Rebuild2.0.1-12This page will keep track of updates to the latest build of the TVL Game. As of right now I’m in the process of rebuilding the whole system and so the final build available will remain free to download until a new build is built. The time frame for this is hopefully by the end of August before I deliver a brand new build.

The old version of the game can still be downloaded here. I think the last version may have some of the Unity 5 changes but it also has horrible performance issues and does not run as intended. The new version of the game will be much better.

There are however a couple of brand new screenshots to show how the new version of Unity is superior to the version I was originally working with.


Also as of right now the screen shot opposite will be the model used as Aerian in the new builds of the game, hopefully I can eliminate those issues that plagued the original game and get a better and more balanced character controller and camera system in place with this one.

The last set of build notes are below but there NO actual build of the Unity 5 game, just a very basic test version I have up and running while I get the new systems built.



Began editing some new code to help with the games under the hood systems, this is a complete rebuild of the code-base and most likely a rebuild of the game as a whole to lower loading times and various other issues the game had with outdated code and bad assets, hopefully the whole thing will just look better once it’s done.

Added: Git integration to manage code-base for future updates and as well as holding what will eventually become a go to code-base for me. The git database will also be used for bug tracking and other issue controls.
Added: New back-end systems for Inventory system creation and management.
Fixed: Compile issue that prevent Unity compiling to code correctly, this was linked to an incorrect method and class variable.
Fixed: Compile minor issue where variable was not been called correctly, this was due to the code missing a public declaration of said variable.
Fixed: Issue with a missing variable been declared and then not being used.


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