TVL : The Game

So as you guys know I’ve been working on a 3D version of Elcarus Mansion, what I haven’t quite figured out just yet is full game-play details.

Screen 5

However the next iteration will run far better than the old one currently does, it can still be downloaded for free right HERE.

Our repository can be followed on Github so you can see the latest and greatest updates, however none of the asset packages are up there now they are held on my system and my system alone. But the Git Repo will provide time frames on various release information.

As you guys know the character control would be unpredictable and the animation wasn’t working properly either. I hope to try and correct these issues in this brand new release. The levels will be shrunk to single environments as opposed to one huge open environment this was causing huge performance spikes. A new character model. With the power of Unity 5 I can do much more with this project.

**As of right now I’m working on rebuilding some of the primary systems under the power of Unity 5, this has kind of hit the brakes on development for a little bit**