claimed by another, caused a twinge of anger just for a moment, quickly buried in the view of Virra being violated by Domi. Aerian squirmed down against Virras invading hand a soft whimper before she let her tongue stray against the length of Domi, the taste of him mixed with Virra quickly filled her senses.

As she let her tongue wander over Domi she raised a hand to cup his balls for a moment before reaching back further her hands running over the muscular thighs, she whimpered again the sight above her as well as Virras actions were now pushing her completely into desperate need.

Virra pressed her hands against Aerian’s hips while driving down to plunge her slick muscle into her heated core. The vibration of her sounds felt against the tender petals. The more the clapping of Virra and Domi’s body growing louder and louder, while more of Virra’s honey spilt and added more ear into the penetration.

A cry parted Virra’s lips, as a smack caused her body to juggle against Aerian, though abruptly she parted from the deep kiss of her flower to pull her out and flip Aerian upon her back. As Domi continued to pound into Virra but now in this position it allowed him to shift from Virra to violently into Aerian, just as Virra’s mouth clapped upon her bud.

Aerian felt herself filled deep by Domi her body tensed as her heated core accepted him with ease at this point, she squealed in hunger as he did, Virras actions only pushing her rapidly toward release.

Just as she was pushed near to her release, Domi withdrew by the bite upon her bud it was clear where he traveled to. He rotated between both women plunging his manhood deep and cruelly within each. Just as Virra cried out and crushed her lips against Aerian’s to ensure a deep passionate kiss it was then that Aerian felt that massive monster stretch her passage with an explosive heat. Then as it happened he withdrew to only by the reaction of Virra amidst the kiss knew his destination. This continued for what seemed as forever, rotating between the two and filled them endlessly with his seed. By the end he pulled the two women apart and lay between them am arm around each as Virra laced a hand with Aerian over his chest. His strong hands caressing over their arms and bodies, his eyes seemed dazed in disbelief. As Virra smirked across to Aerian while kissing his neck.

“I have the most beautiful women in Everlands on my arms….” Domi commented gently, though genuinely. “Please don’t kick me to the curb.”

Aerian actually growled as he withdrew from her that first time, before groaned as he refilled her, her body shuddered with her own release her cries lost within the kiss as she found her own release. As he lay between them she looked to Virra with her own glazed look.

“I think we should keep him,” she breathed softly as her free hand reached between her own thighs collecting some of the juice and then suckling it from her fingers, she kissed his chest softly before she let her gaze fall back on Virra, now softened and tender and yet still burning with the same desire she had always had for her “And I love you, forever”

Virra grinned, while looking up to Domi. “Maybe. Play your cards right. Understand, you are not allowed to fuck either of us separate from each other. Only when we are together.” Her words carried a slight growl, she was lightly bruised on her bosom but it seemed to not bother her. But let her gaze return to Aerian, caressing her cheek. “Now and forever…”

“I can deal with that.” Domi said calmly.

“Such a good boy, play nice and we will too,” Aerian licked his chest slowly before she looked to Virra, “Let’s hope we survive tomorrow, be a shame to spoil things so quickly”

The trio fell to sleep rather quickly, though, sometime during the late hours, Domi slipped from between each female cautious to not wake them. Hesitated near the door returning to kiss each gently on the forehead. “My sleeping angels…” He whispered in admiration, stopping to watch them for a moment before gathering his strewn clothing, stirring the fire and blowing out the candles to not start a fire. Fixing his quiver with arrows and now, he slipped unknown to the two sleeping lovers out the door.

[Ending A War] A Boy, Two Thieves and the Illusionist

Aerian slid through another crack in another wall as they had tracked Xulljra one of the abandoned cities, she just wasn’t sure how close they were at this point.

“How the fuck does this happen” She muttered angrily, she had been griping the whole time angry someone had walked right into their home and taken her step sister. “How do you walk into the Mansion with a hundred fucking guards and walk out with a baby? My father’s child!”

She ran her hand along her blade for a moment before she crouched to look at tracks in the dirt, “She knows she’s being followed, or is at least assuming so, trying to lead us in circles,”

Virra was silent while Aerian griped, watching as she squatted down to inspect the ground. Finally she spoke, her voice clear and icy. “Hm. Perhaps, Xulljra, doesn’t even have the child. If she has time to draw us in circles the fact of lending the time to spare on such then she wouldn’t have your step-brother.”

The tracks indeed seemed to lead them in a wide circle, between trees and then disappearing with only a trace again, then heavier footprints. “She is utilizing the trees. Difficult with a child so young.”

“I remember Aishani saying she has two sisters? If they are both in on this, having said that the advantage is still ours, if I were her I would be assuming Dad would come after me, maybe Aishani and Hades as well, she isn’t going to be expecting a retired bounty hunter and her fiancée,” Aerian smiled softly “So for now we have that, There’s nothing to west but the mountains and well Arak’neth has those mountains protected in her absence, South leads back to Dentarius and every guard between us and there are looking for her, so north into abandoned part of he realm, destroyed by the dragons or east toward Elvera,”

“It is possible, though, we don’t have any tracks that are different to back that up. So, for now, all we have is assumptions and that is not what we need.” Virra looked around her, while walking slowly. The new moon offering no light in the forest that was by nature just as dark this time of night. Though, all the wildlife was still and silent, even the nocturnal beasts, it was account of the war or perhaps disturbed recently. Such was difficult to tell.

“Well, we can clearly exclude two of the four options. Now, if I was to meet up with someone, I would definitely not return to Dentarius…so that leaves by gut one option remaining. What was it that your Pops said…she was a master illusionist or something? That could explain the way she was able to enter the mansion undetected and since she technically didn’t kill Stacy that didn’t affect the wards.”

“Didn’t free mom, or try to kill her either, which makes me think my sister was always the intended target, maybe Z’ress plans to replace Aishani or some other whacked out plan, I swear to the gods if they harm her,” Aerian snapped back her hand blocking Virras path as an arrow hit the tree to the side of them “Bitch has help, well that answers that question I suppose”

“I wonder exactly how long, Xulljra has been in the castle…” Virra commented idly, while it appeared the arrow that quivered in the tree didn’t cause hesitation in her thought process. Though, she looked to the arrow now, running a finger over the feathers, then looked into the darkness. She grabbed Aerian by the arm and flung her to the ground, as another slew of arrows screamed over head, the hesitation and pause gave way that it was one archer. “Shit. We are walking into an ambush.” Virra then lowered her hands down to the knives strapped on her legs extending them into a fan on her palms. “They want to play hard…then so be it. I can’t play just as dirty. I know those feathers and that SHITTY AIM! You are trying to draw us into another area, like cattle. We are some fat SOWS!” She hollered.

“You know this asshole shooting at us?” Aerian chuckled, “Knew I should have brought my bow, but didn’t want to get cluttered down, how about I give him something to aim and you go take him down? Try not to kill him, he may be the only way we get answers, if not well then you can kill him or her either way”

“Unfortunately, I do.” Virra nodded briefly, as it appeared she was tense, more so then usual. But, then she dodged out of sight, leaving Aerian to be the bait.

It wasn’t long before a figure appeared, wearing a black hoodie that was not zipped but straps across his chest. Aerian saw black dreads flowing down from beneath the hood, which was shaded enough to not reveal the face of the individual. But, his form was conditioned and muscular, not unattractively so. His hands were gloved, while as on a shoulder rested a bow, with a quiver bound to his back. “She left you? A lamb to the slaughter. I will enjoy this.” His voice was deep, baritone in a rather strong and masculine.

Aerian remained crouched her hand resting on the blade at her back as she watched the figure emerge “She is not bound to me, she cums and she goes, works for us”

Aerian was flippant in her words with a smirk, as she watched him “I suppose you already know that though, and by my guess wondering why they sent me and not my father? Assuming of course your working for the psycho bitch that took my sister,”

“I work for the side that holds the most benefit. Right now, that is the bitch that is even crazier then Z’ress. I won’t lie, she can work wonders with that tight mouth on my cock. But, that is no matter. I have you now, you will be my key to raising in Ceremon’s ranks. You see, after Virra’s father never returned, I took it upon myself to take his place. Only now, there is nothing but ruins remaining. Z’ress and Ceremon can burn in an eternal fire together. I don’t give a shit.” He removed his hood, to expose his features. His skin was copper in hue, as he held high strong cheekbones and hazel eyes, proud lips that would possibly make women quiver. Aerian swore that she had seen individuals like him when she was but a child, yet, could not be sure. It was of the Earthly realm. A Native.

“Oh, shut the fuck up, Domi.” Virra suddenly said, dropping down behind him and drawing a blade over his neck.

He didn’t flinch, nor react other than a smirk forming on his lips. “Ah, Virra… The one girl that refused to give me anything other then a fight…”

Aerian actually looked amused by his words “Your just not,” she rolled her shoulders “Well let’s just say you’re not equipped to handle my girl,” she couldn’t help the chuckle, “So you worked for her dad, tried to get in her pants and got shot down, got hired my head case grandfather, your boss pissed off my step mom and she kinda spilled his blood all over our jail cell floors, quite a bitch to clean up. And then you fall into the employ of Xulljra, who blows you and you aid her in kidnapping my sister, and in the process REALLY pissing off my step mom, and my dad and both are out to kill one or all people involved, your odds my friend do not look good here”

She stopped in though “Did I miss anything baby?”

“Nope. I think you got it all. But, one more thing. You though you used them…but, you are a tool and right now, you are a distraction from Xulljra escaping. You have fulfilled your purpose and now are of no use to them. They could not care less from this point forward, that which happens to you.” Virra pressed the dagger more tightly against his throat, as a sudden realization formed on his face in defeat. “So in all this, you are a loose pawn now. Which side will you choose, Domi?” She parted her lips to drag the slick tongue sluggishly over his cheek, watching Aerian. “What should we do with him, Firefly?”

Aerian drew her own blade as she closed in on him now “I would like to cut his throat and walk away, he did try to put an arrow in our heads,” she spun the blade in the palm of her hand with a smirk “But that makes me no better than him, and my dad is always telling me not to kill unless we have to, so” She placed the blade against his groin and drew it up along his body slowly “If he tells us where she’s going, maybe we can work something out?”

Domi was now between to females, with weapons drawn. One against his neck preventing him from moving while the other was running hers against his frame. He only had one choice and he knew it by the look in his eyes. “She is going back to Ceremon and Z’ress but had to make a detour north to avoid getting caught. I…I can help you.”

“Well that was easy,” Aerian smiled as removed her blade from his body and tucked it away “But just so we’re clear, I have no reason to trust you and Virra apparently really doesn’t like you,” She stopped looking to Virra “He really that bad? I mean he doesn’t look the gentlemanly type, and he did try and put an arrow in you, and not in the good way either”

Aerian squared her shoulders “But either way help us and we will consider letting you go, you never know might even get to see something fun, but try and get us killed, or try to kill us and well I’m sure you can put it better baby,”

Domi appeared relieved at Aerian’s words, even more so after the blade from Virra was removed, his shoulders lessening in tension. Virra spun the dagger in her hand to sheath at her hip, moving to stand beside Aerian. “He wasn’t so bad, we are the same age and he was going through a hormonal stage. Though, he did respect when I told him no, I’ll give him that much. But, right now, he holds information that could be beneficial in getting your step-sister back. You forget, I did attack Ascondia, your father and Aishani before I was drawn in by them. I haven’t looked back, though, it is amusing that Domi is in the same position.”

“We more or less grew up together.” Domi stated, while a smirk formed on his lips. “Oh, I do enjoy fun. But, you want your step-sister. I will help you to get her back, I never cared for their plan in the first place.”

“Yea, does seem a little strange he’s where you were a year ago, but we freely give chances, as long as you prove useful, you can stay with us, once we find Xulljra and my sister you can go where you wish and we wont stop you” Aerian stopped to look at him “Sound fair?”

Domi looked between the two, resolutely sighing. “Doesn’t seem I have much of a choice in it.”

Virra smirked and patted him rather hard in the back, causing him to stumble forward. “Well get to it then.”

Domi cast her a glare then chuckled. “Very well. Follow me. That is if being with an Elcarus hadn’t softened you.” He took off and vaulted into a tree. Waiting for them before continuing north, leading from one tree limb to another. Virra easily kept up with him as our appeared it was a challenge between old comrades.

Aerian didn’t miss a step as well placed foot and grabbing of a branch vaulted her up behind them, staying behind Virra and Domi. There was a grace to each move she made, landing on a branch before leaping to the next, a throw back to hers days a bounty hunter, which for Aerian just made it fun.
Suddenly she extended her stride enough to land within ear shot of Domi “Maybe if you’re a good boy I’ll consider paying you for your help, maybe that will help you feel a little better, not quite a slavers traders wage, but enough to make sure your comfortable, and taken care of in any way you need, I’m not unreasonable I just don’t like people coming into my home and taking what isn’t theirs, makes me very cranky,”

“I didn’t take a damn thing.” Domi muttered while glancing to Virra then spoke clear to Aerian. “We have to be careful. We are nearing their camp and rendezvous point.”

Virra nodded to him, it seemed that she too was enjoying this jaunt through the trees as much as Aerian.

Domi took off again only this time he was more cautious in his sounds and movement through the trees. Until he stopped and lowered himself down to the ground, Virra followed and he pointed to something ahead.

What they saw was a carriage and five soldiers outside. Next was a sight, Ascondia was present with a bundle in her arms and climbing within.

As the sight below unfold Aerian froze, something she hadn’t considered since learning of Xulljra capabilities was that her vision was in fact not implicating her mother at all, she leant back to regain her composure “Jeez you think being able to see the future I would have seen that coming, you know I can’t go down there,”

Her heart hammered in her head as she felt panic rise through her, another thing Aerian was far from accustomed to, but this wasn’t just about her anymore. “But we can’t let them get to Elvera either,”

Virra seemed to register Aerian’s words now, glancing to her then to Domi. “Looks like it is you and me.”

“Like old times. We made a killer pair.” Domi nodded taking position with his bow. The form was expert in the square shoulders and posture and now Aerian saw the gloves specially made for archery.

Virra nodded and began to run at the men around the coach with knives flying, daggers then drawn. Just at that same time an arrow screamed plunging into the drivers neck. Watching it was like an intimate dance, Virra moved with dealt precision and Domi covered her sending arrows after those behind her.

The fight was over just as quickly as it began but no one left the carriage.

Aerian crept closer as she watched the scene below, she knew better than to get close to things down there, at least until Xulljra was in their custody.
Once the fight had ended, Virra went to the carriage to open the door but stopped and stared. Leaning in and what she withdrew was a note and swaddled rock, looking at it confused. Domi tucked his bow into the quiver and joined her with confusion on his face as well. They both left the carriage to hand Aerian the note.

–So close. But not quite.–

Aerian raised a brow in confusion looking to Domi, and then to Virra “How the hell did she slip past three of us?”

Virra inhaled deeply, though, Domi looked to Aerian with his hazel eyes. “Perhaps she was never here to begin with…”

“I saw mum, I saw her, we all did?” Aerian snapped back, her emerald eyes blazed with frustration as she kicked at one of dead soldiers.

Virra went to place a hand on Aerian’s shoulder, in order to seek calming her. Domi moved into the carriage the wood and wheels creaking a slight but then he emerged. “Runes are all over within the carriage…” Just as he spoke, they saw Ascondia go to the open door but she was transparent, appearing to go through a series of repetitive movements. Once within it took a time for the scene to play out once again, that is when Domi closed the door and it stopped. “She is a master of illusion… That bitch tricked me.”

“I’m going to fucking kill her” Aerian snarled angrily as she drew a dagger and launched it into the carriage door, her emerald eyes appeared to be now blazing as she snarled in frustration.

“Calm down Aerian” The figure shimmered in, tall dark haired and a presence about him that drew your attention “She’s not that far ahead, she needed time to set up the illusion and buy of guards to sell out their lives, losing your head is not going to help”

“Haunted? Your supposed to fucking watching over my sister not wasting time!” Aerian barked darkly

“I have my eyes on her, advantages of being dead, now get your ass in gear and get after this bitch before she gets back to Elvera and vanishes behind walls you can’t penetrate, you have a day at best to catch her before you hit an army of dead a hundred and fifty thousand strong that surround the castle on all sides,” Haunted replied firmly. His tone remained level even if the look on his face said he was not used to his neice speaking to him in such a way.

Aerian walked to the carriage as she eyed Domi carefully, before snatching her dagger from the door and placing it back at her hip, “We need a better plan than playing catch up”

Virra looked to Aerian as her act of comfort wasn’t accepted or acknowledged. Though as Haunted came to present, a small smirk appeared on her lips. But by that time Domi was walking away after checking the ground, heading in the direction of Elvera.

Virra then looked to Aerian and took her hand to drag her after her. “We could use the help of unicorns or dire wolves right about now.”

“She’s on foot. Difficult to carry a new born on a horse.” Domi said from ahead, while his backside was rather enticing.

“He’s got a cute butt…” Virra snickered, while trying to lighten Aerian’s mood.

“Who Domi or Uncle Haunted?” Aerian teased in reply, as she watched Domi she felt a sudden urge creep through her, “I think Deshan hunts around here somewhere, she may be able to help, Uncle Haunted mind going and looking for her for us?”

Haunted nodded and vanished into the aether of the realm almost as quickly as he’d appeared, meanwhile Aerian watched Domi once more”Hey Domi, take a look at this,” She called and almost immediately turned into a deep kiss with Virra.

Virra snickered while lowering her hand to curl into Aerian’s, as they walked behind Domi enjoying the view. But as Aerian called to him, he turned to look in their direction expecting clearly that they found something. Instead his eyes grew large in surprise, as a smirk formed on his lips.

Virra fell into the kiss with fervor, in the departure gently she drug her teeth lightly against Aerian’s plump lower lip. Then laughed in the departure, pulling Aerian closer.

The shock melted away to irritation as he flipped them off and began to walk more briskly ahead.

Virra lightly spanked Aerian. “You’re bad…”

“I can be” Aerian replied dangerously, a tease in her voice now as she moved to catch upto Domi “Don’t sulk, I’m just trying to lighten the mood, or hmm maybe I’m just a big tease with bad intentions,”

She stopped as she looked at the sky overhead, one of the rare breaks in the canopy of the forest overhead, “Damn it’s going to be dark soon,”

“What, do you turn into a pumpkin at dark?” Domi chuckled while glancing to her. “I couldn’t give a shits less, what mood you are in. That was just cruel, two beautiful and strong women, making out before me? I can’t lie that made my dick twitch.”

“That’s all it will do. Keep that snake locked away. ” Virra moved to Aerian’s side now, following her gaze upwards, then looked to the red-head, shaking her head with a smirk. “You know, we should really continue to move. We need the upper hand in this, Xulljra doesn’t know the area and will have to camp. Any advantage we can take will have to be exploited the best we can.”

“Was hoping for more than a twitch” Aerian smiled darkly “But anyway we need to slow this bitch down, the best places to put down for the night aren’t so far ahead, Aerian froze now as a pair of eyes appeared in the tree line, a dark amber as they looked at the three.

Finally the pale grey wolf slinked from the forest and made its way to Domi, circling him slowly before moving to Virra, finally closing on Aerian and stopping before sitting infront of her, “Deshan, such drama”

Aerian shook her head with a smile “You find her” the wolf simply ignored her licking its paw for a moment before looking back to Aerian.

“She has a small camp not too far ahead, her and two heavily armed guards, and a baby, which is who you are looking for right?” The wolfs voice was soft and female as she spoke she kept her eye on Aerian.

“My step sister, born to my father and his wife, taken without our consent” Aerian replied softly

“Or knowledge, else why else would you be out here? They know you can track, but even you need help? One smells like you and the other is just lucky to be here?” There was an amusement to her tone now as she spoke.

“He is helping us, me and my fiancée, retrieve my sister, then we plan to end this war,” Aerian replied

“With wolves and dragons and Unicorns the full force of The Everlands thrown against a single city, still that is for another day, we can come through the forest through the dire lair,” Deshan stated softly “She wont see or even smell you coming, you’ll have the advantage and trust me when I say you’re going to need it,”

Virra glanced to Aerian surprise, written on her normally composed features to the mention of more then a twitch. She then chuckled with an amused shake of her head, though, stopped mid-step as the amber eyes appeared from the tree line. A hand on her dagger’s hilts, though, hesitated as the wolf that slunk out appeared to circle Domi, whom actually surpassed Virra and had his hunter’s knife withdrawn. When the wolf plopped down and Aerian spoke, Virra relaxed with a chuckle and Domi returned his knife to it’s sheath.

“Then we don’t have a moment to loose.” Virra commented gathering Aerian’s hand.

“You two are engaged?” Domi stared at Virra and then Aerian, his mouth hung open.

“Oh, close that trap, else you will catch more then bugs…” Virra muttered appearing annoyed by his comment, though, flicking him on the nose in the passing. “Show us the way, Deshan.”

“Stay with me, my pack are hungry and intolerant of those with two legs,” Deshan warned darkly “The dires don’t trust many, so if you stray its on your own head”

Aerian looked at Domi with a smirk before looking to Virra “Better no get ourselves eaten in a less than fun way then,” Every word Aerian said had been deliberate as she drew Virras hand to her lips, the group disappearing back into the forest following Deshan.

Suddenly the ground dropped into low path that disappeared into a darkened cave. As Aerian slowed she looked beyond the cave into the darkness.

“You have a light spell?” Deshan asked as she rounded on them now, Aerian nodded and flicked a small ball of light into the air, Deshan seemingly smiled and again led them on an into the cave. The cave was full of dires, all of them now eying up their visitors.

Domi caught Aerian’s smirk and comment, chuckling while moving to stand near to Aerian. “I like her, Virra.” He said in amusement.

Virra cast him an irritated glance, then to Aerian as the kiss upon her hand caused her to relax. “Keep dreaming, lover boy.”

He simply shrugged while moving with the two women and the dire wolf through the forest, all the while all of them were aware of their surroundings. Once at the drop to the ground, Virra removed her hand from Aerian’s to allow her time to project the ball of light, a faint smirk on Virra’s ruby lips in the flickering shadows.

Once within the cave, the term within a wolf’s den gave new meaning, while they walked through. The sense of prey was thick in the air while the dire wolves watched them with critical and mistrusting canine eyes. Virra returned her hand to Aerian’s, allowing for the creatures to acknowledge their relationship while Domi kept close to the woman. At one point, Aerian felt him bump into her bottom but then a passing hand was upon her cheek, she could tell he had strong hands and rather large, but not freakishly so, such of a man. Virra hissed to Domi at one point, perhaps, he was copping a feel at both.

Aerian growled at his touch, nothing more than a polite tease in response, as the low humof the dires could be heard Aerian pulled herself togther “Alright we’d better knock this game of sexy cat and mouse on the head for now, else we will actually be lunch”

“My pack is hungry, dragons in our skies, it does not make us easy about hunting” Deshan rumbled darkly, the path curved and then began to lead back up, the sound of water ahead told them they would soon be clear of the caves.

“Hunt and eat, the dragons are bound to my father by the laws he set down, they will not harm you or yours, my father has his pact with you and yours as well, we will honour them” Aerian replied softly.

The path dipped and Aerian felt her feet get wet as she groaned “The river?”

Deshan chuckled “A short way, she is camped right on the edge, you will have no further trouble with finding her, I will have a small pack ensure she doesn’t run again”

Virra glanced to Aerian. “You started it.” She chuckled, though glanced down at the water. “Very impressive, Deshan. Tell you what… your wolves are hungry and we are about to kill a bitch. So why don’t we more then help each other out?”

Domi was further away now, but crouched low and pointed. “I smell smoke and see flames in the distance.” He straightened as Virra stood at his side. “Have your pack block any exit but the river, it is harder to cast amidst running water.”

“I really should have brought my bow, could take the bitch out from here and never have to fucking worry” Aerian muttered darkly as she crouched between Virra and Domi, her eyes on the fires ahead.

“You are half-angel and vampire, do you really NEED the bow and arrow?” Virra smacked her on the bottom, while moving forward to utilize a path for the others to follow and tread softly on the water with as little sound as possible. Domi glanced to Aerian with a impish grin, this sparked in his hazel eyes, causing him to be attractive, handing her his bow and quiver.

When they arrived closer, they found the sight of four heavily armored men gathered around a fire with a tent set up not to far. Suddenly a scream shattered the silence, as it appeared to be the cry from a baby, it was panicked and shrill. Inside this tent was a figure moving while rocking something in the arms.

Aerian drew two arrows, knocking them as she crouched on the waters edge, as she let lose the arrows were on target and clean taking two of the guards down the other two further back within the camp had their backs turned and were unaware of the sudden turn in numbers.

Aerian slid up to Virra “Don’t need the bow, I just prefer to even my odds, now how about you and Domi go shut the other two up before they notice the new holes in their buddies heads, then we can deal with the shape changing gutter whore, and go home,” she kissed Virras neck gently.

Virra glanced to Aerian at the kiss to her neck, nipping playfully in her direction. Domi did his best to ignore the interaction between the two but Aerian caught the sideways glance from his eyes. Though, Virra and Domi worked like an oiled machine together, moving silently behind the remaining two men, each slitting the throat of the man with hand over the mouths. Quietly dropping them, and waving in Aerian, still now it seemed as though the screaming from the baby was trying to tell them where she was.

They waved over Aerian now, sights fixed on the tent. Closer there was a figure within trying to coddle the child and silence the cries. Virra and Domi with Aerian snuck to the tent, pushing the flap. Everything happened seeming at once, when they entered Domi cried out in pain and crumbled to his knees holding his head.

Standing in the warm tent was a woman, a female drow. She had snow white hair that flowed beautifully down to her waist, white eyebrows appeared to be drawn on her face while her skin was an incredible shade of black and her eyes were crimson. Upon her was a purple dress that held a slit to the hip on the right side, the scoop neck revealed far more skin then what would deem necessary. The female was stunning, elegant and oozed female prowess. In her arms was a bundle, the golden eyes were wide and frightened, while the small round face was a pale ashen skin tone and the tiny bud shaped lips were open to reveal the horrid pitched sound. “This is beginning to be even more a problem then I had figured…” Her voice was the most alluring thing, a husky tone dipped in honey.

Aerian felt a prickle through her body, she silently squared her shoulders as she knelt beside Domi “Shake it off, we need you right now” her words were soft as she laid a hand on his shoulder a short flicker a electricty darted over him, enough to dull the ache in his head.

“You have my sister, and I am running out of patience,” Aerian stated darkly as she rose back to her feet, “Your sister wants her baby back, funny thing though she said nothing about the state you were to be left in,”

Xulljra remained calm and poised, as the baby squirmed and wailed. Those crimson eyes fixed on Aerian, while Domi was helped to stand by Virra, left panting as her will over him was dulled. Suddenly Xulljra began to laugh, it was cold, cruel even a little maniacal. “You really think, I fear you, child?” She looked down to the babe in her arms. “This infant is an abomination to the bloodline that the House Tor’tar stand for being of the Twelve.”

Virra was too distracted with supporting Domi and it happened fast. She tossed the child and with a force utilized a dork to push a path to escape the tent.

Xulljra was able to push past knocking Aerian who’s attention was on the falling child, a sudden rustle and the air fell deathly cold, as the child’s ascent slowed Aerian was able to pluck the young girl from the air.

As she got to the small infant she smiled softly before handing her off to Virra “You need to hold her right now” she whispered as the hand off occured Aerian buckled to the ground.

Virra accepted the baby, though, before Aerian could fall to the ground she felt a sudden support from behind her with surprisingly strong hands, a look back, Domi was behind her. “Firefly, are you okay?” Virra asked, concern in her voice while leaning forward the infant held her arms out to Aerian. “I think, she likes you.”

Aerian coughed hard as she felt the power drain before she turned with a smile to Domi “Your quick, thanks” She looked to young child now her eyes settlin as she smiled softly.

“I’m OK, I think, same vein as the judgement blade unlike mom I cant stop or reverse or hop through time, but I can slow it just enough to stop a baby from hitting the ground, something about the way mom and dad, damnit I couldn’t explain it if I tried. Except I don’t unless I have to,”she sighed softly “I’ll be feeling that one for a while”

She finally extracted herself from Domis grasp before walking to Virra and her sister, “We should get her home, then we can all rest easier together” Aerian stated gently.

“Well, it seems that she is grateful.” Virra said softly, looking down to the child, those golden eyes were intelligent and the lips formed into a smile and an excited gurgle. She looked to Domi then to Aerian. “Seems, she escaped…”

Domi suddenly adjusted with Aerian in support to sweep her off her feet, held in his arms which were surprisingly solid, hidden beneath his hoodie. “I think, we should cut our losses. At least, your sister is safe.” He said softly, while looking to Virra with a child. “You know, you actually look good like that…”

“Oh, fuck you, Domi.” Virra snapped while her voice was irritated, though, expression softened as the tiny hand clamped upon a finger. “Let’s head back.”

“We ALL?” Domi said with a smirk, clearly utilizing Aerian’s words against her. “I like that idea.”

Virra pushed past the tent flap with a roll of her eyes and shake of her head.

Aerian smirked as Domi reiterated her words, as she sauntered past she stumbled allowing him to glance down the deep valley of her breasts push tightly together by the top she wore, “The baby likes Virra and she kinda likes you, well she hasn’t killed you yet anyway, come on lover boy, we could use the help to end this war”

Domi glanced over his shoulder to Virra’s leave, then to the visual that Aerian presented, licking his lips but swept her off her feet to be held in his arms. “That is the only good thing that is coming.” He said calmly, walking through the tent flap, but he was strong and carried Aerian as though she weighed next to nothing. It was time for the trio to return back to the estate with the infant and Aerian’s sister. Now, in her position held in her arms, she got a good look at him. The strength in his jawline and high cheekbones addition of the copper skin tone, gave him an exotic appearance. There was something different about him, but, the fact that Virra hadn’t killed him meant something.

[Ending A War] Clearing the Mind

Aerian squeezed the last drops into a small phial, as she looked to Virra to a soft shrug.

“That’s it I think, this either unscrambles moms head, or it’ll kill her, we should get it to Jade,”

Virra nodded slipping from the edge of the table after watching the fiery female focus for a good few hours now. Moving to inspect the phial. “Let’s do it then. Sooner I can eat my fill of you.” She wrapped an arm around Aerian’s waist with a playful grope and grab of her bottom.

“Everything OK? Or do I need to need to remind Uncle Hades how he should be behaving as a Lord of our family?” There was an edge to her voice that was concern for a friend and member of the family, and a reminder she knew who he was inside.

Virra blinked for a moment, rather puzzled by Aerian’s words, looking around as they had not yet left the laboratory. “Whom are you speaking on, Firefly? Is that were he is in their room?”

Aerian shook her head clearing the vision “No Jade is in the kitchen, she just …” She sighed softly kissing Virra gently “We’ve been awake far too long, and I guess I’m tired”

As they entered the kitchens Aerian made her way to Jade, it was early morning, Aerian figured Jade would be preapring her mothers morning meal by this point as she smiled softly.

“I have the potion, god I hate that word but it is what it is,” She did note the bruises but remained quiet “Just be warned it will either clear her head, or it will kill her”

Jade glanced to Aerian and Virra as they entered, nodding to the words and accepting the phial. Virra though was not so quiet about the bruising around Jade’s delicate neck and instantly titled her chin up in a vice grip. The appearance was as though a strong hand nearly strangled her. “Who the fuck would dare hurt you like this…?” Virra growled, while Jade looked to Aerian for help, since a furious Virra was seething dangerous.

“Uncle Hades” Aerian replied blankly “We’re not going to push Jade, but remember you are family and we have your back, no matter who it is”

She moved to Virra placing her hand over Virras causing her grip to break, looking gently to Virra then Jade “We care for you, remember that as well”

Jade looked down as Virra was still oozing fury, a deep blush on her porcelain cheeks that slithered up her neck. “I-I know. We both needed it…and I like it rough, like that…” She whispered. “He marked me…”

Virra clutched her jaw tightly with a twitch of a muscle, Aerian has seen that furry in her fiance’s eyes. She turned quickly to leave the kitchen, it was clear that Virra want going to let this lay.

Aerian felt the anger that burned in Virra, the link worked both ways as she placed a hand on Jades arm “Be careful with him, I love Uncle Hades, but I never forget what he is inside, but we all have our demons, and you’re alive which means he knows where the lines are,”

She smiled softly and followed Virra from the kitchen catching her in one of the hallways “Bad memories?” She said softly

Jade looked up to Aerian with a show nod but turned back to the food and drink preparations. Though once out in the hall, she stopped Virra those dark eyes were daggers. “She was beaten? How the fuck is that normal? He had to have forced it. I’m mean look at Jade, she is so meek and shy…” Virra was shaking with rage.

“She wanted it, and Hades has been off lately, way off,” Aerian sank against the wall beside her lover softly as she took her hand “There is a constant battle in his head, between him and the demon in him, and that thing is no cake walk, he almost killed dad several times, but usually he suppresses it, it makes him twitchy and prone to mistakes, but she is alive, and she seemed happy, she would have run for the hills if not, I don’t think she’s afraid of him, and because she loves him, and he loves her,” Aerian was unsure if any of this made sense or if she was indeed simply trying to justify it somehow.

“We have to trust them Virra, and if it’s anything I promise if he went to far, family or not we will put him down,”

Virra looked to Aerian for a moment the anger not completely defused, but sighed. “At least, put my mind at ease…let’s go talk to him. I won’t be able to calm myself unless I hear from Hades…”

Hades was in the yard, already surrounded by several guards as they went at it Hades was fluid and accurate every strike landed was deliberate and well placed.Even as good as the Dentarian Guards were Hades new each move ahead of time, one thrown clear across the yard into the wall beyond as he landed on his feet in a crouch.

Aerian rolled her shoulders as they made toward him before he sent a knife through the air her way, her reflexes just as quick just as sharp as she took the blade from the air, “Careful or I’m going to think you’re trying to kill me, and I’m not 13 this time,” Her words were sharp as she spoke.

Virra gathered the blade to throw down to the ground, keeping her dark eyes on Hades. “We just saw Jade. She has a bruise around her neck and said you are the cause.”

“And your pissed at me? Because you think I hurt her out of spite, anger a hatred of people?” Hades replied before turning his gaze on Aerian “Or that I may be slipping, losing control of the dark inside?”

“She told us that she enjoyed it. But I wanted to hear it from you. I’ve been beaten and raped on more than one occasion, to recognize those marks. I could assume, though I’d rather give you a chance. Would Kane or Aishani see that you will need support.” Virra said calmly but there was a low growl to her voice.

“And considering, You, my niece, my brother and his wife are all under one roof, such acts would be suicide for me, especially right now. Yes I hurt her, not because I wanted to, but because I needed to in that moment. I need to be clear going into what we are in, the fight we’re in, Jade let me be me, just long enough to get us both off, she’s beautifully strong like that, I wouldn’t hurt her because I could, it’s more likely she could do more harm to me anyway, I love her” Hades replied, there was no conflict or excuse in his words now “So you take it as you need but I wont apologise for it,”

Virra exchanged a glance with Aerian, then looked to Hades, it appeared his words defused her temper for now. But, she didn’t respond to Hades’ words, taking Aerian’s hand in her own and left the courtyard. As they walked it was clear something weighed upon her mind quite heavily. Though when it seemed that no words were to be spoke, Virra spoke. “It was consensual. You said he has a demon in him…what happened to the two of you when you were thirteen? Do you trust, Hades?”

“Yea grandad used parts of dad, Krystal and Haunted, and himself which created Uncle Hades, he seemed to have ducked the vampiric side of the family and instead got a huge dose of chaos demon instead, which left unchecked causes him to go bat shit crazy.” Aerian sighed softly bringing Virras hand to her lips.

“I was sent back to the Everlands when I was about nine, seems that human kids are nasty and they pissed me off in a bad way which resulted in me trying to electrocute several of them, mum had no choice but to send me back. When I was youner Uncle Hades wasn’t who he is now, the demon unchecked uncontrolled, his logic was he couldn’t beat dad so instead, he beat me half to death and tried to throw me into the ravine, figuring killing me would be the best way to hurt dad. He failed, Uncle Krys got to me in time, and wasn’t long after that dad locked him away.”

Aerians words were heavy with the pain she held onto in those days “But at least Uncle Hades is capable of compassion, grandad left the human range of emotions, which ultimately led to him turning on him and in time coming to us, you take that out like grandad did the second time and you get Hareavor, ice cold, no regret, no remorse and even more unstable than Uncle Hades. So at least we have that going for us, we need him focused not battling with his inner demon, and in his case quite literally, my question though is what has you so rattled? I have seen you angry but this is a whole other level”

Virra stopped to look at the cottage as it now stood before them. “When I was younger, much younger. My Pops had a right hand man that used to torture and beat women that were captured or ‘rescued’ from the slave traders to a fate much worse, I was so furious when I spoke to my Pops about it that he didn’t believe me. Turned his head the other way, I had bruises on my body, most unseen, others much like Jade’s. In the end, I killed him but made it appear another group had done so. I was free though every time I see a woman with battered marks upon her I slip into a rage, remembering it all…”

Aerian felt her blood run cold as she heard Virras words, her eyes welled just for a moment “I … he does love her,” She barely knew what to say in that moment as she slid into Virras arms “He wouldn’t hurt us now, any of us,”

Virra wrapped her arms around Aerian, cradling her head gently against her shoulder. “I hope such is as you say, Firefly. But, it brought back memories is all. Don’t feel sad, nor sympathy to me. It was part of my life and made me the woman that loves you today. I’m only stronger from it and I did not wish Jade to be found in a situation that she truly did not wish.”

Aerian nodded softly “Just thinking of anyone hurting you, it sucks, past or present. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone either, and Hareavor ensured I could never …. not with a man anyway, not sure if it sucked because of what it was or how he was, or because in some twisted way he was family, which when you look at the rest of us who’d die for each other,” She sighed softly “Come on, you made a threat to eat me, and it’s already been too damn long since we were alone, so you can make brain turn to mush so I forget everything,” It was deflection on Aerians part, but Virra would feel the knot of pain that twisted up inside of Aerian, it would be impossible for either of them to hide their emotions from the other now their bond already stronger than ever.

Virra looked to Aerian tilting her head at the sense of pain that lingered, lifting a hand to caress her cheek with a smirk, running a thumb over the plump bottom of Aerian’s lip. “I think, we both could use a distraction.” Suddenly Virra pushed Aerian back and she felt her feet lift from the ground, before Aerian knew it she was in Virra’s arms. “I think, I completely forgot that I haven’t carried my bride to be over the threshold.” She chuckled and walked to the door and through it, as her lips were on Aerian’s.

Aerian smiled before reacting to the kiss, before she broke the kiss looking to Virra for a moment “It’s about time!” She smirked as her emerald eyes reflected nothing but passion for Virra “You’re incredible you know that right, I do have a question and it’s going to sound seriously weird,”

Virra kicked the door closed behind her with a foot, while balancing with Aerian and walking with her to the bedroom. Dropping her on the bed, meticulously beginning to remover Aerian’s clothing, while Virra’s lips gave chase and offered playful nips at her lover’s ticklish spots. “Oh? Weird, hm? Well you better ask before I change my mind.”

Aerian squirmed each time Virra caught a ticklish spot, she could feel her body respond, “Considering everything we’ve been through, were you always a girl type girl or do you miss men in some way?”

She stopped her intentions on Aerian, instead standing to remove her clothing to press her naked body against Aerian’s. Fingertips caressing across her shoulders, down her collar bone from left to right. “I suppose there could have been a time I liked men, but that was stolen from me by the man that took my innocence.” She watched as her fingers graced the skin leading to Aerian’s breasts but instead pranced between the swells without touching. “Being surrounded by disgusting men, it really wasn’t a thought in my mind. How about you?”

Aerian caught Virras hand moving it to her breast slowly “I always had a thing for girls, at least as I started to develop like that, but when I got older, I mean even ignoring what Hareavor did, or others, my work occasionally had me need to do things, sleep with men for information or to piss off a wife, but sometimes it was enjoyable”

Virra nodded to her, but instead of cupping and massaging her lovers mound, she caressed the full shape with her fingers. Tracing small circles around the bud but never actually touching the surface directly. “Did you like sleeping with the men for jobs? I’ve always been curious of a threesome.”

“I liked that sometimes I needed to, to get a job done, it feels good, I have all the power in those occasions, maybe that’s why” Aerian squirmed against Virra now wrapping her legs around one of Virras and grinding her hips against her.

Virra lowered a hand to cup and smack Aerian’s behind, with a rub after. “I’ll make you forget every man you slept with.” She said with her mouth sinking to Aerian’s bud into her mouth with lustful vigor.

Aerian groaned deeply, still grinding her hip into Virras leg as she could feel the heat from Virra mouth on her nipple her whole body shuddered.

Virra guided Aerian to her back, lips still fixed to the bosom, nibbling gently with flicking the bud captured with her greedy feast. Rolling her thigh more firmly against Aerian’s sweet spot, a hand lowered to slither a finger to stimulate her pearl.

Aerian moaned, her whole body tensed against Virras touch, her whole body prickling with pleasure as Virra would find Aerian incredibly wet to her touch.

Virra grinned amidst the focus on Aerian’s succulent bosom, parting with a very gentle grab and pluck of her bud watching as the flesh juggled. With the added lubrication it was easy for her to glide and massage her pearl. Virra tilted her chin up. “Mmm, someone is excited…” She purred beside her ear.

“Admittedly I’ve been wet all day because someone has been threatening to fuck me all day” Aerian replied her words coming between gasps, as she moaned deeply, right before her whole body shuddered from the touch of her lover “And …” Aerian let the statement hold as the images in her head caused her body to grind into Virras hand hungry now for her release.

Virra positioned herself between Aerian’s legs now, her body keeping Aerian’s legs apart. Just as the fingers left her pearl to plunge three violently and drop into her silken folds to the knuckle, wriggling the digits. “And…?”

Aerian squealed in delight feeling Virra penetrate her so violently only pushed her deeper into the pleasure, as she clamped against her invading fingers she tried to clear her mind enough to answer “I … want … to …” Aerian squirmed awkwardly now “To … see …. you fucked” she breathed breathlessly now

At this point Virra began to pump her fingers like a tool with Aerian, yet she felt a little pressure at her back door as a pinky traced the sensitive entry. “You’re so dirty…” Virra whispered next to her ear but in the next instant, her lips laughed of the line with such force and stimulation it was only A cover for the plunge of her pinky into her back door.

Aerian growled as it stung just for a moment before pleasure returned just as quickly she ground down again into Virras hand, she could feel her cheeks flush in her cheeks as she whimpered “You put the idea there, nor did you say no, so …” she moaned as she felt a fresh wave of pleasure shuddered through her.

“For you, Firefly, I would do anything…” she panted beside her ear, before a free hand cupped her cheek. Taunting her with her lips but never kissing Aerian. Each attempt caused her to move her hands faster to bring her near a climax before slowing only to do such again and again. Virra was building her up to the moment of a limit drawn out release.

Aerian would feel it build only for Virra to snatch it away causing her to moan in frustration as she turned to look into Virras eyes there was a strange look of defiance combined with the desire before she managed to speak “Don’t do it because I want to, I need you to want it too, to explore every aspect of who we are in every and any way we can think of” she moaned deeply

Virra smirked to Aerian, only moving her hands faster with the wiggle of the digits to press every button Aerian had. That is when Aerian felt the subtle touch upon her pearl from Virra’s thumb. “I wouldn’t have it any other way…” She growled sensually and crushed her lips against Aerian’s, the heat alone was melting as the kiss stopped discussion and held the deep seeded passion, slick muscle urging Aerian to climax.

Aerians hands wound into the sheets as her back pushed up forcing her down into Virras hand, an attempt to hold back the wave which threatened to crash through her, as her thumb touched the tender bud her body spasmed violently, breaking the kiss to cry out in pleasure. Her whole body shuddered violently as she passed through one release right into another waiting just behind!

Virra seemed pleased by the release, a seductive expression on her face, though just before the other release rushed forth Virra’s hot mouth was suckling and lapping up the nectar. Placing intent suction upon the bud pearl, as the slick tool if her tongue violently penetrated her. Another finger joined her pinky, thrusting more quickly.

As Virra moved Aerian grabbed her hair pushing her against her face, a hunger that burned as she ground into Virra now her moans of pleasure growing with each moment. A third violent orgasm Aerian snapped back into the bed ercries now becoming screams as she twisted against Virra,the world around her dimming as she lay shuddering.

Virra wasn’t done, the fact that Aerian’s hand pushed against her head seemed to fuel her as it appeared the sheer taste of her lover want going to do there. Her tongue slithered deeper as she nibbled at the plump pearl amidst the suckling. She paused to drink her in and went again and again, pushing Aerian to a limit never brief sought with anyone. Virra wanted to please her and to the heavens. Everything seemed to blend into one motion, one act and it was hard to focus on just one. Out was clear Virra wanted her to beg to stop.

Aerian lost track somewhere between the fourth or fifth orgasm only that her body gave up to a quivering mass of flesh every touch from Virra now incredibly heightened as her body shuddered from one orgasm to the next, she wanted to pull away but hadn’t the strength to do so, her mind wanted more and more a hunger for her lover as her body again resisted “No …. more ….. please” Aerian begged softly barely above a whisper.

Virra grinned satisfied with her pleas, adjusting to lay at her side, only caressing her quivering flower with the lightest, loving touch. Though she whispered to Aerian, beside her ear. “From now on, I will only stop when your body gives and you beg for me to do so…” She kissed her neck gently.

“You’re mean” Aerian breathed softly “But I’m going to return the pleasure, after we sleep!” Aerian could feel Virra beside her a gentle comfort settling as exhaustion pushed her body further over the edge now.

[A New Path] Bound by Love

Haunted sat in the chair watching as Virra and Aerian slept, his fingers laced together in his lap as he waited, silent as was the curse of being dead, charged with watching those whom he loved the most. Right now that was his family.

He reached forward now laying a hand upon Virras shoulder, enough force to rouse her from her slumber.

“Please do not wake Aerian this is for you and you alone” He stated softly

Virra opened her eyes those dark jewels fixed on him with sleep lingering on the fringes. But clarity came to her as a male was standing at her beside. “Who are you?” She whispered clearly acknowledging his words to keep the sleeping Aerian as such.

He rubbed his jaw for a momemt “Well that’s a new one, still I’m Haunted Elcarus, and you and I need to talk”

Virra looked from him to Aerian and left the bed carefully to not disturbed her sleeping love. Since she was completely exposed without clothing Virra gathered a crumpled shirt from the floor to slip into. “I see. Well…go ahead.”

Haunted had already turned his back as she left the bed with a look after she had covered herself his words came soft “I’ll be at the graveyard, there is something you should see” With that he vanished through the wall and into the darkness beyond.

Virra sighed but tired on her leather pants to fix herself with the usual leather vest and her weapons since she never went any place outside her home without them.

Virra used the shadows of night to her advantage of going undetected. Until she arrived at the cemetery looking around and searching for Haunted. She found it mildly amusing to meet someone named Haunted in a cemetery that could very well be Haunted.

The graveyard was unusually dark, mists crept through the grounds, as Virra stepped in the grounds behind vanished into the darkness, Haunted was crouched by a grave, as he stood and steeped aside the words were clear as to who’s grave it was.

‘Aerian Elcarus, you will always be my firefly’ Haunted shifted awkwardly now. On the grave were blood red roses, beyond Aerians grave was dark but it was clear enough to know not too far were Haunted and Krystals Graves as well as their mother Nelliahs.

“Not your version of the Elcarus Graveyard, at least not yet” Haunteds face was drawn in frustration as he watched Virra.

Virra narrowed her eyes on the header to the gravestone that Haunted was crouched beside, a muscle twitched at her jaw now, clearly this was not a pleasing sight to her. “Nothing is set in stone, Haunted. You are telling me that this may be…why?”

“Because I cannot sit idly by, we have the power to alter the course of the realm but our hands are tied, this IS the path you walk, but as you said nothing is set in stone, you already know the cost of Aerians gift, those that are driven mad by it, inevitably it ends in death for them as their very self is torn apart. For such a powerful entity the realm has a twisted nature” Haunteds voice seemed darker, irritated by his current plight “So I chose to act, the war at hand will cost you all in the long term, but you more than any other, I cannot stop all of that, but I can tell you how to protect Aerian, unfortunately it comes with its own cost, both to you and to me”

Haunted stood and the scene around them shifted back to the Mansion and the graveyard, they were now stood on empty ground “I’m not often known for breaking the rules Virra, but you are a strength this family needs and if Aerian falls I fear they will lose you, losing Aerian will destroy Kane and that has its effects on Aishani, you can see where this goes? I cannot allow that to happen, so I will give you the means to protect Aerian from death by her gift”

Virra’s chest rise and fell more readily now as the weight of Haunted’s words pressed in her. But she inhaled deeply with closed eyes. “I’m listening. Every one of the Elcarus mean something to me especially Aerian. Talk to me. I will do whatever I must to keep the glue to the family and myself alive.”

“The orb you and Aerian retrieved from the dwarf city is a rare form of Ascondias magic, undiluted by the realm, it was taken as she arrived and then hidden when she intended to leave, of course that never happened and she was made Queen because of her lineage, but that magic is also an undamaged version of Aerian” haunted stopped as he looked over his shoulder, there was a nervousness to his words now

“You need to create two items using that magic, the tricky part is they need to be sealed with the blood of those to be tied to it, your’s and Aerians, once that is done it will allow Aerian to experience the visions as she is meant to do, the catch is some of the pain will be yours to bear with her, that I’m afraid is the cost of protecting her, making the items will be tricky few can do what is needed, Aerian may know of someone”

Virra closed her eyes absorbing his words, breathing returning to a calm and steady rise and fall of her chest, but, when they opened a determination had settled in. “Then Aerian needs to be informed of this meeting and the orb. But, in this case, what is it you mean by create two items using the magic? Such as what? You have to remember, I am a nothing in this realm. I have no magical talent or affinity. I was born and raised to be a killer, but, now I love Aerian with everything I am and will be. So I will do whatever I may to keep her safe, even at the risk of my own life. But, we will not go down that road and I will have to talk to her about this…bonding.”

Haunted looked frustrated for a moment as he paced before he led her a little deeper into the graveyard now standing behind his own grave “The price we pay to protect our own is never guaranteed” He sighed softly before appearing to lean against the high rising cross “The what these objects must be is less important than the way they are crafted, Kane and Aerian had pendants for a while but the Elcarus magic that allowed the link faded some time ago, Kane is less linked than Ascondia which is why you need the orb, A ring, a knife, anything that you will both keep close at all times, Aerian already knows this can be done but the burden of seer is hers and hers alone or so she would have you believe.”

Haunted now crossed to stand before her his eyes staring deeply into hers “Now as for you been nothing in this realm, you were raised to be a killer, and had that path come to conclusion you would have killed Aerian, however you did not, and you alone chose to extract yourself from that life, align yourself with her father without really knowing if he would have killed you the moment he retrieved his daughter, but trust me Virra the moment you gained Aerian’s absolute trust, and her heart, you became one of us, it may not be Elcarus blood in you but I believe your heart beats as if it had. I could have taken this to Hades or her father but I did not I came to you because you have the best chance of keeping my niece alive, she would without question lay her life down to protect you, trust me I’ve seen it and I had no doubt you would do the same, you could tell Aerian what you need the items for and she would likely give you her blood and the link would work, just less than if you can keep this step to yourself and ensure the bonding is as strong as it needs to be to protect her properly”

Virra listened to Haunted in silence while waking with him deeper into the graveyard. His words weighted heavily upon her while it was true. Every single word. In the end she looked to him. “I will relay this information to Aerian. She will not be pleased at missing this bit I understand the reason. Yes I will do everything in my power to get this ritual complete with her help. I will not see her buried.”

“Nor will I, despite what those above me may think, I will not sit back and watch my family shattered when I have the ability to correct it, be safe Virra and take care of my family” Haunted turned as he spoke as his wards faded into the darkness so did he.

Virra watched as Haunted and this ethereal world melted away. But turned to return to her home and search for the orb.

Aerian stirred, the cool air surrounding her as she turned to notice Virra was absent, slowly she climber from her bed to look in the rroms beyond, as she found Virra she smiled softly.

“You’re supposed to put things away when you tidy up not the other way around”

Virra was surrounded by a mess of items, though, glanced over her shoulder to Aerian and rose. Nearing her, gathering her hair as reigns in her hand and crushing her lips against her own. The heat and passion encompassing the kiss was breathtaking even as it deepened. Though, broke the kiss with a shrewd smack. “I need the sphere, the orb, we brought back. There is a ritual that has to be done, Haunted told me you know how to do the bonding or someone that may. It is crucial.”

Aerian melted against the kiss her hands sliding to Virras waist with a soft moan, as they separated and Virra spoke Aerian blinked.

“Uncle Haunted told you all this? Wonder how many rules he broke” She sighed softly as she slid into on of the chairs, her eyes watched Virra for a moment “The orb is sealed up in the Mansion, safe as safe as it ever could be, but the bind doesn’t hold Dad and I tried it, it was OK for a while then the spell wore off” She shook her head gently “If it was possible I would have found a way to do it, even tried to bury my gift altogether but that resulted in a really bad headache and tumble from the roof of the stables, not the softest ground to land on, seems if the realm wants me to know something I’m not able to ignore it”

Virra glanced to Aerian as she settled while falling to her knees before her with her hands caressing her thighs. “The orb is our only hope Firefly. I have seen what the realm has in store for you. But the orb and the bounding ritual will save you from that. I have every intention to make it work. Is your father the only one that knows how to do the ritual?”

“I can do the ritual the hard part is finding something to contain the magicks, it’s not easy to do” Aerian look to Virra with a smile “But I can do it”

“Good. Then that is what we will do. This burden is meant to be shared. It will allow your visions to be as they were meant to be. Something that we will wear all the time. I want rings.”

“I’m guessing he remembered to tell you about the mind splitting pain? And you may or may not see what I see” Aerian knelt down to kiss Virra “The problem is now we can’t get out of the grounds, there’s a thirty thousand strong army sat at our gates, guess we’ll have to fire up the mansions forge” She made her way back to their room to dress before returning to Virra.

As they crossed through the mansion and down into the basement she reached a wall, tapping the wall it parted revealing the vault within, inside we many things, weapons of ages past, armour bearing the Elveran Sigil, the picture of her and her parents now hung on the wall as she stopped too look “Huh I guess dad finally took it down now he has finally found love” She smiled softly and they carried on through “Not to sound like an ass but try not touch anything I honestly have no idea why half of this stuff is down here except its not to be in the hands of others, though Uncle Haunteds philosophy of lock it up rather than destroy it is starting to cause spacial issues, she finally reached a glass box, inside lay her fathers old blade from his time with the Elveran Army and beside it lay the orb”

“Like I promised safe and sound,” As they made their way back out she smiled slipping her fingers through Virra “Now the fun part”

“I’m willing to deal with such things, if it means you will remain by my side, Firefly. It is unimportant as to what I see or feel, you have a gift that has been misconstrued by the realm. It is time we take this by the horns.” She walked alongside Aerian as the two descended into the basement, Aerian looked around at the area with the many items of ages past. Virra paused to look at the picture with a smirk. “Cute kid. But that child turned into a sexy fire bomb.” Virra chuckled while her dark eyes shifted to Aerian, though, at they stood before the glass box, a smack was to her rump but this was before she lifted the orb. “Seems, we have work to do. Let’s get to it.” Virra responded with a squeeze to Aerian’s hand.

“We do indeed” Aerian replied softly with a smile and led Virra from the vault and through a hall, the forge sprung to life the moment they entered the fires burst to life with a deafening roar. Aerian plucked through a pile of rocks to make her metals choice weighing each before choosing them.

“Worst part of metal work is getting the metals right, I learnt how to do this ….” She trailed off for a moment “Well you alrady know what I used to do, so there’s no harm in telling you I learnt while I was trying to retrieve a rather precious item, unfortunately for me his wife caught us in bed and I had to kill them both” She shook her head with a dark smile “Then they sent dad after me and I stopped doing jobs that required murder,” She had never once dropped her work flow working the metal as if it were liquid, every movement she made was precise.

Virra’s eyes widened as the forge came to life, as though it was a breathing conscious creature. She chuckled while moving to help Aerian choose out the best metals, though, listened to her while she spoke during her work. “At times, I miss the killing…but, when I am with you it gives me more appreciation to life then before. Now, with Aishani pregnant even more. It’s rather funny, how we came from two paths and never crossed before until you were in the cell and then I knocked you out. It’s odd how the realm works.”

“Honestly I’m surprised we never crossed paths either, but the realm has its plan and I guess you knocking some sense into me was a huge part of that, as it seems is a need to share my gift or curse depending on your opinion” Aerian smiled as she took the orb, her eyes watched the magicks within twist and curl against the glass before she hit the glass against the edge of the anvil shattering the purple haze lurched upward at her and with a short flick was redirected into the molten metals it swirl and the sound as if it cried out in pain before it settled and the metal swirled swallowing it down.

As she moved a plate aside finding the mould for rings she smiled softly tossing in a fleck of her own power “No point guessing size when the realm will sort that for us, and if it’s going to make you suffer then it can damn sure make sure my promise ring to you fits”

“You should never feel wrong for who you were Virra, because who you were is what helped us both become who we are, and I don’t know what’s got you so rattled about my path but you should already know many have tried to kill me and so far none have succeeded, even less likely with you at my side” she poured the metal with a skill that was hard to deny as it lurched fro the pot and into the mold, it would take a moment as the metals began to cool, a hint of purple ran through each, but primarily they were silver and mythril green a symbol of their eternal meaning.

Virra sat on the anvil now, ankles crossed, content to watch Aerian move around but as the red heads back was to her, she moved over to wrap her arms around her waist with a brush of her lips against the slender neck. A hand lifted to brush aside her hair to offer more optimal contact, licking and nibbling. “There is still one more part to this…isn’t there. I understood blood was to be involved.” She whispered beside her lovers ear

Aerian turned to face Virra her eyes soft “He really did tell you it all didn’t he, I only found out blood was needed to strengthen the connection after our original attempt failed, but yes we are supposed to add blood before this finishes cooling, you wear the one with mine and I the one with yours” Aerian drew her dagger with a soft smile “But without question Virra I offer you my life, everything I am” she drew the blade over her palm opening a wound before letting the blood spill over one of the rings, it flared for a moment as the magics contained within drank the blood before it vanished back within the the metal.

“I also know you weren’t supposed to tell me that part because in telling me you eliminate the only possible way it could fail, it had to be a willing sacrifice to open my gift to you, the rings and the magic would have worked it just wouldn’t have lasted more than a couple of years, once you add your blood, its for life, even if anything should happen between us Virra your stuck with it” There was a serious edge to her words as she swallowed down the thought that she could lose the only person in the realm she trusted and loved above even herself.

Of course, he did. He wants you to be safe and this is the only way he knows to protect you. Since he also knows I will do anything to keep you safe…” Virra removed a dagger from her sheath, eyes meeting that of Aerian’s. “I know this is not exactly kosher…” She sliced her hand while watching the blood pool in her palm. “I offer all that I am to you, Aerian. My light. My Firefly. My heart.” Virra turned her hand over to pour the blood upon the untouched ring, watching the effects from the flare and the metal cooled with the beautiful metal. Though before Aerian could reach for the mold of her ring, Virra snatched it and opened it up, lowering down to one knee and taking her hand with a kiss. “Aerian, I love you. As I place this ring upon your finger, we are bound and our fates become one. Please, will you marry me?” She held the ring between index and thumb to display, as those dark eyes were fixed up on her.

Aerian blinked her heart thundering against her chest as she stood still covered in soot from the forge her eyes on the ring then Virra, the moment held as the words failed her, finally she smiled “I will, of course I will”

As she felt the ring slip onto her finger then twist and form into shape she took the other and then Virras hand sliding it into place on her lovers hand, softly she smiled “That’s it, you’re stuck with me now, we are part of each other forever”

“Hate to spoil it. But you were stuck with me the moment I first laid eyes on you.” Virra stood and pulled Aerian into a deep and passionate kiss. As though the blood was not enough but this emotion behind such a display of affection staked the gate of the two young lovers. Now they were more then in a relationship but bound together as one. The ritual was complete.

It wouldn’t be long before their ritual would be tested as they made their way home, it hit, Aerian felt it stagger her as she looked to Virra there was an odd look in her eyes, she could feel the fire in her head and every fibre of who she was, burning every nerve as the visions hit, a flicker of the Elveran Castle Throne Room, she could taste the blood that was in the air, Ceremon and Z’ress were seated, Hareavor lingered beside them.
Aerian felt the knot of panic rise as she saw him but pushed aside the panic as she seated herself knowing this wasn’t real, Ascondia was blood stained and beaten, covered with scraps of cloth, as she looked to Aerian she was dead eyed. The scene continued as Aerian edged closer, it was oddly cold, she reached her mother taking her hands.
“Aerian, you came, I’m sorry”
The pain was sudden and intense or it should have been as she looked to see the blade clean through her, she heard the cry of Virra beyond, before Ascondia pulled the blade sideways spilling her insides to the ground. Aerian staggered and hit the ground. The vision faded as she looked into the dark of the Mansion courtyard, the dull ache in her head still present.
She crawled to Virra “Tell me I didn’t see what I think I just saw, I thought we were supposed to avoid me ending up dead” it had begun to rain as she sat resting against Virra in the dirt, her mind struggling to wrap around her vision “I’ve never had one so clear, not like that”

Virra was laying on her back, almost as though the air was punched from her lungs, she was gasping to the pain but when Aerian crawled over to her those dark eyes looked dazed to her. But, Aerian saw the clarity dawning on her, her jaw was clenched as it was more then clear that Virra was none too pleased about the vision. But sat up to wrap an arm around Aerian, pulling her close as the rain poured down on them, perching her chin on the fiery crown of the red-head. “No. I saw it. Everything. Then we have to take the situation to avoid it. Nothing is set in stone, Firefly. Nothing.”

“This one we’re supposed to avoid” Aerian kissed Virras forehead gently “Besides I’m not just going to stand there and let my mother be the one to kill me, seems anti climatic somehow” it was an odd tone in Aerians voice almost as if she were joking.

“Besides she’s in a castle cell, and we’re stuck behind a whole shit load of bad guys, the chances of us getting out alive right now are rather small, we have to wait for Dad and Aishani to pull of whatever it is they’re doing doing” Again she kissed Virra “And sorry I did warn you it hurts like hell”

Aerian let her hand slide under Virras shirt against the now wet flesh “I love you,” she breathed softly

Virra smirked to Aerian as her lips planted upon her forehead. “That’s my Firefly, full of spice.” She adjusted as the second kiss was presented, grimacing a slight. “Yes you did and I would gladly feel the pain to just have you still here with me. The wait is going to be a killer, but, I can manage.” Virra lifted her hand to place over Aerian’s beneath her shirt with the wet fabric between, raising her other hand to curl around Aerian’s neck and crush her lips against hers. The passion was breathtaking while the kiss enveloped every essence of their affection, though, after Virra placed her forehead against Aerian’s. “Now and forever.” She smirked

Aerian growled against the kiss before letting her hands work to ease Virra out of her clothes, the rain soaking them to the core but ignored among the passion that spilt through ever pore. Aerian placed kisses over Virras rain soaked skin losing herself in her lover, Aerians hands roamed the wet flesh her lips catching every inch of flesh.

Virra’s skin was blotched with colour as Aerian removed her tunic to expose her bosom and skin to the assault of the weather with the warmth of her lips. Her sounds her barely heard over the pounding rain as though the realm itself wept over the vision. She ran her hands through Aerian’s fiery threads as curling to utilise as reigns to bring her lips against Aerian in a deep and passionate kiss. Her own hand roamed and sunk beneath Aerian’s shirt to cup and knead into her mounds with a pluck of the buds insert the fabric.

Aerian moaned deeply her whole body pressed into Virra now as she slowly letting her hand slide against Virras inner thigh slowly, locked deep in the kiss for a moment before letting her fingers graze the tender flesh between Virras thighs, letting her fingers slowly trace her lower lips for a moment before sliding between them, slowly tracing over her clit.

Amidst the kiss, Virra moaned while her hands press more firmly into her bosom with a roll of each bud between her fingers followed by a pluck. As one hand continued the motions, Virra moved the palm behind to dip beneath her pants to cup and squeeze her bottom in order to press her closer. A single digit sliding between her soaked petals then up to plunge within her back door without warning or permission.

Aerian squirmed against the invasion, a low whimper escaping her lips. Her fingers tensed against Virra clit Virra for a moment before Aerian allowed her fingers slip down a little more and slip into her heated centre. The scent of the rain mixed with the scent of Virra was pushing Aerian into a whirlwind of emotion and need.

Virra released a supple signed of pleasure that only seemed to accent their voyage in this vessel of pleasure. Sliding her thumb to trace the drooling hate to her core just as another digit accompanied the current at Aerian’s starlet. Her free hand massaging hungrily into Aerian’s mounds with a pinch and pluck of the bud. The two hoping lovers were lost in their own world amidst the courtyard for any to witness.

Aerian let her fingers ease deeper into Virra for a moment before letting them slip back and circle the tender clit, her body pressed against Virra as the rain still hammered down on them. Her lips finding flesh of Virras neck and shoulder, instinct pushed her back against Virras actions. Aerian was already lost in her very real need for Virra, even as odd as it was for her to be so aggressively, in this moment Aerian didn’t care all she wanted was Virra.

Virra growled softly to the contact that Aerian made to her skin with her lips, while the fingers tended to Aerian’s starlet with more fever then before and the thumb dipped into her honey pot to caress the entry, though, now she curled her leg within Aerian’s to turn her over with a splash into the wet grass. The dark presence in her eyes spoke of the hunger that was deeply seated in the dark haired woman, but, before Aerian could react the sound of ripped fabric was heard while her shirt was ripped open and Virra lunched down to press her lips in an encompass to the tender erect buds, but never did her other bosom feel neglected with the grasp and massage of her hand.

Aerian whimpered as she hit the ground the cold of the earth seeping through her clothes, the feeling of the cool air across her skin forced her back to arc slightly into Virra as her body was exposed to the air and rains. There was something wicked in her eyes as she stared at Virra, before she reached up catching Virras hair into her hand and pulling her to a deep kiss, the passion as deep as she had ever known, her whole body shuddered.

Virra returned the fiery in the kiss as though the feeling was constable liquid and moaned amidst the tango of their sick muscles. Just then Virra’s thumb pressed upon Aerian’s button in a massage while her fingers pounded info her back door. It was clear now the purpose of the movements as they were to make Aerian scream with release.

Aerian growled deeply as her body shuddered, her legs trembling as her whole body shook with the wave of pleasure that ripped through her. Her mind went numb for a moment only the resounding thud of her own heartbeat was able to make it through the wave of pleasure that rocked her body.

Aerian smiled darkly as she shifted suddenly beneath Virra moving into position directly between her thighs, Aerian gripped Virras hips and pulled her down into her waiting mouth her tongue striking her clit with intent to return the same pleasure to her lover.

Virra was too lost on the fact of her lover releasing with an incredibly sound to react fast enough to Aerian’s movements. The instant her lips made contact with the lower petals, Virra howled with joy to the kiss that ensued in a whisper at her flower, urging the molten core to melt and give in to the urging from Aerian.

Just then her body tensed and that is when Aerian was paid with a rush of nectar, that was sweet and delicious, but, Virra lowered her hand to reign in Aerian’s hair tightly to not let the girl escape and give to desiring more, as her hips began to roll into her fiery lover.

Aerian moaned against the rush, drinking down her lover, not willing to spill a drop of her reward. As she lay listening to Virras breath she heard the draw of weapons and draw of a bow, instantly her blood froze and as quick she went for her weapon only to be greeted with a boot to the ribs, a low growl of menace as she slid to her knees.

“I wouldn’t bother” Came the voice, so dark and detached “So when did my little princess fall for the girls? I thought you were happiest keeping our group happy? Though pity you ran out on your wedding, can’t say our boss too happy about that one girl, still you are hand delivering your little toy here, so perhaps you’ll keep your head after all”

I didn’t take Aerian long to put the pieces together, Virras father along with half a dozen mercenaries had seemingly managed to do the impossible and breach the defences of Elcarus Mansion, she mentally tapped the defences to know the anti harm spells were still up. Her eyes slid to Virra with a smirk “Seems my need for you got the better of my guard, though I’m curious how they got by the defence” There was accusation in her voice as she snapped her head to Virras father “But I already know it wasn’t here, which means somehow you got in through the caves beneath, the ones that feed the manor, which we can’t extend the fields to without almost killing my dad or my Uncle, so while you think you’re clever you’re actually not”

He struck and again Aerian was put the ground “I can’t kill you girl, your little spells prevent that, but we’re working on it, they will come down and when they do, I’m going to rip you apart for taking my daughter”

Virra moved to place herself between Aerian and her father. “The only one that is going to be ripped apart is YOU!” She stood and glared at her father. Asian had never seen such hatred in her eyes and it was enough to make one reconsider. “All I have ever done was to prove myself to you. That I was worthy. You sell me off like I was cattle to the slaughter. For once in your life you take sides with the money, but it is the wrong side. Mommy would be disappointed in you if she were alive. You mean to take away the one thing in this world I love…believe me. I fight for what I believe in. Do you?”

“All you had to do was sleep with Hareavor or Ceremon, have their child and we would have had the keys to the kingdom, but you chose to run, make no mistake Virra, when it comes to money and power, I need believe in nothing else” He smiled darkly as he looked at the two women with a smile “You are still the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, your mother would be proud”

Aerian spat blood into the ground before pushing herself to her knees “Yea, she would just not for the reasons you think, you can’t win and right about now Uncle Hades is going to know your here which means your ass is toast, little unknown fact about the defences of Dentarius, the anti harm charms only work on other people, we can actually kill uninhibited, bit silly of us not to be able to protect our own asses after all”

A flicker of concern crossed his face just for a moment before he looked to Virra “She’s lying? Trying so desperately to protect you, and your soul, so she doesn’t learn you wanted her dead just as badly as the rest of us, they took our meal ticket when her daddy made slavery illegal in Dentarius, our entire stock gone, the food on your table, your almost starved to death, had you not had the good sense to lay on your back and spread your legs you likely would have” He looked back to Aerian with a cruel smile “Bring the defences down and I will see that you both live, I’ll even be nice and lock you up together, you can fuck each other all you like and starve to death together in the dungeons”

“You already know I can’t, in over five hundred years they’ve only ever been brought down once, and it took a horde of dragons to do that, your no dragon, and the rest of your forces are on the other side, we can wait it out” Aerian replied softly “So can we get dressed before we freeze to death and you have to explain to my dad how his daughter and her lover died” There was a strange tease to the way she stated the word lover, a warning that Virra was hers now, and her family would defend her as one of their own “Virra may not be blood, but she is family, a concept lost on you it seems”

“Muzzle your bitch Virra or I will” He barked angrily

Virra remained calm, listening to her father, while the dangerous glint in her eyes resembled daggers. She neither confirmed or denied any of it, including calling Aerian out. She stood now, while her barked angrily to her, regardless of being exposed and the men behind him leering. “Mom…would be disappointed in YOU! There was a time, I had a father but you have never been a father to me. Yes, we were starving and there was no sense in talking sense into you. You are selfish pompous idiot, for once, I am ashamed of you. If you were smart…and I know you can be when greed isn’t blinding your actions. Ceremon knows, you go after the gold to line your pockets…I am happy and I actually HAVE a family now.” She reached back to pull Aerian up, displaying her hand to him. “We are engaged and I will be damned if you lay one…finger…on her, ever. All I have ever wanted was to make you proud, to treat me like your blood. Be smart, tactical, Pops. You are a tool as are your men. I have only ever wished to make you proud, suffered alone. Until I found her, she suffered alone and together we do so. I am going to give you one option, leave or join us. There is more strength in this family, then in Ceremon’s pinky finger. You always told me to choose my battles wisely, in this, it is a wise move.”

“You’re blind loyalty was always your best quality Virra, it’s a shame you chose to ignore your family, now you will die along with them” He turned to his men with a nod “Lock them up, let’s not keep Lord Hareavor waiting too much longer, find the other one, he will bring the fields down or he will watch his niece die very slowly”

Two men grabbed Aerian from behind following suit a further two grabbing Virra.

“He knows every inch of these grounds, and he knows how to circumvent the defences, Uncle Hades will kill your men and lock you in the dungeons right next to us,” She stopped as she stepped back feeling the over familiar prickle of a vision “Oh shit!” she muttered softly, steeling herself for a moment, it took everything she had to force it down her mind pushing back the forces of the realm itself as she clutched for Virra, she knew the pain that was tearing at her and could only imagine how it would feel to Virra, the realm was never one to wait one way or another.

Suddenly the pain vanished as a form swept through her, long blond hair and a childish charm, Virras father looked the figure over before taking a swing passing clean through.

“Yea really hard to hit a ghost,” Krystal laughed “Seems you really managed to piss the realm off, and Kane, and Hades well he has some seriously murderous intent, but they sent lil old me to deliver a message,”

“The dead don’t stay dead in Dentarius, I though it was just a clever play of words” Virras father muttered, the men had suddenly seemed nervous.

“Virras right you really ain’t too smart, Was he always this dumb, geez and I thought I got the shallow end of the gene pool. Oh well enough about that,” Aerian stopped his train of thought

“Why did they send you Krystal?”

“Oh right, the message, Ceremon wouldn’t keep dear Dad around, he wants the Mansion and he wants it empty, you’re just a means to an end, Hareavor would like rip your daughter apart for fun and well we already know you don’t care, so the message isn’t for you in the end” He turned walking back toward Virra.

“Convince Aerian to bring down the defences, it’s the only way to save her” his words were in Virras head as he walked right through her “But let them lock you two up first, and she isn’t to drop them until we say, everything for a reason I promise you that on my word as family, she is right you may not be blood, but you’ve earned your place among us”

Virra snarled at her father and just as she was to lunge forward was caught by two men, as they eyed her lustfully, but, she struggled with them. A glance now to Virra told Aerian everything she needed to know, as she was keeled over, gritting her teeth and panting to the insufferable pain that gutted her at that moment. She gasped when the pain was abolished and looked up as a familiar figure stood, Virra took advantage of the stun from the two men and shoved them back to move and wrap her arms around Aerian.

As Krystal walked through her and the voice sounded in her head, Virra nodded, leaning to whisper to Aerian. “Don’t fight it, Firefly…trust me on this.”

Aerian looked to Virra for a moment, but she stopped fighting as they led the two women off and through the Mansion, the doors to the dungeon were heavy as they slammed shut. Aerian watched as the guards retreated to just outside before she turned to face Virra.

“Thank you, if not for these” She raised the ring with a smile “You’re asshole of a Dad might have learnt what I really am, though I wonder in doing so if it would have been enough to change his loyalty to Ceremon, seems those of us cursed are rather high value, I’m sorry he won’t see you for you are though, if he crosses Uncle Hades, Hades won’t blink, wont think he will cut him down, not for us but Jade, you may want to make peace with that”

Aerian sank into he corner digging out the robes that were kept in the dungeons, they were poor quality but at least they wouldn’t freeze to death as she offered one to Virra “So why are we tactfully bowing out of this fight?”

She accepted the robe from Aerian but pulled her close as their combined body heat will definitely keep them warm. “Krystal. He told me to convince you to be locked away and to lift the wards with his signal. Can you do that? Trust me, Firefly. As confused as you, but the reason is far from me…at this time.”

“I can” She stated softly looking to Virra “But you know what they are for, the moment we drop them it lets Hareavor in, and his forces, we can’t defend against that” There was fear in her words as she spoke, her eyes closed as she settled against Virra “It puts us all in danger, it puts you in danger and I can’t, I won’t let that happen”

“I’m aware of this…but think about it Firefly. There is a reason that he wants this. We will be safe, of that I have no doubt.”

Aerian sat silent as she let things sink in her mind, her head still aching from the vision that should have been before she breathed and nodded “OK, just tell me when and I’ll bring the defences down, don’t really see many other options anyways”

“Good. I don’t know what is in store, Firefly. But we need rest and to be ready when the time comes.” She wrapped her arms around the redhead but tilted her chin up to kiss her softly.

[Finding the Future] Calm Before A Storm

Aerian blocked the strike, catching the back of the mans head and sending him over her shoulder to the floor, a growl as he hit before he promptly kicked her legs from under her, as Aerian dropped she landed with her full weight on his chest causing him to grunt.

Quickly she rolled aside and back to her feet in one motion, ribbons of sweat now down her cheek, as the man looked to her “I don’t know why I bother sparring, your father taught you well”

Aerian shrugged and straightened “It’s good to stay in shape, also I’ve been on my back for nearly a week” She made her way to Virra with a grin “Not that it’s been all bad, I just hate been side lined by such things”

The man nodded and tossed Aerian a towel “Well, these bruises will confirm you’re as good as back to your old self, I’ll be sure your Uncle knows” He bowed to them both then left the small area they had tucked away for training.

“I like how Uncle Hades, hides the fact he is making sure I’m not a risk to anyone under the guise of a sparring session, I could have done that with you, though ..” She smiled wickedly “I would have landed on your face not your rib cage” She kissed Virra with a smile “I do love you, and I’m glad you have my back”

Virra hopped down from her perch on a horse tie, a smirk on those lush lips that embraced Aerian’s lips in the kiss with arms wrapping around her in a pull hard against her. “I’ll continue to have your back. But, it seemed you had him under control. Hades is smart to test the limit within sparring. That’s right, Firefly, you better love me because I would feel like an idiot if my affection wasn’t returned.”

Aerian tipped her head in thought for a moment before she nodded “I do, even when I’m been torn apart from the inside out, you’re my constant, I think that’s why they sent you to me, someone like me generally doesn’t make it to my age, wind up going crazy so you save me each and every day” Her words were soft but cut with emotion as she spoke, slow and measured “On the upside I am feeling much better after you forcing me to bed and making me rest, so I have something for you a special surprise”

Virra lifted an eyebrow to her words. “I don’t care much for surprises but because it’s from you I’ll tolerate it.”

“Then let’s call if a gift with love” Aerian smiled softly “I promise no parties or some such, but something just for you”

“Sounds good.” She grinned to Aerian and departed from the hold to smack her bottom. “Good. No parties until we get home.”

“The only party I have planned, involves just two guests, but that’s later” She slid past Virra taking her hand and leading her through the Mansion then out into the court yard, the air was warmer and the breeze held the scent of spring causing Aerian to smile.

Aerian rocked on her heels for a moment before she turned to Virra, her eyes lit with odd mischief “This period of quiet is nice, so I figure I should get this in before it all goes to hell again, and before my head implodes with visions again, but anyway come on” her words were playful as she took off through the gardens and then over the wall into the forest beyond.

A chuckle parted Virra’s lips as she followed Aerian to the courtyard but as Aerian ran through the garden and over the wall Virra’s barely heard feet followed after. She scaled the wall like a cat and didn’t allow Aerian too far in front of her.

Aerian slid down through some underbrush a well-practiced motion as she halted to wait on Virra, the forest stretched out before them but the isolated stretch of beach opened out onto the ocean beyond “This is the only place in the Everlands that nobody goes, took me a long time to find a place where the sun and the water make real magic”

She stood next to Aerian and stared at the beach and water. Virra was speechless for a time but when she spoke out was in a whisper as though afraid speaking too loud would skater this moment. “It’s beautiful. Real magic?”

“Have you ever sat and watched the sun set against the ocean? The colours in the water, the sounds in the air, that’s magic to me, the realm using its own environment, beauty is magic, just like what we have Virra” Aerian smiled as she took Virras hand “It’s beautiful, I used to come here a lot when I was younger, the only place I could feel alone not in a bad way but just me and the realm”

Virra glanced down to Aerian’s hand as her lover took it, then up to her with a smirk and those dark eyes shifted outwards to the ocean. “Well, it may have helped if I ever had seen the ocean before. I’m glad you decided to share such a place with me that means so much to you. Now, it is just us and the realm. It’s relaxing.”

“It is” Aerian leant against Virra gently “A lot has changed so quickly, sometimes I just need to slow down”

Virra smirked softly while staying her arms around Aerian and those dark eyes fixed on the ocean and the sun meeting the horizon. It truly was a sight. In each others arms as the realm accepted the two young lovers. “Firefly…I love you…” She whispered into her hair as though this was a confession to not just her but the realm that lay at witness.

Aerian laid her head against Virra, that moment she simply absorbed the world around them, things had changed for them all, and the world of the Everlands would never be the same.

“It’s a shame this quiet wont last, your Dad is coming for you” Aerians voice was low and unsteady “The last round of visions took a while to make sense of, but they have been waiting for winter to pass, it seems your supposed to marry Hareavor or that’s his plan anyways” his name came with cold dread, one of few who truly frightened her, even harder for her to believe such darkness lay in her family but Hareavor was created from her father with everything stripped away.

Virra tightened her hold on Aerian but remained silent with her chin perched on the red heads crown. “Doesn’t surprise me. I knew there was a reason my Pops had me working close with Ceremon and Z’ress. Have you told your Uncle? Simply because your dad and Aishani are away. We may need to prepare.”

“He scares me Virra, it’s hard to believe he is remotely even a part of my dad or Uncle Hades, and now he is coming for you, he has already done so much damage to me, I can’t face him but I can’t let him take you, and Ceremon will likely be coming for Stacy, control the healer you can control the realm, we have so much to protect” Aerian sighed there was frustration sat beneath the surface that familiar crackle of energy that prickled over her skin even across Virras hand a warmth and safety would be felt.

“We should tell Uncle Hades but I don’t have enough to give them, I’m supposed to give them the whole picture but that last round was crazy, it was pieces of the past, pieces of a future that may be and then a whole set of events I can’t make sense of, kind of why I wanted to come here, at least here the world makes sense” Aerian shrugged softly “Sorry I tried to be all sex and romantic and instead I’m all flustered and miserable”

Virra remained silent for a time. Almost as though she wasn’t going to speak but then when she did it was strangely calm. “We will tell them. We have to be prepared. Stacy had to be protected. Do not allow your fears to control you. Hareover knows you are terrified of him and will use that. Rise above that for your own benefit. The only way to overcome is to face it. Trust me I know.”

“We will just not right now” Aerian smiled as she took Virras hand leading her down toward the ocean then further out along the shoreline, as they walked the forest turned to cliffs eventually a cave turned up before them “Ready to see another Everland secret?”

Virra took in her surroundings along the shoreline as it changed from forest to cliffs. Now standing before a cave entry she looked to Aerian with an inclined brow as her thumb caressed over the top of her hand. “Yeah. Ready as I’ll ever be Firefly.”

Aerian scrambled up on set of rocks then slid down beneath another, leaving them in an old mine entrance “You know the cliché of the dead don’t stay dead?” Aerians voice changed a more determined line beneath her words “This was an old mythril mine, before it ran dry a decade ago, but every blade that an Elcarus has carried has metal from this mine, because there’s something in the ground here, we all have a weapon forged from this place, Dad’s is a short dagger carried at his hip, Uncles Hades is forged into the opposite edge of his sword, pretty much why he fights the way he does, and mine” She dug through the dirt to retrieve a short silver dagger, gold and diamond hilted “Something in the metal here makes sure when they die, they never come back, last resort weapons”

Virra was easily behind her, appearing to know exactly the rocks to step on in order to not slip, while gliding down the other, looking around this entrance. “Yeah. It sucks.” She walked to the mine wall to place a hand on it, but, returned to watching Aerian while she dug at the dirt. Though, her feet crunched on the ground to settle near Aerian in a crouch watching her in the excavation of the dagger. “I see. It’s dreary here. So what is that dagger? Are weapons strewn around? Or what?”

Aerian chuckled softly shaking her head “No just this one, I haven’t carried this with me for a long time, usually my nice shiny Judgement Blade does the trick, but using those powers takes too much out of me and I dare guess Hareavor knows I can use such tricks, I intend for us to end him, only we’ll make sure he can’t come back” her words were simple and ice cold now

Virra considered Aerian, the sharpness and decisiveness choice of words. But, stood while remaining at her side with a hand on her shoulder. “Oh, he will meet his end. Especially for those things he has done to you…I will NEVER let him lay a finger on you.”

“I know” Aerian replied softly “I know you won’t, but it’s better to have a fail-safe than not”

“You got it right, Firefly. That fucker will not be coming back…that is what is deserved by him.” Her words were outright poison that spit from her lips.

Aerian slid the blade into her boot, covering the hole before walking to Virra her eyes now darker and yet just as if it were her “And you get me” she smiled before kissing Virra deeply “Always and forever”

[Finding the Future] Dresses For Lovers

Aerian was sprawled across the rug by the fire laid flat on her back as she looked to Virra, the flames sending heat prickling over her flesh. Her eyes stared to the one person in her whole life that made things far less complicated, her mind dancing over each thought of their lives together.

Her mind yanked suddenly from those thoughts as there was loud knock upon their door, she groaned inward “Just a little piece, is it too much to ask?”

Virra was laying upon her hip, appearing content to caress Aerian’s abdomen and between her breasts while not cupping or gathering the glorious fleshy mounds. Those dark eyes reflected the prancing flames of the fireplace, but, were fixed upon Aerian with admiration and love.
A grunt parted her lips to the knock on the door, while adjusting to drape an arm over the bend of her knees.

When the door opened, Aishani was leaning on the frame with a smirk. “Depends on who you ask.”

“But I don’t wanna move” Aerian whined in a mock tone before she finally sat looking to Aishani then past to Elsa and Jade as it settled “Oh god you want to put me in a dress?!” the tone again mock horror as she found her feet crossing to wrap her arm around Virra

Virra stood still as Aerian wrapped her arms around the naked body. A smirk formed on those lush lips.

Aishani entered through the door and stopped to inspect the interior. “I would hope that my TWO bridesmaids would be more enthusiastic then that.”

Aerian giggled “Did you hear that? She said two which means you gotta dress up too” Her words were soft against Virras ears, she slipped back to lead Virra from the door allowing the others to enter “I haven’t worn a dress since I was a child”

Virra chuckled with a shake of her head. “Do we have a choice?” A smirk still on her lips. “Must be for the wedding?”

“Well I wouldn’t dress you up for nothing” Elsa grinned softly “I promise nothing too outrageous”

“Let me add in, that I wouldn’t tell you unless it was an important moment in your father’s life. So, shall we get to work?” Aishani stated, her golden eye drifting over the two lovers with a smirk. “Seems, Elsa, you don’t have to force them to strip. It’s already been done.”
Jade stepped forward with a shake of her head. “N-no. It’s not too fancy, I helped choose the style.”

Virra inclined a brow to Jade. “Mouse, speaks.”

Aerian looked to Jade for a moment before looking to Elsa “Fine, but if I wind up looking like a giant marshmallow I swear I will make you pay?!” It was half fun half serious in her statement as she stepped away from Virra lifting her arms before Elsa began her routine of sizing up Aerian.

“Marshmallow? Honestly Aerian this is the Everlands, most people won’t even know what a marshmallow is” Elsa grinned in reply “Besides, Aishani will be the star of the show, you’re just going to remind the world how pretty you can be”

“Pretty as a marshmellow!” Virra teased with a fold of her arms, while chuckling. Though, a strange possessiveness entered her dark eyes as Elsa moved her hands just beneath her lovers bosom. Yet, she said nothing further, since her gaze spoke loudly.

Aishani simply remained silent with a smirk on her lips, as Jade cradled the swabs of cloth in her arms to be utilized by Elsa when the woman deemed it appropriate.

“You OK Virra my baby?” Aerian asked a tone of curious panic as she looked to her lover, already aware of the fact Virra was possessive of her “It sort of has to go this way it’s how she works” Aerian couldn’t help the panic in her voice even caught between the two.

Elsa halted for a moment looking to Virra from behind Aerian “I do apologise for the awkwardness, I will be done as quickly as I can” She simply shifted back and returned to her work beyond that statement, before stepping back “OK Jade my dear bring that here let’s get our dear Aerian all fitted up”

Almost as being spoken too broke the spell, Virra rolled a shoulder dismissively but that smirk formed on her lips. “Yeah, seamstress has to do what she has to make my Firefly NOT look like a marshmellow.”

Aishani inclined a brow to the hint of panic in Aerian’s voice, glancing to Virra then to Aerian again. Jade though was at the ready, stepping forward to lift the fabric and allowing for it to flow unhindered.

“I’d look kinda funny all fluffy and pink ….. “ Aerians voice trailed off as the fabric begin to twist and writhe up her body, curling under and around her before finally settling into place, Aerian plucked and poked at various pieces to shift the fabric.

“I do love how easy getting dressed around you is Elsa, much quicker than the real world way at least” She shrugged awkwardly as she looked to Virra, her hands tugging her hair to a more fitting position “Well? What do you think baby?”

Virra licked her lips, there was some desire within the depths of those black eyes, a radiant heat that was meant for Aerian alone. “Mmm, I could just eat you up, Firefly.” She purred with a lustful smirk.

Aishani pushed from her lazy lean. “Save it for when you two are alone. Let’s get this finished.” Her golden eye shifted over Aerian. “You look stunning, while I realize this may be the only time I see you in a dress, it suits you well.”

Aerian felt the warmth of blush flush her cheeks as she looked to the floor until she felt it melt away “I um …. It’s for you and Dad so, as good a reason as any I can come up” Aerian tried to keep the reply dignified “It will be an honour to welcome you into our family properly, I never said it before but I am glad things turned out how they have”

As if with the flick of a switch she walked to Virra kissing her deeply “OK I’m done with the mushy stuff, let’s get you looking just as tasty and then we can kick everyone out and…” She left the statement open intentionally with a smirk.

Elsa watched the girls just for a moment before shaking her head “Young love, such a beautiful thing” She made her way to Virra a little less sure than with the others “Shall we begin?”

Virra curled her fingers within Aerian’s hair on the abrupt kiss, the pressure was nearly as possessive as was the press of her lips. A smirk was held in reply to Aerian’s open statement. But, she stepped forward with arms lifted. “Yeah. Let’s get this shit over with.”

Aishani tilted her head a slight, finding Virra’s demeanour less than adequate, but said nothing.

“Oh come on baby, it’s not a bad thing, we should enjoy the god while it lasts” Aerian smiled as she watched Virra “Maybe I’ll buy you a maids outfit afterward”

Elsa watched the exchange before slipping her hands under Virra arms shifting them to a raised position, her hands slipping down the young womans side, gently just under her breasts and back before stepping away and circling her slowly “It will be quite the event that’s for certain”

Virra cast her an amused smirk to Aerian’s playful suggestion to lighten the mood, though, something deep in those dark eyes was considering something, sizing up her lover with intention.

She remained stiff as Elsa’s hands worked over the measurements, but the muscles were coiled as though ready to spring forth. Virra wasn’t muscular in the slightest but the leanest indicated of a well-trained body.

Elsa made her way to Jade pulling out pieces of fabric from those she held “Thank you my dear, you are quite the assistant, more useful than ones I’ve had in the past at least” She smiled softly then moved back to Virra, dropping the fabric to her feet and almost instantly it sprang forth curling and twisting around Virra.

As it finished it form Aerian swallowed “Holy shit baby”

Elsa looked with a smile “Indeed just as beautiful as you other half, wouldn’t you say Aishani?”

Jade offered Elsa a smile, while a blush lifted to her cheeks.
The black fabrics clung to her suggestively, though, tastefully as to not draw too much un-needed attention from Aishani on her important day. Her shape was sublime beneath hidden often by leathers. “I guess, I can clean up pretty good.”

Aishani had been watching Aerian, though, turned her gaze to Virra. “That she does, Elsa. The realms seamstress…you have a knack for things.”

“I would argue I made the best of been lumbered with crappy magicks” Elsa grinned in reply “But it does have a way of bringing the very best in both fabric and person beneath, so I like what I do” Elsa shrugged softly as she looked to Virra

“Anything we need to adjust? Fit feels good? Just say if we do or it doesn’t” She said with a smile

Virra lifted and lowered her arms, then leaned forward and twisted her torso. “Nope, seems good to me.” Her dark eyes were fixed on Aerian the entire time while it appeared that she was going over things silently in her mind. “Now, get this shit off me. I can’t stand it.”

Aishani began to laugh while Jade simply smiled.

Elsa tapped the fabric instantly it dropped to the floor as Elsa gathered it together it spun back into shape, gathering the two dresses she now handed them to Jade “See these go to my shop along with yours and Aishanis” She smiled softly “Now if you’ll excuse me ladies I have a rather uptight vampire to go chase and fit for his outfit” She bowed gently making her way to the door.

“Have fun” She winked to them and disappeared out the door

Virra stepped to the side while curling her arm around Aerian possessively, watching Elsa take her leave with Aishani close behind and Jade following after each.
“YOU would be the one to wear a maid dress, Aerian.”

Aerian leant into Virra with a soft smile “Was trying to work out if you liked the idea or wanted to kill me for it” she smiled softly as she laid her head on Virras shoulder “But I would wear anything you asked of me, you already know though” Aerians hands drew Virra tight against her.

The fires in the cottage flared brightly as did the lanterns casting their home in a dull amber light, Aerian taking Virras hand, led her back to their position before their interruption as she dropped to her knees before Virra with a smile “I would serve you an way you desire milady” there was playful tones in Aerians voice now

The two women were without clothing, before each other, their skin caressed in the dancing firelight, each shadow adding the sensuality of the feminine essence to each. Virra considered Aerian in her position, though, lowered her hand to caress against her lovers cheek, sensually gliding her fingers through the fiery threads, then yanking her hair within the reigns to guide her to stand and crush her lips against Aerian’s.

Aerian did hesitate in her reply to the kiss, her own hands slipping up Virras back to wrap around her shoulders, a deep hungry fire in her kiss.

Virra parted abruptly from the kiss, though, held those fiery threads in her slender fingers as to not give Aerian leeway to move away. “You do realize that, you are MINE. No one else. Right?” Those black eyes were like to dark pools boring into Aerian’s.

Aerian felt the grip her eyes staring to Virra a flash of panic cut through as she felt her heart skip a beat “Have I done something?” She spoke soft yet the words came awkward “Because I AM YOURS I have been from the moment we met, Virra I love you no one in the world could ever change that”

Virra remained silent, though, the expression on her face was gentle and soft, the grip loosened from her threads. “I just wanted to hear it again. It took every ounce of my self-worth to not assault either of the women present to see you in such a state.” Her fingers pranced over the rise of her bosom, head tilted down to guide the slick tool around her areola before quickly drawing in the pert bud to suckle upon.

Aerian moaned loudly instantly feeling goose bumps ripple over her flesh, her eyes half closed as she breathed “I know baby, but Elsa is harmless it’s just how her magick works best, don’t think I wanted to rip her to pieces for touching what’s mine? As I belong to you in turn you are mine” Her hand slid down Virras spine tracing circles against her flesh “I do love you Virra, don’t ever question me on that, please”

A catch of her teeth was felt upon the bud imprisoned in Virra’s molten mouth, though, released with the sweeping apology of her slick muscle. After a moment, Virra parted with a shrewd plop, looking up to her and then pressing each side of Aerian’s bosom together and licking the close proximity of each bud and suckling both into her mouth at once, before parting and massaging the globes in her hands. “I never questioned it. I am just reminding you that you ARE mine, Firefly.”


Aerian didn’t hold back as her release hit her hips bucking against Virras invasion breaking the kiss allowing her to let the cries of pleasure tear from her, her entire body trembling with the force of that release, as her mind numbed from the pleasure she was left in a whimpering trembling heap beside her lover.

Due to the position of Virra with her legs on the outside of Aerian, the woman could not fall to the side and instead was brought into the arms of her lover. Virra held Aerian now, her digits removed from the molten core, which was dripping down, fingertips caressing up and down Aerian’s back. “I love you with all my heart, Aerian. Never doubt that, ever.” She whispered beside Aerian’s ear, pressing her lips gently to her neck. “You ARE mine, forever.”

“I am, I am yours, I am” Aerian moaned softly “Always” she finished softly feeling the violent force of her release subside “Don’t leave me, don’t let me go please”

Virra tightened her hold around Aerian. Leaning back a slight to top her lovers chin with that smirk of hers. “Oh. Your stuck with me Firefly. I’m not going anywhere without you. Don’t you worry about that.” Those fingers from her one hand caressed up and down her spine with love.

“Good” Aerian smiled softly as her hands traced soft circles against Virras chest, her body now finally finding some degree of control as she remained in Virras embrace “I can’t do this without you”

“You won’t ever have to.” She whispered and filled her chin to bring Aerian’s lips against gets in a tender kiss.



[Finding the Future] Our World

Aerian held her breath as she crept through the forest, keeping herself low and silent she moved quick and silent among the trees and underbrush, as she neared the lake she could see her prey just ahead that dark hair and hot ass caused Aerian to shiver before she leapt.

Her arm caught the Virras pulling her down to the ground with a giggle that echoed through the clearing as she rolled Virra her back she rolled up and over pinning Virra to the floor beneath “Hey baby, what you doing out her all alone?”

Virra hit the snowy ground with a crunch and grunt to the appearance of Aerian that swept her from her feet to stare up at her. She narrowed her dark eyes into dangerous slits, but, then visibly relaxed at the realization of Aerian sunk in. A smirk on her lips. “Just going for a walk…”

Aerian leant down to kiss her cheek her hair flick in the wind, as her eyes remained on Virras for a moment “I thought you were still mad at me, or mad at me for a whole new reason” she lay her head on Virras chest for a moment “I know it’s stupid, but you were just gone and..” Aerians voice trailed off softly

The smirk remained on her lips after the press of Aerian’s lips upon her cheek, those black eyes swallowed drowned her in the essence of her lover. “Oh stop it. I have no reason to be mad at you. Don’t implicate things in your head that aren’t true, it makes you worry needlessly and uses your energy.” Her arms wrapped around Aerian, cradling her head against her chest. “Besides, I told you before, I will knock you upside the head if you get too out of control. I just wanted to walk and explore my new home. Thinking about things. I will NEVER leave you, unless there comes a point you despise me so much and at that point I will leave if that is your wish.”

“It’s been a rough month or so, heads still kinda furballed” Aerian replied softly “I’m not used to feeling so complete, I’ve always been on my own for the most part, but since you arrived I don’t want to be alone, I need to be with you” Aerian sat back up over Virra a smile on her lips “Exactly how hard DID you hit me, sheesh you changed my whole outlook on life”

The light bounced through Aerians hair flickering and dancing through the red as Aerian simply stared to the only woman in her life she would die to protect without a care for those around her, she swallowed before smiling “So how are you finding Dentarius? I mean it’s a world away from what you’re used to right?”

“I just clocked you good, is all.” Virra lifted her freezing hand as though the fiery threads would warm her touch, running her fingers through Aerian’s hair. “I have the best part of Dentarius sitting atop me, what more could I want? I admit it is different, being waited on and tended to by staff of the mansion. A little suffocating at times, while there is room for adjustment always. I’m not struggling to prove myself and beating the shit out of men. All along, I struggled to prove to others when I simply just had to prove my worth to myself. Now, I have that sense of self-worth. It is a good thing, Firefly.”

“You have nothing to prove to anyone here” Aerian smiled softly “You proved everything you needed to getting us out alive, and you have done so repeatedly since” Her hands slid along Virras sides slowly up to her breasts her thumbs circling the fabric covering them “But I was thinking, the Mansion is so chaotic and really not good for my noodle, but there are a few houses within the grounds, if you wanted we could make it ours?”

Virra wore her usual leather corset top that offered a plumpness to her bosom in with Aerian traced with her thumbs against the fabric, her leg curled within Aerian’s while in a flex of her body Aerian was pinned beneath Virra. Her dark threads falling to create a world with only the two within it, a smirk on her lips. “A few houses on the grounds? Oh, that may be a fun idea.”

“Yea they were built years ago for caretakers and things but then Uncle Haunted built the guest wing and they wound up kind of redundant, Dad rebuilt them though so they are in good shape” Aerian grinned her eyes never moving from Virras as she hovered just above her face “Somewhere that would be just ours”

“Yes. A place that is just ours.” She lowered her lips down to crush against Aerian’s, lingering with the sweetness and hunger, though just as the slithery sweep of her slick tongue entered it departed with a nip to her lip. “Let’s go take a look then. Then inform your Pops where we are moving to and the reason why.”

Aerian returned the kiss his hands wound into Virra hair to keep the kiss locked just a moment longer before waiting to Virra to climb from her and rolled to her feet. They walked to the opposite side of the mansion where toward the gates were several houses, some smaller cottages one larger house “We can pick any we like, we’ll be private and left alone, and yet still safer than either could wish to be, I think we deserve that together”

Virra’s hands were like ice, laced within Aerian’s in their walk back to the opposite side of the mansion. She considered her options on the cottages and large house. “I don’t need much, other than you at my side. I think a cottage would be the best for us, a small and cosy space that we can call our own. Don’t you agree?”

Aerian nodded the cottage in the middle was the one she decided on, a small simple place, complete with it own small patch of garden though slightly overgrown at this point. She led Virra to the door which creaked as it opened the air slightly damp beyond and stale.

“Hasn’t been opened since it was finished but it’s ours” She smiled softly

Virra entered within after Aerian, her black eyes looking around the small front room with a smirk, though, began to walk within. “This will be perfect. We need cleaning supplies and some food, I would prefer unless you’re Pops inviting us for dinner that this is our home and to cook within.”

“We should show for dinner now and again, but this is our home now” Aerian replied softly, she watched her lover for a moment before closing the door behind them and leading Virra to the bedroom, it happened to have a view that looked over the wall and down to the valley below Dentarius sprawled out below them.

“We can do what we like, together, our world right here” Aerians hand curled around Virras waist drawing her close

Virra moved with Aerian to the bedroom, she looked with those black eyes to the incredible view over the wall and to the valley below. She leaned back into Aerian while placing a hand upon her lover’s forearm to caress and simply enjoyed the view. “Yes, our world…”