[Ending A War] Don’t Think Just…

Aerian laughed loudly before taking after them both, suddenly she had a thought and took off in the opposite direction before vaulting through an window and landing squarely between them, she spun on her back foot to look at Domi then to Virra before taking off toward the cottage “Come on Domi, it’s all part of our game, your our pet and now it’s time for your reward” Aerian squealed in delight before peeling her shirt off, she looked over her shoulder and tossed it Domi then resumed her race for the cottage.

The two were stunned at the appearance of Aerian, stopping them dead in their tracks, looking puzzled. Virra snickered first at giving chase after Aerian, though Domi began to race faster while pushing at Virra in a playful manner. Yet, as Aerian tossed her shirt behind her, Domi reached for it but it was Virra that caught it. Shoving it in his face, giving her more leverage and speed. “You have to catch us first.” Virra snickered, while catching up to Aerian and gathering her hand in hers, rushing to the cottage with Domi falling behind.

Aerian caught the door as the barrelled through into the living room of their cottage, Aerian purred softly with a smile, before she circled around behind Virra her arms wrapping around her waist the flesh of her breasts pressed into the fabric of her top she waited for Domi to finally join them.

Virra struggled in Aerian’s hold, arms pinned to her side, though, panting without attaining approval Virra violently shoved her hand down Aerian’s pants and instantly slithered a digit to begin to stimulate the pearl just beneath her slit. Just then Domi burst into the cottage with the closure of the door. It was dim within the room, he didn’t know his way around but once he entered, the shirt in his hand and stopped to stare at the sight of Aerian and Virra. His hazel eyes fixed, that is when Aerian witnessed a twitch in his pants, frozen at his next action.

Aerian whimpered at Virras intrusion, as Domi closed the door and stood staring she grinned dangerously, her grip of Virra released as she removed her hand from between her legs, leading her by that hand to Domi and tracing her juices over his lips.

“Now be a good boy and sit, and do as we want and I promise we will have a whole lot of fun, follow the rules and I’ll give you something for ALL your help” Aerians words were silken and dripping with intent as she let Virras hand slip from hers now moving around the cottage to close the curtains and light the candles within, the room still dim but the mood much more sensual now, finally she made her way back to Virra and back to the same deep passion filled kiss her lover had come to know, “I say we make tonight a night to remember” her tone swapped quickly as she finished with “At least before we all get brutally murdered tomorrow, or this war ends, either way I don’t want to think I want to fuck!”

Virra growled as Aerian jostled her hand free from with her pants, though, not before a digit dipped into her drooling gate, but stumbled a slight in the lead to Domi. He licked his lips after the flavor that remained and dropped the shirt, lowering a hand to adjust his package that clearly was tensing in his trousers but fell to his knees at Aerian’s words.

Initially Virra seemed hesitant, while it was then the depth and passion of the kiss that caused her to relax, turning to face Aerian and her hands lifting to knead into the swell of her bosom, pinching and tugging on the buds.

Aerian breathed deeply feeling the sharp twinge of pain mix with the flood of pleasure, suddenly she spun into Virra now stripping her, her motions rapid and hungry as she breathed in the scent of her lover Aerian smiled before sliding to her knees, her fingers working to free Virra of her pants before she let her lips kiss the flesh of her thighs her hands now resting on her hips.

Virra gasped to the sudden stripping of her clothing, as Domi remained seated, eyes intent on the two women with his chest rising and falling rather rapidly. Now, Aerian saw it when she knelt down Domi was pitching a tent in his pants and the strong scent of her lover, it was clear that Virra was enjoying being watched like this even if it was her childhood friend. She growled softly to the peppering of Aerian’s lips against her skin.

Aerian let her tongue flick out over Virras flesh as she now glanced back Domi, ensuring he knew he wasn’t forgotten. She could already feel herself wet now as she returned her attention to working her kisses toward her lovers sweet centre, as she neared Aerian changed direction working up her body to her stomach and then back down. A show as clear as it could be for Domi, before finally she slid back letting her tongue work along her out lips slowly savoring the touch.

Virra was quivering, clearly, she enjoyed putting herself on display for Domi as much as Aerian had. Fingers running through her hair, as her breathing increased into the delightful song of approval to everything that was occurring brought on by her fiancé. She lifted a leg to perch upon Aerian’s shoulder, opening herself up to the kneading at Aerian’s neck, but also delivered the view of her glistening petals to Domi. He was panting catching each glance that the fiery and dark vixen sent in his direction, clearly his pants were straining more beneath the pressure of his own arousal.

Aerian let her hands wander her lovers thighs slowly as she slowly let her tongue slide within her folds tasting the warm nectar of the only woman she loved unconditionally, Aerian slid back just a little now looking along Virras body “Last chance to pull out, but I want you to know I love you and only you, more with each day, and I’ve wait far too long to get my hands on you like this,” her words were breathless and hungry.

Virra curled her fingers within Aerian’s fiery threads looking down to her with such lust in her eyes that it was incredible. Growling softly as a glisten of her juices flowed to her shoulder, as the shape of the body Aerian knew by heart was displayed not just for her but Domi. It was an added slice to the situation in an erotic flare. A woman so strong that no man has ever seen or witnessed such from Virra with open invitation before.

Aerian knew instantly in that moment all she needed, as she turned her head toward Domi there was a fire that burnt somewhere between desire and lust and yet all in the same an absolute reminder she was Virras “You have to play by the rules, and you get both of us, all of us,” Aerian stood now as she kissed Virra then made her way to Domi, her eyes locked on his as her hips swayed ever so slightly she drew him to his feet and then aided him to undress. As she reached his pants she smiled wickedly and then eased them down as she saw his manhood she breathed hungrily wrapping her hand around just for a moment then led Virra to the bedroom, she turned and motioned to Domi to join them.

Virra lowered her leg to Aerian’s rise, growling softly within the kiss, while smacking her on the bottom while watching her move to Domi. The bulge appeared to twitch as Aerian’s sensual movements to stand before him, he simply nodded while his hands caressed over her back and hips, though, it was appreciative. Aerian could read that he was restraining himself heavily, but, the removal of his clothing exposed a very lean and muscular frame with the copper skin. He lowered his hand to caress her cheek and offered her a smirk to match her wicked expression. The endowment that sprung to life, excited to be liberated was very robust, thick and endowed. He inhaled deeply to the wrap of her hand around his girth, tilting his head back and flicking his tongue across his lips. Those hazel eyes shifting to Virra then to Aerian as the fiery female stood to gather Virra and lead to the bedroom. The invitation was accepted as Domi stepped forward with his proud pillar at attention.

Aerian smiled now as she placed herself in front of Virra slowly backing her onto the bed, as Virra met the bed Aerian pushed her upon it, waiting until Virra made herself comfortable Aerian slid onto the bed straddling her waist her hands placed flat to the flesh of her breasts.

“You are the most incredible woman I have ever met, and I want you, in every way” She leant to kiss the flesh of her neck and shoulders, before she returned to her seated straddled position ensuring Virra watching as she reached for Domi to join them.

Virra looked up to Aerian with those dark eyes, holding a fire of passion within the depths, turning her head to the side in an exposure of her neck to her lover, soft moans leaving her lips to the pepper of her lips against her flesh. Never had Virra been dominated in such a way by Aerian, usually it was the opposite and now it was clear why, since Domi was present.

To Aerian’s gesture Domi neared the bed, looking over the two beauties slowly with a gleeful twitch from his fleshy pillar, even in the lighting cast by the candles, a drop of dew appeared gracing the slit atop the crown like a jewel. His hand curled with Aerian’s as it was accepted and he lay to settle beside them, by the pattern of his breathing and the way his eyes were devouring the two vixens it was clear he was restraining himself.

Aerian admired his restraint, but was more than happy to keep him that way for now. She took his hand and led it to Virras breast keeping hers over his as she urged him to knead the flesh of her lover, Aerian had no doubt Virra could feel the heat of her own molten core as she ground down against Virra. She wanted or rather needed to stay in control of this, to see it play out her way.

Aerian had willing given herself to Virra at all times, now she craved to control this game she had started. She drew Domis hand to her own breast for a moment before returning it to Virras, her eyes now strayed to his erection with a grin. She wondered for a moment what he would do if allowed off her leash, her body shuddered at the thought as she dove down to kiss Virra again, before she reared up now rolling her hips against her lover watching as Domi plucked and teased her breasts.

Domi looked to Aerian then followed the path that she guided his strong hand to Virra’s bosom, the beauty of her lovers breast spilling between his fingers as Aerian guided his hand until the fingers began to grip and this cause Virra to tilt her head back in a sound of pleasure. Virra was rolling up against Aerian, it was plainly clear that she enjoyed this with the sounds and feel of Aerian’s molten petals against her abdomen, Domi had his eyes focused on her until Aerian reigned his hand to her own bosom in which she felt the strength behind his hand with a pinch of a bud. A twitch happened now, though, but the focus was returned to Virra, he moved closer to them upon the bed. His application to her bud was sheer torture while he pinch, plucked and rolled the bud between fingers and kneaded with his hand, causing Virra’s magnificent bosom to jiggle from time to time. Just as her mouth opened in a delicious moan it was silenced by the kiss. Domi appeared to know exactly that which made a female squirm, Virra then lifted her hands to knead into Aerian’s bosom, a hand slithering to tangle within her hair and force her down, enough to claim a breast within her lips, the flick of tongue and brief nibble upon the bud was intoxicating now with the vibration of her sounds against the flesh and rush of breath to each pinch and tug of her bud.

Aerian moaned softly as Virra took her breast, her hand ran through her hair slowly just for a moment, before she slid away placing herself between the thighs of Virra, her hands now ran along the tender flesh of her thighs, curving her fingers to drag her nails back along the flesh.

As she leant forward she kissed along Virras thighs and over her pubic bone, repeating her patterns from earlier of getting so close to warmth of her wetness before moving away to focus kisses on her thighs, her stomach, her hands roaming the flesh of her sides and thighs slowly raking her nails along Virras ribs before finally allowing her tongue to taste Virra a soft moan escaping her.

The heat was incredible between Virra’s thighs, radiating to cover Aerian in the essence of her lover. Virra reacted now as the conflict of nails and fingers stimulated her flesh sensually, a shift was felt on the bed as it appeared that Domi had adjusted to place his lips upon Virra’s bosom suckling and feasting upon her succulent flesh with the other hand never relenting on attention to the right breast. In the dip, lower, in Aerian’s taste, never had she felt her as saturated as she was, clearly this was exciting her thoroughly. But, near to Aerian’s view was the bobbing and twitching pillar of meat, a glisten of seed seen spilling down the shaft.

Aerians eyes were now fixed on Domis erection, she could smell the scent of Domi as it had begun to mix with that of Virras intoxicating Aerian. She drew her hands to her before moved them to part the tender lips exposing the tender nub, her tongue flicked out and against before she nipped against it, Aerian whimpered softly before diverting her attention back to treatment of Virras clit, slow sensual traces of her tongue before she would drag, her tongue back and suckle firmly, before letting a moan lip free vibrating along her tongue.

The feasting that Domi held upon Virra’s bosom was growing more hungry, ravaging, this caused her porcelain flesh to grow red with the whispers of bruising while it was clear this excited her even more. The sounds from Virra were incredible and fueled Aerian on with the cries of pain and pleasure. The conflict of the tenderness from Aerian’s fix to her pearl was greeted with the throbbing of her flower, in the nip a cry parted her lover’s lips but it also pushed her honey to flood against Aerian’s pallet. That is when abruptly, Aerian felt her hand taken and guided to Domi’s pillar by Virra, twitching in the hold and throbbing beneath her hand.

She slowly wrapped her hand around, feeling the throbbing of him, she let her hand slowly work the length, just for a moment. Before she shifted her position now draped against Virra as she began to work the length of Domi, the sight of him against her lover only served to make Aerian want more.

She leant forward over Virras legs enough to place a kiss against the tip before extending her tongue against the underside. Flicking it back to collect the single drop of him, feeling the warm salty taste spread out over her tongue, a soft sound almost a purr emanating from her throat.

Virra removed her hand from atop Aerian’s, while fingertips ran through her hair and tangled to loosen and return, again and again. Eventually the focus shifted upon Domi, as the girth was more then to not touch her fingers together without squeezing. Virra’s breathing was ragged, as Aerian felt her body react to the presentation to Domi’s flesh stick. To the initial first lick against the salty sweet flesh, rippling beneath her tongue. A groan parted Domi’s lips when the tip was attended to by Aerian, twitching and throbbing more persistently to the attention, his lapping and suckling increasing causing Virra to cry out in ecstasy and pressed Aerian’s head more to his member.

Aerian reached for Domis hand now guiding it to the tender core of Virra, as she watched his hand just for a moment she watched him, another tentative lick of him before she released her grip raking her nails down the underside.

Finally taking him in her mouth, just the tip as she let her tongue circle, her hand now working down followed by her mouth, as she eased him down her throat, pausing for a moment to allow herself to adjust, and then continue before easing back all the way from him, leaving him once again her hand.

Domi’s hand was rough, weathered from a life in the line of his work, warm and strong in the guide down to Virra’s flower. He parted the petals with two fingers and then began to massage against the pearl that was glistening from the pearl essence dripping from the core of Virra’s hive. His lips left her bosom with an articulate plop, now, Aerian could see the peppering of bite marks and raging flesh, angry, red. His other continued to torture her opposite breast, as a groaning to the lick that flicked upon the spongey tip, causing the flesh stick to twitch, but a grunt slipped through as her nails tormented his tender length. He glared down on her, but it was swept away with the expertise of her apologetic movements and the salve of her hot mouth purging him, appearing to move his finger more firmly against the writhing Virra but it was then that Aerian heard the subtle sound of a fingertip entering her lover the further she traveled down. His taste was strong, masculine, though also wild. He began to buck against her hand, watching her with hungry eyes.

The sound of Virra being so wet spun Aerian. She now returned her attention to Domi and his length. Again she returned him to her throat, now as she eased back she would sink back down upon him.

As she worked Domi Aerian would lightly rake her nails against Virras flesh, she moaned now around Domi. Her mouth remained locked around him but she had now positioned them so she could watch Virras every reaction.

Domi maintained his position, the sound of his digits digging into Virra’s grounds growing more intense, this caused her to cry out and the sound was not only erotic but offered a view that he did know exactly how to please a woman without his shaft. The further Aerian attended to him, the more groans increased, until she felt a hand at the back of her head to keep her in place while thrusting his hips more forcefully.

To the new view, Aerian saw Virra was in sheer ecstasy with her body glistening in the light, cheeks flush with color and eyes glazed over. Her beautiful bosom was speckled with the intensity that Domi continued to suckle on her bosom, finally he rolled her over to her hip and began to tend viciously to neglected bosom. He was like a hungry ravaging beast, her breasts jiggled to the might of each powerful pump of his hand into her that only now Aerian could hear the squirting projected by Virra’s multiple climaxes. Portions of her dark threads clung to her neck and face, while she was loosing herself and Aerian knew it.

That was when Virra watched Aerian through hooded lids, biting her lip, while her body was trembling from the sheer exhaust of the physical pleasure, licking her lips, then it happened. Aerian felt the twitch within her mouth, the fleshy tube expanding to then rage with the release of his milk into Aerian’s mouth, gathering her hair in order to force her to remain there, it was soft but firm.

Aerian halted her motion pulling back enough to prevent her choking on the warm liquid as it flooded down her throat, she tried to swallow it down, but it was more than she could as some was able to escape her mouth flooding down her chin and onto her breasts. As the flood subsided she slipped back letting him slip free of her mouth, licking her lips watching him.

She smiled darkly then turned to slither along Virras body with the same dark grin now, as she reached her eye level she kissed Virra, her hands returning to heated still soaked core of the young woman, before bring them to her lips and licking them gently. She wanted them both to continue playing as she watched first Virra then Domi, pleased in that moment, it was clear Aerian was enjoying every moment, but she was far from done just yet.

Domi allowed Aerian to lean back, grunting as each spurt filled her mouth beyond capacity, as his eyes met hers, it was clear by the still throbbing length that he was far from finished and the stamina kept the trophy stiff and glistening from her polish. It seemed that his feasting only continued upon Virra’s bosom, the unattended one now beginning to mirror that of the previous, watching as his teeth gently gripped and tugged on Virra’s bud, such caused her to yelp out in pain, while his fingers never relented while Virra was attempting to escape by writhing her hips away.

When Aerian moved upon Virra’s body, she met the glazed eyes of her lover, riddled with such passion that it was causing a swell in her heart. As her hand lowered to the core the kiss settling Virra and giving her an outlet, it was that Domi offered Aerian a space to join his fingers knuckle deep within Virra. Amazingly she was still drenched, Domi’s free hand caressed up and down Aerian’s back brought by a sudden spank to her bottom.

Virra turned her head to watch Domi for a moment, lifting her hands to guide him in a kneeling position with his erection close to her mouth, tongue parting to lick against the length and suckle, until Virra’s hand angled a slight to give Domi more of a position to plunge within Virra’s mouth. The sight was incredible, as his girth was taken in full without issue, stretching those plush lips and plumping her cheeks, the hand on his back began to urge him to roll his hips. He graciously accepted the urge, her eyes rolled into the back of her skull then and the sounds of his flesh against her lips and pleasure were intoxicating.

Aerian then felt the hand of Virra curl within hers.

Aerian watched with intent as she watched her lover devour Domi with ease, she felt her own core heat as she shifted her leg over Virras allowing her to grind herself down into Virra, a whimper as she hit the point she had intended. Again she ground down against her eyes still locked on the scene of Domi plunging himself into her lovers mouth.

Aerian couldn’t contain herself as she pushed Domi away and the turned herself before positioning Virra over her, as she did she reached her hands to grip Virras hip now plunging her tongue into her and tasting the overflow of warm juices, hungrily drinking her down much as she had Domi moments ago. Her hand waved Domi to her as she groped at Virras buttocks, it was clear enough what Aerian had in mind next, she looked back to Domi and smiled before returning to her groping and exposing her to the waiting Domi.

She was also incredibly wet and well aware that Virra would now be able to see just how wet their current escapades were making her.

Domi stumbled a slight at the push, clearly not expecting this but stroked his own manhood, proudly standing at attention of the two female vixens. Virra cried out suddenly to the shift in positions with Aerian on the bottom and Virra upon her hands and knees, the faster that Aerian drank the more that Virra moaned, to the change. Virra began to lap at Aerian’s sudden exposure of her drenched flower, while pulling her down to plunge her tongue deep within the love passage. A finger raced to slicken then plunged into her starlet abruptly and cruelly. The invitation by Aerian to Domi was accepted as he crawled on the bed to run his hands over Virra’s thighs and then extended a hand to pat sharply upon her flower causing her to yelp amidst the feast upon Aerian. Now, was the moment that Aerian had been waiting for, the perfect view between her legs and Domi massaged her cheeks, pushing and pulling them before that rigid pillar plunged suddenly and deeply within her passage causing the juices to trickle down nearly immediately. One hand went to her hip, as the other began a succession of abuse to the half-moons, caressing then returning. Now, Aerian saw the delicate petals forced to take the length, pink against the robust copper rod. His sounds began to increase, the more violent he had went.

The sight of Domis hard pole plunging into Virra was far better than Aerian could ever have wanted, though the sight of her lover claimed by another, caused a twinge of anger just for a moment, quickly buried in the view of Virra being violated by Domi. Aerian squirmed down against Virras invading hand a soft whimper before she let her tongue stray against the length of Domi, the taste of him mixed with Virra quickly filled her senses.

As she let her tongue wander over Domi she raised a hand to cup his balls for a moment before reaching back further her hands running over the muscular thighs, she whimpered again the sight above her as well as Virras actions were now pushing her completely into desperate need.

Virra pressed her hands against Aerian’s hips while driving down to plunge her slick muscle into her heated core. The vibration of her sounds felt against the tender petals. The more the clapping of Virra and Domi’s body growing louder and louder, while more of Virra’s honey spilt and added more ear into the penetration.

A cry parted Virra’s lips, as a smack caused her body to juggle against Aerian, though abruptly she parted from the deep kiss of her flower to pull her out and flip Aerian upon her back. As Domi continued to pound into Virra but now in this position it allowed him to shift from Virra to violently into Aerian, just as Virra’s mouth clapped upon her bud.

Aerian felt herself filled deep by Domi her body tensed as her heated core accepted him with ease at this point, she squealed in hunger as he did, Virras actions only pushing her rapidly toward release.

Just as she was pushed near to her release, Domi withdrew by the bite upon her bud it was clear where he traveled to. He rotated between both women plunging his manhood deep and cruelly within each. Just as Virra cried out and crushed her lips against Aerian’s to ensure a deep passionate kiss it was then that Aerian felt that massive monster stretch her passage with an explosive heat. Then as it happened he withdrew to only by the reaction of Virra amidst the kiss knew his destination. This continued for what seemed as forever, rotating between the two and filled them endlessly with his seed. By the end he pulled the two women apart and lay between them am arm around each as Virra laced a hand with Aerian over his chest. His strong hands caressing over their arms and bodies, his eyes seemed dazed in disbelief. As Virra smirked across to Aerian while kissing his neck.

“I have the most beautiful women in Everlands on my arms….” Domi commented gently, though genuinely. “Please don’t kick me to the curb.”

Aerian actually growled as he withdrew from her that first time, before groaned as he refilled her, her body shuddered with her own release her cries lost within the kiss as she found her own release. As he lay between them she looked to Virra with her own glazed look.

“I think we should keep him,” she breathed softly as her free hand reached between her own thighs collecting some of the juice and then suckling it from her fingers, she kissed his chest softly before she let her gaze fall back on Virra, now softened and tender and yet still burning with the same desire she had always had for her “And I love you, forever”

Virra grinned, while looking up to Domi. “Maybe. Play your cards right. Understand, you are not allowed to fuck either of us separate from each other. Only when we are together.” Her words carried a slight growl, she was lightly bruised on her bosom but it seemed to not bother her. But let her gaze return to Aerian, caressing her cheek. “Now and forever…”

“I can deal with that.” Domi said calmly.

“Such a good boy, play nice and we will too,” Aerian licked his chest slowly before she looked to Virra, “Let’s hope we survive tomorrow, be a shame to spoil things so quickly”

The trio fell to sleep rather quickly, though, sometime during the late hours, Domi slipped from between each female cautious to not wake them. Hesitated near the door returning to kiss each gently on the forehead. “My sleeping angels…” He whispered in admiration, stopping to watch them for a moment before gathering his strewn clothing, stirring the fire and blowing out the candles to not start a fire. Fixing his quiver with arrows and now, he slipped unknown to the two sleeping lovers out the door.

[Ending A War] The Demon Underneath

There was something in the air that night as Hades stretched against the bed, the loud cracks as bones were pushed around internally, his skin aching in places long since closed from old wounds. He had remained quiet most of the day as the family had made preparations to repair Ascondias mind and then head to take back Elvera.

It didn’t make things easy as he continued to stretch and readjust himself, his mind was ever as sharp but the years had taken their toll, it was also new to him that in preparing for war he was no longer concerned with saving his own neck but that of his wife to be Jade. Something Hades was completely unprepared for.

The door opened and the familiar scent of cherry blossoms entered the room to announce the appearance of Jade. In her hands was a tray with a pot of tea and two cups. Turning she closed the door behind her, while nearing the bed and pausing. “You seem tense, my love. Care to share the weight upon your mind?”

“The truth?” He replied softly “I’m not used to being here, only usually have my own ass to worry about, and now even though I know you’re more than capable, I still don’t want anything to happen to you, honestly it’s taking a little getting used to,”

He sighed deeply even he knew how harsh that sounded, but he had been honest with her that wasn’t about to change, “I know we’ll get through things, but just feeling a little caught out, it’s the selfish side of me hitting panic mode,”

She turned setting the tray on the nightstand, as Jade calmly purred out tea. The exotic scent wafting to his senses and relaxing him. “As harsh as that sounds, I know you were only telling me. Stop thinking on it so much. Instead of thinking on worrying for me just focus on us doing so together.”

“I’m just getting whiny in my old age,” he smiled softly as he made his way to her to retrieve a cup from her “Honestly the sooner we can take back the realm, the sooner I can focus on more important things,” He watched her for a moment before placing a hand on her stomach “I lived through one war, never thought we’d have to do it again,”

Jade paused with the cup against her lips as his hand was set upon her stomach, then looked to him losing the tea to the tasty and took his hand in hers, away from her abdomen. “The war will be over in due time…you do wish a child? What if–I can’t?”

“Then we will have plenty of fun trying,” Hades smiled wickedly, “And I may just lock you up here in my room all the time, have my way with you relentlessly”

He kissed her forehead with a soft smile “I hope one day we can raise children together, I have never believed I cannot do something, and I don’t intend to start now, we will find a way Jade, I promise you that,”

A blush lifted to her cheeks, beautifully accenting her porcelain skin, lifting her hand to touch a dark shock of hair behind her ear. But then hid behind the cup while it was clear she was smiling by the corner of her lips. “I don’t mind the practice.”

“That’s lucky for me then,” Hades smiled softly as he took the cup from her hand placing down, now taking her hands to pull her gently to him his lips meeting hers gently, his hands gripping her hips as he pulled her tight against him with a low moan against the kiss.

Jade looked surprised by his take of the cup from her, looking down to his hands in hers them up to him. When he pulled her close, a smile was formed into the kiss that was reciprocated in kind. One hand slithered from his to curl at the hair of his neck to delve more deeply into the kiss with pushing fingertips against his skin. Her scent enveloped him with the floral of the cherry blossom that possessed his exotic love.

His hands slipped up her body to slowly undo her her kimono before pushing it to the floor. He slowly stepped back taking her hand before drawing her back to him his hands sliding back to her hips, one hand let go to unfasten his own pants easing them down before kicking them away. As the moved back he slid against her ass and with one motion lifted her to his waist sinking her down upon him.

Jade gasped to the peel of the kimono which was just a veil over her body, now standing before him, exposed were her beautiful curves upon such beautiful and smooth flesh. A small rush of breath left her lips to the pull close to him, as he worked on his pants, Jade also released him off his shirt.

The turn caught her by surprise, but in the lift and his tool sunk into her molten core, a cry of pleasure escaped her lips. Holding in that position, he felt the incredible heat and turned surround him, her body was like a drug. Addicting.

Hades held her there feeling the heat of her inner core surround him as he leant to kiss and nip at her neck for a moment before his hands helped raise her up and then let her slip back down upon him.

Jade held her hands in his shoulder to maintain the support, tilting her head back with a sung praise of his actions allowing him the oath of his lips upon her seductive skin. Her nails bit into his shoulder now, testing him. Perhaps pushing for his darkness to come forth.

Hades growled softly as he settled on the edge on the bed, now driving her down onto him before raising her hips and repeating the action, his eyes now looking into hers, a strange glimmer of something other than himself settled within

She met his gaze through half-lidded eyes weighed down with desire, Jade was in a daze and cried out as his hips clapped against her. Jade was clutching to him as her nails bit harder, while her body was throbbing against his.

It was sudden, as he shifted position dropping her to the bed before forcing her to the edge, as he lowered to his knees his mouth clamping down against her heated centre with a deep growl before hungrily licking and nipping against her swollen bud, his tongue driven up into her before returning to the assault of her bud. His hands planted firmly against her thighs keeping them spread wide apart.

Jade cried out in satisfaction while Hades turned into the hungry beast. The heat of her core was dripping with sweet nectar, such an ambrosial taste flooded his senses. His hands felt the tremble of her thighs as the kings threatened to close and her voice reached him to a depth never before. The feel of her bud was plump and thriving begged to be stimulated, as her fingers stove through his hair with that gentle scrape of her nails.

Hades continued his actions, suckling firmly against her bud, his nails curled biting into the tender flesh of her thighs as he growled hungry against her.

The more pressure he placed upon her thighs the more they quivered, though finally he had hit her sweet spot. He felt the pressure of her silken fold surround his slick tool and a scream of pleasure, as he was granted a rush of her juices. Her poor flower throbbing and brought to life with over stimulation, fighting to remain still while fingers left his hair to curl into the fabric of the bedding.


Hades drank her down hungrily, his reward from his lover. He didn’t slow his assault on her bud instead adjusting his grip on her thighs forcing her legs still further apart before letting his tongue tease down her wetness against her ass and then back to the rapid assault of her sensitive and now swollen bud.

She curled her fingers when more tightly against the sheets, the more speed he utilized he was gifted the risen sound of her voice. The grip kept the threatened closure of her legs at bay, but her felt her body tremble violently. A look up to her would reveal her porcelain cheeks kissed with the flush of passion, as her luscious lips delivered the song to his ears. As his slick tool brushed over her tender pucker a chortled gasp of surprise broke the deliverance of her moans granting him another flow of her juices, again and again.

Hades drank her down again before standing his hands now forcing her onto her front and then forcing her to raise her ass leaving her level his waist, a sharp slap against the tender flesh of her ass watching as it turned red. There was a dark edge to every action he took, each design to both punish and yet pleasure her.

“We can stop anytime you want,” He almost growled the worst as her struck her ass again, this time with much more force than before.

She flipped over onto her front causing the bed to groan at the transition, Jade looked back to him as her hips were guided to raise displaying each luscious half-moon. A gasp parted her lips to the first strike on her cheeks, causing each to jiggle from the force with the angry red mark glaring at Hades. Just as another was struck, forcing a small yelp from her lips. Yet he saw the trickle of her juices down her leg to the last violent smack, she began to writhe her hips beckoning him for more.

“No! Don’t stop…” Jade whimpered, as her plump bottom was red. “Let yourself lose. I’m yours, Master.”

Watching her juices dribble down her thigh made Hades harder still as he watched before his own mind caught up, his mind battling the need to take her and violate her anyway he saw fit, before remembering the woman he wanted to harm was the woman he wanted to spend his life with, this was why Hades had stayed away from intimacy for the most part, he wanted to break her and he knew she would let him, as he ran his hand down her spine before kissing her lower back.

Jade trembled under his gentle touch and gasped at the heart of his lips upon her skin. Testing on folded forearms and glances break to him over her shoulder, the desire in her eyes was startling. “Don’t hold back…I’m yours…” She whispered, almost as though pleading for him to release the side he was in conflict with.

“You know what happens if I do?” His voice was soft and yet dangerous in the way he made his statement “You know what happens right? You know what I need from this, what I trust only you to give me?” again he let his nails bit into the flesh this time of her ass as he cupped them tightly.

“I do.” She stated in a breathy tone, writhing her hips against his hands, the glance over her shoulder displayed the caught lower lip between her teeth.

As her words came, his conflict vanished, his eyes darkened as he watched her, there was something predatory in the way he moved as he struck her ass a third time. His fingers traced down her thighs among the juices that were now there, this time he didn’t hold back as again a hand came down striking her hard

She cried out as her body shook out of reflex to the violent strike, those delicious cheeks jiggling as a few strands of dark hair fell from the meticulous bun that had been fixed. It seemed as though her entire body jerked to the torrent that was released. But somehow Hades knew, Jade could handle it, though she appeared to be fragile it was the opposite.

Her cries was delicious to the darkness within now, as he slid his fingers into her just for a moment, slipping them deep into her before easing them back.

Slowly he raked his nails down her sides, enough force to break flesh in places as watched the blood slip down her skin, he smiled darkly. Another slap this time between her cheeks against her wetness.

Her body reacted immediately to the pleasure that derived from the plunge of his digits, her passage instantly pressed against the pressure. Effectively soaking his fingers with her juices. She trembled as the nails broke flesh, oozing with her deep red essence over the snowy flesh. He felt her body literally quiver with fear and anticipation, it was exhilarating.

His hands slapped into her hips hard, he could feel the flesh beneath burn in reply now. As he positioned himself before simply driving into her, he growled deeply as he did so, his hips slamming into hers.

She yelped to the smack of his hands at her hips, the rage of such violence seeped in heat against his palms. Though it was when he slammed into her flower, desecrating the passage without permission, Jade cried out and in reflex her body arched with more weight on her forearms. The blood from her sides began to drip to the sheets, while her hands curled tightly upon the fabric. But his invading member curved a slight as the force was not enough to breach post her pearly gates to the inner sanctum of her womb.

He growled as he eased back just a little before driving into her again, a third time as his grip on her hips drove her back against him before he released his hold now grabbing her hair and dragging her up from the bed and back to him, his free hand then reaching to knead and crush her breast, whilst holding her weight he let the hand in her hair transfer to her other breast now crushing and kneading them hard, as his hips urged her to move upon him.

The sound of their bodies was carnal and fed this deep sated beast rising in Hades. A gasp caught her as his hand reigned her in by means of her hair, pulling her up as though strings to a puppet. The swell of her bosom against his hand was intoxicating as he cruelly applied a hungry pressure with her buds scrapping his palm to state her own arousal. Compelled, her hips rolled back against him, but this wasn’t enough to breach the sanctuary. Her breathing and sounds were ragged but fuelled his further desire to control her.

As he tried to force up into her it only built his own frustration, the darkness wanting to tear her hidden gateway open as he growled now dropping her to the bed and forcing her to her back. He pushed his hand against her stomach hard before his hand moved to strike her breast.

He was thriving upon his need for this, as he struck her opposite breast, watching the red form over the delicate white flesh of her body, feeling her body react to each attack he brought against her.

The air escaped her in a rush to the abrupt turn onto her back, his member freed and raging in the magnificent pillar glistening proudly. It wasn’t long before he plunged in again. Using her body as a sheath for his manly sword, but still it wasn’t enough to breach her pearly gates. A small yelp caught when he began to abuse her bosom, the red was angry against her swollen breast before fading to be brought yet again to the red. Her body reacted by clenching tightly around the girth that stretched her flower, each time.

As he drove into her again he let his hands knead and grope her breasts for a moment before his eyes set on hers, he leant over her slowly before his hand again wound into her head bending her head back for a moment before letting go, his hand now tracing the exposed flesh of her neck.

Slowly his hand closed in on her throat s he watched her reaction as dangerous as he was intent in his acions now.

She was lost in the ecstasy. While her bosom jiggled against the force of his hips plowing into her, she met his gaze with her own. Unable to hold it for long before closing the lids it was almost as though she knew. Turning her neck to the side in an allowance of more terrain for his touch. But once his hand wrapped around her throat, Jade opened her eyes, a hand lifting to curl around his wrist but not to pull away only to dig her fingers into his flesh. Now her hips rocking and buckling against his, as though fighting the violence with violence, pleasure with pleasure. Her sounds were attacked by his hold, but the flush on her cheeks darkened and eyed began to roll into the back of her skull with a glisten of drool escaping the corner of her mouth. It was a strangely erotic and beautiful expression while he felt her body grip him with such force and a rush of her juices came, again and again.

His grip tightened as each strangled noise made a way through, deliberate with the intent to remove her air supply, at least until he felt her release hit allowing her to breath and drink in the air for a moment before snapping his grip back in place again, between his grip on her throat and his hips slamming into her there was nothing else but a vicious need that he wanted her.

The dark need translated into a twisted rage that was released each time he drove into her, his eyes drinking in every ripple over her body as each thrust would crash into her sending waves over her body, her beasts bouncing with the force until he leant to bite one hard while maintaining the air restricted grip on her throat.

She continued to knead urgently upon his wrist, even as her world grew fuzzy to the point of release in which she would gasp. Her sounds in that moment incredible until stole but his grip, he felt her skin throb beneath his hand, intoxicating and drunken. Jade was his, in every manner of the word, suddenly her eyes widened at the bite to her bosom mouth peeking to the silence of a scream. But the incredible tightness increased each time pain was administered, by bite or more pressure to her delicate neck. Again and again he felt those juices added to to violent sound. Finally she had enough and lifted her legs to press her thighs against his chest. This granted him a depth denied, without restraint his monster raided her sanctuary passed the pearl gates, abusing the very back with violent battering. Now her nails dug into his wrist with viciousness.

Now a look at her would reveal the fiery aura of the kitsune that surrounded her in the blade. It was stunning and beautiful with her brown eyes replaced with yellow and fangs appearing from the peel of her lips. Such an exotic woman, yet a very rare creature. She was his.

His grip on her throat released as he grabbed her legs, bending her as far as she would go before returning to his violent rhythm each thrust with the intent of driving as hard and deep as he could, a deep guttural growl followed each vicious thrust.

A sudden twisted growl as he forced himself hard into him, his body now feeling the depth with which he was penetrating her was given to the need to fill her, his own juices now driven deep into her waiting sanctuary, nails biting into the flesh of her thighs as he still had her bent so hard, his eyes glazed with the lust of that moment now.

Jade was incredibly flexible, possibly double jointed, as it appeared to be nearly in half while others would break. She bolted up when his grip retreated and parted her lips to sink her fangs into his shoulder, causing blood to drop some the wound that most assuredly would leave a bruise. Every time he thrust harder and deeper, the stiff battering ram stretched the far back wall as the rage of his relentless pumping. Her nails clawed at his back while tearing into his flesh, slickening the surface. She was lost and the fiery aura began to increase, Jade panted sings moaned into his captured flesh, as his seed filled her to the point of it oozing at the sides. But to the rush of her seemingly endless flow of nectar.

As the last of his seed was emptied within her, he collapsed down on top on her. His full weight pinning her beneath him as he lay silent, every part of him spent in that moment. After a few moments he slid to her side his arm pulling her into him, kissing the side of her face just for a moment.

Jade gasped as Hades full weight was upon her though she remained still. The fiery aura fading, though when he rolled over Hades was met with sheets wet with blood. But Jade was trembling softly from the powerful event that unfolded from the climax. The wound on her sides were not bleeding, closed and just the remnants on her skin. Yet upon her delicate neck was a faint bruise of his hands that remained.

As Hades own haze cleared he sat drawing her up with him, the conflict that usually resided in his eyes now all but gone as he watched her for a moment. As he surveyed the bed and the blood he couldn’t help but smile.

“That makes you one of only two people to open that side and live to tell the tale,” His words were soft “And I am the luckiest man in the realm to be with you, though I think next time I will have to take my time with you,”

She looked to him through tired eyes, though as he said the word two or caused her to look down the smile fading with a pained expression in her brown eyes. Perhaps he shouldn’t have mentioned it because Jade knew of one other.

The bed appeared as though there was a struggle with the crumpled sheets and large blood stains.

Hades placed his fingers on her chin to lift her head gently “Not who you’re thinking, the only person who’s gone head to head against me like that is my brother,” his words were soft, yet sincere.

“I don’t make a habbit of it or I tend to leave to a trail of bodies, you only need read the history books to see that, but what you just gave me Jade, I needed to unload and clear my head, I have done for a long time, no one in any realm could have given me that”

She lifted her chin by his guidance, meeting his gaze and a clarity was within those almond slanted eyes. “I’m glad that I could offer you just that much. It means much to me to hear that from you. I admit, I’m a little jealous of Ascondia. She is beautiful and a Queen, I can never match up to that. I have never loved anyone as much as I have you and I don’t want to lose that.”

“Our dear Queen dropped me the second my brother showed up, it was relationship based on convenience no more no less, just sex” He shrugged softly “I love you, yet I pray you don’t bolt for the hills the more I show of myself”

Jade looked to him with a secretive smile, as that bruise glared at him from her neck. “I haven’t yet. Though I’m thinking perhaps I need a tight necklace to conceal the bruising. Perhaps a collar?” This was to speak to the darker side. “I would like more time in a shower aspect.”

“You would look quite delicious in a collar” There was an edge to his voice that both teasing and yet dark “But then you look very sexy with those bruises, and I think when we are done with this war I’m going to take you away for a very long, and very fun time”

A blush lifted to her cheeks at his words with fingers touching the bruising, attempting to contain the smile such rose. “I wouldn’t complain. Though this war can not be finished soon enough. I want to bare your child.”

“Mmm indeed something I intend to work on, but I think if my brother or his wife saw those bruises, I may end up in a cell instead of alone in the woods with you,” He ran a hand over the bruise with a soft smile “So we should try to conceal that from them, the less questions we raise the better for our future children”

“The more we conceal the more suspicious they will be. I am proud of it, as you should be too. They put you in a cell, you won’t be alone. Each of them need to accept this part of you, I do.” She offered him a simple but her words were steady with purpose. Jade lifted a hand to caress his cheek with a subtle draw of her nails against the side if his neck.

He let his hand close in on her throat once more before kissing her “See just one more reason why I love you, ”

Her expression remained composed but he felt the flicker of the kitsune in her, almost as though it spoke to him in the grasp of her throat. The pulse not only throbbing against his palm but her lips against his. “I love you too.” These two were each a side of a coin, but accepted the duality.


[The Turning Tide] Unravelling The Puzzle

Aerian had listened to Hades and Jade as they had laid out the events of Jades conversation with her mother, it bothered her a little but, her mother refusing to acknowledge her existence was actually barely something new. Aerian knew she was loved but sometimes an inconvenience or problem to be dealt with at another time was largely her mother’s belief.
“You should speak with her, but be careful, and,” Aerian said to Virra gently after they had left “Let her talk, my mother does enjoy the sound of her own voice,”
Virra looked to Aerian, nodding slowly. “I will see what I can come up with…if anything different.” She stood and leaned down to kiss Aerian gently. Though left the cottage and made her way to the dungeon. Once outside the gates, she gave the word that Hades approved it. Stepping in when the cell opened.
Ascondia glanced up at the new comer to her cell, he eyes drank in the form of the young woman before she looked back to the floor, “Another tainted soul come to torture me?”
Virra leaned against the wall nearest the door, folding her arms across her chest with a leg bent. “No. Something tells me in secret you’d get off on it. I’m here to listen to your story.” She said calmly, but her words were on the frigid side.
“My story?” Ascondia replied softly “I went to bed last night and the next thing I know I’m being dragged here and you’re hitting me in the head, I’m then locked up and told things are not as I think they are and no one will let me speak with my husband, though I am curious as to where I’m being held, and of course why”
“You are being held because there is a war. This is for your protection and others, not JUST including Kane.” Virra stated still with a voice of indifference. “Z’ress really messed with your head.”
“Yes so I have been told, but you have a taint, you share the burden of the seer, which is rare in this realm, and yet I see Elcarus blood but you are no child of ours, perhaps if you let me go I can return to Elvera and we can sort things out, I’m sure Kane would reward you well,” Ascondia spoke gentle and yet there was an air of confidence in her words, an order from the Queen, after all, couldn’t be refused.
“Not going to happen. You asked where we are and right now you are in the Elcarus estate in Dentarius. There is no sense in returning to the castle since Kane is here.”
“Then why is he not here, getting me out of this cell?!” Ascondia snapped back angrily now “And how have my powers been sealed?”
Ascondia looked flustered as she glared at Virra “I can open a portal to cross the bloody realm, reverse time if I so choose and yet here I am stuck in a cell because apparently, I cannot do either, my powers are out, and they weren’t until I arrived here!”
“Ah, yes that. Well, it wouldn’t be a dungeon with the ability to utilize spells, now would it?” Virra pushed from the wall, straightening. “What is the last thing you remember before arriving here? Think hard.”
“Making love with husband, speaking of having children, then I went to sleep, the next thing I’m been dragged through the underground by a thief and a dress maker, ordered to open a portal here,” Ascondia replied darkly
Virra tilted her head at her words. “What events had taken place in Everlands at that point? It seems you are in a time loop, one that is fixed in your mind…Do you remember the Dragon Wars?”
“There haven’t been dragons in The Everlands in generations girl, and they are a little difficult to hide? Ceremon tried to take the throne and was killed by Kane, Hades apparently has had an attitude change but the last I saw him, we had sex and were discovered resulting in him stabbing Kane and fleeing, the High Council have declared The Everlands a free realm, travel to the human dimensions have been permanently suspended due to them trying to kill us at a given notice, Kane an I have been married for around a year now, so we created him around seven years ago, The Everlands is a much safer place than it once was,” Ascondia stated quickly as she tried to answer the question.
“That’s not the truth of it right now. You know it by the way you spoke in a rushed tone, you doubt. Think harder, close your eyes and sink deeper.” Virra in her calm, detached voice.
“You asked for recent events, those are ones I can remember” Ascondia snapped back
“You’re hopeless…when you said Kane was created, what did you mean? Who created him and for what purpose? Surely not to be a fuck toy.”
“Of course not, that was pure accident, we created Kane to balance a power vacuum in the realm, Ceremon was building power and we had no counter, we came across a formula to create a warrior to counter his forces, and so we created a vessel to hold that power, we created Kane. It turns out he came with things such as emotion and understanding too, he was kind and caring, soft not like Hades, who was deemed a failure apparently infusing our souls with a human one just isn’t a smart idea, but Kane, he was so much more complete, I couldn’t help but love him, he trained our armies and we were able to push Ceremon back and defeat most of his forces, the rest scattered to the out lands.” Ascondia replied
“I thought it was Ceremon that created Hades and Kane…even Hareover.” She appeared unimpressed, it was a guise to her actual surprise. “It seems to me, that you won’t speak honestly to anyone but Kane.”
“Ceremon? Why would he want to create someone to rival his own power?” Ascondia replied “If Kane were here he would tell you all this and get me out of this,”
“Oh, he is here. I’ll get him for you.” Virra grinned wickedly, turning to leave the cell and gather, Kane. By this time and Aishani’s condition, he would be in their room.
Kane was at the desk in their room as he was pouring through various scriptures and historical records, his mind still turning over the information from Hades. As he would turn to watch his wife for a moment before returning to his work.
There was a knock on the door that spliced through the silence of the room, this caused Aishani to stir but otherwise remained asleep.
Kane made his way to the door opening just a little to see Virra on the other side, he slid the door open a little further and slid through.
“Evening Virra, how went your chat with our guest? Or should I prepare for more questions than we have answers for?” His words were fraught with frustration and a lack of answers, something he was far from used to.
“Her memories are scrambled, Kane. She does not have any recollection of the Dragon Wars, in fact, she still believes the two of you are married. Aishani is not going to be very tolerant of that fact…” She glanced down the hall then back to him. “To her Ceremon is dead. I didn’t know you were created by her and the High Council…the last she remembers was when you caught her and Hades amidst an act…something about stabbing then finishing making love to you and speaking of children. The next was the arrival of Zia and Elsa dragging her through the dungeons forcing her to open a portal here. For as much as I hate to say it, you are the only one she really wants to talk to…”
Kane looked down the hall then back toward the bedroom door before finally back to Virra.
“I wasn’t created, but the incident she speaks of was a long time ago, Ascondia was originally with Hades but he let slip of mine and our brothers existence and so Ascondia reached out to us for help, when I arrived in Elvera Hades flew into a fit of rage and stabbed me twice, had he not been a lousy aim, or sub consciously aware we are family, I should have been dead. I survived but in doing so Ascondia and the High Council chose that time to wipe my head clean, implant it with false memories of being created to serve,” Kane kept his voice low as he explained the history of the his coming to her “And I did for a long time, however between Aerian being born and having to protect the two of them, Ascondia being sent to the human realm to hide her pregnancy and the clone somehow the magics binding my memories began to fade, and in time I became aware of my true heritage, when the real Ascondia returned to Elvera, Aerian and I left,”
“None of that matters now, Kane. What does is the fact that we have to screw Ascondia’s head in straight. She is such in the past, Aerian maybe too much of a shock for her. But the key is you. You have to talk to her.” Virra glanced to the door. “Else I fear the emotions of Aishani may kill Ascondia. She is stable but the wolf and pregnancy make her…unpredictable.”
“Especially with Ascondia claiming me as hers,” Kane rubbed his jaw before he nodded, “I will leave Aishani a message and we will go speak with the crazy Queen in our dungeon”
Kane slid back into the bedroom to leave his ‘Speaking to Ascondia seems things are a little complicated, but I will inform you all this once I have spoken with her, Love Always Kane’
As he returned with his cloak he nodded to Virra “I trust you will accompany me, there are things even I would rather not do alone,”
“Kane Elcarus…afraid to do something alone. I wouldn’t miss it.” She teased with a smirk.
“Have you met the woman” Kane chuckled in reply as they made their way back to the cells, the guard nodded and let them through as they made their way to the cell.
The door opened and Ascondia smiled as she leapt at Kane “Where the hell have you been baby?! God, I’ve been going crazy waiting for you, why have you got me locked up?” Ascondia tried to kiss Kane only for him to extract himself from the embrace.
“Like a rabbit…” Virra muttered, in fact, the display was sickening to her. Seeing Ascondia and Aishani, it was disgusting to her at the contrast. “I brought him, as I said.”
“So you did, a tainted soul who can do something,” Ascondia replied almost as a thought that directly to Virra, “So Kane when can I get out of here?”
“Not anytime soon, Ascondia something is off, you and I was a long time ago, and I also am well aware of the truth in how we actually found each other, you were taken, prisoner and we suspect a drow named Z’ress has somehow messed with your head,” He was unsure of his words, or even what was actually going on at this point “We need to find out what, you also need to stop pissing off my family, Virra here is engaged to,” he stopped and looked to Virra, not even sure if he should be telling her Aerian was a live flesh and blood woman.
“You may as well. But she is not going to meet with her…I get the feeling this is what Z’ress wanted…”
“It’s a lot of memory to remove, but I suspect if she saw Aerian, well we know where that ends up,” Kane settled back against the door as Ascondia kicked at the ground and stormed back to seat herself on the cot.
“You’re supposed to love me” She spat angrily
“I haven’t loved you in a long time Ascondia, I’m sorry but there it is, I am married and trying to stop our realm from being destroyed, unfortunately I have a better chance of doing that if we can unscramble your damn head,” Kane sighed deeply as he looked to Virra “Unless there’s something else at play, we know she wants to kill Aerian, remove our ability to see ahead, but what if they are trying to remove someone else from the equation as well?”
Kane didn’t even wait as the thought hit him, he locked the cell door and took off back into the mansion, arriving at his office and beginning to search for something among the paper work.
When he returned to the office, Kane knew it before he even entered, Aishani was awake and sitting in his office chair. She stood with a hand on her swollen belly, no expression in her face but acknowledged him with a glance of her smoldering golden eyes. She was nearing her wolf state.
Virra had followed him from the cell, as stealthy and soundless as a cat. She was in the room but stopped at the door at the presence of Aishani. “What are you looking for?”
Kane smiled softly to his wife “Feeling any better my love?” before he carried on searching, his eyes glancing over paper titles and scroll names until he dropped one on the desk and unravelled it.
“Ascondia is one of the most powerful people in the realm, but not the most powerful, only one has that and that would be our healer, whatever they have done will take a lot to undo and they are likely counting on us bringing Stacy out of hiding, we cannot of course, but long ago Sarantha gave me something should we ever need it, it’s just a little bit more of a gamble than I’d like, still we seem to have a few of these in this war so what’s one more,”
Kane stated quickly as he began reading the piece of paper before him, “Most of the pieces we have in storage, the rest is fairly simple to come by with the right contacts”
Aishani remained silent while her hand was resting on the side of her swollen belly, Kane, would he look could see the form of her fangs beneath the surface of her lips. Her golden eyes were fixed on him and then flickered every so often down to the movement of papers, as the final one was set on the desk, she moved over to his side with gaze down.
Virra then entered the room more fully, to stand at Kane’s opposite side, looking to the scroll. “Stacy is out of the question,” Aishani spoke and her tone was a very sensual purr, saturated into a primal depth. Virra glanced to Aishani, distracted for a moment, then down again. “What do we need then that we don’t have, my love?”
“Time is the thing we need and don’t have” Kane replied before he looked over the page, “We have everything just not in one place, I will reach out to those lines for the other ingredients, but it is going to take time, Aerian should then be able to put it together,”
“You know how Aerian hates being told what to do…so why don’t you ask her?” Virra added idly, while Aishani slipped to sit on the edge of the desk.
“You can do the convincing,” Aishani said calmly. “What exactly is she to do? Do not forget that our fiery daughter is tied to Virra.”
“Oh I wasn’t planning on telling her to do it, but she is by far better gifted at this than I am, she will require Virras help because of that link my love, they will need to the mix the potion in a dose enough to undo Z’ress’ block, we then have to convince Ascondia to drink it,” Kane replied gently “Though part of me would rather just let you force her my love, it seems somewhat over kill”
“Don’t suppose you have an illegal chemist contact tucked away Virra?” Kane smiled darkly “I know your fathers trade wasn’t just slavery and mercenary work, we need to reach out to them and have them bring what we need, they have this immunity against any retribution from us on this occasion, even I know we need to bend the rules now and again, Death root isn’t to come by nor is it generally used,”
“Well…I had a personal contact, one that never went through my Pops. Even she wouldn’t speak to him, an elder in a perilous part of the forests…None enter that haven’t had her blessing. Though, I can wager that she would allow for myself and Aerian to enter since we share the same bond. I can gather Aerian and we can leave at once.” Virra stated, by the words it was clear this old woman in the forest was dangerous though also was the closest being she had to a mother.
“Oh, I would love to force it down her throat…” Aishani growled softly with a flash in her golden eyes and a sharpness to her wolfish grin.
Kane chuckled softly as he took Aishanis hand “I know you would, but we must play nice, as much as it annoys the living hell out of me,”
“As for Aerian and yourself Virra, be careful out there, Ceremon will have his spies out and we know Aerian is a target, you are her partner and they are aware of that which makes you dangerous to them, they may want to take Aerian but I wouldn’t discount them wanting to kill you,” His words were sincere and gentle “So I want you both to come home to us, am I clear?”
“You worry too much, Old Man.” Virra chuckled with a wink. “I’ll go to Aerian and we will leave immediately.” She turned and briskly left the room.
Aishani sighed softly after the door closed. “Jade could slip the tonic into Ascondia’s tea. I’m sure she could make something to relax and mall the taste and odour.”
“One step at a time my love,” Kane placed the paper back into his desk before turning to her “So how are you feeling?”
“I am going to send Shadow to watch after our daughter and Virra.” Until now, Kane hadn’t realized crumpled in one hand was the note he left earlier, Aishani moved to then look out the window. “Speaking to Ascondia seems things are a little complicated, but I will inform you all this once I have spoken to her…” Clearly, this note had done more damage then good, by the subtle growl from her throat. “So, speak. What has happened, besides the fact that her brain is scrambled due to Z’ress. I sense you are avoiding speaking to me on something, what is it?”
“Scrambled is one word, wiped would be more accurate, as far as we can tell,” Kane spoke softly, but had no intention of hiding the details from his wife, now or anytime after that fact, “The last details she remember are shortly during or after our first anniversary, she remembers nothing of me since I was under her thrall and we were wed, even before Aerian was born,”
Her back was to Kane, though, he noted the tension in her shoulders at his words. “So…in essence, she believes that you are hers?” There was no denying of the possessiveness that tickled the growl in her voice. “Aerian, should not see her, this is bait in my mind.”
“I made no bones in correcting her of that fact, and that I have in fact long since moved on from been her plaything,” Kane replied quickly “And I would agree that Aerian is still a catalyst in all this, they seek to blind us, both removing Aerians power from our hands and of course our daughter from our lives, neither an outcome I am willing to allow to come to fruition,”
“Oh, for fucksake, Kane. You may have corrected her in words, though, we are speaking of Ascondia lost in the past. I am sure she is still stubborn as now and spoiled.” Aishani closed her eyes while watching him in the reflection of the window. “I get the feeling that decisions will need to be made, sacrifices as well. But, in all this, there is a plan that Z’ress has and the seed is planted…” From outside the window, Kane saw the skitter of Shadow across the courtyard in the direction of Aerian and Virra’s cottage. “As much as I despise this, perhaps, you should spend more time with Ascondia. Learn what portions of her memory are manipulated or absent.”
“I’d rather not,” Kane sighed darkly “I am still very much unable to forgive for her taking so much of my life, even our daughter is detached and refuses to give her mother credit more than being the one who brought her into this world, I see no reason in trying to piece her head together, I see no point in fixing her either but the fact is we could do with the power boost she’d provide”
Aishani closed her eyes, turning now too have Kane. “We need this power. I, unfortunately, ask not of this realm or the magics such possess. My heart is here and with you. I don’t like this one bit…though one thing I’m concerned with is my sisters. If Z’ress brought one or both, they are out for blood…unless. Are we positive we even have Ascondia? One of my sisters is an expert illusionist…”
Kane looked to Aishani “Illusionist?” There was a genuine surprise in his voice, an option he had actually failed to consider. “Then could she be in our cells?”
“It could be possible…Do you know for a fact that Ascondia is whom she says she is?” Aishani looked to him with an enigmatic expression. “The eldest is Xull’jra. Any one of my sisters would love just for the chance to destroy me….”
“Her memories seem intact, but to take out such a huge gap I cannot figure the logic, except to draw out Stacy,” Kane scratched his head for a moment “But she is correct in the details of how I was controlled all those years ago, I guess we could press her as only the real Ascondia knows how it was done”
“We? Are you sure that’s wise, my love?” She held a hand on her belly. “I’m not sure that Ceremon or Z’ress are aware of my current state…”
“You are the best person to challenge her perception of the realm, and if it’s your sister, I wouldn’t know” Kane replied softly “We just need to determine if the risk is worth it?”
“I’m not sure, I trust myself, my love. My emotions are very high strung right now with the children in my womb…I was actually very possessive of you when I read the note.” Aishani lowered her gaze to hide the shame. “I trust you, my love. But, there is a way, I had a brother. He was sacrificed. You see in Drow society it was common to kill the males in the house if they were weak…mostly it was up to the Matriarch to do such. His name was K’yorl, you would see recognition in her expression if such was mentioned, a twinge of hatred.”
“We will handle it, my love, I will speak her when Jade next pays her a visit, for the moment we have a lot in place and we should take time to assess those facts,” Kane leant to kiss her cheek gently “Just another day in Dentarius”

[The Turning Tide] Changing the Tides of War

The cell was cramped as Aerian sat in the corner her arms wrapped around her knees, quietly she waited on word to bring down the defences of their home. Quietly she hoped there was a plan

Aerian was not alone, Virra held her arms wrapped around her fiancé with their hands together, ring against ring. She would periodically press get lips against her neck to offer support, while it was bleak, cold and damp; though made up for such with the body heat of one another. All they could do was wait, it was agony for the two young lovers. The unknown devouring them like a ravaged beast, they did not know if Hades and Jade were safe or fighting. 

Hades watched the hall for a moment before leading Jade along it and down through the hidden passages to the cells, pressing Jade to the wall he crept along the low ledge, one short leap had him behind the guard before cutting his throat and lowering him to the ground.

Quietly he motion for Jade to lock the Jails main door before working on picking the cell door. It took time but he got it in the end the lock clicking as the cell door opened he tossed in Virras blades and Aerians bow.

“Up for a little Jailbreak ladies?” he voice low but with a smile “We have this, your dad is on his way and is bringing re-enforcements we just have to keep Hareavor and his goons busy until he gets here”

Jade easily kept up with Hades, while the delicate flower was just as strong as the gemstone. She gathered the keys and opened the main dungeon door, watching for Hades to enter while keeping watch. 

As the cell creaked open Virra released her arms from Aerian, tense initially but once her blades were thrown in and Hades spoke, a cruel smirk appeared on her lips. “What took you so long? Reinforcements are good.” She kissed Aerian on the neck but gathered her father’s blades with a spin on the palms of her hands. “What reinforcements?” 

“Oh this you’re going to love” Hades chuckled with a smile, “But for the moment we should go before you’re daddy realises I’m no longer locked in the library”

Aerian grabbed her bow and pulled the quiver to her shoulder “What’s the plan, to just stay alive? Because that’s really dumb!”

“No we fight, on the ground, keep their eyes on us” Hades smiled softly “He will be here, but right now I need you to drop the defences”

Aerian suddenly looked to the dead guard then to Hades “Wait if they’re still up, how did you …”

“Doesn’t extend to here, can’t really torture folk while they are up, we just don’t share that fact” Hades shrugged softly “It makes sense and you know it”

Virra fixed her sheaths to her hips while adjusting them to fit securely. She grinned wickedly to Hades then took Aerian’s hand. “I think this is what we have been waiting for, Firefly. Drop the wards. Let’s have some fun. But you owe us an explanation, Hades.” 

Jade moved to the cell door, peering in. “We don’t have time. Come, we have to go.” 

Aerian hesitated, her eyes looked to Hades then to Virra, before she flicked her wrist “OK they are down”

The screams above told only of the misery as Harevors forces poured in through the gates, Hades had already evacuated the young, the woman and the elderly into the hidden ruins beneath the mansion, the wards there would take they would take some breaking, or finding for that matter, the staff above fought and weren’t so lucky.

“We stay close and we stay until Kane gets here,” Hades smiled softly as he led them up into the Mansion, undead and vampires alike were now attacking anyone insight, Hades caught one with a right hand before dispatching a second with his blade, a third caught him in the right arm only to have its head slammed into the pillar they were behind.

“You OK?” Aerian whispered only for Hades to wave her off with a frustrated nod wrapping the wound quickly, “Let’s go”

Virra grinned wildly, clearly she was going to enjoy this. She fought along with Hades, driving her blades to spill blood of vampires with half decapitation and making some undead immobile with daggers plunged ripping into legs. Jade too had a blade but this was unfamiliar to the lands, specially made with a gleam that appeared to be alive with a strange power that appeared not only fuelled by her but the energies of the very realm. 

As the vampire was slammed with his head against the wall, it was Jade that decapitated the creature. Her warm brown eyes glowed with a slitted almost canine ferocity, baring her teeth now displayed points to her canines. 

Hades nodded to Jade as he threw open the doors, Hades watched the chaos outside before his blade snapped to his chest to deflect Hareavors attack, “Why will you not just die?!”

“Oh where’s the fun in that!” Hades laughed coldly, before slamming his hand into Hareavors chest driving him back. Hades led their small group into the crowds of enemies, a well placed arrow took out a Vampire just about to drive his blade into Virra. Hades moved with purpose, throwing enemies with deliberate intent into the waiting blades of Virra and Jade alike, he clearly had intent as they moved toward the gates.

It was as they reached a small alcove Hades grabbed a man kicking the back of his knee and bouncing his head off the wall rendering him unconscious “Him we need alive,” He smiled and pulled Aerian, Jade and Virra beneath the stone wall above them “Aerian mind giving us a little cover?”

“What’s going?” Aerian whispered her foot pushing the man over to reveal him to be Virras father.

There was a roar beyond that drew their attention as dragons swept down raining fire over those within the court yard, Aerian quickly threw up the spell to keep them alive and uncooked in the alcove.

Virra kept at it, fighting through the hordes of enemies. She was just as cold and vicious as Hades, it was though apparent in her, the trust she placed in not only her fiancé but of those around her. 

Jade on the other hand was graceful and elegant in every move, as though it was a practiced dance with the sword as an extension of her body. Even her aura began to change into that of a fiery orange. 

By the time everyone was in the alcove, Virra sneered at the unconscious form of her father, though it was not long lasting after all weapons hidden and other had been removed from him that the deafening roar was heard. The spell went up just as the world erupted in flames. 

Jade, whom held her Katana blade down to the ground clutched to Hayes’s arm, starting wide eyed at the sight of the dragons. Some swooped down to pick up enemies just to drop them while others were burnt to a crisp. It was difficult to tell from their angle add to whose side the large beasts were on. 

“You’ve gotta be kidding me…” Virra groaned. “Dragons? Ceremon had fucking dragons?!” 

“Oh no those are on our side” Hades laughed darkly “For now anyway”

Aerian dropped the defence spell allowing them back out into the court yard, Hades dispatched several burned Vampires with ease, his eyes searching the darkness that had now descended, ahead a wall of flames as a figure walked through.

“I told you not to burn my house down!” Kane laughed softly as he slid behind a Vampire snapping its neck with precision and ease.

“Bah you’re late as usual, and dragons no less?” Hades retorted as he held Jade to him now.

Aishani moved through the fire now while standing at Kane’s side with a smirk and a hand on the bulge of her belly. “Admit it. You had fun dispatching the enemy, quit your bitching.” She chuckled. 

While Jade was held close to Hades, subtly her hand was touching his wounded shoulder. As he felt a pinch of pain as it seemed the flesh was weaving together in a heal. “Oh my…you are showing, Lady Aishani…” If Hades didn’t know any better, being as close to Jade as he was, it almost sounded like envy. 

Virra chuckled darkly, though kept her eyes on the unconscious form of her father, while holding Aerian’s hand with their rings glinting in the firelight. 

Kane simply smiled in reply before backing toward Hades “We hold the Mansion, force them back”

“To where?” Hades snapped in reply “In case you hadn’t noticed there’s bloody dragons in the sky!!”

“To Elvera!” Kane growled in reply “They will make a stand and we will break them down”

Kane and Hades both took down a vampire who was headed their way, the flames of the dragons now directing the remaining forces away from the mansion, any attempt to go another route was met either by dragon or by fire.

Aerian was impressed at her fathers resourcefulness as she leant against Virra, her arms slid around her waist with a smile “He brought dragons to save us”

Aishani smirked to Aerian as though hearing her easily with the gift brought by the werewolf in her but also the glanced down to her hand in Virra’s that exposed their rings. Then to Jade and Hades with a tilt of her chin to Kane. “Seems everyone has been busy…” She mused. 

Virra remained with Aerian, while Jade pushed from her lean with a kiss to Hades as him and Kane took out a vampire. He felt a lingering sting, but overall manoeuvrability of his arm has returned thanks to Jade’s inconspicuous healing. 

Now with the backing of the dragons, there was more hope in the changing of the tides to this war. 

[A New Path] Return of the Dragons

Aishani remained standing her ground but moved over to check in Kane, once he was standing she went to settle down in a lotus position before the massive dragon displaying no fear only respect.

“The odds are not in the Everlands favour. As you know I am with child and wish for the legacy to continue. I am aware of the Dragon Wars. Many were lost in both sides. Instead of working against each other. Why not work together? I’m not meaning to hold flowers and sing together in peace. You wish to remain at peace, resting. This will be found once this has ended, but we are in dire need of the strength, as we speak Ceremon’s forces are surely enclosing on the Elcarus estate and the people. This world has seen enough bloodshed, youth and innocence lost. An army from the skies represented by myself, Kane and you, will take them by surprise. We need this alliance to aid the panic and fear within our walls, and against their ranks in order to strike. With the unicorns and dire wolves at our side, the strength will grow. This is more then just a conflict between houses. This is war in the realm.”

“You’re a smart one, but one dragon is no good against an army, especially one who hasn’t taken to the skies in a long time” Arak’neth replied

Kane pulled himself to sit with a groan “Ow, I forgot how damn quick Dragons can be, you can have that one for free, but I was actually coming to you with a proposal that would suit you better than it would us, with a few conditions” Kane groaned as he laid his head against Aishani

“You have strength, I will hear your words” Arak’neth replied

“We can bring the dragons home to Dentarius, your family back to our skies, as long as you abide by its rules and its balance, and you don’t go eating innocents for fun,”

Arak’neth lowered her head to Aishani and Kane “You would open the gates for them? Willingly?”

“To protect the Everlands, yes” Kane replied firmly

“And what of you? Would you bring forth dragons knowing our strength?” Arak’neth watched Aishani intently now

She caressed Kane’s cheek while turning her lips to kiss his forehead, turning her mismatched gaze to rest on the dragon. “I am a mother to be and a Queen. I will fight for this realm with all that I am worth, even if I may not be blood of Everlands I will fight for my home. Yes. I knowingly do this for the benefit of the realm. Will you abide by the rules set before you?”

“The rules are ours to obey, I will bring only those who can be trusted to abide by your realm, and I will remain here as I have” Arak’neth replied “But beware once you bring us forth we will not be returned”

“I know,” Kane replied firmly, slowly he pulled himself to his feet as look to Arak’neth “We need to get through to the Vortex”

Arak’neth shuffled and then took to the air for a moment, Kane reached for Aishani and led her beneath the huge form of the dragon that now hovered above them. As they passed beneath she landed behind them causing the ground to shudder beneath them.

Aishani stood on her own, but it was the mention of the vortex that caused her to flick her gaze to her husband for a moment. When the ground shook it caused her to lose her footing but held to Kane for support.

Kane kept his arm around Aishanis waist before they made it into a cave, a flight of steps that wound down into the very heart of the mountain before finally opening out, the rock fell away to a drop and deep below a swirling purple mass that lurched and growled as if it was its own entity.

Kane stepped to the edge looking down before he stepped back, pulling one of his daggers and a few things from his back pack he sat on the edge, looking down there was a prickle in the air that caused the hairs on his arms to raise, the very heart of the Everlands now lay below them.

She settled beside him now while her eyes were transfixed to the purple mass, a hand on her stomach and the other gathered his to feel the movement of their children with her body. “They are restless, my love.” She whispered add though unwilling to disturb the heart of the realm. 

“Probably none too happy being here, can’t say I blame,” He drew the blade over his hand opening his hand for a moment, before coating his blade, looking to the skies above “Of all the bad ideas I’ve ever had, this may be the worst one yet,” his words were more to himself than anything else but he tossed the blade into the void below.

It seemed to take a while before a flash and the purple mass erupted above them a roar could be hear growing louder until as sudden as it erupted the column of purple was gone followed by a flash and there high above them a dozen dragons.

Aishani looked to Kane as he sliced his palm and threw the dagger down into the purple mass. But took his uninjured hand with a squeeze while offering him a nod and offering strength. Both had their doubts but it was the extent they were willing to go to save their home and ensure it remained for their children. 

She stood now as the dragons appeared as a horde above them drowning the sky. “We best go address them.” 

Arak’neth was waiting for them as they exited the inner cave, a short ride by dragon had them back on the ground among the others as they all watched Kane and Aishani carefully.

“You of my blood, will listen to those who brought you here, while we do not serve the lesser races, they do need our help to protect their home, and in protecting their home it will become ours,” Arak’neth roared, there were roars in reply before another dragon spoke

“We thought you dead mother, downed by the dragon slayers, and now that blood brings us forth? Why should we answer to them?”

“He saw me saved and returned to health, that is why, and he will allow us to remain here, as part of their world, as part of our rightful home!” Arak’neth snarled “You would dare defy a Brood Mother?!”

“Of course not, but this realm has already proven it cannot be trusted, it should be laid low and reclaimed for dragon kind!”

“Yes it should, but we wont, we have already lost that fight, and besides the female from another realm has more honour than any other I have met”

Aishani stood beside Kane, though silent, as she watched with those two mismatched hues; gold and milky white. “I commend you for speaking as such, Brood Mother Arak’neth. Though, I have the next generation growing in my womb, she is looking out for the benefit of her own. Kane has seen to her safety and peace. As such it would not remain so due to a conflict that it’s threatening the destruction of Everlands. We welcome you to fight alongside us, since we all have lost. But there is much more to be gained working with each other then against. I would much rather my children and generations to come not see dragons as the enemy but as the fibre of magic and beings of this realm. Fight along side us, the dire wolves and unicorns to right the wrong that had been done this far. Now who is with me, Kane and your Brood Mother!? This is your home and we welcome you.” 

There was a collective roar to Aishanis words, Kane looked to her before crossing the small gap and kissing her deeply.

“Time to show Ceremon why he really shouldn’t screw with power”

She welcomed the depth of the kiss from Kane, though when she leaned back and looked from him to the dragons a smirk formed on her lips. “Yes. He needs to be put in his place.” 

[A New Path] We Need Dragons

Heart sat on the edge of the bar as the last of the patrons filed out for the night. Quietly he had been wishing today would just end, Emerald City had a very strange air to it lately as they sat on baited breath, the rest of the realm on the edge of war.

“It’s not good for you to worry so much my lord,” Anya stated as she moved from behind the bar and began sweeping the floor.

“Do you remember the last time our realm was plunged into war?” Heart replied awkwardly, memories he would sooner forget than relive to be sure.

“We were fortunate enough to avoid it” Anya replied firmly “And we will this time, Lady Aishanis orders were clear we are to remain and protect Emerald City”

“It’s my family out there Anya” Heart replied

“And we will handle it” Kane stated firmly as he strode in through the door, shortly flanked by Aishani and Stacy “Besides I need you to keep Stacy out of the hands of anyone who wants to use her”

Heart let his eyes stray slowly over Stacy with a smile before he slid from the bar to cross to them “Heart” he said extending his hand, Kane eyed him for a moment before he stepped aside clearing the remaining view for Heart to get a long look at Stacy.

“Hands off, you know the rule” Kane stated firmly

“Mmm well Sarantha wasn’t so stuck to the rules” Heart smirked only for Kane to slap him upside the head firmly

“Asshole!” Heart bit back though his tone carried the playful air of a brother

A smirk formed on her lips to the interaction between Kane and Heart while leaving the two at it and moving to Anya. “How is my favourite Drow these days?”

“He worries, it’s not good for him, nor our business” Anya replied continuing to finish her duties “But he has assigned guards to key points in the city, no one will get down here, no harm will come to us milady”

“That is the Heart we need, it’s good to know, so have you or anyone heard of the dragons joining this… There are other creatures involved in Ceremon’s side.” She turned in his direction.

Heart looked back to Aishani with a smile, “It is indeed a trying time, but if anyone knows the status of Ceremons inner forces it will be Ascal, the former leader of the Dragon Mages, though he is somewhat more guarded these days” 

Kane watched for a moment “He wont soon forget he almost destroyed the whole realm, but if Ceremon has Dragon Mages we need to know before we bring an army of dragons back into the Everlands”

Heart nodded “Aishani is Queen, he cannot refuse her an audience, nor can he refuse to answer her questions, she also has the power to grant him a pardon from his previous crimes which you would need to honor”

“A small price, to pay  order to assure he would be on our side.” Aishani nodded while standing beside Kane. “Show us to him. We have no time to waste.”

Heart looked to Kane with a nod “You know how this works,” he stated firmly

Kane nodded “I’ll stay put,”

Heart looked to Anya then back to Kane before looking to Aishani, alright let’s go. They crossed through the heart of the city and down into a lower area, a market of some description though you had to believe the comings and goings here were less savoury than those of the plaza above. 

Finally, they arrived at what would look to be an alchemist, inside dark and smelt of mould and herbs “what brings you here Rayheart,” a voice spoke from the back behind a rather large pile of books and various oddities.

Aishani pulled up the hood of her cloak to conceal her presence though followed Heart closely. Once in the building, it was clear to her by the odor of mould and books which lay beyond. When the voice spoke she looked in the direction with a slight turn of her head. “I brought him here.” Her hands lifted to draw back her cheek sending those luscious raven dreads spilling and her golden eye was fixed on the books. “Step forth for your Queen to lay eyes upon you.”

Ascal coughed abruptly before appearing, his deep red robes did little to hide the frail face he now had, “Milady, such an honour for you to visit my humble home. Though I’m curious as to why that would be?”

A smirk formed on her lips at the sight of the man before her. “I believe you know already why I would seek out a Dragon Mage at this particular time. I apologize but I don’t have time for pleasantries. So I will cut to the chase. Does Ceremon have dragons on his side? I was told you were the individual to come to for those answers.”

Ascal scratched his chin for a moment before looking to her “He does not, there are no dragons in the Everlands,” He replied flatly “You’re husband saw to that,” It was odd the bitter tone in his voice now as he looked from Aishani to Heart then back “However I suspect he will have some of my brothers with him, and they would have the knowledge to bring dragons if that was his plan.”

Heart shifted awkwardly “So he doesn’t but there’s a good chance he will,” it wouldn’t be hard to detect the panic at the thought of dragons in the Everlands again.

“Oh you misheard me Rayheart, I said they had the knowledge, I didn’t say they had the power to do so, that takes a little more,” Ascal stopped before looking dead to Aishani “Your husband ensured those with the power almost all wound up dead, several by his hand, still with Ceremon at their back I’m sure they’ll find the power if they need it. My understanding is they have the better of you at the moment, so the power of dragons isn’t required,” There was a darkness to his voice as he uttered those last words “To bring forth a dragon blood is required, a lot of it, dragons were outlawed in the Everlands centuries ago because they couldn’t be controlled, they were rather fond of young children it seems, purity you see intrigues them, but the blood has to be spilt willingly to bring them forth, we raised our children to believe that was their birth right.”

Heart squirmed once more before a frustrated growl cut from his throat “Forgive me Aishani but there is only so much I need to hear, I’ll be outside if you need me,” He quickly extracted himself from the shop breathing deep as he tried to gather himself and any measure of control.

“So frail a mind, still he saw the horror a dragon can bring, they would need purity, several of our people and at least one elder among them to even attempt to bring dragons through, though perhaps having Elcarus magic some of that could be circumvented, it’s not like your husband was going to borrow us his power now was it? But then again Elcarus blood had to die to weaken them, and power of the Unicorns and Dires were required to drive them out, so you can see how much is required not only to bring them forth but to force them out, a power best not trifled with.”

“I see. Though this comes puzzling to me. You said the blood of an Elcarus can weaken them. But what if Elcarus blood summoned them. I am keeping things in mind for the future. I understand bad blood is between you and Kane. He had to do what he could to survive and not lose the kingdom. This placed you at odds. But a more powerful force would be to combine and eliminate a threat together. Of course with a chance of pardon…”

“Kane should take his head,” Heart snapped angrily, having now regained his composure he had returned to Aishanis side once more, “We knew it was dark magic that brought the dragons but innocent children? That’s outright wrong,” Heart sighed softly “Forgive me, I may have a reputation for been lose with my morals but, there really are worse. And he is under watch by the Royal Guards, so there is that.”

“Not defending him in the slightest but the children had to have been willing. Unfortunately, some practices by others may be the evil but also the greater evil, while to them it is common. You would not do well in my society. I did not fit well within…due to my differences.” She placed a hand on Heart’s shoulder, offering him a smirk. “It is not quite the question of morals it is a question of humanity.”

“I will return to Kane to impart or information.” She commented walking with Heart though drawing up her good to keep her identity from those in the streets.

Kane was stretched out on the bed in their inn room, his eyes closed as he quietly took in the sounds of the city outside, not a difficult task when that city was built deep in the heart of a mountain, the sounds we automatically more evident. The heart of Emerald City was far anything Kane had ever been a part of, a strange chance for him to not be the one everyone looked to, though he was alongside his wife Aishani.

He heard the steps enter and then one pair lightly move to the stairs and down the hall to stop before the door. One had to listen very closely to catch hearing of such delicate and quiet steps. He knew who it was before the knock announced his wife on the other side.

He smiled softly flicking his glance to the door “It is open my love,” he called.

Aishani entered while removing her cowl then closing the door behind her. Walking with that subtle say if her hips to guide her gently to settle in the edge of the bed. “He spoke of no dragons being on Ceremon’s side. No one having the power of such.”

Kane shifted himself sliding his head into her lap “That’s something, I trust he is none to thrilled to think the information going into my hands, still if I’m to bring dragons into the realm, it’s nice to know we will ultimate control” Kane relaxed as he felt her scent surround him, the outside falling away as he settled into the sense of his lover. 

Aishani glanced down to him, caressing his face, with her nails very gently running against his scalp beneath the dark threads. “Ascal did mention that Ceremon may have some of his brothers with him, meaning that if he wished to bring dragons, that they knew how to do such.” She placed a hand on her abdomen, while there were no signs as of yet, but, soon it would be bulging with the presence of the twins growing within her. “They have the knowledge but not the power. You ensured those with the power were eliminated and for that it is a good thing given the current circumstances. My concern is Stacy, being able to uphold the power, even Aerian. Would Virra’s father get a hold of her, then it would be bait for Aerian to come and rest assured that she would? Apparently, the blood of children, purity is needed willingly to bring forth a dragon. I am concerned that Heart’s morals will ultimately push him over the edge.”

“Heart is one of few I trust with my life, when it comes to the wire, he will do what’s right,” Kane smiled his hand now resting on her stomach “Virra’s father is headed to Dentarius as we speak, an unfortunate series of events which we cannot allow to distract us right now, our next move will either turn the tide in our favour or hand victory to Ceremon, Aerian, Virra and Hades can handle Dentarius for now,” There was a tone of uncertainty in his voice as he spoke “Stacy will need to remain here, she cannot fall into their hands, she has the power to bring the realm to its knees let alone bring dragons here, she is quite literally the most powerful thing in the realm aside from the realm itself, a power best in our hands right now”

Kane fell quiet for a time his mind digesting Aishanis words as he thought their path through “She should be under heavy guiard at all times, I have faith in Hearts abilities but as a bodyguard, not so much, besides he is more likely to try bed her and call that his way of protecting her. That’s another whole set of problems we don’t need,” there was a chuckle to his words and yet his words were as serious as their situation “She needs to be protected and I see no safer place than here?”

She looked down to him then upwards with a sigh, stopping the stroking fingers through his hair to lean back. “Truth be told, we need the upper hand. But, bringing dragons would turn us into the Dragon Mages of the last war. It is a thin line, due to the fact of possibly the tides turning with the dragons turning against us. But, it is a chance we have to take. First, we need to speak to the unicorns and dire wolves to give them the option and allow them in on our plan, should they decided to join on our side. Yes, Stacy needs to be protected at all costs, granted it may be a small price to pay to leave her with Heart. But who knows, he deserves someone as well.”

“Heart isn’t the settle down type, never has been,” Kane rolled over laying flat on his back to look up at her “I wasn’t going to make a decision without everyone involved, but I don’t see too many other options, with Ceremon in the position he is I don’t see many other choices open to us and that scares the hell out of me.”

She looked down to him with a heavy sigh. “I’m the Queen of Emerald City and this does make you by rights of marriage the King. We need to do whatever needs to be done to keep the realm safe.”

“Me king? We probably shouldn’t point that out, especially to those who seem to blame me for their exile,” Kane chuckled softly “It’s always a balancing act, one move the wrong way tips the balance of power and it all comes tumbling down.”

She looked down to him, a raven brow lofted with that clear golden eye with the milky one fixed on him, groaning and falling with her back against the bed. “As I said we should speak to the unicorns and dire wolves, before bringing in the dragons. They alone are powerful beings that need to be taken into account. This will threaten the realm, especially with Ceremon in power. His experimentation and playing with natural set of things will ultimately cause the realm to tip in an unnatural fix. We have to move and move now. I never asked to be a fucking Queen, but, I take this on. I want my people to resurface in trade and economy to the surface again. But, that will NOT happen with Ceremon. Z’ress will warp and twist the ways to return to the Drowish ways of her people. The Drow here do not need that. But, we need to decide now, what is best for the realm. Dragons or not?”

“Ceremon has the power, and I’m loathed to admit we cannot match it, we need the dragons” Kane sighed softly “Perhaps with Arigaiils help, we will have a little more control, Ceremon has a near unlimited undead army, we do not”

“Who? Arigaiils?” She propped herself up on her elbows looking down to him. “I agree. Dragons. Used to protect instead of destroying. It would grant those on our side pardon for the wrong done during the Dragon Wars.”

Kane looked toward the window his eyes going distant for a while as he dug deep for the words to explain the things he was about to, “To say there are no dragons in the Everlands isn’t entirely true, this you already knew, Arigaiils, she is the dragon responsible for the destruction of Elcarus Mansion and the death of Krys and Haunted” Kane looked to Aishani “She was too weak to withdraw, but I couldn’t leave her to the others either, so I had her withdraw to the Argrian Mountains, she resides there protecting the vortex, and seeing as no one has tried to breach the vortex in over a century, we let legend say trying to get in there would result in your bones been charred and your flesh melted, an old wives tale with a small piece of truth”

Kane sighed softly “She protects the very heart of the Everlands, and I deny she exists to everyone” Kane sighed softly as he closed his eyes “We will need her help either way”

Aishani looked down to Kane after it seemed she to was in deep thought, but, caressed his face and leaned down to press her lips against his. Such expression was urgent and tender all swept into one as her tongue ensued but it was only brief. “The spiders will be on my end. We still need the dire wolves and unicorns, then we can focus on Airgaiils. In a sense, she owes you a favor.” She caressed his face as she licked her lips, perhaps, from the stain of his presence that lingered.

“We will pay them a visit once we conclude things here,” Kane smiled softly “We will need all the strength we can find to even think about trying to retake Elvera, it’s going to be a long few days my love”

She inhaled deeply with a sigh that was just as heavy a hand going to get abdomen with a gentle caress. “We just need to secure all the pieces on our side before we plan anything. Heart doesn’t twist that dragon mage and has eyes on him. I need to think about the next in line for my position on the throne. Heart has done so much and I know he would not like such. But the girl could possibly… What was her name again?”

“Anya?” Kane sounded surprised with her words “Is it safe to hand over the throne, while we cannot be here as much as would be required, you have brought stability, no one can deny you that my love” His turned now sliding to sit beside her “Having a drow with the final say on matters seem to ease their minds”

“Well. I have to be prepared if –” Aishani’s words died in her lips unable to finish while her hand rested on her stomach. “Besides I know Heart had done enough out isn’t a position for him.”

Kane looked to her “Something troubling you my love?” there was a caution in his voice that was oddly unnatural. His hands slid over hers gently “We can handle this, it just requires far more diplomacy than I I like getting us involved in, but together we will do this”

She curled her hand within his while inhaling deeply. It was a reserved expression but her golden hue with the hazy eye on him. “You are right. I’m not used to the politics.” She chuckled in that rolling purr. “Listen to me. A Queen that doesn’t like politics.”

He laughed softly his lips catching hers for a moment “ I spent a generation playing politician, I left to not be one and yet somehow here I am doing the self same thing for a whole set of other reasons” his lips caught her neck for a moment “You never came to Dentarius to play politics and I never intended to have you do so, but you did an we are, we are their last line defence and I for one intend to see the future with our children free from such trivialities” there was an odd calm in his voice now as he spoke, his eyes met hers no longer fraught with their circumstances but deep seated desire for her and their world.

Aishani growled softly as his lips caught the flesh of her neck turning to snap at him with a flash of her teeth playfully. But smirked to him. “Yes. So it seems. Then we have to secure a future for not only the realm but our children.”


[Finding the Future] Calm Before A Storm

Aerian blocked the strike, catching the back of the mans head and sending him over her shoulder to the floor, a growl as he hit before he promptly kicked her legs from under her, as Aerian dropped she landed with her full weight on his chest causing him to grunt.

Quickly she rolled aside and back to her feet in one motion, ribbons of sweat now down her cheek, as the man looked to her “I don’t know why I bother sparring, your father taught you well”

Aerian shrugged and straightened “It’s good to stay in shape, also I’ve been on my back for nearly a week” She made her way to Virra with a grin “Not that it’s been all bad, I just hate been side lined by such things”

The man nodded and tossed Aerian a towel “Well, these bruises will confirm you’re as good as back to your old self, I’ll be sure your Uncle knows” He bowed to them both then left the small area they had tucked away for training.

“I like how Uncle Hades, hides the fact he is making sure I’m not a risk to anyone under the guise of a sparring session, I could have done that with you, though ..” She smiled wickedly “I would have landed on your face not your rib cage” She kissed Virra with a smile “I do love you, and I’m glad you have my back”

Virra hopped down from her perch on a horse tie, a smirk on those lush lips that embraced Aerian’s lips in the kiss with arms wrapping around her in a pull hard against her. “I’ll continue to have your back. But, it seemed you had him under control. Hades is smart to test the limit within sparring. That’s right, Firefly, you better love me because I would feel like an idiot if my affection wasn’t returned.”

Aerian tipped her head in thought for a moment before she nodded “I do, even when I’m been torn apart from the inside out, you’re my constant, I think that’s why they sent you to me, someone like me generally doesn’t make it to my age, wind up going crazy so you save me each and every day” Her words were soft but cut with emotion as she spoke, slow and measured “On the upside I am feeling much better after you forcing me to bed and making me rest, so I have something for you a special surprise”

Virra lifted an eyebrow to her words. “I don’t care much for surprises but because it’s from you I’ll tolerate it.”

“Then let’s call if a gift with love” Aerian smiled softly “I promise no parties or some such, but something just for you”

“Sounds good.” She grinned to Aerian and departed from the hold to smack her bottom. “Good. No parties until we get home.”

“The only party I have planned, involves just two guests, but that’s later” She slid past Virra taking her hand and leading her through the Mansion then out into the court yard, the air was warmer and the breeze held the scent of spring causing Aerian to smile.

Aerian rocked on her heels for a moment before she turned to Virra, her eyes lit with odd mischief “This period of quiet is nice, so I figure I should get this in before it all goes to hell again, and before my head implodes with visions again, but anyway come on” her words were playful as she took off through the gardens and then over the wall into the forest beyond.

A chuckle parted Virra’s lips as she followed Aerian to the courtyard but as Aerian ran through the garden and over the wall Virra’s barely heard feet followed after. She scaled the wall like a cat and didn’t allow Aerian too far in front of her.

Aerian slid down through some underbrush a well-practiced motion as she halted to wait on Virra, the forest stretched out before them but the isolated stretch of beach opened out onto the ocean beyond “This is the only place in the Everlands that nobody goes, took me a long time to find a place where the sun and the water make real magic”

She stood next to Aerian and stared at the beach and water. Virra was speechless for a time but when she spoke out was in a whisper as though afraid speaking too loud would skater this moment. “It’s beautiful. Real magic?”

“Have you ever sat and watched the sun set against the ocean? The colours in the water, the sounds in the air, that’s magic to me, the realm using its own environment, beauty is magic, just like what we have Virra” Aerian smiled as she took Virras hand “It’s beautiful, I used to come here a lot when I was younger, the only place I could feel alone not in a bad way but just me and the realm”

Virra glanced down to Aerian’s hand as her lover took it, then up to her with a smirk and those dark eyes shifted outwards to the ocean. “Well, it may have helped if I ever had seen the ocean before. I’m glad you decided to share such a place with me that means so much to you. Now, it is just us and the realm. It’s relaxing.”

“It is” Aerian leant against Virra gently “A lot has changed so quickly, sometimes I just need to slow down”

Virra smirked softly while staying her arms around Aerian and those dark eyes fixed on the ocean and the sun meeting the horizon. It truly was a sight. In each others arms as the realm accepted the two young lovers. “Firefly…I love you…” She whispered into her hair as though this was a confession to not just her but the realm that lay at witness.

Aerian laid her head against Virra, that moment she simply absorbed the world around them, things had changed for them all, and the world of the Everlands would never be the same.

“It’s a shame this quiet wont last, your Dad is coming for you” Aerians voice was low and unsteady “The last round of visions took a while to make sense of, but they have been waiting for winter to pass, it seems your supposed to marry Hareavor or that’s his plan anyways” his name came with cold dread, one of few who truly frightened her, even harder for her to believe such darkness lay in her family but Hareavor was created from her father with everything stripped away.

Virra tightened her hold on Aerian but remained silent with her chin perched on the red heads crown. “Doesn’t surprise me. I knew there was a reason my Pops had me working close with Ceremon and Z’ress. Have you told your Uncle? Simply because your dad and Aishani are away. We may need to prepare.”

“He scares me Virra, it’s hard to believe he is remotely even a part of my dad or Uncle Hades, and now he is coming for you, he has already done so much damage to me, I can’t face him but I can’t let him take you, and Ceremon will likely be coming for Stacy, control the healer you can control the realm, we have so much to protect” Aerian sighed there was frustration sat beneath the surface that familiar crackle of energy that prickled over her skin even across Virras hand a warmth and safety would be felt.

“We should tell Uncle Hades but I don’t have enough to give them, I’m supposed to give them the whole picture but that last round was crazy, it was pieces of the past, pieces of a future that may be and then a whole set of events I can’t make sense of, kind of why I wanted to come here, at least here the world makes sense” Aerian shrugged softly “Sorry I tried to be all sex and romantic and instead I’m all flustered and miserable”

Virra remained silent for a time. Almost as though she wasn’t going to speak but then when she did it was strangely calm. “We will tell them. We have to be prepared. Stacy had to be protected. Do not allow your fears to control you. Hareover knows you are terrified of him and will use that. Rise above that for your own benefit. The only way to overcome is to face it. Trust me I know.”

“We will just not right now” Aerian smiled as she took Virras hand leading her down toward the ocean then further out along the shoreline, as they walked the forest turned to cliffs eventually a cave turned up before them “Ready to see another Everland secret?”

Virra took in her surroundings along the shoreline as it changed from forest to cliffs. Now standing before a cave entry she looked to Aerian with an inclined brow as her thumb caressed over the top of her hand. “Yeah. Ready as I’ll ever be Firefly.”

Aerian scrambled up on set of rocks then slid down beneath another, leaving them in an old mine entrance “You know the cliché of the dead don’t stay dead?” Aerians voice changed a more determined line beneath her words “This was an old mythril mine, before it ran dry a decade ago, but every blade that an Elcarus has carried has metal from this mine, because there’s something in the ground here, we all have a weapon forged from this place, Dad’s is a short dagger carried at his hip, Uncles Hades is forged into the opposite edge of his sword, pretty much why he fights the way he does, and mine” She dug through the dirt to retrieve a short silver dagger, gold and diamond hilted “Something in the metal here makes sure when they die, they never come back, last resort weapons”

Virra was easily behind her, appearing to know exactly the rocks to step on in order to not slip, while gliding down the other, looking around this entrance. “Yeah. It sucks.” She walked to the mine wall to place a hand on it, but, returned to watching Aerian while she dug at the dirt. Though, her feet crunched on the ground to settle near Aerian in a crouch watching her in the excavation of the dagger. “I see. It’s dreary here. So what is that dagger? Are weapons strewn around? Or what?”

Aerian chuckled softly shaking her head “No just this one, I haven’t carried this with me for a long time, usually my nice shiny Judgement Blade does the trick, but using those powers takes too much out of me and I dare guess Hareavor knows I can use such tricks, I intend for us to end him, only we’ll make sure he can’t come back” her words were simple and ice cold now

Virra considered Aerian, the sharpness and decisiveness choice of words. But, stood while remaining at her side with a hand on her shoulder. “Oh, he will meet his end. Especially for those things he has done to you…I will NEVER let him lay a finger on you.”

“I know” Aerian replied softly “I know you won’t, but it’s better to have a fail-safe than not”

“You got it right, Firefly. That fucker will not be coming back…that is what is deserved by him.” Her words were outright poison that spit from her lips.

Aerian slid the blade into her boot, covering the hole before walking to Virra her eyes now darker and yet just as if it were her “And you get me” she smiled before kissing Virra deeply “Always and forever”