[Ending A War] Trying for the Future

Hades caught the edge of the dummy with his blade a he flash of sparks erupting on contact, he turned as he kicked out catching the dummy with a thud before landing just behind. He spun his sword in his hand a wiped the sweat from his brow.

Since leaving the meeting Hades had trained to the point of exhaustion and yet was refusing to rest for a moment, he looked over his sword, the edge still shone with a darkness, as sharp as it had ever been, Hades was going to war and had every intention of coming out the other side alive and well.

Jade silently watched Hades as she sat upon a crate, the Katana fixed to her hip and hair flowing lose around her shoulders in a dark waterfall. The bruise still around her neck, while rising now and nearing him. The scent of cherry blossom enveloping him in her presence. “You’ve had enough. While it is good to ensure that you are in excellent condition, also it falls in line to not be exhausted.”

“I know Jade, truly I do, but there is so much anger and hatred behind this blade, being that clouded will serve us less to this war” He felt her hand take his sword, just for a moment his grip help before he nodded and released it to her.

“Of course being exhausted will serve us less” He eyed the bruise on her neck, just for a moment he felt a twinge of regret curl at his gut, quickly buried beneath the memory of how responsive and wet she was during the whole thing, “I love you, Jade, you know I’m doing this for you. All of this from me is because I love you, I will lay down my life if it means this realm is safer for you,” He drew her to him with a gentle grin “Not that I have any intention of winding up dead, I refuse to give Ceremon that satisfaction, even if I know he isn’t going to end up dead either,”

She pressed herself against him now, closing her eyes. “Just don’t do anything rash and I believe we will make it out with another win for the realm.” In her lean, he saw those delicate fingers trace the bruise lovingly at her neck. “We are not only doing this for each other but for the next generation of Elcarus to this realm.”

His hand ran over her neck slowly, as his eyes settled on her cleavage. She could hear the thud of his heart as beat beneath his chest, a heart which he often denied existed until she became his. He remained silent but continued to caress the bruise a reminder of her trust in him. And his for her, he had shown the darker side of him to her, the one he protected everyone else from. It was for her and her alone.

“When this war ends you will be bringing forth the next generation, our child” His hand now slid to rest on her stomach.

Her own touch hesitated as his hand lifted to caress her bruise, raising her head to offer him more flesh to touch. But it was as his hands ended on her abdomen, that her own was placed upon his, looking down. “I just…hope it’s possible…” She whispered, reserved. It was true that only Kitsune bred with the same of their kind. Such was not known outside the world if such mysterious creatures.

“I don’t know Jade, truthfully your kind are so rare, you’re almost a legend, but we are meant for each other which means if we have faith in us, what is meant to happen, will happen” He ran his hand over her stomach softly “I was once told the less you think about it, there more likely the odds the realms will deliver, though half kitsune half demon? Could be fun,” There was a softness to his voice, a part of him wanted to assure her that children were in their future but he couldn’t make that promise and he knew it. “I can tell you this for sure though, if you can then that’s incredible and I can’t wait, if you can’t then it doesn’t matter because I still have you, which is more than I could ever want for, no matter what happens with children, I love you and that will not change”

“Oh…I don’t know about legend…” She said with a blush, that shy girl coming forth once more. But Jade listened to his words, nothing was needed in response as her lips were upon his, to act upon his words.

Hades melted into the kiss, his arms wrapping around her waist and hoisting her to his hips before roaming her back gently. Reflected in the kiss was the self same fire she drew out in him, a deep and as passionate as they ever were.

“I think its time we went to bed to finish what we started earlier,” He growled against her ear, with that he slid his arms under her backside and made his way to their room with her still locked around his waist.

To the hoist she compensated by linking her ankles behind his back and wrapping her arms around his neck for ample support, a croon parted her lips to the fierce growl that echoed in her ears. He felt her heart racing as her bountiful bosom wrapped in the fabrics of her kimono thunder against his, but, leaned her cheek against his shoulder as he walked her just this way into the estate and their room.

As he kicked their door closed behind him he made his way to the dresser sitting her upon it as he was now between her legs, his hands once more returning to roaming her back beneath her kimono, his touch light barely touching the tender flesh yet letting his fingertips glide over every inch of flesh. His lips now working down over her neck and collar bone in soft kisses.

Jade eagerly clawed at his tunic while her lips parted in a rush of pleasure while his own touch invaded the fabrics of her kimono to present the silken surface beneath his greedy touch. She tilted her head to expose more of her neck and shoulder to him, that bruise lingering in the release of his previous darkness but such a side that he shared with her.

Hades kept his touch light, as he worked down over her shoulder, slowly he kissed her shoulder slowly. His hands slid down her back around her hips and slowly up along her stomach slowly. Before sliding back free of her clothing and began working her clothes from her body.

She sat on the dresser now, cradled with the fabric of her kimono pulled around her. Each touch of his hands and lips caused a soft croon from Jade. While the exotic beauty was revealed to him in the most intimate detail. Now she leaned forward to peel his clothing from him in a ritualistic manner.

Hades allowed her to undress him, offering no resistance to her revealing him to her, his hands now working back to run over her breasts before pinching her nipples a little. Before moving in to capture her lips in a deep longing kiss, his hands now returning to roaming her flesh slow and tenderly back to taking his time.

She yelped softly to his administration to her buds, this caused the delightful buttons to peak and tense. Though she fell into the kiss with a shudder, slowly within the tangle of the slick muscle the depth intensified. Her hands lifted to tangle within his hair in order to keep him close and locked into the kiss.

His hands now slid to her hips as he stepped forward his manhood pressed against her, his hands worked her hips for a moment to position her before he repositioned himself to enter her.

As the position was prime, she lifted her legs to curl around him with heels pushing him forward. A cry of sheer joy parted her lips as his tool plunged within her molten depths, holding still, and then clamping her lips upon his and scooting to near the edge of the dresser.

His motion was slow and measured, easing back from her before slowly sliding back into her each time holding within her for a moment before sliding back, his hands running over her back slow and deliberate now there was a deep passion in the way they were entangled with each other, Hades kept his rhythm slow and tender now, the very opposite of the last encounter they had with each other.

Her sounds were incredible within this encounter, it seemed not only her mind but body reacted with the lubrication her honey provided. When he would sunk within her, those legs tightened almost as though silently pleading for him to remain only to be denied. As his fingers caressed and kneaded at her tattooed back caused a gasp to part her lips, her own hands kneading into his upper shoulders.

Hades moaned her name gently as he plunged into her, his eyes one hers intently as he now withdrew this time holding back from her, as she was about to protest he slid into her this time slow and deliberate allowing her to feel every ridge along his hard tool as it entered her until he was deep within her.

Her eyes met his causing this time to be intense and passionate, indeed her mouth posted to protest but was silenced by the plunge forming into the deliverance of her praising sounds. Jade tiles her chin back this have him a view of the bruise on her neck. Her hands had lowered to knead against his lower back pleading for him to speed his movements.

He didn’t, Hades had control and this was just another way of tormenting her, a reminder she was his world and he would show her every piece of him. As he withdrew and slid into her slow again his breathing unsteady in that moment, a control of her also meant he had to control his own wants. The heat of her as surrounded him inch by inch was still as enticing as the first time and as hot as the last, he groaned hungrily but remained slow and controlled.

Jade cried out, while his show deliberate movements proved to be pure torture for her as she begged and pleaded to be taken harder and faster. While after her lips crushed against his, his control reinstated even with her begging, lips folding against his and slick muscle tangled. Her body went rigid, that is when he first felt the throbbing and all at once a powerful rush of juices flowed, again and again, washing him with her ambrosial nectar.

He held deep within her feeling her muscles as they clamped against him, he moaned softly before he withdrew from her a soft smile, he broke the kiss for a moment “I love you,” he stated gently.

Jade was groggy still but to this new position, her eyes widened and the sound of joy parted her lips. He felt her shudder and silken fold clamp upon him. The two were parted for just a moment and combined again, it was sheer rapture. One hand was placed upon his chest, as her hips began to roll, slowly at first.

He breathed deeply, the feeling of himself so deep within her was incredible to him, as her hips began to roll, his hands reached tracing over the flesh of her stomach and breasts slowly, his touch light and tender now.

Jade tilted her head back while the soft sounds she made and the way her flesh rolled beneath his touch voices the pleasures this have her. Her hips moved causing his tool to feel every ripple within, it was magnificent as the love to his life was so vulnerable to him. Even with the bruise around her neck as the mark to the darker side that she had accepted. While to others saw her as was fragile, he knew better. She was a strong and amazing woman, not very many could see past her layers.

But her rocking grew to a higher speed and urgency, taking forward to integrate a deep passionate kiss.

Hades growled in reply now his back arching forcing himself deeper within her as he shuddered, a groan and he released himself deep within her.

It was a tender but powerful moment as her warm lips caressed his when her folds clapped down upon him and he felt the essence drip down his thighs. The two had hit their climax at the same time, Jade collapse on his chest panting as his throbbing flesh remained in her living flower surrounding him.

His arms instantly slid around her waist holding her to him, his breathing broken and ragged from the passion a moment they shared, a reminder that their world was their own, his hands ran over her back then to her ass and back to resting against her lower back.

[Ending A War] Clearing the Mind

Aerian squeezed the last drops into a small phial, as she looked to Virra to a soft shrug.

“That’s it I think, this either unscrambles moms head, or it’ll kill her, we should get it to Jade,”

Virra nodded slipping from the edge of the table after watching the fiery female focus for a good few hours now. Moving to inspect the phial. “Let’s do it then. Sooner I can eat my fill of you.” She wrapped an arm around Aerian’s waist with a playful grope and grab of her bottom.

“Everything OK? Or do I need to need to remind Uncle Hades how he should be behaving as a Lord of our family?” There was an edge to her voice that was concern for a friend and member of the family, and a reminder she knew who he was inside.

Virra blinked for a moment, rather puzzled by Aerian’s words, looking around as they had not yet left the laboratory. “Whom are you speaking on, Firefly? Is that were he is in their room?”

Aerian shook her head clearing the vision “No Jade is in the kitchen, she just …” She sighed softly kissing Virra gently “We’ve been awake far too long, and I guess I’m tired”

As they entered the kitchens Aerian made her way to Jade, it was early morning, Aerian figured Jade would be preapring her mothers morning meal by this point as she smiled softly.

“I have the potion, god I hate that word but it is what it is,” She did note the bruises but remained quiet “Just be warned it will either clear her head, or it will kill her”

Jade glanced to Aerian and Virra as they entered, nodding to the words and accepting the phial. Virra though was not so quiet about the bruising around Jade’s delicate neck and instantly titled her chin up in a vice grip. The appearance was as though a strong hand nearly strangled her. “Who the fuck would dare hurt you like this…?” Virra growled, while Jade looked to Aerian for help, since a furious Virra was seething dangerous.

“Uncle Hades” Aerian replied blankly “We’re not going to push Jade, but remember you are family and we have your back, no matter who it is”

She moved to Virra placing her hand over Virras causing her grip to break, looking gently to Virra then Jade “We care for you, remember that as well”

Jade looked down as Virra was still oozing fury, a deep blush on her porcelain cheeks that slithered up her neck. “I-I know. We both needed it…and I like it rough, like that…” She whispered. “He marked me…”

Virra clutched her jaw tightly with a twitch of a muscle, Aerian has seen that furry in her fiance’s eyes. She turned quickly to leave the kitchen, it was clear that Virra want going to let this lay.

Aerian felt the anger that burned in Virra, the link worked both ways as she placed a hand on Jades arm “Be careful with him, I love Uncle Hades, but I never forget what he is inside, but we all have our demons, and you’re alive which means he knows where the lines are,”

She smiled softly and followed Virra from the kitchen catching her in one of the hallways “Bad memories?” She said softly

Jade looked up to Aerian with a show nod but turned back to the food and drink preparations. Though once out in the hall, she stopped Virra those dark eyes were daggers. “She was beaten? How the fuck is that normal? He had to have forced it. I’m mean look at Jade, she is so meek and shy…” Virra was shaking with rage.

“She wanted it, and Hades has been off lately, way off,” Aerian sank against the wall beside her lover softly as she took her hand “There is a constant battle in his head, between him and the demon in him, and that thing is no cake walk, he almost killed dad several times, but usually he suppresses it, it makes him twitchy and prone to mistakes, but she is alive, and she seemed happy, she would have run for the hills if not, I don’t think she’s afraid of him, and because she loves him, and he loves her,” Aerian was unsure if any of this made sense or if she was indeed simply trying to justify it somehow.

“We have to trust them Virra, and if it’s anything I promise if he went to far, family or not we will put him down,”

Virra looked to Aerian for a moment the anger not completely defused, but sighed. “At least, put my mind at ease…let’s go talk to him. I won’t be able to calm myself unless I hear from Hades…”

Hades was in the yard, already surrounded by several guards as they went at it Hades was fluid and accurate every strike landed was deliberate and well placed.Even as good as the Dentarian Guards were Hades new each move ahead of time, one thrown clear across the yard into the wall beyond as he landed on his feet in a crouch.

Aerian rolled her shoulders as they made toward him before he sent a knife through the air her way, her reflexes just as quick just as sharp as she took the blade from the air, “Careful or I’m going to think you’re trying to kill me, and I’m not 13 this time,” Her words were sharp as she spoke.

Virra gathered the blade to throw down to the ground, keeping her dark eyes on Hades. “We just saw Jade. She has a bruise around her neck and said you are the cause.”

“And your pissed at me? Because you think I hurt her out of spite, anger a hatred of people?” Hades replied before turning his gaze on Aerian “Or that I may be slipping, losing control of the dark inside?”

“She told us that she enjoyed it. But I wanted to hear it from you. I’ve been beaten and raped on more than one occasion, to recognize those marks. I could assume, though I’d rather give you a chance. Would Kane or Aishani see that you will need support.” Virra said calmly but there was a low growl to her voice.

“And considering, You, my niece, my brother and his wife are all under one roof, such acts would be suicide for me, especially right now. Yes I hurt her, not because I wanted to, but because I needed to in that moment. I need to be clear going into what we are in, the fight we’re in, Jade let me be me, just long enough to get us both off, she’s beautifully strong like that, I wouldn’t hurt her because I could, it’s more likely she could do more harm to me anyway, I love her” Hades replied, there was no conflict or excuse in his words now “So you take it as you need but I wont apologise for it,”

Virra exchanged a glance with Aerian, then looked to Hades, it appeared his words defused her temper for now. But, she didn’t respond to Hades’ words, taking Aerian’s hand in her own and left the courtyard. As they walked it was clear something weighed upon her mind quite heavily. Though when it seemed that no words were to be spoke, Virra spoke. “It was consensual. You said he has a demon in him…what happened to the two of you when you were thirteen? Do you trust, Hades?”

“Yea grandad used parts of dad, Krystal and Haunted, and himself which created Uncle Hades, he seemed to have ducked the vampiric side of the family and instead got a huge dose of chaos demon instead, which left unchecked causes him to go bat shit crazy.” Aerian sighed softly bringing Virras hand to her lips.

“I was sent back to the Everlands when I was about nine, seems that human kids are nasty and they pissed me off in a bad way which resulted in me trying to electrocute several of them, mum had no choice but to send me back. When I was youner Uncle Hades wasn’t who he is now, the demon unchecked uncontrolled, his logic was he couldn’t beat dad so instead, he beat me half to death and tried to throw me into the ravine, figuring killing me would be the best way to hurt dad. He failed, Uncle Krys got to me in time, and wasn’t long after that dad locked him away.”

Aerians words were heavy with the pain she held onto in those days “But at least Uncle Hades is capable of compassion, grandad left the human range of emotions, which ultimately led to him turning on him and in time coming to us, you take that out like grandad did the second time and you get Hareavor, ice cold, no regret, no remorse and even more unstable than Uncle Hades. So at least we have that going for us, we need him focused not battling with his inner demon, and in his case quite literally, my question though is what has you so rattled? I have seen you angry but this is a whole other level”

Virra stopped to look at the cottage as it now stood before them. “When I was younger, much younger. My Pops had a right hand man that used to torture and beat women that were captured or ‘rescued’ from the slave traders to a fate much worse, I was so furious when I spoke to my Pops about it that he didn’t believe me. Turned his head the other way, I had bruises on my body, most unseen, others much like Jade’s. In the end, I killed him but made it appear another group had done so. I was free though every time I see a woman with battered marks upon her I slip into a rage, remembering it all…”

Aerian felt her blood run cold as she heard Virras words, her eyes welled just for a moment “I … he does love her,” She barely knew what to say in that moment as she slid into Virras arms “He wouldn’t hurt us now, any of us,”

Virra wrapped her arms around Aerian, cradling her head gently against her shoulder. “I hope such is as you say, Firefly. But, it brought back memories is all. Don’t feel sad, nor sympathy to me. It was part of my life and made me the woman that loves you today. I’m only stronger from it and I did not wish Jade to be found in a situation that she truly did not wish.”

Aerian nodded softly “Just thinking of anyone hurting you, it sucks, past or present. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone either, and Hareavor ensured I could never …. not with a man anyway, not sure if it sucked because of what it was or how he was, or because in some twisted way he was family, which when you look at the rest of us who’d die for each other,” She sighed softly “Come on, you made a threat to eat me, and it’s already been too damn long since we were alone, so you can make brain turn to mush so I forget everything,” It was deflection on Aerians part, but Virra would feel the knot of pain that twisted up inside of Aerian, it would be impossible for either of them to hide their emotions from the other now their bond already stronger than ever.

Virra looked to Aerian tilting her head at the sense of pain that lingered, lifting a hand to caress her cheek with a smirk, running a thumb over the plump bottom of Aerian’s lip. “I think, we both could use a distraction.” Suddenly Virra pushed Aerian back and she felt her feet lift from the ground, before Aerian knew it she was in Virra’s arms. “I think, I completely forgot that I haven’t carried my bride to be over the threshold.” She chuckled and walked to the door and through it, as her lips were on Aerian’s.

Aerian smiled before reacting to the kiss, before she broke the kiss looking to Virra for a moment “It’s about time!” She smirked as her emerald eyes reflected nothing but passion for Virra “You’re incredible you know that right, I do have a question and it’s going to sound seriously weird,”

Virra kicked the door closed behind her with a foot, while balancing with Aerian and walking with her to the bedroom. Dropping her on the bed, meticulously beginning to remover Aerian’s clothing, while Virra’s lips gave chase and offered playful nips at her lover’s ticklish spots. “Oh? Weird, hm? Well you better ask before I change my mind.”

Aerian squirmed each time Virra caught a ticklish spot, she could feel her body respond, “Considering everything we’ve been through, were you always a girl type girl or do you miss men in some way?”

She stopped her intentions on Aerian, instead standing to remove her clothing to press her naked body against Aerian’s. Fingertips caressing across her shoulders, down her collar bone from left to right. “I suppose there could have been a time I liked men, but that was stolen from me by the man that took my innocence.” She watched as her fingers graced the skin leading to Aerian’s breasts but instead pranced between the swells without touching. “Being surrounded by disgusting men, it really wasn’t a thought in my mind. How about you?”

Aerian caught Virras hand moving it to her breast slowly “I always had a thing for girls, at least as I started to develop like that, but when I got older, I mean even ignoring what Hareavor did, or others, my work occasionally had me need to do things, sleep with men for information or to piss off a wife, but sometimes it was enjoyable”

Virra nodded to her, but instead of cupping and massaging her lovers mound, she caressed the full shape with her fingers. Tracing small circles around the bud but never actually touching the surface directly. “Did you like sleeping with the men for jobs? I’ve always been curious of a threesome.”

“I liked that sometimes I needed to, to get a job done, it feels good, I have all the power in those occasions, maybe that’s why” Aerian squirmed against Virra now wrapping her legs around one of Virras and grinding her hips against her.

Virra lowered a hand to cup and smack Aerian’s behind, with a rub after. “I’ll make you forget every man you slept with.” She said with her mouth sinking to Aerian’s bud into her mouth with lustful vigor.

Aerian groaned deeply, still grinding her hip into Virras leg as she could feel the heat from Virra mouth on her nipple her whole body shuddered.

Virra guided Aerian to her back, lips still fixed to the bosom, nibbling gently with flicking the bud captured with her greedy feast. Rolling her thigh more firmly against Aerian’s sweet spot, a hand lowered to slither a finger to stimulate her pearl.

Aerian moaned, her whole body tensed against Virras touch, her whole body prickling with pleasure as Virra would find Aerian incredibly wet to her touch.

Virra grinned amidst the focus on Aerian’s succulent bosom, parting with a very gentle grab and pluck of her bud watching as the flesh juggled. With the added lubrication it was easy for her to glide and massage her pearl. Virra tilted her chin up. “Mmm, someone is excited…” She purred beside her ear.

“Admittedly I’ve been wet all day because someone has been threatening to fuck me all day” Aerian replied her words coming between gasps, as she moaned deeply, right before her whole body shuddered from the touch of her lover “And …” Aerian let the statement hold as the images in her head caused her body to grind into Virras hand hungry now for her release.

Virra positioned herself between Aerian’s legs now, her body keeping Aerian’s legs apart. Just as the fingers left her pearl to plunge three violently and drop into her silken folds to the knuckle, wriggling the digits. “And…?”

Aerian squealed in delight feeling Virra penetrate her so violently only pushed her deeper into the pleasure, as she clamped against her invading fingers she tried to clear her mind enough to answer “I … want … to …” Aerian squirmed awkwardly now “To … see …. you fucked” she breathed breathlessly now

At this point Virra began to pump her fingers like a tool with Aerian, yet she felt a little pressure at her back door as a pinky traced the sensitive entry. “You’re so dirty…” Virra whispered next to her ear but in the next instant, her lips laughed of the line with such force and stimulation it was only A cover for the plunge of her pinky into her back door.

Aerian growled as it stung just for a moment before pleasure returned just as quickly she ground down again into Virras hand, she could feel her cheeks flush in her cheeks as she whimpered “You put the idea there, nor did you say no, so …” she moaned as she felt a fresh wave of pleasure shuddered through her.

“For you, Firefly, I would do anything…” she panted beside her ear, before a free hand cupped her cheek. Taunting her with her lips but never kissing Aerian. Each attempt caused her to move her hands faster to bring her near a climax before slowing only to do such again and again. Virra was building her up to the moment of a limit drawn out release.

Aerian would feel it build only for Virra to snatch it away causing her to moan in frustration as she turned to look into Virras eyes there was a strange look of defiance combined with the desire before she managed to speak “Don’t do it because I want to, I need you to want it too, to explore every aspect of who we are in every and any way we can think of” she moaned deeply

Virra smirked to Aerian, only moving her hands faster with the wiggle of the digits to press every button Aerian had. That is when Aerian felt the subtle touch upon her pearl from Virra’s thumb. “I wouldn’t have it any other way…” She growled sensually and crushed her lips against Aerian’s, the heat alone was melting as the kiss stopped discussion and held the deep seeded passion, slick muscle urging Aerian to climax.

Aerians hands wound into the sheets as her back pushed up forcing her down into Virras hand, an attempt to hold back the wave which threatened to crash through her, as her thumb touched the tender bud her body spasmed violently, breaking the kiss to cry out in pleasure. Her whole body shuddered violently as she passed through one release right into another waiting just behind!

Virra seemed pleased by the release, a seductive expression on her face, though just before the other release rushed forth Virra’s hot mouth was suckling and lapping up the nectar. Placing intent suction upon the bud pearl, as the slick tool if her tongue violently penetrated her. Another finger joined her pinky, thrusting more quickly.

As Virra moved Aerian grabbed her hair pushing her against her face, a hunger that burned as she ground into Virra now her moans of pleasure growing with each moment. A third violent orgasm Aerian snapped back into the bed ercries now becoming screams as she twisted against Virra,the world around her dimming as she lay shuddering.

Virra wasn’t done, the fact that Aerian’s hand pushed against her head seemed to fuel her as it appeared the sheer taste of her lover want going to do there. Her tongue slithered deeper as she nibbled at the plump pearl amidst the suckling. She paused to drink her in and went again and again, pushing Aerian to a limit never brief sought with anyone. Virra wanted to please her and to the heavens. Everything seemed to blend into one motion, one act and it was hard to focus on just one. Out was clear Virra wanted her to beg to stop.

Aerian lost track somewhere between the fourth or fifth orgasm only that her body gave up to a quivering mass of flesh every touch from Virra now incredibly heightened as her body shuddered from one orgasm to the next, she wanted to pull away but hadn’t the strength to do so, her mind wanted more and more a hunger for her lover as her body again resisted “No …. more ….. please” Aerian begged softly barely above a whisper.

Virra grinned satisfied with her pleas, adjusting to lay at her side, only caressing her quivering flower with the lightest, loving touch. Though she whispered to Aerian, beside her ear. “From now on, I will only stop when your body gives and you beg for me to do so…” She kissed her neck gently.

“You’re mean” Aerian breathed softly “But I’m going to return the pleasure, after we sleep!” Aerian could feel Virra beside her a gentle comfort settling as exhaustion pushed her body further over the edge now.

[Ending A War] The Demon Underneath

There was something in the air that night as Hades stretched against the bed, the loud cracks as bones were pushed around internally, his skin aching in places long since closed from old wounds. He had remained quiet most of the day as the family had made preparations to repair Ascondias mind and then head to take back Elvera.

It didn’t make things easy as he continued to stretch and readjust himself, his mind was ever as sharp but the years had taken their toll, it was also new to him that in preparing for war he was no longer concerned with saving his own neck but that of his wife to be Jade. Something Hades was completely unprepared for.

The door opened and the familiar scent of cherry blossoms entered the room to announce the appearance of Jade. In her hands was a tray with a pot of tea and two cups. Turning she closed the door behind her, while nearing the bed and pausing. “You seem tense, my love. Care to share the weight upon your mind?”

“The truth?” He replied softly “I’m not used to being here, only usually have my own ass to worry about, and now even though I know you’re more than capable, I still don’t want anything to happen to you, honestly it’s taking a little getting used to,”

He sighed deeply even he knew how harsh that sounded, but he had been honest with her that wasn’t about to change, “I know we’ll get through things, but just feeling a little caught out, it’s the selfish side of me hitting panic mode,”

She turned setting the tray on the nightstand, as Jade calmly purred out tea. The exotic scent wafting to his senses and relaxing him. “As harsh as that sounds, I know you were only telling me. Stop thinking on it so much. Instead of thinking on worrying for me just focus on us doing so together.”

“I’m just getting whiny in my old age,” he smiled softly as he made his way to her to retrieve a cup from her “Honestly the sooner we can take back the realm, the sooner I can focus on more important things,” He watched her for a moment before placing a hand on her stomach “I lived through one war, never thought we’d have to do it again,”

Jade paused with the cup against her lips as his hand was set upon her stomach, then looked to him losing the tea to the tasty and took his hand in hers, away from her abdomen. “The war will be over in due time…you do wish a child? What if–I can’t?”

“Then we will have plenty of fun trying,” Hades smiled wickedly, “And I may just lock you up here in my room all the time, have my way with you relentlessly”

He kissed her forehead with a soft smile “I hope one day we can raise children together, I have never believed I cannot do something, and I don’t intend to start now, we will find a way Jade, I promise you that,”

A blush lifted to her cheeks, beautifully accenting her porcelain skin, lifting her hand to touch a dark shock of hair behind her ear. But then hid behind the cup while it was clear she was smiling by the corner of her lips. “I don’t mind the practice.”

“That’s lucky for me then,” Hades smiled softly as he took the cup from her hand placing down, now taking her hands to pull her gently to him his lips meeting hers gently, his hands gripping her hips as he pulled her tight against him with a low moan against the kiss.

Jade looked surprised by his take of the cup from her, looking down to his hands in hers them up to him. When he pulled her close, a smile was formed into the kiss that was reciprocated in kind. One hand slithered from his to curl at the hair of his neck to delve more deeply into the kiss with pushing fingertips against his skin. Her scent enveloped him with the floral of the cherry blossom that possessed his exotic love.

His hands slipped up her body to slowly undo her her kimono before pushing it to the floor. He slowly stepped back taking her hand before drawing her back to him his hands sliding back to her hips, one hand let go to unfasten his own pants easing them down before kicking them away. As the moved back he slid against her ass and with one motion lifted her to his waist sinking her down upon him.

Jade gasped to the peel of the kimono which was just a veil over her body, now standing before him, exposed were her beautiful curves upon such beautiful and smooth flesh. A small rush of breath left her lips to the pull close to him, as he worked on his pants, Jade also released him off his shirt.

The turn caught her by surprise, but in the lift and his tool sunk into her molten core, a cry of pleasure escaped her lips. Holding in that position, he felt the incredible heat and turned surround him, her body was like a drug. Addicting.

Hades held her there feeling the heat of her inner core surround him as he leant to kiss and nip at her neck for a moment before his hands helped raise her up and then let her slip back down upon him.

Jade held her hands in his shoulder to maintain the support, tilting her head back with a sung praise of his actions allowing him the oath of his lips upon her seductive skin. Her nails bit into his shoulder now, testing him. Perhaps pushing for his darkness to come forth.

Hades growled softly as he settled on the edge on the bed, now driving her down onto him before raising her hips and repeating the action, his eyes now looking into hers, a strange glimmer of something other than himself settled within

She met his gaze through half-lidded eyes weighed down with desire, Jade was in a daze and cried out as his hips clapped against her. Jade was clutching to him as her nails bit harder, while her body was throbbing against his.

It was sudden, as he shifted position dropping her to the bed before forcing her to the edge, as he lowered to his knees his mouth clamping down against her heated centre with a deep growl before hungrily licking and nipping against her swollen bud, his tongue driven up into her before returning to the assault of her bud. His hands planted firmly against her thighs keeping them spread wide apart.

Jade cried out in satisfaction while Hades turned into the hungry beast. The heat of her core was dripping with sweet nectar, such an ambrosial taste flooded his senses. His hands felt the tremble of her thighs as the kings threatened to close and her voice reached him to a depth never before. The feel of her bud was plump and thriving begged to be stimulated, as her fingers stove through his hair with that gentle scrape of her nails.

Hades continued his actions, suckling firmly against her bud, his nails curled biting into the tender flesh of her thighs as he growled hungry against her.

The more pressure he placed upon her thighs the more they quivered, though finally he had hit her sweet spot. He felt the pressure of her silken fold surround his slick tool and a scream of pleasure, as he was granted a rush of her juices. Her poor flower throbbing and brought to life with over stimulation, fighting to remain still while fingers left his hair to curl into the fabric of the bedding.


Hades drank her down hungrily, his reward from his lover. He didn’t slow his assault on her bud instead adjusting his grip on her thighs forcing her legs still further apart before letting his tongue tease down her wetness against her ass and then back to the rapid assault of her sensitive and now swollen bud.

She curled her fingers when more tightly against the sheets, the more speed he utilized he was gifted the risen sound of her voice. The grip kept the threatened closure of her legs at bay, but her felt her body tremble violently. A look up to her would reveal her porcelain cheeks kissed with the flush of passion, as her luscious lips delivered the song to his ears. As his slick tool brushed over her tender pucker a chortled gasp of surprise broke the deliverance of her moans granting him another flow of her juices, again and again.

Hades drank her down again before standing his hands now forcing her onto her front and then forcing her to raise her ass leaving her level his waist, a sharp slap against the tender flesh of her ass watching as it turned red. There was a dark edge to every action he took, each design to both punish and yet pleasure her.

“We can stop anytime you want,” He almost growled the worst as her struck her ass again, this time with much more force than before.

She flipped over onto her front causing the bed to groan at the transition, Jade looked back to him as her hips were guided to raise displaying each luscious half-moon. A gasp parted her lips to the first strike on her cheeks, causing each to jiggle from the force with the angry red mark glaring at Hades. Just as another was struck, forcing a small yelp from her lips. Yet he saw the trickle of her juices down her leg to the last violent smack, she began to writhe her hips beckoning him for more.

“No! Don’t stop…” Jade whimpered, as her plump bottom was red. “Let yourself lose. I’m yours, Master.”

Watching her juices dribble down her thigh made Hades harder still as he watched before his own mind caught up, his mind battling the need to take her and violate her anyway he saw fit, before remembering the woman he wanted to harm was the woman he wanted to spend his life with, this was why Hades had stayed away from intimacy for the most part, he wanted to break her and he knew she would let him, as he ran his hand down her spine before kissing her lower back.

Jade trembled under his gentle touch and gasped at the heart of his lips upon her skin. Testing on folded forearms and glances break to him over her shoulder, the desire in her eyes was startling. “Don’t hold back…I’m yours…” She whispered, almost as though pleading for him to release the side he was in conflict with.

“You know what happens if I do?” His voice was soft and yet dangerous in the way he made his statement “You know what happens right? You know what I need from this, what I trust only you to give me?” again he let his nails bit into the flesh this time of her ass as he cupped them tightly.

“I do.” She stated in a breathy tone, writhing her hips against his hands, the glance over her shoulder displayed the caught lower lip between her teeth.

As her words came, his conflict vanished, his eyes darkened as he watched her, there was something predatory in the way he moved as he struck her ass a third time. His fingers traced down her thighs among the juices that were now there, this time he didn’t hold back as again a hand came down striking her hard

She cried out as her body shook out of reflex to the violent strike, those delicious cheeks jiggling as a few strands of dark hair fell from the meticulous bun that had been fixed. It seemed as though her entire body jerked to the torrent that was released. But somehow Hades knew, Jade could handle it, though she appeared to be fragile it was the opposite.

Her cries was delicious to the darkness within now, as he slid his fingers into her just for a moment, slipping them deep into her before easing them back.

Slowly he raked his nails down her sides, enough force to break flesh in places as watched the blood slip down her skin, he smiled darkly. Another slap this time between her cheeks against her wetness.

Her body reacted immediately to the pleasure that derived from the plunge of his digits, her passage instantly pressed against the pressure. Effectively soaking his fingers with her juices. She trembled as the nails broke flesh, oozing with her deep red essence over the snowy flesh. He felt her body literally quiver with fear and anticipation, it was exhilarating.

His hands slapped into her hips hard, he could feel the flesh beneath burn in reply now. As he positioned himself before simply driving into her, he growled deeply as he did so, his hips slamming into hers.

She yelped to the smack of his hands at her hips, the rage of such violence seeped in heat against his palms. Though it was when he slammed into her flower, desecrating the passage without permission, Jade cried out and in reflex her body arched with more weight on her forearms. The blood from her sides began to drip to the sheets, while her hands curled tightly upon the fabric. But his invading member curved a slight as the force was not enough to breach post her pearly gates to the inner sanctum of her womb.

He growled as he eased back just a little before driving into her again, a third time as his grip on her hips drove her back against him before he released his hold now grabbing her hair and dragging her up from the bed and back to him, his free hand then reaching to knead and crush her breast, whilst holding her weight he let the hand in her hair transfer to her other breast now crushing and kneading them hard, as his hips urged her to move upon him.

The sound of their bodies was carnal and fed this deep sated beast rising in Hades. A gasp caught her as his hand reigned her in by means of her hair, pulling her up as though strings to a puppet. The swell of her bosom against his hand was intoxicating as he cruelly applied a hungry pressure with her buds scrapping his palm to state her own arousal. Compelled, her hips rolled back against him, but this wasn’t enough to breach the sanctuary. Her breathing and sounds were ragged but fuelled his further desire to control her.

As he tried to force up into her it only built his own frustration, the darkness wanting to tear her hidden gateway open as he growled now dropping her to the bed and forcing her to her back. He pushed his hand against her stomach hard before his hand moved to strike her breast.

He was thriving upon his need for this, as he struck her opposite breast, watching the red form over the delicate white flesh of her body, feeling her body react to each attack he brought against her.

The air escaped her in a rush to the abrupt turn onto her back, his member freed and raging in the magnificent pillar glistening proudly. It wasn’t long before he plunged in again. Using her body as a sheath for his manly sword, but still it wasn’t enough to breach her pearly gates. A small yelp caught when he began to abuse her bosom, the red was angry against her swollen breast before fading to be brought yet again to the red. Her body reacted by clenching tightly around the girth that stretched her flower, each time.

As he drove into her again he let his hands knead and grope her breasts for a moment before his eyes set on hers, he leant over her slowly before his hand again wound into her head bending her head back for a moment before letting go, his hand now tracing the exposed flesh of her neck.

Slowly his hand closed in on her throat s he watched her reaction as dangerous as he was intent in his acions now.

She was lost in the ecstasy. While her bosom jiggled against the force of his hips plowing into her, she met his gaze with her own. Unable to hold it for long before closing the lids it was almost as though she knew. Turning her neck to the side in an allowance of more terrain for his touch. But once his hand wrapped around her throat, Jade opened her eyes, a hand lifting to curl around his wrist but not to pull away only to dig her fingers into his flesh. Now her hips rocking and buckling against his, as though fighting the violence with violence, pleasure with pleasure. Her sounds were attacked by his hold, but the flush on her cheeks darkened and eyed began to roll into the back of her skull with a glisten of drool escaping the corner of her mouth. It was a strangely erotic and beautiful expression while he felt her body grip him with such force and a rush of her juices came, again and again.

His grip tightened as each strangled noise made a way through, deliberate with the intent to remove her air supply, at least until he felt her release hit allowing her to breath and drink in the air for a moment before snapping his grip back in place again, between his grip on her throat and his hips slamming into her there was nothing else but a vicious need that he wanted her.

The dark need translated into a twisted rage that was released each time he drove into her, his eyes drinking in every ripple over her body as each thrust would crash into her sending waves over her body, her beasts bouncing with the force until he leant to bite one hard while maintaining the air restricted grip on her throat.

She continued to knead urgently upon his wrist, even as her world grew fuzzy to the point of release in which she would gasp. Her sounds in that moment incredible until stole but his grip, he felt her skin throb beneath his hand, intoxicating and drunken. Jade was his, in every manner of the word, suddenly her eyes widened at the bite to her bosom mouth peeking to the silence of a scream. But the incredible tightness increased each time pain was administered, by bite or more pressure to her delicate neck. Again and again he felt those juices added to to violent sound. Finally she had enough and lifted her legs to press her thighs against his chest. This granted him a depth denied, without restraint his monster raided her sanctuary passed the pearl gates, abusing the very back with violent battering. Now her nails dug into his wrist with viciousness.

Now a look at her would reveal the fiery aura of the kitsune that surrounded her in the blade. It was stunning and beautiful with her brown eyes replaced with yellow and fangs appearing from the peel of her lips. Such an exotic woman, yet a very rare creature. She was his.

His grip on her throat released as he grabbed her legs, bending her as far as she would go before returning to his violent rhythm each thrust with the intent of driving as hard and deep as he could, a deep guttural growl followed each vicious thrust.

A sudden twisted growl as he forced himself hard into him, his body now feeling the depth with which he was penetrating her was given to the need to fill her, his own juices now driven deep into her waiting sanctuary, nails biting into the flesh of her thighs as he still had her bent so hard, his eyes glazed with the lust of that moment now.

Jade was incredibly flexible, possibly double jointed, as it appeared to be nearly in half while others would break. She bolted up when his grip retreated and parted her lips to sink her fangs into his shoulder, causing blood to drop some the wound that most assuredly would leave a bruise. Every time he thrust harder and deeper, the stiff battering ram stretched the far back wall as the rage of his relentless pumping. Her nails clawed at his back while tearing into his flesh, slickening the surface. She was lost and the fiery aura began to increase, Jade panted sings moaned into his captured flesh, as his seed filled her to the point of it oozing at the sides. But to the rush of her seemingly endless flow of nectar.

As the last of his seed was emptied within her, he collapsed down on top on her. His full weight pinning her beneath him as he lay silent, every part of him spent in that moment. After a few moments he slid to her side his arm pulling her into him, kissing the side of her face just for a moment.

Jade gasped as Hades full weight was upon her though she remained still. The fiery aura fading, though when he rolled over Hades was met with sheets wet with blood. But Jade was trembling softly from the powerful event that unfolded from the climax. The wound on her sides were not bleeding, closed and just the remnants on her skin. Yet upon her delicate neck was a faint bruise of his hands that remained.

As Hades own haze cleared he sat drawing her up with him, the conflict that usually resided in his eyes now all but gone as he watched her for a moment. As he surveyed the bed and the blood he couldn’t help but smile.

“That makes you one of only two people to open that side and live to tell the tale,” His words were soft “And I am the luckiest man in the realm to be with you, though I think next time I will have to take my time with you,”

She looked to him through tired eyes, though as he said the word two or caused her to look down the smile fading with a pained expression in her brown eyes. Perhaps he shouldn’t have mentioned it because Jade knew of one other.

The bed appeared as though there was a struggle with the crumpled sheets and large blood stains.

Hades placed his fingers on her chin to lift her head gently “Not who you’re thinking, the only person who’s gone head to head against me like that is my brother,” his words were soft, yet sincere.

“I don’t make a habbit of it or I tend to leave to a trail of bodies, you only need read the history books to see that, but what you just gave me Jade, I needed to unload and clear my head, I have done for a long time, no one in any realm could have given me that”

She lifted her chin by his guidance, meeting his gaze and a clarity was within those almond slanted eyes. “I’m glad that I could offer you just that much. It means much to me to hear that from you. I admit, I’m a little jealous of Ascondia. She is beautiful and a Queen, I can never match up to that. I have never loved anyone as much as I have you and I don’t want to lose that.”

“Our dear Queen dropped me the second my brother showed up, it was relationship based on convenience no more no less, just sex” He shrugged softly “I love you, yet I pray you don’t bolt for the hills the more I show of myself”

Jade looked to him with a secretive smile, as that bruise glared at him from her neck. “I haven’t yet. Though I’m thinking perhaps I need a tight necklace to conceal the bruising. Perhaps a collar?” This was to speak to the darker side. “I would like more time in a shower aspect.”

“You would look quite delicious in a collar” There was an edge to his voice that both teasing and yet dark “But then you look very sexy with those bruises, and I think when we are done with this war I’m going to take you away for a very long, and very fun time”

A blush lifted to her cheeks at his words with fingers touching the bruising, attempting to contain the smile such rose. “I wouldn’t complain. Though this war can not be finished soon enough. I want to bare your child.”

“Mmm indeed something I intend to work on, but I think if my brother or his wife saw those bruises, I may end up in a cell instead of alone in the woods with you,” He ran a hand over the bruise with a soft smile “So we should try to conceal that from them, the less questions we raise the better for our future children”

“The more we conceal the more suspicious they will be. I am proud of it, as you should be too. They put you in a cell, you won’t be alone. Each of them need to accept this part of you, I do.” She offered him a simple but her words were steady with purpose. Jade lifted a hand to caress his cheek with a subtle draw of her nails against the side if his neck.

He let his hand close in on her throat once more before kissing her “See just one more reason why I love you, ”

Her expression remained composed but he felt the flicker of the kitsune in her, almost as though it spoke to him in the grasp of her throat. The pulse not only throbbing against his palm but her lips against his. “I love you too.” These two were each a side of a coin, but accepted the duality.


[The Turning Tide] A Passionate Hunt

Kane slid into the room as silent as ever, is eyes settled on Aishani as he smiled softly. He made his way across the room to begin undressing, his intent to remain as silent as possible.

His intent nearly fell short when a buckle chimed, Aishani stirred beneath the covers though otherwise remained still with the even breathing that he had begun to recognize as deep sleep of his wife.  

He slid into bed sliding close letting his arm wrap over Aishani’s stomach and the children within.

She crooned softly with the familiar presence of her husband, though he felt the shifting of the babes in her womb. Indeed they were restless, but more then that appeared to be playing. 

“Everything is taken care of” Kane whispered softly kissing the back of her neck. “We can rest easy for tonight,”

She muttered something incomprehensible, but blindly sought for his hand amidst her sleep and placed the linked hands over her belly. 

Kane settled in feeling his grasp of consciousness slide, the darkness of sleep closing gin and taking him for the night.


There was a warmth that rained in through the high windows, a freshness in the air that signalled the arrival of summer. Kane stirred slowly feeling various bones crack in reply to the stretch.

As he woke it was not only to the sounds of summer, it was the fact that Aishani was absent from his side. Her presence only lingered in a haunt, but he recognized that her belongings along side his were still in place.  

A few moments later the door opened and that is when he smelled it. Pungent. Metallic. Blood. Though it was faint, perhaps carried on breath. Yet, it was masked by the heavenly scent of breakfast; sweet rolls, bacon, eggs and crisp fruit, even the robust smell of coffee. 

Aishani was carrying a tray, turning she closed the door softly. 

The scent of blood spun his senses but for a moment before his eyes and stomach settled on the content of the tray, and the coffee.

“You know how to make an entrance my love, and the way to a mans heart as well,” Kane stated with a curled smile.

She considered him a moment, settling in the edge of the bed with the test in her lap. “I found the way to your heart.” Aishani learned forward to press her lips against his, that is when he smelt the strength of blood in her breath. 

Kane smiled and nodded as he melted against the kiss lost both in her and the blood as he felt twinge deep within. As was his usual way he pushed it aside as he leant back, “But you brought breakfast, which is always appreciated”

“Of course. It’s beautiful outside, summer is here.” Aishani said softly, now it was more noted that she had changed and appeared cleaned. Though she arranged the tray in Kane’s lap and stood to open the curtains. 

“I did note the sun, it’s good, something like this ahead of what we face, still today is not a day to worry on such things” Kane smiled “I think today we should find a room for the children?”

“Oh. Yes. I’d like that. I would prefer closest to us.” She kicked her lips for a moment then grinned but sobered suddenly. “When is the last time you have drank? I think that may help loosen you up.”

“Before we wed,” Kane replied with a shrug “I’ll be fine for a little while, we really shouldn’t lower your defence in any way, we do not how that will affect you or the children, I promise if it becomes a problem you’ll be the first to know,”

“The room across the hall, also known as your former room is vacant? The one beside this and the same across the hall, 130 rooms in this place and maybe a quarter are full from staff or guests, so we have plenty of space.” He grinned, “We could put a hole through the wall over there and it would back the childrens onto ours more?”

She watched him in silence for a time then glanced to the indicated wall. “Yes, you will come hunting with me.” Aishani stated calmly. “That is a good idea. To have a conjoined room besides odd for the nursery.”

“Shouldn’t be too hard to punch through the wall,” Kane replied as he began to eat “The room will take some work though, it’s been empty for a while”

“Whose room was it? You make it sound as though it had, some point important.” She watched him eat for a few moments, then gathered the knife to prick her finger. That ruby droplet formed on the tip. “You have been fighting it, I can tell. A small dose before we hunt, Hm?” She waved it before his gave to taunt him.

“It was Aerians when she was much younger, when she first returned to Dentarius as a child after I broke free of Ascondias mind grip” Kane replied softly, he leant forward to lick the droplet of blood with soft moan. “After she left an angry child I locked it and haven’t been in since, so a while,”

“I would like to honour her with a request for us to use the room and her to help. You know she’ll need a distraction once Ascondia is here, it might help if she is a part of it.” Aishani licked her finger but grimaced and set her hand in her stomach. “Be still, it was for your father. You can’t be selfish.” 

“We will be sure to ask her,” Kane replied with a smile, before he released her hand to kiss her stomach “So lively, it’s going to be fun when when you arrive that’s for sure”

She chuckled while stroking Kane’s crown and run her fingers through his hair. “Don’t encourage them. It’s bad enough they are picky eaters…breaking my diet and all.” 

“Mmm how are you coping with yesterday?” Kane asked cautiously but there was a genuine softness and caring in his voice “It’s not always easy dealing with such shifts in who you are”

“It was planned. He was too much of a liability in the end. He pushed a button, though direct blood contact the poison is more deadly.” She commented slowly as though considering her words carefully. “It has not been easy. But giving into the need of the children makes it simpler. I apologise for not taking you on my hunts. I had to be sure I wouldn’t turn on you…” 

“It’s fine my love, it’s been a process for you, been part wolf as well as the children,” Kane smiled softly as he finished his breakfast “And you are correct Bryant was always going to be a liability, and to look at you as toy was maddening to say the least, yet another attempt to interject doubt between us”

“Yes. It’s been hard to say the least, but I will manage. Do not worry about that. You on the other hand appear very tense. So long as you drink from me, in small increments it will be safe. But I think a hint is what you need to not be concerned about harming me or our children.” 

“We are in the middle of a war whereby the rules keep changing, it’s difficult to relax when I am unsure where the next emergency will come from,” Kane sighed softly “And I worry for our family, all of us, a good distraction is all I need, for the moment I am truly fine my love, it’s more the realm around us that has my back up than my vampire half”

She watched him for a moment then smirked. “I see. Well it is a weight on your shoulders but remember you don’t bare it alone. You and I are not used to sharing a burden.” 

“I can safely admit not having to do this alone has helped a great deal, even Hades has gotten himself out of his own selfishness, we are in a better position than the last time our realm went to war” Kane replied with a soft smile, “But you and I are leaders, by choice or otherwise, we do it because we must, but at least we do it together”

“Mhm. This is very true. First things first, shall we head down to the springs to clean up, though I can not submerge as to not boil our children…but it will still relax you. Then to hunt. Which would you prefer first?” 

“I think things would be more sense in reverse? Hunt then clean?” There was smile in the way he said clean as he watched her “I think that would make it far more fun?”

Kane dressed light, his usual choice or loose pants and a shirt which would not restrict his movement. He pulled on his boots and taking his shorter daggers tucking them at his hips made his way down the stairs. Crossing through the main hall and out into the courtyard beyond.

He gave his usual array of orders to guards ensuring they kept their eye for anything off, it would remain quiet he knew that deep down, but it was always better to stay safe.

Aishani stood off to the side as Kane have his orders, offering a brief nod to them as they passed to leave the courtyard. But once they were in the forest she glanced to him with a wicked smirk, but he saw those incisors lengthen. “Keep up.” She challenged him, but tipped up her chin, then licked her lips as though catching prey. Then she was off, surprisingly fast for her condition, easily dodging shrubs and vaulting and swinging from low tree limbs. He hadn’t seen her this carefree in sometime, glancing over her shoulder to him with that wolfish smirk. 

Kane shook his head gently then took off through the under brush, it was with ease he slid from one to the next, vaulting a low branch before circling through, his mind cleared from the stress focused only on the motion from tree to tree, right until his attention missed the branch ahead, he heard the crack right before his feet went from under him and he wound up sprawled in the dirt of the forest floor with a clatter.

“Should have seen that coming” he groaned as he rolled onto his back.

Aishani was at his side helping him up with a smirk, though, he could feel the strain on her body to support his weight in the stand. “Oh, stop it. Come, the scent is close.” She indicated with her finger lifted to indicate on being silent, though, took his hand and lead him quietly through the woods as soon they stopped near a tree by a small thicket. Amidst the grasses was a female doe, two fawn and one buck. Now, this male deer looked strong and stunning, Kane could see by her eyes that this was the target. A far better challenge then the doe whom would flee and the two fawn that would follow the mother, but, the buck would remain to protect them and allow them to escape. 

Her eyes had grown into two twin golden pools, as her tongue flicked across her lips, then glanced to Kane with a nod. Her muscles tensed, preparing to spring into action, when she leapt it was at the fawns first, this startled the mother deer and the male turned in her direction with antlers down preparing to ram her but that is when Kane felt the draw of the air and she disappeared to blink just upon the buck’s back, sinking in her fangs to the neck with arms wrapped around the thickness. 

Kane followed suit, he closed upon the buck his own fangs sinking into its throat, the combined weight of himself and Aishani bringing the animal down to the floor. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d fed upon animal blood but the fact remained it was quickly restoring the strengths that had wavered over the last month.

Aishani growled as though an animal with a freshly caught prey, gripping the massive antlers of the buck, latched to the flesh of the deer’s throat. That is when he saw the claws extend and the mouth retract with a lick upon the bloodstained lips and face, glistening black upon her skin, though, she rounded to dip and rip out ribbons of flesh with her mouth and tearing into the skin with claws. Feasting on the animal while Kane fed and she dined. This moment, appeared to cause a bond within them to strengthen, it was a deeper level and a more primal level, animalistic. 

She finally leaned back with a gasp, as Kane felt the heart stopping the pumping of blood through the body. Aishani’s eyes, both eyes, hummed with the brilliant golden hues, smouldering in the light of the day but she looked like an exotic creature now. Transformed from just the pregnant Drow, but, now a magnificent creature. Carrying children of half-breed, wolf and vampire, herself a wolf. 

As Kane looked up taking in the sight he felt the blood rush, his mind primal, dark as he slid back there was a threat in his motion, the scent of blood and his wife mixed among the scent of fresh air forest, the cold of hunter having struck prey kept sense and right buried deep within. Slowly he circled her watching her feed, it was strange to him to have no sense of control only need.

He now moved as if assessing a threat, a wolf he knew could rip him apart the moment he struck but Kane didn’t care only caring for what he wanted what was beyond that threat, the female, Kane continued to wait, waiting for her to pay attention to him, Kanes own eyes were dark and glazed from his fed but also a primal darkness that rested within each man, he wanted Aishani right here among the trees to mark his territory, he didn’t even bother suppressing down those darkest of desires, he was lost among his own needs much as Aishani was in hers.

She stopped her dining on the flesh of the buck, licking her lips, though, those brilliant golden eyes fixed on him. Aishani in her primal state had acknowledged Kane in his dark demeanour. Those plush lips glistening with blood curled in a guttural growl, though, her clothing was thin on this summer day, he immediately saw the dark buds beneath her shirt perk at the arousal of his hungry eyes. Before he could advance, she darted from the deer, a challenge for him to give chase and catch his succulent prey. She was like a gazelle amongst the trees, grass and limbs. Pausing every so often to see if he was giving chase, a wicked and taunting smirk upon her bloodstained lips and face. 

Kane growled softly, then took off himself through the under growth, this time watching his footing as he hoisted himself into the trees, he could taste her in the air, that primal scent drove him. He waited until he was over her before launching down at her, his hands catching her shoulder, one arm directing her against a tree and pinning her, his lips searching for her hungrily, the taste of blood only making him hotter with each moment.

His plan went perfectly, now her scent was enveloping him and it was as his lips clapped upon hers with the metallic taste upon the surface that drive him wild with desire. A guttural growl emanated from her throat and he felt the scraps of his slick tool against her canines. 

He kissed hungrily as his hands went to work separating her from her clothing, his hands roaming her flesh before stripping her. Despite the primal force at which he worked his control took account of her condition as he drew them to the ground, not caring for who may discover only that he wanted her in that moment.

His kisses now slid from her mouth and over her shoulders, his hands raking and stroking her flesh as he worked his way across her body.

She was truly stunning in her state, the swollen belly and burning golden eyes, her claws made quick escape of his own clothing and we’re unforgiving on his flesh. But those songs she made were unparalleled to anything he had experienced. Suddenly she shifted her position and mounted him, the feeling of her tight passage was incredible. Though Aishani didn’t hesitate on rocking her hips leaning against him while he was gifted with rush after rush of her juices, her dark buds were glistening from the dew of milk. 

Kane growled hungrily as she mounted him, his hands instinctively searching out her breasts, before reaching up to pull her down into another deep kiss, it was raw and dark, the thrill of the hunt driving the thrill of their passion. Each time she sank down against him he would snap his hips back against him driving himself deeper within her swollen passage, a growl with each sting of hips meeting.

To the administer of his hands to her breasts, the milk squirted and trickled down his hands while her lips hungrily crushed against his. Each growl. And each moan were swallowed in the depth of the kiss, her hips sped against his as the first witnessed the carnal song of flesh against flesh. 

He shifted, it was sudden and yet controlled as he landed her on dirt beneath them, his hands raising her legs to his shoulder before driving down into her with repeated force, as concern was momentary quickly replaced with the lust and want, each thrust intent on sending himself deep into her.

A few minutes and he shifted her again, this time urging her into position, as he knelt behind her he growled hungrily before biting the flesh of her ass with force, then sliding back to his height he pushed himself back into her returning to the same hurried forceful rhythm of before.

She was lost on this carnal lust the deeper he sunk the louder her sounds became. Aishani clawed at his back, urging him deeper within her ripe passage. He felt her juices rush again only adding to the lubrication, in his transition a growl parted her lips with a glance back to the bite upon her half moons. Aishani lifted her hips to present herself in the claim he took, buckling back against him. The two were wild with the most primal need to mate, to be claimed and claim. 

Each thrust was with more force than the last, his hands raking the flesh of her back before he lunged forward to grab at her hair, pulling her hair back as he drove into her harder and deeper, his own growls now carnal and guttural echoing around the forest and themselves.

Passion was lost to the sheer lust that drove them, the wetter she got the harder he drove into her, before he drew back removing from her before watching his grip on her hair loosened just slightly as he smiled darkly before targeting the tightness of her back passage easing into her using her own wetness to help his penetration.

The valley between her cheeks offered him the new target as a delicate starlet, but her hands lurched forward claws digging into the grass and dirt just as the plop of his entry was announced. As he would pause to give her body moment to adjust it wasn’t going as Aishani bucked back and he sunk fully into her with a howl of delight. 

He growled as she swallowed him deep within her back passage. His hand landed hard against her ass with a smack before he drew back, the first few thrusts were slow but deep thrusting with force. A few more as she surrendered around he quickened rhythm with another resounding smack on the opposite cheek marking her with angry red hand prints.

To each violent assault on her half moons they jiggled against the speed he took her. Sinking his tool deep with the dark flesh was a beautiful contrast, while he seemed her need for him only increase. She was howling and screaming in sheer ecstasy now, as the depth was molten, he felt her juices flow more and saw her digging more into the grass. 

He growled against her now quickening his rhythm as his lust met force his hands forcing her hips back into him with each thrust. He was growling with the pleasure that ran through him, the more pleasure the deeper he plunged himself, before sliding a hand beneath to dip his fingers into her, feeling the heat of her juices as they spilt onto his invading fingers.

She seemed to spread her legs more to accommodate the appearance of his digits to her dripping flower. He felt her quiver as a smooth rush of juice saturated his hand and Aishani stirred with new vigor. Ripping out soil and grass to attain a new platform, the back pipe tightened and her flower began to throb, this was a new height as she was reaching a point to be overstimulated. Growing, moaning and howling in pleasure this was a new best to reach of them. Surrendering to their nature. 

He grunted and tensed as his nails bit into the flesh of her hips a low deep growl of lust cut from him as he felt himself twitch before erupting deep into her. He was shuddering from the sheer height they were in that single moment, his whole body prickled with a deep intense lust to remain in that moment as he slowly slid from her crawling toward her drawing her back to the ground and searching for her lips.

After the powerful moment that left him lounging to remain in that moment Aishani collapsed in pants and crooning, she was trembling as their lips met in a tender and passionate kiss lingering in the aftermath of their carnal selves being lost. It was the two of them now, shreds of clothing strewn about them. But she curled against him kissing him every so tenderly, quivering. In the glow of the previous event, she seemed even more fragile with her swollen belly and bosom with buds glistening from milk. “I love you, Kane.” 

Kane felt the haze clearing as her words filtered he smiled softly “And I love you Aishani, more with each day we are together, I think you are the only woman I have ever allowed to see these darker corner and know you both understand and welcome it”

He kissed her cheek softly letting his hand rest on her stomach gently “Another of the reasons I limit my hunts, I get a little …” His voice trailed off as he searched for the word “Well the vampire gets free of my control” Kane found looking back for a moment he couldn’t find a moment he felt so fulfilled from a hunt.

She smirked to him with a playful nip to him. “You realize…we will have fun entering the estate without clothing.” Aishani laughed and the way she did so, Kane saw her fangs receding to be tucked away beneath the gums of her mouth though they were a little longer then before. 

He watched her for a moment, with a smile, still half covered in blood, she was still the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.

“Fortunate for us there is more than one route into the Mansions lower areas, we can use the caves that the pools feed” He reached back to take her hand before leading her into the forest, and down through the river. And into the caves that were oddly warm from the spring waters below.

Quietly the walked and then he led her down a little moved, as he tapped the water it shimmered and vanished, as the stepped through it was replaced. Beyond now the hot springs they knew so well.

She chuckled, while moving through the forest to the pond. As the water disappeared a smirk curled in her lips. “This place never ceases to amaze me.” 

Though once they were in the hot springs, Aishani settled in the edge with her legs in the water and cupped water to begin to wash her face. It was true the heat of the water was not good for a female in her condition to submerge in. 

Kane watched for a moment before he made his way to sit beside her. For a moment he watched then slid into the water before her, and he sunk beneath the surface before emerging.

“Thank you, I think I needed this, more than I realised”

Aishani offered him a smirk as he re-emerged, curling her legs around him to bring Kane close. “We both needed to do this together, my love. I apologize I can’t join you in the water but it is far too warm.” 

Kane looked up with a grin “That can be fixed you know, one of the benefits of these pools being heated mostly by magic”

“Oh, really now?” She chuckled. 

Kane smiled as his hands slid to her hips, his motion motion coaxing her into the water with him, the water warm but far cooler than usual, his eyes met hers as his lips also found hers.

“How’s that?” He whispered gently

She didn’t refuse his guide into the waters, while still warm but not too hot. A smirk coiled on her lips after the kiss parted, hands in his shoulders. “Much better. I remember…our first time here…”  

“As do I,” A smile curled his lips “Hard to believe that was a year ago my love,” Kane replied “It’s been a busy year for us both,”

She cupped some water in her hand, while allowing for it to drop on his shoulders, watching the flow silently. The surface of the water concealed her swollen belly though her milk filled bosom was much larger barely containing the endowment. “Yes. Very much. Admittedly, I wake during the night…wondering if this was all a dream and I’d be on my own again. Good with the bad, I am happy.” She chuckled lifting one hand to her belly and caressed it. “I know…I’m not Ascondia, not Stacy in another world…Do you regret anything?” 

Kane looked up as he raised a brow, before he returned to washing himself down “This last year has allowed me to reflect on much, see things change for the better, Ascondia and I were built on lies, the feelings may have been real, but she was in my head, had me believe I was created,” Kane spoke soft yet there was a tremor in his voice “It was never going to last, I will do what I can to watch her back, keep her alive, try to rebuild the bridges she so spectacularly burned down with our daughter, as for Stacy and I, that was another world entirely, a time line that never happened, and honestly I’m glad of that, everything that has happened I am truly grateful for, I can say with hand on my heart, I regret nothing, except the pain and discomfort that being pregnant causes you”

He slid behind her his hands now working to wash her down, taking his time, “How about you, you left home to avoid politics, found a man who is constantly embroiled in them, despite not wanting to be, bit by a wolf, married and then pregnant with twins, oh and Queen of the Drow here, thrown through time by a would be betrayer for their own reasons, see busy year”

She caught his hands in hers and lifted them to her lips. “Never. Never say that. Our children are a gift. Yes, it can be hard at times. Though what pregnancy is a breeze? I am blessed each day. I love you and our children. I will continue to fight to make not only our realm but my kingdom safe. I ran not from politics but from the blind view of my mother trying to kill me for gifts. Gifts that are not prosecuted here.” 

“We are all different in some way,” Kane shrugged softly “What you do with your gift is what defines you, the realm encourages you to be who you want to be, and if needed it helps you along the way,”

Aishani proceeded to begin cleaning him, a few times her belly bumped him and she chuckled. Then when finished she pressed her cheek against his chest. “My beloved…you do want this? Our family?” 

“My family is what I want my love, and you are part of that, as will these two come to be,” His hand ran gently over stomach, gently he leant to place a kiss “I’d just rather this not be in the middle of a war with so many volatile elements, still we are strong and we will survive,” this was the first time in some time that Aishani would hear the conviction in his words, a reset to Kanes resolution.

She chuckled as his hands roamed over her belly but Kane could feel the tiny hands that pressed against his, almost as though acknowledging his words. “War or no war there will always be issues being as whom we are. I’m glad to hear that tone in your voice again. No matter the circumstances do not lose it.” 

“I never lose it my love, just ignore more than I should” He smiled before drawing her close into a deep longing kiss.

[The Turning Tide] Playing Games

Bryant Billote had always been smart enough to avoid involving himself in affairs that were unprofitable. He had used his daughter in the worst ways for the best profit. The slave trade had been good to him, it had afforded him a life he enjoyed.

That all ended when he was forced into hiding and in turn to work with Lord Ceremon, kidnapping his grand daughter had set in motion a downward spiral. Now he found himself alone in a cell of Elcarus Mansion. It was cold, and bitter, and he knew in his heart no one was coming to save him, not even his daughter who now slept in the bed of Aerian, the self same grand daughter of Lord Ceremon he had kidnapped raped and tortured to insanity for nothing but fun.

He lay himself down with a groan feeling the cold as it penetrated his ageing joints “Where of where did I go so wrong” he murmured darkly.

Just then a voice spoke from the shadows, calm and in a rolling purr outside the cell. “Keep your friends close but enemies closer. That is where you went wrong.” That is when he caught the smell of hot food, since all he had eaten was cold slop. 

The growl of his stomach would likely be heard by anyone close enough, as he raised his head slightly “My biggest enemy was my daughter, how much closer could I have kept her?”

“Ah, but you treated her as nothing. From what I gather, her betrayal was because she was constantly having to prove herself to you. But that is neither here nor there.” She stepped forward with a steaming bowl of stew, her silken dreads blending into the shadows and the golden and white eye held in contrast. “You are hungry.” Aishani moved with the bowl and set it down within the space adequate for such. “Hurry and eat. I have to take the dishes back.” It was a struggle for her to rise up but she managed. 

He looked at the bowl, his eyes then looking to her “So I die by poison? Seems a little weak for the Elcarus’. Cowardly even.” He sighed as he watched her, he kept his place, while he knew she was struggling to move he also had enough sense to know attacking her was a very bad idea.

“It is you that is the fool. Assuming makes you an ass. I have no reason to poison you. In my mind, your daughter is an ungrateful brat. I don’t stand for betrayal of any kind. Yet, you think I wanted to be in this position? Pregnant and on the wrong side of this war?” She watched him silently. “Push the bowl back. I’ll eat some to prove to you that it is not poisoned.” 

Bryant watched for a moment, before he finally gave in sinking the spoon into the food and eating. “Even you are not cold enough to kill a child,” He smiled darkly “But it’s nice to see you have your senses about you, though from where I sit your family holds all the cards, you have the power, though Ceremon has the numbers, it would be best to let them fight it out and pick up the pieces.”

He ate quietly for a moment “How did he managed to bed someone so damn pretty, never fails to impress” his words were a thought out loud than an actual statement now.

Aishani chuckled with a smirk, he had accepted the food, it was a step in the right direction. He was tentatively eating from her hands so to speak. “I have my reasons. A wild card in this that could tip the scale. Why is it you say the Elcarus hold the cards?” 

“Because they are methodical, Ceremon and Z’ress are rash, over confident, and out only to subdue, good will always win in the end” He shrugged softly before placing his spoon in the now empty bowl. “They have each other, while Ceremon and Z’ress seek only to further their own agendas”

“You seem to not favor the fact of their own personal goals. I could be wrong, though given an opportunity to take down the Elcarus foundation…would you take it?” 

“You seem to be forgetting my current plight?” He pointed at the cell door with a shrug “They wont just let me walk out now will they, and while I’m sure death is my end. I’d rather not risk it coming earlier than needed.” His eyes settled on her now as he watched “Why exactly are you here, if not to kill me, or for my traitorous daughter?  Why waste your time on me?”

She chuckled now at his words. “You are right. They mean to kill you…but me on the other hand…I am a fellow business woman much like yourself. Right now, I have two insurances that I am safe.” Aishani displayed her ring and caressed her swollen belly. “What do you have? Think wisely before you speak.” 

“I watched your husband cut down his brother in cold blood, but you are safe and I have very little safety and certainly no way of saving myself this time” He let his shoulders slump “I am resigned to my fate, so I wonder if you’d pass something to your husband, and ask if I may have his wife for the evening, last wish of a dying of man” he smirked darkly his eyes on hers as watched her reaction.

“Hm. I’m not sure I’d want to spend the evening with a man that has given up. I don’t surround myself with weakness. Right now you ooze such…give me something that may have me reconsider. Because as I view it, you are a dead man of course unless, I can convince him otherwise. You know, if you prove useful to them, you would not met such an end. Consider it delaying the inevitable, Hm?” 

“I know enough to know that nothing I give them will be enough to save my own hide. I haven’t given up, just resigned to the fact I have no more aces to play. As a slaver I was always in control, always that girl to play to get me out of trouble, though I do know what Lady Z’ress plans with our dear Queen”

“Interesting. That Queen…is nothing but a spoiled brat that was born with a golden spoon in her mouth. I got gratification of doing that which she could not. Bare two children.” She motioned for the bowl to be placed at the slot. “I came of my own free will, after all we are of like mind. I do as I please. As for my presence this evening are you willing to exchange information? I hold your get out of jail card, so it would be wise for you think this over. No one knows I’m here.” 

“I’ve already named my price, you, but admittedly I wouldn’t mind getting out here, disappearing among the night” He mused softly “Perhaps when this is done we’ll both need to disappear, Elcarus’ don’t take too kindly to traitors in their midst, just ask Heart,”

“Fair enough. Your price will be answered by the toll of midnight. I will see you then.” She leaned down with a soft grunt to gather the bowl and melted into the shadows one again. 


Kane was pacing the hallway, Hades and Jade presumably departed to their room. The prickle through Kane was one of nervousness, something he hadn’t felt in some time.

Despite it been his own plan, placing his wife near a criminal was not sitting well with Kane at all.

Aishani dropped the dishes in the sink of the kitchen before returning back to Kane’s scent was strong. 

“I have him believing I am against the Elcarus. The price I have to pay for information on Ascondia and what Z’ress has planned…is to spend an evening with him. Not what I would like but a small price to pay in the larger picture.” Aishani stated upon entering.

There was surge that boiled deep within Kane, a dark anger “I should have killed him along with Hareavor, the idea of him …” He steeled himself “I can not Aishani, even for the right reasons” he growled in frustration before settling himself once “Why can’t he just want to escape like the usual head cases we lock up”

Aishani watched Kane in silence before moving to gather his hand to place upon the swell of her belly, as though to remind him this was for the future of the realm. “The taste in my mouth is rotten from this. Though he is a man that believed he is walking dead, holding information that could break the plan of Ceremon and Z’ress. Trust me. I can handle myself.”  

“I don’t doubt that for a moment my love, and as our options are limited it doesn’t sit well. But the situation at hand, and all things considered I trust you, completely, but he cannot think it is anything other than how it presents itself, kind of bothers me” Kane kissed her head gently “I’ve never doubted you for a moment, be rather foolish to start now” He stroked her stomach with a soft smile “But if you need me, I’ll be close by at all times”

Aishani nodded to him and inhaled sharply as Kane felt a kick from one of the children. “I will need a bottle of liquor and dinner to take to him. Though I have to make a truth serum in order to place within. I have to spend time with him…I’m intending to make it count. But I have time before I appear.” 

“I’ll ensure the kitchens are aware, I’m sure there’s a few bottles of something around, it’s not like we don’t have a whole bar or anything” He smiled softly “Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he changes the rules as he goes along, just be careful with him”

“I’m well aware. Though a man such as him would like a drink that is were the serum takes hold.” 

“Remind me never to get on the wrong side of you” Kane chuckled softly before kissing her hungrily “You are my everything, even though I know you can handle yourself, losing you scares the living daylights out of me, I’m just being overly cautious”

She chuckled to his words with a smirk, one hand in his chest. “That you never have to worry about, my love. I’m by your side always.” 


The cells were oddly warm that night as Bryant sat listening to the sounds, it was oddly very quiet. Even the critters that normally ran through the rooms beyond were quiet, he was admittedly nervous now.

That is when he freely a presence, it wasn’t in the cell but just outside. First it was that heavenly smell of spiced meat and cooked vegetables that pierced his senses, then he saw the golden eye that was like a smouldering ember in the darkness. She stepped forward in a thick robe, tied just beneath her swollen bosom with milk and bump of her belly. Balanced in one hand was a tray that garnished not only food but a bottle and glass. Quietly she placed it down and knelt to methodically pick the lock in order to enter. 

He waited silent and patient, the fact he was about to get a second decent meal was strange to him, it had been some time since he had had the luxury to eat so well.

She grunted softly in her rise after the lock clicked and the door opened, adorning the tray. Quietly she entered the cell and set the tray down at his side, opening the bottle to put the contents. “I can’t have you eat that slop. I’ve taken food and liquor for you. Unless you are going to complain?” 

“Of course not, just surprised you returned” He shrugged softly feeling his mouth moisten as his senses were drowned by the scents of food.

“I told you that I would.” She stated simply, gathering to the food. “Eat and drink. I figured you haven’t indulged in liquor.”

“I don’t tend to drink, makes the senses a little foggy” He shrugged softly as he drew the plate toward him,”So exactly how do we plan to get out together? Would expect the guards to be heavy been a war and all that, and you leaving with a prisoner isn’t going to look too good”

His eyes strayed over her body slowly, shifting slightly as his mind wandered for a moment, before he snapped it back to eating.

“Right now. No. It is not wise. The guards are thick. But I do know if you prove that you turned sides, then it would give you a window of trust.” 

Bryant remained quiet for a moment before he looked at her “You give me reason to believe you’re on my side and I will reveal something, though I’m curious to know why your so interested in what I know if you only serve your own agenda”

“You look good by the way, even with your current problem, you look good, your beauty goes understated around the realm” He shrugged and returned to eating.

“You are correct. Trust is earned not given. Though unfortunately I have nothing but being here than with my husband…” She crinkled her nose at the word. Aishani lowered her gaze to her swollen belly pronounced by the tether of her robe, which clearly gave away she wore a night gown beneath. 

“Well I would ask you to kill your husband, but that would put us both in a predicament worse than the one I’m in now,” He words were pointed and devoid of emotion, a complete truth in them “So I’ll settle for something I haven’t had in a long time, a view of a woman I actually wish to see naked, don’t worry I promise to keep my hands off you”

He watched her reaction silent the same dark void of emotion “For now at least”

“Trust is earned and never given, such is the same with you. Terms and agreements. I’m not a woman to allow such things, it is distasteful. I will grant you such a reveal if you keep your hands to yourself during and after.” She gestured to the drink. “I went through much to bring that to you. One drink would not fog your mind too much, besides it will compliment the food.” 

He looked for a moment thoughtfully “Perhaps you are right, though you did agree to spend the evening with me, you will help me out of this hole, so the thought of a drink with a beautiful woman isn’t a bad idea”

He picked the cup up before taking a drink a soft smile curling his lips “Well now that is good, and not the cheap kind most inns serve, you are spoiling Miss Elcarus, spoiling me indeed”

She chuckled with a smirk while watching him lift the glass but then looked around the cell idly. “You do indeed know how to flatter, Bryant. Of course, as I said, I went through a lot if trouble to get the bottle to you. It is chilly down here, so I’ll remove my robe. The fabric of my night gown is anything but concealing. I do hope you understand.” 

“Well it’s a sight warmer than it has been down here, I would take it that’s your doing,” He replied softly “I am grateful for the company and the willingness to play in our little game,”

“Oh. I enjoy playing games.” She said calmly, though stood. Aishani began to methodically remove her robe. It was true, the night gown she wore was very transparent against her ashen skin. This revealed her bosom, swollen of milk with pert buds at the ready to be feasted upon. Her hips had widened to accommodate her large belly, as her legs remained to be lean and petted from the high slits. It was true, she was a stunning beauty, even as a mother. 

“Damn,” He murmured softly “Well I suppose I should return a little favour, your mother has an eye for power and seemingly has found a way to take what she wants from others, much like Ceremon has done over the years,” he stopped looking to her then the drink “Apparently that is finer liqueur than I gave credit for, your turn why do care if you serve only your fine sexual self?”

Aishani sat next to him, picking at a vegetable to eat, after a moment of silence she sighed in a partial lean back, this recline exposed her belly and swollen breasts a slight more. “Yes, well. Z’ress is my mother after all. Like all children we want to please a parent. Make them proud. Simple. Yet, I saw an opportunity by watching Kane to jump at the chance to make nice with someone that doesn’t abide by the rules. Ceremon is far too insane and doesn’t garner the consequences.” 

“Half of Ceremons problem is his need to destroy his sons, the other half is he only wants power for himself, he doesn’t care for those of us in the firing lines of others” He shrugged softly admiring her body, his eyes taking her in slowly “I never wanted to please my father, he ran a slavers trade for a generation like his father before him and I after, we made good money. Until your husband began to change the laws, outlawed it here in Dentarius. Despite the fact he has a house full of servants and claims to dislike slavery? Then goes and knocks up his wife making her slave to children, very selfish of him”

He pushed the plate toward Aishani as it now only had a few remaining vegetables “Thank you for that, best meal I’ve had in probably seven or eight years,” he shrugged softly as he moved a little toward her “Ceremon offered me almost 750 thousand gold for my daughter to marry Hareavor, I planned to take the money and leave, she wouldn’t have survived that monster. It’s no secret the realm is better off without him. Just like it would be better off without the Elcarus’ ever being part of the equation, they control everything, even the bloody Queen bows to his every demand, the High Council tried to rule with fairness and for sight and he undermined every chance he got. If you ask me Kane is the real danger to the realm”

She accepted the plate, while plucking the last of the vegetables from the plate, though, leaned forward to set the empty dish on the tray. Aishani glanced to him now as he moved closer to her, though, made not move herself. “Yes, though, you told me that you had information on Z’ress and the plans for the Queen. I believe you are skirting the terms we agreed upon, you see, I need to understand the motivation in order to proceed on my end to benefit that of my mother.” Aishani hesitated then added with a chuckle. “You know, you could always denounce your allegiance to Ceremon and give shift to the tides and be on this side with me. It would save your head from the Elcarus’ but I can not promise from your daughter.” 

“I could, but I’ve long been an enemy of this land, long before I sided with Ceremon, I’m wanted for slave trading, rape, assault, murder and more” He shrugged softly “I would not sit well as a pet of your husband, I don’t like sharing my women, and he has a woman I would like to make my own”

“I can see the conflict. Though, have you learnt nothing? Keep your friends close and enemies closer…you are in a ripe position to turn the tides and release the hold upon your head. As I have seen, Kane will not change his mind without a little persuasion, of course.” She inclined a brow glanced to him from the corner of her eye. “Let me get one thing straight, Bryant. I am not a possession. To you, nor to him. Lest you forget, I am a Queen of the Emerald City.” By now, the truth serum would have kicked in. “Tell me more of my mother’s plans, I want to work my own into that of hers so she can understand my standing. I’d give nothing more then to slit that red head Queen Ascondia’s throat. Such a spoilt brat…” 

“Ah so the rumours are true? Our dear Queen was rather mad at that, as it seems is your mother, she plans to take Ascondias powers from her, as soon as Ascondia is done ripping her daughters from her, which is why the trap has been set” He smiled darkly “They know sooner or later you’ll try to break her out and Z’ress plans to have Ascondia murder Aerian and take her soul, then give all that power to your dear mother”

He shuddered at his words “She would have absolute power”

“Yes. Such is the truth. She means to destroy both…? Interesting but Z’ress had forgotten that she had literally melted Aerian into a puddle of confusion…why bait her?” 

“Because only Ascondia can cause the transference, Aerian will never allow it, she like’s being different, which is a teenagers way of saying she thinks she is more important than the will of the realm” He shrugged darkly now

“Tell me, Bryant. What is in this all for you, hm?” Aishani turned to face him, allowing for her figure to distract from the actual depth of the question, when she knew full well that the truth serum was in his veins. “Do not say, me. Because, that did not arise until recently.” 

“Revenge” He replied firmly “Your husband took my daughter, and cost me the price of her contract, so I planned to ensure he lost his daughter, and any one else we could take out with him, you on the other hand I planned to sell back to your mother for quite a price”

“She has grand plans for you my dear, grand plans indeed”

Aishani tilted her head with a brow inclined, otherwise her expression showed nothing, though, beneath she was raging at his words. “Hm. Here I thought, you wanted me for yourself. Little difficult with Z’ress in control of such magnificent power. Truth is, she wants nothing but to torture me herself, I am an abomination to the Drow goddess Lloth in her eyes. Yet, I am quite the opposite.” Though, she leaned forward with a wicked smirk. “Tell me the things…careful, for a female such as I, I do enjoy torture…I get wet just thinking about it.” 

“And I would enjoy making you wet, incredibly wet and feeling like the world was only us” He scratched the back of his neck his mind in a battle between the truth serum and his own plan “You get all the details and I still lose my head and a chance at that very fine body of yours, I don’t see you as a possession but you are a prize, possibly one of the most prized in the realm, it would be foolish of me to let my own fall by the way side? I’ve had experience with truth serums though this one is among the better, but in doing so I have a tolerance for them, to some degree having already revealed more than half my information of use, and you have all that and me harder than a man should be left with”

“Sounds like, it is not only the serum but your masculinity.” Aishani stood to lean down and gather her robe, offering him the angle of her bottom. “You are a man after all. No, you should have stuck to your goals and ideals. I do have my own motive, though, the truth behind it, you will never know, dear Byrant.” She folded the robe over her forearm, lifting the tray and leaning down to press her lips against his before drawing back the skin to bite viciously upon his neck to inject the venom of not only her werewolf but also that of a potion that held a poison into the wound that was hidden in a pocket of her robe. “I would not wish for any other to tamper with this moment. I am giving you your dignity, Bryant. Your death will be quick as the conflict of poison and wolf swim through your veins.” She cradled his head against her bosom, caressing his hair. “This you are not tolerant of…I should know, I am the only one that knows it. Sweet dreams.” She then turned to leave the cell, closing the door behind her, while watching him silently from the other side. 

He looked stunned in the moment, the clouding of his mind sudden and quick as she left he knew he’d lost as his eyes closed the darkness drowning him now.


The scent of blood clouded Kane feeling the deep growl in his stomach he shoved it down with frustration as he forced his way through the door, looking to Aishani then knowing what was in the cell beyond, he smiled softly.

“Had me worried for a moment, scent of blood threw me a little”

She remained still, looking into the cell, even as Kane appeared. Now, in just her night gown, it was clear by the dimness of the dungeon that Aishani was cold, slowly she turned to face him with a smirk on her lips stained with blood on the front of her night gown, staining the white fabric. “Come…we need to have this cleaned up. His blood tasted horrible, rotten. We have somethings we need to discuss.” She led the way from the dungeon, struggling a slight on the stairs and to the kitchen. But, once within, she went to a meat locker and began to shuffle around within. This was unlike her and perhaps the craving for blood was too grand now with the demand from their unborn children. 

Kane waited as he tracked down a bowl and hot water to help clean her up, his mind still drown in the scent of blood for a moment. As she returned he took the cloth beginning to clean the blood gently.

“Hungry my love?”

She left the locker, stopped by Kane, whom began to clean her neck and face, though the dangerous dip of her neckline offered him the spillage of the crimson upon her swollen bosom that was perched on her large belly. But, she didn’t speak only tore into the raw steak, closing her eyes and moaning softly, Kane saw her begin to tremble and even the fangs that extended to her indulgence of the bloody meat. 

Kane dropped the cloth into the bowl with absence that splashed water across her, he knelt before her.

“Are you OK? He didn’t harm you?” Kane knew better but the question came all the same, the scenarios in his head hadn’t helped as he’d paced that hallway waiting on her “You know I’m here always”

She blinked to him suddenly, while licking her fingertips from the blood, tilting her head as though his splash of the water and words of concern brought her back to the present. Then she dropped the meat and backed away, turning her back to him, while trembling. “I’ve been…fighting the urge…to feed…I just…I apologize, my love. The taste of blood…and…I just couldn’t contain myself any longer…” Aishani was referring to her vegetarian diet, that now was no longer. 

He slid his hands against her shoulders gently “It’s fine my love, something you will in time, is to find a balance for, if you need to.” He absently referred to his own needs and the fight to find a way to control things that weren’t always possible “The wolf, it’s going to send you crazy if you don’t,”

He kissed the back of her neck gently a reminder he was always with her “I take it our prisoner pushed his luck too far?”

She crooned softly as his lips touched the back of her neck, as the sweetness of her flesh taunted him, though a hand lifted to place upon his and Aishani turned to face him. “I now, know, what it is that Z’ress has planned with Ascondia. Under no circumstance is Aerian to go after Ascondia. It is a death trap, not just for our daughter but for the entire realm as we know it. Z’ress means to draw Aerian by using her mother, then transfer the soul of each into her….thus giving her incredible power. Such should not be done in one individual it is too unstable…” She licked her fingers again. “Z’ress has plans for me, apparently so much so that Bryant was going to monopolize on capturing me to sell to her at a high bid. I know that wouldn’t happen, it isn’t a concern but he was a liability and knew too much. This way, we can still be involved in this. I am not done fighting.” 

He smiled as she refereed to Aerian as their child, a reminder she was indeed part of their family completely “I never thought you were, but” he paused for a moment his grip on her shoulder tightened ever so slightly before he spoke again “She intends to throw the balance, Ceremon knows an act like that would force Stacy to act, draw her into the open and well we can assume they seek her power as well, she is barely even part of the realm, with her soul the realm would think Z’ress the healer”

It wouldn’t be difficult to detect the shudder that pulled through “Damn, we’d be wiped from existance, and without even able to defend what would come. Sadly for Bryant he was unaware we already knew what awaited Aerian in Elvera, hence we are here and our plan to remove Ascondia from them already in motion. But we should keep them apart, there is no telling the damage Z’ress has already done, our daughter will not fall to them.”

She nodded solemnly to him, curling her hand within his and guiding him from the kitchen. “Yes, I did not like the way he talked to me…like a piece of meat. I wanted to strike him down then and there but I had to wait it out.” Aishani chuckled, giving Kane’s hand a squeeze. “I am not exactly sure how, you can find me being in this state attractive…I do understand that my breasts have increased in size…full of milk now.” Though entered their bedchambers. “He wanted to see me naked…tasteless. But, he is dead and will no longer breath again. I do know, that I am definitely part of Z’ress’ plans, this may include our children. In either case, I am exhausted, my love. Will you meet with the others? I can not…” 

“Try not to worry on things, we will handle each as it comes together as we always have” He kissed her gently as he helped her into bed, he leant over her “And to me you are as a beautiful as the day we met, nothing will change that”

She adjusted until she was comfortable, lifting a hand to caress his cheek, a small smirk on her lips. “I could never allow anyone to touch me…only you, my husband.” Aishani grimaced, buckling and lifting her hand to her swollen belly. “I think they liked the blood…” 

“They have wolf in their DNA, and Vampire, they are not going to be easy to teach” Kane smiled softly “But we also can’t forget you have your own ways so again we need to find a balance, but for the moment rest my love.” He kissed her gently before heading out of the door closing it behind him.

[Circles & Lies] Intimate Dangers

Kane tied off the bandage that was now stemming the flow of blood from the wound on his arm, grumbling half the time as he tossed the bloodied rags into a bin and made his way back to his office, sitting behind the desk resting his head on his hands on the desk with a groan.

He heard the door open and along with such was that succulent mouth-watering aroma of the woman that stole his heart and was soon to wed. Aishani stood now with the door closed in her jean corset and matching pants. Her golden eye fixed on him with an inclined brow and the trace of amusement on the corners of her plush lips. “Hades kicked your ass I take it by the smell of blood?”

“It’s open to interpretation” Kane replied with a smile as he slid from behind his desk making his way to “I say he ignored the rules of combat, and got lucky, he claims he won the fight” there was amusement in his voice as he relayed the details, “But I’m the one bloody so yea he kicked my ass, this time, but hey I have to let him win now and again for the sake of his own ego”

“Oh I see. You let him win.” She crooned her tone thick in amusement. Looking to him as he stood before her with a brow arched. Her golden eyes hummed with her natural predator essence. That scent that drew him to stay changed but even more alluring to his senses.

“I let him win” Kane repeated softly with a smile “How are the wedding plans progressing? Elsa is quite enthusiastic at taking control of them” he shook his head softly “You’d think she would have enough work with her day job”

He watched his beloved with a soft stare, his eyes taking her in as if he hadn’t seen her in days, not been with her always left him feeling oddly absent.

“The dresses are finished.” Aishani chuckled in that rolling purr, while dragging a single digit up his chest then curled with the nail down in a drag, latching to his shirt in a pull close. “Aerian, Virra and Jade are in my bridal party…Yes, we managed to get Aerian and Virra into dresses long enough to be measured without bloodshed. But, at least, it seems that Virra is evening out our dear daughter, it seems they have moved into a cottage on the property. It is just as well to keep them from the chaos of the wedding planning and it is a place of their own.” She roughly gathered his hand with an abrupt pull of him close and gliding her tongue across the wound done by Hades. “I’ll make it feel better, my love.”

Kane lent into her tongue as it moved over his flesh, would be warmer than the rest of his flesh, as he sighed softly “It isn’t too bad, doesn’t need stitches at least, I think he just wanted to make it sting for a while” Kane shrugged softly as he turned now capturing her lips a long deep kiss.

“And yes Aerian moving out, I think she is feeling tied down to one place, which isn’t in her natural nature, been a thief and such, still she seems far more settled with Virra than perhaps I have ever seen” Kane remarked as his hands worked slowly through her hair in a loving tender motion “I admit I cannot wait to see how delicious you look in your wedding dress, and of course the luxury of peeling you out of it afterward” there was intent in his tone as the sentence finished up  “It will be quite the day”

Aishani leaned back a slight but as his lips claimed hers it was a brief moment, a flicker of passion within the kiss, as the haunt remained in a prickle upon the surface of his mouth to the removed essence of his fiancé, soon to be wife.

She tilted her head, while that feather amidst the black dreads, a hand lifted to caress against his neck. “Oh, is that so? Well, trust me, you will be drooling on that day. Elsa has done a magnificent job thus far. There is something that troubles me, I may take Jade beneath my wing to teach her how to defend herself…but, I believe there is more to her then she is letting on with anyone.”

“We all have our stories my love, do you think it could be a threat to us?” Kane replied softly as he drew her close to him, that familiar flicker as the room around them vanished before leaving back in their bedroom “Better to have the conversation here, less prying ears”

Aishani leaned back to look up at him, while parting only a slight to place her hands gently on his forearms. “I am not entirely sure, my love. It is different, hard to explain. But, I know there is something with Jade that, possibly not even Hades knows of. It’s almost other worldly…like not of this realm.”

“I assume she was born here, she came from the slavers caravan we passed when we returned” He drew her into his lap as he slid onto the bed.

“I would hate for her to be a danger, I’m not sure it’s a loss Hades could handle” He scratched his head in thought for a moment “Is she a danger? Or hiding another storm for us to be thrown into?”

“Perhaps, but, is it so far fetched that she would have been brought here from another time?” Aishani draped her legs across his lap while leaning against him, her nails graciously dragging up and down his forearm. “There is only one way to find out. We have to speak to her. But, I fear that she is fragile and in such a state a cornered animal will lash out. I would not wish to do anything to harm your brother, but, I am not entirely sure if she is a danger to us, or him…nor the realm.”

“Time travel is a complex thing even here, it’s possible but for what purpose and by whom?” Kane replied softly his arms sliding around her waist lovingly “The realm is still fragile with no High Healer we are open to all kinds of mess”

“There is an energy about her, while she is quiet and timid, it is something I feel…The realm is indeed fragile.” She sighed softly, leaning her cheek against his chest with her fingers prancing upon his side, pausing every so often with the bite of her nails. “We need to confront her about this…but, Hades will put up a fight. Perhaps, she doesn’t fully understand it herself.”

“She may not, and yes Hades would indeed fight for her, with everything he is” Kane sighed softly “Perhaps if you speak with her, it is times like this Sarantha would have some answer, I wonder if Aerian has had any notion?” His hands traced gentle circles on her stomach

“Perhaps, but, right now, Aerian is content with Virra, I would prefer to leave them alone for now. I may at a later time, but, I believe this is for Hades to learn on his own. The two are very close and I shouldn’t meddle.”

“Hades did mention Jade wishes to learn to protect herself, and I know of no one better than you for that task, perhaps in idle conversation it could come up” Kane replied softly with a soft tone his hands now moving to work on opening her corset “She needs to be able to fight, in the worst times it could be the difference between life and death for us all”

As his fingers expertly worked upon the laces of her corset, it was then that her bountiful bosom sprung forth in the exposure, those pale risen web mark just beneath the under curve to her breast. “Perhaps, we shall see.”

“I would just feel less unnerved about things had our realms healer not been murdered in our house, things are out of balance and I don’t want our children to suffer for it” His words were soft a thought aloud rather than a real statement as his hands slid to cup her breasts slowly kneading the delicate flesh “They will have enough to deal with been named Elcarus without their homelands been so out of whack”

The flesh melted in his hands warm and soft yet firm and spilling through his fingers. This caused her to release a purr of enjoyment to his touch but that rolling sound of amusement dropped from her lips. “Oh our children you say?”

He smiled softly as his eyes watched her his fingers pinching her nipples gently before his lips found her neck “Yes children” he replied softly

A soft growl parted her lips to the pluck upon her buds, that nearly instantly reacted to his touch, but, a grit of her teeth was her silent and subtle reveal that such was very tender, perhaps, too tender. Aishani enjoyed the roughness of their intimate moments, this would be a surprise to him at already having been near a woman when pregnant before.

He breathed softly as his fingers worked against her nipples just for a moment before moving his hand down her body resting against her stomach for a moment then down along her hips, tracing the fabric that hid her sweet centre from him “I cannot wait to make you mine in every way, my wife, my childrens mother, my partner in everything and every way”

Her breathing had increased significantly to his touch, her form was wrapped in the finest silken flesh, the scar from the werewolf still angry in colour. “You have already done so, my love. It will be a claim before the other.” 

He whimpered softly as his fingers crept beneath her waist band easing to find the spot he sought

Aishani was lost in the violence of his nails announcing such with each scream of pleasure. Her body seemed to quiver at his molten seed burned into her inner sanctuary flooding with his essence. She inhaled deeply in a sigh while exposing those magnificent fangs. Her nails had sunk into the flesh of his shoulders but retracted. Her golden eyes down brilliantly and the milkiness all but gone in the moment taking him in.

His hair was plastered against his face, their bothers sweaty and hot against each other’s, but he remained within her marking his claim ensuring every drop was buried deep within her, he caught her lips in a deep crushing kiss now dragging his nails along the flesh of her body

The kiss was deep and passionate as their slick partners maneuvered between the addition of her fangs amidst the passionate tangle. Her body reacted and trembled against the stash of his nails upon her side with a response of her own down his back.

He growled at the feeling responding with a sharp thrust against her as his body settled from that moment the scent of their love and her blood still clear in his sense as well as her ever present scent, Kane was very calm in the knowledge she was not afraid of him, no matter how dark he got she could equal him in every moment, a smile tugged his lips as he sat bringing her within him still remaining within her.

Aishani gasped to the adjustment his meat still combining the two lovers in their embrace. Her arms lifted to wrap around his neck the brilliance of looking into two golden orbs was fading to the one with a dim shade of the injury of past. “I love you Kane.” She whispered.

His eyes stared lost within hers for a moment the swirl of emerald, a love that ran through every fibre of him was displayed in those eyes. “And I love you Aishani, more so as each moment passes”

[Redrawn Boundaries] A Passionate Encounter

It hadn’t take them long to cross back through the Mansion and down to the grounds, the open areas made it easy for such activities but Kane had chosen a more secluded area toward the outer edges of the grounds, this would ensure they were left alone, but have more than enough moonlight to work with, several long hung lanterns also added light to the area.

Kane stepped onto the grass, pulling off his cloak and weapons tossing them beside one of the lanterns, squatting with his knees apart hands placed to the ground.

“My second favourite offer this evening” He smiled waving his hand across the combat area “We will be uninterrupted here, we can be as loud as we desire” His last words were more indicative of other intent than the actual spar, but he was determined to allow whatever events came next to happen as natural as possible.

Aishani walked at his side, silent still, while only the echo of her boots on the ground announced her presence, as well as her lingering scent that tickled his senses. He caught the faint sound of the leathers that whispered upon her legs with each pull of muscles to their stroll to the designated location.
She paused taking in the surroundings with a sweep of her golden eye, moving to lightly rapt on a lantern with a finger, Aishani was a little distance away and her scent was still present but not as overwhelming with the proximity to each other. She turned back to look at him, her sensual lips curling into a sinister smirk with his squat hands placed on the ground. Her fingertips made quick removal of her weapons belt and even each venomous strap at her thighs.
“You want me, Kane? Come and get me.” She beckoned him with open arms and a flicking gesture of her hands at the wrist. “…the trick is you have to catch me.”

Kane wondered if she were aware of his greatest trick, legend told of him been able to seemingly be in one place then another almost instantly, a slight exaggeration as he vanished amid a flurry of emerald flame only to reappear behind her his hand catching hers turning her to face, immediately he felt her scent drown him almost throwing his guard, he gave a playful smile before he pressed in tight against her just for a moment he pinned her arm behind her and her body tight to his, before moving back and circling slowly

“I think this may be just what we both need” Kane stated in a soft tone the edge now of his keen sense for her

As he appeared behind her after the flurry of emerald flame, Kane heard a gasp with his hands to hers and the spin stirring that miraculous scent. Now, he caught the expression on her features, the surprise was stunning as the mask was dropped for the moment. Pressed against her, Aishani’s figure appeared to curl with a snug fit, Kane now felt the exquisite mounds supported by the under breast corset crushed into his chest and her heart…was thundering as though ready to burst forth from the restrictive rib cage.
To the release, her silken skin that held at her wrist in the previous pin of her arms back, haunted his senses as the aroma from her was intense. “H…How did…?” She shook her head, while still there was no fears in her features, though, utter surprise and astonishment.
As he began to circle her like predator to the next kill, she watched him and the moment he reached the blind spot of her back, Aishani did a series of movements. The grace of her body now was revealed to him in the near perfection of the elite training, stalking him now, as the expression disappeared to be replaced by that smooth mask. 
Abruptly she went running forward to him, which was an open run, then leapt up. While in mid-air, Aishani disappeared, only to appear behind him with a sweep of her legs to catch him off guard, in order to fall. In the effect of such, would she straddle him and grasp his wrists to pin above his head, while female and very trained, it would not be a surprise to her strength, but, it appeared to be nearly unnaturally so. “Tell me, how you did that?”

The feeling of her pinning his arms over his head was a unique place to be for him, as his eyes settled on hers, he twisted beneath her just to test her balance against him quickly figuring he wasn’t about to simply buck her free of him. He drew a soft breath with a smile.

“Allegedly vampires turn into bats; sadly I never figured that particular trick out. However my father’s side have a particularly useful trick we call displacement, the ability to move from one point to another using the natural flow of the realm, there is of course the fact you must know exactly where you’re going or the results are less than predictable”

As he finished talking he snapped his wrists down just for a moment throwing her balance as his hand would break free of her grip he reached up catching the back of her neck and pulling her aside in one single motion rolling through, taking a position not to different to the one she had pinned him with. His knees straddling just above her hips, each hand pinning one of hers his body curved up above her just barely touching her, his face hovered just above her own, he could taste her clear in that moment the scent of her entrancing every part of him.

“Now I’ve given away my secret, how do intoxicate a man so deeply that in a short period of time his mind can think of no one but you?” It was a strange revelation that he would admit her effect on him. Between been sure she wasn’t trying to kill him he was sure their connection was oddly deepening with each moment they spent with one another.

Aishani grunted softly to the transition, now, beneath him with her own wrists pinned above her head. Her breathing had quickened, causing her bosom to rise and fall rapidly, twisting her wrists in his hold and testing the grasp. Her skin was still wrapped in that satin texture, now, even he could feel the heat her body radiated and the maddening flow of the crimson life in her veins. Within the close proximity of his face to her own, the moist breath washing over his face with the entirety of her delicious scent wafting as well.
“My curse is your gift…I too can utilize the displacement, but, I refer to it as blink. It is a singular ability that requires no ties to the realm to be manipulated. I was marked since the day of my birth; the runes allow such to be present.” She paused, rolling her hips in an attempt to be rid of him above her. “I was raised…to seduce men, dominate them. But, I do not warrant any forced control as the women of my kind. I left that life behind when I ventured to the surface. My seduction must be meant for you and you alone. Because, I am unaware of doing such.”
She closed the distance now, the warmth of those plush lips crushed against his own. Sweet and warm. Just beneath the surface, Kane sensed the rush of the blood. Now, her lips worked against his in the instigation of a kiss, her presence all-encompassing now and drowning him in the taste and scent of this exotic creature pinned beneath him.

He didn’t fight, simply melted into the entanglement of the kiss his body now coming down tight against hers, he could feel the rise and fall of her chest as his hands let go of hers slipping down her wrists softly down over fore arm and her elbows and down along her shoulders holding just above her breasts.

As he drew back from the kiss his was evidently aware of himself pressing hard against her abdomen, a slight flush caught him as the winds swept between them the moment fraught with passion and desire.

To the release of her wrists, the ripples of fabric graced his fingertips to the pathway that lead down her arms in the halt above her glorious mounds. The thundering of her raging passion was articulated in the press of her body so tightly against his, one leg lofted to tangle within his, anchoring him to her.
When he drew back, Aishani suckled upon the retreating flesh of his lower lip, a smack speaking of the separation to the locked embrace forged by unbridled desire and carnal passion. Her golden eye fixed upon him, humming softly in the shadow his position cast upon her from the lanterns, the milky hue appearing to focus as well with the grizzly scar drawn down her brow and across her nose to her cheek. 

Beneath the tunic, that lazily hung down her shoulder to expose her ashen skin, in the light, against the cream coloured fabric, he caught the faintest flicker of light that cast the shadow to a dark pert buds beneath ensuing in a rise of the fabric. Speaking the clear arousal such brought upon her physical essence. 
But, those lush lips curled into a slow coiling smirk, taunting him even in the absence. His lips throbbed in the past possession of her own, yearning to claim and crush the distance again, the flutter of her breathing dusted across his features. That scent that taunted him, drew him in and suffocated him, now completely consumed him. 
A hand lifted now, the fingerless gloves offering exposure of her digits. Caressing the side of his neck, upwards was the back of her nails, and then in the downward stroke was the gentle stimulating brush of her nails. This repeated, again and again, a strong stimulus. The sexual tension between the two was defiantly thick; so much in fact, even a burning blade would not be able to shatter.

Kane watched just for a moment before letting his hands slip up and over her breasts, just enough pressure to make her aware of his actions, his eyes remained on hers soft despite his body already drowning in her.

He let his hands work down her body slowly then back to pull her up to him capturing her in another deep kiss, his arms wrapping around the back of her neck keeping her close in that single deep kiss.

Their eyes remained locked on each other; a strange way of assessing the other, yet, this was not for the conflict but measuring the intense desire of the other. As his hands roamed upwards and upon her bosom, now, he felt the heat beneath his fingertips radiating beyond the fabric of her tunic, even the light rub of the pert treasures beneath upon his palm.  Her head tilted back, as her luscious lips parted in a truly intoxicating sound of pleasure to his simple, yet, taunting action.
The depth of this kiss was completely different than the prior one, her response was not in all investigatory but brash. Aishani’s slick muscle broke past the gate of his lips, twirling the tip of his with her own, instigating the erotic dance. The plush lips kneaded upon his, essentially demanding in a suction to draw back within her mouth. A hand of her own, slithering within the dark threads of his hair, tangling the hair into her fingers with intense kneading against his scalp. 
Abruptly, yanking his head back and tearing her lips away from his with an articulate smack, the warmth of her kiss transferred to his neck in a harsh bite, now, curling both her legs to tangle within his keeping him from escaping. Following after was the intent of leaving indentations on the surface, the tongue sweeping apologetically to his throbbing flesh. Only second after the transition, the glide of the slick and moist muscle travelled upwards to suckle with intensity upon his lobe.
Her scent was incredible, fuelling the fires in Kane’s mind, after the suckling to his lobe lessened; she parted with a blow upon the moistened flesh. Aishani, then,  guided her lips, soft and supple with a fraction down from the sensitive connector flesh of his lobe to face, tracing the strong jawline. “You taste…magnificent…” Aishani whispered in a purr, thick and drawling in lust.

Kane moaned a low deep growl as she bit against his flesh, his body ignited with a deeper need that sent his sense spiralling in all directions, he could taste her scent as it ripped through him, his mind spun in a furious mix of passion and complete need.

His face was now crossed between a deep seated hunger for her and the desire to simply take her in that moment, his hands slipped to the hem of her shirt slowly beginning to ease it up, his need to see the flesh beneath now leading their passionate encounter.

As his fingers found the fabric of her tunic, it was in that moment that Kane would realize there was more than just her tunic. The black leather under bust corset, the buckles at the sides gleaming wickedly at his forgotten memory. Now, she lay upon her back, that golden eye glowing, yet, focused on him entirely. Her bosom rising and falling between the speeds of her breathing, then she accepted his advance and guided his hands to the buckles at each side, silently instructing him with her touch but never once removing her gaze from his own. Once he began to understand, her hands lifted to prance with the fingertips caressing up and then lightly toying with his skin by her nails down in a gentle touch.
She was exotic beneath him, as the whispering promise of the buckles chimed in being undone; Aishani sat up to gather the accessory, an arm around his shoulder. But guided him back to sit with his ankles tucked beneath his bottom, slipping within his lap, powerful legs wrapped around his waist to lock behind. 
Again her lips dove, to nudge his dark threads from the veil of his ear with her nose, perfectly suckling again on his lobe. This time though, the tip of her tongue flicked upon the flesh within her kneading lips, incited with a new sense of her teeth lightly nibbling. But, in that moment, her scent was so close to his nose, mouth-watering with the musk of excitement, danger and whispering of floral. It was difficult to describe the scent, but, all was known it sung to him down into his very deepest core. Then a soft growl tickled the flesh in a vibration, caused the fine hairs to tremble, but the melting sound of a muffled moan added the luxurious texture and fire to the already blazing moments of passion.

With gentle ease he managed to free the buckles of the under bust corset, easing it from her shoulders as it sunk to the ground with a dull thud his hands roamed the flesh of her back, feeling her nipping against his ear a reminder she was the one with control in that moment, his body ached in ways it hadn’t in a long time, it was now he finally allowed himself to place soft kisses against the flesh of her shoulder, each one light and momentary.

His hands slipped along her spine curling slightly to drag his nails downward, gentle yet enough to feel, before pressing his hands flat to her skin and running them back to her shoulders to repeat the process. Another well placed kiss against the flesh of her neck just above the collar bone before allowing a fang to nick the flesh just enough to draw a drop of blood which he captured with his tongue allowing it to spread across his tongue before sinking down his throat the taste incredibly and unusually sweet, his mind spun for those few moments before the realisation settled to him.

“Mmm sweet and pure perhaps?” His voice heated with pleasure low against her ear

The flesh of her back was not entirely smooth, but his fingers brushed upon the risen webbing of scars that wrapped her back like another set of cloth. On his investigation, he discovered the horrid past was only on the centre of her back with a few scars extending up over her shoulder blades and down to the delicate contour of her back. Though, proceeding beneath the scars, was the excellent contours of a powerful back wrapped in the flesh of this exotic female.
Her arm that secured her closeness to him, caused her bosom to suffer against his chest, now with the under breast corset removed the tunic on her body slipped to expose the contour of her shoulder all the way down to her elbow, clearly this was nearly falling off her figure.
There was a brief moment, when his fang nicked her skin, as a hot knife through butter, the bead of her blood trickled upon the tip of his tongue to slither deeper. A hiss parted her lips in a display of surprise, though, not more than an instant after the purr of her gratification was instilled. The intensity of her lavish attention to his lobe increased the nibbling beginning to instigate a sharper pressure. As the taste was delicious, ambrosial, and indescribably intoxicating. Her hand lofted curling at the nape of his neck and kneading with a kitten-like precision.
Aishani released the suction upon his lobe with the ever present scrape of her teeth against the flesh, her golden eyes looked to him, intense and burning at his words. Slowly, her plush lips transformed into a sly and devious smirk, while there was the possibility many would run with the enigmatic response. Instead, she leaned forward, running the tip of her nose against his jawline and then rolled her lips to linger a hairs width from his. When she spoke, the purr was undeniably thick with lust and desire. “Define…pure…”

His eyes watched her just for a moment before he breathed his response “Pure as in untouched with another, I would have said innocent but” he kissed her throat softly then back to her mouth just for a moment a lingering kiss “I would say we are far from innocent”

He could feel the awkwardness of him pressed tightly against her, her legs keeping him in position would allow her to feel the strain beneath, his heart seemingly skipping each beat as their need built even further.

The intense hunger for her now sat in the very centre of him, things were building to a passionate height that they would both not forget quickly, but the gentleman or the lord in him prevented him from simply taking her without at least knowing he may cause her even a moments discomfort, most wouldn’t wait and he did not intend to wait either but in that moment he needed to know, to him the blood of the pure was far richer than any other.

Aishani tilted her head to the side, allowing for her dreads to shift and expose her neck, that was flecked with the beauty of scars of past. Her eyes closed as that soft rumbling purr of pleasure dripped past her lips, then, she looked to him with that beautiful golden hue, tongue sweeping across her lips to give chase in the absence of his own. 
“I’m neither innocent, sweet….nor pure in the sense of intentions. But…if you mean that I have not been…fucked…” The last word was spoken in a very seductive manner, sensual in the whisper. “No one has touched my treasure, either front nor back.” Without waiting for his reaction, he felt a pull in his surroundings. 
First, he noticed the weight in his lap was absent, as well as Aishani’s heat. Then a blur settled, Aishani was on hands and knees before him, her golden eyes fixed on him. Opting on the appearance of a predator stalking prey, though, this was much more sensual. The tunic hung open, with little to conceal the view of the beauteous bosom hidden within the tunic. Crawling to stop before him, tucking her ankles beneath her bottom, fingertips working on the fastenings to his leggings.

He held himself deep within her his body trembling with the force of such a release that had his entire body a blaze with passion, finally he slid free sliding to the ground crawling up beside her to catch her lips in a soft and yet passionate kiss.

She was panting and twitching maddeningly at his side, her plush lips quivering against his amidst the soft kiss. Then she shifted, abruptly, her skin kissed with the flush of the passionate moments spent she crumbled at his side.

As the air around them cooled his mind settled finally finding its way through the haze of passion, instinctively his arm slid under her back drawing her close to him, a soft kiss against her cheek. As he lay wrapped around her, his body still prickling with the heat of their passion.

“Perhaps we should consider taking ourselves inside?” It was so much a statement so much as pointing out they were out in the open however isolated the area happened to be, for the first time in a long while Kane was glad he hadn’t turn her away.

“I would very much like for you to remain in Dentarius” he breathed a thought given words as his eyes now fixed on the pale moonlight high above them.

The scent of their passionate encounter was whispered on the breeze, reminding them of the sensual bond that tied them in the aftermath of such intensity. The world was stilling and dying down; Aishani looked to him as his lips pressed upon her cheek, coincidentally enough touching the end of the scar to her right side.

“I understand your concern, though; I can assure you that Shadow is not far off. She never is far from me. But, you are right. Let us dress and move back to the estate.” She hesitated as his words slithered within her mind, watching him from the golden hue and responded with her lips pressed against his. Aishani then sat up, her heat gone from his side, causing the phantom to haunt him. Amidst the musk of ecstasy, he still caught her scent, just as strong if not stronger to him, now having tasted the fruit of her loins and crimson river set beneath the flesh of her ashen skin.
She began to gather her leggings, writhing within them, fastening the ties, then extended to gather her tunic. The moonlight sending shadows upon her horribly scarred back, now, it was concluded, the webbing was whipping marks. A tragic past before him, that much was sure, but, regardless surely stood on her own two legs to fight the storm. Such was not only beautiful, but, proof of the strong woman that was now dressing before him. She tightened the buckles to her under breast corset, and then turned to look at him. “You going to stare at me all day, or get dressed? This was your suggestion.” While most may interpret her words as harsh, the deeper meaning was that she was eager to return to the estate with him.

Kane pulled himself to his feet retrieving his own leggings and easing himself into them, slowly he collected his shirt, slipping into it as it slid down over his upper torso. He watched her just for a moment before collecting up his cloak and weapons wrapping them together and crossing back to her.

“Shall we?” He then headed off back toward the Mansion, she fell in step beside him as his mind processed over the deeper details of their encounter while it was considered impolite such damage to such beauty was seldom seen in Dentarius and usually limited to the slave traders that trickled through now and again.

“I would not wish to pry, but I would like to know more of you Aishani, it would be improper of me to take a woman to bed without knowing her just a little better?” He finally stated simply to break the silence as they walked toward home.

Aishani nodded to him when he moved to her, walking along side of him, amusingly she carried her boots and with a look down to her feet it was now obvious. She had blisters and sores on her feet; apparently, she pushed herself on her travels. Her feet crushed the grass beneath, but, it appeared she was never shy from moments of silence.
She glanced to him, that golden eye flashing with amusement, while that sensual rolling purr dripped past her lips. Her scent was twice as strong as before, though, again, tasting every physical and sensory essence of her possibly explained such. “I’m not one to discuss myself, Kane. But, ask and I will answer.”

**It’s worth noting that several elements to this encounter had to be edited out due to WordPress’ Terms and conditions on material deemed of a sexual nature**